Wednesday, November 6, 2013

today's word: Misology

Misology  hatred of logic

in season 3 episode #7 of pit bulls & parolees, i saw both of these t-shirts being worn by tia's cast of misfits. the nutters were not only in the same scene, they were standing next to one another. it was quite amusing.



i found this t-shirt for sale on her merchant website too.

it compliments tia's personal house dogs, don't you think?

the misological pit bulls & parolees season 3 now streaming on netflix


Demiandogs said...

So its racism to say anything negative about Pits,even if you don't even hate them or want them banned.
Yet they can say how superior they are to other dog breeds and cry how vicious,useless and cowardly Poodles,Chihuahuas,Chows,Rottweilers,Akita's,GSD's and Dalmatians are. Yeah,totally not racist.

Anonymous said...

But how do we know those this brown dogs are not pit bulls? Was a DNA test done?

vintage said...

The pit bull counter culture is so ripe for being fleeced by these types.

Dupes and morons they are.

Anonymous said...

Pit supremacists.

Anonymous said...

Why do I suddenly feel like breaking out singing

"Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles!"?

Again, the phrase "All Animals are equal, but some Animals are more equal than others" pops to mind.

Anonymous said...

tia shouldnt even have chi's ....chiapets maybe .

Anonymous said...

"Get a Real Dog" sounds like an excuse for their dog to shred any dog that isn't a pit.

tropical storms said...

It might be fun to hit these "get a real dog" dumbasses with one up man game. "You think THAT'S a real dog? Mine'll stop him in 15 minutes! Get real BULLDOG!" Just for kicks and giggles, see how fast they can run away from you.

Anonymous said...

So put another way...
If it is a pit, it is shit.
I can get on board with that.