Sunday, November 25, 2012


a woman rushes in and rescues a fox from a pack of hunting dogs. note, these dogs are BRED and TRAINED for this activity. these dogs likely live outside in the pack with MINIMAL human contact. the woman is a complete stranger to the dogs, yet when she yells at them, the dogs drop the fox and retreat. contrast the behavior of these fox hounds with that of gripping dogs who seriously maul and KILL their owners when they try to play lion tamer with their pack of FAMILY dogs.

or view at liveleak

thanks to doghatersunite for this gem.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

and our little family shrinks


 another pit bull violently snuffed out another innocent family dog.

Louie's owner is working to minimize these tragedies and strengthen florida laws so that the owners and their dogs will be held accountable. LOUIE'S LAW

1. Owners will register their dog with the county as a dangerous dog.
2. Owners will be liable for all restitution for the injured victim involved.
3. Owners will be mandated to provide a containable place outside for the dog and it will be inspected by animal control.
4. Owners will be mandated to attend an animal obedience/handling course with their dogs at their own expense.
5. Owners will keep dog leashed at all time out of house or outside designated containment.
6. Any calls to animal control of complaint- dog causing any kind disturbance will be cited.
7. Any dogs running loose will be automatically picked up and held until owner is seen with Judge and their recommendations.
8. Owners will be mandated to carry liability insurance on their pets.
9. Any offenses after all mandated actions implemented by the judge can include euthanization of the dog.
10. Any person or pet being attacked by dog, and is killed to stop attacked, the acting person will NOT be held responsible.
11. Any dog deemed dangerous will be mandated to be sterilized within 30 days.

Louie's Story
RIP Louie

hate something change something make something better

Friday, November 23, 2012

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. a.k.a. Snoop Dogg

June 1996 Snoop Dogg's number one pit bull KILLER, died after he vaulted off of the balcony. hmmmm....

The Rapper's rap sheet started when he was busted for drugs fresh out of high school.

1990 Felony drugs, possession & sale.

July 1993 Traffic violation & possession of a handgun.

August 1993 Arrested and acquitted for the murder of a rival gang member. The verdict: self defense.

May 1998 Drugs

October 2001 Drugs

May 2005 Sued by a fan for assault during a concert.

April 2006 Vandalized an airport duty free shop after being denied access to the first class lounge at Heathrow. Seven cops were injured during the "scuffle".

September 2006 California airport screeners found a police baton in his luggage, he received 3 years probation and 160 hours community service.

October 2006 While parked in another California airport passenger loading zone, airport security found drugs and a firearm.

November 2006 Possession of drugs and a firearm.

January 2012 The same Texas checkpoint that nailed Willie Nelson and Fiona Apple for drugs, busted Snoop for drugs.

July 2012 Norway banned him for 2 years when he tried to enter the country with pot and $227,000 undeclared cash dollars.

to be continued....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the legacy of catherine hedges

HEDGES has been dead a little over a year, yet her undying dedication to animal rescue, hoarding, abuse, neglect and stupidity lives on.


the former site of DON'T BULLY MY BREED is home to a new house of animal rescue horrors.

CATHERINE HEDGES' ex-boyfriend (pictured above, not below) is in the slammer for:
• aggravated assault
• possession of a firearm without a firearm owner’s identification card
• domestic battery
• 2 counts of animal cruelty (for starving 60 cats and a dozen dogs - fuzzy math)
• drunk driving (which he failed to appear in court last january)

aaah, the awesomeness of pit nutter judgement.


stubbydog tribute HEDGES was asked about the average day with pit bulldogs and responded with “Hahahahaahaha! lots of laughing and silliness!" on the flip side the average day with pit bull victims would be lots of tears, blood and heartache.

CATHERINE HEDGES is the brain child behind don't bully my breed.

CATHERINE HEDGES, with a whole 11 years of rescue angeling under her belt, claimed to possess more knowledge and expertise than a vet of 36 years with 22 years as head of animal control.

this current drama is playing out in the great state of illinois aka LAND O' LEDY.
also playing in illinois, PitJustice starring MEGAN ALBRIGHT and her mutato TRENT the TERROR.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ventrell Jenkins

This 27 year old, 6'2", 285 lb proud pit bull owning football player is in the slammer for criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and resisting arrest and is being held on $110,000 bond. His mutant gripping dog is also in custody.

Two of the three deputies responding to the 911 call were bitten by Jenkins' pit bull as they struggled to subdue him.

A deputy arriving at Chelton Court near Irmo shortly after midnight last Wednesday saw Jenkins punching Hudson in the face, all the time saying, “I love you.”

Jenkins' fiance is recieving treatment for non life threatening injuries that left her face unrecognizable.

According to Jenkins' linkedin page, this "Man of God" received a degree in SOCIAL WORK at the University of Kentucky.

In his spare time, Ventrell coaches high school boys, cuz he LOVES to give back to the community that embraces him.  wife beaters?

and supports the fight against breast cancer. cuz he don't like competition!




Tuesday, November 6, 2012

new and improved buster brown

the famous pit nutter blog for buster brown was first published in december 2011. an anonymous tipster alerted me to the fact that all of the cartoon links had been killed. it's absolutely fascinating the lengths the pit nutters will go to, to bury the truth about this dog.

i think i smell jane berkey.

anyway, i have updated the BUSTER BROWN link. enjoy.

more fun with america's favorite rascal BUSTER BROWN and his mutant can be found on the TRUTH about pit bulls blog and america's dog.

or at the digital comic museum.

Buster Brown

Buster Brown

Pit Nutter Mission statement established in 1903. It's time for a new one guys! :-)

Outcault is probably laughing in his grave at how accurately his depiction of pit bull owners was and would still be 100 years later.

Buster Brown, the pit bull owning cartoon created by R. F. Outcault in 1903. Nutters wear this famous pit bull as a badge of honor but they fail to realize that Tige is no Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. In fact, Tige's primary contribution to the comic seems to be Buster's partner in mayhem.

Tige bites the doctor
Tige bites policeman
Tige bites the skipper
Tige bites man
Tige mayhem
Tige biting burglar
Tige bites Buster when he is forced to give Auntie a kiss
Tige creates mayhem while chasing a cat
Tige gets jealous when Buster fawns over a goat
And my personal favorite, Tige shows his true racist colors:
Tige bites the balloon man, he doesn't like "dagos".

Directory of all Buster Brown comics

Buster and America's Dog

The Truth About Buster Brown and Tige


David Gizzarelli

For in depth coverage of this scam, please read  

The Real Charlie Story

On Monday August 6, 2012, this aspiring actor/musician was walking his pit bull, Charlie at Crissy Field when he decided to let Charlie off the leash. Charlie ran towards the police horse, bit him, the horse threw the officer and then the chase was on. The police horse did manage to land a kick, too bad it wasn't a fatal one. Gizzarelli claims his one and a half year old pit bull has never shown any signs of aggression before (that's cuz your dog is only 18 months old!) and is friendly to people and animals but Charlie never saw a horse before and that's the apparent justification for his berserking moment. Gizzarelli was arrested and charged with four separate FEDERAL crimes.

C. Marabito of the Ladder Killed Darla Napora fame came to Charlie's defense, stating the rookie police horse's inexperience at being around an off leash park must have provoked the mutant.

There's a couple of little problems here:
Based on the video and story at KTVU, it appears Gizzarelli was not in a designated off leash area AND
The west end of Crissy Field is closed to dogs most of the year due to the presence of endangered plovers. The attack on the police horse occurred during a time of year when dogs are not allowed off leash.

Marabito also felt the need to point out that Charlie was in danger because the city animal shelter euthanizes one third of all unclaimed animals. (?!)

An on-line donation website has been set up to help the frankenmauler out since the actor/musician is broke.

A sample of Grizzarelli's acting might explain why he can not afford an attorney.

hmmm...I wonder why Gizzarelli didn't use his frankenmauler for this 90 second video short.



Help Save Charlie Con


Crissy Field


and Gizzarelli appears to be an "experienced" pit bull owner.