Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brent Toellner: when a quest for logic is out of reach

kcblowhard, this guy has been on my shit list for a loooong time.
so get a cup of tea or coffee and get comfortable.

brent toellner on
Even though they've been out there for awhile, I've largely let do their own thing. wow, that's mighty generous of you brent, you arrogant fuck. However, at this point, their rallying of misinformation and misleading information is becoming even more biased, misleading, and dangerous, so I want to respond. these are the words of a man who promotes the "it's all how you raise them" mentality and a man who is lobbying for dog parks in his city so that he can take his 'PIT BULLS' there to play with other doggies. talk about fucking dangerous information! am i right simms? colbydogs? back me up here.

"At one point in the 70's, people were really concerned about german shepherds and doberman pinschers and then you know in the 80's it was the rottweiller and now it is pit bull type dogs that most people are more concerned about. Ah, it's just an evolutionary process and unless you get to the root cause um, you won't be able to have an effective law."

the root cause are the idiots who think 'pit bulls' belong in dog parks! but seriously, let's consult with your dog bite demigoddess, karen delise.
according to fatal dog attacks, the stories behind the statistics, the four breeds involved in fatalities:
(i love the way karen breaks down the pit bull into 4 categories. makes it seem not quite so bad.)
first off kc, your decades aren't quite in sync with karen's. suggestion: you might try flash cards.
and secondly, yes, i agree, popularity of a breed does come into play when considering dog attacks but it's not the only thing and this mindless mantra i keep hearing over and over and over about "first it was the gsd, then it was dobes, then it was rotts and now it is pits..." is just fucking nonsense. even during the decade of the dobe (8), pit bulls (45) out killed doberman pinschers 5.6 to 1. but it sounds more convincing if you can point to some sort of an extended pattern. that pattern only exists in the minds of pit nutters. but if no one bothers to check the facts and you get enough pit nutters to repeat the mantra, it starts to become accepted as truth. like all religions.

note: each breed was counted, so if a dobe/gsd cross or a rott/pit cross was involved in a fatal attack, BOTH breeds were counted. amstaff was included because let's face it, they are the pet/show version of the working, ie fighting pit bull. we don't distinguish between working and non working gsd lines, so why should we with pit bulls? also of interest, there were bulldogs listed which i suspect should be listed under pit bull type, but the nutters' panties will be bunched up enough over this as it is.

brent toellner on nokill:
ah, this is where kcblowhard really shines. he has a bright future with winny's nokillnation. kc will be a great addition to the 'think' tank.
one of kc's suggestions to end the killing of animals in shelters is to remove the pet limits set by cities. according to the national council on pet populations study, which was published in the journal of applied animal science, the top ten reasons why people give up their dogs:

kc's answer isn't less dogs, it's MORE DOGS!

can't afford to feed your two dogs? kc's solution: add another. and 2 cats!

personal problems got you down? kc says, another dog will fix you right up!

house getting crowded? kc thinks you need to march right down to the shelter and adopt today!

lost your job and living in your mother's basement? how about another dog!

moving across country just easier with the addition of a third dog!

landlord says no to fluffy? well he can't say no to fluffy and buffy!

not enough time for your dog? get another! and leave that gate open so they can exercise themselves!

you're dog bit the mailman? sounds like you need another dog to keep him company! what the heck! how about TWO more dogs!

in an attempt to clear up confusion, kc says that requiring proper containment, ie FENCES, is a "ridiculous restriction" and that only after attempts are made to rehabilitate aggressive dogs will they be euthanized.

(easy to see why dog fighters like him)

kc also feels that there are already enough homes for all of the dogs and cats in shelters. i would agree but i would qualify that. if you counted all of the of people who are allergic to them, all of the people who can not have them because of lease agreements, all of the people who choose not to have a dog because they either don't like them or are afraid them, all of the people who choose not to have a dog because they are smart enough to know they don't have the time, money or skill to properly care for them, all of the people who already have pets but have no fucking business owning them in the first place (you know, we read about them all of the time on the paper) and of course all of the people who already have dogs, sometimes over the legal limit, then SURE there are plenty homes.

what really pisses me off, these nokill fanatics always frame the argument in such a way as to make everyone else look kill happy. the number of animals that we kill each year because of human greed, error, stupidity and selfishness is unacceptable and extremely disturbing. but what is more disturbing to me than a humane death, are the dogs/cats housed in above ground pet cemeteries (i stole that phrase from diane jessup) sometimes in filthy and unhealthy conditions. the number of dogs/cats that are turned away at the nokill shelter for lack of space and then are abandoned and left to fend for themselves or killed outright in a less humane manner by their owners, and the number of dogs/cats living with their mentally ill owners aka hoarders.
there really is an easy solution to this problem and that is to prevent the litters in the first place. but the true libertarian kooks and those who ride the libertarian wave out of convenience always cry foul. they claim we are crushing their (selfish) constitutional rights.

brent toellner's connection to dog fighting:
kc is chummy with rocky alexander aka rockstar. rocky links to kc's blog and comments there but i have no idea if kc comments on rocky's dog blog as it was closed to the public and was "by invitation only". you remember rocky. he and his little southern belle, jere recob tesser alexander used to have the website pitarchives. jere ran a scandalous nokill shelter in fulton county georgia. pitarchives mysteriously disappeared as soon as jere and her shelter came under fire. charges included cruelty, the disappearance of a vicious pit bull and many cats from her shelter. jere was also caught violating her county's anti-chaining ordinance. jere resigned in shame and has been hiding under a rock ever since. but, i digress, back to the dog fighting connection...
the pedigrees of two of rocky alexander's dogs:

talk about evolutionary process. it is surprising that this douche bag has opposable thumbs. let's hope he hasn't passed these genes on.
oh and you can forget about B-12 supplements, you could marinate this fucktard in B-12 and i doubt that it would help.

adam curtis and the BBC put together an absolutely fascinating 4 part history of propaganda/public relations/advertising. it is absolutely evil. while watching, think kc, think nokill, and realize what the pit nutters like badrap are doing.


My Dead Friend said...

"Kill happy" what an excellent term for the Wino losers. By using the words SLAUGHTER, MASSACRE and KILL, the Wino losers evoke emotional supporters who never look past the lies of these words. I had a friend that KILLED himself last year -- committed SUICIDE -- because all of the Goddamned animals he was forced to euthanize at his shelter. The NO KILL groups would not accept these animals as they "must" only accept the "most" adoptable pets.

Anonymous said...

Pitbulls are the solution to the overcrowding at animal shelters because they kill and eat other dogs!
They are bred for this purpose: KILL KILL KILL.

Felony said...

I think I get the issue around fences.
KC is a pit nutter who understands that fences DON'T WORK for these dogs. and since pit bulls are the only breed that matters, of course his thinking revolves around that.

This photo of KC kind of reminds of one of those One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest psych patients.

Friends Administrator said...

What do you expect from those who followed the false Messiah, Winograd or the Whino as I call him because he "whines" so much. The writing is on the wall if Brent is capable of reading. "No Kill" is a personal agenda, not a goal for the Whino. If you look at the "No Kill Equation" program, it only makes sense if you are a breeder or a dog fighter. It makes no sense otherwise. Household limits are for the good of the animals as well as the community as a whole. Philly has household limits of 12 animals per household and even with this ungodly high number, his program failed miserably in Philly. Pets are reproducing 10 times more than humans and they think we can handle them all???? "No Kill" and followers such as Brent are lending credibility to the breeding industry. Shelters estimate that there is a 30-40% population of purebreds with some reporting higher. Deliberately bred dogs, income producing dogs, yet the taxpayers end up with the bill. Many from puppy mills and can't be housebroken so they have to go. The Whino doesn't try to distance himself from the breeding industry just like he doesn't try to distance himself from the radical ADL-LA whose leader is married to Jerry Vlasek. Valsek testified that it is right to kill people over animals. The Whino has no shame, whoever will promote him, he kisses their ass. And Brent has his nose stuck up the ass of this kiss ass Whino.

Anonymous said...

Last year he published an astonishling dishonest piece about how old time dog fighters like Colby would occasionally produce a litter of duds...therefore, Pit Bulls "could" be safe around other dogs.

He omitted the fact that the Dogmen would brutally cull these dogs and eliminate them from the gene pool.