Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a glimpse inside the mind of a nutter

once again fuzupf leaves me wondering if he is morally corrupt or intellectually bankrupt as his puny brain tries to equate two recent dog fatal maulings.

this nutter's panties are in a twist because two recent fatal dog attacks have not garnered equal media coverage. he is especially disturbed that dogsbite.org has not covered the canadian fatality.

the first death takes place in canada and is of a lone unsupervised 3 year old toddler who wandered onto the property of another where two unrestrained huskies killed her. the second death takes place in australia and is of a 4 year old who was killed by a neighbor's mutant INSIDE her home while watching TV. in addition to the death of the 4 yr old girl, a 5 year old was attacked and suffered injuries to her scalp and a 30 yr old woman was mauled trying to fight the mutant off.

the differences between these two attacks should be obvious to even those of less than modest intelligence.

in the canadian fatality, the parents were negligent and the responsibility of their child's death lies with them. the deadly aggressive act could be viewed as territorial. in the australian fatality, the deadly aggressive act is pure predatory behavior. one small child trespassing and being attacked by 2 dogs versus one pit bull trespassing and attacking 3 people.


fuzupf is not the first person try to and equate dissimilar dog attacks. NCRC's evil genius, KAREN DELISE, put the righteous indignation spin on the attack of Sue Gorman. Gorman was attacked by her neighbors' 2 pit bulls IN her bed. DELISE is upset that Gorman's attack was reported in over 230 newspapers and tv news networks world wide while other non pit bull attacks during the same month received a mere single mention.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

folie à plusieurs

congratulations CINDY MARABITO! the last pit nutter to stir such outrage in me was THOMAS CHRISTOPHER O'HALLORAN. in addition to the evocation of rage, MARABITO beautifully demonstrates the phenomenon known as Folie à plusieurs (madness of many) a syndrome in which two or more individuals share symptoms of mental illness

pit bull advocates have set a new low for rumor mongering with their promotion of the ladder theory in the death of DARLA NAPORA. waves of nutters gobbled up the fairy tale and repeated it. meet CINDY MARABITO aka ground zero.

drama queen CINDY MARABITO, with muzzled pie hole in a bit of pit nutter city council street theater 2001. MARABITO helped to kill a muzzle proposal in the aftermath of the savage murder of Diane Whipple. too bad that pie hole wasn't muzzled before infecting the nutters with her most recent bout of dementia.

MELANIE COY quickly jumped on THE LADDER DID IT bandwagon in a blog post titled, are you ready for it? IT CAN'T BE UN-SAID. no shit!!!! COY has since "apologized" and claimed to have learned her lesson. yeah right. and it's all how you raise 'em!

here are a few highlights of the collective madness that pulsated through pitternets last week.

righteously indignant ubergullible nutter soldier, LAUREN MCCAA, took it upon herself to educate dogsbite.org of the TRUTH! in an email with the subject line 'LIES'.
Hi Colleen,
The Pacifica woman was NOT killed by her pit bull she fell of a ladder. If she was mauled she would have bite wounds, flesh missing, and not trauma resulting from a fall. Maybe instead of being so worried about donations, which you still have not shown to go to any dog bite victims, you should get your facts straight. Way to go for jumping on the idiot band wagon and believing everything you hear. If you do not believe me here is an accurate article, http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/pacifica-dog-mauling-what-really-happened-1, but I am nothing but a pit nutter with facts and you are a maniac with your opinions. Did you not learn after your infamous interview with people from the SPCA? Also all the victims you used are shark bite victims, yes I did little digging, and again you lie. I must ask do you have anything else to prove your case except shark bite victims and google articles, which were later proven that the dogs were not pit-bulls at all. Also pit-bull is not a breed, but I bet you knew that. Other than spreading lies and debunked opinions have you contributed anything at all to real dog bite victims??
LAUREN'S facebook comments include:
Im just not into the whole bully style and have gotten really confused. He is PR ukc and adba registered as APBT, but hes not a pure bloodline but a mix. I want to show him hopefully next yr.
when LAUREN is not chatting it up on facebook, she seeks advice on how to properly raise/socialize her super aggressive UKC/ADBA registered mixed pit bull:
I have a 2 1/2 yr old un-altered male, who I adopted from my friend about a year ago. He spent most of the beginning of his life on a chain and wasn't properly socialized with other dogs and has severe aggression around other males and smaller dogs. He now runs on half and acre with two mixed females. I love him to death and he such a sweetie around people, but he changes when comes near other males. His true personality is calm and really relaxed, but around other males/small dogs its like his prey drive and ego spike. He is not the foaming at the mouth or yanking me to the ground type, but if they get in his range he will strike. They did put him through extensive obedience training and does well with sit, stay, lay, come, and walking off a leash, but changes and will become unfocused around other males. Females he is fine around, no issues what so ever. I would like to know how to keep him stable and focused and not worry about him attacking other dogs. I want to know how to re-channel his true personality and keep him turned off. Thank you so much for the help.

another 'oops, he's never done that before' moment waiting to happen!

one proud pit nutter wrote to dogsbite.org and in an exceptionally bold move signed her/his comment PIT NUTTER:
Oh my god do you people pull this ridiculousness out of your behinds. Where does it state her nose was bitten off and oh just so you know her pit-bull did not maul her, she fell off her ladder. She did not have missing limbs, ripped flesh, or crushed bones, she had upper body trauma consistent with a fall. Before all you jump on the media bandwagon, who couldn't tell an accurate version of a story if it had already been written for them. http://www.examiner.com/american-pit-bull-in-national/pacifica-dog-mauling-what-really-happened-1. That is accurate version and not an article filled with lies to help sell. Oh and if BSL worked Ontario's and Denver's bite rates would have decreased, correct? Your wrong there bite rates have increased. Yes lets ask where your priories, believing lies and a website full of shark attack victims and not dog bite victims. Believing a website that cares nothing about receiving donations because the members are too dumb to notice real facts. Colleen has NOT ONCE contributed to a dog bite victim. Oh hey don't believe anything, but what the media say, because Colleen told you to. I am just a pit-nutter though with facts though filled with maniacs and their opinions. I guarantee not a single one of you could point out a 'pit-bull', since its not even a breed of dog....
well, s/he was right about one thing, s/he is "just a pit-nutter."

LINDA FRANCIS, phoenix pet welfare examiner and blog author of 'from my chair' where LINDA can in fact know the details of a fatal mauling hundreds of miles away without leaving the comfort of her chair.
Thanks for keeping us updated. I have no proof of course, but I can tell you that Gunner did NOT maul his owner, but was trying to get her up after her fall! I am betting this will be the outcome. I am saddened that once again, cops have shot first and asked questions later!

TRACEY SCIBILIA, cops are evil
How horrible! I am positive that sweet dog was trying to wake up his "mommy" sooo awful! The cop that shot that dog should be suspended and the reporters should be fired.
i wonder if c marabito even had her hand slapped over this piece of crazy fiction?

DAWN DUNSMORE, the psychic
Before reading the article I could already tell that they dog was just there at her aid. Such a tragedy for all, I hope the husband can be reunited with the other pittie, at least with the horrible loss that they both have endured, they will have each other.

FAITH HYNOSKI (SeaNuttle's FABB founder) chimed in
Thank you for sharing the true facts of this horrible story. Since I am now 8 months pregnant, I do feel for this poor woman, her baby, and the dog involved. Great to hear how rational the father is and that he was non-emotional (hard since it is his daughter that died) enough to want to learn from the evidence. I wonder if people will seek to ban ladders now?
you can read more about this ever so witty seattle nutter here.

DEBORAH NAVA, evangelical nutter
I knew there was more to this story. Pacifica police were just trying to justify the killing an innocent family pet. My heart and prayers goes out to this family. Since the dawn of man-dogs have been our companions. The Lord in his infinite wisdom created dogs/wolves to love us unconditionally and they help us in countless ways. God bless all dogs and good pet parents. The authorities need to return Tazi, the female pitbull to this family to help in their time of grief.
god created wolves to love us unconditionally :-)

JODY DARRIELL, litigious jody
Pit owners EVERY WHERE need to create a class action suit against the reporting media claiming irrevocable damage for falsely reporting this woman's death and blaming pit bulls.
JODY takes a third of the judgment for the irrevocable damage done to shit bulls.

This is horrible and sad on SO many levels! As a professional dog behaviorist, I IMMEDIATELY noticed holes in the reporting (probably along with all of the educated, level-headed, individuals who read the initial reporting). I am thoroughly disgusted by the SF Chronicle and other news coverage of this event. This event EPITOMIZES what Pit Bull Terrier owners face, and owners of other powerful and misunderstood breeds, on a daily basis. I hope that the female gets returned to the husband or she finds a new home. Once the facts finish coming through, I will be writing a letter to the editor of the Chronicle, and I hope some of you on here do the same. It may not make a difference, but you never know.
professional dog behaviorist who specializes in bully breeds and specializes in regurgitating the pit propaganda (Helen Keller and Teddy Roosevelt) like any good nazi soldier.

dude says it best
Bwaaaaaaaaa-hahahahaha! Idiots!

the authorities stepped in and corrected GUNNER'S exaggerated weight of 125 lbs. this in turn prompted C MARABITO to start laying the foundation for the next lie. C MARABITO is now creating doubt about the authorities ability to conduct a necropsy in an effort to explain and excuse this wiggle butt's sinister deed.
Please share necropsy report and autopsy as soon as revealed. I would go on to suggest a second necropsy report be done if Peninsula Humane Society is involved....not a safe haven for pit bulls and other animals.



SFgate the great muzzle debate


CINDY MARABITO: answered questions

CINDY MARABITO backpeddling :)


CINDY MARABITO'S nutter rescue

CINDY MARABITO'S pet sitting business (this woman is not to be trusted!)


MELANIE COY + craven desires

SFgate profile of pit nutter: C MARABITO be sure to check out C's fascinating journey from texas to cali. from her early days as girl friend of lead guitarist of a communist punk band (the Dicks) to seasoned pit propagandist and founder of reunion rescue where she pairs up the ultimate canine gladiator with "not-so-perfect" tolerant san franciscans who are attempting to "reinvent" themselves. C also rattles off an extensive list of famous pit bulls and pit nutters, the majority of them bogus: Humphrey Bogart, John Steinbeck, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and of course Sgt Stubby.

Special thanks to Camden Swita at the Pacifica Patch!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lies Lies Lies

the ladder lie was exposed tuesday and now one more pebble from their crumbling edifice has fallen, the dog's weight.

Scott Delucchi, Sr. VP, Community Relations of the Peninsula Humane Society set the record straight
My organization, the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, never said we wanted to be "reasonably sure" the female wasn't involved before returning her to her owner. We wanted to be SURE, and we were following our examination of both dogs and from info given to us by the Medical Examiner and two odontologists who compared dental impressions from the dogs with the victim's bite wounds and conlcuded with no uncertainty that the male dog was involved and the female was not. We saw no signs of abuse or neglect on either dog. The dogs were licensed, they had a regular vets. No neighbors called our organization to complain about them. The female was spayed and the male was not neutered. Contrary to reports, he did not weigh 125 lbs or even close. His listed weight from multiple vet visits was between 68-77 lbs.We don't know what could have triggered an attack like this, but believe there must have been one. We do know that many owners either miss warning signs and behavioral cues or notice signs that their dogs' behaviors are changing and ignore them, figuring the behaviors will work themsleves out or get better over time. We know the opposite to be true...that puzzling/problematic behaviors usually become more pronounced over time if unaddressed and always advise people to seek help from a behaviorist. That said, I want to stress that the owner of these dogs said neither had shown any unusual signs or behaviors. Sad, tragic event!

i guess now we wait for rabies to be ruled out to hopefully satisfy all of nutterdom.

Pit bull advocate Donna Reynolds speaks

DONNA REYNOLDS' reflection on the murder of DARLA NAPORA inspired another brilliant critique from anonymous.

BadRap's advocacy is a failure......if they are unable to convince their own members/supporters to be responsible owners, and do things like neuter their dogs, then how can you expect them to convince the general public?

  • In the eyes of BadRap, Darla's death was worth it; a small but necessary sacrifice, the price we pay for the "privilege" of living with their beloved breed. (and I would add they see it as normal)
  • We cannot trust pit bull owners assessment of their OWN dog's dangerousness.
  • Pit bull owners/advocates seem to often be young people who lack maturity and common sense......why on earth would the Naporas own two large active dogs when they lacked secure housing? They were in a rental unit. And why would they keep these dogs in a tiny, one bedroom cottage? Why would they fail to neuter their dog?
  • Pit bull "advocates" are fanatics. They are misanthropes who value the life of a pit bull as being equal to, or more important than, the life of a human. They are often bullies, who blame innocent victims of attacks for "provoking" it, and somehow deserving what they got. They lack empathy and compassion for human victims of dog attacks.
  • Pit bull "advocacy" protects the dog fighters and back yard breeders who are abusing these dogs by fighting against sensible BSL to control over-breeding. Pit bull advocacy's primary function is to protect the rights of people to continue to make money off of these dogs through back yard breeding and dogfighting by protesting any and all regulation on breeders.
  • Bad Rap's response to this tragedy reveals how far this groups members are from normal society. Greg Napora's ONLY public statement about this tragedy was NOT to talk about his wife...but to defend his dog and the "pit bull breed". He immediately removes his Facebook page, and while in the midst of burying his wife, is on the phone to Donna Reynolds of BadRap? Greg Napora acts like a man who is more upset that he let the members of his "cult" down, than a man who lost his wife and child. Donna Reynolds bizarre statement....that it was just a dog being a dog, essentially......is accompanied by a graphic of a woman and her pit bull walking peacefully into the sunset together. She adds insult to injury by ending her post with "R.I.P. Darla and Gunner", in perhaps the most spectacularly insensitive response to this tragedy I have seen yet.
  • BadRap members, and other pit bull fanatics, are endangering the public by relentlessly promoting these dogs as pets, and encouraging immature, irresponsible people like Greg Napora to own and promote the breed. It could have easily been one of the Naporas neighbors who was killed.
  • Its time public officials stopped listening to the dog lobby, and small groups of fanatics, and craft public policy that will restrict breeding and ownership of these dangerous dogs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BadRap Advocate Killed by Her Own Pit Bull

32 yr old pit nutter DARLA NAPORA

the SFGate obituary states DARLA NAPORA "passed away" in her home last thursday. gee, that almost sounds like she died peacefully in her sleep or maybe even an instant painless death after falling off of a ladder, rather than the violent grisly death at her wiggle butt's gaping maws of doom. you can read the preliminary results of the investigation into DARLA'S mauling here.

In lieu of flowers the family would like donations made to The Darla Napora Memorial Fund (i wonder if this will benefit the cause DARLA avidly supported - pit bulls?)

meanwhile, DONNA is having a tough time deciding which BADRAP t-shirt she should wear to the funeral. i vote for PIT BULL JUNKIE and maybe bring a stack of autographed copies of JIM GORANT'S book in honor of GREG'S unimaginable devotion to the breed AND the deed. i don't know many men who have the presence of mind to immediately delete a facebook account in the wake of his spouse's murder. i don't know of any man who issued a public statement defending their dog and the breed in the aftermath of his spouse's murder. and i certainly don't know of any man who would even consider burying his wife with her murderer. obviously, GREG NAPORA is a very special nutter.

now is a good time to reacquaint yourself with pitthetic dementia, this story is just getting started.


Nutter Think and Nutter Speak has Arrived in France

As a four year old pit bull attack victim looks in the mirror and cries to her mother that she looks like a monster, Brigitte Bardot decries the hellish mental anguish the attacking pit bull is going through in an animal shelter in Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Brigitte Bardot should keep her mouth shut

Monday, August 15, 2011

Anonymous, thought provoking comment inspired by the murder of Darla Napora

What is really frustrating to me, in the case of homicide by dog attack.....if this were a mountain lion or grizzly bear, we would have every freaking detail about the damn animal. This is a preventable death, which has serious public health implications....and there is no digging into the story to get more information? No picture of the dog, no background on the dog...was it up to date on its shots? Did it see a vet regularly? If so, what did the vet say about it's demeanor? Has this dog been bred? As BadRap supporters, did the dog attend "pit ed" classes? Did it attend any other training classes? Where did the dog come from? Did a rescue organization adopt it out with a promise that it would be a "love bug" if raised with hugs and kisses? Was it purchased from a local back yard breeder, or popular kennel advertising "Monsta Pits"?

If we are ever going to protect the public, we have to address the SOURCE of the problem....who is breeding and selling the dogs that kill people? There is huge political pressure to NOT divulge this information, because the fanatics in the humane movement know it can lead to BSL. The Peninsula Humane Society is on a tightrope now, they can't piss off the pit lobby, because they risk losing the support of donors if the pit jihadists start a campaign against them. So they try to withhold information about the dog. The police, on the other hand, just don't seem to know any better....they don't seem to ask these questions. The reporters just don't get it either....there is a bigger story beneath the surface....can you just imagine being the reporter who breaks the story that, say, a BadRap dog killed someone? Or that a "pit ed" graduate killed someone? Or that the dog came from popular kennel with the typical gansta website advertising giant pit bulls with names like "Mayhem" and "Chaos", replete with spiked collars, and obscene rap music blaring? Might put the husband in a different light, huh? It also may convince the public to demand mandatory s/n for pits to shut down kennels like this.

If it were a person who killed this woman, by now we would know everything about them, even where they went to kindergarten. Reporters would be interviewing the murderer's parents and family. But because its a dog, the authorities are just sitting around, hoping to find out if the dog had rabies or a brain tumor. There may be nine other litter mates of this dog, just as dangerous, like ticking time bombs, and maybe the owners are ignoring warning signs.....don't you think the public has a right to know this stuff?

follow the murder of DARLA NAPORA at dogsbite.org.

Monday, August 8, 2011

pit nutter roundup

originally published 5/29/11. BUMP for renewed interest.
taylor you can thank pittybritty and cyclona.


rogers, arkansas a pit bull jumped through the window and attacked a UPS driver as he delivered a package. the police responded. attempts to taser the frankenmauler only seemed to piss him off. when the mutant tried to attack bystanders, the police opened fire on it. now the TELLEKSON comes forth to say the shit bull was never aggressive before and showed the KY3 news warm and fuzzy photos of his child and nanny dog. TELLEKSON said the shooting constitutes murder. he said would have rather gone to jail than to see his family member killed and that his girl friend is having nightmares.
THOMAS H. TELLEKSON was convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child in 2007. i wonder if his victim is still having nightmares?


leeds, maine 34 yr old LAMONTAGNE is in trouble with the law again. last january his shit bull attacked a llama. he pled guilty in february, was fined and apologized to the llama's owner. LAMONTAGNE went to court last week for the theft of a tractor that he tried to pawn to undercover cops but was intercepted by DEA agents. the pit nutter had a backpack full of drugs: 22 grams of coke, 58 ecstasy pills, 375 methadone pills, 76 diluadid pills and 14 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. estimated value $8300. looks like the entrepreneur didn't acquire another shit bull to protect his business and has to guard it himself 24/7.


vero beach, floriduh team psycho has been charged with animal cruelty after taping a pig's mouth closed and setting their pit mix dogs on it AND video taping it AND posting it on facebook. thankfully, people reported them.


spartanburg, south carolina deranged 27 yr old TATE and an equally deranged buddy approached a 53 yr old woman and asked if they could buy her pit bull for $70. when she refused, they pulled a gun on her, threatened to kill her and took the pit bull. the victim recognized TATE as the son of a long time acquaintance. TATE has been charged with first degree burglary, armed robbery and felon in possession of firearm


hamden, connecticut 25 year old BERNARD claims that no one liked his 8 month old staffordshire terrier, so he stabbed her 29 times. the pit bull is in stable condition. i wonder why no one liked her? advice to BERNARD, next time try silver bullets or wooden stakes or maybe just call animal control.


atlantis, floriduh 40 yr old HALL was sentenced to a year in prison for slitting his pit bulls throat after it got into a fight with his friend's dog. HALL claimed he was putting her out of her misery. this was HALL's ninth arrest.


sacramento, california thanks to blogger Sudden Random Unprovoked and Violent for pointing out a recent blog written by pit nutter DAWN CAPP. she proves yet AGAIN that pit bull advocates are incapable of telling the truth.
here's CAPP on service pit bulls and planes in 2011"
here's CAPP on service pit bulls and planes in 2004:
the above excerpt was taken from paragraph 3, page 7, of the esquire's 2004 book "American Pit Bull Terriers, The Truth Behind One of America's Most Popular Breeds". how awesome it would be if these creepy lunatics could be charged with crimes of deception. i know, that's just a fantasy. but how about this for reality - CAPP graduated from thomas jefferson school of law, the fifth worst law school in the nation with some of the worst faculty ratings and the lowest bar exam passing rate in the state of california. it's all starting to make sense now...

fun with washington nutters

22 year old pit bull owner/breeder/expert MELANIE OHLENKAMP

kent, washington a pit bull went on a rampage, attacking 2 people, killing one dog and attacking 3 others, chasing kids, attacking a police car and attempting to attack a cop. an aco described the pit jumping over a 5 ft wall, "as if it had wings". surprisingly (and disappointingly) the manhunt ended with the mutants being taken into custody without gunshot wounds. although no one has claimed ownership of the rampaging mutant, the lovely miss pit nutter of washington MELANIE OHLENKAMP stepped forward to claim her 10 seconds of fame defending the frankenmauler. "People in general should not be in fear of this dog i mean he's super friendly with people but if you have other dogs and you're walking them you should be very careful just because if he's not familiar with other animals, you know, you just don't know." oh, i think she DOES know. the reporter said that that the young woman is familiar with the pit bull, so she knows who the owner is. or maybe she is the owner.
now meet the REAL melanie.
i am fascinated by the level of narcissism among pit nutters. they are so predictable. take note $hotgun $hortcake: beauty fades, dumb is forever.
Washington Courts
1 Ohlenkamp, Melanie
King County District 103-10788 02-08-2010
2 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Lower Kittitas Dist 9Y6176884 06-29-2009
3 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Enumclaw Municipal IT0108900 12-24-2009
4 Ohlenkamp, Melanie Anne
Seatac Municipal IT0035955 09-17-2007


kirkland, washington a seattle man drove his dogs to a kirkland park and let them loose. they locked and loaded on a german shepherd. when LaVALLEY and the gsd owner couldn't get the pits off, the gsd owner pulled his legally owned and concealed pistol and shot one of the ugly dogs. independent witnesses say the gsd owner had no choice. JUSTIN NUTTER LaVALLEY of course admits his dogs were fighting but doesn't feel the victim should have used gun. (under no circumstances should wiggle butt ever be interrupted from flexing his DNA!) too bad, LaVALLEY'S ugly dog is still alive. here are his two uninjured ugly mutants, sitting in the back of his pick up truck, unrestrained. ANOTHER "oops moment" waiting to happen.

Washington Courts
1 Lavalley, Justin
King Co Superior Ct 02-2-01775-4
2 Lavalley, Justin
King Co Superior Ct 03-2-39045-3
3 Lavalley, Justin R
King Co Superior Ct 06-2-17504-2
4 Lavalley, Justin R
King Co Superior Ct 06-2-36032-0
5 Lavalley, Justin R K
Fife Municipal FRL307404 05-14-2013
6 Lavalley, Justin Richard
King County District 115-18049 10-17-2011
7 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Kirkland Municipal XY0231384 04-30-2010
8 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
King County District CR0028929 12-11-2006
9 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Bothell Municipal 14547 08-25-2005
10 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
King County District CR0028928 12-11-2006
11 Lavalley, Justin Richard K
Grant County Dist Ct 21996 08-30-2001

we interrupt this frankenmauling moment with a little POSITIVE pr from the land of FABB/JESSUP/BUI!!

tacoma, washington bullseye dog rescue will be having a little fun playing the find the pit bull game. starting june first, low income judgement proof nutters can take advantage of free spay neuter, free obedience training and free pit bull owner only workshops, so you can learn how your fighting dogs (with top-rated temperaments) are no different than any other dog. i hear there will be a game of breed charades and tips on how to successfully dine and dash. these "pit bull only" events are sponsored by and carry the JANE BERKEY seal of approval.

nutters, don't gorge yourselves on the propaganda, save room for truth dessert!
and last but not least...
the ethereal TAYLOR HERNANDEZ, who is as comfortable rubbing elbows with dog fighting scum as she is with rescue angel nutters, tells her story. one of her friends sent me this :)
Why I love the Bulldogs
My personal story

-- Why I love the Bulldogs My personal story I get asked Hey Taylor why do you love this breed so much. Taylor why do you fight for the "gamebred" dog's. Or Tay why are you always fighting with everyone over this breed. Well to me it is so... simple. To me it's like fighting for air to breath. Because with out the dogs in my life I would suffocate. So here is my story. In 1989 I was born. But I was born into a family of bulldogs. My father his father and his father father. All had bulldogs. Yes most of you may not agree with what they did with their dog's however it is what it is and there is nothing anyone could do to change that. I grew up working with my father in the yard. Since I could walk I was out side with my father cleaning feeding and playing with these dogs. I have seen it all before i was in pre K. My Grandfather Jerome Hernandez was a very nice well spoken man who loved the dogs his father raised him with them as well. My Grandfather unlike many others of today even though he was too raised with dogs had to find his own mark and find what worked for him. From what I was told there wasn't many bloodlines to choose from. But of a few and a lot of imported and unknown dogs. He would save everything even to this day I have hand written pedigrees that came from my Great Grand father The oldest I have dates back from 1902 and there is a photo with it and a detailed story about such dog. However I can not find this dog any where online and half of the writing is worn off. My grandfather was around a lot of people one of them he helped was Sonny Sykes. Many may not know who that is and thats fine. So what I am getting at it seems each person in my family even till today myself has seem to fight to do the best for their dogs and in their own way nothing should be handed to us. We all need to fight for them and not expect the work to be done by someone else no matter who you are where you have come from and what you did or didn't do. I have been blessed with so many educational tools and lessons before i was old enough to be thankful for them. I got to see dogs at their best and at their worst. I wasn't sure of my true love of them until I was blessed with my first true love and bond with my first special dog. His name was Peanut. He was so beautiful more like a wild mustang full of life and confidence. He stood at that time as tall as me I was able to look directly into his eyes he could of very easily knocked me down but he was very aware of my smallness and had never tried to over power me ever. He was of an old Carver x colby cross. My grandfather was much into the old Carver dogs. Not really sure why Peanut was bred the way he was But I am sure it was for a reason. He was black with white markings one blue eye and one half blue and brown eye. with big floppy long hound like ears. with big white feet to me that looked like bear feet. My father was also in the services The Marines. He was an old Jar head so to speak. He would get a lot of special trips to do and so on and would be gone for time to time. My father was my world and I loved him very much so he was my Hero. I think more dads of today should take some lessons from my old man. He was the best. At times it may have seem he was hard on me but in all I wouldn't be the strong woman I am today if i didn't have them.When my dad was deployed all I had was the dogs and My dog Peanut. I loved that dog. He would put Lassie to shame. we did everything together even play tea parties. Yes I played tea parties lol. Through the tough times of my life I always had Peanut and he never left my side not ever. My dog Peanut boy oh boy that dog. Even till this day i can laugh and cry at all the times I had with him. I would sneak him in the house at night till my dad gave in and let him become the house dog. he would sleep at the end of my bed. He was a stuff animal destroyer he killed all of my much loved collection but it was worth it never the less. I would share my not so good veggies with him and he would eat them with no complaints. And no one had to know our secrets. Summer times we would go to the lake and go swimming. One day Peanut saved me. One afternoon while in the deep wooded area of VA where I shouldn't of been in the first place. We walked up on a Black bear. This Black bear didn't seem to be too pleased with us walking up on it. and I was young but not too young to understand Bears are dangerous even more so when spooked. This bear was making this loud growl and stomping it's feet. showing its teeth and staring me down. I didn't move out of fright. Peanut however didn't like this bear and made it be known so. As the bear came charging at us. I just stood there like a deer in head lights. Peanut however wasn't as scared and charged back biting the bear on the face that bear flung peanut off like a plastic bag in the wind and the bear came at me but Peanut however came back not backing down and charging that bear once again. By then I climbed up the tree and was screaming hoping someone like my dad would hear me. The bear would swat at Peanut and peanut would hold his ground and keep coming back. By then peanut was all bleeding and the bear didn't seem to be tired or willing to give up as well. But after a while well what seem to be a life time that bear decided to move on and Peanut went chasing after him. I was still in the tree crying and screaming. Thinking my best friend is dead or lost. Finally my uncle comes back there and found me. I was crying so hard as my uncle scooped me up over his shoulder he didn't seem to care much where peanut went. I begged him to please find Peanut. I knew my best friend was hurt and I knew even back then that my dog wouldn't give up and no one was there looking for him to stop him. My Dad wasn't home and wasn't planed to be home till the next day. He had taken his dog Little Shirley out of state to be bred by his friend Jack's dog I believed that dogs name was Blackie That would be the only time Sherley was ever bred later on she had died after a match. That night was so long I didn't sleep for a second. My best friend was gone and alone some where out there. The next day I was up bright and early and headed out to look for my best friend Peanut. I had his favorite in hand a pack of raw hot dogs and a big bottle of water. But I also took back up in case that bear was still around so I took my fathers big hunting knife that was never used. something no little girl should be caring but back then I didn't think so. I called and called and called some more. Where was peanut? When noon came around I had almost given up hope before I had spotted a black flash in some bushes with those neon white markings. There was my friend all beat up limping and bleeding his head was swollen and a slash along the side of him that would show his flesh. Yet he was as chipper as could be wagging his tail and seemed to have been as happy to see me as i was him. When I got home I had seen my Fathers truck in our driveway. He was on the porch getting ready to check all of the dogs and feed them. At that time there was 90 plus dogs there. So There was always work to be done. He turned around took one look at me and another at Peanut and boy he wasn't happy one bit. But he asked me very nicely what had happen to him . Once I told him boy was he very angry for being so dumb to go into the wooded area that far back alone. And at that moment I knew it really wasn't so much anger but maybe fear that I could of been attacked by the bear. My father loved all the wild animals there even if they are dangerous he always felt that we are on their land and we need to give them space. If you been attacked it was due to our meaning humans neglect to be respectful of the animals space. But still I was his little girl. He so quickly grab Peanut and took him to the shed and put him on iv fluids and gave him a few shots one for infection and another for making sure peanut wouldn't go into shock. I don't remember the names of any of them. I do remember him explaining this to me and telling me how important it was that Peanut got those things. He then gave a shot for pain where Peanut's flesh was open. He then had given him another shot that put Peanut to a sleep. He then took a big bottle of clear liquid and poured it over the open wounds and had to cut some of the flesh off. My father had me watch him do this he felt it was needed for me to learn how to do these things. He then put straws inside where he was putting stitches around this whole time my father was checking the dogs oxygen and his heart I was simply amazed at this. My father took over like some sort of Doctor or in the case a Vet. Peanut recovered nicely after he had his much needed rest with us. And grown a custom to bacon and eggs and French toast. My dad would make the best breakfast and by this time Peanut was set a bowl as well plus left overs. By 5 months Peanut was a fat dog but that is what happens when you have a whole family plus people who came over to help my father with the dogs all give Peanut scraps and left overs. By then Peanut was fully healed and my father had an eye on him. He then thought it was time Peanut worked off the extra pounds. My father for months worked with Peanut got him nice and lean he even took him to shows every time Peanut went he would always win Peanut was turning heads all over the place. When ever someone would ask about Peanut my father would point to me and tell them that he belong to me. Some thought it was a joke and others thought it was cute but my father really meant it... Then my father had asked me if I wanted to see if Peanut could prove himself. And I thought sure I had seen my dad test dogs before. I was young what did I know so he did just that. He took Peanut to his litter mate brother his name was Snoopy. My father liked the way they both turned out he then took him to a friend of his dog who was slightly bigger his name was buck he then too said he seen a lot in Peanut. Not much later My father went out of state with Peanut and he matched him to a dog my Grandfather had named Boyel . From what I was told Boyel was experience dog. My father however believed in Peanut. Peanut had an advantage Peanut was not just a bulldog but was also a house dog and had a very heavy bond with us. My father said they went at it back and forth for over an hour a hard hour my grandfather then picked up his dog Boyel and said he had enough. When My father came home with Peanut I didn't like it Peanut looked rough real rough. My dad once again fixed him up and months later Peanut was back to his old self with a few more scars yet he was still the same old Peanut. Peanut and myself started to get older our bond was always the same he was my best friend he was there when no one else was. Peanut and I still went out in the woods even though i had known better. I just felt like it was a home away from home sometimes it felt more home then the one I lived in. It was the one place I was able to see Peanut run and be free as did I. He would fetch sticks and have races with me. We would jump in old pile of leaves and find treasures. It came that time again My father took Peanut back out. But this time wasn't like the rest My father along with a friend Had Peanut wrapped in a sheet My father didn't look happy. I heard of some yelling among my father and his friend something had gone wrong. Peanut wasn't wagging his tail. I walked over to the shed where my father was he was covered in blood. His friend yelling just take out back it aint worth it. My father was sweating I knew something was wrong. My father looked over at me with this lost face. He didn't have that full confidant look on his face. Peanut was just layingthere. My father was giving him shots of whatever he started CPR Peanut just didn't budge. I knew my best friend wasn't coming back and I blamed my father when he looked at me and said he tried it all I started to scream he killed the one thing in my life who never was away he knew gave up on me Peanut was always there He knew all of my secrets. In that split second My father went from my hero to someone I hated. And I did. Peanut laid there on this big steal table eyes wide open I seen my reflection in his eyes. I kissed his nose as I fell down I hurt that night more then ever. The pain of losing my best friend was a pain that was unbearable. It's a feeling of being kicked in your stomach and you lose your breath. You can't hold your head up. The world feels as if it leaning on your shoulders. I didn't care that Peanut won his last match. That didn't matter to me. What did matter was I no longer had my friend my pal the one thing that was always there who was never busy was now gone. My father was no longer my Hero he was a murder. From that day on I knew I wouldn't want to see this happen again. The day we buried Peanut I promised him that I'd never let hurt happen to any other dog in my life or in my care. I promised him I'd never forget him and I wont. I haven't bonded with another dog till much later in my life and that is my heart and sole Gambler. I see the same sparkle in Gambler when he is with my own little girl. I see a bond with them as I had with my own dog. They will never have to face what I did when I was her age. She will never have to say good bye to her best friend in the same manner as I did. But there fight is a bit different then mine and that is BSL. BSL can always strike it's something of the same. It is like a virus. And is spreading state to state and town by town. I feel my love for this breed for all the little boys and girls and their Peanuts and Gamblers. They need to be heard they need us to fight for them. I wont give up some may say I have no right to fight for BSL since I come from a family of dog fighters but I believe I have to fight more so because of that. I must change my family past for this breed make my way to give back to the dogs. Understand them in a way most can not.Or most can't handle. I can't see another dog die due to a virus our government's sets. As far as my father I didn't forgive him till the day we buried him. I felt if anything he had to answer god. I loved my dad I really do and still do he is my father after all. And he was doing what he was raised in doing. It was just the way it was. He has a passion in it just like I have one not in it and helping the breed. Maybe I wasn't into it because of Peanut maybe in the jest of it all he helped me see a different way. Maybe it's because I am a female and tend to be more on the emotional side. Who knows why I turned out to be who I was but I am what I am and I have every intention of being of just that being me and standing by what I love. I am thankful for my life long lessons and find myself still being a student I am always learning and keeping my ears open to all of the possibilities. I wish that one day that my own experiences can help someone else and maybe change just one person. Maybe one day we of all sides who love the breed/breeds can come together and help with the fight and end BSL. maybe even help an irresponsible owner become of an responsible one Maybe one day it's a dream and that is all it needs to be everyone had a dream but very few fight to make them come true. I haven't given in yet and still fighting. Each day I find a way or dot down a plan of making changes and helping . That is it folks this is my story why I am who I am and why I love these dogs and why I am in the fight and as passionate as I am about the breed. Hope you enjoyed or if anything understand who I am a bit more
By: Taylor Hernandez

*TAYNADO is 22 yrs old, that makes her father an illegal dogfighter.