Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls: A Facebook post that deserves to be seen.

Scorched Earth, the Politics of Pit Bulls: A Facebook post that deserves to be seen.: This comment turned up on Facebook this morning.  These are not my words but I urge you to read them to understand the fury pit bull owners turn on the victims of their bred-for-blood-sport dogs. Thank you to the author of this comment but I will not share her name in an effort to protect her from the vile rage of pit bull owners.


Anonymous said...

The term "death cult" certainly applies to the pit bull advocacy movement. I wonder how history will treat this (hopefully) odd blip?

So many people and animals are dying by pit bull. This needs to stop. Pit bulls need to go extinct, in the most humane way we can muster, for our well being and the well being of every other animal in their wake.

Anonymous said...

It's called malignant narcissism.

Anonymous said...

That was so well written and describes nutters to a T. There is no way to answer the question raised, "WHY do Pit Bull owners and advocates turn on victims...?"

The answer would be endless, much like the reasons pit bulls turn on victims. The pit bull triggers on really put it in perspective. Answering the phone, checking the mail, sitting on a chair, sneezing, etc.

I do like that the Darwin Award Nutters were included in this to show that it's not just the people that are against pit bulls that get dispatched by them. Pit bulls don't discriminate, that's WHY WE SHOULD!


Anonymous said...

Case in point

"Susan Shulthise from Facebook24 minutes ago
I have two pits the most loving perfect dogs ever ! Would trust them with a infant. It's my 10 lb jack Russell I don't trust so Much"

This was posted on a story about Tanner Jacob who was killed by two pit bulls this week.

What kind of twisted person would write this? She went out of her way to post about how she would trust her maulers with an infant, WHEN 2 PIT BULLS COULD NOT BE TRUSTED WITH A SIX-YEAR-OLD. It's like nutters try to be myth-busters, but instead come across as misguided, callous, ignorant, depraved human beings.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"misguided, callous, ignorant, depraved"

that is a good start. i would also add completely irrational. what genius boasts "it's all how you raise pit bulls" but then says "it's my jack russell that i have to be careful with." wtf? she taught her pit bulls to be sweet and loving nanny dogs but she taught her jack russell to be a deranged lunatic?

they really have no idea how pathetic they look to the rest of us.

Sweetie Pie said...

@ Why do pit bull owners and advocates turn on victims?

The answer is indeed malignant narcissism, plus this:

"The [pit bull] is the way they can seek arguments and win for a change, since they never succeed in doing this on their own strength."

(From: )

Pit bull fans are full of unfocused inner rage at the world, which never gives them their entitled due -- which is mostly because even the ones with PhDs (= piled higher and deeper) have fairly low intelligence and lack of reasoning capabilities. It's also because their entitlement is a bottomless pit, so no matter what you throw into it, it (and they) remain empty.

Their inner rage, result of a failure to grow beyond the emotional level of a two-year-old, is so unfocussed that any excuse to indulge it is welcome...even if the victim is a fellow pit bull fan. This is probably the one case where Lorenz's hydraulic theory of drives is valid. The passive aggression pit fans display at all times (including to their own children) isn't enough to relieve the pressure of their need to destroy. They need vicious, active attack.

In that sense, they are just like the pit bull, which calms as soon as it's killed a child and needs only a cigarette to complete the orgasm.

Please note that this malignant narcissism and infantile rage syndrome aren't a result of 'damaged self-esteem'. They are the result of frustrated infantile egoism. Two-year-olds in adult bodies, still enraged that the Universe won't admit it revolves around them and that Mommy isn't praising them enough for producing poop in their nappies.

They are now, as adults, smearing that poop -- the only thing they are capable of producing -- all over the walls and demanding that we admire it. The pit bull victim, even if that is a fellow advocate, is just another place to smear the poop.

S.K.Y. said...

I heard a story recently on NPR about research on irrational thinking with regard to smokers and lung cancer. It turns out, when you ask smokers to rate lung cancer risks for both smokers and non-smokers, they actually make very accurate guesses. In case anybody is curious, it's about 10% for smokers, and 0.5% for lifelong non-smokers.

But when you ask them to rate their OWN, personal risk of getting lung cancer, they give themselves less odds of getting it than they assign to lifelong non-smokers. So the smokers think they have a less than 0.5% chance of getting lung cancer, even better odds than non-smokers.

Just another example of "it won't happen to me" irrationality.

Anion said...

An excellent post.

Hey, Craven, came across this a few minutes ago, and found it very interesting, especially in light of the "All how you raise them" crap we see from the nutters. (A friend of my husband has a pregnant purebred cocker spaniel--bred to another purebred cocker, we made sure--and we're considering asking for a puppy for our kids, so I was doing a little research.)

The article is about "Rage Syndrome" in cocker spaniels specifically, and describes a study done some years ago which basically proves--surprise!--that temperament and propensity to attack/be aggressive is GENETIC, and has nothing (or very little) to do with how they're raised or socialized. It also describes, a bit, the efforts made by spaniel organizations to eliminate "Rage Syndrome," including recommending a moratorium on breeding of certain dogs/bloodlines.

And yet the pit nutters insist genetics has nothing to do with it, and refuse to even consider cutting down on breeding their dangerous dogs...all while claiming to be "responsible" and that they "just love the breed." The spaniel breeders love their breed, too, which is why they did something about a serious genetic defect, rather than just airily pretending it's not real and anyone who says it is must be a hater.

Here's the article (the background and font are kind of sucky, but it's still interesting reading):

"Dr Mugford had collected 200 pedigrees of affected Cockers, which enabled him to calculate their coefficient of inbreeding. Three bloodlines occurred in over half of the patients he had , and the sample contained a 70:30 ratio of males to females."

"Dr Mugford claimed that Cockers (primarily the red and black) were the breed he was consulted most frequently about. He had identified two leading kennels as being the sources of deranged solid Cockers and reported that the more champions there were listed on a Cocker’s pedigree, the more likely the dog would exhibit symptoms."

Again, just thought it was interesting; another example of how responsible dog owners/lovers behave, as opposed to pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

What Palm Beach County Animal Control in Florida, pit pushers and No Kill pushers, have also been supporting and enabling over the years

Just on a food public safety basis, these operations could have killed millions of people with a major disease outbreak that spread

But Palm Beach County Animal Services did many "inspections" over the years only to COVER AND HIDE THIS MASSIVE CRUELTY AND PUBLIC SAFETY DANGER, and help this guy Garcia do this and keep making money off this. They shielded him.

He ran a puppy mill too. Probably a dog fighting pit as well

Pam Beach County Animal Services is just fine with all that!

This is what results when animal profiteers run animal control, using all their scams like No Kill and pit bull advocacy to trick the morons and the taxpayers

This Palm Beach county animal animal control department is tied up directly with Jane Berkey's operation Animal Farm Foundation, and takes not only money from her but guidance on how to run the department. She ships in Aimee Sadler of Longmont fame to come in and run "behavior testing" that is basically dog fighting baiting if you read Animals 24-7 lately.

They don't want cruelty investigations that result in busts because that means the animal profiteers have problems. And animal profiteers and their profit interests are what is behind pit bull advocacy and No Kill.

It's not about the dogs, it's not about opposing cruelty, it's not about public safety- it's about the money!

Also he got his animals through craigslist ads.

No Kill says they won't take unwanted and stray animals. You should list them on craigslist to go to this and other similar situations and horrific deaths so No Kill doesn't have to count them on their statistics.

So when are the morons going to figure out that pit bull advocacy and No Kill is about dog exploitation and people exploitation for the money? That they SUPPORT people like this Garcia?

Jane Berkey, Nathan Winograd, Douglas Anthony Cooper, Best Friends Animal Society, the Huffington Post- this is their scene and what they support. Only they forget to tell their mindless followers what's really going on.

Anonymous said...

The Cocker comment is excellent, but I think it was posted to the wrong article. I don't know if it could be moved? I do love how it points to more responsible breeders of a worthy breed. Instead of trying to push off defective dogs on whomever is dumb enough to take them, they actually fixed the problem themselves! Refreshing!


Anonymous said...

I posted before on here, I was in the midst of making up my mind about these dogs. A few weeks after that, I was volunteering with a Pit-bull mix and it was just playing, but it bit me on the arms, legs, inner thigh, backside, groin, and I had bruises and swelling on both arms. It also ripped off the sleeve of my tee-shirt (he was really trying to tear it off.) I say this because I was on Facebook and a close friend of mine who love these dogs posted about the use of them as therapy dogs. I very politely told my friend why I didn't think this was a good idea. Now mind you, everyone who saw me would audibly gasp and ask if I was OK, or had been to the hospital or needed shots. But anyways when I told this person about my attack, they not only never responded but unfriended me and deleted the whole conversation so no one else could see it. Needless to say I was pretty surprised. I guess though that this is normal behavior for the Nutter crowd?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not surprising and very normal. even less surprised to hear how your friend reacted. this is an insanely polarizing issue. sorry you had to learn the hard way but it sounds like at least you were not seriously harmed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I wasn't harmed seriously at all but while it happened I mm kept thinking about this site and how easily things could have escalated

Anonymous said...

Anon, I would seriously be freaked out if a pit bull played with me in the same way it did with you. I would have thought it was a full on attack. I don't want a pit bull near me, let alone biting me and ripping at my shirt. Pit bulls are not "dogs" in the sense that they're like normal dogs. And they most certainly are not intended as therapy dogs.


Anonymous said...

I talked to you in a previous thread, I was the one that at first thought they were just great, I'm embarrassed now about that. We were in a enclosure playing together, fetch and those types of games when he started his attack. However the more excited he got, he started to growl, and he was doing that classic shake move they do. I thought of everything I ever read on this website and what you all told me. I actually was able to get away from him and I left the enclosure, making sure he did not get out, till someone could take him back to his kennel. I think a dog that gets this excited to the point of what most people would consider a attack they have no business being in a therapeutic setting or in most peoples homes.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous

Be glad you learned this lesson before getting mauled or killed, some only learn when their arm is ripped off...

Thankfully you weren't injured and the dog sounds like it really was only "playing". If it had been serious you'd have lost flesh and blood.

I hope that dog was seriously considered to be put down after that - if it gets excited to the point of attack when the only stimulation is normal play it is DANGEROUS and should not be living near people PERIOD.

A working dog with drive will only be happy when doing the work it was bred for. For a pit bull that is killing another dog.

I wish this breed would go extinct soon - there really is no reason to keep breeding a dog that can only fulfil it's instinctive drive by killing.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my heart is almost stopping at what you're writing. STOP PLAYING WITH PIT BULLS!

I think most people that recognize that a pit bull's job is to take down a living creature, know that when a pit bull gets excited, most likely an attack will occur. Pit bulls don't attack because they're threatened, or scared, or abused, or neglected, or raised improperly. They attack because their DNA kicks in, they're excited, and they're happy, and they want to express that happiness, and it makes them feel good, and they don't want to stop, and you get the idea.

You are veryveryveryveryveryvery lucky! I'm glad we got through to you. I'm sorry I called you anonanutter.


Anonymous said...

"a close friend of mine who love these dogs posted about the use of them as therapy dogs."

Tell your friend she is getting used by pit bull breeders. They are the scum that started this whole therapy dog scam to provide some cover for their activities and making of the almighty $$$$

If she gave a damn about the dogs, she's start doing something about the breeders that are preying on the damn dogs, instead of just helping them out

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were browsing dogs in the county pound up for adoption. Every single dog was a mislabeled pitbull. If pitbulls are such great dogs why does the pound feel the need to foist these frankenmaulers on society by way of deception? Why lie? They are the great American dog that loves children and wouldn't even hurt a cat or chicken or horse so why lie? Why not call the pitbull by its name?

We all know the answer to that question....the enthusiastic group of pitbull lovers do not.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent question anonymous 9:56.

GSpotProd said...

I am puking all over this. All dogs bite. All dogs have teeth. All dogs are unpredictable. And opinions here are like The Maury Show. A group to eradicate a breed of dog. What next, people? You want to treat people like you are some type of authority? Some type of royalty? Like people are all the same. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Pet owners and animals are not clones.

CelticDiamondz said...

I know this was forever ago but people this guy just crack me up with their ideology. Might not be cloning but the amount of selective breeding done for a breed of dog is about as close as it gets.

The only thing to fear is fear itself... Seriously the worst catch phrase ever! Tell that to murder victims...