Friday, April 22, 2016

The Nutters Being Nutters and Also Being Criminals

There is an update to the Joy Braunstein story - a third person has been charged with harassment: HEATHER LYNNE VALLONE.  And Braunstein offered more details about her purchase of a collie puppy from a reputable breeder.  She said the puppy was for one of her children who has special needs and that she carefully researched her choice of both breed and breeder to get an appropriate pet for her child as each and every responsible parent ought to do.  Eric Heyl, the columnist who wrote the update, observed that judging from the harassment she received, you would have thought she had drowned a puppy, not responsibly bought one.

First, some happy news:
 Cindy Marabito was fired from her examiner post for lying.  Well, not technically for lying because she’s been doing that for years, but for being an idiot after she got caught lying.  At one point, Marabito was making quite a pretty penny from her Examiner articles.  Another nutter is the one who nailed her, too.   Her entire oeuvre has been removed from the Examiner site.  Her defense is that no one should criticize her for lying because she’s saving animals.  Fun read!

Click here and here to read about another enormous Marabito lie that she didn’t get fired for:

And now for some mixed news:
Western Pensylvania Humane Society hired a new director, Joy Braunstein, who had implemented more stringent screening protocols as a public safety measure and more dogs were being euthanized because of it.  That made about a third of the staff stomp off in a huff or get fired.  Then Braunstein bought a collie puppy from a reputable breeder (she had several rescue dogs and horses at her home).  This made nutters lose their shit.  They started a petition to get her fired.  Braunstein received a boatload of terrifying threats from the nutters.  WPHS put her on administrative leave for her safety.  Then Braunstein decided to resign from the position because of fears for the safety of her family.

Police charged two nutters with harrassment.  Both Diane Bandy and Tara Vybiral have been called out for nuttiness before.

Fyi the Michael A. Fuoco mentioned in the Bandy article is married to super nutter Linda Wilson Fuoco who was pals with Leah Purcell of Spindletop Refuge.

And then there’s news of nutters behaving badly in Illinois.


scorched earth said...

So much fun to remember the good times.

Love the new Illinois post!

Anonymous said...

Ledy keeps fine company.

Sweetie Pie said...

It's grand when the pit freaks start going at each other.

Puzzled by that comment? It might be interesting to know that the publisher of the site that exposed Marabito is herself a pit freak. The site is heavy into attacking any negative stories about pit bulls. They use all the same old tactics (breed name game, denying pit - mastiff mixes have anything to do with pit bulls, 'the pit bull chewed off ONLY the boy's foot, not the boy's leg' (as if that's some great pro-pit bull find), etc. The 'publisher' seems to have plenty of time to make calls and interviews to anyone claiming a pit bull did something bad:

I love it when the pit freaks go at each other!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

their goal of going after to marabito must ultimately be to protect the breed.

Anonymous said...

The new Illinois post is sickening. I hate Ledy. HATE HER! I so want to find a way to take that idiot down. As in legally, to all our nutter fans reading this. I'm making it my goal to make Illinois a non-nutter state. I know it's an uphill battle, but it will be worth it. Laws can be changed, and I am sick of pit bulls getting top billing over citizens of this state. No more of this, "You can't have BSL because some deranged person got to the law books first." Not allowing breed specific legislation does not protect people. It only protects a very narrow few people who want to own pit bulls. Protecting rights of a small percentage of people so they can own pit bulls, when pit bulls are good for nothing except dog fighting. Yeah. Such a pointless endeavor, saving pit bulls.


KaD said...

With so many shelters adopting out dogs that are unfit physically or in temperament I no longer have a problem with people getting a dog from a legit breeder.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Two words: Shelters lie.

That's all you need to know.

Pibble said...

Time for another episode of "Learning the Hard Way:"

"submitted 4 hours ago by KZupp

So I married a man that is fanatical about his dogs. We have four pitbulls. Three of them are fine. One has me dreaming of doggie homicide - and let me tell you why... She's a fucking terrorist. She's a 13 year old red nose pit, rescued as a stray- shelters said she probably was a breeder/fighter dog before she was dumped in the woods. She has been with my husband since before we were married. She's a pretty good dog for a human. Loyal, tough, loving and obedient (selectively obedient).

But for other animals, she's like Kim Jung Un meets the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She is the most alpha dog I've ever seen. She demands respect from the other dogs. Two of our dogs completely submit to her. They let her eat their food, take their treats and their spot on the couch. They beckon to her every need. One dog does not submit, and this has cost us about $6,500 in medical bills because she is a strong fighter and has nearly killed the other dog. The two dogs have had drains, surgeries and overnight ER visits.

She also has a serious appetite for my Greek tortoise and almost killed her too - $500 later, my poor tortoise will always have a fucked up shell and medical issues. Ever seen a tortoise hyperventilate? It's heart breaking! And let me tell you - my tortoise is a million times cooler than this asshole dog.

Last year she tore a huge hole in my kitchen wall to kill a crow stuck in my drywall (happens a lot in Virginia). She wakes up three times a night and demands to go outside. If you don't let her out she will bark without pause.

She is too old to get on the bed by herself, but she doesn't want on the bed until you've already gotten in to bed and picked a comfortable spot. Then she demands it.

We have to keep her permanently separated from the other dog because she is living to kill her. We've had multiple behaviorists tell us the best we can do is keep them separated. And that's no easy feat - in fact, it's an enormous pain in the ass.

So I fucking hate this dog. Passionately. I get that she's a dog and a hunter and blah blah blah. She's the only dog I've ever known that was such a shit head.

There's no way I will ever talk my husband into getting rid of her - even though I'm 5 months pregnant and not looking forward to her being around my child. I pretty much just have to sit here and count down the days until she finally dies. But I sincerely believe she may live forever - just to fucking spite me.

Anyone have any advice? (Other than murder or harm)"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

holy cow. the shit that people will tolerate from these ugly dogs boggles the mind and now pregnant on top of everything else.

Unknown said...

Divorce. Your childs life may depend on it

Animal Uncontrol said...

a man that is fanatical about his dogs..

And, thats all you need to know

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough when people trust "nice" pit bulls, but when they're willing to live with outright nasty, violent bitches like the one described on Reddit it's just insane.

The husband is clearly fucking nuts to keep spending money on that mutant. The wife is foolish if she stays there with a child. It's not worth it lady, please: for your own safety and the life of your child, GTFO!!

And don't forget your poor tortoise... she sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Marabito is another breeder affiliate of Nathan Winograd

She was also hot with Purcell, the AKC pit bull breeder who ran Spindletop

These are the breeder connected people who took over No Kill for their own devices

That's Winograd's crew, and she was tight with him and doing his attack monkey routine

Anonymous said...

"I no longer have a problem with people getting a dog from a legit breeder. "

Except for the fact that the "legit" breeders are non existent these days, their dogs are a mess, and they are spending the most money and activity on the pit bull lobbying

They just keep it more hidden from view

They also do it through the No Kill front

So it's between a rock and a hard place

Anonymous said...

Weird on that Western PA Joy Braunstein thing

The link to Diane Bandy goes to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, home of Linda Fuoco Wilson, another Marabito

Pit nutter, No Kill nutjob and Winograd pumper, and an AKC breeder and lobbyist

So that Michael Fuoco mentioned in the article must be her husband

Something dirty is going on there!

Anonymous said...

A known vicious dog living in a home with a baby on the way. Wouldn't this be enough for CPS to consider this an unfit home?

Pibble said...


Video of guy confronting nutter whose off-leash pit bull knocked over an elderly woman and the nutter assaults him with the very leash that is supposed to be on the fucking dog:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i want to see part 2! i am sure this gets better.

SadFalada said...

Dominick Donovan is accused of animal cruelty. It's believed he and his loathesome cohort hung two young, insufficiently vicious dogs, till dead. But, he is a hell of a fancy poet... Maybe he'll break out one of his ditties at trial

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i forgot all about that dipshit's legal troubles.

i think i need to talk to google.

Anonymous said...

That lady needs to leave. There is the highest chance the dog will kill an infant. Even the chemical changes in her body during pregnancy may trigger the dog. Who knows what triggers a pit bull?

But we all know this. I hope she did it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think the word "stereotypes" when applied to animals has been overused to ridiculous levels. ABC News says:

Cat and Rat's Adorable Friendship Shatters Stereotypes

The fact that the vast majority of cats hunt and kill rodents is not a "stereotype." It is as factual as stating that both cats and rats are mammals. That this particular cat is not currently hunting this particular rat does not herald a new dawn regarding the relationship of these two species.

Similarly, pro pit-bull media just looove to toss around the word "stereotype," as in, "It is an unfair stereotype to say pit bulls are more aggressive as a whole than other breeds of dogs." Oh, and here's a picture of a pit bull and a bunny. Bustin' stereotypes!

It's a complete misuse of the word.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of stereotypes,

Has anyone else noticed how when a pit bull does something a normal dog does, it's labeled as, "Pit Bull saves family from burning house" "Pit bull meets kitten for the first time" "Pit bull saves autistic boy"

Most other stories use the word "dog".

Like this story,

Hero dog who saved his family from a fire heads to Westminster

It does go on to say that the dog is a Shiba Inu, but it's not blasted in the headline. At least not for this article.


Anonymous said...

Good point BAM, I never really noticed that before but you're right.

Mom in Eugene said...

That video was funny, but that lady's gripper is gonna kill another dog or attack a person. Why does a little old lady even have such a dog?
If a loose pit ran up to me everyday.....

It's great when nutters fight. I wish they would take each other out already. Just hearing "Spindletop" makes me sick.

Mom in Eugene said...

That video was funny, but that lady's gripper is gonna kill another dog or attack a person. Why does a little old lady even have such a dog?
If a loose pit ran up to me everyday.....

It's great when nutters fight. I wish they would take each other out already. Just hearing "Spindletop" makes me sick.

And the lady from Reddit- she needs to PTS that vicious mauler, it will hurt her baby. There's a million ways to get rid of it that her husband won't know about, though if he can't see the danger to his own baby from 4(!) pits, let alone the crazy one, it might be better for her to GTFO.

SadFalada said...

Huh? Wha did I do?

Anonymous said...

Guess the breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Valencia Canady, the dog's owner, says she knows pit bulls are considered vicious but not all are the same."

obviously THIS one was, hence the breaking free and attempting to attack the neighbor. nutters say the darnedest things!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I honestly thought you were asking to guess the bread. Sourdough? Whole grain?

That article is a perfect example of how pit bulls interact with neighbors. They're always trying to attack, never going up to people for a pet. Jumping on the hood of a car is not a normal response from a human for a dog interaction. Yet, all of us are supposed to accept that pit bulls are just like other dogs, not all pit bulls are vicious, and to ignore the very real danger pit bulls pose.

Nutters, I will treat every last pit bull as a potential threat. I will not treat any pit bull as if it's "friendly." If you find that offensive, or racist, or mean, I really don't care.

"'He didn't have to kill him. He didn't have to shoot that many times,' Muhammad said."

What Muhammad is really saying is, "He should have let the pit bull latch on first, do some damage, let us try and get the pit bull off, then shoot the pit bull."

Yeah, because outright shooting a pit bull before it gets to attack is just plain mean. No one knows for sure if that's what the pit bull was going to do. The pit bull got the death sentence, but it was innocent!


Anonymous said...

links to recent stories, so sick of this

"The unfortunate part is the dogs took his ears. So he has no ears now,”

Anonymous said...

Great news on the update for Joy Braunstein! Just reading the comments on that article show what depraved people nutters are. A victim spoke about their dealings with nutters, and one spontaneously shows up to say vile things. The nutters screen name is "Warning Warning DBO Troll Alert." A class act, for sure.

It's okay to breed pit bulls in backyards and have them euthanized because no one wants them, but the purchase of a puppy has become a crime? Was there a law passed that only allows people to "rescue" puppies? Did the breeding of any dog besides pit bulls become illegal? I did not get the memo.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it is astonishing how will quickly they cannibalize their own.

Unknown said...

Funny how the Netherlands rescinded its Pitbull ban after ten years. What the Dutch found is that dogs are a creation of man.
Being denied pitbulls meant that the people who should not own dogs moved on to other breeds and there was no change it dog bite statistics. Dogs in the Netherlands are now judged individually based on Temperment and behavior. I realize that some of the people who are pitbull-prejudiced my have been traumatized by a dog and now are mentally conditioned to see these animals as the problem.

Unknown said...

How could the Netherlands rescind their BSL after ten years of fact gathering?

You seem to avoid this glaringly obvious counterpoint to your entire premise

GSpotProd said...

This website is just a bunch of Bull Terrier haters who like to discriminate against large breed dogs because of their lack of education. Not all Bull Terriers are "Pit Bulls". A pit bull is an abused dog that is "trained" to fight until death in a "pit". Much like the Vic dogs. Domestic bull terriers are not "Pit Bulls".

If this Craven Desires had any education, let alone a real name, she would know that dogs are dogs. All dogs have teeth. All dogs bite when confronted with fear. I've been attacked by small chihuahuas on my skateboard. I've been licked by Bull Terriers. I've seen very large dogs act like pussycats and I've seen small dogs act like monsters.

Craven Desires and her / his followers are a bunch of soul less creatures with no actual understanding of human beings, animals, or life in general.

All this website knows is hate.

Anonymous said...

A COLLIE? One of the most screwed up breeds around, for a special needs kid.

what a load of crap.

Well Eric Heyl is married to an AKC breeder who hucks for Winograd, so the ludicrous is expected to emerge

Anon said...

Being a pit bull owner confers an immediate group identity for these people that requires no actual work ethic, accomplishment or commitment, despite their arguments to the contrary by these rescue groups. All it takes is a willingness to accept some risk. It attracts the type that fear actual risk and responsibility but who wish to claim the same accolades and which sadly, they get in abundance from their echo chambers. They have to tell you about it, menace you with the dog, and refuse to act responsibly in securing the dog because the entire point is to force confrontation. When you don't respect them for taking a senseless and reckless risk with little upside gain, they become very defensive. It's therefore a great group identity for the antisocial of various stripes.