Sunday, September 30, 2012

update on the alpaca mass murder

essex, virginia  the judge found ALONZO NORMAN'S mutants responsible for the carnage and ordered dirt naps despite the testimony of neighbor CHARLES LUMPKIN who swore under oath that the killers were .... BEAGLES.

"The witness in there just said that he thought they were beagles. How does a beagle look like a pit bull?"

NORMAN claims his mutants would never commit such a heinous act. they are friendly dogs who just turned one year old. when pressed by the reporters, NORMAN admitted that his mutants have been loose before and that they were found in the alpaca enclosure but the savagery must have been committed by "wild animals". i guess ALONZO NORMAN could not keep a straight face long enough to mouth the word "beagle" a second time.

obviously, this is the work of a beagle. more photos of the beagle carnage @ the purple testament of bleeding war

the owners of the alpacas intend to file a civil suit.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

craven mail bag: branwyne and beagles

Wanted to share this video of the latest rescue from the Beagle Freedom Project...

Note the descriptions of the dogs from the BFP website..

"Our Fourth rescue was our biggest ever! On November 23, 2011, We saved 40 beagles from a laboratory in Spain where they had lived their entire lives and flew them to us to Los Angeles, CA. Many had tattoos not just in one ear, but in both, indicating they had come from more than one laboratory. Many of these angels landed with teeth rotten, bleeding and falling out and tumors. Some had to have surgery – many had to have teeth pulled. They are all doing exceptional now and have all gone into their forever homes!"

Watch these dogs when they let them out of the socialization, years of torture at human hands, they have never experienced being outside. Not used to the noise, kept in isolation in cages, no training or positive human contact, many in pain from rotten teeth and medical procedures. You can see that the males in the video are intact. When the crates are opened, they are obviously scared, but after a few moments, they appear joyful. Tail wagging, allowing strangers to hold and pet them and handle them, totally fine with the other beagles. This video makes me want to cry........ while humane groups spent thousands of dollars subsidizing and promoting pit bull ownership, the plight of lab beagles goes ignored.

Why all the fuss about the Vick dogs, when this is happening to beagles every day? The rescue was done at the end of November 2011, by January 2012 all the beagles were placed in homes. No extensive "rehab" needed! In many ways, these beagles had it much worse than the Vick dogs, many of whom were young dogs that had not been fought. Yet nary a peep of public outcry, and no attention from the humane groups like HSUS. Pit bulls raised in these conditions would be expected to kill someone when let loose, and attack the other dogs. Why don't we expect this from beagles?

Beagle rescue isn't as "sexy" as pit bull rescue...the types of people who adopt lab beagles aren't looking for bragging rights, or to make a statement about beagles as a breed. They don't have anything to prove, and are not out to save the beagles reputation, because it doesn't need saving. These small, friendly hounds don't attract the types of colorful grifters that excel as reality TV stars, so their cause is eclipsed by the manufactured drama of pit bull rescue.

There are many companies in this country which breed beagles and small hound mixes to sell to medical and cosmetic testing labs. While this fact should horrify dog lovers and humane groups, most seem too busy fretting over things like "pit bull discrimination". The fact that the plight of pit bulls is caused ENTIRELY by the people who own, breed, and claim to love pit bulls...the alleged stewards of the breed....seems lost on most pit bull fans. They prefer the drama of imagining that "haters" are somehow causing millions of pit bulls to be bred, neglected, abused, and dumped.

Pit bull attacks are frequently blamed on the fact that the aggressive pit bull was "abused", lived life on a chain outside, was not "socialized", was not "trained". How, then, do we explain these beagles? How can these sweet tempered hounds go from years of isolation and torture straight into adoptive homes with so little fuss? How on earth can that woman in the video be so fearless as to cuddle and kiss that poor, terrified beagle, right on his face? Shouldn't she expect to get bitten?

Or is it possible that the sweet disposition of these beagles is genetic?


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

craven mail bag: the patent pending edition

Dear Dawn,

This morning while on a ladder in my home WHILE in the presence of THREE POMERANIANS I suddenly realized that my life could be in peril if I were to tumble off of it. After all I have heard the story thousands of times about the Pomeranian human fatality.

It was at that time I realized that as a responsible Pomeranian owner I should market some Pomeranian breaksticks and advise all Pomeranian owners to keep one in every room of the house and while out with their dogs.

I would propose that all the proceeds from the sales of these Pom breaksticks be used for future Pomeranian Legal Defense cases.

I have attached some photos that show the product and demonstrates how to use it properly on a Pomeranian.

PutMe InCharge


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Liberal Masochism, Denial and the Tyranny of Fairness

DubV sent me a couple of brilliant articles written by Sam Harris on airport security and the defense of profiling. the parallels between the profiling of gripping dogs and suicide bombers are undeniable. Harris describes a tsunami of criticism in the aftermath of his "sickening" "racist" treatise and provides readers with an equally brilliant follow up.

few came to Harris' defense.

Profiling is just common sense put into practice. To say otherwise demonstrates nothing more than a deluded view of political correctness. I’m sure your article has not helped with your popularity, but these difficult-to-swallow truths need [to be] advocated by someone. So, thanks.

Aamir Abbasi


In Defense of Profiling

On Knowing Your Enemy

know your enemy

Thursday, September 6, 2012

location location location

this is true when it comes to real estate and even truer when it comes to pit bull attacks.

these are the top three best places to be menaced or attacked by pit bulls.

detroit michigan two pit bulls attacked a hospital employee in the parking lot. the mutants received dirt naps from hospital security guards.

“They’re good at getting out. No matter how good you tie them up and everything, they still find a way of getting out.” ~ a man who lives in the neighborhood

san diego california
an attempted mutant attack on a teenager walking his dogs was thwarted by the by off duty police officers who heard the barking while at the TARGET RANGE! both mutants were shot but unfortunately are still alive. LOL!

within 20 yards of stinger a mutant attacked and killed a jack russell terrier. a good Samaritan turned pittie's lights out with his bow and arrow before it could inflict anymore damage. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

craven mail bag: the stinger edition part 2

Well, my neighbor couldn't leave well enough alone.
Even though he was banned from owning "pit bull type" dogs for no less than 5 years, last week he brought two of them home. On the day he brought them home I was out on the driveway changing the blade on my lawnmower. He came down the alley, smiled at me and dropped the leashes to both animals, they just were obviously confused as to what he wanted them to do. He said "By the time I am done teaching these dogs, they will both hate you & want your blood. And one day, I am going to give it to them". He then took the animals and calmly walked back to his property. Now let me tell you, I was worried as to how these dogs would react when he dropped the leashes, but I just acted indifferent and continued with the task at hand. After I was done I went inside, called the police, and told them about the confrontation. They were there within five minutes (not a bad response time for this area), with animal control on their heels. About five minutes later he was led out to the cruiser in handcuffs, both of his new dogs were on catch poles, being led to the animal control truck. When I finally spoke with my neighbor, he smiled smugly and said "Its your word against mine, buddy. And we already have a history." He was not quite correct in that statement, as I later (in the day) found out that the neighbor across the alley had installed a security camera to watch his driveway & it had caught the whole occurrence, sans audio. I called the police, gave them my case number, and told them that I now had evidence concerning the interaction.
When I last spoke with the police I found out that the pit nutter was being tried on several charges, and after the video evidence was brought forth he plead guilty to some of the charges. The one police officer I spoke with told me (unofficially/off the record) that this man will be doing prison time, 2 years at the very least & that he will most likely never be allowed to own a dog of any kind again.
The police said I acted in a very level-headed manner considering the situation & the individual involved. One of the officers, who was also involved with the incident where I killed the pit bull, laughingly said that when he heard the call from dispatch he half expected to find my neighbor dead from a fatal arrow wound. With a totally straight face I told him that if the situation had progressed to the point of the dogs attacking with him standing there watching, there would have been several arrows fired & the results would not have been good.
So I guess some stories do have a happy ending. The pit nutter is going to jail, the dogs are gone, & the neighborhood can live without worry of attack from one of these animals or their border-line psychopathic owner.
And so this story ends.

stinger part one