Wednesday, July 15, 2009

famous pit bulls: the jessica biel edition

welcome one and all to the first in a series called "famous pit bulls".

jessica walking justin's boxers and her unleashed pit, tina.

"They only give pit bulls to special people, and Jessica has a lot of experience with the breed.”

the check list for special, experienced, responsible pit bull ownership:

allows unsupervised interaction with other dogs

tolerates human aggression

violates leash law

attention idiots (ie dan meagher) find someone smart to show you how to roll your mouse over the colored text. these check points are active links. unlike pit nutters who spout all kinds of bullshit and never back it up, i always do. just in case you are not familiar with any smart people; the first links to a story about one of jessica's dogs being killed during play time. the second links to her mushy wiggle butt displaying aggression towards her boyfriend. the third links to the story where i got the photo.

1 comment:

Jimmy O said...

I suspect all of those pit nutter sites might be erasing Jessica from their famous pit bull owner rosters.