Sunday, June 20, 2010

making room for kennel trash

mobile county alabama 26 suspected pit fighters were seized and dumped on the county's animal shelter forcing the shelter staff into a position to where they will have to euthanize healthy, safe, adoptable dogs. yet ANOTHER way that pit dogs negatively impact society.
you can see more adoptable dogs HERE.

next time i'm in need of dog, i think i will head down south where they actually have real dogs available for adoption. the shelters in my area are at least 50% pit dogs, usually higher. blech!


Stop Making Excuses said...

I guess they have to hold on to them as evidence maybe?
Hopefully they put out a plea to the public and got all of those cuties out before they had to euthanize... It is a shame, I mean, the ones they are bringing in are not adoptable. I hope to hell they are not going to do one of those stupid temperament tests on them and adopt them out if they pass, those tests are useless and give a false sense of security because dogs act differently in shelter environments where they are nervous and scared.

Friends Administrator said...

SME, we guarantee that the "Savior" rescues will raise hell about "killing" them, will claim they are all bait dogs, and take them for adoption to unsuspecting families. And yes, they will euthanize good dogs to make space for these pits. That's how it works. Some shelters have to hold on to these pits forever it seems. Unless the owner signs them over, the shelter has to hold them for evidence. That is in case the owner wins the case, then the property is returned to the owner. Many plea agreements are reached because of the hardship this creates for the shelters. The nutters know this, they don't sign them over, knowing it will cost the shelter and cost the lives of good dogs.

Anonymous said...

Where is Winograd's outrage on this slaughter?

All of these sweet innocent dogs, euthanized to make to room for fight bust dogs. They should force the accused dog fighters to post a bond and put them in a private secure kennels or they should video and photograph them and put them down immediately.

Anonymouse said...

Many a shelter in the South are filled with at least 50% pit bulls. Most are in the 1-3 year age range. I wonder why. :roll eyes:

Anonymous said...

The need for adoption and spaying and neutering is absolutely huge in large parts of the South, craven.

At the risk of insulting civilized Southerners, it's the third world there.

They just dump dogs like trash, let them have puppies in the bushes, just don't care, just don't alter them, let them die in front of them, and these are nice pets. These dogs don't deserve this.

The hunting dog breeders there also dump all theirs that didn't make the cut for breeding, or after the season (beagles, etc). If the dogs are lucky, they get dumped at animal control. More often the hunters dump them to starve in the woods.

It is hell on earth for dogs in much of the South, and instead of terrorizing good people and trying to get his hands on tax dollars and spend it to help breeders and puppy mills and dog fighters, No Kill Nathan Winograd and his band of crazies should be setting up spay neuter programs and education there.

But Winograd works for the breeders now, and the breeders don't even want to talk about spaying and neutering. So the No Kill crazies just ignore spaying and neutering now, to spend money warehousing pit bulls and opposing anti-cruelty laws for the breeders happiness.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i share your sentiment about the south. i am in complete agreement with everything that you said above.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?

While you are promoting pit bulls and helping pit bull breeders and fighters, and shipping in the Vick dogs and using the Vick dogs to raise money to pay your army of pit bull promoters and lobbyists, great dogs like these are going to die.

Everyone, give Best Friends a call. They say open admission No Kill works. They say No Kill doesn't turn away needy dogs. They have millions and millions of dollars in the bank.

They turn away needy, loving animals AT THEIR OWN GATE every day.

See if Best Friends will take these dogs.

But Best Friends is propably "advocating" for keeping the pit bulls in this fighting case alive for the dog fighter, while these PET dogs die. That's their thing, because people who make up Best Friends staff now think only pit bulls matter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant the Southern hunters dump their dogs that didn't make the cut for hunting.

You know, the nice, sweet pet dogs.

Anonymous said...

While Winograd, Best FRiends, and No Kill do NOTHING but kill animals, or shoot their mouths off, and lie, and ignore these rural southern pets

HSUS is actually boots on the ground in these poor rural areas supplying low cost and free spay neuter and vet services to the poor

They are looking for more veterinarians for the program, if someone wants to get their vet to maybe help out.

Anonymous said...

Depends on the area in the South. Like Alabama is an armpit, south GA close. The Carolinas, very much red neck. Hunting dogs are often times left if they don't come back after the hunt. Usually the hunters do come back for them but depends whether the dog had enough sense to go back where it was turned loose. The South does have a problem with civilization encroaching, they still cling to the old ways of letting dogs roam.

HonestyHelps said...

Those are the faces of dogs that pits have killed by taking up space and long hold times. They don't have to be in a pit in order to kill.

Anonymouse said...

Seriously, there are no words.

Anonymous said...

These dogs were put down for making room for pits used in fighting?

That is horrible and at our city kennels does not happen.

This pit bull stuff is just getting out of hand.

Sure there may be some who are quiet and safe but all the Vick wannabe blestards seem to be making this an epidemic of dogs cruelly trained to kill or maim.

I have just been walking my little dogs and have had a pit charge at me and my dogs (restrained only by a leash around a tree) and some that try to jump a 4 foot fence to get at me and my dogs.

Quite obviously I do not walk my dogs near these places. Remember they would be territorial so parks it is and most dog parks have pits banned.

Again, I blame all of this on the irresponsible idiots that raised these dogs as fighting status symbols.

Ceasar The Dog Whisperer has done some wonderful things, but maybe he has not been chased down in absolute terror holding tiny dogs from on of these dogs.

Too bad as the 'good' ones bred to be loving and safe really do look like good dogs.