Thursday, December 22, 2011

Narcissism revealed

Vick dog recipient and head pit nutter at our pack, MARTHINA McCLAY demonstrates to all of her youtube fans how cancer patients are helping in the rehabilitation of one of the MICHAEL VICK cash cows.

my favorite part of this little dog and pony show is at 1:35 when McCLAY says "Thank you for petting Leo. He loves it." you will also see LEO giving as much if not more love & kisses to McCLAY as to the cancer patients. that is not something that you will see in the NON-VICK therapy dog videos.

and now for something completely different...

PATIENT centered therapy dogs! who'd a thought that this could be good for the patient?!

and the easy peasy dogs of Walter Reed

what a novel idea, therapy dogs for PATIENTS!!!

*LEO died this week from a seizure disorder. does anyone know if seizures disqualify a dog from therapy work?


DepthCharge said...

Very obvious that the pit bull was totally not enjoying all the nice pets from people. The pit bull handler seemed to pick up on this and physically move the pit bull's face and front-end away from the patient. That is scary.

On another note - aren't Golden's and Labs just the best ever? And they typically are larger, and weigh more than pit bulls. So why aren't Golden's and Labs right up there killing and maiming people? No need to answer - I already know - GENETICS.

april 29 said...

The video of the military vets and the therapy dogs at Walter Reed Hospital brings tears to my eyes. This is how it is done.

Anonymous said...

Stunt Pitting!

Miss Margo said...

Note the way the Golden looks the humans in the face, stays put, interacts. Receptive.

Goldens really have fantastic characters. I used to have one. Overall, too boisterous for me now, but without a doubt, they are the kindest, warmest creatures. Argh! I'm getting weepy.

And they are gorgeous, too.

Thanks for posting this. Season's greetings!

WestieWest said...

Glad the damn dog is dead. One less Pit Bull to worry about. Now if we can just kill them all off(grandfathered or not) the world will be a better place.

Anonymous said...


Kelly Nolan staged quite a media event with candles and accused a "blond woman in a black SUV" of taking her daughter's "autism Service Pit" and killing it.

Nutters raised donations for the cause celebre' then the truth comes out...

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV)-- The investigation into the death of a dog, owned by the family of a 9-year old autistic child, reveals that it was not beaten as previously thought.

A necropsy performed by a veterinarian revealed that Toby had not been viciously beaten. No signs of repeated trauma were found. The forensic examination indicates that it had injuries consistent with being hit by a vehicle.

The dog's owner, 40 year-old Kelly Nolan and an acquaintance, 32 year-old Stacey Lamont Altman were arrested

You can't make this stuff up!