Sunday, October 7, 2012

Imagine Coming Home to This

    I found this photo cross-posted on the pitbull-chat forum.  Here's the link:

(The title of the thread confuses me.  Winner winner chicken dinner?  Who's the winner in this situation?)

    Apparently, a woman had three pitbulls and did not practice crate-and-rotate.  She came home to this bloodbath:

click to enlarge
       The picture speaks for itself. I just wanted to post it here so that it didn't get lost.  This is probably a little like what first responders (EMS, police) or victims' families see when they show up at the scene of a mauling.  

       Why on earth would anyone want to live with an animal that could cause carnage like this?  When every other pet in the world makes a mess in the house, it's just crap or a little barf or a hairball.  Not pit bulls!  Pit Bulls GO BIG!

       One of the pitbulls died, the woman "gave another one back," and she kept the last one.  I wonder which one she gave back, and where it ended up...? 


Anonymous said...

this may be terrible inappropriate and atrociously ignorant , but i have little problem with pitbull on pitbull or even pitbull on pitter, violence. i mean , after all thats what these animals are all about. bring it on , as they say .....the pitterine crowd .

- let the darwinian games begin.... and televise.

april 29 said...


You are only saying what the rest of us think. The dogmen say it is cruel to keep these dogs from fighting exactly because it is what they are bred for.

Far better to keep the violence within the pitter world than spread it out into peaceful communities. Better to have pit bulls kill pit bulls than the neighbor's poodle, or the neighbor, or the neighbor's livestock.

Sad situation.

Anonymous said...

is it not ironic that dog fighting was deemed barbaric and cruel and illegal but now a century later it has come back to haunt us in spades? only now ,its not so much the dogmen at issue but the rescue dingbat and the brainless tattooed narcissist contingent.

is that weird, or what ?

safer midwifery utah said...

I can't read any of the text. did the author of the post put the pic up as a warning to others, or...?

Miss Margo said...

Hi Skeptifem.

I could read the text in the picture if I put my nose up to the screen, but most people probably won't be able to see read that.

A picture--like, a screenshot-- of the text was cross-posted as a JPEG from one pit bull forum to another.

You can make it big by expanding in photoshop--actually, I'll try to do that after I finish my laundry tonight. I'll email you if I get it done.

The pit nutter commentary is the usual moronic bullshit. It's the photo, I think, that makes an impact.

Miss Margo

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Note to designers and contractors: Always recommend red terrazzo tile and dark grout for homes with pit bulls.

And that intercom is going to come in handy... "Please bring a bucket and mop to the front foyer. Gator had another episode!"

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I can see pit bulls in a Swiffer mop commercial with the idiot pit owner cleaning up the bloody mess with ease.

I would have liked to see the before and after pics of the pits. If he took the time to take a pic of the floor...well.

I'm thinking with the availability of information, very few people are unaware of what pits can do. So by now, I'd imagine only morons keep them. A few have been duped by animal shelters to take a "lab-mix" puppy only to find out a few months later they own a pit bull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

one hell of a find miss margo.

can you post a link?

rumplestiltskin, how about mr clean's magic eraser? oh wait a minute. that is the NCRC.

Anonymous said...

how about a reality tv show called PIT BULLS AND DINGBATS

lots of hugging and licks , then ..... blood in congealed piles on the kitchen lino, chunks of meat on the walls and appliances and traumatized neighborhood children and mothers saying the police should never have dirtnapped the crazed mutant.

Miss Margo said...

Here's the link! I updated the blog post to include it.

Lol, I'm the one who titled it "Go get the swiffer!" I almost titled the blog post that, but then I decided to be serious.

I love magic erasers too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, that's a fun thread. it ends with someone suggesting that the discussion be added to the DOG AGGRESSION thread. hear that LEDY? pit bulls ARE different.

i also appreciated the "crates are MAGICAL because fights start over PIDDLY shit" comment

that's really funny. i have read many accounts of pit bulls destroying crates. crates that can withstand the pit bull can opener cost in the hundreds of dollars making it extremely unlikley that judgment proof nutters are really doing what is necessary to prevent "yard accidents".

but really this is what it all boils down to:

"And once again people don't bother to do any research into the breed they "love" and the dogs pay, not to mention look horrible to the public. And one day that other idiot is going to lose a dog when the dice roll against him and he'll become a breed hater who tells everyone they snap."

the most important thing to a nutter is that the PUBLIC PERCEPTION of the JUSTIFIED "bad rap" of pit bulls is reinforced.

thanks miss margo

Miss Margo said...

Yeah, the crate stories spook me. Seriously. The worst ones are when the pit bull invades a home and chews into a normal dog's crate and kills it.

Two such stories are imprinted in my memory, they moved me so: the story of a beautiful borzai killed by some home-invading pits. Mother and children were hiding from the pits in another room and HEARD their borzai being killed, if I recall.

Another one--the pits invaded a yard, then the garage, and then chewed THROUGH A CRATE IN THE GARAGE to get to the normal white dog, I think it was a Westie or something. It was a metal crate! A metal crate!

I read both these stories on your blog.

The person on the thread who suggested the thread be added to the DA discussion, Poisoned, is an interesting person. I've watched her in other posts.
She's smart and not sentimental about the dogs, but something is wrong with her.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Yeah, the NCRC tries to erase the true history of the pit bull, but you can't erase genetics. I hate the NCRC.

This type of thing will continue until pit bulls are gone or there are so few on this Earth that you'll only read about 1 attack a month and 1 killing a year. Right now, it seems there is at least 1 pit bull tragic accident a day.

I don't know of any breed that ends up in the news so often.

Miss Margo,

I don't see the point of owning any breed of dog you have to crate up when you're not around for fear it will kill your other pets. They pose a much bigger risk to neighbor's and their pets but you never know when genetics will overtake a pit bull and someone becomes another tragic accident.

I read the thread and even pit nutters are confused as what to believe.

DubV said...

"And once again people don't bother to do any research into the breed they "love" and the dogs pay, not to mention look horrible to the public. And one day that other idiot is going to lose a dog when the dice roll against him and he'll become a breed hater who tells everyone they snap."

Gotta love this asshole for referring to the people with normal dogs that are killed by pits as idiots.

You've got the three main threads of pit folk: 1. those that know what they have and are assholes for still wanting it, 2. those that are brainwashed by propaganda and for emotional reasons or others don't want to take seriously the counterclaims, and 3. those that are just terminally stupid and need no other explanation.

It seems there is internal nutter drama between groups 1 and 2 above, the person quoted is of group 1, I'd guess. I'm sure group 3 is hated also, by both groups, because they either don't know what they have or aren't educated yet about Petey and Sarge Stubby talking points. It doesn't go very far though because group 3 is largely unaware of their surroundings. Of course, there is a lot of overlap, and there is part of group 3 in all of them.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


There is a shared mentality that comes with pit bull ownership. It's why I avoid most of them. The ones I do speak with are kept at a distance. There's a few who's pit bulls display the behavior I warned them about and no longer approach me, maybe because I look all smug like. LOL!

safer midwifery utah said...

"i also appreciated the "crates are MAGICAL because fights start over PIDDLY shit" comment"

Me too, one of the seven people killed by pits in the past month was an elderly woman who got killed when a pit escaped a crate.

Its interesting to me how everyone on the forum frets about the fucking PR profile of a dog breed instead of the fact that you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to keep the dogs from killing each other. If you cover that up with PR bullshit about how great the dogs are then guess what? More dogs die. If you don't cover up the truth, then the breed looks bad but its fucking accurate. People should be deterred from owning pets that are too much work for them. How is anyone really supposed to find out the truth about this on their own exactly? I look at materials at adoptions and pet stores and shelters, and all of them lie their asses off about this breed as to not anger the pit bull lobby.

DubV said...

If this were about the dogs, then the pit bull community would do what all other responsible breed communities do which is be honest about their breed.

vintage said...

PIt Owner Busted trying the Ole Dine and Dash on a bleeding child

Child Endangerment charges and $100K Bail

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

San Diego, CA and still there is no pit bull ban.....

Off topic a little- I have never had any luck in viewing the Dogs bite Decatur Al website. It will not open on IE or AOLs browser.

I did find out the other day I am able to view it on my phone! Hooray.

DubV said...

I would use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a PC. Much better. IE is horrible.

Miss Margo said...

Putme Incharge, go here to download Google Chrome. It's like IE, only it works.

or google "google chrome"

It is free and it will not harm your computer in any way. I use it all the time. You can download it in 90 seconds. It is effortless. Just click "download chrome"

Dogs Bite Decatur Al will be visible.

Life is too short for crappy internet browsers.

Jake said...

@Miss Margo -

Indeed, life is too short. Whether I'm on linux, using a mac, or temporarily forced to use a pee cee for some reason, google chrome is the go-to browser. firefox is good too.

Obscure niche browsers have problems keeping up with current content types and quite often don't display web pages properly.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Thanks you guys.
I installed Google Chrome.
Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks.
This will take some getting used to!

Miss Margo said...

After you use Chrome for a week, you'll never use IE again.

I think Firefox is ultimately superior--stuff looks really good on Firefox--but Chrome is really "light" and fast, and I love the way I can search google in the address/URL bar.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I need fast and light.

I have realized what my 3G AT& T network means.

3 GERIATRIC GERBILS running on a rusty wheel to power my internet.

This week I uploaded an 11 minute video to You Tube-

UPLOAD TIME 783 minutes and I had to start it at midnight to get it to upload that fast... yes thats our high speed dsl......

The first thing I noticed with Chrome is how fast it is, and fast is all relative here!

Anonymous said...

i dont brake for pitbulls but i do brake for expresso .

Anne King said...

agreed Garnet, the dimwits and the soccer moms are responsible for the majority of the pit carnage...they are the ones it seems who have replaced purse pooches for a bigger badder dog, I'm guessing little Diego didn't impress whatever dude they want...

Small Survivors said...

This is a great post, MM! I haven't visited those discussion sites in a long time. It was when I went to places like this, and read pit bull owners candidly talking amongst themselves that I really came to understand how dangerous pit bulls are.

Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...


do-gooders , dimwits and soccer moms.

vintage said...

The Pit Dingbats have hurt and killed alot of people