Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pit Nutter True Confessions: My "Service Dog," Boulder, Tried to Kill My Neighbor's Kid

       I have a confession to make: I read the pit bull forums from time to time.  They are a wealth of information, and let me tell you, it's incredible what these people talk about amongst themselves.  I find the interesting threads by searching for things like "my dog attacked me," "my dog killed another dog," "sued by neighbor," "go to court," "my dog killed my other dog," "afraid of my dog," and "my dog bit me/my child/neighbor." The stories!

           Well, I recently came across one that I felt I had to share.  It deserves, I feel, a greater audience than the pitbull-forum echo chamber.

         Where to begin....?  The frightening, serious, narrowly avoided attack on the neighbor's tiny boy?  The fact that this pit bull was "deliberately chosen" by the owner to be a (fake) "service dog" for her autistic daughter, and presumably passed off as a legitimate service dog in public?  That the owner carefully and deliberately obfuscated the reason her dangerous "service dog" had to be put to sleep, out of a desire to escape the "judgement" of others, and protect the image and reputation of pit bulls?  That several of her nutter friends in the forum chime in to admit that they've had to euthanize their dangerous pit bulls in the past? It goes on and on.  Let's take a look:

          First, meet "jaxcullen," the owner of a pit bull named Boulder.  Jaxcullen begins the thread with her story: her 16-month old "autism service dog" hit puberty and turned on right on schedule, becoming "increasingly aggressive to everything" except the members of her immediate family.  Boulder just scared the shit out of her by going after her neighbor's little boy as he walked beside the fence: 

     "The boy was making NO threatening behavior whatsoever.  He wasn't making noises or in any kind of posture that would say he was a threat.  Wasn't walking too slow or running.  Boulder charged him.  I am so very grateful he was on his lead.  It's the only thing that stopped him from attacking the boy.  He was totally fine one moment, and then he just erupted.  He charged and hit the boards so hard, I thought he broke them..Even after I had him by the collar, he still was acting like the by was the only thing he saw.  He was in a frenzy."

          Jaxcullen sounds sincerely confused in this post, wondering why on earth Boulder would do such a thing:  "Boulder's seen him a million times.  He's my son's size, so why that didn't transfer to him that this size human is not a threat, I'll never know."   I am not an expert in pit bull psychology, lady, but the answer seems completely self-evident to me: Boulder didn't see that kid as a threat in any way.  Even a pit bull is not STUPID enough to find a familiar, helpless 5-year-old human minding his own business THREATENING.  Boulder saw the kid as easy, tasty, obvious prey.  Yum yum, Jaxcullen.

          To her credit, Jaxcullen knows immediately what she has to do: Boulder must be put down as quickly as possible.  She doesn't try to weasel out of this painful decision, or minimize Boulder's lethal potential.  Boulder's gotta die.  She says she would have shot him on the spot, but since the man of the house, Frank, is on probation (gosh, what a shocker! A felon with a pit bull!  Never seen that one before!), there are no longer guns in the household.  Frank had to surrender them.  So, Jaxcullen immediately books Boulder a date with the vet for the needle.

     Jaxcullen spends a restless night tortured by questions about why Boulder turned out the way that he did, and what, if anything, she could have done about it.  My favorite: "Once the hindsight vision set in last night and we discussed his traits now that he's matured, I was able to really accept this is a dog that was bred to be a very dangerous dog.  If I lived alone in a place no one ever visited, he and I would live out our years blissfully together.  For me...for my kids who he adores...he's the most wonderful dog in the world.  For all others, he is a significant threat, and I can't stand the idea of having this knowledge now, having the thoughts today of what he would've done had the lead not stopped him. DA, I can handle/manage...even HA to an unprovoking child that isn't a stranger to him?  No way."  
           What I want to know is, how does Jaxcullen keep her head from exploding from cognitive dissonance? All three of these thoughts somehow occupy the same space in her brain: "Boulder was bred to be a very dangerous dog," "Boulder would never hurt me or my children" "This very dangerous dog is an excellent candidate for service dog to an autistic child."  I think I broke my fucking brain just typing that.  
            The reason Jaxcullen can think these things is because she's drunk the nutter kool-aid.  Jaxcullen here is the definition of an ideologue.  

       Here, Jaxcullen says that the first vet she called refused to put Boulder to sleep because he was healthy.  Jaxcullen has to call another one.  Again, to her credit, she knows that he must die and not be surrendered to some "idiot advocacy agency that thinks they can rehabilitate him."  

           Here, Jaxcullen spends Boulder's last day on earth with him and tries to make it a good one.  Final photos, special treats, she is very sad.  I would be touched if I did not believe that Boulder would eventually maim or kill this woman or a member of her household if she kept him alive. 

           But already, in the back of her mind, she is preparing herself for the judgement of others, and what they would think and say about Boulder and why he must be put to sleep:  "I can already see the judgement that will come my way from the unknowing, as if crating is bad or caused this or as if I didn't work with him enough.  That part kind of sucks....".   I guess that's what she calls people who just won't understand the circumstances of her predicament, or something: "the unknowing."  

         This is when the thread takes a shocking, grotesque turn: her nutter forum buddies start chiming in, offering moral support and personal stories of having had similar experiences with their own pit bulls!

           This guy "still cries" about having to dirt nap his pit, Baloo: "This situation is sucky and I wish it didn't have to happen, but it does.  No matter what others say, it had to happen."

         This crazy asshole admits that he has "been through this same situation...more than once, in fact."  Incredibly, he goes on to assert that "any APBT with a correct temperament for the breed" would be as loving and patient with the autistic daughter as Boulder is.

        Jaxcullen responds with more jaw-dropping nutter speak: "Quite true, and the reason I sought out the breed in the first place for her service dog...this experience hasn't deterred us, and both Frank and I agree, we'll only ever have bull breeds in our home, even still."

        How emotionally entrenched in pit bull advocacy and its myths do you have to be to not see this terrifying near-mauling experience as a wake-up call?  

      More nutters chime in to commiserate about having to put their dangerous, aggressive pit bulls to sleep.  Apparently, none of them think there is anything shockingly wrong with the big picture, here.  None of them seem to think this is very weird, much less unacceptable and abnormal canine behavior, or a bizarre dog-owning experience.  

          Some rescue nutter: "It never gets easier for us we are crushed everthing (sic) a trip to the vet becomes clear with one of our guys.  But to truly save the breeds we love....we know that there is no other choice."

          Another nutter, Nala Barone: "I too had to do the unthinkable to our 2 yr old pit mix was DA and we managed this as best we could, however...our Luca became HA.  I couldn't imagine him ever hurting or biting anyone-but he did bite my neighbor.  We..tried for awhile to seclude him/manage him and couldn't imagine him ever hurting one of us but something snapped in him and he could not recover."  I wonder what Luca finally did after he "snapped" that scared this nutter badly enough to change his mind?

         Yet ANOTHER nutter: "Been there once and it wasn't an easy decision, but I made the right one."  All of these jerks have been through this, and they all still choose to own pit bulls!

      Jaxcullen thanks everyone for their support during this difficult time.  Then she shares the statement she intends to make to the "general public" about why Boulder is put to sleep:  "Boulder had a genetic condition that had begun to present over the past several months, had a significant increase over these past few weeks, and would've only progressed worse as time went on."  

        No fucking mention of the fact that Boulder tried to eat the little boy.  No mention of danger or aggression, even though she had previously admitted to herself that he was "bred to be a very dangerous dog."  None of that.  Just this great big obfuscation, this lie by omission.  Why?  So that it "keeps his memory focused on all the beautiful things he was for us instead of the storm that began inside him over these past few months."  
          In other words: to respect his memory (why?) and to protect the reputation and public image of pit bulls, and to avoid facing the scrutiny and questions of others, "the unknowing," who might question her about her parenting decision to make a  lethal animal a "service dog" for her disabled child.  Jaxcullen has egg on her face, and she doesn't want anyone to focus on it for long. 

      And last, but certainly not least, we have the final entry to this kicker of a forum thread.  It's a shocking ending right out of a horror movie: the scene when everyone discovers how close they actually came to death: the wife pops the hood and discovers that her now-incarcerated husband cut the break lines on her car...or, the church congregation finds a massive unexploded bomb hidden beneath the church organ, and the only reason it had failed to explode is because the alarm clock being used as a timer ran out of battery juice....

          Jaxcullen tells the forum that she just found out that the cable tie-out that she used to keep her dangerous child-hunting fucking abomination of a dog Boulder  contained in the yard was flimsy and Boulder could have snapped it at any time.  Since they dirt-napped their mutant, they used the cable for their other dog (presumably also a mutant) who is considerably smaller and weaker than Boulder was.  This dog snapped the cable.  

           Jaxcullen has an inkling of what this means, and this is the lesson she takes away from it: "We'll never put another bull breed dog on a cable again.  Fortunately, no tragedy occurred, but we were so close....There's a reason responsible owners use chains, and in hindsight, simply 'there by the grace of God go I' that we didn't have a news story on our hands.  The cable was a poor poor choice, and we sit with a solemn understanding of that today." 

            So that's the lesson she derives from all this: the cable was a poor, poor choice.  

            If I was her neighbor and I read this, I think I'd have a heart attack.  

            I wasn't terribly angry at Jaxcullen when I read this thread.  Mostly, I was just shocked at her nuttery and her very strange and bad (to my mind) parenting decisions.  Stunned at how blind her ideology had made her.  But this?  This final entry really pissed me off.  Fuck you, Jaxcullen, for putting your neighbors and other members of your community at risk because of your stupid, selfish decision to have your ugly dangerous dogs.  And you really should get a job in PR if you're not in the industry now--look at how well you evade dealing directly with the PROBLEM here, the ugly, awful truth: "Fortunately, no tragedy occurred" instead of "Fortunately, my dangerous-as-hell violent homicidal dog, which I selfishly decided to own, did not break from his containment, which I stupidly and incompetently chose for him, and go on to slaughter, in painful and nightmarish fashion, one of my blameless neighbors."

CLICK HERE TO READ THE THREAD IN ITS ENTIREITY AT PITBULL-CHAT (at least until it's pulled and sent down the memory-hole)


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so it is not just me who experiences broken brain when reading pit nutter adventures. i hope that she didn't replace boulder with another mutant.

excellent find.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Excellent article. I did not get to read all of the attachments, but will do so shortly.

RE: Jaxcullen and the like - I do have to give credit where it is due. This individual DID do the right thing - waited until the very last minute, sure, but in the end put their dog down before it became a killer.

This probably explains why there are not more.... a LOT more.... maulings and deaths: While dangerous and crazy, most nutters are not murderers. Their fetish DOES have a limit. Perhaps most of them are simply afraid of jail?

Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I love reading pit bull forums as well. It's astonishing the crap these people will put up with to own these dogs. Coming home to bloodbaths, sudden wacked out aggression, the need to "crate and rotate". I'm guessing these people have never owned normal dogs. I can't imagine who in their right mind would want to deal with that shit. The game dog forums are fun too. I like the posts where the pit owner comes home to find that one of his animals has escaped it's chain and HASN'T killed another dog. They lament that they might have a dud and the other pit owners try to console him by saying some dogs simply take longer to turn on to killing. I wish the nonpit owning idiots who support this breed with the " all in how you raise them " bullshit would spend some time on these forums. They would learn the truth from the people who own these things.

Dayna said...

Ironic, the nutters have to kill their own dogs to "save the breed". Very twisted group of people, I pity their children. More, I fear for their neighbors and their children.

Anonymous said...

She seems so introspective and literate for a pit owner. She has already made it further than many other owners of her breed in that respect, hopefully she will keep thinking and realize the whole truth someday.

This probably won't be popular here, but I do feel sorry for her. She sincerely seems like a good person who just got pulled into a cultish system of beliefs. The fact that she put him to sleep immediately is very much to her credit and I can't say with total honestly that if a dog I owned had shown aggression, that I wouldn't have lied to myself and tried containing the dog better before making that final decision.

All that being said, I wish she would have decided that a Golden Retriever or Lab would be a better "service dog" for Jadyne. (The child's name is also one of the more terrible aspects of this story for me!"

Anonymous said...

Additionally, her profile from that forum only shows other pits, so I would assume the dog that was being staked out via Flexi is another pit.

Anonymous said...

Because the pit people seem unable to talk directly, and teach each other about the extreme & dangerous weaknesses or issues (whatever you want to call it) of pits,each owner has to find out for themselves. Its a slippery slope to realization about that prey drive, or the hardwired aggression that is just *there* & can't be squelched. Certainly they cannot talk to their breeder as in most pure breeds, because pit puppies are a cash and carry deal, not a lifetime of mentoring. Cheap bred dogs.

scorched earth said...

Why silly SAB, you KNOW she replaced her homicidal mutant with a shiny brand new mutant. Why have a normal dog when you can get a high profile dangerous dog that will get the attention of the public where ever you take it?

Can you imagine the newspaper articles on her daughter's "service pit" when the kid goes to kindergarten? She would miss being the center of attention if she picked, say a Golden Retriever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Just, wow! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

An excellent "expose" of pit bull owners. Pit bulls weren't even on my radar until one week ago when a pit bull viciously attacked my dog; mauled and killed him. Of course my dog was on a leash and the pit bull roaming free, no leash, no owner. The owner told me it wasn't his was the pit bull's fault.... he got loose somehow.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

aah, the ubiquitous SOMEHOW. it appears more often than not.

i am really sorry to hear about your dog. i hate the freaks who own and defend these ugly freaks of nature and cry about the persecution of their family members while flippantly disregarding ours.

fuck them.

Miss Margo said...

Anon @ 6:56

In the end, I couldn't hate Jaxcullen either. She really does come across as a basically decent person. She's not an asshole, and, as you noted, she is not unintelligent.

What she is, is indoctrinated.

That's why I wrote the blog post about the entire forum thread, rather than doing a drive-by that focused primarily on her. She did the right thing.

That last post of hers still pisses me off, though, and I don't like her passive-voiced choice of words. You know that she knows EXACTLY what could have happened in Boulder snapped that cable tie. She alludes to it, but only as if it would have been something like a terrible act of God/nature that "just happened," like an earthquake. "Fortunately, no tragedy occurred." Yeah, no thanks to YOU, Jaxcullen!

Also: I really, really hate fake "service" dog stunt pits. Did Boulder get to walk around town with a special day-glo orange vest and a harness? Gross.

Miss Margo said...

I added a link to the the original thread at pitbull-chat at the bottom of the blog post.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this is why I always try to send new pit owners with questions on general forums to those nutter-ruled ones. So far i have been ignored/downvoted, since I do add that they need especial help to manage their "especial" dogs and I guess that's just heresy or something. But oh, well, I least I try and maybe some other one will hear.

However, those nutters above, who don't even seem like the typical sadistic pit owner, leave me quite...disappointed, I guess. I naively thought that those first time or previously lucky owners that didn't enjoy these dogs killer nature would wake up once they saw it and stop advocating and lying for them. But it seems like most of them are too far down the rabbit hole to ever see the truth. Or maybe they need to have one of their own loved dogs try or actually succeed on killing their family or themselves. All I know, is that the term "nutter" fits them like nothing else, haha.

Another thing that I noticed, is that this lady chose a back yard breeder pit that was taken far too early from his mother (and that, more often that not, just fucks animals up), and decided to used him as a freaking service dog. Ignoring the whole maws-of-doom thing, it was my understanding that not even any random lab or golden is fit to do that kind of work, so what exactly was she expecting from this dog? Plus, true service dogs need a whole lot of training from people and organizations that are specialized in that kind of thing. Oh! Right! For pit nutters, the inherent goodness of their pibbles is stronger that all that nonsense (until they go pitbull, of course).

And guess she'll go ahead and try to do the same thing again, since all she learned is that she needed a bear-proof chain and cage for her next doggie.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake

The only reason these rat bastards PTS'd these dogs is because they now know that times are achanging, people are pissed and taking steps like getting criminal complaints issued and suing them as well as going to the media

If these pieces of crap like jaxcullen thought they could get away with letting their fighting breed savage the neighbors child, and there would be no repercussions, they would do it in a heartbeat

But she also has a felon hanging around the house (Frank) who likely will get sent away for a long time if the dog hurts or kill someone.

This has everything to do with selfish self-preservation among the criminal classes and these lowlifes need to keep hearing exactly that message- they are going to suffer serious consequences if they keep these dogs or if they give them away and something happens

The heat is on them and they know it. These pieces of crap only care about saving their own asses. They don't do anything because it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

"sincerely seems like a good person who just got pulled into a cultish system of beliefs"

If that were true, she wouldn't have her felon boyfriend hanging around the house with her kid, she wouldn't pull service dog scams, she wouldn't have gotten another pit bull or decided that she and the FELON boyfriend Frank will only have fighting breeds around her kids and the neighbors.

Jax and her felon boyfriend only put this dog to sleep because they knew that things have changed, they were going to be in serious trouble and she would LOSE HER KID, probably lose her welfare and her government checks that pay for this circus, and Frank will GO BACK TO PRISON when that dog killed.

She also let this go on for a while. She only cares about repercussions for herself and her felon.

She didn't even care about her own kid and still doesn't.

There's a reason she and Frank the felon like fighting breeds and they aren't good reasons.

Remember that criminals and lowlifes will always twist a story to come out looking better and to get sympathy.

Anyone who lives near this piece of crap and her latest fighting dog is STILL in serious danger, and her kid is in SERIOUS DANGER.

Anonymous said...

"Of course my dog was on a leash and the pit bull roaming free, no leash, no owner. The owner told me it wasn't his was the pit bull's fault.... he got loose somehow."

I would hope you are filing complaints with the police and suing.

Because if you don't, a child will be next.

You need to make sure that your town develops a zero tolerance for loose dogs and strict dangerous dog laws.

These people will only continue to prey on others as long as they get no pushback.

Anonymous said...

"She's not an asshole, and, as you noted, she is not unintelligent. "

She says she's not an asshole, but she is a full bore asshole every step of the way and still is. She just greases it with sympathy ploys designed to get people to feel sorry for her and avoid her guilt.

Lots of very criminal, very deviant, and very psychopathic people are quite intelligent. They are the worst, because they also know how to manipulate and lie and get away with it.

Like Jane Berkey.

Which is exactly what jax is doing.

She is now right back with another pit doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever notice you have to get accounts to see threads on a lot of theses pitbull forums? Never seen any kind of forum that you cannot continually view as a guest.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pitbullchat allows you to have X number of views as a guest, then you must register or clear your cookies.

pitbullforum was completely open to the public until i blogged the ATTS, then you had to register.

gamedog is not 100% accessible to guests. ;-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i should also note that gamedog is not 100% accessible to all members. i know this for a fact. :-)

Anonymous said...

That thread was disgusting. Almost as bad as general dog forums (as in not breed specific) where nutters (owners of them and just supporters) talk about their love of "pitties" and how those who don't love them are ignorant and fearful of the world. Yeah, these are reasons why I don't visit dog forums anymore.

The fact that people with these maulers have such a nonchalant attitude towards their ugly, killer beasts is repulsive. How the hell is she not going to mention to people that her dog was put down BECAUSE IT TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE?

I nearly vomited when the woman said that she'd still only ever have bully breeds. One almost kills her neighbor (A CHILD!), she reads all these stories about others who've been through the same thing, and she still wants to own these monsters?! Nutter logic at its finest.

One one hand, I'm glad she had her mutant beast pts (along with the others who did the same), but on the other hand, she still wants more of them, has others, and blames her issues on a damn cable. What's with these people?

Every time I read things like this I just want these un-dogs to go extinct.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read all of jaxcullen's posts. In fact, I only read a little bit of the first one. I can't tolerate people that tie up dogs. Barbaric! If you don't have a fenced in yard, and are too lazy to get up off of your fat ass to take your pit bull outside to take a wizz, then don't get a pit bull!

When my dog was attacked years ago, it was because my neighbor had it tied up out front. Whatever it was tied to, snapped, and the malamute was able to get to my dog. I was walking down the street with my dog on a leash.

Tying dogs up is not safe for people, or for the dogs themselves. It's even worse for pit bulls. I liken tying up dogs to those damn electric fences. It makes dogs mental, does not contain them very well, and has zero safety factors.

I hope jaxcullen gets a Darwin Award.


Unknown said...

Oh yeah, Anon 7:41? You didn't hear about the pits that climbed an 8' fence to attack the neighbor AFTER AC insisted the owner stopped tying them up? When AC did THAT, the owner tried to surrender the dogs, because he KNEW they could GET OUT THE 8' Fence.

I'm so SICK of the anti-tether folks who don't understand that FENCES CAN'T CONTAIN A DETERMINED PIT BULL.

Unknown said...

Link for mt rant above

Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't hear about that one. Sheesh. Don't tear my head off. I can easily say that a determined pit bull cannot be 100% successfully tethered either. Collars can slip off, anchors give, tethers snap.


justcuz said...

I actually know q guy who keeps one of his pits tethered as precaution because he knows its dog aggressive, he also has an 8 ft. fence. His othere one is nice. I would call that a responsible owner even though I do not agree with pining fighting dogs I appreciate that he has the sense to tale measures to keep our dogs safe

SevenSins said...

Since comments must be approved, clearly this one will never be, since it doesn't follow your little agenda. Had you actually bothered to ask for clarification and context for the post of mine you quoted, the aggressive dogs I've "been through this before" with WERE NOT PIT BULLS. But actual facts might detract from your sensationalist bullshit, and we just can't have that now can we?

packhorse said...

But pibbles want peace! Let's be friends they say...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

packhorse, that is misspelled. it should be "pibbles want a PIECE"!

Anonymous said...

This thread I just found is way more... informative and enlightening than the above, look for yourselves:

tl;dr: "american bulldog" (that looks and acts like a pit) kills 4 other dogs and injures another 2, by jumping a 6 foot tall pen in the owners backyard, breaking through a window, a few doors and several crates.

Sweetie Pie said...

It seems this pit bull chat forum has been notified. It tells me I don't have privileges to access the pages.

I'm sure SevenSins means the 'dogs' she's been through it with before were (drum roll) Am Staffs! When you mention the name John Pl Colby, she'll say "Duh, whose [sic] that?"

Or maybe she means they were Am Bulls. When you mention the name Johnson or American Pit Bulldog, she'll say "Duh, whose [sic] that and who ever hear of American Pit Bulldogs".

Etcetera, according to the usual standard these people apply when calling themselves experts on everything about gripping Frankenmauler type dogs.

Anion said...

I would like to know who that dipshit, irresponsible veterinarian was who refused to put an aggressive, child-attacking dog to sleep. That to me is the most shocking part of her story: Jaxcullen is, sadly, a nutter, but at least she tried to immediately do the right thing for both every human being in the area and the dog itself (even though her follow-through of "We'll only ever have bully breeds" is just ridiculous and nonsensical). I honestly admire her for that, although obviously she's not making the mental connection she needs to. Yes, Jaxcullen, there indeed was a genetic mental defect in your dog, but it's one that every pitbull has: it's a pitbull, and was bred for exactly that defect.

Her dog tries to kill a five-year-old boy who was doing nothing but walking in his own yard, on the other side of a fence, and her vet refuses to euthanize the dog? So the vet essentially says, "Nah, he'll have to actually kill someone, or you'll have to inflict a life-threatening (or -ending) injury on the dog yourself, before I'll help." WTF? Apparently being a responsible steward of animal lives isn't part of this vet's job description.

If that dog had actually attacked someone while Jaxcullen tried to find a vet willing to euthanize, I would have considering suing that vet if I were her or her dog's victim/s.

I wonder how many attacks could have been prevented if vets like that didn't exist. How many people sought the help of a vet for their aggressive dogs, only to have a door slammed in their faces? How many of those people then surrendered said dogs to animal shelters, assuming that they would PTS the dog, only to have some nutter there decide L'il Flesh-Eater could be "rehabilitated" or "must have had a bad day," or something, and adopt him out to some unsuspecting family? She didn't go to the vet and say, "This dog is annoying me, I want it PTS," she explained that the dog tried to kill a child, completely unprovoked. What kind of person refuses to do the right thing in that case?

Any vet who refuses to euthanize a human-aggressive dog after it tries to attack a child unprovoked is irresponsible and dangerous, and should be held criminally liable (along with the owners of the dog of course) if that dog then attacks someone. That is part of being a responsible pet owner and of being a responsible animal caretaker.

Anion said...

Oh, and also. "[The dog] let my child count its teeth and toes. What other dog would let her do this?

Pretty much any other family pet dog would let her do this, Jaxcullen. Pretty much all of them. It's not some rare and unusual thing to have a dog that allows children to touch it.

This is what the PB advocacy has brought us: adult human beings who think it's a special and wondrous trait in a dog for it to permit itself to be handled without attacking.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hello anon 5:17, thank you for your comment. to answer the question "what kind of vet refuses to dirt nap a mutant that attempts to kill a child unprovoked, i will point you to this petition.

i call your attention to signatures numbers 10 and 11:
Sheyna Punim, DVM, MT Apr 11, 12:55 # 10

Barbara Daniels, DVM, RCVIM, PA Apr 11, 13:14 # 11

would anyone like to google these lunatics?

sweetie pie, contact me and i will tell you how to access the forum.

Miss Margo said...

Is it just my & my tablet, or is the jaxcullen thread down/pulled...?

If I can get confirmation about this from a few other sources, I'll update the blog post to reflect the fact that the thread was removed.


Anion said...


I imagine the person posting this thinks that because she cut your post down considerably and changed some of the phrasing slightly that this does not constitute plagiarism. She is WRONG. It absolutely is plagiarism. Plagiarism is not *just* the use of exact words/phrases (which are obviously used in abundance in her post); it is also the clear theft/use of the original material only slightly rephrased. In other words, changing "As editor of the club's magazine, she must have been at the center of all conversation about the breed. It is likely that she either coined the nickname or promulgated it through the magazine, and the term may have &c" to "As editor of the club's magazine, she must have been at the center of all conversation about the breed. It is likely that she was the one who coined the nickname," (to pick just one example) is NOT enough of a change in wording OR in essence to keep this from being plagiarism.

(It also would likely count as copyright infringement, because she didn't credit you; her post probably falls under Fair Use but the lack of credit is problematic.)

(Sorry for the possibly unnecessary detail/explanation; I'm a writer so this is something I know a bit about.)

Is the graphic posted in #9 also yours? Or did she like your article so much she spent a few minutes in Photoshop making a graphic of your bullet points in a further attempt to make herself appear to be the writer of the article itself?

Anyway. Again, it's up to you if you want to publish this comment/info or not. I do worry a little that if you post it they'll lock their forum and I won't have access anymore. :-) Given that it's an internet forum, and this is just another thread, a lawsuit would be pointless (I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice, but I am familiar with several similar plagiarism cases--some of which happened to friends of mine--and I know some of the inherent problems in these situations, like the fact that there's not likely to be any financial damages awarded and the fact that legal action requires the loss of anonymity/pseudonymity for both parties).

And of course, if you publicize her theft, the post may be (likely will be) removed, which would mean your excellent research and info would no longer be on this forum where maulerdog fans will read it and take the information seriously; it will only be on your site which they are sadly likely to avoid or disregard. That doesn't mean I'm saying you should ignore it or that I'm not angry on your behalf--plagiarism is theft of the mind and soul, and it is a disgusting and shameful thing to do. All it means is that I will completely understand if you decide not to publish these comments and just let it go, or deal with it privately, or whatever.

Best wishes to you, whatever you decide.

(BTW, can you please double-check that my first comment posted anonymously? I'm afraid it may have somehow posted with identifying info. If it did can you delete it, please? I am honestly terrified of being "outed.")

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you a___ for the link to the plagiarizer. very interesting. she claims to have gotten it from a site named but i looked and it doesn't exist. i have read the entire thread and located the person. i found some interesting stuff. not sure how i will proceed yet. i have a back log of work and blogging to do, so i probably won't get to it until june or july if i do anything with it. thanks again.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, i don't think the original poster has the ability to delete it. pit bull chat closed it to the public or deleted it.

Anion said...
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packhorse said...

"Free range" kids living in squalor. Parents say the cops just don't get their lifestyle. What kind of dogs do you think they own? Scroll down to see the last photo for the answer!

Anonymous said...

I had to share an idiot grandma of the year posting from the dogsbite facebook post about the conviction of the Jena Wright babysitter for her pit bull's killing of the young girl.

This idiot grandma still is in total denial that she got suckered into following the fighting breed fad and has filled her house with pit bulls for her baby grandchild to play with. Her grandson is with them all the time. (What moron of a mother would leave her kid with a fool like this? How many kids getting mauled every week by grandma's pit bulls?) Yeah, insurance and she follows the rules. Well pit bulls don't, ya dumb bitch! And the grandkid will suffer for the idiocy of a woman old enough to know better but too stupid to care.

You have to love the she's an angel now sop she throws out while she admits to wilfully putting her grandson in danger because she had to participate in a fad.

As long as sane people put up with dangerous and selfish people like this, the bloodletting will go on.

"Malinda Pol. Sorry for the loss of this beautiful little girl, not all pit bulls are bad it's how their raised. Mine are in a loving home and haven't bit anyone and my grandson is with them all the time. It's the owners responsibility to ensure that they raise their pet correct. I carry insurance and follow the laws and ordinance rules and mine are good dogs. Feel bad that this happened to this little girl, again sorry for your loss. She's an angel now."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anion, you are right about the useless vet who refused to euthanize the aggressive fighting dog. It's too common. There have been too many of these DIPSHITS (mostly female I am sad to say) that have been getting released from vet school and decided to follow the No Kill religion, and are happy to put everyone in danger and get lots of people and animals slaughtered and mauled/torn to pieces.

They all share the same common denominator- they are sucky vets.

Vet school has slid into the lowest depths in recent decades. Morons are getting admitted and morons are getting out. There's always been a problem with low quality control and high derangement count in veterinary medicine but it's been getting worse.

They need to be exposed and reported. The world need to see what these people are doing or failing to do.

Anonymous said...

" I'm so SICK of the anti-tether folks who don't understand that FENCES CAN'T CONTAIN A DETERMINED PIT BULL."

A very large percentage of the pits that are mauling are getting off the tether or chain.

Tethers and chains don't stop pit bulls. The neighbor gets it when they get off and they get off them all the time

You know that too. The anti-tether rant smells like AKC loonie to me. They just will not admit that some crap is stupid, so damn stubborn.

Anonymous said...

These Jena Wrights of the future, like SevenSins, better think about what they are going to wear for their mug shots if they want to keep up with this crap.

It's a new day dawning. People are sick of this.

also anyone who has anything to hide, or anything to lose like custody of their kids, better think twice about getting a pit bull because anything at all happens, and their secrets will be out for all to see right next to their mug shots in the paper.

Anonymous said...

The tether is not the issue, the pit bull is. The fence is not the issue, the pit bull is. Get rid of the pit bull, and both issues are resolved.


Anonymous said...

Haha, perfectly put. Some lady got all offended because I pIcked up my ferret when her unleashed pit came out in the shared yard. What is it with owners who won't leash there animals? Even my ferret is on a leash. Wish she would get rid of thing. It growls at other animals all the time and she wonders why other animal owners run in the other direction when they see that mutant.

Anonymous said...

How can they not see the APBTs are GENETICALLY predisposed to aggression and violence when SO MANY of them on just this one forum have had to be put down for it?

Why choose a pit bull for a child???

As to the question of "what other dog would allow this" any NORMAL dog that's been raised around children can allow that kind of handling. Labs, golden retrievers, poodles, even my border collie allows children to climb all over him, ride him and touch his tail, teeth and feet - I don't allow children to climb all over my dog though. Whenever someone's child does this (and I have a lot of friends and family with kids) I stop them and teach them how to gently pet a dog so the dog will enjoy the interaction rather than learn that children are annoying or scary. Anyone that lets their kids abuse their dog's trust is a bad pet owner and a bad parent. Eventually the dog will get fed up with it and tell the child off themselves, and both the dog and the child will suffer for it.

You CAN keep dogs with children, you just have to teach both dogs and children how to interact with each other and supervise them while they do.

I would never trust any breed bred for fighting with children.

Funny about Money said...

Amazing. Have seen dog owner stupidity in effusive abundance before, but this takes the proverbial cake.

BTW, it's abusive to tie out a dog. If you don't have a sturdy fence around your yard, don't get a dog. As for pit bulls: think of it as "not a dog." Don't get it at all.

Excellent rant. Pit bull attacks happen all the time around here. The Humane Society nearby sits in the middle of a meth gang's territory. A good 98% of the dogs they're trying to adopt out are pit bulls or PB mixes. The rest are chihuahuas. It's a rare day when you can "adopt" any other breed from the Humane Society or the county pound.

New neighbors moved in three houses down. They have four children, and are the conspicuously religious type. Took my corgis for a morning walk the other day and here comes the moron father with three of the urchins in tow behind him and not one but TWO pit bulls dragging him up the street.

He had one of them tied to a belt loop on his shorts(!) and the other in hand. When they saw my little pooches, they went bat-sh!t and started lunging and surging, trying to get loose and come after the corgis (and, presumably, me). They were on the other side of the street. The moron is a big, hulking character, but it was all he could do to keep the animals from pulling him off the sidewalk.

Four kids. Two pit bulls. Zero IQ points.

Anonymous said...

I take it we can use the term "service dog" fairly loosly? Question--since mommie decided, all by herself, to train a pitbull to be her autistic daughter's service dog, although she has no experience in training service animals, was the daughter taking the dog to school with her or taking him into restaurants, stores, and other public areas? That couple needs to be reported.

IHateBreedersSuck said...

I agree totally. The vet was totally in the wrong not to euthanize a human aggressive dog. I find it sad that nobody is giving credit to the owner for realizing the pit was aggressive. I used to work for animal control, and sometimes owners would ignore the warning signs, and they or others would be attacked badly. One pit was brought in by the owner, her husband was in intensive care he had been attacked so bad. The wife had 500 hundred stitches in her leg. They loved their dog, and ignored the warning their dog was showing aggressive tendencies. It was a miracle they both lived from the look of her leg. The litter of puppies was from a dog fighting ring that was confiscated and in a rescue. What people do not understand is the drugs, and the genes are passed on. They hit age two and take after papa. I notice male pits seem more aggressive. Just my opinion. All dogs in fighting circuit's should be euthanized. It is a public safety issue. Owners of pit bulls need to have experience and need to be the alpha. I personally do not think you should have little children around them. Pit bull bites are more destructive and they do not let go. Not should you have more than two. They have a high pack mentality, and get caught up in attacking animals and people.

IHateBreedersSuck said...

Maybe cities and towns should support kennels instead. That way the top is also covered and the pit could Not escape.

Jaloney said...

illuminating insight into madness. They believe they must succeed or try to succeed in keeping an unpredictable and dangerous dog with a bite history around kids and family because??? Because a blog or t.v. show or other propaganda tells them to, or a friend owns a pitbull? So they feel they are not valuable human beings if they own a different dog breed as they need this pitbull group to belong to? So sad.

Unknown said...

I don't get offended when people pick up their small dogs or cats when my shepherd mix approaches. She's friendly with dogs and cats but I don't expect a stranger to know that. If I had a small dog or took my cats out on a leash I'd do exactly the same thing when seeing a strange dog approaching.

Even if the other owner knows my dog is friendly, if they'd still rather not let their pets greet my dog that's fine - they're just trying to keep their pet safe and that should be respected. It's not a personal affront against my dog or me.

I can't understand why people get so pissy about these kind of things. The only thing I find annoying is when the other owner gives me the evil eye or glares at me as if I've done something unpardonable (even though my dog is nowhere near theirs and leashed).