Sunday, April 7, 2013

ohio injustice

opponents of BSL claim the laws unfairly target innocent, cherished canine "family members". they rail against the laws that force law abiding citizens to either choose between their homes and their innocent "family members" or violate the law and live like criminals. they use this argument to overturn breed specific laws.

pit nutters also regularly wield death threats against anyone trying to take their dog from them. of course, the reason we want BSL is to protect ourselves and OUR cherished canine family members which their mutants regularly mutilate and murder, creating financial and psychological hardship, sometimes physical injury up to and including heart attacks and death of the human. on rare occasion, we normal dog owners are able to circumvent mutant mayhem and protect our dogs from the gaping maws of doom.

such is the case of Robert Marx in cincinnati.

74 yr old Robert Marx took his cherished family member, described as a medium sized long haired dog to the off leash park where he encountered two young fucktards and their mutant BRUSKI. 18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY and her fuckwit boyfriend SILAS JAY PARKER claim to have taken one year old BRUSKI the gripping mutant to the off leash park numerous times, where he happily played with other dogs without incident, UNTIL this particular day.
googling "what age do pit bulls turn on" produces over 4 million hits. it is inexcusable to endanger the rest of the dog population with pit bulls who have been bred to kill their own species for almost 200 years and then claim "he's never had a problem with other dogs before." the fact that KAITLYNN HORNSBY was so quick to fall back on the he's-never-done-that-before excuse, indicates to me that she KNOWS pit bulls have deserved their reputation for dog aggression. 
this story is not a new one, it plays out daily with only slight variations on the theme. more often than not, the pit nutters flee the scene with their mutants leaving us with a flood of adrenaline and a puddle of blood and fur, and NO recourse. the park was apparently crowded the day BRUSKI locked onto the medium sized long haired dog. several people unsuccessfully attempted to free the medium sized long haired cherished canine family member from BRUSKI'S jaws. Marx first used a stun gun to save the life of his cherished family member. when BRUSKI'S owners, the other park users and the stun gun failed, Marx drew his 9mm and shot the mutant. clearly, the firearm was his last resort. i think Marx demonstrated tremendous restraint.

BRUSKI, socialized, apparently neutered and showing no signs of abuse or neglect.

18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY claims her mutant was only playing and Marx's medium sized long haired cherished canine family member bit BRUSKI first (they ALWAYS do!). 18 yr old KAITLYNN HORNSBY claims Marx shot her dog before giving her a chance to get her dog, despite the fact that several others failed to break up the fight and before Marx first tried to stop LOCK JAW BRUSKI with a stun gun. and as is often the case, the 18 yr old judgment proof Arby's employee and her tatted up thug boyfriend had the nerve to be irked that Marx's medium sized long haired cherished canine family member was not harmed or not harmed enough.

the police arrested the 74 yr old man, confiscated his gun and his carry permit, citing that it is illegal to use your firearm to protect PROPERTY. that brings me back to how i started this blog. if pit bulls are more than just property, if they are in fact cherished canine family members, then why are our cherished canine family members merely property?

why aren't we law abiding citizens railing against a system that forces us to choose between the lives of our cherished canine family members and arrest? why aren't we railing against the unfairness of our cherished canine family member's lesser status to PIT BULLS?

Marx needs help to fight these charges and challenge the law in ohio. Marx saved his cherished canine family member from the vicious mutant but at a tremendous cost to his personal freedom and is now looking at a future labeled as a criminal. please give generously to his legal fund.


trib today

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Kaitlynn Hornsby

Silas Parker

Silas Jay Parker

Robert Marx Legal Defense Fund


Jake said...

Bravo! This sad story, with minor variations, plays out every day somewhere in America. The entitled sociopaths inflict their ticking time bombs on a suffering world and then react with outrage when someone takes action to defend a victim of their wanton cruelty and depraved indifference.

This man must be vindicated.

Anne King said...

it's the fence sitters that need to get the hell off the fence, and stand with us...otherwise, it's their pet or child next. It's like the bully, the bullied and the bystander, generally the one who can have the most influence in the bystander, when they speak up because of what they have seen. And what people have to see, unless they are a future nutter, is that whether you value people or pets, pits gotta go! The stats and stories don't lie...

dog friend said...

I can't believe this man was as irrisponsible as to fire a weapon in an area filled with people and animals. I hope he learned his lesson.

Anonymous said...

dog friend
pitbulls were bred to do what this pitbull did to mr marx's dog and thats all i really need to know .

only the purpose -bred attack do

was hit , so i guess , ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL

good work, mr marx on saving your dog

Jaloney said...

dog friend This man did not hurt anyone using his firearm in a park. Noone was hurt except the pitbull. Are you going to pay the taxes of all law abiding citizens and set up pitbull free dog parks? This man was expected to listen to his pet squeal in pain and watch it bleed and be torn to bits? The constitution guarantees life and liberty to all. .. how do you have life and liberty when you can't take your dog for a walk? It is pitbull owners who put innocent people and their own family members in danger when they keep saying it can't happen to them.. and then their mutant mauls without rhyme or reason. And where was this irresponsible pitbull owners break stick? Why wasn't she cited? She could not control her undog.

Anonymous said...

dog fiend
where i live there is a muzzle requirement for pitbulls but almost no pb owners abide by it . if and when i have to kill a pitbull to save something or someone , it will be down to this fact , not the fact i always carry a weapon .

Jaloney said...

Isn't that some type of bong in her profile picture? Maybe she was stoned and that is her excuse for losing control of her mutant.

Jaloney said...!/legalizenow yep she likes to get high and wants marajuana legalized.. Go figure...

Anonymous said...

rather than charging mr marx for what he did with his legally carried gun , i think it makes more sense to charge the dingbat owner with negligence or not having care and control over a known dangerous breed. i dont believe what mr marx did was cruelty to an animal but i think the pitbull attack on the other dog was cruelty . maybe she should be charged with neglecting to prevent this cruelty to an animal.

care and control , just like with a vehicle . you cause an accident and youre responsible .

Anonymous said...

maybe she should just stick to getting stoned and being a dingbat

forget about owning the cool dopers dog .

Anonymous said...

why are these people always tarred with the same brush?

young , stupid , tattooed and proving it all on facebook .

these people shouldnt be getting knocked-up .....or owning anything worse than a hamster

orangedog said...

I was taking my dogs for a walk today when I spied a pit in an unfenced backyard locked and loaded on my male dog. I recognized it as the same pit whose owner let it drag him toward my dog last Halloween and thought it was funny. I was all set to unhinge Mr. Tactical when a small boy grabbed the mutant's collar and dragged it away. So that worked this time, but these neighbors must be the "my pit isn't like other pits" types who think an unfenced yard and a small child are great containment. Assholes.
I had my next door neighbor's 5 year old child with me and all I could think about was how that pit was going to attack my dogs and she would see the carnage.
These people are dicks. I can't imagine having ANY dog without a fence, but these entitled shitheads don't think laws, or dog genetics, apply to them.

tropical storms said...

I have no problem with people getting high, I have a problem with shit heads with bulldogs. Whether they are professional dog fighters, wannabes, your average moron nanny nutter or basic tat trash they and their loving little killers have to go. They want to sit home and get high, no problem. They want to get high and take a normal dog to a dog park, no problem. I hope the egregiousness of this action will result in a strengthening of laws prohibiting all types of bulldogs from public areas as well as addressing the property/family member disparity. Everyone should have an absolute right to protect their animals on their own property or publicly accessible places.

Anonymous said...

my friend got badly chewed up by a loose dog like that . funny thing was, he swallowed the bull-shit that the dog was just doing its job . dogs that are really meant to do damage should not around for any reason . a nip or a bite is one thing but dogs that would kill a human should not exist .
people dont get pitbulls cuz they are sweet loyal people pleasers .....all bullshit imo

Anonymous said...

sorry but getting high definitely can be a problem .

but yeah i get your point .

each to there own except where it starts to impact others .

Anonymous said...

if people were keeping pitbulls in a responsible fashion there would still be problems , but most owners are young , stupid , immature ,stoned, drunk assholes who couldnt keep a hamster in style .

DubV said...

"I can't believe this man was as irrisponsible as to fire a weapon in an area filled with people and animals. I hope he learned his lesson."

I can't believe those nutters were so irresponsible as to bring a pit to a dog park.

You'll notice the man with the gun stopped the attack and no one unintended was injured. Can you say the same for the actions of the nutters?

DubV said...


That's a hookah which are also used at hookah bars to smoke flavored tobacco. From the look of it, they are in a hookah bar because the picture lacks common items strewn around pit nutter hemp dens (pit bulls, pizza boxes, infants with diapers filled to the brim, etc).

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't have a problem with people wanting to get high or the legalization of pot either but consider this: this fucktard nutter KAITLYNN HORNSBY is currently 18 years old and was 16 when she liked this page. in the two states that have legalized pot, the legal age of consumption is the same as alcohol - 21.

i do have a problem with the following: there were a lot of people present or next time it could have been a child. i have a problem when either side expresses this sentiment but even more so when the nutters say it.

tropical storms said...

I agree. I was simply saying that from my perspective adults smoking pot, drinking beer or smoking tobacco at home ( not with children present) is a none issue for me. Back in the day in trying to get dogfighting upgraded to felony my position was if they'd just stay home and get high I'd have no problem with them (bad guys). They would have had no problem with me because we'd have never come in contact with one another. We did use the prevalence of illegal drugs, guns, un taxed alcohol and tobacco as well as cash to inspire l.e. and legislators to act. The issue is the animals and the shitheads who own them. In my opinion these people are just as irresponsible and untenable straight as they are drunk or stoned.

tropical storms said...

I just read of another d.b.r.f. of a child. A young FL boy has died following an attack by to pitbull mixes.

orangedog said...

Dammit. :(
So is that 8 this year not counting all the maulings where the kids are still clinging to life?

tropical storms said...

If d.b.r.f.s are averaging one every two weeks as seems to be the case it is unfathomable that law makers can continue to ignore the problem. At least one paper in Savannah, GA is calling on the officials to ban pit bulldogs. Let's hope others will follow suit. Nothing else that claimed the lives of one person every two weeks would be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

imagine if once a week someone was to kill a shit- bull and say "ah well its only a shitbull , people will be people".

..... all people are capable of killing , bla,bla,bla.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I will be making a donation to Robert Marxs legal fund.
I am so glad he was able to save his pet.

I am so saddened to read of another DBRF. When is enough going to be enough for lawmakers to get serious and do something?

Anonymous said...

" still no product recall on pitbulls after seven dead peops in the first three months of this year "

kind says something about folk who are ok with this disgusting situation .

death by pitbull becoming accepted and tolerated as a natural phenon .

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I'm thinking pit nutters have more rights than people in general.

Their dog mauls your dog or a human, they usually get a citation or possibly walk away.

You protect yourself or your pet from an aggressive pit bull, you get taken to jail.

Makes no sense to me.

I read the guy used a tazer at first but that didn't work, so he shot the pit bull. Not like the guy just shot the damn thing. I'm betting the cop has or had a pit.

Jake said...

I was just walking my little dog down a street in my neighborhood, when, up ahead, I spotted a pit bull in a yard with a middle aged woman. The pit bull charged the fence and was focused laser-like on my dog as we approached. It wouldn't have bothered me so much except the fence was only 2 feet high.

So, just to be cautious, I pulled out my knife and flung it open as we approached to pass, knowing that thing could well jump the fence and try to do what it was bred for, and I was not about to let my dog become a casualty.

My precaution apparently angered the old woman, who shouted "put yer knife away, my dog ain't gonna hurt yours!" to which I answered, "uh yeah, I'm going to just make sure of that.." which made her even more angry, and she shouted "your dog is supposed to be on a leash!" (I didn't reply, but I thought "my dog isn't the problem here, ma'm"...)

As we walked by, she yelled "ass!" to which we made no reply, but merely continued on our way, as nothing could be gained by arguing with the likes of her.

Pit bulls and their owners, making new pit bull haters every day!

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Sometimes my dogs bark at other dogs. Anything more than 5 seconds, I tell them to shut up and apologize to the other dog's owner. I don't penalize people with nice dogs for walking on the sidewalk.

If the my dogs like the other dog, they begin to bark and cry wanting them to come back. They'll come out the next day hoping for them to show up again.

There's the difference. I don't want my dogs to harass people on the street. Pit bull owners expect it from their mauling machines.

DubV said...

Jake, how am I not surprised that she felt entitled to tell you to do with your own body and property while you were on public property?

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

The idea this man could be prosecuted is ludicrous. Similar cases where pit bulls were shot are innumerable, including cases where pit bulls were menacing before even making contact. Yet another example of the law working properly:

How is it that someone is legally justified to shoot a dog for chasing chickens - chickens the owners intend to eventually slaughter themselves, but would not have the same right to defend a beloved pet and family member? I can't imagine a prosecution against this man going forward. What I can imagine is a law suit against the city for false arrest - for an asinine denial of the legal right to self defense concurrent to the defense of a pet. Can you imagine a jury agreeing that he should have stood by and let his dog be mauled to death? Of course not. Would his intervention without a weapon unreasonably compromise his safety? A man of his age could easily suffer cardiac arrest from the stress and exertion without other substantial injuries, and he does not bare the burden of proof by actually dying to demonstrate the obvious. Not only did he have the right to shoot the pit bull, he had a duty to shoot the pit bull. This man is no less than a hero in the minds of reasonable people.

The pinnacle echelon of Cincinnati needs to examine their chain of command, from the bottom fuckwit to the supervising idiots who let this imbecilic injustice evolve. If ever there was a justification to discharge a weapon, this is it.

DubV said...

I agree, Dude.

Perhaps after the recent mass shootings, LEO in some areas is overreaching in this area.

Some people are just horrified that a gun would be near people without their consent or fired within 5 miles of them. Most of these folks don't know how a gun actually works. They also think that 5 rounds are enough because they believe a handgun will drop someone with one shot as if they've been struck by lightning.

Miss Margo said...

Great comment, Dude!

Anonymous said...

the little nuttress whined and cried to the cop and apparently got him to see things her way . im sure it happens all the time , people in the wrong having their way with the authorities . you can see in her statements how she was twisting the truth . " my dogs teeth just locked on the other dogs fur "
sure, sure . like it was all an innocent accident .

personally, i tend to believe that the shitbull owners were given enough time to control their dog and they couldnt so the old man took matters into his own hands. if his dog wasnt hurt much its down to the old man , not the nutters.

Packhorse said...

I recently saw a book titled "Pit Bulls for Dummies."

I thought, "Indeed..."

orangedog said...

Snarky, it's "death by dog" (not by pit bull) that the shitheads have drilled into everyone's head. "Any dog could do this!" is SO ubiquitous in the comment sections that I really think most people now think a Chihuahua could kill a full grown adult male. The fighting dog advocates Big Lie has worked and now we all suffer the consequences of weak legislators afraid of the "any dog" bullshit.

orangedog said...

The other thing that bothers me about this story is watching all the nutters whine about how he overreacted because his dog wasnt even hurt much - comments range from not hurt much to not at all as they make shit up as they go. So unless your dog got a good mauling and is on an IV drip at the vet, then you shouldn't hurt pibble. Pibble is just being friendly when he gives your dog a shake.

Oh, and if her dumb dog was just "locked" on the other dog's fur, why couldn't anyone pull it off?
Another lie from a dumb owner with a dumb pit bull.

DubV said...


I'm reading the comments on the page for Pit Bull for Dummies while I eat lunch. Very funny stuff. The double entendre in the title is great. I'm laughing at all the reviews by nutters extolling the book for being on their 4th grade reading level.

safer midwifery utah said...

sooo there was a triple murder in idaho and the deceased ran a dog fighting ring. Best friends animal shelter is eager to rehome 70 game bred pit bulls. jesus fucking christ.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

I recently saw a book titled "Pit Bulls for Dummies."

I thought, "Indeed..."

i will be laughing at your thought bubble all day.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

exactly dude! they have a DUTY to neutralize the threat. in staten island over the weekend, a cop shot a pit bull when the attack was over. according to the nutters, they shot the dog as it was running away. GOOD! it was unleashed and had just attacked a dog. kill the fucker.

ohio is one of my least favorite states when it comes to carrying a weapon. did you know that it is up to the whims of the local police whether to issue someone a permit?

"if his dog wasnt hurt much its down to the old man , not the nutters. "

yes snarky. law makers force us all to assume the risk of living with pit bulls and then law enforcement doesn't let us protect ourselves when their DNA explodes. and that's exactly how ledy vankavage envisioned life in ohio.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Most of these dogs will probably be adoptable with time, Temma Martin, a public relations specialist for Best Friends Animals Society, a national, Utah-based organization with the aim of no homeless pets.

The organization has contacted authorities to offer their help.

"We took 22 of what were considered to be the hardest cases from the Michael Vick case," Martin said. "Several of those dogs have since been adopted into homes."

best fiends is bragging about their work with the vick dogs. LOL!

scorched earth said...

This is an interesting quote from Best Friends "We took 22 of what were considered to be the hardest cases from the Michael Vick case," Martin said. "Several of those dogs have since been adopted into homes."

Pitters love to brag that all of the Vick dogs have been placed. There is a huge difference between "all" and "several."

Best Friends took the hardest cases because the dogs require sanctuary level care for the remainder of their lives. Placement for these dogs was never intended. Of course fund raising was never an intended use for the dogs either but Best Friends violated that condition of the agreement with the federal government as soon as they could get suitable promotional material produced.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is also big difference between successful and marginal rehabilitation.

and there "sanctuary" is a joke.

sanctuary |ˈsaNG(k)CHo͞oˌerē|
noun ( pl. sanctuaries )
1 a place of refuge or safety:

Jake said...

"sanctuary" - really, is that what they call the slaughterhouse where beans had his head ripped off by a vick dog?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The Nanny Dog Myth Lives On

It's just disgusting that pit pushers continue to lie. I was reading some comments and people still believe pit bulls are nanny dogs.

January 30, 2013

"Pitbulls Used to Be Considered the Perfect "Nanny Dogs" for Children -- Until the Media Turned Them Into Monsters

Despite their reputation, the United Kennel Club doesn't recommended using pitbulls as guard dogs because they're too friendly with strangers."

april 29 said...

Yes Jake, that's what they call it.

Anonymous said...

"the other dog was hardly hurt at all"
theres a good reason to not pussy-foot around when a shit bull grabs your dog , child , whatever .

remember what happened at lagoona beach ? shit-bull chewing away while the dingbat owner loving cradled the fucking thing .....dead victim , happy shitbull.

this dingbat was holding her dog too , instead of finding a breakstick or something to smother it with . just sat there probably going , poor pittie ,poor pittie .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

right on cue...

All BSL laws, even those that stop short of outright bans, result in beloved family pets with no history of behavioral problems being destroyed. Simply put, these are monstrous laws.

Anonymous said...

its so ignorant to say pitbulls are a danger and ought to be controlled .

on the other hand , its ok to own a chihuahua , that will rip off someones face , faster than any rescued pitbull with a violent past .

if you admit to owning a killer chihuahua ? how does that prove your shitbull is harmless?

Anonymous said...

COURSE , i dont really believe the RAT DOG MYTH . its just another packet of drivel that idiots like to repeat cuz they cant think for themselves. its like saying boy friend is on deathrow , but its my two year old you need to watch out for . lol ....idiots

Anonymous said...

i used to work for a chihuahua rescue and never lost limbs or was scalped in thirty years. they are just the sweetest cuddle-bugs a tattooed ex-felon could ever wish for . they love to dress up as midget ballerinas and midget court-jesters and love to go to outdoor music festivals for midgets . i just wish that ignorant peops would get to know a jrchihuahua , instead of trashing a breed for little-people .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and there "sanctuary" is a joke.


orangedog said...

Wow Dawn, if that isn't the biggest pile of (dog) shit ever written. Wonder where they got all their super research on nanny dogs? Today, I saw a guy with a toddler and two mutants and just can't believe that the idiot "parent" doesn't know that the whole nanny thing is a huge lie. Why would you knowingly take the risk?? It's like not using a car seat even though they save lives.
Two days in a row that I've seen a pit nutter with a small child.

DubV said...

""the other dog was hardly hurt at all"
theres a good reason to not pussy-foot around when a shit bull grabs your dog , child , whatever ."

I know little about the law, but I think it is important to not admit that breed figured into any decisions you make to save a life. Of course, don't talk without a lawyer.

Anyone better versed that has a perspective on this?

DubV said...

Funny nutter quote from the alternet article linked above:

"There's no reasoning with a bigot.

NO BREED is inherently dangerous. PEOPLE ARE."

DubV said...

I like a few of the turns of phrase in this alternet comment:

"Very disappointing to read such propaganda. Their are many reasons why Pit bulls and Rottweilers attack, but plenty of evidence that they do. If the owner isn't Alpha, then the dog WILL BE. Even then there is no guarantee that he/she won't turn and attack. A pseudoscientific study cannot refute the reality of actual observations in the REAL WORLD. I was attacked by a Rottweiler on leash while walking casually down the sidewalk. As usual the pathetic mousy little owned couldn't understand what happened, since he "never did that before." All you are saying is "dogs don't kill people, but people kill people (with dogs)." Who cares how it is accomplished, we are tired of pathetic people like you who make these attacks possible by your willful blindness. Next thing you know ALTERNET will have articles by pscho-shooters blaming the attacks on their victims. Coupla stupid articles like this and it will be time to unsubscribe."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i was sad to see this PC garbage on alternet too.

DubV said...

There were several posters that seemed well versed in the contents of the truthblog. So, I think you helped out the debate quite a bit, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

we all know what happens when a shitbull attacks a K9 . but of course a K9 is not just police property , hes a partner , a buddy and maybe even a family member too .

like i have said before .....oh to be a policeman blasting shitbulls with impunity . what joy . to be one of the elite with special privileges .

Anonymous said...


are they gonna take down the pic of the dead bat-eared mutant ? or is it to become a poster child (mutant) in the war against doggy bigotry and terrible breed discrimination ....LOL

scorched earth said...


My money is on poster child status.

Anonymous said...

just wanna say i got nuthin against police exersizing there firepower on charging or rampaging or "just playin" SHITBULLS .

i'M just a little jealous .....thats all ...LOL

I mean , a licence to waste shit-bulls is a wonderfull thing , really.

Packhorse said...

A dog owner had questions Monday after her son’s pit bull was shot and killed by a state trooper who believed the dog was attacking him.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

seeing this pseudo intellectual elite JOSHUA HOLLAND spout off the nanny dog reminded me of something i read by Micheal Shermer:

“A common myth most of us intuitively accept is that there is a negative correlation between intelligence and belief: as intelligence goes up belief in superstition or magic goes down. This, in fact, turns out not to be the case, especially as you move up the IQ spectrum… once people commit to a belief, the smarter they are the better they are at rationalizing those beliefs. Thus: smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for nonsmart reasons.”
~Micheal Shermer, The Believing Brain - How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good question snarky. how does the state of ohio regard police dogs? aren't they just property?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

“Two full-grown pit bulls ran across the yard in an aggressive manner, and he said that he thought he was going to be attacked by them,” Miller said Monday. “He pulled his weapon and shot one of them that was coming toward him and the other scurried off.”

if human ran towards a cop with a knife, i would expect him to shoot the fucker. and he would be within his rights.

“I could understand if it was an aggressive dog, but it wasn’t. It was a baby. Why was my son’s dog the only one that was shot?”

no leash. no fence. i fail to see her confusion.

sounds like HER BABY turned on early. what a dumb ass. i wasn't even there and i know why the other dog wasn't shot. it was a cur, not dead game like his side kick. "it scurried off" when it's partner in mayhem was shot.

these people really are too stupid to own a dog but especially a pit bull.

april 29 said...

Police dogs in Ohio are, just like police dogs every where else, canine officers of the law. Police protect their own and that is as it should be.

Anonymous said...

i protect my own too , but will i be protected ?

Anonymous said...

that would be good to be penned up with tattooed pitnutters after defending your dog against a shitbull attack . it would like throwing a beagle in a pit full of mutants .

talk about ironic .

Anonymous said...

what do they call that ? rough justice ?

he killed a pitbull ....asshole ,probably a diddler too .

tia's jailbird boyfriend

Jaloney said...

I noticed the media did not report that Mr. Marx's dog is a tiny Shih Tzu type of dog that posed no threat.. and the fact that a sign is posted in the park stating that you must have your dog under your control using only VOICE commands was not in the news either. This young girl/woman thing certainly did not have her dog under her control.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i would not consider a shih tzu to be a medium sized dog. sounds like the media is trying to paint this incident as one of those "fight broke out" opposed to launching an attack like a missile (like that little girl that was randomly mauled in the city a few weeks ago). so much for the media bias that i am always hearing about.

Anonymous said...

yea , that does paint a different picture . its the old "your dog started it and my finished it" story.
these assholes take their mutants to a park where they should know there might be trouble , then when it happens they just walk away or lie through their teeth or even get others to lie as well.

this is why when something happens people maybe dont have much patience with asshole pit-owners and their ugly dogs

Anonymous said...

ive never heard of a small lap dog doing serious damage to a pitbull or any other kind of dog , for that matter . on the other hand we all know that every day small pet dogs are being sacrificed to the breed that should have been outlawed years ago when dog-fighting was outlawed.

Anonymous said...

you can be sure many cops are not going to give a damn about someones pet dog .

K9 ....well, thats different .

my point is though, bringing a pit to a park full of people is a safety issue for people as well as dogs .

thankfully, that bat- eared pit dog is no longer a safety issue for anything .

Anonymous said...

this guy luckily saves his dog from a pitbull attack without hurting anyone, just the pitbull and pitters ask why would anyone bring a stun gun and a handgun to a park. LOL

well, i think i know why he felt he needed a stun gun and a handgun in that park .

i think maybe he did right and his little dog would agree , if it could .

tropical storms said...

It's unfathomable to me that anyone other than the idiot nutters have a problem with this. He tried a non lethal means of ending the attack and the bulldog didn't even blink. He then resorted to lethal force, end of story. This guy did everything right to save his dog from a brutal, potentially fatal attack. I think he has an excellent case not only for his action but to address the broader legal questions as well.

Unknown said...

Mr. Marx unfortunately broke one of the laws that CCH permit owners are required to abide by when getting their permit. In that state, property cannot be protected by deadly force. He will be convicted and likely will lose his CCH permit. That is why if someone wants to change this then they need to go to the legislature to change handgun laws, not animal laws.

orangedog said...

So is it legal to stab them to death?

tropical storms said...

The law that needs to be addressed is that considering companion animals as simple property. The special status accorded L.E. canines and service dogs should be sufficient legal platform to at least challenge the status of civilian companion animals. We humans have a unique and deeply personal relationship with our animal companions. They are totally dependent on us for their well being. A car or TV set doesn't scream in fear, cry in pain or look to their owner for help, comfort or affection. Our animal companions do all of these. It is entirely reasonable that they be accorded a greater legal status than inanimate objects.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The law that needs to be addressed is that considering companion animals as simple property."

that's the point i was trying to make in this blog, not simply addressing animal law or gun law. 100 fucking pit nutters paraded before the ohio lawmakers crying about their innocent cherished family members. they changed ohio law based on that bullshit. it is infuriating that now robert marx's dog has been reduced to mere property.

tropical storms said...

I think his case would be a superb legal test. His cherished family member was in grave jeopardy and legally he is responsible for his dog's safety and well being. By changing the legal status of our animal companions to more accurately reflect their place in our lives we would be enabled in doing our jobs of providing them with sufficient care. I hope someone tells Mr. Marks he needs to push the issue as far as he legally can. He might try the ALDF for assistance or referral. I hope this opportunity isn't allowed to go by the boards.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree tropical storms. and turning to the ALDF would be interesting as it is infested with pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

i think animals are somewhat more than property , in the eyes of the law . we have cruelty and neglect laws that indicate animals have some rights ... ie :to not be harmed , torchered , neglected , killed wantonly ect . i think its very reasonable to consider pets in a different category to simple property.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Ohio recently lifted BSL. We're going to read about plenty more pit bull "incidents" now.

I'm still amazed at how pit nutters take advantage of the law. This one is particularly obscene as the pit owner just stood there and screamed while the normal dog owner tried to save his pet from her mauling machine. When he does save his pet he gets a ride to jail. Then the pit owner convinces the judge to keep the small dog saver in jail.

Just absurd if you ask me.

DubV said...

I haven't read the whole comment stream, but I'm sure someone has likely brought this.

IF dogs are property, THEN why should using deadly force against one piece of property to protect another be a big deal? It's like smashing one piece of furniture to protect another ,no? So, the Ohio law and its implementation is nonsensical and talks out of both sides of its mouth. What if my neighbors has pet flies and they land on my picnic food?

I totally get why it should be illegal to shoot someone out on the street breaking into your car when they do not represent an imminent threat to anyone's safety. This is obviously a stupid and contradictory law or implementation of a law.

Anonymous said...

According to Ohio Law, dogs and cats are the exception to what you can kill a dog for attacking.

Weird. As a farmer, I sure as hell don't want to see "companion animals" put above livestock, but I'd argue that my cat or dog is worth just as much (and my Border Collies are, on the current market for trained working dogs).

And if Beth is right that you can't use your gun to protect your livestock, because it's property, I guess Ohio Farmers are just going to have to bludgeon marauding dogs to death.

Surely, that's not the case. Surely.

april 29 said...

In Ohio a livestock owner may shoot dogs menacing livestock. Yes, livestock is also property. As I recall, in the event of injury to, or loss of livestock there is a fund to reimburse the livestock owner to some extent. That payment is based on what the animal would bring at auction. The law does not see much auction value to a mixed breed pet dog or domestic cat. I don't like it either.

Most folks just do what they need to do, SSS and done.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"In Ohio a livestock owner may shoot dogs menacing livestock."

i suspect the issue here is the city limits of cincinnati. most cities that size will have laws that prohibit the owning of livestock. otherwise those two laws are in conflict. i bet if robert marx would have shot this fucktard's mutant in a rural area, there would be no charges.

Anonymous said...

i guess to protect our dogs we have to get them recognized as worthy of protection , like police dogs are . i think we are already moving in that direction but without much political will. i think we need more politicians to feel the bite of a dead child or pet via shitbull.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The pit bull owner did not attempt to intervene after at least 3 requests to remove her pit bull. From what I read, she only screamed and did nothing more.

I think if the guy who shot the pit gets a 1/2 decent lawyer, he can get the charges dropped and probably turn around and sue the asshole pit bull owner and city for vet bills and putting him in jail.

Sounds like there were plenty of witnesses to speak on his behalf.

I'm sure the pit nutter brigade has started their pity march.

Like I said earlier, I think pit bulls have more rights than other dogs.

Anonymous said...

A fund set up to reimburse farmers for loss due to domestic dog attack is news to me. The only thing I've ever heard near this are the funds setup to reimburse farmers for loss due to wild animals protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Farmers have as much, if not more, problems with out of control dogs than dog and cat owners. Worse in a lot of our cases, because we WORK as well as farm. Whose going to be home to shoot the neighbors dog when it slaughters all the chickens, or goes after the lambs?

Anyway, I believe teh intent of Ohio's "Can't use deadly force to protect property" is to punish the use of deadly force AGAINST HUMANS to protect property. How'd a piece of property (the pit bull) suddenly rate the same protection humans do?

And the law IS in conflict in urban areas already. Lots of folk keep bunnies as pets. They're livestock. The link I posted above says you can kill a menacing dog if it's going after ANY animal, except for cats or dogs.

I hope this guy isn't convicted.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good point about the rabbits.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

So he stopped her property from killing his property. Seems straightforward and unemotional until you hear a small dog crying because a pit bull is locked onto its neck while the pit owner screams in horror.

Reminds me of the pit that killed a seal on a public beach a few weeks ago. Now that was caught on tape.

Anonymous said...

that stupid dingbat poster said " i hope he learned his lesson , bringing a gun to a park"

well , hope pitters are learning that when you impact others with your dubious choice of breed you might come out a loser too .

marx , may lose his right to carry but i doubt too much else will happen to him .

sometimes you just have to act and you wont always have time to consider whether the law has some dumb technicality to trip you up.

april 29 said...

Many numbers and letters person,

This is a link to the Dog and Kennel Fund in the Ohio Revised Code.

Personally, I think the Marx case is a pretty good test case for NRA lawyers. Marx had a legal permit for his weapon and used non lethal means first.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like this:
No claimant who owned or harbored an unregistered dog on that date may recover from the dog and kennel fund.

right off the bat, at least 50% of all nutters are disqualified.

Anonymous said...

the value i place on my pets is much greater than their replacement value , not that you could actually replace an individual animal . in the event i have to save my pet like mr marx did , i am prepared , if i have to , to pay back the fair value of the dirtnapped mutant . fair is fair .

Anonymous said...

Well, great. Ohio has a law reimbursing farmers for the loss of their livestock (thanks for the link, btw*). How very progressive of them. Now why do they have a man under house arrest for protecting a dog from another dog? How can something (the pit) that's only property be the "victim" of deadly force, yet the thing it's trying to kill isn't LIVEstock?

And if I can't use deadly force to protect my property, what am I going to do with my mousetraps? Surely, they have mousetraps in Ohio.

It's a totally insane interpretation of "deadly force", and a totally insane exception to the law that allows killing of a dog for attacking livestock, but not dogs and cats.

*I wonder where the funds come from?

Anonymous said...

it seems obvious to me that the authorities , lawmakers see value in property if its livestock but take the view that value in pets is nominal and not worth protecting . i guess the individual needs to be aware of this problem and think about what they would do beforehand .

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I see that the Robert Marx legal defense fund now takes Pay Pal!

Anonymous said...

Either a dog's life is worthless, because you can't defend it from another dog, or a dog's life is worth so much, you can throw a guy in jail for because he shot it.

Which is it?

Yeah, I know, the gun thing.

If you reel back a few weeks, I believe I said, "you better make sure you know what your law are before you shoot a pit bull".

Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with you cazz. when i wrote about andrew rozsa last year, i really tried to drive home the point that if you are going to carry a gun, you had better understand your specific laws. i am trying to find out the specific code that he violated. based on what the cop said in the news clip, you can not discharge a firearm in the city limits of cincinnati to protect property. that's what i was working from when i blogged about the ridiculousness of claiming pit bulls are innocent cherished family members to overturn ohio's wonderful law, only to have OUR cherished family members reduced to property.

i suspect that marx could have bludgeoned the ugly mutant to death with a hammer or slit it's throat with a knife of legal blade length and the police and prosecutor would have done nothing. of course, with just a knife or a hammer, a senior citizen could be at risk of attack from the young thug dog owners.

Anonymous said...

But here's the deal about bludgeoning the pit to death, or slitting its throat. Besides the obvious that you'd be putting yourself closer to those stupid jaws, is that you're likely to get hauled in on animal cruelty charges, amiright?

It's the worst Catch-22 I can think of at the moment. The stupid pit owner is blameless to her (or his) incompetence (mental, physical, emotional), but to take effective action to save your pet, you're gonna break some law or other.

::re-commences banging head against desk::

vintage said...


Great News!!! Pit owners win big in Ohio!

March 2013, Columbus,OH; 911 response required when a pit owner having an argument with her husband is bitten on both feet.

March 2013, Springfield, OH; Pit owner attacked and bullbaited when he breaks up a scuffle between his pit bulls. Poured into lifeflight chopper

Feb 2013, Toledo, OH; Pregnant Pit Bull owner hospitalized. In surgery for wounds to thumb, breast area, thigh and forearm. Nanny is shot by Toledo Police

Feb 2013, Athens County, OH; In a classic Ground Hog Day stab-off, "The man stabbed the dog three times. He told authorities that the dog attacked him when he and his girlfriend were fighting for control of the phone.

Jan 2013, Belmont County, Ohio; Pit Bull Trailer Park mayhem ensues when mother and son are attacked by their new pit bull that they obtained just a few days earlier. Four people hospitalized.

Dec 2012, Findlay, OH; Pit owner blesses the Police shooting of his family pit bull after it attacks him and his son.

Nov 2012, Georgetown, OH; Man buys three pitties off of craiglist from pit trafficker.... Gunfire, rescue and airlift ensues.

Sep 2012, Akron, OH; A loose pit bull in an Akron neighborhood bit a child before attacking two of its owners, sending all of them to area hospitals.

Sep 2012, Mansfield, OH; Family Pit Bull shot by police after attacking during family squabble This cycle of idiots obtaining Pit Bulls and having first responders rescue them, and shoot the animal is must cost a fortune.

Sep 2012, Youngstown, OH; Man hospitalized after having an artery severed in his leg by his newly acquired, murderous Pit Bull. A/C reps have to shoot the beast after it attacks the A/C truck. Less than 24 hours later a mailman is attacked in the same town!

Sep 2012, College Hill, OH; MEDICARE gets slammed as 71 year old woman gets mauled by a her Pit Bull. Rushed to the Hospital and in serious condition.

Mar 2012, Celina, OH; 52 year old Pit breeder attacked by his own breeding Pit Bulls and “cubs”

Jan 2012, Dayton OH; Pit Bull mauls its owner during family argument

Dec 2011, Lorain, OH; ‘He wanted to kill me:' Woman doesn’t know why her Pit Bull turned on her... Comment: Because thats what they do!

Nov 2011, East Toledo, OH; Pit owners attacked by own animal on city street, cause police response and car pile up reminiscient of a good action film.

Oct 2011, Dayton, OH; Man hospitalized after his four Pit Bulls attack him when he tries to break up a "scuffle"

Oct 2011, Youngstown, OH; Woman hospitalized after being attacked by her Pit Bull

Sep 2011, Franklin, OH; Pit bull breaks chain in back yard then attacks two children and two adults.

Aug 2011, Portsmouth OH; Pit breeding Grandparent bitten while trying to save 14 month old grandaughter who was bitten from head to toe.... Child endangerment charges flow with the blood.

May 2011, Portsmouth, OH; Three family pit bulls jump barricade and maul 14 month old toddler. The boy's mother and grandmother are bitten during the rescue

Dec 2009, Cincinnati, OH; Woman attacked by her own pit bull during walk. Neighbors rescue her using shovels and hammers. Spews forth "slipped on ice" cover story...

April 2008, Elyria, OH; Elyria police said. Matthew Galati, 22, was left bloodied when his pet, Capone, turned on him at 7:42 p.m. at his Monticello Circle home, according to a report. "the dog’s teeth barely missed piercing Galati’s lung.

March 2008, Toledo, OH; Pit breeder mauled, rescued and hospitalitized after breaking up a fight between her moneymakers. Authorities had to tranquilizer dart the beasts to haul her off in the meat wagon

Jan 2008, Oberland, OH; 25 year old owner is attacked inside his apartment, tries to flee by breaking through sliding glass window. Finally, he begs police to shoot it and is flown to Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

april 29 said...

Vintage, don't forget the outrageous February mauling of a Dayton area grandmother, mauled on her own property.