Saturday, December 29, 2012

cracker desires

on may 17, 2010, i blogged about a psychopathic dogfighter.
today, he found it.

Kenji X has left a new comment on your post "dogfighter turns himself in"
hey guys thanks for the free publicity my business has grown more than I could have imagined so keep on hating. make your own rules and live by no ones standards but your own. do what you want with who you want. live and die without regrets b.I.t.c.h 

and 5 minutes later, another comment:
you cook suckers want to post something post the truth and truth is you crackers can kiss my ass and suck my big black dick until the cows come home!!!! post that you cyber cowards let it be known its me you cook suckers eat shit and die.

let's see if us cook suckers can drum up even more business at 45 Sedeholm Path in Palm Coast, Floriduh. Norred is always on the lookout for a good pit dog. or maybe we can help Steve realize his dream.

Steve says:
May 24, 2010 at 9:14 pm
I think he should be hung by his balls and beaten to a pulp.

cracker coast 

orlando sentinel

flagler live

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

update: alonzo norman and the alpaca massacre

the two mutants that were responsible for the massacre of a small flock of alpacas were sentenced to death but they were stolen before justice could be served.

the mutants were owned by ALONZO NORMAN. it is impossible for me to imagine why anyone other than ALONZO NORMAN would steal these butchers.







Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why we love normal dogs

As an antidote to the grossness of the "lick you to death" pit bull video and bloody pit bulls, here's an amazing lab to give holiday cheer..

I choose to believe that this incredible dog eventually won over the aloof toddler.

Commenter Sputnik notes:
(This video) shows how utterly disgusting it is that the pit freaks, and they are truly freaks, try to tell all that the shit bull type dog is the standard dog template. The injustice this does, the undeserved insult, to normal real dogs is not only unbearable but also criminal.
Jean Donaldson needs to stop talking about 'predatory aggression' in the SCAVENGER domestic dog as a way of explaining why shit bulls suddenly kill other dogs and children. Don't matter that she has, oh so reluctantly, admitted that MAYBE some breeds are just MAYBE inherently more dangerous than others. As long as she's still publishing books with a chapter showing how you can clicker-train the killing out of a shit bull, all she's doing is trying to WHORE to both sides. I'm not surprised that after some ten years she still hasn't got her PhD in evolutionary biology -- though in a way it surprises me that academic PhD committees wouldn't cooperate in saying evolution and selection apply to all in the biosphere EXCEPT SHIT BULLS (which is still what Donaldson claims to be so).
Ditto Miklosi, Dodson, Overall, Voith, Lockwood, and other pseudo-scientific academics who've understood zero about what the domestic dog really is. 

To read some of the hypocrisy mentioned in Sputnik's comment, go to the Experts post. Many of the same science whores who used to admit how dangerous pit bulls are have become pit bull promoting "experts" and state that pit bulls are just like any other dog or that pit bull aggression is normal dog behavior. Thank you Sputnik!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

pierce county walk of shame: BRIAN BOMAN

these two hideous frankenmaulers living next door to Debra Stoltenberg in Parkland, WA bulldozed their way under the fence to attack Bubbles who was peacefully minding his own business on his own porch. a witness called 911 to report the savage, unprovoked attack but failed to leave their name, which allowed PIERCE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER BRIAN BOMAN to just throw up his hands and do nothing. no dangerous dog declaration. no citation. nothing. WHY? because they have "no witnesses". they do however have an admission of guilt by the worthless piece of garbage who owns the two ugly freaks of nature pictured above but that is insufficient evidence in pierce county washington. the pit nutter also escaped a $246 citation because the female ACO (a sympathetic nutter no doubt) who responded to the attack on Bubbles felt the willingness of the nutter to take responsibility was good enough for her.  

“I do not believe that issuing an infraction would serve any purpose other than being purely punitive.”  


PUNISH people who violate the law?
that would be downright CIVILIZED!

but wait, there's more! TWO neighbors have stepped forward to say that they witnessed the attack and called 911. Lamar Mapp and his son Ramal Mapp not only want justice for Debra and Bubbles, they are concerned about the danger these frankenmaulers pose to their neighborhood.

Read more here:




i am looking into the twisted psychos in charge of pierce county animal control. for those of you unfamiliar with pierce county, it is sandwiched between king county (FABB), mason county (FELON and pit bull advocate GLEN BUI) and thurston county (DIANE JESSUP). i dug a little deeper and i found MARK KUMPF, a ohio dog warden who is in bed with best friends and LEDY VANKAVAGE is also performing audits for pierce county ac. how much more fucking incestuous can this get?

residents of pierce county, you need to demand change.

physically and emotionally traumatized Bubbles. her vet bills are now at $1700

King 5

The News Tribune

2009 Pierce County AC Audit

dogs bite decatur al

Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls - Mark Kumpf

Saturday, December 22, 2012

licked to death

orangedog sent me the following email:
The other day, while I was trying (unsuccessfully) to fend off my friend's pit mix from "licking me to death", I got to thinking about how pits are always slurping on people and how obsessive the behavior seems. It's as if the pit is releasing energy by licking instead of doing what it was bred to do - attack. And, it almost takes the same form as an attack - just without teeth.
I've owned dogs my whole life, different breeds, and none of them licked except for maybe one quick one when I came home from work. My dogs have all been snuggly, lovable critters. They are/were lovers, not lickers.
As I keep fending off the pit mix that is now licking my knees because I keep pushing it away, I think to myself how gross and fucking annoying this dog is. I have scratches all over me from it holding on while it slimes me. Finally, my friend has to zap it with an e-collar to get it to stop. The dog sits and keeps licking its own face. Slurp, slurp, slurp. This is usually considered a calming signal, but with this dog, I'm not so sure. The dog is still laser-focused on me, and the only thing holding it back is the fear of another electric sizzle to its walnut sized brain.

I started researching if there was a link between obsessive licking and aggression, and wouldn't you know it:
the above was written by pit nutter DR NICHOLAS DODMAN

whenever the discussion of the lick you to death wiggle butt comes up, the first thing that comes to my mind is this creepy display.

DODMAN lays out a few more reasons why dogs lick; appeasement, anxiety, submission. submission certainly does not fit the description of the lunatic pit in this video.

i've never been a big fan of the dog tongue. anything more than one or two quick timid licks and i am annoyed. having a dog come at me with the gusto of ginger could result in a rough physical altercation. the first time i saw this video of the woman being "licked to death" by ginger the pit bull, i was horrified. i was horrified by not only by what i was seeing in the video but by the wave of nutters who were parading it as the ideal. what person in their right mind thinks that any out of control behavior is acceptable and healthy in a dog? oh wait, pit nutters.

i don't care for licking in normal dogs and i especially do not want a dog created for fighting near me that is in any kind of out of control state, especially given the fact that they have so many triggers that send them into the red zone. oh, there goes a yorkie... too bad for you. chomp.

as disturbing as ginger's behavior is, it never occurred to me to research this behavior until i got this email from orangedog. a few minutes with google and i see that orangedog and i are not alone in our dislike of this annoying behavior. offers up a few explanations.
If your dog is licking you because he’s feeling affectionate and wants to let you know, it’ll be pretty easy to figure out whether this is the case or not. His body language will be relaxed, and although the circumstances will be variable, the surrounding mood will generally be stress-free and happy.

Another not-infrequent reason for repetitive, owner-targeted licking is that your dog’s feeling anxious and stressed.

Having said that though, most of the time excessive licking is simply due to excessive exuberance in your dog: he’s happy, he loves you, and he has to let you know right now.

* note, ginger is slobbering all over a complete stranger.

here are a few more websites offering advice to people who wish to stop this pesky behavior.

stop excessive licking

even PINEY'S dog trainer chimes on the subject

Tweaker Michael Brandon

WARNING: some of these links are x-rated.

Just how EDGY does Animal Planet want to go?

Brandon is the only porn star to win "performer of the year" at the Gay VN Awards. Much of the credit goes to Monster.
Monster is Brandon's pet name for his penis.
Monster has his own fan club.
Brandon has his own subdivision in adult film studio Raging Stallion Studios called Monster Bang.

Bay Times

Dallas Voice

SF Weekly

Sunday, December 9, 2012

John McAfee

Computer software tycoon and hedonist John McAfee is a person of interest and wanted for questioning in the connection with the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. Faull was found shot to death in his home shortly after filing a complaint against McAfeee's noisy vicious dogs. McAfee shot and buried his dogs, claiming they had been poisoned and bolted to Guatemala with fiance Samantha.

Fugitive McAfee seeks asylum in Guatemala

Bath Salts, Orgies, Murder, and Anti-Virus Software

lifestyles of the rich and self absorbed

 Creepy Grandpa McAfee mauling teenage prostitute.

lifestyles of the rich and self absorbed

i declare december to be the official famous pit nutter month!

computer software, tax evasion, areotrekking, wrongful death lawsuit, yoga, assault weapons, bodyguards, orgies, young prostitutes, gang associates, drug manufacturing, rectal bath salts, murder... did i miss anything? oh wait... of course, gripping dogs!

when it comes to paranoid hedonists, JOHN MCAFEE is the master.

try to follow along.

MCAFEE was born in england but moved to the US at a young age where he was educated and enculturated. he was employed at NASA before branching out on his own to develop the first computer antivirus software. he sold his company in the 90's for a cool $100 million. 

in 2006, JOHN MCAFEE killed two birds with one stone when he moved to belize to avoid a wrongful death lawsuit on his exclusive daredevil flying compound in new mexico and to lower his U.S. tax burden after exploiting the american education system and business ventures. by 2009, his fortune had dwindled to $4 million. news sources blame the global economic crisis but i suspect much of the blame for the loss of his financial empire needs to be placed on his own poor judgement in the pursuit of his hedonistic needs; drugs, prostitutes and of course the millions spent on his 157 acre daredevil disneyland for aerotrekkers.

in belize, MCAFEE appeared to go off the deep end, indulging himself in women, drugs, weapons and dogs and earning the clinical designation: PARANOID.

“Measure your dose,. Apply a small amount of saliva to the middle finger, press it against the dose, insert. Doesn't really hurt as much as it sounds. We're in an arena (drugs/libido), that I navigate as well as anyone on the planet here. If you take my advice about this (may sound gross to some), you will be well rewarded.”
“Writing under the name ‘stuffmonger,’ a handle [McAfee] used on other online message boards, [he] posted more than 200 times over the next nine months about his ongoing quest to purify psychoactive drugs from compounds commercially available over the Internet,” Gizmodo reported. “‘I’m a huge fan of MDPV,’ he wrote. ‘I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.’”

the 67 year old deranged software tycoon was well known to the police in belize. MCAFEE was suspected of manufacturing drugs and in april 2012, the gang suppression unit raided his property. they found illegal weapons and underage prostitutes.

MCAFEE'S dogs were well known to his neighbors. there were numerous complaints of barking and aggression and attacks. one neighbor, Gregory Faull, had filed a complaint against MCAFEE noisy vicious dogs. the two men had words and the next day Gregory Faull's housekeeper found her boss shot dead in his home.

MCAFEE'S own dogs had been poisoned. some news sources say he blamed his neighbor, while other news sources say he blamed the government of belize, stating they were out to get him. at any rate, MCAFEE'S dogs were buried on his property. authorities have exhumed the dogs to see how they were killed. they are hoping that ballistics tests will provide a match to the one recovered from Faull's head. meanwhile MCAFEE fled the country seeking political asylum but guatemala, being the good neighbor they are, will send him back to belize for questioning in the murder of fellow expatriate Gregory Faull.

once again, i need to repeat the wise and wicked words of vintage.

*Goddamn..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

MCAFEE the yoga master

MCAFEE the gangbanger

MCAFEE and the millionaire pit nutter salute

MCAFEE'S home - nice pit fence!

a MCAFEE mutt

two of MCAFEE'S dogs. TIGER pictured on the right was killed during the police raid or so the megalomaniac claims on his blog.

this is one of the dogs exhumed from MCAFEE'S property.

not sure when these photos were taken but this appears to be MCAFEE'S chosen pup SOLTON with one of his young prostitutes, i mean his "fiance" SAMANTHA.

SOLTON, bodyguard in training.

dogo? ambull? shitbull?

there are many outstanding links outlining the saga of this lunatic but Gavin Haynes' coverage is not to be missed at where he describes the millionaire as having the emotional IQ of a potato. it's almost as good as this piece on pit nutter JAMES FREY that miss margo turned me onto.


daily mail

canberra times

the john mcafee story

bath salts

special thank you to meals on wheels for sending me the pics of the white puppy and alerting me to this undiscovered famous pit nutter. now the AFF can proudly add JOHN MCAFEE to their list! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ira Glass and Anaheed Alani


Ira Glass reveals his dirty little secret on his national radio show This American Life. The secret: he and his wife not only harbor a dangerous pit bulldog that has bitten 6 people, they dote on it.

This American Nutter: The Piney Files

This American Life

The I Love My Bad Dog Blog

Act five: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

This is where the couple resides.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

This American Nutter: The Piney FIles

this week on craven, the husband and wife american nutter team:


one two three four five six people, plus ANAHEED. that's how many (human) bites IRA GLASS' dog has to his credit.

this american life producer Nancy Updyke turned the tables and interviewed IRA GLASS about his "misunderstood" pit bulldog - PINEY.  

"I've known IRA for 17 years and nothing that IRA has ever done has raised more questions than PINEY." Nancy Updyke

the story of IRA, ANAHEED and PINEY has a classic beginning... "Once upon a time, ANAHEED had a dream that she had a dog named PINEY."

this is their story.

PINEY is 7 years old and for years, the staff at TAL has been doing double takes when they hear snippets of PINEY'S behavior and the behavior of IRA and ANAHEED. snippets like "PINEY can't walk near men on the street because if a man, any man looks him in the eye, he will attack him."

when PINEY gets anxious, he sometimes attacks people. so they give him valium to try and make his aggression more manageable. they muzzle PINEY when in public. and IRA and ANAHEED never have friends over because PINEY will try to attack any and all visitors.

GLASS explains that PINEY was a normal dog until ANAHEED took him to a wedding where he bit TWO children. it is important to note that PINEY is referred to as a puppy at that time. 

GLASS defends PINEY, claiming he only "nips", yet blood is drawn. the host insists if there is blood, it is a bite. IRA and Updyke debate the definition of nip. GLASS finally concedes to a compromise, "it's a bloody nip" while Updyke has a front row seat to pit nutter denial and minimization and realizes this is not an argument that she can win.

GLASS thinks of PINEY like the incredible hulk, "fundamentally good, just high strung". Updyke points out that PINEY goes hulk in ordinary life circumstances. for example, PINEY is regularly aggressive toward IRA in an effort to "protect" ANAHEED. PINEY has twice bitten the woman that he tries to protect from IRA.

the interview then moves into PINEY'S extensive health problems which manifests itself in the form of severe food allergies that requires rotating expensive, exotic meats. meats that are difficult to obtain.

it was only when GLASS was forced to take the subway for an hour one way to get PINEY'S special food that GLASS would feel resentment towards PINEY. the inconvenience of PINEY'S victims having to seek medical attention is completely lost on him.

Updyke asks what if any are the pleasures of owning PINEY. GLASS answers in classic narcissistic lion tamer fashion "It's really sweet to have this animal that trusts no one and is alone in this world except for us and he trusts us." he then blathers on about PINEY'S helplessness.

Updyke: "It's interesting that you consider him helpless though, since he lunges at you everyday. You see helplessness behind what other people see as aggression."

GLASS really does not have a clue that the rest of the world views him and ANAHEED as irresponsible and unbalanced.

as the interview comes to a conclusion, Updyke asks GLASS "what are you thinking as you make that face?"

GLASS: "I'm alarmed that you seemed to be after all this talk, that you don't seem at all convinced that what we're doing doesn't seem nuts. I mean I could understand it how it could seem that way before you heard me explain it but now that I have explained it, I feel that you should come over to my side." (IRA nervous laughter)

Updyke: "You are saying that you did everything right, so how could I be doing this so wrong?"  (more IRA nervous laughter)

you can listen to the entire interview HERE.

as jaw dropping as the IRA GLASS version of the PINEY FILES is, just wait until you see what ANAHEED ALANI can do.


3.19.09  I Don't Know. A Monster?

Before Piney, my husband had never had a pet in his life. Not even a goldfish. It would be hilarious that his first pet-owning experience is the worst dog in the world, if it weren’t tragic.

This conversation actually happened, last night.

My husband: So when I was out reporting this story, I went to these people’s house to interview them, and they had two dogs. A big dog and a little dog. The little dog yapped a little bit when I came in, but for the rest of the time, while I was interviewing this guy, the little dog was just busy getting peanut butter out of a Kong, and the big one was happily chewing a bone on the floor. Like, they weren’t bothered at all that I was there.

Me: Well, they’re dogs. That is what a normal dog is like.

Husband: Really? Wow.

Me: Yeah. That’s a dog.

Husband: Then what do we have? 

snack sized dog shot off a quick email to april 29, branwyne and myself alerting us to the subject of this week's show. i immediately checked TAL website but it was not yet available streaming on-line. i didn't waste anytime and went to work googling for photos and other information. i landed at a blog called The I Love My Bad Dog Blog. it wasn't until i read two blog posts that i realized, this blog was written by IRA GLASS' nutter wife ANAHEED ALANI! she blogs under the handle Piney Marley Hussein Glass-Alani. her blog description:
When Piney came to live with us, we didn't know that within a couple of years he would flourish into the allergic-to-everything, IBD-having, aggressive-to-strangers little hellhound that he is today. He enjoys fetch, chewing and meat. His favorite color is red. His lucky number is 3. Nickname: Down Payment on an Apartment.

after just a few blog posts about her human aggressive pit bull (you know, the ones that the dogmen culled) ALANI began to receive emails expressing concern about taking her very human aggressive pit bull's behavior very public. ALANI decided to blog about that email exchange. ALANI got on her pit bull soapbox and spouted off a lot of the same propaganda we are used to hearing: pit bulls are misunderstood, affectionate, intuitive, gentle, yadda yadda yadda but what i found most interesting was the pit bull chat woman did not encourage them to dirt nap PINEY, she just didn't want them to talk publicly about PINEY'S aggression.

but the self absorbed princess would not allow others to poop on her entitlement parade. reading her blog, i pretty quickly realized that is a reoccuring theme for the passive aggressive princess who admits that she is conflict avoidant but acts out in covertly aggressive ways with her small audience of dedicated readers encouraging her on.

10.21.09  Good, Bad, Bad, Bad
I got to D Is for Doggy they told me that he had nipped one of their employees—a new guy that he’d never met. And I had JUST finished telling Jolanta that Piney has never acted aggressive at day care, thank god, because without day care I don’t know if we could even keep Piney. It’s not like we can just hire a random dog walker to risk their life walking into our apartment.

The other crap thing is that this morning when we encountered the loitering workers from across the street on our front stoop, I asked them to get out of the way, as usual, and one of them muttered under his breath, “pain in the ass.” Yeah, you know what else is a pain in the ass? Having my dog spaz out every morning because there are strange men in uniform smoking on our front stoop. If it’s SUCH a pain in the ass, maybe you would like to not move out of the way very briefly while you are illegally loitering while drinking your morning coffee, and I will maybe forget to put on my dog’s muzzle that morning.

Not really. But in my dreams, really really.

there is a history of ANAHEED'S dreams coming true.

a lot of ALANI'S blogs are just plain boring but i have a few favorites. like, not ONE but TWO tickets for violating the leash law with their human aggressive pit bulldog. the pit bull princess proudly posted one ticket on her blog, note that the arrogant humans refused to sign the ticket.

11.11.09 Piney growled at Ira again this morning when Ira was only near, not in, the bedroom. And when I touched his stomach shortly after that he winced a little. Things are getting worse, not better. I am currently researching Constructional Aggression Treatment and ordering some Oxycodone from the pharmacy. Last night a dear friend told me he doesn’t understand why anyone would keep a dog like ours. And right now I’m wondering how much longer we’ll be able to. 

on 9.17.10 ANAHEED gushes over an article written by PINEY'S trainer about what is like living with a difficult dog. "I have never felt so understood."
Yet life with a difficult dog has its satisfactions, too. If you’re actively working on her behavior, every step forward brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.  JOLANTA BENAL

ANAHEED, you want a sense of accomplishment? MASTER PILATES! and if you need to live on the edge in your pursuit of joy, then CLIMB Mt EVEREST!

there are a few more worthy reads - and take note of the commenters who gush over the couple's awesomeness and sacrifice, that further fuel IRA'S and ANAHEED'S pathological need for admiration and recognition.

Is it possible for Sane people to live this way?

Piney growled at Ira again

Piney aggresses towards Ira for walking towards dingbat, dingbat makes excuses

Another Day, Another Bad Behavior

Piney Antisocial

Further Down the Shame Hole

The Quality of Life Report

Reality Check

Train Thyself

D-Bag Report

here's PINEY snuggling with one of his daycare providers with ears back and full on reptilian stare. i don't know about you but that is body language that i don't want to be anywhere near.

more pics of PUKEY can be viewed HERE where the daycare providers pander to the celebrities and their celebrity mutant.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nutter Hypocrites: Wikipedia Edition

In June of 2012, I had to deal with a nutter who vandalized Wikipedia and accused me of vandalism. The Stubby article had previously correctly stated that he was "of unknown breed" (Craven already covered this), but some nutters repeatedly edited it to say he was a pit bull  (or pitbull or pittbull - funny how they don't know what their dog is called) based on no factual information at all besides what their god Cesar Millan says. A few intelligent Wiki editors repeatedly changed it back to say he was of unknown breed while the nutter editors argued over whether it was "pit bull" or "pittbull." I think the few intelligent people in a sea of unbeatable stupidity eventually gave up. I figured I'd have a go at reverting it back to "unknown breed." Then Solarra, an editor who lives in her own made up world, reverted it back to "pitbull" and said I was a vandal.

I posted on her page and questioned her actions, as seen in this photo (I obscured my IP address for safety reasons):

As you can see, Solarra, who is nothing out of the ordinary for a pit bull advocate, is hypocritically basing her information on photos of Stubby, which is against Wikipedia's rules about reliable information. But wait! Don't pit nutters say that their mutant undogs can't be identified by anyone ever unless you do a gene test and get a legion of self-proclaimed experts? Apparently Solarra is breaking one of the nutter commandments! I tried to be nice to her per Wikipedia rules, but that kind of person is persuaded by nothing but their own emotions. She quickly archived the post, but I went into her archives and got a screenshot of it to share with our loyal readers, who can hopefully have a good laugh. Pit nutters are probably the single least reliable source of information. Maybe a falling coconut can knock some sense into them, or perhaps they'll fall and hit their head in bedroom slipper accident.If it doesn't kill them first, that is, since we all know how often falling coconuts and bedroom slippers kill people.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Who will be the Austin TX Next Top Nutter?

In Austin TX, nutters are battling other nutters to outnutter each other in order to become Austin's top nutter.

Austin Animal Control is completely pit bull centric and has recently gone No Kill in a very big way.  Austin spent $12 million on a new, state-of-the-art animal control facility and is paying Austin Pets Alive!, a No Kill shelter, to run their shelter out of the old facility and take "overflow" from the city Animal Control.  Austin has become the largest no-kill city in the US.  They claim a 91% save rate. Yay!

The architects of the brand new No Kill Animal Services have broken down the kinds of pets they receive and try to adopt out, and they have found that 10% of those dogs are "large breed dogs with behavioral issues."  And they are determined to adopt more of these dogs out by sending them to Austin Pets Alive as their "overflow" where they have rehabilitation teams to deal with the "behavior issues."

"Ten percent of the animals on the euthanasia list was made up of large breed dogs with behavior problems. These dogs are the most expensive in terms of dollars, time, and expertise."  As a result of a concerted effort to adopt "large breed dogs with behavior problems," more of these dogs have been adopted out into the Austin community than ever before with plans to increase that number in the future:

"More and more of Austin's adult large breed dogs with behavior issues are adopted each year because of improved customer service, pet-matching practices, and behavior modification. That number is expected to increase as funds are raised to put facilities and expertise for handling those animals into place."

Just so we're all on the same page, take a look at the large breed dogs that are up for adoption at Austin Pets Alive!  These are the ones that will also have behavior issues.

Yep.  "Large breed dogs" is code for "pit bull."  And "behavior issues" is code for "traits that dogfighters bred for when they developed fighting pit bull dogs."

Just as an aside, why, when they have correctly IDed so many pit bulls, do they insist on calling a few pit bulls  pointer mixes?  Old habits?  They just can't help themselves?  It just feels so good to lie?  Maybe so when these dogs end up on the Austin "dangerous dog" map, they'll show up as pointers and german shepherds?  The following photos will help you visualize the pointer mix and the shepherd mix that are already on the map.

Trooper - pointer/German short hair pointer/boerboel mix(!),  Tyrone and Yeti - pointer mixes
Bo Jangles - catahoula leopard dog mix,  Posie - boxer mix,  Dallas - German shepherd mix looked into Austin's dog bite records and discovered, unsurprisingly, that Austin Animal Services' new No Kill success adopting out "large breed dogs with behavior issues," coincided exactly with a 35% surge in reported dog bites.  Also, predictably, the most infamous "large breed with behavior issue" dog of all time, the pit bull, led the bite count, accounting for 22% of bites even though it represents 10% of the registered dog population.

Also unsurprising, Austin Animal Services attempted to create a deceptive report to rebut's findings. sent a follow-up to the Austin City council, and this is how AAS's report was received by the Austin City Council:
Commissioner Rossmo - I've done my best to look at the data that was sent to us from Austin Animal Services…I would just have to say I wanted to warn other commissioners that…this is a very poor report…they have no idea how to do a trend line…bottom line is the relevant issue is what has happened since 2009.  Going back to 2000 only washes out data.  I just pulled some of my own figures off of my Iphone and the bottom line is Travis county's population went up 3.6% since 2009 and the number of bites went up 35% which is a 30% per capita rate which is quite significant…I'm very, very disappointed in this report which I think was designed to confuse - not help us make a proper decision…so I would urge you all to be very careful in looking at the report…
You couldn't find a more pit bull lovin' & promotin' organization than Austin Animal Services and their little buddy Austin Pets Alive! You'd also be hard pressed to find another organization so audaciously and brazenly contemptuous of the hand that feeds it. It takes major balls to take tax payers' money for the stated purpose of adopting out more large dogs with behavior problems back into those tax payers' neighborhoods, dismiss and deny an escalating dog bite problem in their community, try to deceive those tax payers, and then ask for more money from those same tax payers so they can achieve their stated goal of adopting out even more of those large breed dogs with behavior problems to their neighbors.  Conclusion: These are super nutters.

Who could outnutter that?  This guy:
CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH GRANT owner of first four and then three sibling pit bulls, two of which he claims were service dogs complete with scam service dog registry and dressed in service dog patches.
Leo, Dawn and Gorgo
CHRISTOPHER 'handicapable' GRANT has trained his own dogs, including the two service pits himself.  Look at these training videos.  First, as a responsible owner, he builds a very high fence.  And then he trains his dogs to scale it.

And in this one, he teaches his service dogs to pull him around on a bike.

One day, he was training his dogs in a parking lot which he had ever so responsibly marked off with cones to indicate this was HIS piece of parking lot. Notice he cobbles together various signs to make it look as if he has a right to do this and cannot legally be disturbed.

And then, while he was ever so responsibly training his leashed pit bulls an unleashed, elderly, vicious lab mix launched a protracted attack on all three of his pit bulls.  And the lab's owner, instead of trying to stop his vicious lab, pulled one of his pit bulls away and began viciously hitting and kicking it for no reason.

Someone called 911, but the evil first responders ignored CHRISTOPHER 'i've-fallen-and-i-can't-get-up' GRANT who was lying on the ground with a lab bite having an asthma attack and screaming that he was having a heart attack just because people are prejudiced against pit bull owners, and went to treat the owner of the lab mix.

When Austin Animal Services came, they unjustly took his service dogs from him because they were pit bulls, but they did not take the attacking lab to put it in quarantine.  They just let it go!

Finally, with no evidence, the judge ordered the execution of three "well-trained, happy and peaceful family pets."  (In Texas, a judge can order vicious dogs be put down, and there is no clear avenue for an owner to appeal that order.)

I kid.  that is just the lie CHRISTOPHER 'despicable me' GRANT told.  And once he told that lie, bloggers blogged (including CINDY "the ladder" MARABITO), commenters commented, and petitioners petitioned all over the Nutter Universe.  And those super nutter folks at Austin Animal Services were catching hell for hating pits. Oh the irony.  Nutter Universe went batshit crazy and sent hundreds of death threats to AAS, the judge who ordered the mutants be put down, and the victim (of course) prompting Austin PD to increase patrols at the shelter and launch an investigation.

The pit loving' and promotin' AAS  issued statements explaining that the story that CHRISTOPHER 'pants on fire' GRANT told on the internet was a complete lie and that CHRISTOPHER 'shit for brains' GRANT had recanted most of the story when he went to court and spoke before the judge. AAS explained that the pit bulls were very, very, very aggressive and they and their owner had been very, very, very naughty all the while distancing themselves from the actual decision to euthanize the pitties.

The truth is the elderly lab mix was walking off lead, but under control of the owner and right beside his owner when CHRIS "evil-but-no-genius" GRANT's mutants, which were off lead, surrounded the elderly lab and launched a protracted and "coordinated attack." The lab's hind leg was degloved which ultimately necessitated amputation.

Please read both AAS statements here and here and prepare to be enraged.

Nutter Universe stopped sending death threats, probably because they'd heard the police were investigating, but continued to insist everyone but the pit bull owner was lying and continued to type "Oh, the poor babies" ad nauseum on the dead pit bulls' SAVE THEM facebook page.  Blog posts with titles such as "Austin murders three harmless pit bulls" are still up gathering traffic for the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs website even though it turns out that these service pit bulls had launched a serious attack before attacking the lab in Austin.

Yes, keeping in mind the despicable lies the detestable CHRIS 'evil moron' GRANT told, and keeping in mind that he had his frankenmaulers OFF LEAD in public and keeping in mind that he had stuck service dog patches all over their harnesses, and keeping in mind his lie about the lab mix attacking his pit bulls, try to comprehend that CHRIS 'i-need-to-be-castrated-with-a-butter-knife" GRANT did all this after his pit bulls had viciously attacked another lab and put the lab's owner in the hospital having done serious damage to her ear less than a year before.  Yep.  Brooke Stewart is in the process of suing CHRIS 'garnish-my-wages-for-life' GRANT. Wish her well.

Can anyone outnutter that?

Yep, this guy:

State Representative EDDIE RODRIGUEZ, D-Austin (District 51)

State Rep. EDDIE RODRIGUEZ read about CHRIS 'evil moron' GRANT's story and said to himself, "That's terrible…that guy got no chance to appeal the judge's order to have those mauling pit bulls euthanized."  Really.  That was was his take away from this horror show.

He could have looked at the carnage CHRIS 'walking clusterfuck' GRANT has wrought and publicly demanded that the full force of Lillian's law be brought to bear with certain jail time.  He could have decided to file a bill that penalizes people for fraudulently claiming their pets are service dogs.  He could have decided to file a bill that requires liability insurance on pit bulls and requires mandatory spay and neuter for pit bulls.  Instead, after reading this case, RODRIGUEZ is now set to file a bill that will make sure that the next CHRIS GRANT will be allowed to force the City of Austin to spend tax-payer money to fight an appeal to keep the mauling pit bulls in their neighborhood.

That takes a lot of nerve - this guy is elected, and he doesn't seem to care that he's allying himself with this guy:

Instead of defending the rights of the Austin voter who now has a three legged dog thanks to CHRIS GRANT:

It might be because EDDIE RODRIGUEZ is a founding board member for Austin Pets Alive!, the rescue whose stated goal is to adopt more large dogs with behavior problems into the community.  And it could be that he believes that no matter what he does, he's got the votes.  After all, in 2010 he was handily re-elected despite having been arrested for DWI a few months before the election.  Surprisingly, the charges were dropped after he spent the night in jail.

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez facebook page

Maddie's Fund
Austin American Statesman No-kill animal shelter increases deaths
City of Austin September 4, 2012 Public Safety Commission
Austin American Statesman Despite recent convictions for dog attacks
Lawsuit against Christopher Grant  (search for case no. 11-2082-CC4)
Austin Animal Services public statement
Social media uproar regarding pit bulls
Austin Animal Services receives death threats over euthanized dogs
APD investigating pit bull deaths following threats to animal shelter, court

Saturday, December 1, 2012

dog nutter pyramid

orangedog recently sent me an interesting link about dog nutters. i wanted to blog it but as luck would have it, a famous nutter has hit my desktop which takes precedence (thanks snack!). but this blogger's thoughts on dog nutters is really too good not to share. so here is a taste with a link to the original. enjoy!

A few days after the fuss died down, I got curious and visited the Facebook page of the group which was said to have commissioned the t-shirt. I got the same feeling about the “lay of its land” that I always get with animal rights groups: An emotional ponzi scheme, if you will, of well intentioned but misinformed animal lovers residing at the bottom of the pyramid who with little, if any, critical thought, have bought into the wholesale guilt of breeders. The further one goes up the pyramid, the more concentrated the power, and in my view, the more sinister the agenda becomes, as in the case of PETA.

here are a few breed specific emotional ponzi schemes that prey upon the character disturbed and the fragile egos of the ultra liberal, politically correct:
AFF, NCRC, best friends, badrap, indy pit crew, our pack, pit n' proud, chako, the unexpected pit bull, hello bully, real pit bull, don't bully my breed.....

thanks orangedog!