Wednesday, June 2, 2010

trilogy of pit bull terror

until the release of Jennifer Lynch's The Compound, we'll just have to make do with the 6:00 news.

temperance, virginia Stephen Hopkins heard children screaming in his back yard. He ran to find his beagle being attacked by a neighbor's ugly pit bull. Hopkins was bitten in the face as he rescued his dog. He grabbed his beagle and ran into the house with the ugly dog hot at his heels. The pit bull managed to get inside the home and bit Hopkins AGAIN. Stephen Hopkins, if you read this, drop me a line.

oklahoma city Mary Wolf went out side to pet a pack pit bulls, one adult SPANKY and 4 puppies (aged 6-8 months). Wolf is a dog lover and was familiar with SPANKY, so she thought nothing of it. all was fine for a minute or two then one of the puppies latched onto her hand. she finally got her hand back and then the puppy was all over her. before she realized it, all of the puppies were on her. she fought her way to her jeep and with great difficulty managed to get inside. the frankenmaulers began jumping all over the jeep in an attempt to get her. Wolf describes it as a scene right out of Cujo. she screamed for help and finally one of her neighbors heard her and called 911. Wolf received multiple cuts and puncture wounds on her hands, forearms and legs. the four puppies received dirt naps. SPANKY was spared and will live to spread his evil seed once again.

and i saved the worst for last.
lynn, massachusettes the Brian and Leah Antaya family went for a nice saturday evening stroll. with baby Eva strapped safely to her father's chest, they walked down Broadway. the Antayas approached 23 yr old bimbo Munnyhkkie Moutino, her "companion" Rodolpho Ribas and her ugly 2 yr old pit bull McLOVINN. the frankenmauler/nanny dog, quickly and without any warning lunged and grabbed a hold of Eva's leg. baby Eva was taken to the hospital and treated for multiple bite wounds. McLOVINN received a McDirtNap.
what a freakin shame McLOVINN didn't pull Munnyhkkie Moutino in front of a speeding train instead.
not a testicle, logging chain, abusive/neglectful owner or even a snowflake in sight. what will karen delise cook up to explain this tragedy?


Anonymous said...

For as long as Karen Delise gets money and promotion from pit bull breeders and dog fighters, she will keep lying for them.

It's just lies, lies, lies, lies, and more lies heaped on top of more lies.

Karen Delise, you are a sociopath. You are hurting dogs. You are hurting people.

When are you going to wake up and get control of your life, instead of letting dog fighters control you? They are going to drag you under with them.

Anonymous said...

Pit Bull Regulations are coming to Lynn Mass....Minnie proved that "Responsible" owners cannot safely contain these foul-bred maulers!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at all of those paw prints on the jeep is enough to send chills down your spine. Those PUPPIES meant business.

This attack in Lynn, MA has all the makings of a Baby Eva law. If this attack doesn't motivate Lynn to pass strict pit bull laws then NOTHING will!

Anonymous said...

re: Mary Wolf, I wonder how she feels about pit bulls now?

re: Munnyhkkie Moutino, I seriously hope that her life ruined because of this!

Anonymous said...

Indications online that this Munnyhkkie Moutino was from Peabody Massachusetts as well

Anonymous said...

craven, this Moutino graduated from Gloucester Massachusetts High School Class of 2004

Scroll down

Anonymous said...

The last name is also spelt MOUTINHO

That's how it is spelled on her alumni record for Gloucester Ma

Anonymous said...

Her real first name appears to be MU EMILIANA MOUTINHO

here is her cached Twitter page

Anonymous said...

As you can see, she is happily making plans to go see George Lopez

This Moutinho deviant belongs in jail

Anonymous said...

Oh look these two scumbags Moutinho and Ribas have registered for a charity!

Anonymous said...

Moutinho is Brazilian.

There is a large undocumented population in Gloucester. She may very well be undocumented, and therefore no insurance and may flee.

Anonymous said...

Peabody mass is a big drug town. many of the higher up dealers and especialy distributors are in Peabody.

anything on the boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

This is a big flight risk

I would also love to know how someone can graduate from high school and be so practically illiterate in the english language. how can she communicate to others about her dog?

sickoftheyap said...

PITBULL MOMS? ya godda luv em!!! not me id rather take my chances with hiv , hep c,antibiotic resistant syphilis ect. at least with street ho's you dont have to listen to constant yapping about bsl ''reform''

Unknown said...

The most disturbing aspect of this attack was the fact that the dog nearly severed the baby's leg.... That is not a "bite", that's severe bodily trauma. Ugh; it grinds my gears every time someone refers to these grotesque sustained maulings as a mere bite.