Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Merced CA pit nutter alert

the couple pictured below stood by and watched their pit bulls kill a cat in the area of Foothill Drive and G Street.

a witness saw the psychopaths observing the despicable act and captured it on video.

if you recognize these cretins and/or their mutant canines, please turn them in.

contact the merced police dept tipster line at 209-385-4725 or via anonymous text message to the police dept by dialing TIP411 (847411) and include the word Comvip as the keyword in the text message.


merced sun-star

fox 26 news


Anonymous said...

Typical nutter. The leash is supposed to be on your mauler, so perhaps you could control your nanny dogs.

I feel terrible for the cat. Seeing the photo of the dingbat standing there with an empty leash doing nothing, proves that nutters just don't give a damn about other animals or people that are savaged by their worthless therapy dogs. It's like they just let their pit bulls do what pit bulls were bred to do and act like nothing is wrong. I HATE NUTTERS! EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Last month, I was at a park. A couple was walking with their pit bull off leash. I was in my car getting ready to leave. As I drove past the man I said one word. "Leash?"

He got the most insane look on his face. "Yeah, I have a leash."

What good is it if it's not on the pit bull? IDIOT!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think the the dingbat was doing something. i think she was taking photos or a video.

Anonymous said...

If she was taking pictures or a video, that is revolting!

Actually, it reveals why nutters like their maulers. I need to remember that.


Anonymous said...

Most likely the witch is just standing there holding the leash, because she saw the cat and then unleashed her dog to let it attack. There are really sick people like that.

Anonymous said...

I have seen pit owners brag about the "public service" their maulers provide by killing every cat that gets in their yard or crosses their path. Yet these same people insist their maulers can roam free and would kill anyone who harmed their beast.

SPYERcat said...

I have seen psychos like this couple in stories before. They get their jollies watching their dog maim, torture, and kill innocent cats. See? She is even video taping for future "watch" sessions. The video is her "serial killer" TROPHY.

In one story that I read, the mauler and his owner spotted a cat lying on its own porch, sunbathing. The man walked his killer straight up the driveway to the porch were Kitty was innocently enjoying her day, and let said mauler attack and kill the cat. It was caught on the cat owner's security camera, and the cops are now looking for the man. I wondered how many times this sicko had trespassed on private property to get his jollies off.