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PITBULL Attack (Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Trail)

UPDATE the dine & dash nutter has been named:


there will be no justice for Finely or her owners. the assault charges against this miscreant did not stick. 
The police found Burnaby resident Radacina, arrested him and charged him with assault, according to Burnaby RCMP Cpl. Dave Reid.
Radacina appeared before a provincial court judge in Vancouver late last week and the charges were stayed, as it was not clear who started the fight, Reid said, and the dog was not commanded to attack Pilling.
let's see. the judge couldn't decide who started the fight and he had a choice between
a) law abiding owner of a normal dog and
b) violent thug with a pit bull.
yeah, i can see the judge's dilemma.

seriously, that judge needs to retire. punk looks aside, choice of dog aside, the judge had access to the fucktard's violent criminal record. this is all i found. i am sure there are more, although assault x2, robbery x2, parole violation and a prison riot are sufficient to determine who started the fight, don't you think?

ALEXANDRU RADACINA, 20, was sentenced to seven months in jail, received a two-year term of probation and is prohibited from possessing a firearm for 10 years for two counts of robbery. He was also sentenced to one-month in jail and is prohibited from possessing a firearm for 10 years for assault.

Bar fight turns ugly as patron stabbed
A bar brawl that erupted in Garfinkel’s in the early morning of March 30 has led to the arrest of a Richmond male.
According to RCMP, a fight broke out between two groups at approximately 12:44 a.m. and during the scuffle a male pulled a knife.
Doormen broke up the fight, and one took the knife from the suspect before he fled the scene. He was later picked up in another local night club and arrested.
ALEXANDRU RADACINA, 23, has been charged with possession of a weapon and failing to comply with the terms of his parole.

No one witnessed the actual stabbing incident.The victim, a 38-year-old from Lynn, Massachusetts, was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre and released with minor injuries, including a three-inch laceration on his back. The victim said he did not know he had been stabbed until after the incident.

Man found guilty of mischief for his role in prison riot
A man was found guilty Thursday of mischief in connection with a riot that caused more than $300,000 worth of damage at Fraser Regional Correctional Centre.
ALEXANDRU RADACINA earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of taking part in a riot and was convicted after a trial of mischief to property over $5,000.
The riot took place the morning of Feb. 9, 2008, after corrections officers tried to transfer RADACINA and two other inmates. Other inmates began banging on their cell doors and yelling. Eventually 31 inmates on that unit and seven on another broke out of their cells.
Video cameras captured RADACINA breaching the door to one cell, throwing a microwave and a television, kicking at an office door, throwing an object at a window and breaking a clock.
Other inmates set fires, broke windows, kicked through doors and ripped out sinks and toilets.
Although there was no evidence that RADACINA himself caused more than $5,000 worth of damage, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Carol Ross agreed with the Crown that RADACINA did the damage as part of a group.“
I am satisfied Mr. RADACINA acted in concert with other inmates to cause mischief,” she concluded. RADACINA was one of 14 people charge in connection with the riot.

anyone else curious as to why ALEXANDRU RADACINA was the only one of 14 inmates to be named?

personally i favor humane euthanasia for habitual violent offenders.

click the image to view larger or click here.

to be continued....

UPDATE more pics and info, including the truck and possible name of the owner of mutant BRUNO.

UPDATE the province reports that witnesses saw these two psychopaths leaving in a black truck. if you know who this is, please contact the RCMP.

UPDATE global news picked up the story. there are more photos. if you know either of these fucktards, please contact the RCMP.

this attack from craigslist was sent to me today. i don't agree with the "it's all how you raise 'em" tone but here is the original post.

Not sure where to post this but my friend and I were walking on this trail (april 22) during our lunch break and we came across a dog fight (although it did not look like much of a fight) A pitbull had attacked this mans poor little mini sheltie dog, this sheltie looked badly injured and was bleeding a lot. The two men were yelling at each other and I was the one that broke the two men up from fighting.

I am hoping that other people saw this as the man with the pitbull and his girlfriend RAN to get to their black pick-up truck to flee, leaving this poor man and his injured dog. The man with the pitbull was mad at the other for kicking his dog so he would release, clearly his dog deserved it as the other dog was so injured and bleeding it could not walk.

I have pictures of this man and his girlfriend; I also have a picture of their black pick-up truck as the girl ran to get the truck while the man took off in a different direction with both of their dogs to get as far away as possible. I would keep your eyes out for this couple, I have been getting many responses about this post and by the sound of it this might not be his first offence.

Male description: White male, shaved bald head, about 5'8-5'10, stalky build and a foul mouth! He was wearing a white tank top and red shorts at the time of the attack.
Female description: White female (perhaps Italian, had a darker tanned skin tone, or someone that tans a lot) short about 5'2-5'4, slim build. Wearing what looked to be black boy cut underwear a black tank and a large black sweater with large black sunglasses.
Two dogs: Pitbull - Grey with white markings, looked like staffy size. The second dog looked like a English Bull Dog tan color very short and stalky.

To the man with the pitbull, you do not even deserve to be called a man. People like you are the people that give pitbulls a bad name. Your dog clearly attacked and injured this little dog, and anyone in their right mind would kick a dog that has locked their jaw on another. You are a coward and deserve to be punished. You need to be responsible for the poor up bringing of your dog, you need to own up and pay for this mans vet bills and hopefully his dog survives this horrible attack. There are cameras in the buildings surrounding the area that you ran from, you are on tape so be a decent person and turn yourself in.

Anyone with any information please help these people. I have been in contact with the owner now and their dog has been through two surgeries and had been back to the hospital many times. This poor little sheltie is fighting for her life. Not to mention the owner of the sheltie had to get ten stiches as the pitbull attacked him as well.


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Unleashed: The Phenomena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs

Book Review
From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

Unleashed:  The Phenomena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs 
by Simon Harding
The Policy Press,  U. of Bristol (c/o U. of Chicago Press, 
427 East 60th St.,  Chicago,  IL 60637),  2012.  
286 pages,  hardcover.  $100.60;  Kindle $23.72.

    I first saw an American Staffordshire,  better known as a pit bull,  during a 1989 visit to Baltimore.  Three youths had stolen a cocker spaniel and were encouraging their three unleashed pit bulls to tear the spaniel apart alive.  The spaniel tried desperately to escape,  but was held on a short leash.  By the time I reached the scene,  the spaniel had collapsed,  possibly dead.  The youths kept kicking the remains,  and the AmStaffs kept attacking.  By the time the cops caught up with them,  they had disposed of the evidence.  They laughed in the cops’ faces: “Man, you’ll never find that dead dog, and anyway we’re juvies––you can’t touch us.”
    The attacking dogs’ behavior was so utterly abnormal,  so utterly unlike how I’d ever seen any dog behave, that I told various friends about it.  “Oh,”  they all said, “those were pit bulls.  It’s what they do.  They are not like other dogs.’
    The recorded history of the pit bull began in the Middle Ages.  Hundreds of years of selective breeding eventually produced dogs aggressive enough for use in baiting bears and bulls.  This mayhem had its heyday during the reigns of Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I.  After public opinion turned against both the torture of humans and the torture of animals as entertaining,  Britain in 1835 abolished bull-and bear-baiting.  Breeders and gamblers then turned to pitting “bull” dogs against each other.  No longer did they need to obtain bulls or bears,  or maintain fighting pits big enough to hold a terrified bear. 
    Fighting dogs were soon introduced around the world by the soldiers and sailors of the British Empire.
    Simon Harding,  author of Unleashed: The Phenomena of Status Dogs & Weapon Dogs,  worked in youth justice for 25 years.  He recently received a doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire.  He now presents himself as an expert on dog behavior.
    Even in 1989,  when I discovered the existence of pit bulls,  I found a wealth of information about their history and behavior in one afternoon at my local public library.  Vastly more has been published since.  Yet Harding opens by alleging that the problem of “weapon and status dogs” is newly emergent,  little documented by academic literature and primary data.
    There is no lack of relevant academic literature and primary data;  Harding just consistently ignores most of it.  For example, Harding somehow never found the unmatched statistical feat accomplished by ANIMAL PEOPLE editor Merritt Clifton, tracking fatal and disfiguring dog attacks by breed for more than thirty years.  (The fatality data has been retrospectively confirmed,  case by case,  by founder Colleen Lynn.)
    Harding does not consult the many pediatric medicine and surgical journals that discuss the relative seriousness of the wounds that pit bulls inflict.  He skips the data showing that pit bull bans not only dramatically decrease catastrophic dog attacks and shelter admissions,  but also coincide with reductions in gang crime of as much as 40%.  Since Harding ignores the work of Charles Darwin on natural and artificial selection,  it is no surprise that the work of geneticists and veterinary neurologists does not interest him either.
    Instead, Harding leans for his history of the bull breeds almost exclusively on the work of longtime pit bull advocates Karen Delise,  a vet tech,  and Diane Jessup,  a pit bull breeder.  Even there Harding is selective,  missing the publications in which Jessup acknowledges––or rather boasts––that the fighting and gripping behaviors of pit bulls are genetically determined,  and that it is a flaw in a pit bull if these traits are missing.  Harding instead simply states––with only Delise’s word for it––that pit bulls are like any other dog;  that they were never fighting dogs,  and rather were always and are still working farm dogs;  that they were peaceful family pets until some time in the 20th century when back yard breeders took over;  that only bad owners and poor breeding make them a problem now;  that there has never been trouble with any purebred pit bull;  that German shepherds bite the most;  that pit bulls merely suffer from a media-created image problem.  On page 110 Harding repeats the “nanny dog” myth,  which has recently been rejected even by the pit bull advocacy group BADRAP.
    Harding seems equally ignorant of the history of his own country,  claiming that breeding dogs for fighting purposes is new.  I find myself wondering whether he has ever heard of Henry VIII,  Elizabeth I,  or Shakespeare,  whose Globe theater in London competed for audience share with the nearby Paris Gardens bear-baiting pits favored by Elizabeth.
    Harding even ignores his own data.  Of 138 dangerous dog owners he approached, 76% of the interviews were not completed.  43% subjects refused to be interviewed;  8% asked for money.  Harding departed early from 5% of his attempted interviews,  fearing for his personal safety.  20% of the interviews were disrupted when the dangerous dog misbehaved. Only 33 interviews were successfully completed.
    Harding’s interview subjects consistently acknowledged keeping pit bulls as weapons.  They agreed that crossing a pit bull with something else,  usually a mastiff,  produces a bigger but equally aggressive dog.  They use the dogs to show their masculinity as they define it––as a resource of violence,  intimidation and aggression,  and as backup for controlling and oppressive behaviors in their dealings with women,  authority and their own peer group.
    Harding admits that ordinary people are using public space differently because of the presence of dangerous dogs.  He cites statistics showing a year-upon-year doubling of British hospital admissions due to dog attacks since 2004,  paralleling the rise in “weapon dogs” seized by police.
    Without questioning why most unemployed ethnic youth do not become involved in gang activity and with “weapon dogs,”  Harding tags those who keep these dogs as innocent social victims.  Worse,  he paints them,  despite their predatory behavior toward working class people,  as representatives of the working class.  He argues that what the public really fears is a new set of social values developing,  which we should learn to accept as a part of normal social change,  rather than rejecting these poor gang youths by rejecting their dogs.
    Towards the end of Unleashed,  Harding reveals that his goal from the start was to support the repeal of breed bans.  Bully breeds are weapons,  Harding admits, but rather than banning them we should allow everyone to have one.  We should educate criminal youths about how to be kind to animals,  and improve the image of pit bulls so we won’t be afraid any more,  and so that sociopathic youths won’t mistakenly think these dogs are dangerous.
    Meanwhile,  Harding agrees there should be restrictions on ownership of bully breeds,  but only until we have educated these criminal youths.  After that,  everyone will be safe with pit bulls at all times,  as long as they are of pure breeding.
    As George Orwell wrote:  “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.”                              
––Alexandra Semyonova

    [Alexandra Semyonova,  a dog behaviorist and former Dutch SPCA inspector,   is author of The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs (Hastings Press,  2009.)]

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Hello from Wyoming Michigan!

a reader was driving down burt street in wyoming, michigan when he thought he spotted a gargoyle. so he circled back around and snapped a few photos for craven. i'm honored.

here comes dinner.

and there goes dinner. i think i'll wait for an easier target. the old guy across the street will be watering his petunias soon or that young woman with the beagle and the baby stroller should be along any minute or that brat on the bike. eeny meany miny moe....

hey you!

 yeah YOU! what are you looking at?

hmm... wyoming, michigan... wyoming, michigan....why does that sound familiar? oh, that's right... JOSEPH HONORABLE. let's hope animal control steps in and prevents another tragedy.

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Love, Anger and Sarcasm: Pit Bull Bingo

the HAMILTON HUMANE SOCIETY scandal inspired a reader to update the pit nutter bingo cards.

thank you shar pei mix!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hamilton Humane and the Power of Love and Anger

i don't know, maybe it was the fact that nutters just had that purpose bred video deleted from liveleak or maybe it was the 5 minute mutant rampage that destroyed 2 innocent normal dogs or maybe it was the sight of an ex-marine choking back the tears as he relived the nightmare of the pit bull grabbing Junior from his arms but this story really pissed me off.


ex-marine Tony Yeary received an education in purpose bred dogs when a pit bull escaped containment and went on a killing spree. APOLLO ripped Tony's 6 month old dachshund from his arms and killed him as well as another dog in the span of 5 minutes.

Tony Yeary reliving his nightmare

“He dragged Junior to the side of the lake and mauled him relentlessly,” said Yeary. “(The dog was) shaking him and bitting him. Junior was looking at me and I could not help him.”

owner of the rampaging killer

APOLLO'S owner gave the news crew the classic badrap misunderstood spiel. including “You can ask anybody around here, including my neighbor, wonderful dog.”

Apollo is a rescue dog adopted from The Humane Society for Hamilton County. The dog passed all of the shelter’s tests and was adopted. The north east side apartment complex does not allow pit bulls, but they made an exception.

how unfortunate that the management made this exception. of course i am always skeptical when shelters claim the dog was fine when it left their facility. not long ago, the shelter in neighboring marion county run by JOHN ALESHIRE tried to pull the same stunt after a mutant they recently adopted out, to a cop of all people, mauled the neighbor.


this ad was written up shortly after May 16, 2012.

About Apollo
Sometimes humankind baffles even the most jaded animal advocate.
Apollo and his sister Athena were found locked in a windowless storage unit with no food, water or ventilation on May 17, 2011. It is likely that they had been in there for up to one week. The police seized the dogs and brought them to HSHC for safekeeping. Understandably, Apollo was fearful of all the new people, noises and attention. But he was so grateful to be in a safe and caring place with food, water and an air-conditioned kennel. He weighs 52 lbs. now, but only weighed 45lbs when he arrived revealing every bone in his body. As you might expect, his medical exam showed him to be emaciated, dirty, dehydrated, his tail was broken and bleeding, his ears were infected and his tooth was broken. We estimate him to be about 4 years old, an American Pit Bull mix who we have had neutered. He has a perpetually worried brow, but we are seeing that improve each day.

It is one year later, and Apollo is still waiting for his forever home. It has been a long road to recovery for this sweet boy. He has gone from having to be carried in and out of the kennel because he was too scared to walk to being able to walk on leash with the encouragement of our dedicated staff and volunteers. He is finding his courage more and more every day through the power of love. He loves to have his belly rubbed and takes treats gently. Due to a lack of socialization, he is selective about other dogs and is not good with cats. He would be best suited in a home as the only dog and with children ages 13 and up due to his sometimes nervous nature.

We recently attended the trial of the person responsible for leaving Apollo and his sister Athena is such horrific conditions, and were pleased to report he was convicted of animal neglect and cruelty and ordered to pay restitution to the Humane Society.

Now the only unfinished business we have is to find the home for Apollo that he has always deserved. His owner needs to be patient and understanding of Apollos past, but the reward theyll receive with his undying love and loyalty will be well worth it. You must be 21 to adopt our sweet Greek god!
okay cravenites. pop quiz. who believes:
- in the healing power of belly rubs? 
- an abused pit bull described as having a "nervous nature" and is best suited in a home with no other animals and kids over 13 passed all tests?
- an apartment complex is a suitable environment for a dog with those restrictions?
- that 7 lbs underweight for a pit bull equals "emaciation"?

nutters live a fairy tale life.

you can also find APOLLO'S sad tale on their SURVIVOR PROGRAM. cuz nothing brings in more donations and creates a greater sense of purpose and unity than the sob story of an abused pit bull.


December 2, 2011   We thought last Friday was pretty great...but today was pretty darn special. Not because of the number of animals adopted...but because of who went home: Dogs - Max, Nelson, Zeus, Moby.....and APOLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cats: Anne, Quinn...and BEN!!!!!!!!!!! Found in a storage unit in the sweltering heat and starving....nursed back to health and shown love and his forever home tonight. Have a wonderful life, Apollo. — with Damian Buchanan.

December 23, 2011    Our day started off right with a visit from one of our favorite former residents....APOLLO!! He was just hanging out with his Dad today, and they stopped by to say hi. Great way to start off the day! We are open from Noon to 5pm today and many pets waiting for a forever home!

the nutter president of the board even chimed in to wish him well.

Ben Winecki    So happy for that boy. Have a good Christmas Apollo, I am sure it is much better than your last.

at some point, this first adoption failed and APOLLO was returned to the shelter. i can't imagine why?

screenshot from the HAMILTON HUMANE'S pit bull PSA.
if pit bulls are just like any other dog, why do they require special educational materials?
May 16, 2012    We are so thankful to report that person responsible for keeping Apollo and Athena locked in a Carmel storage unit last May, was found guilty today on 2 charges of animal neglect, a Class A Misdemeanor. Sentencing is set for next month, but we hope this sends a loud and clear message about animal abusers in Hamilton County. Athena has been in a wonderful, loving home, but Apollo still waits for his forever home. Thanks to Lt. Amy Stein for her hardwork and dedication to making sure someone paid for this crime.

June 20, 2012   APOLLO is so fearful, rightfully so after everything he has been through. He needs an experienced owner who can help him overcome his fear. We recommend he go to a home with kids over 13. No cats in the home for Apollo, but he lived with his sister Athena all of his life so he does like other dogs. We would want to do a meet and greet with any other dogs in the home to make sure it's a good fit.

let's see, APOLLO has been receiving food, vet care, love and belly rubs for 13 months and he is still fearful and "rightfully so". no cats, no small kids but now they will make an exception with other dogs and they have added needs an "experienced" owner. sounds like they were getting desperate to get this dog out of their system, AGAIN. so desperate they apparently fudged just a wee bit on that statement about passing "all tests".

November 13, 2012   Today's adoptions: Cats - Jax, Jillie! Dogs - Mitzi, Java, and...APOLLO. Most of you know he has been in a wonderful foster home these past few months. Today, he was adopted. From a storage unit where he as kept in a cage, to a wonderful, loving home. We couldn't be happier for you sweet boy!

this appears to be nervous APOLLO'S second forever home, the "experienced" owner in the apartment complex that lead to the violent deaths of two dogs in 5 minutes.

MAY 14, 2013 one of the shelter supporters posts the story to the shelter's facebook page. they come to the defense of the shelter, except one woman who said it is too bad that the shelter staff did not follow up to make sure APOLLO was getting his required quota of belly rubs. the humane society jumps in with: "Lynette without getting into too much detail, please don't believe everything the media reports. There were quite a few incorrect facts reported, and his being tied to a tree is one of them."

it looks like Hamilton Humane might have killed their one and only alibi. lol, good job nutters!

two more supporters posted the link to the tragic killings.

May 14, 2013 Diana Ramello-Parrish wrote:  Poor thing has been through so much in his life. I hate to hear he was tied to a tree. I know how hard you all worked to help him. My thoughts and prayers are going up to you all.

absolutely NO concern is expressed for the 2 dead dogs or their owners. beautiful.

May 15, 2013   Carla Shroyer Sanders wrote: You know, I think that some humans are sick, and that is why they do terrible things. Perhaps as a result of abuse or some genetic problem that makes them do those things. Maybe the same is true for animals? No matter what the reason, I am so very thankful that HCHS gives animals the chance at survival and finding homes. There are WAY more positive outcomes than negative. Unfortunately, the news will only focus on the negative. 

yes carla, that genetic problem has a name. it is called  Deoxyribonucleic acid.

as i read through the HAMILITON HUMANE'S facebook page and burrowed through their website and videos, it hit me. these organizations are emotional support groups for rescue angels. my advice - please seek professional help and leave the rest of society out of your mess.

Mr Yeary please get together with the other victim and file a lawsuit against the nutter pictured above, the owner of the apartment building for approving the mutant and most importantly, the HUMANE SOCIETY for HAMILTON COUNTY for falsely claiming APOLLO passed all of his tests. i have all of these saved as pdfs, in case REBECCA STEVENS wants to try and get cute by deleting the evidence.

meet some of the nutters

these quotes and screenshots were taken from their 27 minute mission statement.

"The humane society doesn't discriminate against any breeds. Because there is increased responsibility and public sensitivity that comes with certain breeds, additional restrictions for adoptions are followed. Adopters must be at least 21 years old and meet the requirements of a special adoption." NARRATOR

"We touch their feet, pull their ears, look at their teeth and we use the plastic hand to see if they are food aggressive."

"Rebecca spent a lot of time with us actually educating us about pit bulls because I had a lot of reservations. I didn't know anything about the breed when we went there. All I heard was the bad stuff that you hear on the news, about dogfighting or a pit bull attacking. So I had a lot of insecurities about this breed." KIM RODERER

interesting. in 2009 she had 3 pits (she only had 2 in the video) and was also pimping grippers for her buddy. since she is friends with REBECCA and past presidents, her presence in the video feels staged and artificial.

"Everybody has their own reason for wanting to come in and get a pet and we have to really understand what that is and we have to really get to know them and that's what I think ultimately really makes us good at matching them because we know the animals so well."

she did a fantastic job pairing up APOLLO, not just once but TWICE!

"We absolutely have the heart of the best interests for these animals. We definitely want them to have the best chance and a second chance at life."

emphasis is on THESE animals. they don't give a fuck about THOSE animals that will be stuck living next to the mutants they place in the community.

"I'll look at just one dog on any particular day and I'll think 'somebody really let you down.' You were a little puppy once. You were entrusted to some human some where and they betrayed you and that makes me sad, it makes me angry. You just want to make it up to them."

there ya go. these rescue angels are angry. in the process of making it up to APOLLO, two normal dogs are dead and their families are devastated.

"Making a good match is the most important thing in finding an animal a forever home."

in their short pit bull PSA, executive director REBECCA STEVENS and VP of operations DR TARA L HARRIS proclaim they are proud pit bull owners and provide the low down on the low cost services for pit bulls only and other pit only perks they offer.

* note the pit bull education section of their website has it's very own donate button. this page also links to a more in depth page of "facts" compliments of the usual suspects: badrap, PBRC, ATTS and of course the mother ship of lies - NCRC/animal farm foundation where they regurgitate the standard fare: ATTS, find the pit bull, loyal people pleasing, Helen Keller, Teddy Roosevelt, Lil Rascals, media bias yadda yadda yadda.

Humane Society for Hamilton County

one last note, HAMILTON HUMANE has a program that pairs qualified vets with pets throughout the state of indiana. isn't that sweet.


Ben Winecki One America

Vice President, Operations    
Tara L. Harris, M.D.
Indiana University School of Medicine  

Vice President, Fundraising    
Tonya Miller
Fibertech Networks    

Candace T. Graham
Alerding & Company, LLC

Rebecca Ebert

Executive Director    
Rebecca M. Stevens
"aaah i just love pibbles. i can't believe they pay me $85K a year to play with pibbles and proselytize for them. i would have done it for free." 


Linda Coyne
Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Lynne Coverdale
Stonegate Mortgage

Deena Crouch
Anthem, Inc.
Kelly Faehr, CPA
Crowe Horwath
Elizabeth G. Russell, Attorney
Kreig DeVault
Luci Snyder
Carmel City Council
Mark VanHorn
Duke Realty
Kim F. Ebert
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Nick Galvin
UGL Services

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purpose bred dogs

nutters were successful at bullying liveleak. the video is gone for now. in the mean time, here is a still photo from the purpose bred dogs exercising their purpose.


media hype?

last night on my dog walk, i encountered a middle aged man with two scotties. they fearlessly trotted up to my dog to say hello. he followed behind them. he began to complain about how his dogs insist on saying hello to all dogs but he would rather they didn't. i told him that he should leash his dogs, as i just saw two pit bulls in the park and he was heading in their direction. he then started in on the "it's not the dog, it's the owner" and before i could respond, he gave me the famous line "it's those weiner dogs you have to watch out for." i said, "yeah i know. dachshunds killed 13 people this year." and walked away.

idiots. you can't reason with them, so you might as well have fun with them.

this got me to thinking about the pervasive myth of media hype.

on thursday may 16, 2013, there were 40 earthquakes recorded in alaska. like the dachshund bites, none of them were reported on the news. on wednesday may 15, 2013, there were 9 earthquakes recorded in oregon, washington and british columbia. like the chihuahua bites, none of them were reported on the news.

instead we get...

images of the hyped 1964 alaska earthqhake. clearly, the media exploited this incident.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bellyfeel available in plush toy format soon

Junk science is the mirror image of real science, with much of the same form but none of the same substance... A hodgepodge of biased data, spurious inference, and logical legerdemain…It is a catalog of every conceivable kind of error: data dredging, wishful thinking, truculent dogmatism, and, now and again, outright fraud.
Peter Huber “Galileo’s Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom”

"There are scores of accounts of farmers being gored, trampled and killed by bulls. In addition to farmers, children, women and elderly persons were also killed when they had the misfortune to encounter an aggressive bull. In one twenty year span, from 1880 to 1899, there were over 150 recorded newspaper accounts of people being attacked and killed by cattle. Clearly, cattle presented a real and constant danger." KAREN DELISE

the above excerpt is on page 14 of the Most Famous Pit Bull Propaganda Piece ever written, THE PIT BULL PLACEBO: THE MEDIA MYTHS AND POLITICS OF CANINE AGGRESSION.

DELISE acknowledges that "cattle presented a real and constant danger" in the last 20 years of 1800's (based on the lowly newspaper), yet in the last 20 years, 233 people have been killed by JUST pit bulldogs (also newspaper sourced and therefore suspect in her opinion). DELISE then goes on to cite a dozen examples of dogs, primarily BULLDOGS that saved their masters from an enraged bull. the dozen or so examples of courageous dogs, primarily BULLDOGS, spans the years 1875 - 1930 (also based on newspaper accounts). apparently the dozen or so documented cases of dogs saving people from bulls during a 55 yr period is to offset today's carnage. (an interesting side note, during DELISE'S halcyon days of the mighty bulldog protector, at least 50 people were killed by JUST gripping dogs.)

DELISE appears to be unable or unwilling to concede two things. first, that EVERYONE relies on newspaper accounts and second, that danger evolves over time. For example, in 1907, you were more likely to be killed in a street car accident (1,880 deaths) than an automobile accident (294 deaths) and tuberculosis posed a greater threat than cancer. many of the diseases from the turn of the 19th century are all but non existent through advances in medical science and social reforms. when was the last time you heard of someone contracting cholera or dysentery, in the unites states? thank you public health and sanitation! this is especially troubling for me as DELISE based a large portion of her "research" on shifting breed trends and danger, "first it was the bloodhound..." btw, the cuban bloodhound, aka the human gripping dog appears to be the first dog swept up in the social reform known as a breed ban.

social reforms in the shape of breed specific legislation can go a long way towards minimizing catastrophic dog "bites" as well. of course, we then become vulnerable to enraged bulls. it's a trade off but with the cost of health care soaring out of control and the real and growing threat posed by pit bulls, i am willing to take my chances.

so, back to her disingenuous concern about the danger of bulls... 150+ people killed by cattle "presents a real and constant danger", yet 233 recorded newspaper accounts of people being attacked and killed by JUST by gripping dogs does not concern the vet tech. WHY? the standard answer goes something like this, there is no such thing as a pit bull and you can't trust newspapers. LOL! why is this funny? because DELISE claims to NOT rely on newspaper accounts of dog attacks. yet a paper that DELISE co-authored with LEDY VANKAVAGE, DONALD CLEARY, CYNTHIA BATHURST and some dupe by the name of PATRICIA RUSHING, states "Many eyewitnesses have problems correctly identifying dogs, even dogs that may have allegedly bitten them. In a high-profile case involving singer Vanessa Carlton, a dog named Bella was acquitted of biting Carltonbecause the bite wound on her leg didn’t match a mold of Bella’s teeth. (Source: Howard Frank, “Pit Bull Accused ofBiting Vanessa Carlton Wins Reprieve, Pocono Record Writer, July 8, 2010,available at, accessed August 1, 2012." their synopsis of the Vanessa Carlton case is a complete fabrication. at the time this propaganda piece was published (August 2011) the FACTS of the Vanessa Carlton case were known and officials court transcripts were available.

in fact, DELISE arrogantly states that she and SHE ALONE, does not rely on media sources for dog bite related fatalities. i disproved that claim here.

in the first five months of this year the pit bulldog death toll has already risen to 13 (IF you believe the media). fourteen fatalities if you count the man hit by a car as he fled from a rampaging gripper. while the cattle death toll is zero. i might add that the pomeranian death toll is also at zero. rather than acknowledge the unique danger that pit bulldogs pose (and have posed since their beginning) and promote public policy that not only protects citizens but also PIT BULLS, another ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION puppet trots out a toy pit bulldog to aid in the mass indoctrination of citizens, specifically targeting kids.

from badrap's facebook page:
Justice is served! GUND released images of Jonny's doll, set to hit the shelves sometime in late summer. Soon every kid in America can have his very own plushy mascot of the dogs who survived the very worst (Bad Newz Kennels) to show us their very best.

Oakland area folks: You better believe we'll be having a big happy party to celebrate. And a mass movement to flip that right ear over in honor of our little buddy and all he's done to shine a light on pit bulls and their blocky headed cousins.

america's dog - made in china

until the tangible bellyfeel hits the store shelves, nutters will just have to make do with KAREN DELISE'S sleight of hand tricks and snuggle with her rag of a book.

Gotta Getta Gund is just another deceptive tool in the pit bull apologia's very long and deliberate campaign to bury the truth about pit bulldogs. but this campaign makes no attempt to conceal the fact that kids are their target audience. in fact THIS campaign is openly celebrating their plans to have a propaganda toy in the hands of "every kid in America".

remember JOE CAMEL?

hello, Federal Trade Commission.

wouldn't it be a hoot if this plush toy violated the judge's order prohibiting the profiting from the vick dogs?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

comment from bradenton, florida

I live In bradenton,Florida and I adopted a Pitt Bull at Bradenton animal control which they claimed was a pointer (as are most of the dogs there....mislabeled). Got the dog home and for two weeks tried everything to make dog feel happy at home with my pack of 4. The dog constantly tried to bite me in the face. When I realized this dog was most likely trained to hurt people (which she did ) I tried to take her back to the shelter.....who told me to go to the other shelter......who told me to go back to the original shelter.....noone wanted to take the dog! I had her euthanized and buried her in my yard. Now this shelter has only Pit Bulls, people are getting bit left and right. It's a damned shame noone is accountable! The good dogs who are not Pitts are being euthanised ahead of the pit bulls. 

i had to see this for myself. surely the animal lovers at the shelter want to place dogs only once and would never endanger the public. surely this comment is from just another ignorant hater in need of a big heart and an education.

MIDNIGHT - ID#A055463 - black lab mix

MO JOE - ID#A057678 - red chow mix

OLIVIA - ID#A057193 - brown brindle and white boxer mix

REMMY - ID#A057744 - brown merle catahoula leopard

This DOG - ID#A057738 - pink and brown hound mix

CORONA - ID#A057784 - black mouth cur

BEAU - ID#A056006 - black lab mix

BECKY - ID#A056012 - black lab mix

DIAMOND - ID#A057504 - brown and gray lab mix

DOT - ID#A057470 - white hound mix

MISS PIGGY - ID#A057593 - brown pug mix

BAMBI - ID#A057527 - brown redbone coonhound mix

MAYVIN - ID#A057595 - brown hound

ZORA - ID#A057648 - black and white lab mix

PETER - ID#A055769 - tan lab and GSD mix

4 dogs not labeled as grippers had no pics. 
29 correctly labeled grippers and their mixes - three of them are in quarantine.
i counted 10 normal dogs. and there were no "adopt me vests" on any other dog, not even the shih tzu.

i guess i was wrong again. my apologies levin.

and in neighboring pinellas county...

the no kill freaks have a sale on GSDs this month. only $25 for a spay/neutered, chipped and wormed GSD mix. get yours today!