Saturday, January 30, 2010

emory university kicks off their new grants project: craven crafts

dog fighting maven and lover of all things dirty south, JERE ALEXANDER received a grant for her Stitch 'Er Up: Dogfighting Embroidery.

here are the other grant recipients:

Gary Riley, Down Home Dog Diddlin' Dildoes: Bestiality Candle Making

Gary Ridgeway, Token Hair and Skin Fibers: Serial Killer Quilting

The Crips and The Blood, Painting with Blood and Bullets: Drive By Shooting Murals

Oscar Ralda, East Meets West: Cockfighting Origami

NAMBLA, Doll Making: The Fun and Anatomically Correct Way

EMORY'S new motto:

jere alexander not only wows 'em at EMORY, she has a following at FLICKER. i wonder if jere's sewing circle cronies would still want to feature jere's interpretation of your friend and mine if they saw the REAL your friend and mine?

a few more of more samples of jere's dogfighting embroidery:
2x winner Hannibal titled He will never forget you. He would kill or die for you.
Fanny and Redboy a love story: muzzle/rape rack not required

Friday, January 29, 2010

find cinnabun, touch a boob

jesse james has hired a pet detective to find his pit bull and is offering a $2000 reward for her safe return. if that isn't enough, one of mr bullock's friends, model kimmie caracoles is offering herself as a date with anyone who finds cinnabun. "I'll probably let you touch my boob."

pit nutters, it just doesn't get any classier than this.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maverick Alexandra Semyonova

honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience are apparently not qualities appreciated by the dutch SPCA. the well organized pit bull zealots of the netherlands led a successful campaign against the veteran animal welfare inspector which ultimately led to her dismissal. based on this article at, the dutch SPCA sounds as dysfunctional as those in the united states, maybe more. read the entire story here.

buy Semyonova's book here or here.

i encourage you to visit her website,, A website dedicated to telling the truth about dogs
Dogs are not wolves.
You do not need to keep your dog "subordinate."
Dogs build on trust, not on dominance.
The first, most basic dog rule is "no real aggression." Humans need to learn this.

more pit victims

tracy, california a 73-year-old man and his little yorkie-mix dog, barney were attacked by a pit bull that was running loose last sunday. barney died.

savannah, georgia 10 yr old katie was killed in her front yard by 2 loose pit bulls.

rip corey
clarksville, tennessee corey was killed in his own yard by EARL T HINES 2 pit bulls last saturday. not the first time HINES' pit bulls have terrorized the neighborhood. six years earlier, they attacked the horses that live on the same property as corey.
408 idaho springs road, clarksville, TN 37043

gordon park, australia ebony was savaged by 2 loose pit bulls during a morning walk on january 18th. she suffered more than 20 puncture wounds. her owner is grateful that someone stopped to help her. five days later, ebony was attacked by a belgian shepherd.

liverpool, england 2 loose pit bulls killed 3 eight week old kittens.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the saga of daniel coverston and his frankenmaulers continues

tia maria torres and ugly dog

auburn, california wife of a felon, wannabe brothel madam and pit bull "expert" tia torres evaluated coverston's 4 pit bulls. one of the dogs bit her hand when she tried to leash him. torres said, "the dog became frantic and it looked like he was going to bite another person. he continued to snap at torres as they put him back in the kennel. the other dogs, sherman and ronin became extremely aggressive acting, hitting the gates and barking hysterically." torres ended the evaluation. torres feels otis is a good candidate for her felon program and offered to take him for 2 months. (my vote is for sherman). meanwhile daniel coverston claims that he does not have the $12000 he has racked up in kennel fees and his family is trying to hold the city ransom, saying they will pay the fees, if and only if, otis is not euthanized. STEVEN and PATRICIA COVERSTON should be charged with GRAFT.

if you are interested, you can read the touching story of how tia met her tattoo artist, attempted cop killer prison pen pal soul mate aren marcus jackson here.

help! i can't find my pit bull!

jesse james and cinnabun

long beach, california JESSE GREGORY JAMES, owner of west coast choppers, owner of cisco burgers, husband of sandra bullock and proud pit nutter reports that his "shop dog" went missing around 2 pm on monday. james is pleading for help.
suggestion: follow the trail of dead poodles.

this is not james' first oops moment with his grippers. a few years ago, one of his pit bulls killed another one of his pit bulls. also in classic pit nutter fashion, the tattoo covered misfit is no stranger to the criminal justice system. mister bullock is being sued for breach of contract and fraud after failing to deliver on a custom built car for an agreed upon price. a price of almost a half million dollars.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

pit bull paparazzi

one of the 3 people who read my blog sent this to me in the hopes that i would share it with the other two readers. ENJOY!
"I was driving east bound on a busy street when I saw 2 adult women with a big goofy lab carrying a toy in its mouth. They were walking in the same direction as I was travelling. I crested a small hill and then a second hill and I saw this young girl heading west with her pit bull. I happened to have my video camera and I filmed her as I drove by. I was armed with more than just a camera and I turned around and headed back towards what I feared could have been an ugly collision course between the pit bull and the labrador retriever. Thankfully the girl turned north at the next street and the two parties remained oblivious to each other, at least that day."

get those cameras people and send me your photos!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

famous pit bull owners: the presidential edition

Every pit nutter web site lists President Theodore Roosevelt as a famous pit bull owner. But what do they really know about Pete? His breed has been listed as a boston bull terrier, a bull terrier and a bulldog. Boston bulls were used in the pit in those days. So technically yes, Roosevelt's dog was a pit bull, regardless of which gripping dog he traced his lineage. One thing we know for sure, Pete was a nasty gripper.

Of course, Roosevelt romanticized Sailor Boy and dogs in general, forgetting Pete-variously identified as a bulldog or a bull terrier-who terrorized the White House between 1905 and 1908. He caused an international incident in 1905 when he treed the French ambassador, Jules Jusserand, who had come to play tennis with the president. Many contemporary accounts claim that Pete chewed a hole in the ambassador's pants at a reception, but that was not so. He tore the pants and flesh of a naval clerk, John T. Thomas, on May I I, 1907, just ten days after his return from an eighteen-month exile after the Jusserand affair. At the time, Pete had been assigned to help the police patrol the White House grounds at night-specifically, it was said, to hold at bay the reporters who staked the place out, observing and questioning visitors.

THE PAWPRINTS OF HISTORY by Stanley Coren p 279
Theodore Roosevelt's bull terrier, Pete, had a dominant personality, and if people annoyed him he had no hesitation about responding with his teeth. When he nipped at a naval officer and snapped at some cabinet ministers, Roosevelt waved the incidents off as "the nature of the breed" or "his attitudes toward their political stances." Unfortunately Pete's aggression continued to increase, and one day he chased the French ambassador, Jules Jusserand, down a White House corridor, ultimately catching up with him and then tearing the bottom out of his pants. The press made a large fuss about this, the French government complained, and rather than jeopardize U.S. relations with France, Pete was exiled to the Roosevelt mansion at Sagamore Hill.

next time you run across an online discussion with nutters reciting the list of famous pit bull owners, please link to this blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the linda blair pit nutter foundation

Linda Blair is under criminal investigation after her dog escaped and attacked a pig. The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control launched the investigation after the dog escaped and went to a nearby ranch, and attacked a pet pig named Gerty and the owner of the ranch killed it. The rancher said the dog was a pit bull but Blair said it was a Labrador hound cross.

wanna bet the so called "threats" the rancher made against the "non-breed specific rescue" were something to the effect of "I'm tired of your pit bulls getting loose and harassing my animals. I'll kill 'em if they come on to my property." and now we just wait for the rest of the neighbors to come forward and tell the media about linda's containment breaking wiggle butts.

toluca lake, california
a "lab/hound" mix escaped from linda blair's dog rescue and attacked a miniature potbellied pig named gerty at a nearby ranch. the ranch owners grabbed a gun and fired some warning shots in an attempt to scare the dog but the dog didn't loosen its grip. they shot the dog. the "lab/hound" mix died. gerty suffered puncture wounds but will be okay.

criminal charges will not be filed against the rancher.

linda blair's official pit nuttering excuse based on her pit nutter staff "eyewitness" account of the events:
Ms. Blair was not on the property at the time the incident happened. It has taken over 48 hours to get through the shock of this horrific tragedy, collect all the necessary facts and file statements with the Los Angeles Sherriff's department, including ones given by the eye witness LBWF volunteers, before releasing our statement to the press and the public. The necessary and truthful necropsy report on our beloved lost dog will be made available within a week.

On Sunday January 17, as I was driving to our mobile adoption event with our dogs, I received a devastating phone call. It is my understanding one of our rescued dogs, after a walk with a new volunteer, was accidently placed into a non kennel area. Suddenly, the volunteers heard the disturbing noise of several of the neighbors' dogs fighting with each other through their property fence lines, which happens quite often. During this time it appears our dog made his way over the fence and traveled up the alley between our properties.

The Deputy Sherriff report says, the dog jumped into the pig's enclosure and bit the pig. One of our volunteers never heard the pig, but the woman's loud, hysterical screaming led him to jump up to a high position to see what the commotion was about. The location was documented by the Sherriff's Deputy. I was present when the volunteer made the following account to the Deputy, "I did not see a pig or a woman by this time, they must have taken cover, only a dog running in fear with nowhere to go in this small area. A man with a gun appeared, proceeded to chase, corner and unload the gun in rapid fire. He shot the dog 6 times in the head, eyes, neck and body, all within a close 3-5 foot range - execution style, killing the dog instantly." The necropsy report will show the six casings still embedded in the dogs head, eyes and body. In addition to this account, other neighbors are willing to go on record as ear shot witnesses, to hearing 6 rapid fire shots, as they rang throughout the neighborhood.

A second volunteer ran to the scene and found two neighborhood women who had witnessed the event standing in a state of shock. He told the Deputy, they tearfully exclaimed, " the dog jumped on and bit the pig, and then the woman was screaming and the dog was running away, when the men came out and killed what the ladies thought might be one of our dogs." Our volunteer then told the Deputy, " I looked back and realized in fact it was one of my favorite and beloved rescued dogs. I got teary eyed, feeling the onset of both shock and sadness, wondering what in fact had just happened to make someone shoot a dog so violently."

I have expressed my deepest concerns for the condition of the pig. The Deputy informed us that, in his opinion, the injury to the pig was not life threatening. As a former pig owner, animal lover and neighbor, I have offered through the responding Deputy, to provide or pay for the medical care, if needed, for injuries the pig may have sustained in this unfortunate incident.

I again was present, when the second volunteer went on explaining to the Deputy, "the property owner and an unknown man, with gun still in hand, made a very scary threat concerning the safety of our remaining rescued dogs." The complete statements have been legally filed with the Los Angeles Sheriff's department through the responding Deputy.

We know this dog to be very sweet, gentle, and kind. This dog had no human aggression in him whatsoever. It's important to note that we are a non-breed specific rescue and the dog was simply a lab and unusual Egyptian-like, hound mix. This dog was one of the many wonderful companion animals we have rescued. Despite this tragedy, we will continue towards our goal of saving lives.

We are in an American Crisis of pet overpopulation and people losing their homes, many times being forced to abandon their companion animals. blah blah blah... please send donations. 

Linda Blair

this attack screams pit bull.

first of all, no one mentions breed in the news link EXCEPT linda blair and she is quick to point out that it is a lab mixed with some kind of "unusual egyptian-like hound". blair is not only vague about the mixed breed, she is defensive. i wonder if the truth about her sanctuary will slowly leak into the media over the next week.

second, the dog had to be killed to losen it's grip.

fourth, the victims were "loud" and "hysterical". (they must have provoked the dog)

fifth, the evil haters "executed" their dog.

sixth, the dog was the "favorite" among volunteers and was "sweet, gentle and kind". blair stressed the dog did not have an ounce of HUMAN aggression. (only pit nutters desperately cling to that notion)

here are a few of the non-breed specific dogs that linda's rescue adopted out, they are overwhelmingly pit bulls.
let's see what this NON-BREED SPECIFIC rescue currently has listed at petfinder:
41 dogs
17 amstaff
6 amstaff mix
2 apbt
2 staffy bull
2 staffy bull mix

and now, the non-pit bulls...

one properly identified rottweiler

"australian shepherd mix"

"mastiff" WITH testicles!





"shar pei/lab"


"dutch shepherd/lab"


"lab/rhodesian ridgeback"

take a good look at linda blair's non-breed specific rescue website. she promotes animal planet's PIT BOSS. i have yet to read a single positive comment about this cable tv freak show on ANY pit bull forum (bad news for you linda). in the photo section, there are 12 pits, a token rottweiler and a token gsd mix. linda promotes a pit bull book, forward written by none other than linda blair.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

dogman story hour

sponsored by ZOFRAN

craven eddy faron and tom garner

An interview with Vinny of V & B Kennels
A few weeks ago I was at my home in Mcleansville when the phone rang and it was my neighbor and friend Tom Garner on the line. Tom told me that Vinny and his good friend Lenny were in town visiting from the west coast. Tom asked if I would like to come over and visit and talk "dogs", I quickly accepted and then asked Tom a favor. I said, "Tom I have been after you for a long time to write a story about CHINAMAN with no avail could I possibly talk to Vinny about this and so I was on my way to Hillsborough for a visit.

When I arrived it was raining and quite miserable outside Tom, Vinny, Buddy Harris and Lenny were out in the welping house talking about some prospects off of Frisco. These dogs were looking good and the few that have been rolled are looking very promising. After sitting in this building for a while we headed into the Living room of Tom's house and Vinny and I sat down to have a long discussion about this great match and stud dog we all know as CHAMPION CHINAMAN. Vinny first off wanted to make one thing very clear and that is all the decisions that were made on CHINAMAN were jointly made between himself and B who is one of Vinny's closest friends and partner.

In 1981, V & B bought a dog from Kimsey Woods called DOUBLE TROUBLE, they had bought this dog to run in the fast lane with on the west coast and after rolling him out they found out they were pleased with his gameness, but disappointed with his ability and bite. They contacted Kimsey and he told them he had a good rough dog that had just rolled with WOOD'S SUNDANCE and had crippled SUNDANCE, it was CHINAMAN. So V & B decided to trade DOUBLE TROUBLE for CHINAMAN. DOUBLE TROUBLE went on to win two and lost one game in 2 hours and twenty minutes.

V & B started to school CHINAMAN shortly after they got him to California, his first roll was a massacre as CHINAMAN killed the dog in 12 minutes, V & B wanted to see more so Vinny took him that day one hour by car and rolled him into a 48 pound Champion named CEASER. CHINAMAN did not take to the ride well and got sick, when the roll started CHINAMAN was on the bottom for twenty four minutes, from this position he went to CEASER'S belly and hip. Four minutes later at 28 minute mark CEASER'S owner picked him up and his whole loin was blue, CHAMPION CEASER was never heard of again. V & B decided CHINAMAN was ready to match so they hooked him up and he blew through his opponent in 17 minutes. This first match CHINAMAN fought at 45 lbs.

After this match Vinny went to Australia for a month and a half for vacation and upon return he wanted to see some action, you know what they say about absence and the heart. Vinny told me as soo as he got back he took CHINAMAN to the next local confirmation show sponsored by ADBA. At this show there was a guy who owned a Champion named DOCTOR, he had won three at 46 pounds. After talking dogs with him a while Vinny agreed to go back to his place after the show and they were to roll their two dogs. The owner of DOCTOR cleared his living room and we rolled him and CHINAMAN right there in his house! There were at least 15 people that had tagged along from the show to see these two dogs go at it, they met hard in the middle of the room. Then CHINAMAN drove DOCTOR into his corner where he never ame out and he killed DOCTOR in 15 minutes, CHINAMAN literally opened DOCTOR's belly open.

Just a few days later Rockin Robin called V & B and challenged CHINAMAN at 44 pounds. The match was set to go off in 2 1/2 months and when the time came CHINAMAN made short of Rockin Robin's dog by going straight to the gut. Robin called a turn on his dog immediately and made a nice handle. Vinny has not got CHINAMAN in his corner and even though CHINAMAN and Vinny had a strong bound between them, Vinny told me he was scared to hold CHINAMAN in the corner because he would go nuts when removed from his victim and do ANYTHING TO GET BACK. Rockin Robin's dog was a snapping turning dog that would grab CHINAMAN by the nose and run with it. This was style CHINAMAN had not been exposed to when being schooled ad it took CHINAMAN 30 minutes to catch Robin's dog in the belly again, this time Robin's dog began to howl. The punishment that CHINAMAN was doing to this poor dog actually had Vinny feeling sorry for the other dog. As he told me hates to see any dog suffer under any circumstace, he also said he could not understand why Rockin Robin would not pick up as all was lost for his dog. Finally at thirty eight minutes Robin picks up and his dog is in no shape to walk, not to mention scratch.

CHINAMAN took a lot of punishment on the head and it took him six months to heal from that thirty minute bite and run he had to take in his last match, he had one hole that was punched all the way through the muzzle. After he was fully recovered V & B opened CHINAMAN to the world at 45 pounds! This offer stood for three months when V & B finally accepted a challenge at 43 pounds. They traveled 500 miles to fight HUGH GRAY'S HUBCAP, the dog that beat CHAMPION ASTRO. This was to be a classic as many people thought that HUBCAP was just the dog to beat V & B and their dog CHINAMAN. The judge for the contest was Bill Lee. Well Lenny went on to tell me how HUBCAP'S style proved to be fatal for him as he tried to fight CHINAMAN straight up and swap it out with him, this gave CHINAMAN the early opportunity to kill him and win in 22 minutes. This was CHINAMAN'S only convention showing and he won best in show. CHINAMAN fought as the 3rd fight on a seven math card, the fourth fight was CHAMPION ASTRO going out again after he had healed from his loss to HUBCAP, HUB had beat him previously at 1:30. After ASTRO was matched that night Vince made the comment to his owner that CHINAMAN could beat his dog, ASTRO and was tempted to match him twice in one night. The man that owned ASTRO really had nothing to say about the statement that Vinny had made, but he did ask Vinny if he could breed to CHINAMAN. Vinny said no, but he could get a dog and match into CHINAMAN and see what CHINAMAN was best at, for now he was CHAMPION CHINAMAN.

V & B were on there way home from winning and CHINAMAN was restless in his sky kennel so they were going to let him out and before they could get the collar on him to walk and empty him he wa gone! He darted out of the kennel and went running off into the woods in the middle of the night after a deer. It took three of us over an hour to catch him.

After beating HUBCAP, CHINAMAN was again openedto the world and again it seemed forever to get a match for him, eight months later after opening him Cutter & Brice bought a dog specifically to beat CHINAMAN. There was alot of prefight talk, so much of it that V & B took it personally. Cutter and Brice had paid alot of money for this dog and he never made a single scratch to CHINAMAN. Their dog was ahead for the first few minutes until Vinny sent CHINAMAN in to the gut of their dog at 38 minutes, they picked up there dog and he died later. After the fight, Cutter was a gentleman, but I cannot say that for Brice, as he made the stupid statement that he had one at home that could beat CHINAMAN.

Vinny also wants it to be known that CHAMPION CHINAMAN R.O.M. was the type of dog that was a great individual and could have achieved what he did in the hands of ANY RESPONSIBLE dogfighters hands against any competition. I asked Vinny why he did not go for the magic fifth match and his reply was that after the fourth fight he got married and went to Europe for a six month long Honeymoon. When he got back and finally got back to business of the dogs he saw many signs of age on CHINAMAN who was now seven years old. He had grey hairs all over his face and his his teeth were worn badly, so V & B made the choice to retire him and start breeding him. They were offered in excess of five thousand dollars for CHINAMAN from several well known fanciers, but they made a much wiser choice than selling CHINAMAN. V & B are very close to Tom Garner and so the decision was made to GIVE CHINAMAN as a gift to Tom and in return Tom would send them dogs out of CHINAMAN. This proved to be very insightful and was good for the WHOLE GAME.

Vinny closed our conversation saying that over the years that many people have wanted information on this great dog and he hopes he has covered all the bases, while trying to make this a insightful as possible. One closing note was that Vinny born on January 8th and this is the same day in 1989 that this great 43-45 Champion passed away that we know as CHAMPION CHINAMAN.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Then I Became a Gun-Toting Liberal

January 6, 2010

Call me Atticus.

While on a walk yesterday with good friend A. and my sick dog (don’t ask unless you really want to know), I ran into Nug the Pit Bull. This is the same dog that attacked my dog Ike in September when we were out walking alone. Back then I thought its name was Thug–it seemed so appropriate–but it turns out I was wrong. Nug is a lot of a hater. He pinned Ike down, growled, snapped, threatened, and basically did his cajones / conejos intact male pit bull thing. Ike laid there like a slug; it was his only defense. His owner, a woman out jogging with an aggressive dog off its leash appeared to do nothing while I shouted, “CALL OFF YOUR DOG.” She finally–and I do mean finally–managed to get Nug off Ike and then apologized profusely.

I don’t think I have ever been that mad. Turns out pit bulls are terrifying. I really thought he would kill Ike, or maul one of us. Normally, apologies work; but, the naivete of this is what made it so horrifically dangerous. Small dogs walk on that road; cute 80-year-old ladies walk on that road; children live and play nearby. I’m sure Nug is friendly and all to maybe two people, but the rest of us do not deserve to become afraid of our backyard. So I told the lady off, in my most menacing voice, modeled on my mom’s side of the family. ”If,” I hissed, “you are going to own a pit bull that you cannot control, he had better be on a leash. He’s going to kill someone.” In my mind, that sentence was peppered with more interesting verbiage. I have spent the better part of last night and today revising it, in fact. I really wish I had described the leash more.

My friend, normally calm and quite friendly, said as we walked away, “I wish I’d had a shotgun with me. I’d have shot him dead.” After I reported the dog and owner to three different agencies–bureaucracy, how I embraced you last night–I spent the rest of my time imagining what sort of weapon I’d purchase. The man at campus safety misunderstood and thought I actually a) owned a gun and b) would be using it. Not so. Yet. I think I’ve decided that I want a 20-gauge shotgun with a compass and a stock and a thing which tells time. How I will hold onto it and a leash simultaneously I have not yet decided. Perhaps REI stocks backpacks for shotguns.

Christmas morning heartache

Published on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 10:17 PM PST

Christmas morning I awoke to find Scarlet, our 11-year-old AQHA that was due to foal in late February dead in her corral. She had been killed by two loose blue pit bulls. There was so much blood I thought it was a mountain lion attack at first. But upon closer inspection there was dog prints all in her corral and her wounds were low, not on her back and neck. This is a horrible tragedy that could of been avoided. Scarlet was not a miniature horse but a full grown healthy 1,100-pound horse. Killed by dogs! Pit Bulls!

I am not a pit-hater though I should be. My daughter has a full blooded pit and I am constantly telling her he is an aggressive breed and must be treated as such. And he is dangerous.

I am writing this letter to all dog owners and specially aggressive breeds to ask you, no to beg you, to confine your dogs. It is my understanding it is illegal to chain up a dog in Kern County for extended periods of time. Chains and collars break. A kennel cost less than $300. Be responsible, confine your dog. Buy a kennel, get a shock collar, fence your yard.

My heart is broken and the worst Christmas has finally passed. But I would like to thank my friends and neighbors for their help and support. Special thanks to my friend and her husband who brought the dogs to be destroyed, Diedra at the dog pound and Tate Nagles who took time out of his Christmas day to bury her. Shame on the animal control officer that would not come out and take the dogs. I know it was Christmas but it is your job and you were on call!

Scarlet may you be in horse heaven with your unborn colt running at your side. We loved you dearly and will miss you so much.

Cindy Roberts


Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

Massive soft tissue damage of the right leg caused by a pit bull attack. This patient was transferred to a level one pediatric trauma center for care. At times, staff members may need counseling after caring for savagely mauled patients.

Wounds to the left arm inflicted during a pit bull attack. This young patient was also bitten once on the left side of his face.

Massive soft tissue damage of the lower left leg caused by a pit bull attack. Most of the fatalities from dog bites are children. Rottweilers and pit bulls are responsible for about 60% of fatalities.

A different angle of the patient in Image 3 showing the massive soft tissue damage to this child's left lower leg. Pit bull attacks are not rare.

The devastating damage sustained by a preadolescent male during a pit bull attack. Almost lost in this photograph is the soft tissue damage to this victim's thigh. This patient required 2 units of O- blood and several liters of isotonic crystalloid. Repair of these wounds required a pediatric surgeon, an experienced orthopedic surgeon, and a plastic surgeon. Attacks such as these have caused a movement in some areas of the country to ban pit bulls.