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the purple testament of bleeding war

DR ROZSA, did your neighbor's sheep look like this?

the virginia alpaca owner came home and found her herd devastated, the blood thirsty killers still on her property, bloody and tails a waggin'.

ALONZO NORMAN, the owner of the two psychopaths pictured above, claims that his dogs didn't do it. sure they got out but they only came over because they smelled the animals. ALONZO NORMAN doesn't think his dogs savaged the alpacas because they're gentle creatures who have never shown any sign of violence before.

the victim is planning to file a civil suit. she estimates her damages at over $100,000. ALONZO NORMAN says sucks to be you, Abbey. i ain't got it!

Andre McDonald

Manhattan, Kansas ANDRE MCDONALD is being sued for $60K for the injuries his pit bulls caused when they attacked Brandon Robb last December.

MCDONALD served a little jail time for violating Manhattan's dangerous dog ordinance.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

déjà vu


sunday august 12, 2012, JACKIE CIRA found her best friend's bloody lifeless body. REBECCA CAREY was killed by one or more of the five dogs in her home.

wednesday august 15, 2012, dekalb county gave dirt naps to all 5 dogs with the consent of REBECCA'S parents.

saturday august 18, 2012, REBECCA was buried.

while REBECCA was being buried, her best friend, co-worker and the person who found her lifeless body, JACKIE CIRA was launching a campaign against Tim Medlin & dekalb county and Rebecca's parents for the "immoral" killing of the dogs.

CIRA'S primary complaints:
  • CIRA had secured new adopted homes for all 4 of REBECCA'S dogs but instead they were immorally killed - curious how other dogs languish in shelters and rescues for months and even years without a nibble but dogs accused of killing their owner have "numerous" people willing to take them in within 24 hours.
  • CIRA'S dog, the therapy presa named DANAI was killed without forensic evidence proving that the "therapy" presa was involved in the attack - CIRA also states that the presa was co-owned by REBECCA which would give REBECCA'S parents the legal authority to dirt nap them.
  • CIRA is upset that dekalb county AC refused to answer questions from ATLANTA HUMANE SOCIETY or allow them to assess the dogs - apparently CIRA doesn't understand that dekalb county AC is involved in the investigation of a homicide and answering the questions posed by animal rights activists or allowing any tom dick or harry into the investigation could jeopardize the investigation. "Let's apply an analogy". let's say your blood covered brother is scooped up in a murder investigation. do you march down to police headquarters and demand answers? do you demand that your friend, a rookie police officer from another county be allowed to question him?

within the first 24 hours of discovering her best friend's lifeless body, a body that succumbed to a violent end, JACKIE CIRA was busy trying to secure the safe return of killer dogs and harassing animal control about picayune chain of command details.

what is wrong with these people? a normal person would be in shock after stumbling on such a grisly scene. a normal person would be grieving the loss of her best friend and she would likely need the help of a professional to help her process the murder of her best friend. not JACKIE CIRA. she had the presence of mind to orchestrate the adoption of not one but five potentially murderous dogs and attempt a coup with an outside animal agency, not a week later but within 24 hours of discovering REBECCA'S body. this is not normal behavior.

CINDY MARABITO was still too embroiled in the LEAH PURCELL scandal to carry the nutter torch of righteous indignation but PENNY EIMS happily picked up the slack. and it looks as though penny's B12 starved fan club is up to the task and will give GREG NAPORA'S creepy send off of his wife, unborn baby & mutant a real run the money. a slew of freaky hybristophiliacs showed up and added their support for JACKIE CIRA and the immorally murdered dogs. one nutter even went so far as to say she would never want her dogs harmed even if they killed her.

i will help poor JACKIE CIRA spread her message of lunacy, a message that "She knows is what Rebecca would have wanted..."

here it is in all of its nutter glory. JACKIE CIRA'S letter, including the preamble by *3*Luv*Bugs* who claims to have met one of the presas and described it as "friendly" and "loving". presas are a VERY serious guard dog. friendly and loving are not traits selected for in manstoppers.

On Sunday a friend of a friend, Rebecca Carey, was found dead in her home. She was found by a friend of mine, Jackie Cira. Rebecca was an animal advocate and devoted her life to animal rescue. She had 5 dogs in her home including a boxer mix, 2 pit bulls and 2 presa canarios. Dekalb County was called out to the scene and it was determined that she was attacked and had multiple bite wounds. No one is sure what happened, but it is believed that she was trying to break up a fight between the dogs and likely was attacked during the commotion.

One of the dogs at Rebecca's home that day was Jackie's sweet dog, Danai (a presa canario). I had met Danai on several occasions and she was always very friendly, calm and loving. Jackie was given a court date to see what she could do to get her dog back. Before she even had a chance to to fight to get Danai back into her custody Dekalb County Animal Control had euthanized all 5 dogs. Jackie knew euthanasia was a possibility, but was told that they would first have to conduct and conclude their investigation and forensics. But all of the dogs were euthanized within a couple of days of the fatal attack. hey knew which dog was the likely suspect. There was one pit bull that she had rescued just a couple weeks before that came from an abusive past and there were signs that it was the one responsible. Jackie's dog wasn't part of it and one of the dogs Rebecca had for 6 years and it was very sweet, another one was a certified therapy dog. They weren't all bad dogs. Such a sad and terrible story all around. Not only has Jackie been trying to deal with the unfortunate and unexpected loss of her best friend, but now has also lost her beloved family dog. Jackie has prepared an email and is asking for anyone who can to please forward this email to the following email address's on her behalf. She knows this is what Rebecca would have wanted...

The news has exaggerated many of the facts, but here is some of the story.

It won't take long to copy and paste this message and send it to a few email address's. Thanks in advance!
Here are the email addresses to send to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The message to copy & paste:
We, caring friends of Rebecca Carey, dog enthusiasts & general public, have serious issues with the cursory procedures DeKalb County used in investigating Rebecca's death and DeKalb County Animal Control's subsequent cavalier euthanization of her dogs, whereby DAC disregarded temperament and behavior of the individual dogs and Rebecca's life mission.
1. Animal control officers were informed that 1 dog, female Presa named Danai, belonged to Jackie Cira, not Rebecca Carey, or her sister. Why was this dog destroyed with written permission of someone not legally in a position to do so? The parties involved made no attempt to obtain written permission from the rightful owner, even though knowledgeable regarding the name and address of the owner. Moreover, they immediately destroyed Danai without providing the owner, Ms. Cira, her legal right to a public hearing & without any forensic data to confirm that Danai contributed any bites that injured Rebecca. The same holds true for the tiny boxer, registered to a rescue organization. Why was this dog destroyed with written permission of someone not legally in a position to do so?
2. Why did DeKalb Animal Control evade and refuse to answer inquiries by Atlanta Humane Society regarding the dogs! Senior officials with AHS made numerous inquiries; however, answers to those inquiries were vague or nonexistent. AHS was willing to assess the dogs and take control of them.
3. At the scene, why did DAC officers tell Ms. Cira when she voiced concern for the dogs’ safety “that is what insurance is for?”
4. On Monday, August 13, why did DAC officers tell Ms. Cira and her mother, “The dogs would only have to stay another day"? Moreover, why did they state, "We PROMISE that NO ONE is going to hurt the dogs," when they knew that the statement was patently untrue. Furthermore, during that meeting, DAC officers were again informed that Danai, 1 of the 5 dogs, belonged to Jackie Cira. DAC knew full well they did not obtain proper authorization to euthanize Danai. Yet, they did anyway in violation of Ms. Cira's constitutional & statutory rights that prevent illegal seizure of property and provide her right to due process (5TH and 14th Amendment violations).
5. Why were all 5 dogs destroyed when multiple animal control workers stated how "sweet" the dogs were? DAC even gave all 5 dogs vaccinations without the dogs indicating aggressive behavior. When a veterinary staff member came back to main facility, in front of the officers, commented positively on the dogs' behavior.
6. Why did DeKalb Animal Control refuse to allow Atlanta Humane Society and a prominent Atlanta dog trainer from CPT to assess the dogs?
7. Why did the officer of DAC tell Jackie Cira's mother on Tuesday, August 14, when she asked to speak to his supervisor, "you don’t need to know that information"? DAC is a governmental service organization whose mission includes furthering humane treatment of animals. This officer’s behavior is unacceptable. As co-owner of 1 of the dogs, Ms. Cira had the right to speak to the supervisor and the supervisor had the obligation to speak to her.
8. Why was a certified therapy dog, Napoleon, destroyed without a formal behavioral evaluation and without any forensic evidence that attached Napoleon to any aggressive action?
9. Why was the agency that certified and worked with this dog not allowed to examine the dog?
10. Why did DAC refuse to hear any evidence about Napoleon's outstanding temperament and behavioral history? Most likely DAC acted in accordance with the philosophies of another DAC officer, who commented in public conversation that, "All pit bulls and presas should be put to sleep on sight." Given Napoleon's therapy dog history and that DeKalb County does not have breed specific legislation that outlaws Pit Bulls, and given DAC's mission to further the humane treatment of animals, impulsively destroying Napoleon without forensic evidence and without an evaluation is immoral, inappropriate, and in defiance to the wishes of the taxpaying general public and state legislators who have refused to share this officers’ (and apparently the DAC organization's) wish for a breed holocaust.
11. Why did Tim Medlin, Interim Animal Services Director of DAC, state he couldn't place the dogs when he KNEW that was factually incorrect. Numerous individuals and agencies had already willingly opened their doors to these dogs. He knew full by Monday, August 13 that adoptive homes had been found for all 4 of Rebecca's dogs.
12. Why did Tim Medlin state, "There was no way to determine which dog did what"? In addition, he stated, "He had no idea who did what?" The first statement by Mr. Medlin is factually incorrect. Veterinary forensics is an established field and a prominent veterinary forensics consultant and author resides in the Atlanta area. Since Mr. Medlin's first statement is untrue, we question whether his second statement is a result of lack of training, incompetence, laziness, or an arrogant, uncaring attitude. There are procedures, including dental casting and DNA, for determining which dog(s) inflicted the injuries to Rebecca. To cavalierly kill all the dogs without conducting an investigation defies DAC's mission to the public and disrespects Rebecca's life mission to rescue animals.
13. Why does DeKalb County allow such employees in its employ? More importantly, given the facts stated above, what will DeKalb County due to improve the performance of its Animal Control organization and employees? DeKalb County officials should be disgusted and ashamed by how the representatives of their county in their handled this matter.
DeKalb Animal Control was informed homes had been found for these dogs. Mr. Medlin's comment that he could not place the dogs is factually wrong. He chose not to place the dogs. He wantonly killed 5 dogs without any effort to obtain evidence to determine the specific dog that acted aggressively. Authorities were informed by Jackie Cira that 1 of the dogs was new to Rebecca's home and this dog most likely was the one who inflicted the injuries. Yet, Mr. Medlin murdered 4 other innocent dogs without putting forth a forensics effort and without obtaining a professional behavioral evaluation of the dogs, which several qualified parties agree to do pro bono. Moreover, although Mr. Medlin may have had the legal right to euthanize 3 of the dogs (though not a moral right), he certainly did not have a legal right to murder Danai or the dog registered to the rescue group.
Rebecca would be disgusted, angry, and thoroughly upset if she knew how her precious Napoleon was treated. She would be just as disgusted, angry, and upset over the treatment of Danai, Tango and the others, particularly given DeKalb County's unwillingness to investigate this matter to find the real culprit. If there is an afterlife Rebecca is likely looking down with scorn at the contempt DeKalb Animal Control showed for her life mission.
Let's apply an analogy as if DAC's mentality transferred to law enforcement's treatment of human citizens. Five people standing around; someone gets hurt. The police and courts don't take the time or care to determine who is culpable. They just punish them all! We are certain that there would be some huge constitutional rights law suits.
We thought that America as a country was evolving in the area of animal rights. However, we question whether Mr. Medlin and others at DAC prefer to remain in the dark ages. What is next? Will governmental figures receiving this letter take action to improve service and performance of DAC? Will media figures receiving this letter take action to inform the general public about the inappropriate murder of 2 dogs that occurred with disapproval and without authorization of the owner, about the general substandard service applied by DAC, and about the lies and inaccuracies stated by DAC's Acting Director
this letter is not found anywhere on the internet EXCEPT a baby forum.

click here for JACKIE CIRA'S original plea for justice

if emails of criticism are to be sent to dekalb county officials, they should be in the form of a demand for stronger animal control laws, for example pet limits (there currently is no limit) and a revisit of the pit bull ban that was just rescinded in may. this time, please include the entire gripping dog family.

Tim Medlin, thank you for not allowing these creepy lunatics to play a part in an official investigation and most of all, thank you for removing ALL of these dogs from society.


today's word: Anosognosia

Anosognosia - lack of insight

When a person cannot appreciate that they have a serious psychiatric illness, a tremendous challenge to family members and caregivers follows. About one-half of people living with schizophrenia, and a smaller percentage who live with bipolar disorder, have this clinical feature. Individuals with Alzheimer's disease and dementia also often have this feature. The medical term for not seeing what ails you is anosognosia, or more commonly known as a lack of insight. Having a lack of awareness raises the risks of treatment and service nonadherence. From the person's point of view, if they feel they are not ill why should they go to appointments, take medication or engage in therapy?

Why can't a person see what is so apparent to those around them? The best thinking indicates this is a core feature of the neurobiology of the conditions. Frontal lobes organize information and help to interpret experiences. In conditions like schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease, frontal lobe difficulty is central to the neurological processes that underlie the disorders. Psychological denial is not the reason for the lack of insight in these illnesses.

Efforts to get people to see that they are ill are frequently fraught with frustration and may be met with denial or anger. Approaching the person in a supportive way will be beneficial for your relationship. Finding out what goals a person has (for instance getting a job, forming relationships, living independently) can be a good place to start engaging in next steps. Check to see if the service system has outreach workers who work on engaging people who lack insight. Working with the person's goals does not mean you have to pretend he or she is well. For example, if the person applies for disability services, encourage the doctor to review the diagnosis; getting a person to agree to disagree can be a first step. You don't need to argue about diagnosis to have a person participate in-or respect-basic household chores and rules.

There are situations where a person's lack of insight can, at times, create dangerous situations. This combination of no insight and dangerous acts often requires intervention. In more than 40 states, there are laws for Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), also known as outpatient commitment. AOT status requires a person to engage in treatment and gives the state authority to bring the person to a treatment center if they do not. All states that have these laws have protections and a process for assessing whether this intervention is appropriate. In most states, doctors are required to submit an affidavit of the person's state and the reasons for the requested AOT status and a judge decides.

NAMI has active support groups all across the nation and local NAMI members may have information on outreach services for service engagement or doctors who are interested in this issue. You do not need to worry alone with this difficult situation.

JACKIE CIRA - intervention NOW


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Leah Purcell and Spindletop Update

Dog Aggressive Jasper is Up For Adoption!

Investigative reporter and pit bull owner Craig Malisow brings to light even more of Leah Purcell's degenerate life and career as a pit bull rescuer.

Don't miss the part that reveals Purcell was married to convicted sex offender and pedophile, Frank Corrente  (Texas offenses, Florida offenses) who admits to bashing in the brains of a rottweiler with a ball peen hammer and, though Purcell disapproved, that was not a relationship ender for her.  The ex husband claims that Purcell kept some of those pits in crates for 13 years.

Note that Malisow has the date, 2004, for the fire I mentioned when a fellow rescuer discovered that Purcell was warehousing dogs at that time.  That is two years before Best Friends Animal Society paid her over  $81,000 to care for and adopt out pit bulls rescued after hurricane Katrina and 3 years before Purcell was asked to be a signatory on the Amicus Brief regarding the disposition of the Vick dogs.

The pit bull Craig Malisow featured on the cover of his story is Jasper who I included in the list of dog-aggressive dogs on my post about Spindletop.  Jasper "was having some issues with other dogs.  He went to Spindletop for "training."  He and his sister were fighting pretty badly.  We are going to have them both evaluated by a trainer in San Antonio as soon as we get him back."  Good news!  Even though it was decided he needed to go to Spindletop for training and obviously got none, the same rescue that sent him to Spindletop now has put him up for adoption!  It's a Miracle!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

best friends rescue angel/lion tamer killed by one of her gladiators

last year it was BADRAP, this year it's BEST FRIENDS turn.

georgia 23 year old REBECCA CAREY was a devoted dog rescuer. her current pack consisted of 2 pit bulls, 2 presa canarios and a boxer mix. one or more of them killed her. CAREY'S parents authorized the dirt naps for all 5 dogs.

one of the presas was owned by fellow lion tamer JACKIE CIRA and claims her presa was a THERAPY dog. CIRA was also the person who found CAREY, stating "It looked like she hit her head." CIRA thinks there was a rush to judgement in killing all 5 dogs, adding that CAREY would be devastated by their destruction, especially the "pit bull".

"She was a very experienced dog handler," she said, adding Carey was not naive when it came to dealing with aggressive canines.

"If she found out it was a dangerous dog, they were gone," Cira said. "She felt strongly that dangerous dogs had no business being in society where they could attack a child or something."

CAREY'S neighbors are interviewed in the video in the fox link at the bottom. they claim the dogs were not dangerous. whenever the dogs ESCAPED, they would just tell them to go home.

ANOTHER "responsible" pit bull owner!

CAREY'S dogs


dogsbite decatur




best friends animal sanctuary


dekalb pit bull ban lifted thank you vintage!

this was just sent to me by your quiet neighbor. thank you!

the date indicates that REBECCA adopted these dogs when she was about 19. FAR TOO YOUNG to be handling dogs like this.

you will need to click on the image to view larger and read the text.


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a systematic and proper conclusion

maryland another victory yesterday. this is a fantastic piece written by Solesky's attorney, Kevin Dunne. the nutter panties are really in a twist. Anthony Solesky does a splendid job in the comments.

the following excerpt is from Dangerous By Default by Anthony Solesky.

Getting around to asking Dominic what happened was not too difficult. He seemed to feel safe in the hospital and very reassured. It was the night before his second operation, or the day after it that I decided to ask Dom what happened. I know that the attack had been on the news, but reports had only spoken of their injuries as a result of the attack. I knew I needed to get Dominic’s story because I may have to testify on his behalf at the dangerous-dog hearing.

I said to Dominic, “Daddy feels really dumb, but I told the newspaper that you were playing Nerftag and I don’t even know how you play that game.” I asked Dominic to explain the game and I would ask questions about locations of the other boys and what they were doing to gain an understanding of what happened without him feeling as if he was being directly questioned about the attack. During the course of the conversation, Dominic told me that he was on the front sidewalk at the house where the lady has pretty flowers. This is four doors down from our house. Dominic said he was walking up the sidewalk toward our house when Kyle and Chris came running through Mr. Mike’s yard yelling, “Time out! Time out! Scotty’s been attacked by a dog!” Mr. Mike is my next-door neighbor. Our homes are both end-of-group so we have access to the alley between our homes. Dominic said he thought it was some kind of a tactic in the Nerf tag game and he didn’t believe them at first. Dominic said they said, “Come on, come on, follow us!” They went from the front of our home, through the yard, and into the alley. Dominic said that he was in the middle and out in front and one boy was to his left and one was to his right. At some point, one of the other boys noticed the toy Nerf gun lying in the alley and they began to move toward it. Dominic said, as they got a little closer, the other boys kind of hung back. Dominic said, “Dad, you know those cracks in the alley?” I said, “Yeah, they are called expansion joints.” He said,” Yeah, well I was near one of those and the gun was near the other one and they said don’t touch it, but Dad I knew not to touch it.” Dominic said, “I stopped and I looked to my left and I could see the dogs. I asked, “What were they doing?” Dominic said, “One was sitting down and panting real heavy and the other one was running around like a nut.” I asked, “What did you do?” He said, “I froze and just looked at them. All of the sudden the other dog saw me and it stopped running around and stared at me.”

I asked, “How long do you think it was staring?”

“About 5 seconds.” Dominic said, “I stared at him and he stared at me and then it just lunged and started to jump the fence.” He said he turned to the other boys (who were a little bit back and had no view of the dogs) and said, “Oh crap, he jumped the fence!” and he began to run up the alley toward home. Dominic said he looked back and as the dog got closer he tried to throw his gun at the dog, but he missed and the dog jumped up and tackled him to the ground. He said the dog bit him in the face and its mouth slid off. He said he got to his knees and the dog bit him in the thigh and began to drag him around the alley. He said he tried to choke the dog and it let go of his leg and bit him on the arm. Dominic said, “Then I couldn’t fight and at some point the dog let go.”

He said he lay there and the dog kept coming up and pouncing on him and nudging him and then he saw a man come up. He said the man was screaming, “Oh my God, Oh my God!” and grabbed the dog out of the alley.

I asked, “Did he say anything to you?” and Dominic said, “No.” “Come on Dominic, not even ‘are you all right”? “No” he said. “Not even ‘I will be back’”? I asked. “No!” Dominic said. “Come on Dominic,” I said, “Not even ‘I am getting help’”? “No Dad. I already told you he was just screaming.” I then said, “What did you do after he grabbed the dog?” Dominic said, “I tried to get up and run home but I kept falling down. So then I tried to walk home but I kept falling so then I started to crawl home but some lady just kept yelling, “Lay down, lay down. You’re hurt!” I asked Dominic how long he thought this lasted and his words were, “Like two and a half minutes.” I almost cracked at this point, I was trying to stay matter-of-fact, but I made this sort of hiccup sound, like a reflexive suction noise you make before you go under water, or cry, or are surprised. I don’t know what to call it but it is like having the wind knocked out of you while playing sports. I was so glad we were alone because I doubted anybody else could have kept it together and not traumatized him by reacting angrily. When I made this noise, I gathered myself just as quickly, and I said calmly, “How did you get home?” I said, “Did Kyle and Chris get Mommy?” He said, “I don’t know, I just remember Mommy, Mister Eric and that Paramedic guy being over top of me when I woke up.” I said, “When you woke up?” He said, “Yeah, I was having a dream and when I woke up they were all talking to me.” I said, “Man Dom, you sure are lazy resting in the middle of the alley like that while everybody is doing all of the work.” He just laughed.

I said, “So Dom, what was your dream about?” He said, “You know that tree on Mrs. Bonnie Hannigan’s lawn?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Well I was lying under that tree and Scotty was at my feet. Brenna was near my right shoulder and Ashley was at my left shoulder. I was looking up at the sky and the whole sky was real bright and the tree was kind of blocking the sun but not so much that I couldn’t see its brightness. The whole sky was lit up and bright. Then I heard Mommy calling me for dinner from our front porch. She said, ‘Come on Dom, we have to go.’ I woke up in the alley and Mommy was acting all hysterical.” I said, “Yeah Dom, women are like that,” and we laughed. Then he said, “Dad, you know what a Spartan would do? A Spartan would have pretended to be weak so the dog could get closer and then just before the dog got him he would have put his spear right down its throat.”

Dominic is so proud of his Greek heritage. I said, “Dom, so you are just like a Spartan.” Dominic said, “No I ‘m not Dad, because a Spartan wouldn’t have been afraid and I was.” I said, “Dom, after what you told me, the Spartans are a bunch of pussies compared to you. You were very courageous and I hope I grow up to be half the man you and Mommy already are.” He just said, “What?”

Because to him, he was explaining about the game and he was very matter of fact.

The other boys had not visited and no one ever brought it up to Dominic for fear of traumatizing him. Once I heard his story, not only was I numb for what he, my wife, and our neighbors went through, I knew that it would take my own death to stop me from seeing this to a systematic and proper conclusion.

The dog owner’s negligence and his landlord’s irresponsibility had injured one child and almost killed another. The dog owner attempted to cover it up with threats to the first child, when the child most needed care. He threatened the first boy and he abandoned a second child in the alley. As bad as Dominic’s experience was, at least he saw people coming to his aid. He didn’t have to suffer the despair that Scotty must have felt having to seek help, being injured and threatened, and then lead to and abandoned on a side of the street he was not allowed to be on. We are talking, a 9-year old, Scotty, and a 10-year old, Dominic.

Finally I casually said, “Dominic, that’s cool, now I know what to tell the reporters about Nerf tag.” Then as if on cue, one of his monitors went off for a new I.V. bag and a nurse came into the room. Dominic got sort of disgusted because the stupid machine was doing that noise all the time and he said, “Jesus God, I hate this thing.” He began asking a lot of frustrated questions of the nurse and she expertly steered him to a calm place. “Man, what a little fighter,” she said. He laid his head back in frustration; shut his eyes and that quick he was nodding off. I whispered, “Ok Dom, I am going to the cafeteria, the nurse will fix you up and I will be right back.”

I went down the hall to the bathroom and tried to figure out what emotion I was feeling. I wanted to throw up but I couldn’t and I wanted to cry but I couldn’t and I wanted to fist fight so bad it was incredible. I don’t mean the “I hope I come out on top” type of fighting. I mean that I am so fucking mentally miserable that either I can put you out of my misery or you can put me out of my misery, but I want out or this misery. I suspect that this is what being on the brink means. This was the second time I had no proximity to the dog owner as my only controlling issue. The first time was when I found out that my son was in critical condition and I had to divert from the neighborhood to the hospital and then now while I was with Dominic in the hospital. To this day, I am neither grateful nor disappointed that the dog owner and I didn’t cross paths while I was in such an emotional frame of mind. I remain mostly just numb.

download the entire ebook Dangerous By Default by Anthony Solesky

and of course, you can read about the depraved pit nutter at the heart of the Solesky nightmare here.

another pit bull seizure moment...


i'd like to see the feds grow a pair and restrict pit bulls from people who suffer from ANY kind of disability. this pit nutter puts everyone around him at risk.

video can be viewed at

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No pittie, it's not your ami, it's MIAMI

The braintrust at Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation registered PAC thought a poster size image of what you would see right before a pit bull took your face off would do the trick and convince Aunt Bea, Tia Bella and Matant Bronte to vote to repeal the 23 year old Miami-Dade pit bull ban:


Sunday, August 12, 2012

FFYR: profile of a massachusetts pit bull advocate

you probably all know by now, the pit bull advocates surreptitiously cut a deal with the massachusetts law makers last month. under a heavy cloak of secrecy that would impress even the CIA, the nutter lawyers effectively put an end to breed specific laws in massachusetts. bill 2192 states "no dog shall be deemed dangerous based upon the breed of such dog". sad day. massachusetts holds the high honor of being the first state to implement a breed ban. in 1886 massachusetts banned the human gripping dog. you can read more about those grippers and the ban here.

first ohio, now massachusetts, and soon to be maryland. the nutter lawyers score another victory for "responsible" pit bull owners. there's only one little problem - in the pit utopian world, responsible pit bull ownership is a purely theoretical concept. even the most visible and outspoken advocates who vehemently deliver the "it's all how you raise 'em" and "ban stupid owners" sermons do not adhere to the sacred tenets of their religion.

i think the good people of massachusetts have a right to know what some of the faces of "responsibility" look like.

meet TOMMY GARRETT, better known as the author of the fight4yourrights blog.

the FFYR blogger/pit bull owner/rescuer/advocate pulls no punches about where the blame lies in this mess (irresponsible owners). his blog is an interesting attempt to persuade people to accept his views under the guise of patriotism. his banner was recently updated and now sports the following:
notice that he failed to mention the benefits of proper CONTAINMENT! (is there such a thing?)

loudly and proudly proclaiming your status as a responsible pit bull owner is not the same as actually practicing responsible pit bull ownership. just ask ANDREW ROZSA.

REALITY CHECK in the form of a simple mathematical equation.

too much of this

plus this

times this

divided by this

equals this

CORRECTION: your work as a responsible owner does not even BEGIN with your own dog.

*this flyer was posted on the MSPCA website, the organization responsible for pushing the anti BSL law through in the middle of the night.

maybe TOMMY needs to return to a more traditional use of those kennels...

step aside hybristophiliacs, TOMMY'S got some containing to do!

(men are better than women)

GARRETT'S myspace page is a revolting cocktail of pit bulls, drugs, alcohol, hells angels, porn, racism, misogyny and violence. it is no surprise that this bad boy has a fetish for fighting dogs. i find the references and photos of provocatively dressed/posed young females with bags over their heads most disturbing. while viewing his myspace page you will need to continually remind yourself that this is not the page of a horny 14 yr old boy obsessed with sex, drugs, rock n roll, choppers, and violence. no, this is a 43 yr old man who owns, rescues and advocates for pit bulls. and of course, he loves pit bulls for their loyalty, courage and clownish behavior.

3 guesses why FFYR'S baby's momma thinks he is too dangerous to be around his own child.

today TOMMY GARRETT aka fight4yourrights blogger joins the vanguard of "responsible" pit bull advocates.

ANDREW ROZSA outspoken alabama pit bull advocate's two pit bulls escaped his fenced property and slaughtered his neighbor's sheep.

MATTHEW LEBOLD the 26 yr old illinois lawyer died of mysterious circumstances and was found partially eaten by his wiggle butt.

the gripper belonging to this connecticut lawyer, rescue angel and pit advocate broke free to attack two dogs and their owner.

ROBERT COLE minnesota dog whisperer fabricated an elaborate story of theft and animal cruelty when his wiggle butt escaped his yard AGAIN and was hit by a car. COLE claimed that he was targeted because he is a pit bull advocate.

JAMES LECH south africa's very own dog whisperer and pit advocate lied and blamed a little girl when she was attacked by his "service" rott. video proved he lied but the rott lived to maul another little girl.

ANNA KLAFTER san francisco ASCPA volunteer and recipient of a honorable mention darwin award. KLAFTER liked to take her mutant to senior centers for cuddle time. she also liked to let the mutant off leash at the park. her mutant was only trying to please her when it attacked a police horse. KLAFTER was kicked in the head.

DARLA NAPORA this BADRAP member and her unborn child were killed by the family pit bull. her breed advocate spouse buried her with her killer.

CINDY MARABITO texas was ground zero for the hugely popular alternative ladder theory cause of death for deceased BADRAPPER DARLA NAPORA.

FAITH HYNOSKI seattle dog trainer resigned from a pit nutter advocacy group she founded after her mutant bit a lab at the grand opening of a dog store in seattle.

STORMI KING seattle dog trainer and facts masseuse, STORMI guides law makers through the labyrinth of disinformation.

GLEN BUI head of ACF (formerly WAF) is a felon with convictions in washington state for drugs, assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, assault, fraud, eluding police, drugs-mfg/deliver/poss and harassment. (KAREN DELISE and WHITEWASH JIMMY occupy seats on the ACF board)

today's word: perjury

perjury |ˈpərjərē|
noun Law
the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation.

this is a word that the community of pit nutters is very familiar with. unlike the practice of responsibly owning pit bulls, they practice this with reckless abandon.

on july 9, the "dog" belonging to JADE JUHASZ and DANCIE MURREY jumped out of a car window and attacked a kid.

the "dog" was snatched up by JULIE LYLE after the charges were bumped from dangerous to vicious, that's when DANCIE flew into action and sounded the S.O.S. pittie is in trouble...

no one publicly responded to DANCIE'S plea for help.

on july 25, MURREY and JUHASZ tried to enlist the help of the toledo blade to fight the impending vicious dog designation against their now american bulldog. the comments devolve into mud slinging with JADE leaving the following:
I am the owner of this dog and all I can say is she had to be prevoked my dog would never have done this unprovovked not to mention the nieghbor was punching Cammy in the head while she had ahold of the girl I am so distraught over this I cant sleep after the bite the kids parents punched my mother in law in the eye and put guns to our heads trying to kill our dog. Cambria has not spent one single night away from us till this we are destroyed over it. and now we have to wait another two weeks to find out if we can get her back.
typical nutter trash talk, blaming the 9 yr old for the attack.

to which DANCIE immediately chimes in:
No No No I am the owner of the dog lol
me thinks that DANCIE might be trying to protect her felonious fiance.

on august 10, the yellow blade reported that DARCIE MURREY plead no contest for the unprovoked attack by her american bulldog.

Toledo Municipal Court Judge Michelle Wagner accepted a plea agreement in which Dancie Murrey pleaded no contest to the charge of failure to attempt to keep the dog under reasonable control, a second-degree misdemeanor that carried a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $750 fine.

She sentenced Ms. Murrey, who had no prior criminal record, to a 90-day suspended jail sentence, three years probation, and a $500 fine.

aaahhh, THERE it is! DANCIE took the fall for her fiance because she has a criminal record.

meet the fockers

über ugly CAMBRIA, anytime you see a black american bulldog, you should immediately suspect pit or pit mix. i am not sure why these two nutters went to such lengths to hide the dog's breed since it no longer matters in ohio, UNLESS of course, they are trying to protect the "breed" by skewing the bite statistics. we all know, that pit bulls need ALL of the help they can get in that department.

assaulting a teacher?! there's a reason that she is hiding her face in the yellow blade.


good luck trying to collect fines, shelter fees, medical fees from mrs and mrs nutter.

attorney PHILLIP BROWARSKY licensed in 1978 and suspended for 6 months in 1991 for removing his own traffic violation affidavit along with criminal affidavits of clients from the courthouse. these nutters AND their attorneys are predictably corrupt :)

what does the state of ohio have to say about the crime of perjury?
2921.11 Perjury.
(A) No person, in any official proceeding, shall knowingly make a false statement under oath or affirmation, or knowingly swear or affirm the truth of a false statement previously made, when either statement is material.

(B) A falsification is material, regardless of its admissibility in evidence, if it can affect the course or outcome of the proceeding. It is no defense to a charge under this section that the offender mistakenly believed a falsification to be immaterial.

(C) It is no defense to a charge under this section that the oath or affirmation was administered or taken in an irregular manner.

(D) Where contradictory statements relating to the same material fact are made by the offender under oath or affirmation and within the period of the statute of limitations for perjury, it is not necessary for the prosecution to prove which statement was false, but only that one or the other was false.

(E) No person shall be convicted of a violation of this section where proof of falsity rests solely upon contradiction by testimony of one person other than the defendant.

(F) Whoever violates this section is guilty of perjury, a felony of the third degree.

Effective Date: 01-01-1974

more on perjury.

i am sick of these fuckers lying all of the time and getting away with it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NCRC: the most trusted name in pit bull propaganda since 2002

click to view larger!

comes in 9 delicious easy to swallow easy to regurgitate allamericandog flavors:
culled man biters in gravy
creamed nanny dog
peas, chis, poms & carrots
bloodhound pie
ATTS and broth
tender young locking jaws
creamy stubby noodle dinner
macaroni & petey
dobies & rice

introducing 5 new fantabulous equally easy to swallow easy to regurgitate products!
heinz 57 mystery meat
lab mix surprise
DNA goulash
licked to death teething biscuits
media bias banana smoothie (this one is especially smooth and creamy)

*inspired by a huffpo debate between DubV and nutter flamekeeper and of course head chef and minister of propaganda KAREN DELISE.

Spindletop: What happens next

Hundreds of defective Spindletop pit bulls are about to flood shelters across the nation.  What will happen next?

List of rescue pits and other dangerous dogs that turn around and attack.  If you know of any more, feel free to put them in comments and I'll add them.  I know there are LOTS more.

Penn Township - On April 4, a three-year-old Pit Bull adopted from the Humane League of Lancaster County in February 2012 mauled a seven-year-old boy news that the boy’s arm, shoulder and ear were badly torn up in the brutal attack.

Mountain Home AK humane society adopted a pit bull to a woman in March 2012 and it attacked her child on April 4.

The child was bitten on the face and thigh Rochester Hills. She was taken to a hospital for treatment after being mauled. The department described the dog as a "rescue animal" that had been adopted by the family.

Social Tees Rescue in New York City adopts out two vicious pit bulls that attacked dogs in the same neighborhood in the space of a couple weeks prompting residents to wonder who is responsible?  Heh.

03.15.11 highland, california Lucky was attacked by a shit bull while in the care of 46 yr old humane society volunteer FRANCINE M LUCAS. the pit nutter failed to seek medical care for the little dog whose leg was so badly injured, he chewed off the injured portion. a san bernadino humane officer also found Lucky did not have adequate food or shelter. FRANCINE LUCAS pled guilty to felony animal cruelty and will be sentenced to jail and 3 years probation. FRANCINE LUCAS has also been removed from the foster parent list.
Lucky had the rest of his leg amputated and has been adopted.

03.15.11 st louis, missouri Shelby was in the county pound. She was caged with a young pit bull. (WTF is wrong with these shelter idiots?!) The pit bull mauled her before the pound workers could intervene. They had to shoot the pit bull to get him off Shelby. (hey, why didn't the evil biased media carry this in 187 different newpapers?) Shelby's leg was almost torn off, and she needed surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Shelby is now completely recovered, and we don't even see her limping. We think she's 8 to 10 months old. She gets along well with people and other animals, but does not like to be cornered. gee, i can't fucking imagine why!

Potter League for Animals in Bristol, RI had a pit bull behavior expert train and declare a pit bull great with other dogs.  It had been returned to the shelter three times.  One day after the last adoption, it attacked a yellow lab at a Christmas festival.

Massachusetts SPCA placed two explosively animal aggressive pit bulls with unemployed apartment dwellers. Seven months later, Jade and Jasper berserked, doing so much damage to each other that they were put down.  2011

Shadow's Fund Rescue - three of their pit bulls attacked a 14 pound boston terrier/chihuahua mix at an adoption event in a public park

Rescuer Angel Benedicta McGrath esq. who volunteers at Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, CT allowed her rescue pit to bite someone in a public park.

Amanda Conrad is a pit grifter who collected donations for dogs she didn't have.  But she also allowed one of her mutants to bite another pit nutter.

Lawrenceburg, TN 2009 - Eleven Eleven Bully Rescue in Tennessee adopted out a pit bull that attacked a man and a woman, the new adoptive owners, 30 minutes after being adopted.  The woman needed 60 stitches and the man needed reconstructive surgery on his leg.

Out of the Pits Rescue in New York adopted out a pit bull that attacked Frankie Flora who initially required 1,000 stitches and will required years of reconstructive surgery.

An SFSPCA volunteer's therapy dog attacked a police horse in Golden Gate park.  The horse had to be retired, and the officer riding suffered back injuries.

Arizona Humane Society vetted and adopted out an American Bulldog that killed a five year old girl, Tori Whitehurst

Westchester county NY a 75 year old woman was killed by her landlords pit bull six weeks after the dog had been adopted.  The shelter said the dog had been at the shelter for a year.

Shelter adopts out pit bulls that "fight when they're put together" to a former ACO who neglects and abuses them.

Coral Springs Fl city shelter allows pit bull to attack a boy whose father was looking for a dog to adopt.

Veterinarian attacked in face by pit bull at Animal Protectors Shelter in New Kensington, PA.  Dr. describes 4 dogs that have bitten people and killed a dog that are listed as adoptable on the shelter's website.

Concord, CA shelter adopted out a pregnant female and one of the offspring killed the owner's grandson.

Bandit, the infamous pit/lab mix that mauled a toddler, was kept in the Toronto Humane society for 5 years in the director/super nutter Tim Trow's office, before finally being put down.

Less than 2 months after being adopted out by the Humane Society of Indianapolis, IN, a pit bull attacked and seriously injured a neighbor.

Huron county MI, a recently adopted pit bull escapes and kills chickens.

Linda Blair rescue dog attacks pig

Checotah city shelter in AZ adopts out pit bull that was to be "put down" and a little over a month later, it attacks and severely injures a toddler.

Kootenai Humane Society in ID adopts out pit bull attacks his owner within 24 hrs of adoption

Santa Cruz, Spain a pit bull attacks child less than 2 months after adoption.

Elizabeth, NJ. Woman attacked by pit bull she'd adopted from a rescue. She was told it had been abused.

Longmont Humane Society in CO lied and said pit bull was "dog selective" when actually it was predatory.  It had attacked a dog in the shelter.  Three months after it was adopted, it viciously ripped apart and killed a Yorkie.

Gloversville NY.  One year after adopting a pit bull from an unidentified pit bull rescue organization, a woman decided to put the dog down because of increasing aggressive tendencies.  While being euthanized, the pit bull bit the woman in the face, sending her to the hospital.

Huntley Animal House Shelter in IL adopted pit bull to an Elgin IL couple and less than a month later it puts a woman in the hospital and causes $1,100 damage to a bassett hound.

The Panhandle Area Welfare Society featured a wolf-hybrid as "pet of the week"and soon after it was adopted and killed 4 year old Nathan Carpenter.  PAWS  paid a $425,000 settlement to the boy's family and closed its doors.


2012 Nogales, AZ - Santa Cruz County Animal Control adopted a pit bull to a family with children.  A month later, that pit bull attacked the 5 year old daughter.
2002 Charlotte SC -  Pit bull attacks woman in animal shelter parking lot.  The pit bull had just been released after being confined for a similar incident.
A pit bull attacked a woman in the animal shelter parking lot after being held there for biting another person. Dottie Watson, 62, and her granddaughter were leaving the New Hanover County Animal Control shelter with Watson's Jack Russell terrier, Ladybug, when the attack occurred

2010 Delaware - Detailed description of a pit bull adopted to a family that becomes extremely dangerous, but when the dog is returned, the dog is put up for adoption again with no mention of its aggressive history which includes an attack on a family dog.

Thanks to Vintage and Dawn for compiling and sharing most of this list.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

While your pit bull gently weeps: Leah Purcell, dog-aggression, rescue and abuse

Spindletop Refuge, the nation's largest and one of the oldest pit bull rescues in the nation was raided on July 17, 2012 in response to allegations that 38 dogs had suffocated to death when a building housing them lost power in sweltering heat. Two nanoseconds after the story was published on the internet, roughly 36,000 rescue angels simultaneously typed, "Oh the poor precious babies!" And ten minutes after that the first Facebook community victim page was created with a name that, with infallible nutter predictability, placed the blame in the wrong place. The facebook group page is called Victims of Spindletop Raid.

The raid, of course, did not victimize but saved the pit bulls and lesser dogs from their miserable living conditions. It was Leah Purcell, owner of Spindletop Refuge in Willis, TX, all of pit bull advocacy, all of no kill advocacy and all their collective blind eyes that victimized over 300 dogs, most of them pit bulls.

Montgomery and Harris county law enforcement and the HSUS removed all of the surviving dogs to safety at an undisclosed location (which the Victims of Spindletop Raid facebook page has repeatedly disclosed).

They reportedly found 298 animals, most of which had been kept in cruel conditions. Purcell had a small number of actual dog kennels, but most dogs were warehoused in stacked crates fouled with urine and feces inside sheds. After announcing the raid and announcing that the Mongomery county Constable Tim Holifield was the point man, supported by multiple county agents, the HSUS and Animal Farm Foundation, people immediately began clamoring for their dogs back. The situation will probably sound unfamiliar to owners and rescuers of normal dogs. The persistent question has been, if these dogs have owners, why were they at Spindletop?

Though none of this is explained on her website, by reading the comments one can discover the procedure for getting a dog into Spindletop. Instead of relinquishing ownership of dogs to Spindletop refuge, owners and rescues paid $750 or more per dog for 3 months board, retaining ownership. This included medical care and "rechipping" the dog. In that time, Purcell was supposed to be rehabilitating and training the dogs which often came to her with aggressive behavior problems because of her "stellar reputation" as a rescuer, magical rehabilitator and trainer. After three months, one could choose to retrieve the dog, relinquish ownership so Purcell could adopt it out (board-to-rescue plan), or continue to pay board and retain ownership of the dog.

Many if not most of her dogs were sent to her by a shelter or rescue that raised the $750 fee in order to sent an unadoptable, often dog aggressive dog to Purcell. I've seen two people active on the facebook page that were actually boarding their own dogs at Spindletop, and one person who paid to have her own dog trained for three months.

This odd, and paperless, arrangement (Purcell didn't keep any kind of records, evidently) left Montgomery county with a huge mess. With dozens of owners and rescues clamoring for their dogs back, Montgomery county asked people to provide proof of ownership and photos to ID the dog, so that at Purcell's hearing people could begin to get "their" dogs back.

Before one single dog had been returned, owner/rescuer/fosters were already issuing pleas to others on the Victims of Spindletop Raid page to help find a home for "their" dog; "I can't keep it because I have other dogs," they cried. Many people mention that they left a foster dog or a rescue dog with Leah because the dog was dog-aggressive and they either could not keep it or, as a rescue, could not find a someone to adopt it.
The righteously defiant "rescuers" who dumped dogs at Spindletop and then wanted them back
Here is Justice when he was rescued the first time in 2010:
A saintly, pit lovin', no kill believin' foster fur mommy nursed Justice back to health and he looked like this:
But since Justice, once nursed back to health, turned out to be dog aggressive, he found no takers and ended up at Spindletop. Justice looked like this in a photo of him at Spindletop:
That cage is his home and that liquid on the newspaper is a copious amount of drool. The caretaker Purcell hired to tend the dogs, not noticing or caring that the dog was in great distress, put this photo on his facebook page with the caption: "LOL at Justice the drooling pit bull."

And that foster fur mommy, who had passed the buck on Justice, desperately wanted the poor precious dog-aggressive baby Justice back.

Everyone on the Victims of Spindletop Raid facebook page was tormented with guilt and found the wait to see if the dog they'd passed off on Purcell was still alive "excruciating." They loved their perfect sweetheart lovebugs, but they couldn't keep or adopt them out because they attack other dogs:
Marisa, who started the Victims of Spindletop Raid page, has a dog named Bella that she sent there after it put her other dog in a veterinary hospital.

Never fear, Bella is back at home.

There are sobs of grief and remorse as these rescue angels, who couldn't keep a dog-aggressive dog themselves, or find a home that wanted a dog aggressive dog, smack headlong into reality: there is no magic land where dog-aggressive dogs can live out their natural lives in peace and tranquility.

Nevertheless, rescuing dog-aggressive dogs is Purcell's specialty. In fact, Purcell can be said to have lain the groundwork for adopting fight bust dogs into child and pet filled homes and communities all over the country. She garnered a good deal of attention when she adopted a fight bust dog named Big Boy that had just killed a puppy when the police burst in. Back in 1999 animal controls and shelters all felt that it was safer for the community to put down pit bulls in general and fight bust dogs in particular. Thanks to pioneers like Purcell, the Pittsburgh assistant "doggy DA" Deb Jugan, who hoped to prove fighting dogs can be rehabilitated, and reporter Linda Wilson Fuoco, who kept giving Purcell publicity and plugs, adopting out a dog that wanted to kill other dogs began to seem normal. By the time Michael Vick was busted for dogfighting in 2007, rescuers were primed to convince the public that fight bust dogs could make dandy pets. And today, because of Purcell and friends' efforts, we and our pets all stand a much better chance of having a fighting dog move in next door to us.

Purcell has been pumping dog-aggressive dogs into the Houston area since 1985. No doubt Purcell's efforts combined with a vibrant and dynamic Houston area dogfighting community have contributed greatly to a large and diverse and exponentially growing group of pit bull victims in the Houston area as well.

Purcell's specialty, "rehabilitating" dog-aggressive dogs, made her a superstar in the pit rescue community. However, this episode shines a light on the fact that it is impossible to provide a "sanctuary" to house aggressive dogs for the majority of their natural lives....ten years plus. It is not financially feasible, and not practical. You have finite constraints with space and supplies, and to do it humanely costs a fortune. These are not livestock you can turn out to graze all day in a pasture, dogs need attention, excersize, and human interaction every day. Because there is a glut of unwanted pit bulls that have no homes, and the pit bull community won't accept restrictions on breeders, they have to convince themselves another solution exists.....the proverbial "farm in the country" fantasy. These dogs can't be housed or exercised communally, so its a nightmare...they are just warehoused in cages. Its cruel and inhumane, but pit advocates don't want to know or don't care. While they rail against the evil Leah Purcell, they refuse to admit that this practice of do-gooders to remove a seriously ill and weak pit bull from a kill shelter, nurse it back to full vigor, discover the pit is aggressive and shunt it off to a "sanctuary" cannot work.

Here is a glimpse into the fate of another pit bull named Texas who was improperly transfered out of a kill shelter to a rescue to save him from being euthanized which promptly turned around and sent him off to Spindletop. Now he is back at the kill shelter because AFF and HSUS, inundated with unadoptable third and fourth hand pit bulls, wants every dog with a known owner to haul them off. Acrimony and recrimination bounce around like superballs in the facebook pages.

To put all this time and money spent on unadoptable pit bulls in perspective, think about the accepted estimate of one million pit bulls killed each year. That's 2,739 pit bulls killed every day. 114 killed every hour. Two pit bull are killed every single minute of every single day in the US. And many of those dogs are healthy and not known to be aggressive. From the first time Justice was rescued in March 2010 until the time that he was re-re-re-rescued in July 2012, about 2,246,575 pit bulls had been euthanized. The rescue angel has vowed to build cage for him, so that she can keep him herself.
I will have to fundraise to build him a play yard (fencing) on my acreage because he does not do well with many dogs.
The story only gets better. Leah Purcell's first interest in pit bulls was in the show ring as a breeder of American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers. Some of her dogs were dual registered as both ASTs and APBTs. She continued showing and breeding after she established Spindletop in 1985, and she maintained strong connections with breeders. She reportedly has received financial support from local and national breed clubs right up to the end:

The lawyer defending her now, Zandra Anderson, has been with Purcell as a friend, client and as a lawyer since her breeding days. Anderson bills herself as the Texas Dog Lawyer, but she is a breeder lobbyist and has successfully quashed legislation that would have protected dogs from puppy mill breeders. Anderson also founded the Texas Dog Commission to support anti-BSL lobbyists and her organization spearheaded opposition to BSL proposed in the wake of the death of Justin Clinton.

Several comments from purported long-time friends and associates describe Purcell's journey from breeder to rescuer to breeder to abuser. Some say that they noticed things going amiss at Spindletop in the early 2000's. One friend describes how she discovered, almost a decade ago, that Purcell warehoused pit bulls in crates when she was called to help move some dogs after a fire broke out at Spindletop while Purcell was away:

(note: this person is describing the first, much smaller Spindletop property in Houston)

And it turns out that after renouncing breeding at one time, it is believed she took it up again with dogs she had no right to breed:

Some people knew what was going on, said little and did not report her. Other people claim to not have known and to have been fooled by Leah's glamorous and powerful bearing.

Evidently, Best Friends Animal Society was fooled because they paid her over $81,000 in 2006 as an independent contractor rescuing pit bulls in the aftermath of Katrina according to tax records. In 2007, Purcell participated in the amicus brief advocating rehabilitating or putting into sanctuary the Vick dogs. She wanted to take up to five of them. In that document, she described Spindletop as the National Rescue for the National American Pit Bull Terrier Association, the parent club for the breed in the United Kennel Club. At this time, she was reportedly already warehousing pit bulls in crates.

She seemed to be asking for a lot of money to take these dogs, a minimum of $750 for three months, and if she were taking in $250 a month for each dog plus receiving donations from breeders groups and other private funders, she would have been raking in money. But most of these "owners" were rescues pawning off unadoptable, aggressive pit bulls using that arrangement called "board to rescue" for which she required a one-time $750 dollar fee. If she had been able to adopt out all these dogs within 3 months, that might have been lucrative, however, it turns out, not even Purcell could reliably adopt out these dog-aggessive dogs. Several people reported discovering that a dog they had been told had been adopted, sometimes many years previous, was still at Spindletop when it was raided. These rescuers were told pretty little lies with details about the happy family the dog was adopted to, even when the dog hadn't been adopted at all.

This one-eyed dog had supposedly been adopted:

As horrible as that is, it just gets downright bizarre when you read about Sophocles. This dog was rescued by someone who wanted to keep him. She sent him to Spindletop for boarding and training only. She wanted Purcell to magically rehabilitate Sophocles for her. But, Purcell adopted out this dog that was not up for adoption before the three months was up. Sophocles' owner is desperate to get her dog back.

Tia Torres, who at the time she was interviewed had a pit bull rescue with 200 dogs, estimated that it took between $600 and $1,000 a day to keep her rescue going. Blue Lion Rescue, a giant breed sanctuary, reported that it took $250 a day to feed her 125 dogs.

So, taking in a pit bull with behavior problems from a rescue for a $750 fee kept Spindletop going another day, but then she had another unadoptable dog to then feed and warehouse.

There's no doubt she's a grifter, warehousing dogs in crates, spending money to make the front of the property look nice, using hurricanes and floods as fundraising tools, and latching on to high profile dogs that helped her promote herself, but she didn't seem to be very good at math either. Who knows, maybe it will come out later that she's sitting on a pile of cash somewhere, but right now it looks like she's been in this for personal glory.

She was the magical rehabilitator. And with no care or concern for the dogs' welfare she did everything she could to make it look and seem as if she were indeed magical. People idolized her because she was always there to take a problematic dog off a desperate rescuer's hands and lie to them to preserve the fairy tale that there are homes and communities that will embrace dog aggressive monsters and let them snuggle on comfy blankies on soft beds, well-fed, preserving peace and tranquility for the maulers until the maulers die of old age.

After this horrific scam has been revealed, have these rescuers learned the essential lesson from this? Nope. Still blaming the wrong thing. The rescue angels are still wondering what went wrong and how the queen of all rescue angels could turn into an evil abuser. They have not figured out that things were never right, but people so wanted to believe Purcell's fairy tale they were willing to turn a blind eye to reality.

For a real laugh, you can follow rescuer Cindy Marabito (she of the Big Ladder Lie) in her allegiances. Just a few months ago, she was helping Purcell plead for money after Spindletop was flooded. Later this year, Marabito placed some dogs with Purcell. Now that Purcell's villainy has been exposed, Marabito has placed her faith in yet another enormous Texas dog sanctuary, Dogtown in Elgin, TX, and the dentally challenged founder, Angela Sera. Dogtown took some of the Spindletop dogs, probably Marabito's cast offs. However, Dogtown itself is now involved in a really stupid debacle itself.

A very ugly pit bull was transported from California to Texas to get training to be a therapy dog. The therapy dog got startled and chewed through not one, but two, welded wire fences, and escaped. He was brought back to the sanctuary, but Sera, exhausted and confused by the anxiety and fatigue of searching for the ugly pit bull for several days, allowed some guy who was unknown to her to take the dog because the unknown guy said the pit bull needed veterinary care. However, the unknown guy was really a thief hired to return the ugly pit bull back to California...

This is going to go well.

In this morass of slow kill rescue angel madness, I found one light. Someone posted a link to this blog post from a renegade, rational and humane no kill proponent, notesfromadogwalker:
I believe that the most loving thing we can do for animals is to stand with them until the very end. Sometimes the end is providing excellent life-time management, sometimes it’s rehoming them, sometimes it’s finding a good shelter or rescue that has a committed staff or volunteers, but sometimes the end is death. Putting them to sleep, in your arms, can be the greatest act of love you give to your pet. You are giving them an end with dignity. We need to consider this as part of our responsibility to our pets.
If you are a rescuer: saving an animal doesn’t end at pulling them off the euthanasia list or picking them off the street. If you cannot commit to the process of housing, managing, adopting out, and providing owner support to the pet that you are “rescuing”, then you need to examine what it means to “save” an animal. The glory of pulling a dog from the “to be killed” list isn’t the end zone. The real success comes when the pet is in a home that you or your group is providing ongoing support for. If you can’t do that, do not point fingers that no one will help you. You committed to caring for this animal, once you saved it, so the animal is now your responsibility. See it through, even if in the end, there is no glory.

Additonal links
The Animal Orphanage Volunteers return from a long journey
accompanying maudlin video of joyous return of defective pit bulls (start watching at about 3:00 to see one handler attempts to pet another dog while keeping the 2 obviously dog aggressive dogs apart)