Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dear Sirs: rethink pit bulls!

"As a former law enforcement officer and ACO, I place a great deal of value on public safety. Based on my extensive experience with pit bulls, I came to recognize as clearly evident that these dogs were unique, in that they all seemed to share certain problematic personality traits and behaviors, and a very dangerous degree of instability." Beth Clifton

Watch the video HERE.

Read the article HERE.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand seeing horses shredded by pit bulls. I have not watched the video, and can barely handle looking at the pictures.

I read the open letter from Beth, and of course, there are lovely comments from our nutter friends. Just because someone doesn't agree with your point of view, does not mean you should wish them dead. But hey, that's a nutter for ya.

It would be nice if we could actually have intelligent and mature conversations with nutters, but that never happens. We wouldn't have a pit bull problem if nutters were mature and intelligent. They would realize that what Beth is saying IS TRUE and not meant as a personal attack. But gosh darn, keep denying reality about pit bulls because that makes sense.


Lucy Muir said...

ASPCA, HSUS, BFAS are fine and dandy with the status quo that includes attacks exactly like this in the US. Fuck them.

Farmer Jane said...

I didn't watch the video. I have seen attacks on my farm animals in person. Just the thought of watching it makes me want to throw up. I've watched a single pit bull kill a 1000 lb. Watusi cow. I've literally picked up the pieces of my flock of ducks after a neighbor's pit dug under one fence and climbed another to get to them. I'm not emotionally attached to the ducks. They are raised for food. We slaughter them ourselves, so I'm not bothered by blood and duck pieces. But it was the suffering of the ones left alive and the obvious terror they felt as they were being ripped limb from limb that brought me to my knees in the mud. There was one in particular, a three month old female. She had tried so desperately to get through the fence to get away that she had scraped all of the feathers, skin, and muscle off of her neck. The dog had ripped off her tail, along with part of her spine. And still she was alive. These birds were meant to be slaughtered for food, but they weren't supposed to suffer. That was the whole point of us raising them and killing them ourselves: to make sure they were raised and killed humanely.

These dogs are an abomination. So much suffering and terror is caused by someone's choice of a pet. Unfortunately, the pro-pit population won't hear anything that Beth has to say.

Anonymous said...

And yet all the mainstream pet press can do is mock the victims, over and over.

Is it a wonder those who have lost a person or pet to a pit attack get so angry?

Anonymous said...

Farmer Jane,

What you wrote is so difficult to read. I can't stop thinking about it. It is crazy to me to think that there are people out there that are okay with pit bulls killing for fun. The pit bull that killed your ducks went out of its way. In no way was that pit bull threatened. If the pit bull was seeking food, why did it kill and maim an entire flock? Wouldn't one duck be sufficient as a meal?

The people that obviously love animals can understand the concept that pit bulls will go out of their way to abuse other animals. Pit bull advocates freak out at the thought that their precious fur babies might be euthanized because of BSL. But NONE of them give a shit when someone else's animals are slaughtered by pit bulls, or left with body parts missing as you have described.


Dayna said...

The other thing that really bothers me about these videos, the people standing around watching, or trying to just hit the dog with something and then giving up. Do NONE of these people have a knife or a piece of rope/collar to strangle the pit with? I could never just stand and watch, if I could get ahold of that pit I would do everything in my power to make it stop breathing.

Packhorse said...

"Say it Ain't So" by Skeezer

Oh yeah, alright

Somebody's horsey
Is shredding his voicebox
Somebody's kitty
Is lying there, killed
Guess I'll just close my eyes

Oh yeah, alright
Feels good, inside

Flip on the A.P.
Wrestle with Pittie
Something is bubbling
Behind his eyes
This doggie is ready to blow

Say it ain't so
Your dog is a heartbreaker
Say it ain't so
My dog is a life taker

I can't confront you
I never could do
That which might hurt you
So try and be cool
When I say
You're trained, yet I watch you slide away from me
It takes you further every day
So be cool


Dear Cesar, I write you
In spite of years of silence
Pack leader, two leashes
Things were good or so I guessed
This rival I'm seein'
Awakens ancient feelings
Like sire,
The son is drowning in the blood
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah


Anonymous said...


You're amazing!


Anonymous said...

If only it would have been a pit bull. Then what you silly little bloggers.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you did notice the comment "dead for some time", right? kind of changes the story don't ya think?

dogs are not predators. they are scavengers. well, normal dogs anyway.

Anonymous said...

If pit bulls ate dead people, I'd be okay with it. Dying of natural causes, then having a pet dog eat you is not the worst thing in the world.

Pit bulls kill people, and sometimes pit bulls eat their victims. That, I have a problem with. But hey, one instance of a dog eating a dead guy, lumps all dogs with pit bulls, which makes pit bulls just like regular dogs, so everything is fine.

Now I see how nutters justify their insanity. Take a freak story, normalize it, apply it to pit bulls, and prove that this sort of thing happens all of the time. Even though, in reality, normal dogs do not tear arms off of people to eat.

We are such silly little bloggers, aren't we? Thanks for sharing nutter. I'm going to go play at the dog park with all of the pit bulls because it's safe now!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame I can't post pics here. Hopfuly one day you will figure out how to code that website. And stop leaching off Google Becuase it's free!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have no idea what you are talking about and i suspect that you don't either.

Anonymous said...

Ok where is your website

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see your pictures. Either they're pit bulls in tutus, or something revolting.


Anonymous said...

Anyone around here even have a job?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anyone around here even have a job?

April 18, 2016 at 3:37 AM

No, we're all wealthy. We don't need to work.

I find it amazing that you come here trying to insult the "silly little bloggers", insinuating that we don't have jobs, when you're going out of your way to come here and stir shit up. I don't go to pro-pit bull websites and troll. I have better things to do. Sorry that not everyone in the world is a slobbering nutter. You're not going to change anyone's mind here because we have a firm grip on reality. We don't believe in nanny dogs, and that every dog rips people's arms off and then eats it.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of this recent study that nutters are constantly throwing around:

They took around 120 dogs, used DNA tests to find which ones were pit bulls and then asked shelter workers to identify the breeds of the dogs. Most of the breed identifications were incorrect; most of the workers either didn't identify several of the pit bulls or incorrectly labeled non-pitbulls as pit bulls.

The study seems very fishy; firstly, they had a very narrow definition of "pit bull." Though the nutters are always claiming that pit bulls aren't really a breed because the term includes over 9,000 breeds or something stupid like that, the study only took into account 2 pit breeds: AmStaffs and APBTs. And it considered any dog with at least 25% of ancestry from either of those breeds to be a "true pit bull". The result is that you get certain dogs with very little pit DNA like the Aussie Cattle dog mix pictured in the pdf labeled as "true pit bulls" by the study that no one would ever identify as such. Secondly, how reliable is the DNA test used in the study?

I find it pretty telling that the two dogs pictured that had at least 50% pit DNA were all correctly identified as pits. I'd bet good money that if the study redefined its definition to include only dogs with 50% or more pit DNA as "true pit bulls" the results would be very different.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lol. they are calling a cartoon poster a "study".

who funded this "study"? Sesame Street and Romper Room? WTF?

that blowhard diane jessup is always whining about the "dumbing down of dogs", well i guess we now know why. the entire fucking world is becoming infantilized.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that is just an infographic for an actual article that was published in a journal by some researchers from a university in Florida. If you look on one corner of the picture, they thank some no-kill organizations for funding it (which is pretty telling). I think the biggest flaw of the study is that they consider dogs with only 25% pit bull ancestry and no physical pit features to be "true pit bulls". No one would identify those dogs as such just based on looks, so when the shelter workers inevitably say those dogs aren't pit bulls they can scream "SEE? NO ONE CAN IDENTIFY A PIT BULL!!!" But those dogs (and one of them is pictured in the graphic) *aren't* pit bulls. If a dog doesn't have any pit bull physical features then it isn't a pit and it doesn't matter if a DNA test says it's a quarter pit bull (and who said dog DNA tests are always accurate?). Dog breeds are identified by physical features, not DNA tests, otherwise judges at dog shows would test the DNA of every dog that entered.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, I think you're right: I searched all over the net and it looks like this "study" (heavily funded by no-kill pit pushers) was never published in any journal and is just a "cartoon poster" like you said. It looks like a junior high science fair project.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"a junior high science fair project"


Anonymous said...

I watched the video, it wasn't that graphic so don't worry all you squeamish people. Horsey didn't die in the vid.

The people were pretty stupid though - they just hit the dog with sticks a few times and then kind of gave up.

The horse was pretty stupid too. It kept trying to kick the dog but the angle the dog was attached to it's face by kind of prevented a full strength kick - however had the horse simply lain on top of the dog while it was standing underneath the horse, the dog would have suffocated. Or had it's rib cage crushed.

And we all know that since pit bulls are stupid, it wouldn't even have let go while it was being crushed to death.

Domestication has really ruined every animal it has touched. Can see it in horses, dogs and humans just in this one video.

Anonymous said...

"If a dog doesn't have any pit bull physical features then it isn't a pit and it doesn't matter if a DNA test says it's a quarter pit bull (and who said dog DNA tests are always accurate?). Dog breeds are identified by physical features, not DNA tests, otherwise judges at dog shows would test the DNA of every dog that entered. "

Good reasoning.

Also, don't forget that pitters (contraction of pit nutters) are always saying DNA tests are not accurate for pit bulls, and laugh about how their purebred champion bloodline APBT came out as a labrador mix, or great dane mix or something equally innocuous on a DNA test.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lol on the nutter DNA comment above :-)

"however had the horse simply lain on top of the dog while it was standing underneath the horse, the dog would have suffocated. Or had it's rib cage crushed."

as much as the image of the mutant suffocating under the weight of the horse pleases me, horses are prey animals. i don't think prey animals think that way.

KaD said...

Pit advocacy is more than willing to sacrifice your family, pets, and neighbors for their self imagined 'right' to keep a well documents dangerous animal. Be prepared at all times.

Asian pitbull breeder said...

I read the other article "Why pit bulls will break your heart" and I found this -

"A rambunctious and unruly dog, he was loved by all and most of all cherished and loved by me. Maintaining his health and well being had become my mission. He slept in my bed. "

Can anybody tell what the lady was doing wrong?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

she took him off the chain and out of the backwoods of north carolina.

final answer.

Asian pitbull breeder said...

Yes and No.

First - she took a Pitbull. IMO a woman should never get a pitbull. Women in general have motherly nature and they tend to shower the dog with the same mother's love they would do for a baby.

Second - as you pointed out, she let the dog off the chain or leash.Never allow a terrier or pitbull off leash. You are inviting trouble.

Third - and most Dangerous - she was treating the dog like a human being. A dog's only place is at our feet. Not in our beds. Not only she allowed the dog into house, she let it on her bed.

Anonymous said...

I smell an "Asian" troll.

Asian pitbull breeder said...

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I have said such things several times here. Treat dogs like dogs, not like human child.
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animalcop said...

Hey buddy! You remember which way your bread is buttered. If not for those pit pushin fur mommies, you would be out of business and would need to get a real job! They're your first line of defense! While you're whoopin em, they're kissing em and you all sing Kumbaya.