Friday, December 9, 2011

it's true. no one can identify a pit bull

please help reunite 13 month old JEZI the "pointer" with her people - preferably before her genetics kick in. look out clevelanders!

find the pit bull


Anonymous said...

It helps if one is an uneducated felon...Then you are an expert and get a Pit Bull show on Animal Planet.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Yeah, that's a pointer mix for sure! ;-)


Jake said...

There's no mistaking the reptilian stare.

Anonymous said...

Oh but that's the "original" Catahoula Bulldog -- as he explained to me on a SMALL elevator along with two African American women... He left out the pit bull terrier blood and that the breed was used to guard slaves. He and I are headed for a big time clash. I give this less than 10 days.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Check out the "Lab/German Shepherd mix" in the video of this story:

Small Survivors said...

yes, that's a pointer and the other is a lab/gsd mix.

And in the 70's I always saw mixes that looked like these dogs.

And I'm a jedi knight.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

albino chickens and pointers and nutters

Jake said...

Dude, I was thinking that didn't look like any Lab or GSD I've ever seen. It looks to me like some sort of pit mix. We've been seeing more and more mis-identification of breeds in the media reports nowadays. The nutters claim that pit bull attacks are exaggerated by the media, but if anything, I'm seeing what appear to be pit bull attacks being called something else. I'd really like to see an investigation into the breed of this dog.

Anonymous said...


Merced County CA, Oct 9 2001:

The taxpayer gets bitten in the ass when a burmese python and pit owning fatal attractions candidate has a containment issue and calls 911....

Merced, California - A northern California man who used to have two pets - a pit bull-terrier and a Burmese python - now has only one: a 90kg python with a terrier-sized bulge.

Merced Police Department's Tom Martin said the man called the police on Friday after the reptile escaped from its cage in this town about 80km south-east of San Francisco.

The owner quickly located the snake under his house but then realised his 13.5kg pit bull-terrier was also missing - a mystery that was easily solved.

The irony is that Merced County officials considered regulating python ownership. Pit Bulls are the leading biter mauler in Merced county and toddler Colton Smith was killed by his babysitter's pit Bull there in 2009.

Disclaimer** You can't make this stuff up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"a 90kg python with a terrier-sized bulge. "

another PROPERLY contained pit bull. such the lovely image. better than body bags LOL!

seriously vintage, your comments need to come a warning: caution, eating & drinking while reading is not advised. could be hazardous to your health, monitor and keyboard

WestieWest said...

@Dawn James

I laughed at that story. I haven't laughed in a long time! Due to my divorce. Well you just made my day.

Hugs and wags from

Laura and her pup.

WestieWest said...

Those Nutter need to be set straight. Esepcilly the young ones. There is a girl with the email address SabertoothLioness who is in need of help. From the bottom of my heart will someone please reach out to this poor girl? Think about it the girl's still young she can still be helped. She sounds like she can be swayed! Just someone please take pity of her and send her a nice message.

Here is her email address

Please pray for her.

CadenceTheSabertooth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lycanprincess aka wolfprincess aka westiewest aka sabertoothlioness is back.

westtoothprincess, don't you think your time would be better spent working on your transgender issues? you know, there is a high suicide rate among that population.

DubV said...

Wow, live 911 call where people are trying to save their friend by beating a pit with a bat.

DubV said...

from saber's blog prof

"I dislike people who treat people ill based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, the dog breeds they own or their occupation in life."

Quite a complete list. Next time, be sure to add more serious and recognized issues before tagging out the shit about dog breeds at the end. Just a tip.

DubV said...

Pit bull owners protest so that they can do what many pit bull groups say don't do: take them to off leash dog parks.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here is the profile of sabertoothlioness.

and here is the profile of lycanprincess aka wolfprincess.

compare the two profiles. it's the same idiot!!!

i would say this deranged little girl passed the first test to becoming a pit bull owner by failing her IQ test!!

sabertoothlioness sent me the following email today with the subject - Get Control Over Your Minions!

I am in no mood to say hello,

Do you want tell me why one of your sick twisted little imps hacked my email account? As a matter of fact they emailed me and bragged about it! They hacked in and posted this on your blog:

“All of those awful Molosser type dogs should be banned. It should be mandatory that all of these dogs be euthanized in the US. It is a matter of public safety and we have a right to be safe! All of these dogs should be banned based on foundation stock and reputation for bites and attacks:

Pit Bull-Type Dogs

All of the Molosser Type Dogs

Rhodesian Ridgebacks (they were bred to guard and they look scary)

Thai Ridgebacks (they are hunting dogs thus aggressive)


German Shepherds

Belgian Shepherds

Caucasian Ovcharkas

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

Estrella Mountain Dogs

Just all dogs breed for guardian and fighting. The world and the US would be much safer and kinder dog breeds would have a chance. It doesn't matter if the dog is grandfathered or not it has to go.”

This is from the WestieWest freak who PROUDLY said she had hacked my account. This twisted freak also said she hoped me and MY DOG were taken somewhere and repeatedly raped, sodomized and then finally killed by being doused in acidic material. Does that sound like a healthy person to you? I guess in your opinion it does because she’s Anti-Pit Bull and Pro-BSL. More alarming is this came from A WOMAN. Although I doubt you are even fazed by this but you know what? I don’t care what you think.

I Have No Breed Prejudice.

Some of your followers even harassed that girl LycanPrincess. She tried to kill herself because of them three months ago but didn't tell her parents why. I doubt you even care that you followers bullied a young girl. After all in your eyes she’s worthless just because she likes Pit Bulls. You disgust me and so do your followers.

underage psychotic pit nutters really shouldn't have unfettered access to the internet, but then i don't think this little girl should have unfettered access to small household appliances or even a box of marbles.

Jake said...

Reading the message from lycan princess brings my mind back to that phony report about a supposed attack on a woman a few months back by "followers of craven desires". The same memes are being recycled.

I suspected at the time that it was the handiwork of lycan princess, and this new message, with the same old themes of victimization, moral superiority, the fabricated accounts of attacks, the attempt at multiple roles, etc are all too familiar by now.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the chick whose father matched and killed her wigglebutt?!?

Now she seems hellbent on inducing as much suffering on others via maulings and pets killed "to make it right".

This really should be studied...

DubV said...

Many people tend to think that others are like themselves. This might explain why nutters think these transparently false reports will be convincing. Or maybe they think someone who doesn't read this blog regularly will be convinced, similar to the several sites/blogs claiming to expose as something it is not.

DubV said...

So this person's email was hacked and yet she believes it when the hacker reveals her gender?

"More alarming is this came from A WOMAN."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, that was taylor hernandez who's daddy killed her nanny. then it was pitty britty who faked her home invasion/beating/canine murder. she is somewhere outside of the US and this is the california teenybopper who's raging and likely very confused hormones, stops by periodically to show everyone just how much she doesn't know about dogs.

funny this all started about a month ago with a psychotic email from westiewest, long, rambling, one paragraph. she was pretending to be a pit victim. i could tell it was a pit nutter so i thought i would have some fun. i replied that it looked interesting can you please resubmit with paragraph breaks. LOL!! i didn't hear from her again until sabertoothlioness showed up.

here's the best part. there is no comment on craven like she describes in the email. there is however a comment removed by the author (see above). i don't know what the content was but it was from sabertoothlioness. i suspect that it is the comment she is talking about and she accidentally submitted it with the wrong profile. LOL!! stupid little girl or soon to be stupid little boy. she gives new meaning to "i wish i had a teenie weenie".

Tegenpitjes said...

I saw it. The message from sabertoothlioness was the same as the email she sent you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for clearing that up!

DubV said...

Interesting words from Dr. Beck

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dr beck is a smart man.