Sunday, June 13, 2010

another isolated incident

KELLY resting after her big day with the PAWS executive director and professional bleeding heart MELISSA LEVY.
philly last week a 6 yr old, overweight pit bull mix named KELLY, SOMEHOW slipped her leash while being walked by a PAWS rescue angel and attacked a carriage horse. the justification for KELLY'S normal pit bull behavior has taken a few turns. first she was spooked by the traffic, then she was spooked by the horse. now her updated petfinder profile states "she does not like horses" or cats but she LOVES children and the PAWS shelter not only recommends KELLY to potential adopters with children, KELLY is the shelter staff's first choice when they need a dog for kids to pet! MELISSA LEVY claims KELLY is really a "sweetheart with a tough past" and this was an "isolated incident". LEVY is quick to point out that the bull baiter didn't redirect her explosive aggression towards any humans. i'm sure there would be a whole other set of excuses if that was the case. really melissa, an isolated incident? there is some interesting chatter in the comment sections. one concerned citizen wrote: "The same dog was in the carriage stands a few days ago being walked by a PAWS volunteer. She was leaping at the horses at the end of her leash. OK, so maybe she was trying to play, or maybe she was trying to attack, but she certainly wasn't SCARED of them. Heck, the Daily News/Inquirer story says she has been at PAWS for TWO MONTHS. This is not the first time she's seen carriage horses, nor been out and about in the busy and bustling Old City environment." and it sounds like the problem isn't just with THIS pit bull, "I'm all for rehabilitating fixable strays, but I've seen these PAWS folks out many times in the Center City squares showing off these dogs (mostly pits). Often when I've approached, with or without my dog, the PAWS handler has either warned me off completely or warned me to be careful. One of them said she was afraid of the dog biting a person or dog and getting another strike against him." LEVY also plays up the dog's abusive past which i believe is completely fabricated. the tear jerker story goes like this: someone threw an overweight 6 yr old pit dog out of a moving car in april. fellow bleeding hearts eat this shit up, it brings in the $$$. a good samaritan saw it and rescued the dog. who in their right believes that people who treat dogs like trash, would OVERfeed their dog? whatever KELLY'S past, the PAWS rescue angels are more determined than ever to keep this frankenmauler alive. (even pitbull-chat had the sense to remove KELLY from their listing of adoptable dogs.) KELLY has been languishing in the the no kill shelter for 2 months, given her new celebrity status, she will probably incite a bidding war. KELLY'S profile now states "If you are interested in adopting her, please stop by the shelter to fill out an application and meet this very special girl!" this special girl should have been lobotomized by that carriage horse.

yet more nonsense from another B12 starved rescue angel:
"She just got really scared," said Allison Homer, 24. "She's had a rough life, and she gets easily rattled." how many dogs have you had that run TOWARDS their object of fear? and IF the dog was truly scared, that's called panic without recovery and KELLY would fail the ATTS. oh wait a minute, if the ATTS doesn't care about other dogs, they surely don't care about horses.
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i wonder if PAWS' partner in crime has anything to do with PAWS unwillingness to give this frankenmauler a dirt nap? i wonder if PAWS' partner in crime has anything to with the other 12 pit bulls, and the great dane x, bullmastiff, boxer x or the dogue de bordeaux that they have available?
great dane x
dogue de bordeaux x
bullmastiff x
boxer x
i wonder how many labs, chihuahuas and collies no kill PAWS had to turn to away to make room for the apple of JANE'S eye?


Anonymous said...

Who can get forget the heartwarming tale of Nelli, the SPCA pencil-whipped Therapy-Pit attacking a police horse in Golden Gate Park?!?

This animal needs a dangerous dog hearing and subsequent needle.

There are safer dogs that could use the resources.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Levy, if you are out there, you need help from a mental health professional. You are deeply psychologically disturbed, and living out your fantasies and desperate needs through pit bulls that are going to kill someone.

GET HELP NOW before you murder someone.

You aren't even doing a good job of being a "breed ambassador." You are failing at EVERYTHING.

(Does anyone know how much money Melissa Levy makes at this, plus perks and benefits?)

Anonymous said...

Both of my dogs are rescues, both have had rough lives, both get easily rattled, neither have attacked another living thing because of it. No dog that flies into attack mode when rattled should be placed in a home with children (really any home at all, but for the sake of argument let's say children). What is going to happen when this dog is taken by its adoptive family to the local pet store and sees an employee move a ladder? What is going to happen when one of the children is walking the dog and a motorcycle drives by? I'm beginning to think a prerequisite for shelter staff is a complete lack of common sense and forward thinking. It seems none of these rescue angels have given any thought past signing the adoption papers, yet they will be the first to label the new owners as irresponsible when something bad happens. No other breed rescues act like this, so the concept does work. Why can't pit bull people adapt to it?

HonestyHelps said...

PAWS is eat up with Nathan Winograd's "No Kill", that's their problem. These are the same people that allowed the shelter population to become 95% pits when they were kicked out. These are the same people who euthanized bite cases early and caused people to undergo rabies treatments. These are the same people who installed Winograd's program in a city that allows 12 animals per household and even with that, they couldn't make Winograd's program work. These are the people who allowed the shelter to become so bad, that it was called a "house of horrors" by the media and the PSPCA. These people are still trying to prove that "No Kill" works at any cost to human life.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is the definition of a mutt. She appears to have some sort of bully breed in her and is labeled a 'pit bull' by the shelter.

*She has a longer coat than bully breeds as well as an undercoat that they do not have.

Evidently, there are millions of people that mistaken ANY breed.

- In the case of Karen Gillespie, initial reports the dog was a Pit Bull or AmBulldog. From pics, the dog is obviously BOXER.

- A Golden Retriever was mistaken for a German Shepherd.

Craven....nobody's perfect.

aapril29 said...

To offer this proven vicious dog to the public, stating she is family and child safe, is so recklessly irresponsible that it crosses the line into immorality.

Anonymous said...

Kelly was listed on pit bull chat, and on petfinder with multiple pics....she looks 100% pit bull in every pic. Since the majority of pit bulls are shit-bred dogs, bred by losers, dimwits, drug addicts, etc....there is no "breed standard" for the street-bred pits. The dog has an undercoat and slightly longer what. Everything else about the dog SCREAMS pit bull.

Here is part of Kelly's profile on Petfinder...

"Like many dogs, Kelly does not like kitties. She is selective about her dog friends and usually does best with easy going male dogs. She does not like horses."

Translation...Kelly is animal aggressive...she is aggressive with cats, she is aggressive with female dogs and some male dogs, and if she sees a horse, she goes ballistic and tries to kill it. She is also described as "stubborn".

This is NOT a good dog to have around children....these PAWS employees and volunteers are m,entally unstable, and are putting children at risk.

Anonymous said...

It gets even better....a Philadelphia pit nutter blogs that PAWS KNEW Kelly was aggressive toward horses, and that the carriage horses go past the PAWS facility every day...

This blogger also blames the horse for being there, and insists Kelly isn't a pit bull.

Trigger said...

It's very troubling how the media turned this into a dog issue. THIS IS ABOUT AN INJURED HORSE WHO MAY NEVER WORK AGAIN. Maybe the carriage folks are being quiet because they intend to sue PAWS. One can only hope. But the PA law does not look too promising:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i almost threw up on my computer reading that blog.

Anonymous said...

Word of the Day : DESPERATION

And another blog with a pit nutter blaming this on the cruelty of horses in the city.

I'm not a fan of the carriage horse industry either, I too think they are cruel but that has NOTHING to do with the dangerousness of pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

Honesty, is this the group of maniacs that Doug Douglas Rae (later hired, thanks to a Winograd business associate who secreted him in and hid his background, and FIRED by Indianapolis animal control) was working with when they were committing horrible acts of cruelty, and giving dogs to killer hoarders and dog fighters (unaltered) and letting animals die of disease so they wouldn't show up on euthanasia records?

Was this the one that Nathan Winograd put in his hired Best Friends people so they could abuse animals in the name of No Kill?

There was a Best Friends affilated woman involved, if this is the case. What was her name?
Will look this up.

I am wondering if this Levy is not another maniac involved with Best Friends, and perhaps getting money from the pit bull breeders that Best Friends is aiding and abetting now.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

melissa levy and PAWS has access to even deeper pockets than badrap. they have animal farm foundation and millionairess jane berykey

Anonymous said...

"and on petfinder with multiple pics."

A lawyer needs to contact Discovery channel, who owns

They have people knowingly listing dangerous dogs with bite histories, and Discovery is going to get sued and should be

Anonymous said...

"animal farm foundation and millionairess jane berykey"

If this woman is funding dangerous dog dealing, and murder, this woman needs to be held accountable for this travesty

HonestyHelps said...

PAWS in Philly is the same group. They were PAWS but became PACCA. But they were always PAWS, followers of Winograd. They reverted back to just PAWS after the failure of PACCA. Doug Rae was one of the chief operating officers with PACCA as well as Sue Crosby, who is now the CEO of the PSPCA, another Winograd flunkie.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Levy looks like a little, frail, dried up old lady. There is NO WAY she could handle ANY of these pit bulls when they move to attack.

She'd get pulled in front of a train!

They really do seem to be a kind of "man" replacement for her. Maybe men that don't talk back, but are going to get her in a heap of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Tara Darby! sometimes spelled Derby

That's the woman I was thinking of, Honesty.

This was the loon that Winograd got into CEO of PACCA (philadephia animal control before they got fired) who let this No Kill cruelty go on. She just sort of stopped coming to work and let Doug Rae and the other Winograd loons commit holy hell there.

She WAS however more in favor of euthanizing dangerous dogs. Doug Rae wrote about how he argued with her and instead gave out the dangerous dogs to the public.

I think Rae just sort of took over, but loony Tara started all this as Winograd's tool, then another Winograd tool, Rae, took over (he was chief operating officer)

Tara Darby was from Best Friends.

This one

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Doug Rae did not maintain proper files for bite reports.

HonestyHelps said...

I didn't trace Darby back to Best Fiends. I just know that the Whino shoved her under the truck when he learned that they were about to get charged with cruelty. Winograd still supports Rae even after he was fired in Indy.

Anonymous said...

Once again I am blown away by the destruction of the "pit bull" in animal rescue. I'm not in animal rescue, at all, my reasons for being here are the dangers posed by fighting dogs, period. But I can't help but notice that most "rescuers" of all breeds seem to be hugely in favor of pit bulls (best example, IMO, is Cathy of Camp Cocker/Stanley/just-one-dog fame). How can this be? Pits are killing other breeds in untold numbers AND pits are making everyone scared to adopt rescue dogs. Why do the rescuers of other breeds stand up for them?

Anonymous said...

The destruction of the Pit Bull by rescue?!? They are just a misguided symptom...

The destruction of the breed was caused by dogfighters and breeders.
The breed has been hyper-selected out of the realm of domesticated animals. You can only fight, breed and cull for so long until you have a man made dangerous creation.

Anonymous said...

No, I do believe the destruction of pit bulls have been done by the rescues. The pit bull rescue solution to pit bull over population has been to only say good things about the dogs and to adopt them to anyone and everyone. They feel the unlimited supply is no problem, its just the dumb public won't adopt them all, regardless of how good a fit they are with the breed or not. Breeders would not be breeding dogs if they were not making money on them. And it is the rescues and advocates telling people pit bulls are great dogs, encouraging their ownership and popularity. As far as dog fighters go, they know what kind of dogs they have, they laugh at the nonsense rescues tell people. Actual professional dog fighters are not the ones letting their dogs run loose or bringing them to dog parks. It is the rescues that have lied about the pit bull traits of aggression, it is the rescues that fight BSL and MSN. Pit bulls were not a problem when they were only in the hands of dog fighters and their breeding controlled. It has been the rescues that push the idea that pits are the same as other dogs that has created this mess.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean that the pit bull was destroyed by rescue, I meant the pit bull is destroying rescue! People who believe the garbage that all dogs are the same follow the misguided logic to the conclusion that all dogs are dangerous and unpredictable - it has to be compromising the adoption of all breeds, even though only pits are posing the problems.

Sorry, I didn't phrase it very well.

Anonymous said...

"But I can't help but notice that most "rescuers" of all breeds seem to be hugely in favor of pit bulls"

"Why do the rescuers of other breeds stand up for them"

Anon, one thing you may not realize is that animal welfare has some really savvy and caring people involved, but also attracts a large number of deeply mentally disturbed, even psychotic people (particularly women, for whatever reason) who just are not connected to reality and live in a sick fairy tale world.

A large part of the problem is No Kill, which has whipped the mentally disturbed ones into a frenzy and created this persecution fantasy for mentally ill people to live through in pits, because for No Kill if pit bulls are properly put to sleep as they should be, No Kill (which is a business model) won't be able to tout their "low euthanasia numbers" which is all they are built on and what they use to sell their flawed product.

Also, some in animal welfare have gotten tricked into helping pit bull breeders and dog fighters with all kinds of emotional propaganda that these disturbed women can't even figure out is lies.

And some "rescuers" are actually breeders, such as AKC types, who oppose all regulation of dogs because they quite bluntly are corrupt and greedy, and AKC breeders breed pit bulls (Staffordshire Terriers)

I have never seen animal welfare at such a low point as now, where there are actually people who claim to love animals who SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE like pit bulls killing other dogs. This is an all-time psychosis.

It manifests itself in other ways too, like the hoarding and killing some of these "rescuers" are involved in.

There are some individuals who are very honest about the problems, like Sue Sternberg who has written about how aggressive dogs of any type should be euthanized and not placed, but she and those like her have been vilified and attacked by lunatics who don't even know how to handle dogs.

And these mentally disturbed people have infiltrated organizations like ASPCA and Best Friends, and even animal control in some areas.

Plus some of them can sit on their butts in front of computers, read propaganda on pit bull or No Kill sites, and suck it down because they don't actually DO anything to help animals or experience reality, they just blow hot air through the computer and call themselves "rescuers."

If you read Honesty's blog, you can get some insight into the disease that has permeated animal welfare, and turned parts of it into animal hell.

There are still good rescues and shelters that don't promote pit bulls, repeat pit bull breeder lies, or place them. I always suggest to people that they stick to those.

Anonymous said...

The Pit-Cancer started in the 70's when dog fighting became criminalized and some well known breeders started selling the dogs to the public. Attacks and population have progressed at a geometric rate since then.

The rescues angels are just useful idiots/handmaidens for the breeders.

The REAL PROBLEM is that this breed should never have been created, much less propagated.

Friends Administrator said...

Rescue of pits is either one of two things, the "Savior" complex or the "No Kill" mentality. Keep in mind that if a rescue can be called animal killers and that kills donations. This is how "No Kill" works on intimidation. "No Kill" has given credibility to the weak minds, the sick minds, and thus pit bull rescues. Then they allow themselves to believe anything the dogmen put out because it suits their purpose. They like having their chains yanked.

Anonymous said...

This is Taylor from No Bull radio once again and I do agree a alot of these rescue people do keep the wrong dogs alive .They should try reading the history of the breed and know they are animal aggressive and should never be fearful shy or aggressive of humans . I am all for putting down apbt or apbt mixes who are shy fearful or human aggressive in any form end of story . With animal aggression i dont think the average pet home can properly care for these animals or control them so put them to sleep its better for the dog and the public . UGH i do hate these people too . And what is up with them call these dogs everything and anything but APBT's or APBT mix's? its clearly they are but what do I know? Ive only been into the breed since i was born and many generations behind me in my family having them as well

Anonymous said...

Culling human aggressive Pits is a myth perpetuated by lieing dogfighters...Even the great Colby killed his nephew back in 1909, never culled or skipped pumping out a litter.

Where are all the meth lab guarding and funeral causing Pits coming from?

Filthy non tax paying Pit breeders!