Wednesday, December 17, 2014

semantic satiation

repeating a word or phrase to the extent that its meaning is lost.

all together now nutters...

pit bull poet laureate


Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

This is proven to be a particularly deadly lie.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if this mantra was true, i think we would see a whole lotta maimed and murdered dog fighters.

Kiyote said...

Hmm.. If it's all how they're raised, why are ex-fighting dogs adopted out after 2 weeks of miraculous "rehab" ?

KaD said...

I think 'Nanny dogs' should be added.

Unknown said...

"Believing the myth, 'It's not the breed, it's all how you raise them,' is what left us without a son," Jeff said.

S.K.Y. said...

Scurrilous, you're absolutely right, of course. But in the minds of nutters, any dog that mauls must have been "professionally trained" to maul, and therefore the owners must be "professional dog fighters," despite all evidence to the contrary.

Just like in their little minds, all pit bulls are saints and angels. Therefore, when one attacks somebody, they have to make up a bunch of fabrications that the person was beating/threatening/stealing-a-bone-from the dog.

Anonymous said...

Well, from here on out if their mutant attacks/maims/kills an animal, they should be charged as dog fighters. If their mutant attacks a human, they should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. If their mutant maims a human, they should be charged with attempted murder. If their mutant kills a human, they should be charged with murder one. This will shut up that bullshit and will encouraged them to stop letting their maulers "somehow" get out.

And by attack (on human or animal), I mean something that REQUIRES medical attention. If a bulldog miraculously delivers a non-bleeding and non-crushing wound, then that excessively rare case could be handled with fines or whatever pathetic measures are currently being employed for even fatal dog attacks.

This would apply to all dogs, but pits would be getting in the most trouble as is their nature.

Oh, all those penalties are for the humans. In all the serious attacks, the dogs would get put down..their humans will be in prison anyway.

Sputnik said...

Here's another meaningless phrase, or rather one the nutters have let their imaginations invest with deeper meaning that any of us ever imagined: THERAPY DOGS.

Check out the comments about the latest Darwin attack at:


and Mark Crider saying "Those dogs all loved her and DID NOT ATTACK HER. They scratched and tried to get her to get up after she collapsed."

and Gina Gayle Purcell saying "I can believe that. I'm had a dog "bite" me and drag get me away from a rattlesnake"

We don't know how many of the Darwin agents were stray pit bulls and how many this egomaniac had raised herself, but apparently they were all knowledgeable about cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Now that's a therapy dog that puts a mere emotional support dog to shame! Too bad they killed her while trying to resuscitate her, eh?

Dayna said...

They 'licked her to death'. I constantly hear pitters threatening this, well these pits actually did it.

Dayna said...

Here here!!!

Anonymous said...

I maintain if it was all in how you raised them, the dogs rescued from Michael Vick would be D-E-A-D-L-Y! They seem ok overall though. It makes me wonder if sometimes if they're fought long enough, if they get it out of their system? I'm not advocating for pits, just trying to understand why the survivors who've been adopted out and have publicity seem ok in that case? Also, Vick and any of his cohorts from that case getting mauled would be pure karmic justice. It's a vile "sport" and should be punished as heavily as the nutters who let their "therapy dogs" get out and maim or kill innocents.

Rhea L said...

The lies are so often repeated its nauseating.
I was playing trvia crack and this question came up
Which of thefollowing dogs is a great family pet and also known as a nanny dog. The only reason i answered pitbull is because i wanted to win not be accurate. These people are seriously deluded

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how you train a tendency out of a pit bull? I mean, if it's all in how you raise them, there must be a secret to convincing a pit bull to not carry out its genetically predisposed duty. Do the nutters share this information? What exactly are the steps to raise a pit bull to not want to kill? Shouldn't it be common knowledge?

I know how to train regular dogs through responsible dog ownership. I taught my dogs basic obedience, so I know how that works. What I don't know, is how do I train their breed specific traits out? My Golden liked to play in water, and my Border Collie absolutely hated water. My Border Collie loved to play catch, throwing a ball at my feet, while I threw the other one for her, my Golden never got the hang of that. My Golden would notice waterfowl, and sometimes almost take my arm off going after them, my Border Collie didn't even notice.

Is there some kind of magical process nutters have that we're not aware of? I believe that all pit bulls are potential maulers, and should be treated as such. If a pit bull doesn't maul something, it doesn't mean that all pit bulls are safe, and it was raised properly. Just like some other breeds don't fulfill their genetic destiny, does not mean it had anything to do with training, or how they were raised. It's that that particular pit bull didn't get the urge. Trainers cannot take credit for that, but nutters do!


Anonymous said...

That's exactly it, you can't train their instincts out. A pit who never mauls may very well be a great dog. Maybe somebody gets three in a row like that. The ones known for being sweet, loving, loyal family pets. That's ok, until they get the fourth one and it maims or kills something. Maybe one of them, their kids, a neighbor, or another pet. It's a but like playing Russian roulette, and not a game I want to be part of. I guess the difference is, I blame the humans. We created them, and continue to breed them. Having met some very friendly pits, if we could breed the bad traits out, I'd have no problems with them. Since that can't, or won't happen, I prefer to not be around them, or allow my child near them.

Cardinal said...

You can't love or train the instincts out of a dog, and I cannot suggest otherwise in even the darkest cynicism without making myself nauseous.

Some pits never attack, this is true. But since they were bred to attack without warning (or provocation), there's no foolproof way to tell which ones fit the bill. Because of this I believe it's impossible to reform pit bulls, because we wouldn't know which ones were safe to breed. The closest hint I think we'd get is if the dogs started showing a physical change over time. When you change a dog's genetics, their appearance changes as well--but given the danger the pit bull industry has long forced America into, would it really be worth it?

A dog that never does what it was meant for is considered an anomaly, a dud. When your dog passes away without a single case of suddenly and very capably trying to maul someone to dodged a real bullet.

RSM said...

If anyone thinks that pits could have the idiopathic aggression bred out, they should read some of Alexandra Semyanovas work.

Basically, you cannot breed the bad out because form and function always go together. The pit would not look the same if they tried to breed it to be a "regular dog". Personally, I don't think its possible, and why bother anyway? There is no shortage of breeds.

Craven- I don't see the link to "The Canine Game Changer" on your blog roll.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

RSM, thanks for alerting me to the canine game changer. there was some weirdness with the blog list a couple of months ago, some blogs were not moving tot he top despite a recent publish so i deleted the entire thing and i guess i overlooked adding to the new blog list.

Anonymous said...

if only everyone agreed then we could get back to sane pet ownership. I am full on expecting people to try to adopt hyenas... I mean, they're in The Lion King and that's almost as good as The Little Rascals!

Anonymous said...

I met someone who works at a big cat sanctuary. That's fine if you leave your work at home. Come to find out, she hasn't, I forget what kind of big cat she had, but, I'm glad she lives a 20 minute drive on busy highways away from me. I wanted a tiger when I was younger. My parents were more than smart enough to refuse my request. I'm so glad they did. I have rodents as pets, not allowed cats or dogs. My pets could bite you, but unless they have a very rare virus can not kill you. Honestly, anything can bite, but few of the animals sane people keep can kill. I think Tasmanian devils are cute, but I'm not looking to get one. The most exotic pet I'd consider would be a hedgehog. I don't think anyone's ever been killed by one. No hyenas, lions, rots, or pit bulls for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey why would you write your blogs website on someone's artwork? You're worse than the dogs you're talking about. At least they don't know any better. Keep your ignorance to yourself

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to that text block as 'artwork'?

We can talk about this 'artwork' (LOL) or dogs if we want to. Deal with it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i didn't know what the reference to 'artwork' meant. i assumed they lost their place browsing the web due to the tears. lol.

Meals on Wheels said...

"It's all how you raise 'em"
Is the first thing that's said,
When someone is injured or someone is dead.

"It's all how you raise 'em", is another way to say, to carnage and death, let us turn away.

"It's all how you raise 'em", We believe in redemption, we're politically savvy, and we need attention.

"It's all how you raise 'em", Let's print it in Red,
Let's hose off the streets were the last victim bled.

Don't tell us your story,
Just look at MY pup.
"It's all how you raise 'em"
So shut the f**k up.

"It's all how you raise 'em"
With deep piety,
Chant the sanctamonious with their dog deity.

"It's all how you raise 'em"
The more that it's said,
Equates to the increasing numbers of injured and dead.

Anonymous said...

Meals, that poem is very powerful. It pretty much sums up the mentality of nutters.

TO ANON 9:34

Writing on someone else's artwork isn't lethal, the last time I checked. But please, do enlighten us how we're worse than the pit bulls we complain about. And if what we're doing is ignorant, why do we have to keep it to ourselves? Why can't we share it? Afraid of our ignorance getting out there? And didn't you have anything better to do on CHRISTMAS MORNING?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Edward Cahill could have used some Craven ignorance. Kind of sucks when your own pit bull kills you. But of course, we're the ones that are causing problems using other people's artwork. Gosh, I consider myself educated, and stuff.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am having a little fun at my facebook craven today.

check it out.

Justcuz said...

Ugh. Moved to an apartment complex that bans pits and rotts. What do I see first day walking my golden around? aA pit in the complex dog park attacking another dog. Glad I keep a knife and if I did not have my dog I would have jumped in ( my dogs a coward and would have run) Next thing I know as I am walking my dog around a tiny dog comes after him capping (wish my dog layer down and showed he's not a threat and quickly diffused the situation) but pay comes up with pit that is pulling her calling the tiny dog. I stepped in front of my dog between the pit and my dog. That seemed to make the pit butter try to control her mailer and eventually shemanaged to pull the mailer away and get her other dog to come. she sausage "you'v been bad time to come in". really?. your pit was longing longing and snarling at another dog who was LAYING DOWN, wtf is wrong with these people?!? I hate the city. Luckily pit buttermanaged to get her dog out of the dog park before major date was caused. I am moving back to the country once the lease is up. Sad that I have to prepare for war just to walky dog. Anyone got any advice? I don't want my dog to have to have major surgery and get stuck with a large vet bill cuz pit nutters will not own up again.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my only advice is to have a camera and if you are physically and legally able a gun in addition to the knife.

sorry justcuz. it is grossly unfair that we have to ready ourselves to this extent.

Anonymous said...

It's all in how they kill you.