Friday, December 17, 2010

doing right by pit bulls

Philadelphia, Mississippi is re-examining their pit bull ordinance. the mayor and alderman acknowledge the on going problem of violations and the need for greater enforcement. The current ordinance states that dangerous dogs, such as pit bulls, are not permitted to be outside of a proper enclosure unless they are muzzled and restrained by a leash. The owner must also make sure that a proper enclosure is set up for the dog along with proper vaccinations.

Alderman Roy White wants dogs confiscated that are in violation, NO WARNINGS. And he wants the board to look into a better animal control facility. Alderman Cecil Nichols described the proper mutant enclosure; one that was completely separated from any other dog. Police Chief Dickie Sistrunk said they haven't impounded dogs in the past because they lack the proper housing. They discussed the need for special walled off cages so the dogs can not see each other.

"If they even see another dog, they'll kill themselves trying to get the other dog." Chief Sistrunk


Anonymous said...

It should be required by law that anyone who owns a pit bull, should have some sort of kennel like this when they are not with on leash with the owner or on owner property with the owner present within viewing distance of the dog.

Anonymous said...

They need to impound without warning. Otherwise the piece of shit owners just shuffle the dogs off to a relative for a few days until the heat is off and bring them back again. Furthermore, I think if the impounded dogs aren't up on vaccinations and spayed/neutered, it should be done at the owner's expense with the conditional that the dog won't be returned until the vet care is paid for by the owner, plus boarding fees for every day the dog is held in impound. Can't pay? Dirt nap for the dog.

Anonymous said...

Can we put this insulting, clueless individual in that cage?

Anonymous said...

Totally unexpected, idiots that cannot construct a proper argument talking positively about pit bulls!

When it comes to comparing the dangers of leaving a child with a pit vs. with a sitter, would it not take a good bit of time to set the parameters of the comparison so that comparing these two different situations makes some sense? Not so in pit nutter land.

Anonymous said...

Children are more likely to be killed by a parent than by a dog. The leading cause of death in children under the age of 4 is parents. Drunks kill many more people each year than dogs. Second hand smoke kills more each year. You are worrying about a non event.

Anonymous said...

You are an asshole and an idiot if you think death by dog mauling is a non-event. I dare you to say that to the face of any parent who has lost a child that way and see if you walk away with all your teeth.

Parenting is a necessity. Pit ownership is not. Child abuse is illegal. Pit ownership ought to be.

Drunk driving is illegal. Pit ownership ought to be.

More and more cities are prohibiting smoking indoors and in public spaces. Pits should be kept out of public spaces, too. Your point is what? That dangerous things ought to be regulated? Damn skippy, fool.

Unknown said...

Just who do you people think you are? Trying to tell other people they can't own a dog. Trying to take other people's freedom of choice when it comes to the breed of dog they own away from them? That law should go for ALL dogs that have proven to have bitten or attacked another dog or a person not just Pit Bulls.