Thursday, January 21, 2010

the linda blair pit nutter foundation

Linda Blair is under criminal investigation after her dog escaped and attacked a pig. The Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control launched the investigation after the dog escaped and went to a nearby ranch, and attacked a pet pig named Gerty and the owner of the ranch killed it. The rancher said the dog was a pit bull but Blair said it was a Labrador hound cross.

wanna bet the so called "threats" the rancher made against the "non-breed specific rescue" were something to the effect of "I'm tired of your pit bulls getting loose and harassing my animals. I'll kill 'em if they come on to my property." and now we just wait for the rest of the neighbors to come forward and tell the media about linda's containment breaking wiggle butts.

toluca lake, california
a "lab/hound" mix escaped from linda blair's dog rescue and attacked a miniature potbellied pig named gerty at a nearby ranch. the ranch owners grabbed a gun and fired some warning shots in an attempt to scare the dog but the dog didn't loosen its grip. they shot the dog. the "lab/hound" mix died. gerty suffered puncture wounds but will be okay.

criminal charges will not be filed against the rancher.

linda blair's official pit nuttering excuse based on her pit nutter staff "eyewitness" account of the events:
Ms. Blair was not on the property at the time the incident happened. It has taken over 48 hours to get through the shock of this horrific tragedy, collect all the necessary facts and file statements with the Los Angeles Sherriff's department, including ones given by the eye witness LBWF volunteers, before releasing our statement to the press and the public. The necessary and truthful necropsy report on our beloved lost dog will be made available within a week.

On Sunday January 17, as I was driving to our mobile adoption event with our dogs, I received a devastating phone call. It is my understanding one of our rescued dogs, after a walk with a new volunteer, was accidently placed into a non kennel area. Suddenly, the volunteers heard the disturbing noise of several of the neighbors' dogs fighting with each other through their property fence lines, which happens quite often. During this time it appears our dog made his way over the fence and traveled up the alley between our properties.

The Deputy Sherriff report says, the dog jumped into the pig's enclosure and bit the pig. One of our volunteers never heard the pig, but the woman's loud, hysterical screaming led him to jump up to a high position to see what the commotion was about. The location was documented by the Sherriff's Deputy. I was present when the volunteer made the following account to the Deputy, "I did not see a pig or a woman by this time, they must have taken cover, only a dog running in fear with nowhere to go in this small area. A man with a gun appeared, proceeded to chase, corner and unload the gun in rapid fire. He shot the dog 6 times in the head, eyes, neck and body, all within a close 3-5 foot range - execution style, killing the dog instantly." The necropsy report will show the six casings still embedded in the dogs head, eyes and body. In addition to this account, other neighbors are willing to go on record as ear shot witnesses, to hearing 6 rapid fire shots, as they rang throughout the neighborhood.

A second volunteer ran to the scene and found two neighborhood women who had witnessed the event standing in a state of shock. He told the Deputy, they tearfully exclaimed, " the dog jumped on and bit the pig, and then the woman was screaming and the dog was running away, when the men came out and killed what the ladies thought might be one of our dogs." Our volunteer then told the Deputy, " I looked back and realized in fact it was one of my favorite and beloved rescued dogs. I got teary eyed, feeling the onset of both shock and sadness, wondering what in fact had just happened to make someone shoot a dog so violently."

I have expressed my deepest concerns for the condition of the pig. The Deputy informed us that, in his opinion, the injury to the pig was not life threatening. As a former pig owner, animal lover and neighbor, I have offered through the responding Deputy, to provide or pay for the medical care, if needed, for injuries the pig may have sustained in this unfortunate incident.

I again was present, when the second volunteer went on explaining to the Deputy, "the property owner and an unknown man, with gun still in hand, made a very scary threat concerning the safety of our remaining rescued dogs." The complete statements have been legally filed with the Los Angeles Sheriff's department through the responding Deputy.

We know this dog to be very sweet, gentle, and kind. This dog had no human aggression in him whatsoever. It's important to note that we are a non-breed specific rescue and the dog was simply a lab and unusual Egyptian-like, hound mix. This dog was one of the many wonderful companion animals we have rescued. Despite this tragedy, we will continue towards our goal of saving lives.

We are in an American Crisis of pet overpopulation and people losing their homes, many times being forced to abandon their companion animals. blah blah blah... please send donations. 

Linda Blair

this attack screams pit bull.

first of all, no one mentions breed in the news link EXCEPT linda blair and she is quick to point out that it is a lab mixed with some kind of "unusual egyptian-like hound". blair is not only vague about the mixed breed, she is defensive. i wonder if the truth about her sanctuary will slowly leak into the media over the next week.

second, the dog had to be killed to losen it's grip.

fourth, the victims were "loud" and "hysterical". (they must have provoked the dog)

fifth, the evil haters "executed" their dog.

sixth, the dog was the "favorite" among volunteers and was "sweet, gentle and kind". blair stressed the dog did not have an ounce of HUMAN aggression. (only pit nutters desperately cling to that notion)

here are a few of the non-breed specific dogs that linda's rescue adopted out, they are overwhelmingly pit bulls.
let's see what this NON-BREED SPECIFIC rescue currently has listed at petfinder:
41 dogs
17 amstaff
6 amstaff mix
2 apbt
2 staffy bull
2 staffy bull mix

and now, the non-pit bulls...

one properly identified rottweiler

"australian shepherd mix"

"mastiff" WITH testicles!





"shar pei/lab"


"dutch shepherd/lab"


"lab/rhodesian ridgeback"

take a good look at linda blair's non-breed specific rescue website. she promotes animal planet's PIT BOSS. i have yet to read a single positive comment about this cable tv freak show on ANY pit bull forum (bad news for you linda). in the photo section, there are 12 pits, a token rottweiler and a token gsd mix. linda promotes a pit bull book, forward written by none other than linda blair.


Anonymous said...

Pulitzer quality work...and another top ten Pit Bull Advocacy moment!

Regulate these lion tamer ranches!

Anonymous said...

Spouse...oh so creepy too!

Friends Administrator said...

That girl hasn't been right in the head since she did the Exorcist. She played with the Devil then and she still is playing with the Devil aka pit bulls.

Felony said...

Things are starting to add up. Highlights from Linda Blair's online bio:

Life after the Exorcist,
"Over the next few years she had no trouble finding leading roles in a number of pictures, mostly as some kind of abused child (13-year-old alcoholic, rape victim, to mention a few), but the early attention brought with it life in the fast lane and Linda, as quite a few others in recent years, hadn't had the time to learn how to handle it, and drugs, a stream of unsteady relationships and other factors almost brought her career to an end."


"Flew to Florida to attend funerals for members of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, when an acquaintance convinced Linda to go with her and buy cocaine. Blair reportedly went because she was interested in buying pedigree puppies which the dealers were supposedly selling. Blair reportedly bought cocaine, and then returned to Connecticut. She kept in touch with the dealers, supposedly because she wanted the puppies, but the Drug Enforcement Agency was tapping the phones. They arrested Blair, along with 30+ others, and charged her with conspiracy to buy the cocaine in Florida and sell it in Connecticut. Police searched her purse, found amphetamines, and then charged her with possession. The possession charge was dropped, and the conspiracy charge was reduced. She received three years probation."

Sounds like Linda Blair is another wounded misfit trying to heal her herself through the magic of pit bulls. I think that she is ready for her own Animal Planet TV show.

Anonymous said...


Linda Blair has been identifying herself for years as a PT BULL RESCUER and PIT BULL ADVOCATE

The pit bull community identifies her as ONE OF THEM

Another pit bull rescuer that can't handle a pit bull. Who has dangerous pit bulls.

It's a miracle the neighbor's kid wasn't killed. Or several children. Or his wife. Or him.

Every one of these pit bull rescues is like a bomb waiting to go off in their neighborhoods.

People need to make sure these rescues are licensed, have insurance, are inspected, etc

Anonymous said...

Some comments about Linda's facility

"36. I am a friend of the "rancher." The dog was not a lab/hound. It was a bull terrier. after it escaped from the shelter, it jumped a 5 feet fence to get to the pet potbelly pig, which weights maybe 20 pounds. The rancher also has dogs, cats, goats, chicken and horses who could have been victims of this dog. if any of the readers think you can get in the middle of a hundred pound dog and its prey they're stupid.

Posted at 5:02PM on Jan 20th 2010 by tom c"

Anonymous said...

Yes, Desire, you are so right, only pit bulls and pit bull mixes attack other animals, only pit bulls and mixes escape fences.

All the other dogs in the world are descended from herbivores and would never, ever display any kind of predation.

Keep giving us your expertise on dogs and canine behavior.

It is just so insightful

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot, that well-documented reference that "pit bulls are 14x more likely to break confinement."

I hope you at least wiped that statistic off before you took it out of your butt and presented it to the public.

Anonymous said...

More comments. Even one of Linda's pit bull lobbyist buddies admits it's a pit or a pit mix.

Notice the "blame the victim" pit butter mode

"52. I have also been to Linda's ranch and recently spent time with this very dog. I walked him and cuddled him. He's sweet and handsome. Whatever he is, he's not pure pit...possibly a mix.
Linda's property is double and triple fenced. She IS very responsible. And because of this, she does have volunteers who come up to walk the dogs. They need to be walked. She does everything possible to take responsibility. A VERY unfortunate accident happened. And somebody was itching to use a gun .... there's always somebody with a gun just dying to put it to use. "

Anonymous said...

Another intertesting comment by someone who knows Blair.

Looks like a failed actress is living off the donations of psychotics

"58. I am an animal activist, but I can honestly say, I would have shot the dog too. Anything, man or beast, comes onto my property and attempts to destroy it or harm anything, I will put them down. Linda is at fault for not having adequate enclosures to keep her mutts in there. Her plaything the victim in this is disgusting. I have met her several times and talked with her, she is an awful person and does not have one kind bone in her body. This was at the time that she claimed she was only saving horses, apparently now it is dogs. Sounds more like a tax-exempt status than anything.She should have charges pressed against her for housing violent and aggressive dogs without proper fencing and enclosures.

Posted at 8:31AM on Jan 22nd 2010 by lindsey"

Anonymous said...

More on Blair's setup

"60. 5443 Clayvale Street, Action, CA. Go check out this kennel for yourself (address is public record courtesy LA County Assessor). The real problem is this place is totally inappropriate for a dog kennel - too close to homes and neighbors. Linda Blair paid, with two mortgages, $708,000 (also a matter of public record) for this dilapitated dump that is worth less than half today. I feel sorry for her neighbors whose property values have plummeted due to proximity of this dog rescue compound on only 2.5 acres. Imagine being down wind and all that dog crap wafing past your nose. No thanks.

Posted at 1:47AM on Jan 22nd 2010 by jane doe"

Anonymous said...

It looks like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Linda Blair are in this together

Anonymous said...

And from one of Linda Blair's neighbors.

I am seeing yet another No Kill hoarding pit here.

"34. Most people know nothing about about this if they are thinking poor dog,asshole rancher. Try living next to this rescue, when it rains I hear the dogs crying, they are cold. Went we play with ball our dogs the dogs cry because they are lonely.What Linda does is nice but she CAN NOT handle the amount of dogs at her rescue."

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

I am an animal lover, a strong believer in animal rights. I don't eat or wear them.
I am constantly amazed by the army of vegan pit nutters who are so concerned about the rights and welfare of animals, work so hard to keep these dog killers alive at the expense of all of those farm animals after the frankenmaulers have attacked/killed another dog, horse, goat, pig etc.

Marji Beach and Linda Blair are walking talking contradictions. They look like complete idiots every time they open their mouths.

Anonymous said...

I guess that the pit nutters will take her name off their list of "celebrities" who are stupid enough to own pits huh?

Anonymous said...

I have made similar threats to a neighbor regarding his pit bull and then I made the same statements to the police and animal control. Blair's a nutter alright, if she thinks those legally filed statements mean diddly to the police. The police understand the danger these dogs pose and the need to take appropriate actions to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

I've also made the same threat to pit nutter neighbors of mine after being attacked by two of their stupid dogs. The police and animal control have both told me I am well within my rights to shoot any dog that comes onto my property that I feel to be a threat. Only an idiot doesn't recognize the threat these breeds and cross-breeds pose, and those pictured dogs that are supposedly all these other "mixes" ALL look like pit mixes. Shame on the liars.

Anonymous said...

This blog post oddly resembles one of those FIND THE PIT BULL games.

Anonymous said...

At least the rancher was kind enough to warn her!

I wonder if this earned her a Nutter show on Animal Planet?!?

Anonymous said...

It's all a Bad Rap!

Anonymous said...

Famous Pit Bull owners whose dogs have mauled things:

Theodore Roosevelt
Jessica Biel
Linda Blair
NFL Player Joey Porter
NFL Player James Harrison

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting link. the tv announcer describes linda's operation as a pit bull rescue but now that one of her dogs has gotten loose and attacked, it is a NON-SPECIFIC BREED rescue. nutters are so predictably dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Elizabeth is another one (actress)

Her pit bull killed another dog.

Trigger said...

Sounds like Linda Blair is another wounded misfit trying to heal her herself through the magic of pit bulls. I think that she is ready for her own Animal Planet TV show.

Despite some recently misleading press, the City of Auburn has told Tia Maria Torres to take a hike!

greyhound rescue said...

So it looks like Linda Blair is a hoarder. Also looks like we have yet another case of a crimnal owning pit bulls just like the studies tell us.

Another thing I'd like to address is calling pit bulls "greyhound-mixes" or in this case rare Eqyptian hound mixes. There are two kinds of greyhounds in this country: show dogs and racing dogs. Show dogs are extremely rare and as a result very expensive and hard to get. People just don't get these dogs and breed them to other random dogs. As for racing dogs, there are lots of these - and they are spayed and neutered by the adoption agencies before they are adopted out. So greyhound mixes do not not exist in shelters around the country, and calling every brindle dog a greyhound mix is not fooling anyone. If they love pit bulls so much they should be proud to call them what they are and not trash another breed.

Friends Administrator said...

Toluca Lake is not a place for a pit bull kennel or rescue. It is highly populated, it is not farm country although livestock is allowed. There are horse stables there. Unless you are familiar with the LA area, you might think this is out of the way of population. The way horses are kept in LA would be considered cruel in other areas. With so many people and livestock in this area, this would be the last place to put pit bulls. Not even to mention you can drive down Foothill Blvd. in Toluca Lake and pick up a dozen loose pit bulls. She needs to be taking them away from this place, not piling them on more and more frightened neighbors. She could easily have gone out into the wilds of the desert like Torres has and then people would be safer.

Anonymous said...

No wonder lab bites are so high! They are blaming them for pit bull bites!!!

pitbimbosuck said...

the LINDA BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. wonder how shes doing lately? she was looking pretty rough last time i saw her in 74 i quess it was. wonder if her partner likes the head spinning thing while having sex?

br said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I thought this debate was over. It's not the dog, it's the owner. Proved over and over again!
Just in case you don't agree with me, me and my Pitt/Mastiff will meet you somewhere, and he will lick the heck out of you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it's BOTH owner and dog. ALWAYS.

There's one way to test that theory. Take any serious pit bull mauling and substitute other breeds. Take 85 yr old Rosie Humphreys for example. Rosie and her small poodle were killed by BRIAN PENNINGTON'S loose purebred american pit bull terrier during a routine daily walk. Now try substituting golden retriever in that sentence. How about dachshund? collie? Absurd, isn't it? If breed is truly irrelevant and the problem is truly irresponsible owners, then ANY breed of dog owned by BRIAN PENNINGTON would have yielded the same deadly result.

BamaBULLY said...

It's a little bit of both actually. Pit bulls cannot be trained like say a Collie. Bully breeds are very emotional animals, therefore they respond well to positive reinforcement. The problem you run into with inexperienced owners is that they are more physical and punishment oriented when training. With bully breeds this has an adverse effect on the dog. Are pit bulls good dogs for experienced owners? I do not currently own a pit bull instead I own an American bulldog, which are very similar as far as the demeanor. Many times the dog aggression with pit bulls comes from the fact that the dogs have lived in a one dog family and don't know how to act around other dogs. My American Bulldog (Tank) is very good with our much smaller Jack Russel Terrier mix. Just remember dogs only know what they are taught.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

all animals are emotional. maybe you are saying that pit bulls ate too emotional or over emotional in which case, i would say they are unstable.

"It's a little bit of both actually"

yeah, that's what i said.

"Many times the dog aggression with pit bulls comes from the fact that the dogs have lived in a one dog family and don't know how to act around other dogs. My American Bulldog (Tank) is very good with our much smaller Jack Russel Terrier mix. Just remember dogs only know what they are taught"

the it's all how you raise 'em is a bunch of fucking BS.

Meals on Wheels said...

This is a knee slapper, quite the collection of shapeshifters Linda has in her kennel. Beagle mix, ha ha ha!

Thanks for this, I think Linda will be soon enshined in the company of the "Whores of Babylon" very soon. How fitting that the head spinning actress would join them. She must be a method actress, forty years after the role has been played. She's a pit bull actress, she just can't let go of her most iconic role.

Meals on Wheels said...

BrahmaBully wrote: "Pit bulls cannot be trained like say a Collie. Bully breeds are very emotional animals."

Be sure to alert the rest of the pit bull advocacy, they claim that pit bulls are just dogs, and it's all how you raise 'em.

The concept of Bully Breeds being "Very emotional" animals strikes me much the same as the claim that they are "more loving". In't that kind of doggie racism?

My dog was rather emotional after he was attacked by my neighbor's sweet and loving American Bulldog. Then he died. The American Bulldog was emotional too, HAPPY! He was wagging his tail, and he looked PROUD when he was covered in the blood of my dog when his owner came over to retrieve him. American Bulldogs are just great big, ugly pit bulls. If you American Bulldog owners had your way and had them listed as a completely different breed, they would bump the Rottweiler down to number three on the dangerous dog list. Great piece of American History there, a recreation of the old catch dog of the South.