Friday, July 10, 2009

dogman poetry hour

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by richard aka kimbel2392

Mouth open,
Body fully committed,
Tail as stiff as
The boards that boxed him in
He glady fell
Face first into ecstacy
Money soon began to change hands
As a familiar voice pridefully yelled out
One simple demand
"Get up boy! Get up!"
He quickly learned
While being flat on his back,
"The carpet burns!"
Those laughingly placed sidebets were now
Burdened with regret
As he got up,
Charged hard
And once again
Gladly! Gladly fell!
Face first into ecstacy

quote from RIchard: I toned it down alot from my original version hoping it would not get taken down- hope it don't.

of course, the little southern belle, jere alexander aka "idgie" was drooling all over it and requesting the unedited version be sent to her via private message (she needed something to help her get her in the mood with rocky). and misterdogman from iowa (where your food and your food's food comes from) is also a poet but unfortunately he did not share with the gamedoggers but had this to say to kimbel2392 Please PM me the real version ...I like this a lot...It describes the deadgame soul very well and I bet the original is just as good but probaly much better...I also write poetry but cant post much...I like you would have to chop it all to hell and/or rewrite it all for the pink bellies who would probaly

Dead game.
You damn dummy
You shoulda picked him up,
Stopped this sh....
But you didn't wanna
Lose your money
When exhaustion and blood
Became one with the floor
And he dug into legs
He could no longer tuck
Your dumb a...
Shoulda picked him up
But you said 5 minutes more
Yeah, he's dead game alright.

Like perfect sex,
They tussled, turned and twisted
-Bodies peppered by puncture wounds
But still they brawled.
This is the fast lane.
Where there is no speed limit,
Aggression need not yield
And the pressure of a bite and shake
Can cause enemies to instantly
Empty their bowels
On the unforgiving battlefield.

we shouldn't be too hard on poor richard. he has fallen on hard times. after losing his home and dogs in the katrina disaster, he was forced to move to houston. and now his only internet activity seems to be on the hpvsupport group where he is trying to manage his little burning blistered weiner.


Felony said...

I would like to see RIchard Face first into asphalt.

Jimmy O said...

My gut tells me that these game dog members play with themselves while reading this stuff.

SadFalada said...

The carpet burns
From embedded Doritos
And beer vomitus
It is crusted
With aerosolized blood
And unrestrained burps and curses
Grimed with tread of dog and felon, and trite curses spent as freely as counterfeit money
Where ugly dogs with dented skull
And pumpkin maw
Do taste of another's bounty,
To great excitement and dreams of bail money
And all are by Walmart apparelled,
And stiff middle finger ever erect, never fails
And all these things cause the carpet to burn
The Harvest Gold orlon, a rust-red to turn
When glory is over and other crime beckons
And dogs have gone home to sutures or death
The carpet remains, a soaked testimony
To boys having fun with their dogs, depravity at it's best.


SadFalada said...

Richard aka kimbel 2392
Are you the "Little Dick" I once knew?
Your Olympian gaze gives nary a clue
Your massive stubbled cheeks
no longer of chubby rosy hue
cruel Little Dick, we see how he grew

He looks down now from upon a great height
Sometimes at a makeup mirror,
Other times at a bloody dogfight
His portendous tread quakes the crime scene by night
His Zeusian words dazzle
dim mortal skulls with light
As he strides both worlds, and opens the gate
A glimpse of sublime idiot-dog fate
That only the highest of Gods could orchestrate
And privileged to be seen be only The Few
But brought to Earth by Dick 12392

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


scorched earth said...

Applause, applause, applause!

Thank you SadFalada!