Thursday, January 29, 2015

to tell the truth and shame the devil

shaming the devil: the sequel (the comment section)

“There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and shame the devil.”
~Walter Lippman, a real journalist

The Huffington Post is at it again. They don't even try to pretend to be objective in reporting the "news". In fact, every time someone sends me a link to a pit bull story on HuffPo or the PuffHo as I have come to think of it, they appear to have crossed the line from journalism into public relations even further. I'm convinced that they would not recognize journalistic integrity if it kicked them in the pants.

The most recent attempt to polish the turd image of america's gripping dog comes in the form of a vicious attack on Merritt Clifton and the dog attack data he has been tracking for 30 years. It is much easier to shoot the messenger than transform that ugly message into something that does not scare the hell out of the average american.

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER based his scathing analysis on an impromptu video recorded "interview" of Clifton last summer by the nutters three: JOSH LIDDY, JEFF THEMAN and KIM WOLF. The video opens with a question from WOLF. You only need to suffer through the first minute of these nutters trying to play gotcha! for the purposes of this piece.

KIM WOLF: "Can I ask you a question in the meantime while you are shutting that off?"

Brenda Barnett: "Sure"

KIM WOLF: "I'm curious about yer um statistics cuz I'm a geriatric social worker, so public safety n, n, reducing risk is very very important to me cuz I work with the vulneral set of the population but I'm curious why yer statistics have never been peer reviewed, especially by..."  
i thought phonetic spelling was appropriate here;-)

Merritt Clifton answers: "Actually, they have been. They have been. I'm in over a hundred peer reviewed publications."

KIM WOLF: "In a scientific journal?"

Merritt Clifton: "That is correct."

KIM WOLF: "The AVMA publication that recently came out is contradicting what you've said."

Merritt Clifton" "That article is actually authored by paid professional pit bull advocates."

More on that AVMA publication later, for now, I'll focus on Clifton's answer, "I'm in over a hundred peer reviewed publications."

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S critique is based on Clifton AUTHORING over 100 peer reviewed articles. DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER twists Clifton's words,"I have more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications." That is an incredibly brazen lie but you don't need to take my word on this. Just click on the link that DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER so generously provided and decide for yourself.

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER then goes on to include the opinions of four highly educated experts that he consulted to deconstruct the statement, "I have more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications." Not surprisingly, their comments were harsh and they should be harsh, if that was what Clifton actually said. When I read this HuffPo propaganda piece, I assumed the four experts were unwilling dupes in DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S smear campaign. I assumed that he deliberately misled the four experts in much the same way that he is deliberately misleading the over emotional politically correct liberal readers of the HuffPo. Then I googled the experts.

I decided to google them and post their faculty websites with contact information with the hope of creating some discomfort for being manipulated by DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER and just maybe the four experts would pressure the HuffPo for a retraction and an apology to Clifton. You know, cuz of all that academic integrity they have and need to maintain. But as I googled the experts, my position began to shift.

Let's meet DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER'S cadre of expert dupes.

Dr. Mark Hogarth, Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
(note there is a misspelled word on this prestigious university website)
Nothing I found on-line was cause for concern but I had to ask myself, of all of the professors on the North American continent, why was this particular professor consulted?

Rafael Newman, translator for hire with a PhD from Princeton
Rafael Newman was the first of the four to set my spidey sense a-tingling. Newman attended high school and college in Canada, so I assume he is Canadian. His linkedin page states that he is a freelance writer and while he lives in Switzerland, his phone number is Canadian and his email is German. Newman seems to be a rather obscure character and an unlikely candidate for this job. I found myself thinking, Why him?

Professor Amy Kaler, Sociology, University of Alberta
Amy was my fave. There she was in all nutter glory, facebook friends with DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER. Yeah, I suppose she could have been duped... nah, never mind.

Professor Michael E. Harkin, Anthropology, University of Wyoming
Again, nothing I found on-line was cause for concern except for his connection to Canada, I must ask myself, WHY this particular professor?

DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER has an expert statistician at the ready to inspect Clifton's raw data. I would like to encourage Clifton to do just that on one condition, that the evil genius KAREN DELISE fork over her raw data for scrutiny as well. The expert statistician, Mike McCaffrey of the University of Toronto does not appear to have personal ties to DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER but I did notice that McCaffrey is a softie when it comes to dogs but geese, not so much.

Mike McCaffrey,  Lecturer at the Faculty of information who specializes in reference work and government information, University of Toronto

I saved the best for last, the article authored by paid professional pit bull advocates.

I will cherry pick a few gems and comment.
"The study found that "Most DBRFs (dog-bite-related fatalities) were characterized by coincident, preventable factors; breed was not one of these."
The study FOUND exactly what it was looking for and breed was not on the list. This is really not hard to understand. Look, if the cattle industry funds heart attack or cancer studies and they don't design their study to LOOK at meat as a possible culprit, they won't find it. This is not rocket science man.

If you watch another couple of minutes of the Clifton video on Josh Liddy's blog, you'll see him refer to this very paper: "That article is actually authored by paid professional pit bull activists."

That's a pretty serious accusation. Liddy sounds unconvinced. So let's examine it.
BRAVO DOOFUS! Although not verbatim, I'll give you points for accurately conveying the meaning of Clifton's statement! But yes, LET'S FUCKING EXAMINE THAT. And thank you for linking to it, you saved me a step.


The evil genius needs no introduction.

He has been on Berkey's payroll for as long as Clifton has been collecting dog attack data.


The lead authors on this article are Gary Patronek VMD, PhD, and Jeffrey J. Sacks, MD, MPH. Dr. Patronek's PhD is in Epidemiology. Dr. Sacks is an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: the official body in the United States devoted to the study and containment of epidemics. Sacks writes about dog-bite issues not simply for JAVMA, but for the CDC itself.
Sacks WROTE about dog-bite issues for the CDC. PAST TENSE. It has been over a decade doofus.
Clifton's charge is that an epidemiologist with the CDC -- a doctor tasked with the study of dog-bite prevention, nationwide -- is for sale. And has been bought by crazed dog lovers bent on making America less safe.
Well, Sacks is working with Jane Berkey puppets, DELISE, CLEARY and MARDER, so I'd say that is that is a very real possibility.

ANTHONY DOUGLAS COOPER is just one of the huffington post's many shameless whores for pit bulls.

Arianna Huffington, wtf are you doing over there? Your schlog has begun to resemble the tobacco industry's public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton.

some interesting reading:
Principles of Journalism Pew Research

A rather negative book review on Animals 24/7 of Galunker, pit bull propaganda whose target audience is preschoolers written by none other than DOUGLAS ANTHONY COOPER.
hmm... is it possible that someone has an ax to grind?

postscript If NCRC's PUBLISHED mission statement is "preserving the human-canine bond" what do you suppose their UNpublished mission statement is? Three guesses.


Anonymous said...

How it is even possible to be 'pro pit bull' (from a nutter perspective)? DAILY one of them farts out onto the inter webs that there is no such thing as a pit bull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 10:40, that's a nutter koan.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

these pitballers

oops , i mean pitbullers, always sound suspiciously alike . their arguments and tactics oddly similar and unoriginal . i find it very difficult to believe they dont belong to some brotherhood or whatever the fuck you want to call it .

not at all difficult to believe many of these folks have connections closer than the internet .

Packhorse said...

by Pittie on the Radio

Say say my playmate
Won’t you lay hands on me
Mirror my malady
Transfer my tragedy

Got a curse I cannot lift
Shines when the sunset shifts
When the moon is round and full
Gotta bust that chain gotta gut that bitch

My mind's aflame

We could get in a mall PetSmart
But I bet we wouldn't get too far
Before the transformation takes
And bloodlust tanks and
Crave gets slaked

My mind has changed
My body's game but god I like it
My heart’s aflame
My body's strained but god I like it

My mind has changed
My body's game but god I like it
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Find me a game mate
I’ll turn them out in kind
When the moon is round and full
Gonna teach you tricks that'll blow your mongrel mind
Pittie bull, I recognize
You're a hideous thing inside
If ever there were a lucky kind it's you you you you

I know it’s strange, another way to get to know you
You'll never know unless we go, so let me show you
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So let it show you
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Clean me a femur
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Open my jaws and let them
Cleave onto yours

Feel me, completer
Down to my core
Open my heart and let it bleed onto yours

Feeding on fever
Down all fours
Show you what all that jowl is for

Hey hey my playmate
Let me lay waste to thee
Destroyed their parting keys
It's hot here hot here hot here hot here

Got a curse we cannot lift
Shines when the sunset shifts
There's a cure, comes in a pit
The bite that binds, the gift that gives

Now that we got gone for good
Writhing within this ring plywood
Tell your trainer and your mama too
It's true
We’re scratching forever, oh, oh
(Repeat to fade)

RSM/Mom in Eugene said...

Huff Po is full of garbage, in every category. This really sucks though, because Merritt is AWESOME and now all the nutters will point to this and say "SEE!!!" I have already seen an idiot link to this trash article as if its proof.

Anyone with any sense of perception can see for themselves that pits are deadly. It is not hidden, its is totally obvious. Except to nutters, but they are in the pibble cult, so no thinking is allowed for them.

The worst nutters this week are the losers that protested a MEMORIAL for all dog victims. Not just pit bulls. They kept the actual survivors and families from spending time together up there, because what pit victim is going to go when there are 20 maulers. Sitting right on the memorial with their beady eyes, and their gross people in don't "bully" my breed shirts. JFC, they have no shame at all.

I wish I was near there, I would have brought a flamethrower. Then maybe they would have something real to whine about. Maybe they could even hang out with a pit victim in the burn ward?

Anonymous said...

Once again, a Big Thank You Craven for your investigative clarity in exposing this diatribe against Merritt Clifton!

Don't stop what you're doing!!

Anonymous said...

Patronek and Marder also have ties to the pit nuttery Animal Rescue League of Boston.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks anon 555.

yep, i was aware of the connection between ARL and patronek & marder. i chose not to include it, i have other stuff on my plate.

but patronek is perfectly poised in the role of pit bull advocate. he understands the plight of the fur mommy like no other. in 2000, patronek co-authored Managing the stigma of outlaw breeds: A case study of pit bull owners.
it was published in the Animals & Society journal. DONALD CLEARY is now on the animals & society advisory council. pit bull advocacy is a cozy bunch.

Packhorse said...

The animal rescue group that I recently wrote about with the severely mauled cat--recently "liked" a FB page called "Peace, Love, and Pit Bulls!"

Laugh, or cry??

Anonymous said...

You know, it shouldn't be that hard to understand why most people hate pit bulls. But nutters are a pathetic group. They all ignore what is going on around them. If you ignore the problem, it doesn't exist. All those crosses for the people that have died at the memorial in Grand Rapids, is a direct affront to what nutters don't want to accept. That their choice of breed kills.

It's as simple as that and it is exactly what nutters cannot grasp. They go around trying to rehabilitate pit bulls' reputations, all the while pit bulls continue their carnage.

Nutters can say whatever they want about the breed, as if it's gospel. Nanny dogs, there's no such thing as a pit bull, it's all in how they're raised, you know the routine. But when anyone presents them with THE FACT that people have died because of pit bulls, they will go out of their way to try and dispel reality. Even as the memorial stands, another person has been killed by a pit bull.

I really can't stand it when a nutter says that pit bulls are misunderstood. The only people that misunderstand pit bulls, are nutters themselves. The people for BSL, and the ones that catalog all of the brutality pit bulls inflict, are very clear in their understanding of pit bulls. They have the documented proof that pit bulls are a dangerous dog. That each and every one of them have the capacity to seriously injure people. For anyone that tries to dispute that information, clearly is not in their right mind.


Anonymous said...

I want to finish up my thoughts from the prior post.

I firmly believe Huffington Post is part of the pit bull problem. They perpetuate the lies that get people injured, or killed. On August 21st, 2014, they ran a piece on "Kissed by a Pit." I first saw it hash tagged on's facebook page. Kissed by a Pit, is like the ice bucket challenge, but you either kiss a pit bull (brilliant idea), or donate $5 to a shelter.

I saw a video of a toddler being "kissed" by a pit bull. What it really was, was a child being knocked over by said pit bull, licked in the face, and then when he'd roll over, the pit bull was nibbling on the child's back. The child would stand up, try and walk away, and the pit bull would knock him down again. Toward the end of the video, the baby walked toward the person filming, and it ended shortly after that. From what I remember, there was mention that this child gets kissed all the time. Lovely.

Getting back to Huffington Post. It doesn't matter how many experts, or how many people agree with their beliefs, that pit bulls are wonderful pets; it doesn't make it true. When you have certain people trying to discredit Merritt Clifton, it is more than suspect when they attack Merritt personally, rather than his body of work. Merritt is not the one that is making shit up to prove a point. He is merely documenting actual events.

The people at Huffington Post are unwilling to see the other side of the pit bull issue. They are part of the ignore the problem and it doesn't exist crowd. I believe they are especially dangerous, because they are using their platform to continue the pit bull propaganda machine, without regard to actual human suffering.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have a very strong visceral response to that video. i can't believe that anyone thinks that behavior is appropriate or acceptable dog behavior. that mutant is bordering on losing control.

Animal Uncontrol said...

RE: The videos - it seems to me like shooting an apple off your kid's head and saying "golly gee... gunz be perfectly safe!"*

*Iz be a NRA memberZ

Meals on Wheels said...

Excellent muck raking, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This video shows a kid, I guess trying to get a pit bull to kiss him. (I have my sound off, IDK if there's audio.) The dog keeps moving away from the kid.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ugh. the idiot nutter kept telling the kid to "get the dog". the kid had some annoying high pitched squealing which really peaked the pit's interest. prey perhaps?

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Interesting. I told all of these people that they might wish to be quoted anonymously, because of just how vicious the anti-pit-bull lobby was. I suppose I should have insisted upon it.

You people really are cowards, aren't you.

Anonymous said...

"Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
Interesting. I told all of these people that they might wish to be quoted anonymously, because of just how vicious the anti-pit-bull lobby was. I suppose I should have insisted upon it.

You people really are cowards, aren't you.

October 2, 2014 at 7:24 PM"

Look everyone! It's the guest of honor! Or should I say horror? Yes, guest of horror it is.

I'd rather be a vicious coward, than whatever you call yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I realize that's impossible. Nutters are not capable of shame, or remorse, or guilt. Just because you've come across a couple of dud pit bulls, you think it's cool to push them off on preschoolers? Gotta start young, huh? Preschoolers are a bit easier to brainwash, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I guess it never occurred to that person that the dog didn't want to be 'got'?

I posted that video not because the pit bull did anything wrong (because it pretty much just walked away a couple of times), but because the person filming should've instructed the kid to leave the dog alone. I don't know why the dog didn't want to deal with the kid just then, maybe it was just tired. But, the kid kept doing more and more stuff to the dog and nanny wasn't into it one bit.

Anonymous said...

Vicious? Are you out of your mind? Since when is writing stuff in a comment that doesn't even contain death threats (that's the PRO pit bull people's favorite tactic) 'vicious'.

You want vicious? Here's vicious: You are a terrible writer and you should give it up. I read some of Galunker and it really is awful. Leaving aside the topic of pit bulls entirely, you should stop pretending to be Dr. Seuss because you're not good enough.

Back to the topic of pit bulls, is there some kind of reason a person should just assume all dogs that have escaped a dog fighter's yard and are trailing their broken chain are completely gentle and safe? Because kids might take that from your little propaganda piece.

As someone who, as a child, was nearly attacked by a pit bull I will tell you it is pretty scary. It was behind a fence, but OF COURSE it got out. I did nothing to it. I said nothing to it. I barely even looked at it. Violence was required to stop it, but don't worry... the pit bull was fine and his owner got him back. I guess that's all that really matters?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

"Interesting. I told all of these people that they might wish to be quoted anonymously, because of just how vicious the anti-pit-bull lobby was. I suppose I should have insisted upon it.

You people really are cowards, aren't you."


Anonymous said...


We are vicious, and we are cowards. Doug is doing a wonderful thing here. Saving fighting pit bulls, and killing babies.

I've been reformed! I am going to adopt a fight bust pit bull today! Another one tomorrow, and six more next week! All it took was reading Galunker, and I am FREE FROM HATE!


Oh yeah, where do I send money? I have lots, and I want to save as many pit bulls as I can. $$$$$$$$$$

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

It's cowardice because it's a tactic straight out of Joe McCarthy's playbook. People were terrified of testifying against him, because he'd dig up *whatever he could* to discredit them. However private and unconnected. Note, you brave journalists, that I avoided the ugly private business related to Clifton: the divorce, Romanian charity, etc. I'm dealing with what he says. Period.

Oh, and what he says is, "I have more than 100 peer-reviewed publications." Not, "I'm in more than 100." There's no "in" there. I've extracted the audio and slowed it down, just to be sure. Would you like the file?

We won't see a retraction when you realize that you're wrong, because... well, you're real journalists, just like Walter Lippman. But at least you'll know you're wrong.

Meanwhile, take down the photos. They're copyrighted. I'm happy to be identified as a psychopath for my refusal to stand by as a million shelter dogs are killed unnecessarily. Seriously, I like it -- you're welcome to that statement, and I'll probably share it widely -- but you can't have that photo, because even *I* don't own it. It's by a famous NY photographer, and she won't be happy. If you'd like a photograph to attach your statement to, I'll happily supply one.

Of course, now that you understand that I haven't lied, your statement becomes... well, a lie. Hence, much as I enjoy the graphic, it's sort of dishonest. Anyway, your call. Let me know if you'd like a photo that I have the rights to.

And take down the others.



Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

One last thing, brave journalist: are you in fact Kory Nelson? I'll be writing about you and Colleen Lynn, and I'm happy to conduct an interview if you'd like.

It won't be well-written, I'm afraid -- that's beyond me -- but at least you'll get your own elegant words in there.

Anonymous said...

One way to keep a million pit bulls from being pts yearly is to stop overbreeding them. I don't have any canines and I don't breed animals, so *I* can't stop doing anything in order to prevent these dogs' death.

I am also in reality that *I* don't need a pit bull. I don't have any way to contain it, train it, or exercise it. And I don't want it, but even if someone could convince me to want one that doesn't magically install a giant fence around my yard.

Not everyone needs a dog of any kind let alone a pit bull. So, it is entirely unrealistic to think that there is any way the public can absorb this many dogs that most people just cannot handle. This is why they wind up in shelters.

But, the people overbreeding them are the people who have pit bulls. I have read them fearing the things would 'go extinct' as if that is remotely possible. Explain to them that is in no danger of happening and you would be doing everyone a favor.

Anonymous said...

Doug, why the fuck do you think we're posting anonymously? Our lives HAVE been threatened by fans of the pit bull. SO, I'll see your McCarthy and raise you a Stalin.

And you just did mention all that stuff you didn't mention about Clifton. OOPS!

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Okay, I understand your concerns. I'm sure you genuinely are nervous about being attacked -- although you probably should note that, despite your perversion of Ghandi's creed, pretty much all of the truly violent rhetoric is from your side. So your fear is unwarranted, even if it's sincere. Would Ghandi have favored violence in the cause of killing millions of dogs? Probably not.

Whether or not you are Kory Nelson -- and who you actually are -- is something I will have established soon, so I don't need any confirmation from you. I'm being honest when I say that I'd like to interview you. Let's hear your side of things, abstracted from the ranting and libel.

I'm not a "pit nutter" by the way. This type of dog doesn't especially matter to me -- personally, I'm far more involved with sighthounds. My motivation has to do with No Kill, not with bully breeds per se. I don't like that you get dogs killed.

So, now that we've cleared that up, perhaps it's time for you to correct your blog, since Clifton in fact did say what I quoted him as saying. Or does this not matter to you?

Oh, and I suppose you could argue that I did mention his personal life, but what I meant is that I didn't *publish* this. A mention on an obscure blog that, as you've pointed out, only a handful of people read -- that's not quite the same. But feel free to remove my mention in the post above. In fact, I'd prefer that you did.

Now, let's see that correction, brave journalist, and take down the copyrighted photos.

Thanks in advance,


Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

By the way, whether you're Kory Nelson or Robb Shechter or somebody unrelated doesn't really matter to me, unless it becomes necessary to come after you legally. This is not information that it's important for me to publish, as it has no real bearing upon the debate: as I say, I'm not especially interested in anyone's private life.

Now correct your blog and take down the copyrighted images.

Thanks in advance,


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am always willing to comply with a request to remove copy right photo.

i will get to the rest of your emails later.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Anthony Cooper. What a git. What a self-righteous, self-centered complete waste of skin.


Now, I'd love to see this 'challenge' go to court. Where do I contribute to this blog author's legal defense fund?

Anonymous said...

Doug, I am anonymous 1:00, I didn't have anything to do with writing the article. I am commenting on it, just like you are. I know it is confusing with people posting anonymously, but not everyone here writes the articles or can do anything except post comments.

I didn't know those things about Clifton until YOU mentioned them just now. I don't know how those things affect his ability to compile data? I would be interested in the audio clip, however, I haven't watched the video.

This being said how am I or we or whomever 'getting dogs killed'? I don't have anything to do with dogs since my last dog died years ago. I've never had or dealt with pit bulls. I don't march around in front of the animal shelter shouting 'kill the mongrels'! The animal shelter here, until RECENTLY (ahem), was pretty small anyway. Until recently, pit bulls wouldn't be found there any more than any other type of dog. Buuut, things have changed.

I do think dogs that are dangerous should be killed rather than adopted. By 'dangerous' I don't mean just by whatever breed it is, but more if that particular dog is dangerous. If there was a way to let them live somewhere that they couldn't hurt humans or animals, then I would personally be o.k. with that. However, there is not any such way. Some so-called pit bull sanctuaries neglected the dogs horribly. I have always felt fight bust dogs, since money is usually seized as well, should be maintained humanely on that money until they eventually die. This protects everyone including the dogs.

If the dog has done something heinous, it should be killed. I feel the same about humans. However, I do not believe a MILLION pit bulls per year have been caught doing anything heinous. So, my belief in that regard, isn't getting them killed.

The ONLY way to curb the number that dies is for the surplus to go down A.K.A. pit bull birth control. Then there will not be so many extra pit bulls over the demand for them by people who can take care of them (as in they really, truly can for the long haul in a way that is safe for everyone/everything around).

Sight hounds are wonderful dogs, but you are part of pit bull advocacy. You can't really divorce yourself from that. You wrote a BOOK, FFS.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I have become, incidentally, a part of pit bull advocacy: no question. I'm simply explaining my reasons for getting involved. If you could demonstrate that so-called "pit bulls" were uniquely dangerous, then I would not include them in my work. But the science indicates that animals identified as "pit bulls" are simply medium-sized dogs, often terriers or terrier mixes.

My issue is that the opposition to bully breeds is, by definition, an effort to thwart No Kill. The people who take this position have various agendas: some (PETA) would simply like to see all domestic animals eliminated; some (Colleen Lynn, Merritt Clifton) are victims of dog bites, who would like to see this vague type eliminated; some are simply opposed to No Kill -- often because they are personally guilty of mass shelter killing.

A huge proportion of the animals unnecessarily killed in shelters are dogs identified (almost always incorrectly) as "pit bulls". So I fight for these.

In Spain, I concentrate my advocacy on the Spanish Greyhound (the Galgo), as that's the dog they prefer to slaughter over there.

Thank you for removing the copyrighted photo of me. You're welcome to the one you've put up. Now please take down the others. You have no legal right to them, and no moral right: these people are completely unconnected to pit bull advocacy.



Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I've uploaded two MP3 files. This first is simply the extracted audio of Clifton saying "I have more than 100..."

The following is a slowed-down version, so that you can examine it closely:

The best rendering is probably "I've more than 100..." He swallows the "have" a bit. But it's certainly not "I'm in more than 100."

I've tried this clip out on numerous people, including a woman who used to be a medical transcriptionist and is trained to have an ear. All hear "I've more than 100..."

Please listen, and revise your post.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

first, kim wolf clearly asks clifton why his statistics have never been peer reviewed. he clearly responds with, "they have been".

second, i'm clicking on your fucking link. tell me where it's at in the video and i'll pull the slider to that point.

Anonymous said...

An article about Galunker including an excerpt of the book. Both written by Doug.

Now, Doug, honestly, do not EVEN try to pull the 'there's no such thing as a pit bull' as if it is some vague, mythical doggish thing WE made up. You used the name in your article and your book. What are you talking about then?

Anonymous said...

Doug SEZ

"I have become, incidentally, a part of pit bull advocacy: no question. I'm simply explaining my reasons for getting involved. If you could demonstrate that so-called "pit bulls" were uniquely dangerous, then I would not include them in my work. But the science indicates that animals identified as "pit bulls" are simply medium-sized dogs, often terriers or terrier mixes."

ARE YOU BLIND? DEAF? STUPID? Have you not looked at victims of pit bull attacks? There are plenty of examples, LOOK AROUND. OPEN YOUR BRAIN! Do you know how many people have been killed by pit bulls in 2014? Are they just collateral damage in your advocacy?

Please, for all that is holy, provide scientific evidence that pit bulls ARE NOT UNIQUELY DANGEROUS.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i should explain my refusal to click those links. a friend recently sent me a link that created a whole lot of computer problems for me, so the thought of clicking on one of yours, which is unfamiliar to me, does not sit well. please upload to youtube or liveleak, i will listen.

"It's cowardice because it's a tactic straight out of Joe McCarthy's playbook. People were terrified of testifying against him, because he'd dig up *whatever he could* to discredit them. However private and unconnected. Note, you brave journalists, that I avoided the ugly private business related to Clifton: the divorce, Romanian charity, etc. I'm dealing with what he says. Period."

have i attacked you personally? no. but you appear to want to attack me personally, hence the jab about kory nelson and now rob shechter. normally, i am quick to delete any comments that mention the denver attorney's name but i've been feeling lucky the last few days and the huffpo has deep pockets, so i think i'll let yours stand. i keep hoping that one of these days, one of you rumor mongers gets sued. and nothing would make me happier than the huffpo named as a defendant.

"Thank you for removing the copyrighted photo of me. You're welcome to the one you've put up. Now please take down the others. You have no legal right to them, and no moral right: these people are completely unconnected to pit bull advocacy.


these people are your tools and until you convince me that i am wrong, and that is possible, this blog post remains as is. i will tell you what i tell everyone who contacts me with a complaint, prove me wrong and i will print a retraction or delete the incorrect or "defamatory" content. their choice. no one has taken me up on that yet.
obtw, i really do not give a fuck about your medical transcriptionist buddy.

re: interview, why the fuck would i want to be interviewed by you? you clearly lack the capacity to understand my use of the Gandhi quotes. i don't know if are you truly overcome with a surge of emotion and it is clouding your critical thinking skills or you are just being an asshole? it is really hard to tell sometimes. those Gandhi quotes were not misused, they are all about self defense, and i use them to demonstrate my position which is we need to be dispatching these threats ourselves, just like the the guy who stabbed that ugly mutant in a georgia petsmart. additionally and on a related note, i don't think an honest dialog is possible given the fact that you consider the anti-pit bull lobby vicious while the pro-pit bull lobby engage in this kind of behavior. and have you seen what the fucking nutters are doing to that poor man in georgia? all he did was protect his dog and some people want him dead. some people even want to kill him. i am not aware of a single anti-pull person ever expressing anything like even remotely like that.

you really know nothing about me and your approach to me is really quite lazy. if the tables were turned, i would do my own research. i would not ask you to regurgitate anything for me. i have no intention of holding your hand and wasting any more of my time explaining my position on the subject of pit bulls to someone who is obviously hell bent on misunderstanding my position on pit bulls. it's all on craven. it's all on the truth blog but i will say that i clearly state on craven that i do not support rounding up pit bulls and killing them.

just curious, you have not mentioned anything about the "professional paid pit bull advocates". does that mean you do not have any comments or complaints about that aspect of my commentary? do i need to devote any time to my defense on that front or are we good? lol.

Meals on Wheels said...

Mr. Cooper attacks us all personally when calls us "anti-pit bull" and blames us for the million pit bulls turned into fertilizer a year. His good buddy Josh Liddy shows up wearing his ski cap on hot, sunny days in California, to every city council meeting where they are considering a mandatory spay and neuter policy for pit bulls. If He truly favors no-kill (warehousing animals in cruel conditions for life, wow what an animal lover he is!) then he should feel a bit conflicted about the company he keeps.

I have NEVER once found a comment from "Craven", Colleen Lynne, or Clifton calling for the complete eradication of pit bulls, nor have I read that they favor any kind of torture or cruelty of pit bulls. Do you realize, that dogfighters are in the same camp as you...they also oppose B.S.L., and thank you for your efforts of making it easier to hide their operations and getting rid of the surplice curs.

Does he not know that the pit bull advocates themselves call us "haters" and "foamers", compare us to Hitler? Most of us have personal bloody pit bull experience. We have watched that purpose bred D.N.A. be expressed up close and personal.

Do I understand it correctly then, that he only care about two breeds of dogs, they must be maligned breeds whose numbers are misrepresented in shelters in the U.S. or Spain, before he cares about them?

He also seems blatantly oblivious to the other animals that suffer when somebody's sweet "no such thing as a pit bull" gets out and tortures another animal, often to death. Considering the content of the insipid book Galunker, he must think it's good to take away some common sense self preserving fear of the lord, to see a loose game-bred dog. He didn't do his homework, most of the problems are not coming from the dogfighters' mismanagement of their dogs, but the "fur mommy" crowd. Just yesterday, a stray pit bull picked up by a well meaning woman pulled the arm off her own child. McDonald's was right after all.

Anonymous said...

I swear, sometimes I think I have a grasp on what sock puppet talks about, and then I get to see sock puppet in action, and I feel like I'm so far behind, I'll never catch up.

I am in awe of you sock puppet! You are by far, the most badass badass out there.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, thanks BAM but i don't quite see what you are referring to especially in that long response. maybe you are contributing meals on wheels awesome comment to me.

i read mine back as soon as i hit publish and i wanted to delete it and type it over. i have a hard time expressing myself in the tiny comment box. i should start writing in a text doc and then copy it in.

Anonymous said...

pit nulls are much more muscular than most terriers. I had a small to medium terrier cross (not a pit) and they do a quick version of the grip and shake. It lasts seconds rather than minutes and is meant to kill small prey like rats. My dog had a small mouth and small teeth. He was not stubborn. He did not have any bull dog in him. It bulls have plenty of bull dog.

Pit bulls have a wide mouth and large teeth that scissor together. They will choose to stay in hold for long periods of time.. twenty minutes is not a long time to them. While in hold, they will shake literally ripping through skin and muscle as well as breaking bones. This style is pretty unique and what makes their attacks potentially devastating. By the way, I am not claiming they have locking jaws although to someone trying to break a hold when the pit bull does not wish to let go may feel as though the jaws are locked. A break stick literally creates space in the hold that forces it to be broken against the dog's will.

They are stubborn and will keep at things, generally speaking. They do not like to submit and can turn dead game to their own detriment. This means pit bulls have willingly stayed in situations where they could have walked away. The Justice the mule video is a good example of a dog that stayed to fight instead of just going on his way, thus he was eventually stomped to death by the mule (the pit started the fight with the mule).

Scientifically, in bite pressure studies, a dog with a wider mouth has a harder bite. Rottweilers have a harder bite than pits, but their mouths are also wide. A hard bite can crush and break bones.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

And Pat Dunaway ("Harve Morgan") is here. Lovely. Party's over, folks.

You see, this is part of the issue: when a cause is populated by repulsive, barely-sane people, then it casts doubt upon the cause itself. I know this is ad hominem reasoning, but it's also valid: if Pat Dunaway climbs aboard your compassionate program, there's a pretty good chance that it's not very compassionate.

And if she cackles your opinions, there's a pretty good chance that those opinions are based on lies.

You don't seem the most savory guy, Nelson (or Shechter, or whoever you are), but I sense you're a prince amongst men relative to this bag lady.

It's been nice chatting. I'll do some more work on the Kory Nelson front, since that seems to make you nervous. (Although Shechter's high on the list of suspects.)

I'm afraid this is policy: once the ugliest of the usual posse shows up -- and I can't block her -- I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

"Populated by repulsive, barely-sane people" really sounds like your lot, dougie.

What's that saying, "what we abhor in ourselves we see in others"?

Anonymous said...

And for the mathematically challenged, here are some pretty charts and graph illustrating what he doesn't believe can be proven:

Of course, that won't convince him, because his openness to factual information opposing his precious belief system is up there with the flat earth society.

This Is Pat Dunaway said...

Yeah, Dumb Ass Cooper I'm here. I'm not the least bit afraid of you. And stop with the stupid shit about Harve. You have yet to prove anything and I have been out there, writing articles, I have no reason to hide.You're running from me because you can't stand up to me, you have no damn proof of anything you say. But I do have proof that Winograd is lying and therefore you are lying. And if you can't present the truth, then you are a fucking liar just like your butt buddy, Winograd. You're a coward, DA, a coward and a sick one at that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've never claimed to belong to a compassionate campaign. i belong to the granny get your gun campaign. see, you are lazy. you really don't have a clue about me. but it is convenient that the comments of a reader have frightened you away. apparently you have no self control and can not stop yourself from reading and responding to someone you don't like or disagree with. i guess this means that you will not be sending me a youtube link to the slowed down audio evidence. what a shame. have fun on kory rob journey while i nervously wring my hands. lol.

R.O.T.F.L.M.A.O. said...

I listened to the extracted audio clips provided by Mr Cooper and all I can do is laugh. The slowed down version did nothing to make Clifton's statement easier to understand in fact, it made it even harder to understand. Evidence indeed!


Anonymous said...

"Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
It's cowardice because it's a tactic straight out of Joe McCarthy's playbook. People were terrified of testifying against him, because he'd dig up *whatever he could* to discredit them. However private and unconnected. Note, you brave journalists, that I avoided the ugly private business related to Clifton: the divorce, Romanian charity, etc. I'm dealing with what he says. Period.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
By the way, whether you're Kory Nelson or Robb Shechter or somebody unrelated doesn't really matter to me, unless it becomes necessary to come after you legally. This is not information that it's important for me to publish, as it has no real bearing upon the debate: as I say, I'm not especially interested in anyone's private life.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
One last thing, brave journalist: are you in fact Kory Nelson? I'll be writing about you and Colleen Lynn, and I'm happy to conduct an interview if you'd like."

Did anyone else notice how Doug went from saying his peeps should have been kept anonymous, because they were going to be exposed by the opposition, and implying how we were going to do evil things with that information, then turns around and tries to dig up who sock puppet is? Sock puppet is going to get sued (come after legally), and interviewed, and exposed, and written about, oh my!

And Doug denies that he's a pit nutter!

"Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
I have become, incidentally, a part of pit bull advocacy: no question."


Hey Dougie Nutter, did you hear about the baby that was killed in England by one of your Galunker heros? Did you hear about the man in Detroit that had his feet and hands eaten off by a pack of Galunkers? These just happened within the last 48 hours. I know it's easy to shield yourself from reality, but you are a sick person for trying to push pit bulls on preschoolers. I hope KARMA bites you on the ass! Vicious comment coming from a coward, but you will get yours.


And sock puppet, maybe it's hard for you to see your awesomeness, but it comes across perfectly. You kick so much ass. It's fun to see nutters come here all high and mighty, and they give up so quickly. It happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Since my last post, I found out the unidentified man in Detroit died. Add him to the list of people killed by pit bulls, I mean Galunkers.


Hi Dougie! Still a nutter? Figure out who sock puppet is yet?

Animal Uncontrol said...

I am short on toilet paper - can someone please hook me up with a few copies of Galunker?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am amused by the nutters projection of their garbage onto us. they consistently accuse us of "demonizing a dog" yet they repeatedly do the same to the denver attorney and the web designer. i am at a loss as to why these numb nuts refuse to believe that more than just two people in the world could possibly feel this strongly about pit bulls and that my real name is dawn james. it has been 5 years and STILL, they keep calling me kory. for awhile there i was colleen and for a brief time they thought i was merritt but now i am back to being kory or possibly another lawyer. seriously, i don't write well enough to be a lawyer. are nutters that stupid that they are unable recognize this?

and thanks BAM!. not sure i am worthy of such high praise but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Zebo was a man biter. He was a grand champion, too. If Zebo was still around, he might bite me or you.

The men owned the bulldog loved that he was game. Killing other dogs is how he made his name.

Zebo was a hard biter, petting him was a risk. To open up his jaws, give the breaking stick a twist.

Zebo was a pit fighter. He was one of the best there ever was.

Zebo was a UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier, not a fake dog in a book. He moved from yard to yard and left a legacy of blood.

But, Zebo didn't look scary in Sporting Dog News. You might even think he looked kind of cute.

Zebo was a pit fighter, not a pet for girls and boys. This is not to say I agree with the blood sport that brought him glory.

Zebo was a real dog who lived out on a chain, but he never had any human kills attributed to his name.

Anonymous said...

Gary Patronek DVM is Amy Marder's friend. He used to work at Animal Rescue League of Boston. Amy Marder is an AKC breeder.

Gary is hooked up with Patti Strand and her gang of breeders and dog fighters at NAIA. Patti is an AKC breeder and is or was on the AKC board running their puppy mill division.

Gary has worked on NAIA conventions and get togethers with Patti.

NAIA is hooked up with Center for Consumer Freedom, which is Richard Berman.

Look up Patti Strand on Sourcewatch. She's involved with Winograd too.

Some Animal Rescue League members complained about Gary's hookups with NAIA and the dog fighters and puppy mill people, and he silently vanished from Animal Rescue League's staff at some point for whatever reason, but still is obviously working with Marder and the breeders, from that sham AVMA article,

AVMA is another outpost of Richard Berman's and the breeders and factory farmers.

Douglas Anthony Cooper is a dog breeder who someone said ran a puppy mill in Canada, but he doesn't even live there any more. He lies in Mexico. He is hooked up with Nathan Winograd, so more than likely Richard Berman money is finding its way to Mexico.

If Gary Patronek and Amy Marder are hooked up with Douglas Anthony Cooper, they don't even have any credibility ay all anymore, and they are involved with someone who stalks and harasses people.

Cooper has made a large number of vicious and obscene harassing attacks on women in collaboration with Nathan Winograd and his dog breeders in the past. They have him do it because he's hiding out in Mexico, because if he did that in the states, he'd be in trouble.

Cooper is just another shill for the breeders and dog fighters. Total sham.

Anyone connected to him who tries to claim they are an unbiased expert is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

"The people at Huffington Post are unwilling to see the other side of the pit bull issue. They are part of the ignore the problem and it doesn't exist crowd. I believe they are especially dangerous, because they are using their platform to continue the pit bull propaganda machine, without regard to actual human suffering."

They aren't unwilling. They know they are killing people and they know they are killing pets. They laugh at the suffering. They think they have the right to maske others suffer as long as they can keep making money. They are a bunch of dog breeders and dog fighters and they are looking out for their bottom line. MONEY.

This is a business industry. These people know they are lying. They do it every day.

Huffington Post is just a place for the industry to lobby. It's like free ads.

Anonymous said...

If Douglas Anthony Cooper is threatening anyone out there in any way,then report him to the Department of Homeland Security. He has a history of making threats while he hides out in Mexico, and no American citizen has to put up with this.

Anonymous said...

Mark Hogarth, I had to laugh. Wolfson is a joke at Cambridge . It is essentially a continuing education setup for adults over 21who couldn't get into college proper, created by Marxists. A lot of cocaine use there, and people have written about that.

Too bad Marxist Markie Hogarth doesn't have a clue that he is involved with American people like right wing corporate operative Rick Berman through Cooper and breeder friends, who would be a Tory lobbyist in his country. OR MAYBE HE DOES? See below.

HE'S NOT A PROFESSOR OF ANYTHING. He's just a philosophy major who needed a job and couldn't get on faculty, who works as a Director of Studies in the philosophy department (the joke of college campuses around the world), which is a glorified guidance counselor.

He's like glorified clerical staff.

This is what the breeders have done for a long time, fasten on to some minor bit employee in academia and try to pretend they are experts or respected to try to create the illusion of credibility for their lies. Employees at universities often try to pose as faculty, or others do the posing for them.

But Mark Hogarth has been up to lots of posing, using other people's identities and posing as them online. Here is an excerpt from The Guardian, except they got it wroing about his being a lecturer (or teaching assistant.)
He's a guidance counselor.

It is interesting that Rick Berman of Center for Consumer Freedom, Winograd's master and lobbyist for the breeders and dog fighters, does this same website scam! So does AFF.

This is the company that Douglas Anthony Cooper keeps and tries to promote as experts, and why he doesn't want you to reveal these jokers.

"French pornography star and two of Britain's most famous authors have joined forces to claim back their internet identities from a Cambridge University philosophy lecturer.

Yesterday, the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) announced that Julian Barnes, Louis de Bernieres and French erotic film star turned singer Laure Sainclair had won control of internet sites registered in their names.

Mark Hogarth, a Cambridge University philosophy lecturer, registered hundreds of sites, mainly linked to famous names, a year ago. The WIPO had already ordered Mr Hogarth to hand over rights to a site registered under the name of another British writer, Jeanette Winterson.

Before Ms Winterson took Mr Hogarth to court, she approached him and asked him to voluntarily hand over the site. She asked him, "Why do you want to be me?" Apparently the lecturer made no response.

Clearly seeing the trend, Mr Hogarth handed over the domains he registered to Old Barnes Studios Ltd. The three complainants allege he is still behind the company, an allegation they say is supported by Midland Company Services Ltd, who found that all Old Barnes' mail is sent on to Mr Hogarth's address and that, as of June 20, the company had no directors.

The assistant director of the WIPO, Francis Gurry, hailed the decision as a success, saying that there must be a principle behind domain name registration.

"I can't see any reason for allowing misleading registration, the authenticity of identity on the internet is important and that's about domain names. People don't want to be misled," said Mr Gurry.

Since it began work in December 1999, the WIPO has received over 2,200 complaints about domain name registration, mainly from the rich and famous and from companies. But they have also been contacted by various national governments.

Mr Hogarth was not available for comment."

Anonymous said...

Search WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center


Jeanette Winterson v. Mark Hogarth

Case No. D2000-0235

So according to the court records they say it was a shakedown scheme aimed at authors and others.

Was Cooper involved in this?

".4 The Respondent's activities

In his Response, Mr Hogarth states that when he registered the domain names in issue, together with domain names associated with about 130 other writers' names, in February and March 2000, to the best of his knowledge none were registered as trade marks or service marks. He states that his intention in registering the domain names in issue and the domain names associated with the other authors was to develop websites devoted to them containing book extracts, reviews, biographies, signings, forthcoming works and links to an e-book seller like He states that it will be made clear that each such site is unofficial.

4.5 The Respondent explains that, initially, his plan was to sell one or two domain names to provide the necessary venture capital for this scheme. To that end, he advertised this on his website and also wrote to 10 authors, including Julian Barnes and Joanna Trollope, asking if each wished to purchase the domain names associated with them. The Complainant has exhibited one such letter addressed to the literary agent of the author, Joanna Trollope. That letter, dated March 16, 2000, read as follows:

"Dear Pat Cavanagh

You may have read in last Tuesday's The Independent that I have registered a number of domain names linked to high-profile authors. is among them. Since then there has been considerable media and commercial interest in the venture but I am writing to you because I want to give Joanna Trollope first refusal to buy the relevant domains.

The timetable is a bit tight, partly because I am keen to return to my day job of teaching philosophy and partly because Ginanne Brownwell is running the story in next week's NewsWeek, which is out on Monday. When that story breaks I want to auction the names as a bundle while the public interest is still high. The buyer's aim here will be to set up individual sites corresponding to each name and sell books on a commission basis. (This idea has already been implemented in pop music and sport.) After that, I guess it will become more difficult to obtain the domain.

I won't attempt here to present a case that having the most natural domain name and good website can boost sales. One need only visit, for example, or

The price is set at 3% of the writer's 1999 gross book sales. This includes,, If this agreeable, then please contact me on 0777 3950 or via chillibook@hotmail.


Yours sincerely,

Mark Hogarth"

4.6 The Complainant has exhibited an interview given by her to The Times newspaper, published in that newspaper on March 29, 2000. In this she quotes a telephone conversation between herself and the Respondent, relevant extracts of which include:

"Hello, is that Mark Hogarth?
So why do you want to be me? This is Jeanette Winterson.
You’re the first author who has rung me up. I have had a lot of hate mail though which is really distressing.
Don't you think we might be distressed?
You hadn't registered it yourself.
So why have you done this?
To make money basically.
What are you going to do with the names?
Well, if the writers don't want them, maybe I'll exploit them myself, set up a website or pass it on to somebody else to set up. It will be good for writers. It will sell their books.
Suppose I want to sell my own books? What right do you have to 3% of a writer's earnings?
Its only for one year.
So what do you want from me, Mark?
I haven't really thought about it yet."

Anonymous said...

"In his Response, the Respondent denies that he has offered to sell the domain names in issue to the Complainant. He states that the telephone conversation with the Complainant reported in The Times interview [above] was friendly
"... and there is little resemblance to the account she gave to The Times."

The Respondent goes on to state that, when it became clear to him that some of the writers whose identities he registered as domain names were annoyed by his approach, his offer to sell those domains was immediately withdrawn. He states that none of the domains were ever sold and none have been offered for sale. The Response states, inter alia,

"In most cases I registered each domain in three forms: .org, .net and .com. This is to increase exposure in web search engine listings, but as stated on the writer domains website, I am happy, as a token of goodwill, to transfer, at cost price, either a .org or a .net domain name to any writer who wishes to develop their own website using one of these domain names."

5. The Parties' Contentions

A The Complainant

The Complainant contends that the Respondent has registered as domain names a mark which is identical to the Mark, JEANETTE WINTERSON, under and by which her literary works have come to be recognized by the general public as indicating an association with works written and produced exclusively by her. The Complainant also contends that the Respondent has no rights to or legitimate interests in respect of the domain names in issue, that the Complainant has not consented to use of the Mark by the Respondent and that the Respondent has registered and is using the domain names in bad faith.

B The Respondent

The Respondent states that he registered the domain names in issue in the belief that JEANETTE WINTERSON was not a trade mark or a service mark and that the domain names in issue were registered with a view to developing a website devoted to the work of the Complainant. It appears from the Response that the Respondent is offering to transfer to the Complainant at cost price, two of the domain names in issue, either or, if the Complainant wishes to develop her own website using one of those domain names."
"judgment of the Court of Appeal was concerned primarily not with trademark infringement, but with the law of passing-off. The Court traced the origins of the tort back to the 16th century. The essence of the tort is that

".. nobody has any right to represent his goods as the goods of somebody else. It is also sometimes stated in the proposition that nobody has the right to pass off his goods as the goods of somebody else"

Anonymous said...

Douglas Anythony Cooper didn't want anyone to know who his gang of fake experts were because this is the kind of thing they have been up to and it shows just what they are.

So if Cooper tells you not to do something, do it, because he's trying to hide fraud through intimidation and play acting. A liar in hiding out in Mexico doesn't tell an American citizen to do or not do anything, especially when the Mexico escapee is trying to commit fraud on behalf of dog fighters and felons.

Anonymous said...

Cooper, what do you think the Ghandi would say about a foreigner fleeing to a country and preying on underage girls? Wht's your learned opinion on that?

Anonymous said...

Amy Kaler teaches feminist and gender sociology at University of Alberta.

Why, dear Amy, are you throwing in with a guy who is connected to American corporate and dog breeder/dog fighter lobbyist Rick Berman, who also pays for attacks and fake smear studies on teacher's unions? Who has a history of attacking and harassing women online? How very not feminist.

Some of Amy's activities. She assigns her own books that you are forced to buy for her class. Cha ching! "She wrote one of the two text books you are required to purchase."

"Kaler was one of the worst teachers I've had. She was boring and lacked creativity. She always talked about thinking outside the box, but she was sooooo cliche and quite far behind in real gender issues. I need someone that teaches me new things and challenges real issues."

"Terrible. The course material was mainly common sense but her tests were difficult and her marking was all over the place. Shes a coward cant handle students putting her on the spot in class discussions. She hands everything off to TA including simple questions in email. highly recommend FINDING A NEW PROF!!! "

Anonymous said...

What I suspect is that Cooper tricked Amy Kaler and tried to convince her that he was a No Kill progressive out to save the world from evil animal killers.

Too bad he forgot to tell her that he is in with Winograd and the Rick Berman right winger corporate animal killers and breeders which took over No Kill. Plus the dog fighters, and they include such members as the KKK. Berman represents businesses like Nestle.

Kaler tried to get an honorary degree taken away from the CEO of Nestle. What kind of corporations does she think Rick Berman works for? Cooper didn't tell her he was actually involved with Winograd and Berman lobbying, despite his fake blather about wanting to "stop killing." She got taken, and she owes Merritt Clifton an apology

You would think a feminist opposed to corporate wrongdoing would have done a little research into someone hiding out in Mexico who wanted to use her for ulterior motives?

What's up with this, University of Alberta?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 712, all i gotta say is

here is the LINK to the predator/parasite in case anyone else is interested.

you made my morning :-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and another LINK

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that is some kick ass muckraking anon 712. wolfson cambridge should fire this con artist. he is a serious liability. i'd love to see what you can dig up on harkin and newman.

as for kaler and the apology owed to clifton, probably but i think the bigger apology owed is from the huffpo for allowing any tom, dick or cooper access to their widely read platform to promote dangerous pit bull propaganda and attacks on the people who are only trying to expose it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

one of my links doesn't work. hang on...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

okay, this LINK should work.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with an interest in where this kind of fake authority, smear lobbying comes from and is organized by should research Rick or Richard Berman. Look him up on Sourcewatch or some of the other websites that expose him.

The tactic of isolate, target ,and smear the whisleblowers, which is why they always accuse everyone of being one of a few people- Lynn, Nelson, Dunaway, Clifton, etc. They want to sell the idea that it is only a few "extremists" being mean, who should be attacked and silenced. They hope the gullible idiots, and the media, will buy it.

Berman runs a lobbying firm called Center for Consumer Freedom, usually called CCF. You will see the dog fighters and dog breeders tout it as their favorite. He works for corporate financial interests. They give him money, and he sets up websites and shill groups to do dirty deeds for those corporate interest. He also rewards his individual lobbyists who work as leaders, propagandists, pose as fake journalists, write propaganda, act as attack dogs on idividuals, or act as Ward Heelers to locally suck in the naive rescue angels, angry bimbos, loser aging guys with outdated tattoos and no cred, cat ladies, failed dramatics enthusiasts, lonely housewives, spinsters and all the other suckers who won't question the lies. (If you look at what the Ward Heelers used to do, its a good way to understand how the Bermanoids work locally now among the fools in towns and cities). Also rewards politicans on different levels with "campaign contributions" and higher political support

He used to work for the tobacco lobbies, for example, with his cadre of marginal losers with professional licenses and university shills on the payroll, and try to discredit whistleblowers and researchers exposing the dangers of tobacco. He also worked for the liquor industries attacking groups like MADD (until someone there supposedly got bought off, from what I have read)

MADD in its beginnings is somewhat similar to the groups and people who expose the pit bull violence. It started as a grassroots alternative to the fake mainstream authorities bought by the liquor industries to oppose regulation and given airtime in the media. The truth started coming out though because of groups like MADD so the liquor industries hired lobbyists like Rick Berman to attack those groups and individuals, and try to isolate, smear and discredit them.

Anonymous said...

Rick Berman in recent years works to smear the teacher's unions, and also among other things he works for the farm industry, the factory farmer, Big Agriculture, the dog breeders which are included in that lobbying group, the puppy mill breeders (many of whom are farmers) and their friends at the AKC, pet stores that sell AKC registered puppy mill dogs like Petland, the puppy mill brokers like Hunte, the hunting dog breeders, some of the working dog breeders, all those lobbies that make money from exploiting animals. INCLUDING THE DOG FIGHTERS.

Berman works for AKC, UKC, their puppy mill industry lobbying groups, and all the motley crew that makes money from exploiting dogs. INCLUDING THE DOG FIGHTERS.

The goal is to deny problems and oppose any kind of regulation that could slow the profits. Victims, human or animal, be damned.

They used to just work with Berman to attack animal rights groups and organizations, as the liquor profiteer groups through Berman attacked MADD and those kinds of groups. They'd attack any group that advocated for breeder regulation, or advocated for anti cruelty laws that might reduce profits, or exposed the dirt on these animal exploitation industries.

That's why you will see Winograd and Cooper reissuing Berman propaganda attacking Peta, etc.

Anonymous said...

But then Berman got involved with parts of the AKC and some other breeders and decided they would try to infiltrate animal control and animal shelters, and seize control of the situation that way. Make and enforce public policy that protected the breeders but threw everyone else under the bus- the animals, public, etc. Also to turn shelters into hoarding warehouses where they let animals die of disease and killing each other instead of humanely euthanizing, all to deny the most important thing- overpopulation, thanks to the breeders, that creates these packed shelters to start with.

If they could deny overpopulation and blame the shelters and animal control instead, and get people thrown out and replaced with breeder shills and pit bull lobbyists, then they could deny that regulation of breeders needed to happen. They could refuse to do cruelty investigations, help the dog fighters and puppy mills thrive, and keep on operating under the tax radar.

They also could trick the idiot rescue angels into stopping a focus on the breeder problems and responsibility, and the breeders breeding defective dogs that get dumped and cause trouble, and the need for regulation and better laws. Much better to have the imbecile rescue angels become slaves defending the breeders and spending all their energy and money cleaning up after the breeders, instead of working for spay neuter laws and breeder licensing. Overwhelm them with "saving lives" instead of dealing with the cause of the problem, and get them protecting the "reputation" of the violent dogs like pit bulls that breeders are intentionally producing. Turn those rescue angel idiots into breeder lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

First, Berman and the breeders supported people like Patti Strand to start lobbying groups like NAIA that distanced themselves somewhat from AKC and tried to pretend to be unbiased. That's where the "myth of overpopulation" started, and the pit bull lobbying- Patti and various other breeders and their groups colluding together with Berman to have shills send out propaganda to lie about the overbreeding and the mills ,and to lie about pit bulls and deny dog fighting and intentional breeding of violent dogs. Try to rewrite history and reality. Patti even wrote a vacuous propaganda book attacking anyone who opposed animal cruelty as "extremist," the same tactic of isolate and smear.

That didn't work too well, because Patti's links to AKC and puppy mills were easily exposed- she was a board member and started their puppy mill arm- and the Responsible Dog Owner groups were just a bunch of AKC breeders and dog fighters. Some dog breeders got into running animal control and shelters and controlling the conversation, like the sled dog breeder that ran an animal control department in Vermont and wanted NAIA's help in opposing cruelty charges for a pervert who raped a Lab ("his life shouldn't be ruined because of those animal rights extremists.") But not enough, and because of the overstuffed shelters and the increasing pit bull and violent breed attacks, more of the public was demanding regulation.

So then they decided to get themselves some humane industry shills to do a better job of tricking the public and sterring them away from regulation- enter Nathan Winograd. A lot of lies about saving lives, and "overpopulation is a myth" (straight from Patti Strand- she started this propaganda line), a lot of blaming and smear on shelter staff and animal control staff, a propaganda book full of lies and fake statistics that Berman's group promoted among the smaller breeder groups and kennel clubs (and the breeders who pose as journalists, and the ag industry connected media) and used to beat over the heads of local government morons and criminals, and Leftist gullible rescue angels.

Anonymous said...

Thus emerged a reformulated No Kill stolen from the originators who were many, and a new No Kill fraud emerged by breeders, for breeders. The reformulated pit bull lobbying fit right into the new No Kill fraud. They used the shell of other people's ideas to turn it into a bunker for the breeder army, led by a breeder shill and staffed by the lowly rescue angel soldiers slaving in the mud. A new group of shills to sell it.

Pit bulls attract Berman and his shills' attention for three primary reasons. First, is that because of the death and mayhem by the pit bulls that attracts public attention, there is more demand for regulation, which the breeders oppose unilaterally in any way or form (including the AKC whose breeders breed pit bulls and have been lobbying against regulation with dog fighters for decades.) Second, because the dog fighting industry is tied in to the farming and breeding lobby, especially in the South and West (which is why you'll see Berman's politicians on the payroll like Sensenbrenner supporting dog fighting and opposing regulation years ago) and third, because the breeders have a problem when it comes to pushing the No Kill fraud. How can you claim there is no overpopulation problem and no problem with breeders overbreeding defective dogs when pit bulls are filling the shelters and killing in record numbers?

That's why you have Nathan Winograd and his breeders out attacking anyone or any group that exposes the Problems with Pit Bulls. They don't want anyone near the obvious solutions to those problems- shutting down the cruel No Kill fraud, and regulation for a breeding industry that operates like the Wild West, one of the few industries that is mostly completely unregulated.

So Winograd was used to latch on to the especially stupid, gullible, and/or deviant nutjobs that had empty lives, and would attack any Truth Tellers, and be willing to be slaves for their Masters, the breeding industry.

The problem with Winograd is that he is easily caught in his lies, abrasive and nasty, and mostly just fights with people and calls them names and harasses them. The truth about his Berman connections was too easily revealed. The attacks and harassment on women that called him out on his lies weren't going down too well either when he was trying to trick the Leftists.

Enter Douglas Anthony Cooper, a foreign low echelon novelist that no one knew who can create a patina of illusion for the Bermanoids to use to trick the Leftists into supporting the breeders, until the surface is scratched just a little. Then he goes Winograd too, but he thinks he can get away with the attacks more easily because he is in Mexico and thinks he can hide his dirt.

Berman all the way, just in a new formula, a little different but the same.

Get involved with some other Berman blow hards like the k c advertising dropout, and trick some low end university people into doing the Berman smear on whistleblowers; use corrupt media like the Huffington Post trying to hide their corporate dirty dealings to rope in the naive Leftists; refer to fake studies from industry lobbyists with degrees that pose as experts, and the usual happens.

Which is what happened to Merritt Clifton.

Too bad for Berman and his shills, but the deaths and injuries are increasing because of pit bulls, and only attracting more attention to the corrupt breeder industry. The lies are falling flat. The shills are getting exposed. As long as they support the dog fighters and pit bull breeders through the shills, the inevitable is coming to the breeders. They are just inviting scrutiny while they use the pit bull issue to try to fend off that scrutiny. But it's coming, and they have people like Winograd and Cooper and Deliees, and groups like AFF and Best Friends to thank.

They also have the No Kill breeders to thank. Bad move.

The more they scream, the closer you are to the truth, Mr. Clifton, Mr. or Ms. Sock Puppet and everyone else with the balls (M or F) to expose the filth and lies

Anonymous said...

Wow, am I glad I checked this again. It really exploded with information. I didn't like Cooper, and now that I know more about him, I think even less of him.

Anonymous said...

Marder and Patronek are part of the Tufts Mob.

Tufts University produces self-described experts that works for business lobbies. They have a lot of breeder connections. Where the profits are, Tufts is connected.

Michael Bloomberg, CDC's Thomas Frieden's friend and enabler, went to Tufts and Tufts gave CDC chief Frieden an honorary title and award.

Business interests all scratching each other's backs.

There is another pit bull/breeder lobbyist that works closely with Marder, a vet named Martha Smith. She worked as a vet for one of the animal labs in Massachusetts that has lots of animal abuse violations. Another animal industry profiteer association. The lab people lobby with the breeders partly because breeders breed beagles for them, partly because of the general opposition to regulation, they should do anything they want to animals and profit however they want. Smith has pit bulls whereas Marder just lobbies for that industry via the breeders. Smith also feels very fine about giving out pit bulls that attack other pets and telling people they need to be the only pets and not around other animals. She knows no one can do that. She's from Tufts too I think.

So common, Tufts like so many others, that uses academia to cover for the interests of corporations, lobbyists, and industries.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I was just informed last week that you still haven’t removed the slander of innocent people from your site. (You can say whatever you like about me – I get a kick out of it.)

So, here’s what’s happening. I have a pair of experts investigating you: they’re good -- they’re responsible for closing one of the ugliest arson cases in American history. Twenty-five minutes of work and they’ve determined that at least one voice on this blog (perhaps the sole voice) is youngish, female, and may well have the last name “Craven.” That last bit is interesting, and unexpected: we’ll confirm.

So, it may take a week; it may take a year; but I intend to find out who you are, and to give your details to a long list of people keen on suing you for slander. I don’t intend to sue you myself – life is too short; moreover, it won’t be necessary.

Note that when I make people aware of precisely who you are – it will be very public – I’m going to insist strongly that they avoid your loathsome modus operandi: there’s no reason to slander unconnected people, simply because they happen to be mentioned on your blog. Hey, it’s not their fault.

We will concentrate entirely upon you. In an entirely legal fashion.

Oh, and please do keep the photo up identifying me as a psychopath. I enjoy the irony. Your posse has some deeply disturbed individuals – “Tom”, for instance – but you’re the only one I’ve heard identified as, yes, a psychopath. (Whether you are or not is of no concern to me; what matters is that if you are, you’re going to be an impoverished psychopath. And if you’re not? You’ll still be sued into the dust.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i see that delaying gratification is a challenge for you, so i bumped this to the top. no moderation required.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Thanks, Craven.

Oh: they've determined that you're educated, by the way. And reasonably bright.

And I've determined that you're amazingly unwise.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here are a few facts about libel and slander.

first, slander is SPOKEN. libel is WRITTEN.
when in doubt use "defamation" instead. you will look less stupid. well, maybe. i can not guarantee that.

second, defamation always has at least two elements and both must be proven.

third, the statute of limitations is typically one year.

fourth, how do you know that i am not already an "impoverished psychopath"?

fyi, i know all you nutters THINK i don't have a life but guess what? i do. if you leave a comment on an old blog post that requires moderation, after 30 days they require moderation, i might not see it for a day or two and if it happens to land in spam, yours didn't, i might not see it for days, weeks, possibly months.

but i thought it was really cute and by cute i mean telling of your lack of maturity or possibly your sense of self importance that after waiting a full 3 minutes and not seeing your comment show up, you thought i would not publish it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Oh: they've determined that you're educated, by the way. And reasonably bright.

And I've determined that you're amazingly unwise."

FYI, i don't care what you or "they" think about me. have you read anything on this blog other than this one?

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I've read some. It's not very interesting. Nothing that your friend "Tom" (a woman as well) hasn't cut-and-pasted all over the internet.

By the way, "slander" and "libel" occupy an interesting grey area when it comes to blogs, and especially comments sections. Whether online conversations are deemed writing or speech is apparently an issue. (It may have been worked out in your country; I haven't looked into it recently.)

Whichever you're guilty of, I suppose we'll find out.

And while you're impressing us with your legal savvy, you should look into how the American statute of limitations works when you've slandered or libeled someone in the UK. Which, by the way, you have. The internet being, well, international and all.

And while you're doing that, I suggest you do some research into English libel laws. Concentrate upon the burden of proof, and how that works in the UK, vs. the US.

They're quite interesting laws.

And they're pretty fucking grim.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

are you referring to this clown

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I wasn't, actually. But that "clown" is a theoretical physicist who can think circles around anyone you've ever met, or are likely to meet.

And he knows nothing about pit bulls, or Merritt Clifton, or your blog. So you're okay for now.

I simply passed Clifton's statements by a number of academics, to see how these would be interpreted in the abstract. None of these people care about pit bulls.

And I haven't pointed them towards your blog, because why aggravate people who aren't involved? Until I have all of your information, there's not a lot that I can suggest that they do.

That will change.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

another fun link

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I wasn't, actually. But that "clown" is a theoretical physicist who can think circles around anyone you've ever met, or are likely to meet."

i am certainly no match for him.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Well, yes: apparently he has a sense of humor. Parking domains is an amusing prank -- he's hardly the only one to have done it.

I don't actually know him. I know his reputation: he's brilliant.

As are a couple of the other people you've defamed. One of them is probably the most talented scholar I've ever met. And that's saying a fair bit.

Yes, there are serious people in this world. You don't happen to be one of them, but they exist.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, this impoverished psychopath is certainly not smart enough to compete with the likes of hogarth.

ever hear of ted kaczynski? he had a phd in math, his IQ was 167.

english libel laws...fascinating

"The case caused several American states and the federal government to enact laws saying, essentially, that English libel laws are inconsistent with the American constitutional right to free speech and generally unenforceable in American courts."

New York Times April 25, 2013

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Well, yes. Unenforceable in American courts. The thing about English libel laws is that they're enforceable in English courts.

What's interesting about psychopaths, by the way, is that they answer questions in an extremely predictable manner. Police negotiators are taught to alter their tactics drastically once they've determined that they're conversing with a genuine psychopath: the usual techniques are worthless.

The right tactics, however, turn out to be quite simple. And if you ask the right questions -- or deliver the right prompts -- the responses are, as I say, predictable.

This has been amusing.

I'm off. You might want to consider -- in a purely rational, conscience-free way (which we've determined comes easily to you) -- whether you're wise to be slandering people who have thus far never heard of you, and are entirely out of your league.

Anonymity breeds bad manners, and overconfidence. And you're not going to be anonymous for long.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, i am very well read on this subject. i've blogged about psychopaths and language.

and i have blogged about other aspects of psychopaths and pit bulls here and here

Anonymous said...

Douglas Anthony Cooper is back, and threatening investigations and lawsuits! This is hilarious! After all this time, he still doesn't have shit. Except for childish taunts, and baseless claims.

Anthony, it's kind of scary how you say you won't be suing, yet you speak of "we."

"I don’t intend to sue you myself – life is too short; moreover, it won’t be necessary.

We will concentrate entirely upon you. In an entirely legal fashion."

Which is it?

Hey, anonymous blog runner person, webmaster, sock puppet, I started a GoFundMe page for you, and contributed $1.00, which equates to .88 euros, for your legal defense. It looks like you've got a live one here.

Anthony Douglas Cooper, How's Galunker doing? Talk about psychopath. Writing a children's book about a lovable pit bull.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

GALUNKER is doing just fine.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i finally realized who this ego maniac was referring to in regards to "Tom (a woman as well)". there is a person who shares from the truth blog. i don't think i have ever seen anything from craven but anywho, "Tom" shares all of the opinions of the experts i compiled on the truth blog. those experts are legal, medical and animal, for example dog trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, animal control officers, breeders, dog fighters, animal cruelty investigators. one of my favorites is MARK KUMPF. “We had to go back and re-engineer our housing because the dogs were able to literally pull apart the cages.” that defamatory quote that cooper is worried about was pulled from a 2010 court document. and i linked to it. lol.

how DARE "Tom" share well documented facts on the internet. LOL!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Hey, anonymous blog runner person, webmaster, sock puppet, I started a GoFundMe page for you, and contributed $1.00, which equates to .88 euros, for your legal defense. It looks like you've got a live one here."

thank you. i am touched.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

FINALLY! i couldn't remember this clown's name. here's another one of my favorite blog posts about psychopaths.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Ha. To clarify what is already clear: I don't intend to sue you. Or anyone. I don't sue people.

Here's how the "we" works. I (one part of the "we") intend to make the relevant information available to the world. That's all. I'm going to remove your mask. The other part of the "we" is, I suppose, hypothetical: I encounter a lot of talk about suing you, but people make baseless claims all the time.

So it's possible nobody will take advantage of my public service. Nevertheless, I intend to be nicely selfless this way.

It will be fun charting your rhetoric when you find that you have to write under your own name.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

Oh, and Ms. Craven? Sweetheart? Have you noticed how many times during our little conversation you’ve tried to have me read your blog? How you’ve linked to passages you’re especially proud of?

Let’s clarify a bit more: I’m not interested in you. I’m certainly not interested in what you write. I doubt that anybody is, except for a handful of unbalanced people who already agree with you.

I’m interested in only one thing: *who you are*. Your identity. Your name. That’s it. I assume you’re essentially anonymous – just another zero with a blog – but you’ll be slightly less anonymous when there’s a name attached to your screeds.

Yes, it’s valuable to know the names of people contributing – however minor and sorry their contribution – to the unnecessary slaughter of millions of dogs.

The talk about psychopaths last night went a bit over your head. Read it again. No, I’m not interested in your little thoughts about psychopathy. (Although I do find it mildly interesting that you’ve decided to research your own genus, unwittingly. You won’t be the first. Look up James Fallon.)

So, I encourage your research. I won’t be reading any of it, but if it keeps you busy and off the streets, go to town.

It’s something of an epidemic in the Dogsbite cult: intellectual vanity. And it would be funny, except that, as I say -- your shoddy thinking is getting dogs killed.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Douglas Cooper

Your shoddy thinking is getting dogs
AND people killed. And chickens, llamas, cows, sheep, bunnies, squirrels, basically any living thing.

You still make no sense. You don't understand the law at all. Who cares that you want to unmask anyone on the internet. I didn't know there was a requirement to identify oneself, in order to post anything on the internet? You are a farce. Your threats are a joke. And your work is getting children killed. Thanks! You've done so much for society! And you claim that you'll do more!

Oh, and I thought you got scared last time, and "we're gone."

"Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
And Pat Dunaway ("Harve Morgan") is here. Lovely. Party's over, folks.

You see, this is part of the issue: when a cause is populated by repulsive, barely-sane people, then it casts doubt upon the cause itself. I know this is ad hominem reasoning, but it's also valid: if Pat Dunaway climbs aboard your compassionate program, there's a pretty good chance that it's not very compassionate.

And if she cackles your opinions, there's a pretty good chance that those opinions are based on lies.

You don't seem the most savory guy, Nelson (or Shechter, or whoever you are), but I sense you're a prince amongst men relative to this bag lady.

It's been nice chatting. I'll do some more work on the Kory Nelson front, since that seems to make you nervous. (Although Shechter's high on the list of suspects.)

I'm afraid this is policy: once the ugliest of the usual posse shows up -- and I can't block her -- I'm gone.


October 4, 2014 at 12:29 AM"

But you're back! And as worthless and impotent as ever.


Animal Uncontrol said...

" I’m not interested in you". How many times have you said that? Yet, HERE YOU ARE Coop! If you don't like what Craven writes, how about you just buzz off? If you are offended by anything on here then that is YOUR fault as no one is forcing you to read it! AND, that goes for every other member of that freak-show you travel with. Craven has no obligation to un-bunch your panties for you.

Look, Coop - you and your foul monsters are not above reproach! Get used to it!

Hey, Coop - find anyone to
publish your book, yet? Or, does that Dr. Seuss from hell ripoff still have 10 foot pole marks all over it?

scorched earth said...

Doug, "Yes, it’s valuable to know the names of people contributing – however minor and sorry their contribution – to the unnecessary slaughter of millions of dogs."

It is not bloggers who are "contributing to the unnecessary slaughter of millions of dogs." That honor goes to breed specific advocates who claim to love the breed but continue to breed the dogs in numbers unsustainable in the real world.

It has been widely reported that roughly a million pit bulls are euthanized in American shelters every year. We are not responsible for that, we don't breed dogs to sell for the price of a carton of cigarettes. Why can't those who claim to love the breed impact the wild over breeding of pit bulls? Dogs not conceived can't suffer and die in shelters or simply abandoned on the streets when they become aggressive.

Please look to those on your side of the street if you want to place blame.

Pibble said...

"First they ignore you.
Then they accuse you of being like fifteen different people.
Then they clearly threaten to sue you.
Then they claim to have "experts" working in shifts on their behalf to find out more about you.
Then they claim not to care about you.
Then they come back to your blog to post another series of increasingly unhinged screeds.
Then you laugh."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Pibble said...

Speaking of contributing to the unnecessary slaughter of dogs, does Mr. Cooper have any comments for things like this?

I've seen (literally) dozens of videos of pit bulls sustaining these sustained, tail-wagging, refusing-to-let-go assaults on people, dogs, cats, cars, local wildlife, and at least one bicycle.

Why is it basically impossible to find a single solitary example of a crowd of people yanking, hitting, and kicking a golden retriever, a basset hound, or a border collie while it latches onto and savages someone or something? Does every camera and smartphone within a 1 mile radius of a "cuddly breed" magically quit working when said cuddly breed launches a sustained won't-let-go attack? If Cooper is correct in his belief that cuddly breeds attack just as often and as badly as pit bulls, then surely he has an explanation for the vanishingly rare-to-nonexistent video footage from when that happens. The "anti-pibble bias" schtick might sorta fly for mass media but certainly not for citizen journalists. In a world where so many people carry a phone with a camera, it simply defies the laws of probability that the recorded examples of such attacks consistently involve pit bulls, pit bulls, pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

My oh my, I haven't seen histrionics like this since I chaperoned a middle school dance with a bunch of 13 year old girls! So Douglas Anthony Cooper can dish it out on HuffPo, attacking Merritt Clifton, the guy who dryly reports research and data on humane issues around the world...but then pitches a hissy fit when a blogger calls him out? "I'm gonna tell all my friends what you said about them, and they're gonna GET YOU!" Seriously?

Here's the thing, Anthony Michael Hall, or whoever the hell you are...when you are a grownup, and you take a public stand on a controversial public safety/humane issue, you can expect some on-line blowback, mmmkay? I realize that you are terrified of that middle aged lady up in Canada who didn't like your book, claiming she "threatened you" all the way down there in Mexico. You seem pretty high strung...maybe you should consider some anti-anxiety medication, or at least let me introduce you to some middle school girls who share your love of social media drama.

Or maybe we should talk about what's really bothering you....that no publishing company would publish "Galunker". I believe these are your own words..."no conventional publishing house will go near it. We were told: ‘You might as well write a children’s book about meth.’” I am sure it's not too late to add a lovable meth addict to the storyline, to educate children that they mustn't discriminate against people with addictions.

But why didn't your book get published? Maybe because it's in astonishingly poor taste. Yes, most normal people find the story weird and offensive, and so obviously the work of an adult with a radical AR agenda, that you wonder what kind of a human being would promote child endangerment under the guise of "children's literature". And the answer is, a guy who lives in Mexico, has no children of his own, and curiously refuses to give a "good home" to one of these fabulous, "misunderstood" dogs himself. Instead, it seems you prefer Italian greyhounds, which given your nervousness, seems like a better fit.

Still, it puzzles me that you have been unwilling to rescue a lovable ex-fighting dog and bring him home to live happily with you and your Italian Greyhound. Why not try it, and let us all know how it works out for you? Haven't you taken the lessons from "Galunker" to heart?

But don't worry, Chad Michael got your kick-starter campaign to fund your book. It will sell like hotcakes to the True Believers, the fringy types that love pit bull advocacy. But it won't change anything. The rest of the world, the normal folk who love children and dogs, will treat it like a big pile of dog poo...when we see it, we will step around it, or put it where it the trash.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well anon 8:39, that made my day! seriously your comment should be a stand alone blog post.

Anonymous said...

" Parking domains is an amusing prank" -- what you call an amusing prank from someone with a "brilliant" reputation was interpreted quiet differently by WIPO. WIPO found "The Panel finds that Mark Hogarth registered the Domain Name in bad faith and was using it in bad faith for the same reasons that the panelist in the Jeanette Winterson came to that conclusion" and continued "In light of the above the Panel finds that the Domain Name was registered in bad faith and is being used in bad faith. If there had been any doubt as to the Respondent’s bad faith, its duplicitous behaviour in this administrative procedure would have removed it. The Respondent (under the pen of Mark Hogarth) was seeking to pretend that it was independent of Mark Hogarth."

Acting repeatedly in bad faith, duplicitous behavior, cyber-squatting, what a fantastic reputation and such brilliance. Julian Barnes wrote about being victimized by the "prank" (New Yorker, May 15, 2000) "And in the meantime Dr Hogarth invites me to buy back my own name. His fee: 3 per cent of the cover price of all my books sold, worldwide, in any language, in 1998. Assuming that a writer's royalty, over a range of contracts, might average out at about 9 per cent, he's asking me for a third of that year's income, the same amount that I handed over in taxes to the British Government, which does at least mend the roads and bomb distant nations on my behalf."

Defending this type of behaviour as a prank is indicative of a mind that is seriously disconnected with ethics and the law.


Anonymous said...

And the "theoretical physicist who can think circles around anyone you've ever met, or are likely to meet." certainly could not think circles around the WIPO panel.


Sputnik said...

I assume all here know what a 'remittance man' is? For those who don't know, it's someone whose family pays them to stay as far away as they can get him to move.

Anonymous said...

"and so obviously the work of an adult with a radical AR agenda"

That's not his bag. He's a dog breeder. That's his crew.

Did you notice he never has much to say about the number 1 group preying on pit bulls, the breeders?

Interesting that now he is on the record threatening to criminally stalk people on the internet, or have others do it.

Anonymous said...

"It's cowardice because it's a tactic straight out of Joe McCarthy's playbook."

so that 's who the fake expert Edelstein was aping

A dog breeder in Mexico

says something about Edelstein

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this guy actually showed up to threaten to have people stalked, in particular, to have women stalked

Amy Kaler, do you support this misogyny? Why would she get anywhere near this?

Pat Dunaway said...

Hey, @Douglas Anthony Cooper, you are running scared aren't you? Have you tried to get back in this country yet? I wonder if Barbara Kay is laughing about the screen shot that was sent to her asking others to write reviews on your 'books'. I do believe Amazon also said they frowned upon that screen shot too. You washed up POS you. Roll over, it is done. Winograd is finished and so are you.

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...

I just wanted to point people -- here in this pleasant conversation -- to recent updates, which I'm discussing beneath a more recent blog post. Yes, Craven Desires has now been fully unmasked. And no, I am NOT encouraging stalking. Quite the opposite: I've given the particulars (name, address, phone number) only to people who have committed to legal action. The courts can deal with this.

And Pat? I have the same people working on you. Again: I won't encourage vigilantism -- everything will be done properly.

The conversation -- the parts that haven't been ruthlessly moderated -- continues here: