Wednesday, January 2, 2013


And why exactly do I care what Finley wants in terms of new laws? He got bit by a dog and now he's an expert in animal control policy?  LAURA PROWICZ


in other words, a bruise is a puncture is a gash is a degloving is an amputation is a fatality.

one year ago 63 year old Joe Finley lost a leg to mutant gripping dogs while out for a jog. Finley is speaking out about the savage attack and against pit bulls and the psychopaths don't like it. 

PROWICZ has enraged many with her insensitive and ignorant comment that minimizes his ordeal. PROWICZ is not the only one to refer to catastrophic maulings as bites. it never fails, no matter how devastating a gripper attack is, nutters will refer to it as a BITE. research into psychopaths and language can help us understand the callous internal workings of the nutter mind.

psychopaths and language

milk is a table is a maggot is blood is a scar is cancer is death

Dr Robert Hare showed neutral, positive and negatively charged words to non-psychopaths and psychopaths. the results - the non-psychopaths had a surge in brain activity to emotionally charged words, psychopaths did not. their brain wave activity remained static. Dr Hare refers to psychopaths as having emotional color blindness because the words table and cancer carry the same emotional connotation. Hare showed the scans to neurologists who said the scans did not even resemble a human brain, prompting one of them to ask "Is this person from Mars?"

a bruise is a puncture is a gash is a degloving is an amputation is a fatality





Distinctive Brains of Psychopaths 

Inside the Mind of a Psychopath


vintage said...


OCT 2007, Lorain, OH:

Shana Klein, President of Canine Advocates of Ohio, told the committee that breed specific legislation doesn’t work, and whipped out her own facts about dog attacks.

“There hasn’t been a fatal pit bull attack in 15 years”

* Disclaimer: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...

PS...Dec 30 Indiana dog fighting bust:

13 of the 18 perps came across state lines from Illinois.

No federal interstate trafficking charges though...Saywhat?!?

Alexandra said...

Apparently you need at least one PhD to say pit bulls are dangerous. Must be from an Ivy League college the pit freaks have first bought, then approved.

However, you can be an expert on animal control just simply by owning a pit bull or being a pit freak (never mind even literacy). Owning a single pit bull or being a pit freak also automatically qualifies you to be an expert on not only all pit bulls, but on all real dogs too.

Additional fact: When pit bulls themselves educate people about what pit bulls are, this doesn't count.

These nutcases are so disconnected from any real world, delusional is the word:

april 29 said...

Note to Ms. Prowicz - The patient in the second to last photo is James Chapple. Mr. Chapple testified in the State Legislature via television cameras set up in his hospital room on a bill to strengthen state law regarding vicious dogs. State law was changed, Chapple died of complications from his injuries.

Anonymous said...

How very timely; I just finished Dr. Hare's book. I think your analysis is spot on. Anyone who can equate a mauling resulting in amputation with a "bite" is "Morally Insane".

Oh sweet Jesus, she teaches riding lessons? Do those kids' mothers know how cavalier she'd be about one of them losing a limb?

Love to see how well she got around the farm, or rode a horse with only on leg. Yeah, it can be done, but she'd be thinking she should try to stop this happening to someone else. At least she would if she were NORMAL.

Small Survivors said...

Always fascinating that so much of the description of psychopaths also describes their frankenmaulers.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I have never enjoyed reading a comment section as much as I did the one Prowicz commented on.

Bravo Cravenites.

Her "just a bite" comment made me immediately think of that Monty Python movie- "its just a flesh wound".

The sad thing was- that movie was made in jest.
The Prowicz creature is serious.

You guys are so right- you can not make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

"the prowitz creature is serious"

LOL ....seriously fucked

april 29 said...

Welcome back snarky!

You have been missed.

Small Survivors said...

That IS like the monty python skit! Never thought of that! of course, the knight is saying it about his own injuries.

I loved DubV's comments! Especially the one where he said something like - there's more ways to be wrong than there are ways to be right. !!!!!!!


Small Survivors said...

Hi Snarky!

Anonymous said...

hey snack , ive been under the weather for awhile but im as snarky as ever now .

saw a dingbat wi her mutant in a childrens playground today . right there a sign prohibiting dogs..... let alone mutants . guess it musta been a nanny mutant . fucking things are supposed to wear muzzles here too.

Anonymous said...

just wondering like a nut-job .....but which of the above injuries were done by mutants versus dogs ? guess they coulda been killer chihuahuas .....dey r much worse than shitbulls .

brainless shitbags

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the last 3 are pit victims. the hand is david letterman's dog, a lab mix i think. the other two are just photos i found googling "minor dog bite".

Packhorse said...

Lil' Nanny pittie got jaws that's like steel
Whoever approach me and what I feel,
Might find their legs being replaced by steel!

So y'all better run or I'll show my act
My mouth holds more razorblades than coke addicts
Our owners quote fascists because we the meanest
And we rip off your fingers with the pliers of Chakademus!

DubV said...

Thanks, Snack!

I just went back and enjoyed re-reading all the sane comments, many from people here. It's too bad that this issue has been settled within the PC region of the media. It would be great to see a debate on this in the pages of a widely read magazine (Time, etc) between folks on each side.

Lastly, it's amazing how adverse many people (like Prowicz) are to changing their minds, isn't it? I've read somewhere (Dawn or someone here would likely know better or more) that being shown to be wrong in a debate and/or changing your mind actually triggers something like a pain response in the brain. For me, it is important to realize that and try to embrace that sort of discomfort.

Meals on Wheels said...

@ Packhorse....can we put that on the "Pit Bull Poet Laurette" LOVE IT!!!!

The first thing I noticed when I clicked on the PROWICZs profile, is that she claims to be a high priestess. So folks, she's not a Martian, she's a witch. Now if she could wave her wand, and undo all of that horrible genetic mess that is the pit bull, and turn dismemberments into mere boo-boos and owies, then we could let her get by her hubris and sanctimony.

april 29 said...


Laura claim is that she is the High Priestess of Materials Management at Prairie Corner Farm. This is a horseman's joke. In this context the material being managed is manure. She cleans stalls.

Anonymous said...

if she shovels shit , she should be well qualified to speak on shitbulls.

DubV said...

April 29,

So she's a shit witch?

I bet she thinks when she kisses them that they turn into princes.

Anonymous said...

maybe she flys around on a shit shovel instead of a broom. id love to see a toto chew her ankle to rat-shit before she melts into a steaming pile of pit-shit.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I believe she's also a SQL DBA, which commands a bit of $$, though I can't imagine she's good at it, IT usually requires some sort of reasoning ability. She is clearly lacking in that area.

orangedog said...

Nah. I work with a highly paid SysAdmin who thinks the story of Noah's Ark is real. So you can know computers and still be completely stupid.

Anonymous said...

peops can be smart and yet also dumb about some things like religion or ugly mutants . i think for some sheeple , shitbulls are their religion and even being eaten alive by their own mutant would not change their minds about this.

Small Survivors said...

LOL orangedog!!!!

Packhorse said...

@Meals on Wheels...

It's another one of my doctored songs...this one a little more obscure...Retaliation by Jedi Mind Tricks. His lyrics are often over-the-top threats, so they're great source material for creating piteriffic songs.