Sunday, September 29, 2013

welcome new blogger

The Canine Game Changer


Miss Margo said...

I checked it out. Awesome blog. Please enable comments, Canine Game Changer!

Packhorse said...

I went to a dog event over the weekend. Only 2 mutants, as pits haven't really caught on much in my neck of the woods. One was a tiny puppy, acted like a puppy, and obviously hadn't turned on yet. The other was an adult owned by a tattooed couple; right away it began lunging, growling, and snapping. They had to tug it away and sat on a bench far away from the other dogs. Then they left early.

Obviously, the most responsible thing to do would be not to bring the pit at all, but it was (somewhat) thoughtful behavior not often seen with pit owners.

orangedog said...

Great new blogger.
Packhorse, remember the mis-identified Pit puppy that was in my puppy class? That thing was exhibiting all the behaviors of a future mauler.
Easily aroused: check
Difficult to calm down once aroused: check
Laser sighted on a single dog: check
Rough play that quickly escalated beyond play: check
Only dog in the class that exhibited these behaviors: check

I have no idea what happened to that little bastard, but I hope the family took their "boxer/lab" back to the rescue that pawned him on them.
I don't even trust the puppies after seeing that one.

Alexandra said...

Great stuff so far this new blog!

Brad said...

Thank you.

Finnea said...

Just read all the entries in one sitting, excellent job on them!

Packhorse said...

There is another upcoming dog event in my community that I will be avoiding this year. Last year there were three twentysomething girls in a group with three adult pit bulls (they appeared to be littermates.)

The dogs were lunging and posturing aggressively, and the girls absolutely did not have the strength to control them. There were many other dogs there and it's shocking there was no accident that I heard of.

Later, a photo of the worst offending pit was used as a "cute" PR photo to promote the event.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

leave dog at home, take video camera. or take a wooden dog.

Packhorse said...
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Packhorse said...

I think that's what I will do. I always have a camera or cell JIC.

Jenny R. said...

Thank you everyone! :D

Hi, my name is Jenny and I write for the Game Changer blog. Brad created it to put my FB notes in a blog format, so I want to thank him for spending so much time doing that.

This means a lot to me, especially since I love this blog and read Craven Desires daily.
You and others inspired me to write! <3

I did face a lot of nutter backlash when I first started writing about the issue on my personal facebook page, and considering some of the ugliest stuff thrown my way came from decade long friendships and family members, I got overwhelmed initially.

I Could only take so much, so when Brad asked about comments and such, I wasn't ready to risk a deluge of hate. However, I think I can be ok with it now, and just try to skim over any ad hominem insanity.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've grown to love their personal attacks. you can too :-)