Tuesday, January 22, 2013


be sure to check out the most current rescue scandal at Maul Talk, it's a doozy.

Scorched Earth has the latest on the BONES saga. Part 6

And vintage asks, should we call pit bulls Lifeflight Dogs?

 On the way to the vet to have a 71 year old woman's face sliced out of it's tummy...Trigger happy Police officers stand at the ready in a callous, discriminatory manner while the stunned owner says "Good Bye". ~vintage

and of course dogs bite decatur tirelessly keeps us current on daily pit bull attacks.


Branwyne Finch said...

So Smilin Pit Bull Rescue is being exposed by both adopters, fosters, and volunteers as a house of horrors....filth, neglect and abuse of dogs? Why does this not surprise me?

There is also documentation of the rescue adopting out HIGHLY dangerous dogs, and misrepresenting their temperaments...one foster claims that Eric did not want to euthanize a pit bull that attempted to attack a child.

The most amazing thing about this story, is that hundreds of pit bull rescuers, fosters, adopters, etc. KNEW about the abuse and neglect because it has been going on for YEARS. That's right, YEARS. If you read the multiple horrific accounts on the Facebook page and website you realize that EVERYONE involved with this organization is flat out bizarre....why anyone would adopt from this place is beyond me.

I am thinking about the types of rescue organizations I am familiar with here in N.E., like Yankee Golden Retreiver Rescue, and I can GUARANTEE that a situation like this would NEVER occur within the Golden Retriever Community. Pit bull rescue attracts the kind of deviant animal abusers and adopters who have such a warped view of dogs that they would accept a filthy, urine stained dog with aggression problems and not report the resuce out of some weird "loyalty" to the pit bull community.

I would also encourage anyone whose neighbor brings home a "rescued" pit bull, to spend time on some of the pit bull rescue social media sites, and take a look at what these deviants are doing...read between the lines when these folks advertise their "sweet" pit bulls that are "just a little protective" and whom "probably should not go to a home with kids, because kids make them "nervous" " Understand that many of these groups are finding homes for dogs that may go on to maul children, other animals, or adults.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of that scene in silence of the lambs when hanibal lecter is being escorted somewhere so he needs armed guards at the ready so he doesnt eat someones face off. (which he does anyway)

im ok with pitbull human aggression in a way ...... the way i see it is that humans created the monster so we should have to deal with it , not innocent people of course , but the monsters creators and keepers . the sooner this monster shows itself bigtime the better for all and the sooner something will be done.

orangedog said...

Why can't people who get attacked by a "rescued" pit, sue these places out of existence?

Anonymous said...

they should be able to but perhaps the whole system has culpability so this would open a can of worms for more than just rescues.

orangedog said...

That's why I liked Maryland's "inherently dangerous" law - which has since lost its teeth. It was no longer necessary to prove the pit bull was vicious. If you knowingly traffic dangerous dogs, then you should get your ass sued off.

orangedog said...

Anyone else notice that Smilin' Pit Bull rescue is run by one guy - with dozens of women "rescue angel" followers? I haven't seen any posts by men. If you're a socially awkward man who can't get a date, starting a pit bull rescue seems like a great way to meet women. ;)

april 29 said...


I can answer this question. "Why can't people who get attacked by a "rescued" pit, sue these places out of existence?"

As Branwyne has stated, pit bull owners protect these outrageously irresponsible rescues. I sued the pit bull owner and the handler but they both protected the rescue group. The owner stated that she "did not remember the name of the organization" when asked for this information in sworn deposition. Interestingly, she was able to give a detailed description of the layout of the facility. She and the handler went on to state that they were not aware of the pit's current location because they "gave her away" after local animal control ordered her out of town as a vicious dog and that she had been "given away again" after that.

The rescue industry is long overdue for regulation.

orangedog said...

Sorry you had to deal with that April. I can't imagine how hard it is to get justice when dealing with people who lie so easily.

Anonymous said...

Working from the assumption that the only thing pit nutters care about are the pit bulls and they care nothing about people or other animals, I'd like to know how all of these freaks can remain silent on the issue of neglect and abuse of the pitbulls?

Maybe they share a commonality with religion and whacked out extremists like Mother Teresa. Maybe we should call pit bulls Mother Teresa Dogs, since 'suffering is a gift of god'.

On Suffering by Mother Teresa

SUFFERING (or Ode to Pit Bulls)
I wonder what the world would be like
If there were not innocent people
Making reparation for us all…?
Today the passion of Christ is being relived
In the lives of those who suffer.
To accept that suffering is a gift of God.
Suffering is not a punishment.
God does not punish.
Suffering is a gift- Tho,
Like all gifts,
It depends on how we receive it.
And that is why we need a pure heart-
To see the hand of God,
To feel the hand of God,
To recognize the gift of God
In our suffering.
Suffering is not a punishment.
Jesus does not punish.
Suffering is a sign-
A sign That we have come so close To Jesus on the cross,
That He can kiss us,
Show that He is in love with us,
By giving us an opportunity to share
In His passion.
In our Home for the Dying
It is so beautiful to see
People who are joyful,
People who are lovable,
People who are at peace,
In spite of terrible suffering.
Suffering is not a punishment,
Not a fruit of sin,
It is a gift of God.
He allows us to share in His suffering
And to make up for the sins of the world.

Anonymous said...

then again , i wus watching an evangelical program last nite where the preacher wus saying god would get you a new car ( a dependable one ) , clear your credit card debt , even provide a nice big home .

yikes ! i hope hes not really doing all this shit . i'd hate to think of pitters getting all that stuff , so easily . god might go ahead and release all the murdering pitbulls awaiting their dirtnaps .....just for the asking .

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I was wondering, why is it we almost never hear about 2 pit bulls getting into it? It's always someone's Lab or Yorkie that we hear about. Two pits get together at the dog park?

You'd think that with pit bull dog aggression, we'd hear more about pit on pit attacks.

Is there not as much damage to make the headlines? Do they bury the loser and say nothing? Do they go to the vet, claim ignorance and just say, "fix my dog"?

I'm sure pit on pit fights are occurring even without dog fighting. Just seems there's complete silence regarding this subject. Maybe pit nutters are cautious with other pits knowing there is a much higher chance of a dog fight? As opposed to knowing their pit is guaranteed a win against a Lab or Pomeranian.

The true answer just eludes me.

Branwyne Finch said...

The dangerous dog shuffling reminds me of the scandal in the Catholic Church, which spent years shuffling pedophile priests around to unsuspecting parishes, where they would victimize more children.

It definitely is cult like....the Pit Bull Smiles forum is filled with female sychophants, fawning over their leader. I think pit bull rescue attracts animal rights extremists, the mentally ill, and those with personality disorders. I will tell you straight up that if anyone from sheltie rescue, setter rescue, golden rescue, poodle rescue, etc., walked into a situation where dogs were being hoarded and kept in conditions like this, it would be all over right then and there. And any rescue that adopted out sick and aggressive goldens or poodles would NOT last long, because adopters wouldn't put up with it.

Pit bull rescues get away with this stuff because of the types of people drawn to pit bulls, and because of the character of those involved in pit bull advocacy. To think that all of these women knew these dogs were kept this way, and NO ONE picked up the phone and droppped a dime to the health department, and humane law enforcement...probably so they wouldn't be excommunicated from their pit bull fan group....is just sick.

These people are cruel and dangerous....I want pit bulls regulated, yet I would NEVER want to see this kind of cruelty done to them.

It's kind of twisted when the supposed pit bull "haters" like us seem to be more offended by the abuse of these dogs than by their so-called champions.

shar pei mix said...


You'd think that with pit bull dog aggression, we'd hear more about pit on pit attacks.

Because everytime a pit bull shows up in a shelter or "rescue" with scars, it's always because the pibble was used as a bait dog. Remember, its people set him up to fail. All it needs is loving furever home and lots of donation $$$ to go along with it.

shar pei mix said...

@Branwyne Finch

It definitely is cult like....the Pit Bull Smiles forum is filled with female sychophants, fawning over their leader.

My very first thought was "Manson Family."

shar pei mix said...

@Branwyne Finch (again)

These people are cruel and dangerous....I want pit bulls regulated, yet I would NEVER want to see this kind of cruelty done to them.

It's kind of twisted when the supposed pit bull "haters" like us seem to be more offended by the abuse of these dogs than by their so-called champions.

It is sad. I think pit bulls should be eradicated, but I wouldn't want them, or any other animal, to suffer.

I also don't understand why the rescue angels can't figure out how they continue to enable this sort of cruelty. I guess it's all in the name of "no kill" and a whole lot of denial.

Anonymous said...

yo made some good points branwyne especially about how pitters are different than other rescuers. real dog lovers dont raise a breed above all others , to god -like status where they can do no wrong, even when they are maiming and killing other animals and even people. its not really about the dogs but the sick twisted mystique that surrounds this outdated and obsolete breed.

Anonymous said...

i always marvel at how pitters universally believe that human crimes against children somehow sanitizes the crimes of dangerous dogs and their keepers and supporters. like , because it wus only a dog that disfigured u for life its somehow ok. or a dog killing your beloved pet is insignificant compared to losing a child . apples and oranges , as they say . of course, some folks cant grasp the simplest of concepts.

orangedog said...

I can't believe no one took pictures when they saw the basement. Unreal.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

since 2009 when i started this swamp of a blog, i have received only tips from only TWO pro pit bull people regarding rescue kook dan meagher. one was anonymous and one was taylor hernandez.

most of the time when i get an email or comments related to a rescue freak that i covered, it is in the form of criticism. "how dare you attack these good people!"

in that same time, i have occasionally blogged about puppy millers and psycho rescue angels of other breeds. i regularly get emails about BUZZ POWELL, LAURA FITTERMAN and RICHARD SWAFFORD

i had so many emails about FITTERMAN that i created a blog just for her!

99% of this blog is about pit bulls. what does this say about pit nutters?

tropical storms said...

It's been that way since the 70s with dogfighters labeling as haters those who worked to upgrade laws and then implement them. It made sense for them as we were stopping them from doing something they wanted, euthanizing their dogs and putting them in prison. These latter day pitiots react in the same way but with so little reason I am stymied as to why. I've long wondered how this breed engenders such fierce loyalty in those not of the sporting fancy. I think these people are actually more deranged than the dogfighters as they have no real vested interest.

Anonymous said...

they r are full-o-bull?

supposedly caring deeply for the breed and the terrible abuses of mean people ( not themselves naturally) towards these noble mutants.

Anonymous said...

these folk are deranged ......fucked is what i usually say . too many times by their daddies.

Jim said...

From dogs bite decatur:


I have the same wish you stupid worthless POS.

Alexandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexandra said...

shar pei, here's some pit on pit attacks, just for the fun of it.




In the third one, I guess the owner of the pit-attacked pit didn't understand that having her pit bull in her own back yard made it bait for any other pit in the neighborhood.

Then there was the case of the pit bull that jumped off a second floor balcony to attack a poor woman walking her own dog -- which we later found out was a pit bull too.

And a more recent one of a woman also making her own pit into a bait dog just by walking down the street with it:


I guess they all figure being out in their own yards or on the public street makes only our children and our normal pets into fair pit bait, couldn't possibly apply to their pittie-poos.

As for all injured pit being poor, poor bait dogs, well, the only fair bait for a pit is another pit. In that sense, all pits are fairly bait dogs.

Miss Margo said...

Until I read the exposes about Spindletop and Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue, I must admit that I thought the claim of people using pit bull rescue for profit HAD to be exaggerated.

I thought to myself: There's not much money in pit bulls! You can't give them away! BYB sell em for $50 on craigslist and they all end up at the pound after a few years! All they do is kill nice pets and people and suck up public money.

Well, I stand corrected.

The Smilin PBR expose says people were paying $300--$350 for a rescued pit bull puppy...just a common puppy born to a mother who was found in a pound somewhere. Unvetted! Maybe spayed or neutered.

WHO WOULD PAY $350 for a common pit bull?!

My mom's purebred little wiener dog was $200! You can get a vetted pit bull pup for $65 in that town, and the animal has all its shots and is s/n!

I know this is kind of OT...I just couldn't believe there was so much money in this.

orangedog said...

I feel terrible for the puppies he "rescued". It sounds like he spayed and neutered them at 8 weeks old and took them to a butcher to do it - and then gave them fish antibiotics. Who the fuck does shit like this?!
I don't like Pits, but no animal deserves the kind of abuse these dogs go through. Putting them to sleep is a kindness.

orangedog said...

Look at this deadly Pomeranian about to chow down on a child!



tropical storms said...

Remember the TV show Nip/Tuck? Season four has an entertaining pitnutter story . Pit mommy's nipple bitten off "but it wasn't his fault, he's a sweetheart, he's my protector ". Classic nutterdom with a twist.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


Never underestimate the power of a Pomeranian.
I am sure you know that "small dogs bite more often but due to media bias it is not reported".

Seriously, when you look at the size of this dogs jaw compared to a human hand you can imagine the damage he could do....


(from the how to use a break stick on a Pomeranian series of photos.....)

april 29 said...

Orangedog, re your question "Who the fuck does shit like this?!"

Actually the "world famous in his own mind" Terrierman wrote a blog post about antibiotics and featured the idea that fish antibiotics are available without prescription. This "world famous authority" apparently failed to understand the concept of "the right drug for the right bug." Possibly someone educated him on this concept because his blog link to a post he called "Antibiotics for less" is dead but the title still appears in lists of his posts on the subject of antibiotics.

Small Survivors said...

All three blogs are fantastic exposes. Maul Talk's expose is incredible - the earliest abuse he lists is 2003. He's a long time abuser - and an out of control drunk - also for a long time.

Scorched Earth - amazing, she's moving AWAY??? unbelievable.

And Occupy Maul Street - mind boggling the number of lifeflights - and incredible research. I don't know how vintage does it. the conclusion is fantastic "Always expect Nutters not to know this stuff..."

S.K.Y. said...

I'm seeing links to pit bull attacks in the UK all the time now. When I lived in the UK in 1999-2001, pit bulls (APBTs and AmStaffs) were totally illegal., as were breeds like Dogos, Cane Corsos, etc.

I think a few pits were grandfathered in. I read that they had to wear muzzles every second they were outdoors, even if they were in their own fenced backyards. If caught outside without a muzzle, they were hauled in by the police and euthanized. I read one article by (what I now recognize as a pit nutter) complaining that the muzzle law was cruel, because dogs could vomit on walks and aspirate their vomit and die...

I competed in dog sports, attended all kinds of dog events, fun days, therapy dog events, Crufts, etc. and never saw a single bully breed except Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I tend to put Staffies in a different category than the other bull breeds, because they've been bred for a very long time as family pets, and haven't been fought in ages. In the UK, I met many at dog parks, etc. and they were always dog friendly. In the U.S., they are frequently used as flyball dogs (an amateur racing sport with tennis balls and jumps), and are bred with dogs like whippets or Jack Russells to created ever faster flyball dogs. In flyball, dogs must be very dog friendly, as they have to pass each other at an all out run from about an inch away without being aggressive.

Sometimes, I'll read on Craven that a Staffie mauled somebody. I'm willing to bet in every case (or almost every case) that it's a pit bull and they're trying to hide it under another less intimidating (and lesser known) breed name.

Anyway, back to my original topic. Does anybody know if/when pit bulls were made legal again in the UK? The articles I see about them attacking people never bring up anything about the breed being illegal today.

Small Survivors said...

Oh and Eric is a full on psychopath and sadist:

Maddie was there, recently spayed and no pain meds... He told us that putting pressure on her sutures helped assert dominance.

tropical storms said...

@SKY. I believe it was 1991. They were one of four breeds.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

@ S.K.Y. "I tend to put Staffies in a different category than the other bull breeds, because they've been bred for a very long time as family pets, and haven't been fought in age"

My counter point to that is that my Rough Collie is show bred for more then five generations. Not a herding title- even a basic one in her pedigree. Yet she will still herd (and has basic herding titles).

There is a handler that runs them in my area. I stay far far away from them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

@ sky, for the time that i was tracking animal attacks, staffy bulls were the dogs primarily responsible for dog on dog and dog on cat violence in the UK (and they had a strong presence down under too). maybe the UK authorities have been worn by the job itself and/or the UK nutters. maybe they bought into the "it's all how you raise them" BS. they seemed to stop enforcing the ban.

staffy bulls might be less lethal than an APBT, they might be less game than an APBT in the pit but when it comes to normal dogs who completely lack the dreaded characteristic of gameness, they are just as dangerous as APBT.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: pit on pit attacks, i saw them ALL of the time and they are getting more common.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, for some of these rescue freaks, it is ONLY about the money. see amanda conrad.

occasionally, the rescue is a front for dog fighters.

i think a lot of the tattooed societal rejects gravitate towards it out of necessity. then once there, they find their role as rescuer of pit bulls has the added benefit of reaffirming their rebel image.

and for most of these rescue freaks, it is all about their fragile ego. they do this to feel good about themselves and attempt to command respect and admiration from others.

i don't think they all fit in one mold.

tropical storms said...

@Dawn. You gave me some insight into neonutters I lacked. They are a separate culture just like dogfighters have created their own culture. It explains their ferocious resistance to logic with regard to the dogs. I'm willing to bet the main topic of conversation within their groups is bulldogs just as with dogfighters. They have created their own insular communities based on a shared perception and can tolerate no criticism as it is an attack on their cultural identify. This has always been the case with the dogfighting community but I didn't see the extension to other groups until now.

Jim said...

IMO, Am Staffs and Staffy Bulls are the red headed stepchild of the AKC. I fault the AKC for cowardice in this, among many, areas.

As a little thought experiement, go to the AKC website and look at the breed standards for those two breeds. Then pick any other two breeds at random and compare. You will notice their "standards" are really cursory and fairly generic descriptions. One even lacks a section on temperament (gee, wonder why?) These are not dogs being bred with lofty goals regarding type and temperament.

Perfectly suited for the marginalized breeder wannabe type with little to no understanding of anything which is required to be a reputable and ethical breeder of dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

tropical storms, here is another type, the lion tamer, possibly a subset of the fragile ego group.



adrenaline junkies typically engage in extreme sports but some of them it seems would rather shoot up dangerous dogs for their rush. can you imagine how long extreme sports would remain legal if they endangered the lives of others?

Jim said...

^^^ Jeebus...what kind of "friend" laughs about their dog terrorizing their "friend?"

It's funny to that simple minded fool that her hound from hell essentially tree'd a human being?

Please let her be sterile....

tropical storms said...

Everest sans air, deep water free diving either works. Sub groupings in rescue nutter land would all be members of the same (rescue) culture regardless of their individual maladjustments.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

New headline up on Drudge Report just now.

"D.C. man who shot dogs biting boy could face charges"


orangedog said...

So check this out. This dog Josie has some nasty human aggression and was sent back to Smilin Pits. You can read about it here:


Now look at the Facebook masthead pic of Smilin Pits:


That would be the same dog rehomed to a new family (with children!) who apparently weren't told about her issues. I hope someone starts suing the crap out of these rescues!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I trust someone is going to copy all that Orangedog, because I do not doubt "Josie" will make the news one day.

In reading the story about Josie I could not help but think of the great article on 17 Barks a few months back called "My pit bull experience"

As the dog got more comfortable in its home its true nature emerged.

Both the full account by Ms. Marmeladov who took in the dog and Alexandra Semyonovas comments on the situation are worth reading.


orangedog said...

I had never heard of a "shutdown period" for a rescue, or any, dog before I started reading about the weirdness of pit bull advocacy. I think it is terrible advice. A month, MINIMUM, kept in a crate and on top of that, a NILIF approach that almost ensures a dog that will resource guard the only person who dotes on it. So now you have a stimulus deprived, unsure bull dog that is going to protect what little it has - his rescue angel, an ottoman, food. In this story, food takes priority over the rescue angel, so she can't even be sure she won't be the main course.
Honestly, I see so many red flags in that story. I understand she was just following the bully code, but all this tip toeing around the dog is just nuts. I do not understand why people want all this drama, and that's what it is, in their lives.

orangedog said...

I bet the dog in that story was returned to the shelter, "re-evaluated", record wiped clean, and put up on Petfinder as a great family dog. Probably relabeled a Lab-mix or Pointer-mix if possible.

orangedog said...

I must admit I've been having a blast reading that Truth about Smilin Pit Bulls FB page - apart from the disgusting abuse and human waste "Eric". The behaviors these people take in stride as casually as having a coffee in the morning amaze me. If I was still in the psychology field, I know what I'd write my thesis on. For instance:

"Eric Gray is nothing more than a puppy broker, and a shady one at that. I just completed a 6 week foster of his TENN Niners (Nine pups he “saved” from being sold as fighting/bait dogs in Tennessee.) They were taken from their mother at 4 weeks, got to me at 5 weeks, and at 9 weeks, started viciously attacking each other. My husband got injured trying to save one of the pups from death. He sustained 14 deep puncture wounds to one hand. The pup had been bitten from head to toe, was howling and bleeding from all over."

So here we have 9 week old puppies already flexing their genetic muscle. Don't worry though, I'm sure the Smilin Minions loved all that aggression out of them before they trafficked them to neighborhoods near you and me.

And there is so so much more on that page. I've been bothering Craven all day with snippets.

tropical storms said...

@orangedog. I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts. It helps to put levity into an otherwise grim story.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I do not understand why people want all this drama, and that's what it is, in their lives"

most likely answer : because you do not suffer from a personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

In Semyonovas' comments, she says, "Peremans found in her dissertation research (2002).
Peremans found the same brain disorder in all the researched dogs that showed
unprovoked (thus unpredictable) disproportionate and uncontrolled aggressive

Does anyone have a link to Peremans' dissertation research?

orangedog said...

Ha, as long as you aren't bored yet, I've got another one. This is a comment from a story on Dogs Bite Decatur about a wolf dog that bit a child checking her mailbox.
In one link, the "breed" is not mentioned. But you didn't expect the nutters to refrain right? I could just taste the nuttiness as I waited for the comment section to load.
And, I was not disappointed!

I can bet you money that this was not a Pit Bull or it would have said so in the headline. Poor reporting not to detail the breed.


If the story reports the breed as a pit bull it's "MEDIA BIAS! MEDIA BIAS!"
This story didnt report the breed.

You can't fix stupid.

orangedog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
orangedog said...

This post has everything!


Crate and rotate
Spontaneous fight for "no apparent reason" - hellooooo they're pit bulls!
Break stick wandered off! Oh noes!
Dogs "choked off"
Parents held hostage by lion tamer daughter
All that hard work loving the aggression out GONE! *sob
Older pit don't take no shit!
Attacking dog never allowed out of crate again except to pee - what a life. She should marry Mr. Smilin Eric.
"Gotta love bulldogs!"

DubV said...

Wow, the pitbull-chat moron knew this was the APBT nature, yet he decided to not have 1 but 2 in the same house!

Dumb asses. I find them less repugnant than the fur mommies that think that pit bulls were bred to be nanny dogs, however.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Since it was a rainy day and not much for me to do I wasted a bunch of time today on the "truth about SPBR" page reading the "sob" stories about the dogs.

Call me callous, there was not one dog I felt sorry for. I am more repelled by the fact that there are a lot of scary dogs out there and bunch of people who think its ok to live with dogs who show aggression to family members or pets. Every dogs profile I read I thought "dirt nap".

What you have is one bunch of folks who for years turned a blind eye to the abuse going on at SPBR but now have fallen from grace from their one time savior and now they are the righteous ones.


As my dad used to say "for every sadist there is a masochist" and those involved with SPBR were lucky to find each other, and it seems he has an endless supply of new recruits.

orangedog said...

Me neither PutMe. I felt sorry for the puppies that died in their own shit and in pain, but that's about it. I think it takes a certain kind of sadist to treat little creatures like that. I don't find pit puppies particularly cute either, and the adults are hideous with their creepy eyes and gaping alligator maw. Still, they should have been put to sleep and not left to rot in a stinking basement. I despise animal hoarders, and Mr. Smilin is even worse since he also trafficks these vicious dogs into our neighborhoods. Every time I read that one died or was euthed, it meant one less ending up in the newspaper.

Vintage, I thought it was interesting that the pit forum people were way more honest than the usual rabble posting in any news comment section. They're still despicable though with their clear disdain for other dog types. They don't really care if their dog "finishes the fight", but they care about "how bad it looks" when their mutant kills another dog.
One woman tells a tale of being at the vet with her 22 week old puppy (why she mentioned the exact age, I have no idea) when a women bursts in with her two "rat" dogs, i.e. Schnauzers, and her baby pit latches onto one. Well! It was entirely the rat dogs' fault, but she wrote the woman a check for $100 because she's "just a push over".
WTF. If she wasn't at fault, why did she fork over money? So, I'm reading this thinking how full of holes this tall tale is, but no one else questions it. They even lie to their own kind.

orangedog said...

BTW, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but some of this stuff is just so bizarre I have to post about it! ;)

Rumpelstiltskin said...


The pit nutters speak more openly about their pits when they're conversing with each other. In public forums it's "all in how you raise them" and early socialization. None will ever mention the genetic hard wiring of dog aggression and the danger pit bulls pose to the public.

"Benny is a young, confident dog that is reaching the point of maturity that he is ready to push boundaries."

What he is really saying is his pit is locked and loaded at 13 months old and ready for the dog park to put someone's dog in their place or to the vet.

I swear pit bull owners are douches.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Here's something interesting off dogforums.com - Why Is Everyone on Pit Bull Chat So Nasty????


Some notable quotes:

"They all seem to have a problem with me because I am anti chaining, and I am with a rescue. They told me that unless I have a pedigree for my rescued pit bull, I have no right to call her an APBT, and she is basically a piece of shit without this pedigree. They also told me that because she is somewhat timid, she is a poor representation of the breed."

"Well, i do believe that my pit bull is an APBT, Staffie cross, but I dont really care."

They do categorize Staffs and APBT as "pit bulls"!

"The hallmark of the community is accepting what the dogs were bred to do. While pit bulls have enjoyed many other jobs over the years, they were bred for combat with other dogs and this cannot be ignored."

We never hear this shit. LOL!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Here's a recent pit-on-pit attack. Almost comical except for the kid screaming "Mommy, I'm calling 911!"


Rumpelstiltskin said...

This one is not so comical. This one was hard to watch, that's a warning to you all. :(


I rarely see pit-on-pit attacks in the news, it's always a normal dogs vs. pit bulls, like the one in this video.

Unknown said...

Here's a bit on it.

Really? Fish Antibiotics? You’ve Got to be Kidding ME!


Jim said...

That second video.


Perhaps I do deserve the charge of being a "breedist" as has been lobbed at me by pitiots. Because the victim dog looked to be a black lab and the idea of my black lab, the sweetest dog on the face of the planet, being mauled to death while idiots who probably instigated the mauling stood around and halfheartedly attempted to stop it (because this is NOT a fight and I refuse to call it one)makes me physically ill.

APBT=AST. Just two different registries with one closing before the other and now having very slightly divergent "types." An AST can be cross registered as an APBT, but not always vice versa. And the APBT and ADBA people fault the AST for lack of aggression.

orangedog said...

I am not watching that video. Nope. I watched one where the pitard finally got his mutant off a white dog by throwing the victim dog off a sea wall. I still can't get it out of my head. My opinion of the people who own these "dogs" is as low as it can get.

orangedog said...

Fish antibiotics from a prepper page. Those people are... interesting.

orangedog said...

Rumple, the rescue angel who started that thread appears to be getting a harsh lesson on what pit bulls are really about. She's still spewing nutter language and they aren't having it. Pretty funny.
Why is it we never see these "responsible" pit people putting the smack down on the "It's not the breed!" idiots in any comment section of a mauling story?

Miss Margo said...

I dunno...I felt badly for the SPBR basement dogs when I read about how Eric was housing them. I found it disturbing...it actually gave me the chills, to be honest. There is a photo of Eric's house on the website. It's a big, beautiful house. There are descriptions of how much effort he puts into "beautifying" his lawn.

...and then I was picturing those filthy, thirsty, starving, barking dogs in the basement. Mutilating themselves and eating their food bowls.

That is some spooky shit.

In fact, I'll just call it what it is: evil.

I seldom have any use for that concept, but I think it applies here.

Branwyne Finch said...

Orangedog, I accidentl;y posted about "momma Josie" on the wrong link belong. That story really affected me. The woman described the dog sitting in her daughter's lap, and when her daughter tried to get up, the dog bared it's teeth and growled and wouldn't let the child get up...the child was starting to cry. Finally, the husband had to intervene and grab the dog off the child.

She then goes on to describe the dogs aggression...."our neighbors and their children were getting fearful of her reactions as they would walk by. One time she actually caused a little boy to cry walking by because, she was unstoppable."

Finally, the dog tried to bite her eldest daughter in the face. She goes on to say that Josie is not a bad dog, or a poorly behaved dog, and apologizes profusely for the fact that she had to return her. Most normal parents would have gotten rid of that damn dog the MOMENT it growled at her daughter....just look at the jaws on that dog....but this psychopath waited until the dog almost took her daughter's face off.

The current fur mommy owner of "sweet Josie" is proudly boasting her pit bull advocacy on the Smilin Pit Bull Rescue Facebook page, telling a story about how she "educated" her child's pediatrician when he expressed condern over her bringing a pit bull into the house.

I look at the body language of the dog in the picture,posing with the child, and I get sick to my stomach. That little boy could end up dead.

Miss Margo said...

"Does anyone have a link to Peremans' dissertation research?"

I'll see if I can access it through my school's electronic database. If I can find it, I'll say so in comments and you can email me for the file.

Miss Margo said...

@orangedog: post away!

Pit bull forums have become a guilty pleasure of mine. I can't believe the wacky stuff I find there.

Here's one I came across recently...GET OUT YOUR BARF BAGS!

Tell me: how GULLIBLE do you have to be to believe this absurd, illogical fairytale "A BSL Story?"

(summary: loyal loving dog saves owner from suicide; fascist ACO raid home and take valiant dog away to be PTS in order to implement BSL...the dog looked like a "husky.")

Miss Margo said...

Whoops..forgot the link:


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

rumplestilskin, yeah i've seen that video. disturbing. hitting these fuckers when in the red zone, usually seems to only make them angrier and put the victim in further jeopardy. that's why they should be shot or stabbed. and it doesn't seem safe to hit them because you hit the victim and cause even more injury to it.

it is astonishing to me how frightened adult males are of these ugly fucking dogs. these video moments are when i want to round them up and kill them all.

these attacks enrage me. i suspect all normal people feel the same way and that is why the pit nutters hammer youtube and get them taken down. i save all of these videos and one of these days i put them on the internet where the nutters can not touch them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"My opinion of the people who own these "dogs" is as low as it can get."


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"There is a photo of Eric's house on the website. It's a big, beautiful house. There are descriptions of how much effort he puts into "beautifying" his lawn."

sounds like eric belongs in the amanda conrad category.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Kathelijne Peremans

Relevant passages:
Introduction, p. 14, section 'Impulsive Aggression'
Chapter 8, p. 171

april 29 said...

The second video was brutal. The camera was not on the dogs at the critical point in this mauling. Suddenly the black dog is gone and the pit is on the ground looking stunned. I hope the black dog lived.

The actions of bystanders are worthy of note. It looks like a stick, a board, a bike tire, kicking by humans, water, AND a motorcycle were used as weapons on the attacking pit. The video does not show what actually stopped this mauler. What it does show is a huge crowd of "men" that are afraid to actually touch this red zone pit.

One never forgets one's own attack. In my case the owner of our attacking pit standing with her hands to her horrified face, screaming. The handler (a prime-of his-life, and very fit young man) shifting his weight from foot to foot but not moving from that spot, waving the leash and calling the dog "Babygirl, Babygirl" but too frightened by his own dog to help her victims.

The video was from some other country but pitters worldwide appear to be cowardly scum. Location makes no difference.

Sorry for the personal rant.

orangedog said...

More fun with Smilin' Eric.

Eric must live for his syncophants fawning:

"Heather Morgan Someone sent you a negative message, Eric? This is extraordinary to me. Having just had what turned out to be a pretty disappointing experience with another rescue, I will say here what I have said several times on the SPBR forum. SPBR is one of the most well run rescues I've ever encountered.

Your dedication and love in helping these wonderful little beings is nothing short of inspirational. All the people involved in your rescue do fantastic work. I'm in awe of the work you do, Eric. You only have to look at the vast numbers of dogs you and the other wonderful people (Lorna, Terry and Mark, Deana, Chelsea, all come to mind) at SPBR, have saved to know how special you all are.

This is a horribly abused and vilified breed. Your tireless efforts have saved countless lives and have brought joy to both families and these wonderful dogs.

So I profoundly thank you Eric. And thank you to all the wonderful souls that work with you."

Break out your barf bags!

Here's the woman who can't recognize the body language of her own dog:

Melissa Finney-Andrzejczak I received 3(!!!!) emails from three women claiming death and improper care of pitties associated with spbr. They said my Josie was a dog that came up in their conversations. They are hateful and creepy women.
December 28, 2012 at 4:07pm · Like · 2
"Josie comes out of her shell more and more each day!"

Yes, that's what we're afraid of.
I can't find the posts where she "educated" the pediatrician but someone should save them. If this moron's child doesn't end up seriously hurt or dead it will be a miracle.

orangedog said...

And just look at how many puppies this guy has. He's a puppy broker. I bet when the little maulers grow up they get sent back to Eric to live in his dungeon.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Its another day of bad weather, I refuse to read any more pit bull blogs!

I will rely on Orangedogs snippets instead.

I agree he is a puppy broker.

I know of a German Shepherd Rescue that I believe is also a puppy broker as they have an endless supply of puppies. Then there is the Gentle Giant Rescue in So Cal who not only have puppies all the time but so called "designer breed" puppies all the time. This page is interesting reading-


Rescue certainly is big business.

tropical storms said...

4And these people say we hate bulldogs. Unlike some here I feel profoundly sorry for these dogs. They didn't create themselves, we did this. From the beginning they were created solely for pleasure and profit. We are responsible for their existence, for the problems they have and the problems they cause. This is why I advocate the elimination of all fighting breeds. No animal should ever have to suffer what these dogs have. Certainly there will be shitheads like these people who will then turn their attentions elsewhere but they will not generate the support system that bulldogs seem to engender. Humane euthanasia is their best end. I read some of the Pereman material last night but not enough to answer a question. If there is documentation of physiological differences in bulldog brains why has this not been used as support material for bsl? The ability to prove neurological differences should end

tropical storms said...

Sorry, should read "end any argument ".

Anonymous said...

tropical storms -
I read the Pereman research this morning, and I think it's valuable, but the conclusion really is "more research necessary" to find/prove the physical/biological marker(s) of uninhibited aggressive behavior. That research was over ten years ago, so hopefully, someone has picked it up from there.

Until then, we're stuck with trying to battle hyper aggressive with statistics and anecdotal evidence.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Son of a gun I was sucked in again.

So, it appears that the guy would have no problem placing human aggressive dogs except for those "lovely attorneys", not that its unacceptable for a dog to bite a human-

"Since being admitted in with Steph, Lily has shown STRONG SIGNS OF HUMAN AGGRESSION, biting 2 of the volunteers in the shelter. in the dog world, "human aggression" is unacceptable, and the dogs cannot be placed. YES, we're sad -- we're heartbroken, actually. the PROBLEM with placing a human aggressive dog is that a "lovely" dog-bite attorney will sue EVERYONE in the line of command who let lily in to society, where she will bite again. so, who will be sued is the ACC, the SPCA and SPBR. thus, MANY MORE dogs will perish, because lawsuits are very EXPENSIVE and TERMINAL to rescues / shelters.


Branwyne Finch said...

Putme, I know, it's like a car crash, you know you shouldn't look, but you can't help yourself. Read the comments under the post, they are all fighting about being forced to euthanize her after she BIT TWO PEOPLE!

As for the study referenced, there have been more studies done on the brain defect linked to aggression in dogs, here is an abstract.


"The present results suggest that aggressive dogs might differ from non-aggressive dogs in the activities of the serotonergic system and the HPA axis."

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Yes, I'm a bit of a breedist also, I love the GSD and other herding breeds but would never condemn someone for owning a different breed.

The only breed I abhor is the pit bull type dogs. Not because of how they look, but because of their bloody history, genetic DA, and their unpredictability. Add on the douchebag pit bull owner mentality and it's just a recipe for disaster or as pit nutters like to call them, "tragic accidents".

As for the Youtube videos, it's difficult to empathize when we read about a pit bull mauling, it's more apparent when we watch a video where we can see and hear what really happens when a pit bull mauls and possibly kills another dog or human.

If I had not been personally involved in pit bull attacks, a good "primer" would be a Youtube video. Next time you read about a child being mauled by a pit bull, watch the videos and think of the victim being a child, it's appalling.

In the 2nd Youtube video I posted, it seems the poster is celebrating and inspired by the pit bull attack.

Fortunately, my pit bull attacks left me uninjured and my dog relatively unscathed.

tropical storms said...

HTTP://rayfox6.tripod.com/id62.html. insight into insanity

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Branwynne, I think I need an intervention.

I almost pounded my head repeatedly on the desk in reading this Jan 21 post on the SPBR facebook page regarding a dog that needs a new home-

In this part of the description-

" She is super-affectionate, loves getting petted and cuddling, and is a real "people" dog"

And then this about their perfect people dog-

"Like many rescues, Lexi needs caretakers with confident personalities who can set appropriate boundaries for her. She may be somewhat territorial around her home, and can act protective of her caretakers, especially when entering or leaving. She is generally fine around children who are comfortable with dogs, but probably should not be placed in a household with kids -- she sometimes gets nervous with their unexpected movements, and they can bring out her protective side."

" Unfortunately, Lexi does not get along with our landlord, and he has demanded that we find a new home for her. We are expecting our first child, and we know Lexi will do better in an environment without children; we're heartbroken we can't take care of Lexi anymore, and we want to do everything we can to find her a better situation. "



scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you discovered ray fox's creepy site LOL!

i saved out his entire website about 4 years ago. one of these days....

speaking of pdfs, i hope you guys are saving the evidence from evil eric's creepy little world.

speaking of evil, i am with you miss margo. i rarely use that word. the first time i realized evil existed was growing up in the chicago area and hearing about what RICHARD SPECK did to eight nurses. evil was reaffirmed as i watched the bodies uncovered from JOHN WAYNE GACY'S crawl space on the news.

Branwyne Finch said...

LOL, I am morbidly fascinated with the story, too. Apparently they have had over 900 people comment to verify the abuse and conditions of the dogs.

It sounds as if Eric is a very charming sociopath who has gotten a lot of emotionally needy, mentally ill women to do whatever he tells them to. These women supposedly "love" the dogs, but were willing to sacrifice the animals in order to protect Eric, and the "rescue". It's pretty fascinating.

If you look at his forum and Facebook page it is ALL WOMEN, most of whom sound like teenage girls with a crush on him. It really is like a cult....the types of people attracted to these dogs seem to have a screw loose to begin with, so they were easy to manipulate. When he stops getting what he needs from one of his groupies, he cuts them loose and burns that bridge...it doesn't matter, because he has an endless suppy of new women waiting to "help him and the pitties". He'll burn through the next group, until they have enough, then replace them with some fresh new "pit bull mommies".

The stories are multiplying by the hour on that webpage....I will guarantee you that a situation like this....where hundreds of "breed advocates", rescue workers, owners and fosters knew about the abuse of these dogs, but did nothing....would NEVER happen within poodle rescue, golden rescue, lab rescue, etc.

orangedog said...

Yep, now go look on his Facebook page where he scolds all the "liars" and his syncophants gather protectively around him. The abuse will go on and on because they are so foolish. There are so many stories of human aggressive pits on that page that are now "somewhere". Scary as hell.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Branwyne Finch Said -
"It sounds as if Eric is a very charming sociopath who has gotten a lot of emotionally needy, mentally ill women to do whatever he tells them to. These women supposedly "love" the dogs, but were willing to sacrifice the animals in order to protect Eric, and the "rescue". It's pretty fascinating. "
Indeed, you have nailed that right on the head. There is something seriously wrong with the women that have affiliated themselves with him and his breeding operation.

I got so sick of reading the stories of all these people on the "truth" page who pat themselves on the abck for raising a litter. Talk about being part of the problem. Its not heroic or wonderful to save any of these litters.

Wonderful would be if they would take the dam in for an emergency spay/abort
as soon as they got her and let that be the end of it.

Orangedog, they sure do think its ok to put human aggressive dogs out there, and you see how careful their screening process is.....not.

They all stood by for YEARS and let this happen. They are as awful as he is. Now they have their own page and they think that somehow redeems them.

The term pit nutter could not fit more perfectly.

april 29 said...

tropical storms,

Thanks for the Ray Fox link. I'm stunned.

What an insane mix of shocking animal cruelty with reverence and respect for his fellow dog fighters.

Holy cow...

orangedog said...

What gets me is how loooooong the truthers have known about what is going on, but it was apparently too hard to take pictures and shut him down. YEARS AND YEARS and now they are patting themselves on the back. Yeah, you guys are so much better than Smilin Eric. Can't get into the basement? Take pictures of the dogs as they come out or of the disgusting transport vehicles, deathly ill puppies, and fish antibiotics. He's still peddling pit puppies because not one person loved these dogs more than Eric.

tropical storms said...

@Dawn. I don't know if you've seen Randy's site lately but he has photos of Weldon Stockton in his clown attire. My first thought was of Gacy. I wouldn't be surprised if he's back in business, he certainly has a new batch of bulldogs and is breeding. No more varmint dogs, lol.

shar pei mix said...

@dawn james

sounds like eric belongs in the amanda conrad category.

One of the local shelters have had dealings with both of them (Eric and Amanda Conrad). I'm pretty sure that some rescue angel volunteers sent some cruelty case dogs to Spindletop.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep, he has new material. thanks. i will grab it too.

Anonymous said...

great to have these stories brought to light , at least another version of the truth and the facts. the pitters are always crowing and carping on us getting educated and shedding our preconceptions ect . well, of course the same can be said of their version of the whole question , of pitbulls and the human side , such as rescues ect .
this is very much what craven is about , get these stories and the fucking idiots and dingbats , behind them , into the spotlight . not that this has to be accepted as truth but at least its there for anyone to accept or reject .

orangedog said...

There is always a nutter in any comment section that bashes DogsBite and Animal People and then links to the NCRC. I always feel my eyes try to roll out of their sockets.
DogsBite is just media stories... Do they scream bias because there is no such thing as a pit bull?
*squints at Smilin Pit Bull Rescue's Facebook banner
Hmmm... there does appear to be the words "pit bull" there.

I'm going to start a unicorn rescue!

DubV said...

"The second video was brutal. The camera was not on the dogs at the critical point in this mauling. Suddenly the black dog is gone and the pit is on the ground looking stunned. I hope the black dog lived."

April 29, I'm pretty sure it was a heavy blow from that long piece of timber. Someone finally had the balls to take a big swing at the pits head and connected well. The black dog is gone so quickly, I have to assume that it ran off quickly. I hope it survives also, and it disappearing so quickly is a good sign, and also an indicator of it not being a pit!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Maybe ol Smilin Pit Bulls can affiliate with this rescue that is in the news....they too were a breeding operation.........


Rumpelstiltskin said...


Yeah, and they both believe in the crate 'n rotate methodology. Wright uses the modified outdoor version.

“One of my pit bulls in the front yard got into the back yard and bit my other pit bull,” said Wright.

Such responsible pit bull ownership. LOL!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


These are exactly the kind of folks that should screen homes and find other "responsible" pit bull owners. They have such a great handle on their own situation.......

Anne King said...

@Tropicalstorms, way earlier in the comments - I'm a Nip Tuck fan, big time! And recently, I've just re-watched the entire series, including the episode you speak of, with the wiggly butt biting the nipple of his protector off. First off, good on the war returned hubby in the episode for delivering the dog in a duffle bag to the forlorn wife in the surgeon's office after he realizes what the hell happened...second, the first time I watched the episode was a few years before my son was attacked, watching it this time, living in the post attack world, her protector comments made me want to throw up. Poor Mellisa Gilbert, why the hell she'd do that part is beyond me...she must be a nutter...good on the writers of the series though to make that dog in that episode a pit mix, maybe when the nutters pull the "hey look (insert celeb's name here) has a pit, we can huck this Nip Tuck episode back in their smug ass faces...

tropical storms said...

@Anne. It was pitmommy's defense of the dog I thought they nailed. Dog in the duffle bag just made me laugh.

Packhorse said...

Attn. Nutters!

I've found the perfect cookie for your sweet pibble.


april 29 said...

Packhorse, that is just an excellent choice,and on sale to boot. How can you lose? Its all good.

Miss Margo said...

Packhorse: haahahahahahaha love it

orangedog said...

It appears that "Josie" came out of her shell. Things are not so Smilin right now:


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Orangedog said-"It appears that "Josie" came out of her shell. Things are not so Smilin right now"

I wonder if she went after the child, the other dog, or both.

However the "truth" nutters still feel so sorry for this beast that really needs a one way trip to the vet.

orangedog said...

She bit the son when he tried to trade her a different toy than the one she had. "It wasn't her fault." of course. She also stands over the son when he's playing on the floor. I can't imagine having this dog around my family.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


Of course it was not her fault. She is a misunderstood wiggle butt, probably abused, and used as a bait dog and_________(insert made up story there)

This was in the latest home?

So how many times has this dog bitten and yet she should go to yet another home?

I am living in an alternate universe.

orangedog said...

Yeah, read the comments from the current owner. She's bit two people now, but still has no bite history because they never report it. They try so hard to keep wigglebutt's like her out of the news that they'd stitch up a gaping wound with dental floss.
Poor wigglebutt.

Branwyne Finch said...

OMG...this is completely unbelievable. Josie's owner posts..

"She did growl at my hubby when he tried to get her off the couch. she received a smack on the snout. Has stayed off the couch since. She bit my son ( it was his fault, in my eyes). She had a toy and was chewing on it, he was trying to offer her a different one. She bit him, did not break the skin. Eric heard through the grapevine and called me that night. He told me a few times, 'Josie does NOT have a bite history'. "

She blames a SEVEN YEAR OLD, for not understanding how to interact with an aggressive pit bull. I can tell you, my daughter was five when we got my dog, she is now fourteen....and for the entire time we have had the dog, she could reach into his mouth and take ANYTHING from him. Any one of us can....you could lay down next to him and chew a damn bone along side him, he wouldn't so much as curl a lip.

Not ONE pit bull advocate in the group has advised this woman that this is a dangerous situation, and as the dog gains confidence, it is quite likely the violence will escalate. Not ONE person has expressed any concern for the child's safety. I am left speechless by this.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Branwyne Finch said...
OMG...this is completely unbelievable. Josie's owner posts..

I immersed myself with the nutterdom last week and read both the "truth" page and some of the forums from ol smilin eric.

You would not believe it unless you read it yourself.

Its like a cult.

I think someone here said it reminded them of the Manson Family.

Like your dogs, my dogs would allow anyone to take anything out of their mouth, or out of their bowl. If they so much as curled a lip at a human being their next thought would be that they were going to go meet the Lord. Yet with these folks its just part of normal.

Branwynne, did you read the blog over on 17 Barks- where not only do they have a full story of someones unsuccessful pit bull Rehab along with Alexandra Semyonovas comments as to why it did not work out.

It is an AMAZING read, both in what the extent folks are supposed to go to when bringing one of these beasts into their homes, as well as what they put up with, and how the dog was dealt with (or not dealt with). Alexandras input is also fascinating. I think its a must read.

Here is a link for that blog-


Branwyne Finch said...

Putme, I have read that story, and Semyonova's response. The instructions on bringing home a new pit bull come DIRECTLY from Bad Rap.....see here..


The bizzare advice to keep the dog locked in a crate full time for AT LEAST a month is something peculiar to pit bull rescue. As Semyonova pointed out, if you told most rescue groups you were planning to do that, they would refuse to give you a dog.

The advice given in this BadRap handout is simply bizzare...including the idea that you can socialize and train away dog aggression in pit bulls, and even teach a pit bull not to be aggressive with other dogs by removing privileges after the fact.....so if your pit bull tries to attack another dog on a walk during the day, you don't let the pit bull sleep in bed with you that night, and the dog will understand that this is a consequense of it's earlier actions.

The advice in this handout is laughable.

Packhorse said...

What if this whole crusade's a charade?
And behind it all there's a price to be paid?
For the bloody Dash n’ Dines
Justified in the name of a dog so misaligned!

Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?

So naive, I keep holding on to what I want to believe.
I can see, but I keep holding on and on and on and on.

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?
Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?

Rumpelstiltskin said...


"so if your pit bull tries to attack another dog on a walk during the day, you don't let the pit bull sleep in bed with you that night, and the dog will understand that this is a consequense of it's earlier actions."

That is absolutely bizarre. Another indicator that pit nutters think their pits are human.

It would take my smartest GSD at least 50 repeats of that response to even begin to understand sleeping on the floor is a punishment for a bad behavior, if ever! I'm not that patient to even begin to use that as a correction.

Dumbest shit I've heard in a while.

vintage said...

Yeah...That's the Ticket!

Keep it in the crate for a month...sufficient time for legal liability to be transferred to the newly duped, idiot owner.

"Your honor, they abused the dog by locking it up in a crate 24/7!"

Diabolical Geniuses these pit grifters are.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Even my dog who is smarter then Lassie would never figure out that "consequence"

Vintage- I never thought of it that way. Of course the poor wiggle butt could not adjust it was locked up all the time......

Branwyne- I can not imagine any NORMAL human being thinking that its par for the course to lock a new dog up in a crate for a month.
It just goes right along with the fact that these folks do have psychological problems.

I have two good friends who are veterinarians. One just relayed a story to me about a GSD Puppy that came into the clinic the day before yesterday. It had been mauled by a pit bull.

At first the vet thought they would be able to save the puppy, until they took an x-ray and found that "the puppy had been shaken so hard its back had become separated". The puppy was PTS.

Their comment was "that the pit bull had been fine with the puppy"

(of course this was a young puppy, so it was not "fine" for very long)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit nutter excuses are like liquid, they can take on whatever shape they are poured into.

they blame the deed on the owner, citing abuse. then they fight dirt nap orders on those grounds (despite the "fact" that man-biters were culled). if the mutant's record remains clean then they reaffirm "it's all how they are raised". and if the mutant scores again, "what do you expect, he had an abused past".

i despise these charlatans more than their ugly dogs.

Branwyne Finch said...

Vintage, you may have actually hit on something here.

If an adopted pit bull bites someone the first few days it's home, it may be easier to prove legally that the shelter was negligent in adopting out an aggressive dog. If a month or more has gone by, and the dog attacks, the shelter may claim that too much time has elapsed for them to be sure about what went on with the dog...maybe the dog was teased or mistreated? I think legally, the longer the period of time the dog is living with the new owner before an attack, the harder it will be to prove legally that the aggressive behavior should have been noticed at the shelter.

Just a theory.....

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I think they sign papers at the adoption agency that makes the buyer solely responsible for the frankenmauler.

Not sure if it's ever been challenged.

tropical storms said...

Mandatory microcipping of all dogs with names, etcetera of previous homes could address this. Requiring this information to follow a dog from home to home regardless of transfer from county or state would give a better chance of legal action. I don't see how the nutters could oppose this since their mantra is responsible ownership.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

as it stands now, when you adopt a dog from a shelter, you have to return it if it doesn't work out, in that is implicit that the shelter still owns the dog and therefore assumes some liability. jane berkey is working to change that. in her turbo charging pit bull adoptions program, she is pushing for transfer of ownership. that will make it so they are completely free of any liability.

vintage said...

Putme in Charge

I read a quote from a vet tech once that stated "Every time a distraught owner rushes a pit shredded dog to a vet, that vet retires one month earlier"


Anonymous said...

ELTON the ugly pit- mix was turned in by his red faced owner , for being gay . presumably, elton would have been given a steak if he had mauled or killed the other dog , rather than try to hump him. O.M.G.....what kind of self-respecting thug-dog owner could keep a gay dog ?!!!!??. oh ,i hear that bull dogs are among the stupidest of dog breeds, i know that goes for their owners too.

tropical storms said...

@Snarky. Did you also read that a pitmommy met the ACO at arrival to adopt the poor misunderstood wiggle butt a new forever home? Maybe none of these people are aware that that is a display of dominance that is fairly common to bulldogs just before they start. Stay tuned for more Elton updates, I think we'll soon hear he's cracked off. I'm sure it will only be due to his troubled past rather than his genetic history.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

" O.M.G.....what kind of self-respecting thug-dog owner could keep a gay dog ?!!!!??."

a gay thug-dog owner who is no longer living in the closet and gets some of that gay attention too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

putmeincharge, i just noticed that some of your comments landed in spam. i don't monitor that folder closely because blogger is pretty good about determining what is spam and what isn't. occasionally, they screw.

if anyone notices that their comments did not appear, please send me an email. alerting me in the comments might slip by me.

Anonymous said...

@ dawn
does that mean what i think you meant ? OMG THATS TERRIBLE !

orangedog said...

Hi all, thought you might like some wishful thinking from the Bones Battle page:

" ...as much as I despise Colleen for what she is doing as far as our bully breeds are concerned, any exposure is good exposure. Trust me when I say that she and her cohorts (including the ones that are figments of her imagination) are about at the end of their time. Her comments should be taken with a grain of salt because the only thing that she knows how to do is to work the Internet to her advantage and she is quickly becoming her own worst enemy."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

paranoid idiots

orangedog said...

The animal communicator so sayeth:

"I have been meditating on Bones and Sasha and they have both passed over. I'm sorry. I feel that Bones passed the same way Sasha did. I felt like I was electrocuted, shocked...(possibly tazered) The dogs died in her care not off her property. Too heavy to be picked up by herself. There is another person, female who knows what happened and helped her to dispose of the bodies. They won't show me what happened but when I saw her draging that laundry bag I had a feeling it was not laundry. I also feel like either the dogs or their belongings were incinerated. You won't find any evidence of them unless someone physically goes to the house and searches around. I also feel like the fathers house should be checked as well.
Unless I get more precise information or for them to give me an exact location of where they are buried or where they are I won't bother you again because I know you are very busy.
Good luck with the case and I hope the truth comes to light."

scorched earth said...


That Bones Battle thread deteriorated into pitters assuring each other that Scorched Earth is written by Colleen.

This is a newsflash for the Bones Battle crowd... I am not Colleen Lynn.

That had to be said.

orangedog said...

Lies! You are ALL Colleen! ;)
When I first read that, I wrote Craven about how the rescue angels had been overstimulated and had redirected onto the Lexus Project person.

Miss Margo said...

"That Bones Battle thread deteriorated into pitters assuring each other that Scorched Earth is written by Colleen."

for some reason, I find this very amusing

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

dawn james said...
putmeincharge, i just noticed that some of your comments landed in spam.

Dawn, I did not notice, I did have some trouble with my account about a week or so ago when I tried to sign in and had to reset my password etc as google had noted "suspicious activity" so I am not sure what that meant. So maybe that had to do with any comments landing in spam. No worries.

New subject-

Hey when I used to go on Yahoo Answers and answer pit bull questions I was accused of being Colleen. I was flattered.

uightshi 1035

Anonymous said...

check out those idiots at DOG HATERS UNITE . these folk give haters a bad name . rejoicing in a dog being burned for barking is the kind of thing deranged pitters do and in no way is this comparable to people who defend themselves against shitbull attacks . i certainly dont care for the average unruly , barking , snarling , shitting canine but i tend to hold humans ultimately responsible for what they have created and allowed . these folk however , seem to be full of irrational , even psychotic hate, for the dog animals but not the unhuman , human animals behind them.

orangedog said...

I completely agree. I get that barking dogs are annoying. I can't stand them myself, but really they are just a symptom of a larger problem - the douche bag owner who lets them bark. Setting an animal on fire goes beyond the pale, and those psychos think it's cool.

scorched earth said...

Putme Incharge,

"Hey when I used to go on Yahoo Answers and answer pit bull questions I was accused of being Colleen. I was flattered."

I find this flattering too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: criticism of the dog haters unite recent blog post about torching a problematic barker. i didn't read it until i started hearing complaints, although i was aware of it. i just read it but not the comments. i don't always have the time to read comments on craven. i love the first amendment but that doesn't mean i always love the product of the first amendment.

a few years ago, a california pit nutter tied the leash around her waist and her ultimate canine gladiator capable of pulling 30X its own weight, pulled her onto the tracks of an oncoming train. i thought it was funny. i still think its funny, but then i think all darwin awards are funny. like the idiot in washington state who liked to be on the receiving end of stallions. as i recall, the stallion ruptured his colon. i have been criticized for finding those two fatal events funny. i know people cringe at some of the stuff i write here. on occasion, i cringe at some of the stuff of i have written and some of the stuff others write. i don't find anything funny about setting living beings on fire, not even pit bulls. not even attacking pit bulls. until dog haters unite actually recommends and instructs people how to set barking dogs on fire to deal with their problem, then it is just a difference of what people find funny.

i'm very sensitive to people who are being victimized by barking or loud stereos or car and house alarms or loud car repair. i have been on receiving end of all of these. people underestimate the negative impact of being under a constant assault of noise. don't believe this is a problem, try googling "sound as a weapon".

my advice is to not read that blog if you are offended. i don't read the blog posts that i find offensive (and i find a lot of them offensive), like setting fire to the dog.

Anonymous said...

i dont believe they found it funny as much they found it pleasing or rewarding to their twisted ,anal retentive , shiveled souls . obtw , they sure didnt find it funny when i said something nasty about one of their own "little people".... the scottish postman on permament sick leave .

Anonymous said...

i know that barking is not a small problem for many people . ive had to listen to two big shepard dogs barking almost incessantly over xmas when their idiot owner left them totally alone for two weeks or so . i did not feel like harming the dogs , only the owner . then theres the other unecessary noise that selfish people make . probably the ones like DOGHATERSUNITE think that their noise is ok , like lawnmowers every sat at seven in the morning or whatever . my experience has shown that the peops who are first to complain are also culprits of their own in some way .

Anonymous said...

those doghatersunited morons seemed to take a perverse delight in some dog being burned ... no one said it was wrong ,they all just made asinine comments about the chinese, ect, eating dogs. which in itself is maybe not so bad but its more about how those dogs are treated before they are eaten .

more often its people doing their sick things to cats and ofcourse u then get the cat haters defending them , cuz cats crap in gardens ect and kill birds . its no different than these sick dog haters and what they take joy in .

Anonymous said...

can just imagine what their sad , sorry little faces look like ..... probs like someone who just stepped in a tiny poodle poo. hee, hee.

orangedog said...

I hate my neighbor's cats. They have 5 and they are all indoor/outdoor which means when they are outdoors, they scale my privacy fence and attack my birds and shit all over my gardens. I've never once thought of setting them on fire or anything besides shooing them out of my yard.

Anonymous said...

the sickos who do things like that probably always have an excuse for their cruelty but in reality its just them doing what they feel like doing . whenever a cat gets set on fire or something, there are always little people making excuses for this ( like the D.H.UNITED IDIOTS) and you kinda know they too would like to do something as well.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've had massive problems with cats. they wake me up fighting and mating, they shit in my garden, i even had one with its claws in my window screen trying to get at my cat. one summer they kept walking on something i was trying to paint. every morning i would wake up and find their foot prints. i'd have to hose it off and start over. i decided that i would get a paint gun and tag them for their owners. you know, sort of like those exploding die packs the banks put on money. then someone told me that paint guns have caused injury to humans, so i canned that idea.

april 29 said...

A good friend had a fabulous idea that I will share with you. She LOVES cats but she had a huge problem with neighbor's cats on her property, fighting with her animals, digging, all the stuff cats do. She got some dog tags made that said "If this is your cat please call xxx-xxxx. If this cat continues to be a problem on my property I will shoot it." She caught the cats and put collars on them with the dog tags attached and sent them on their way. Never saw them again and never shot a cat. She never intended to shoot those cats. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

yep , cats beg all kinds of nasty solutions ...... like tarring and feathering , rat-trapping, catching and gassing, duct taping , electrocuting , poisening , microwaving , shooting with pellet guns , mauling by canine and mutant just to mention a few. its amazing we dont hear more about it .

not to give anyone ideas , i hope . especially not to the D.H.UNITED (in hate)peops, since im mostly a dog lover , although i like cats too.

Anonymous said...

i heard of a case where a cat came home traumatized and missing all its claws , some cat hatin cretin had yarded all its claws out with plyers .

ohh,iguess he came in his pants while he was doing it .