Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Georgia smacked down pit grifter Amanda Conrad

the state of georgia revoked her rescue license, fined this con artist $16,000, ordered her not to solicit donations on behalf of animals in the state and has subjected her to random in home inspections for the next two years.

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scratch said...

I can't be the only one amused that the "rescue" dog featured on the pit grifter's website, and in the televised report, is named Mooch.

Small Survivors said...

The pb-smiles thread is great! You can almost see the neurons firing...slowly...D'oh!

Anonymous said...

From pitbull-chat: "At least this is making news and hopefully some good will come out of it. MORE AWARENESS ABOUT THE BREED."

lol! Yep, more awareness alright! More awareness about the type of people involved with pit bull advocacy and pit bull rescue. The issue needs a mountain of awareness to match the mountain of fraud!

Anonymous said...

A Pit Prints scam was cracked within way back in ’05, yet Pit Prints was able to keep running scams for years. was actually complicit in fund raising through their announcement of Tyson’s “plight.”

In ’05, credibility questions surfaced regarding Tyson’s situation. Pit Prints had started a campaign to, “buy the dog time,” but someone from the Canadian shelter enters into the record as saying the dog is just waiting for the right adopter and was never in danger of being put down.

An unregistered guest shows up with an explanation on page 3 of the thread, and comes forward with info, “straight from an e-mail from the president of Pit Prints,” claiming only $60. had been donated. Small problem… Participants in the thread can account for more donations than that, just between themselves.

Pit advocacy itself is a ruse, and these people are shocked they were overtly shafted by a con? The whole world of pit advocacy is built on lies and deceit! These are the most naïve people in America!

Anonymous said...

There are many more scammers like Amanda Conrad stealing and grifting with these "pit bull rescue" and "pit bull advocacy" groups.

The money disappears, no records, lots of lies.

Pit nutters are especially gullible, and the usual thieves have come out of the woodwork to prey on these idiots. All the thieves have to do is make up fake sob stories, and the pit nutters paypal money to them, no questions asked.

Some of these grifters are animal abusers too! So the pit nutters are helping people that abuse pit bulls.

Pit nutters have to be the stupidest group around. They ask to be ripped off.

Think of the scam with that dog that attacked the singer, collecting money through the landscaping business! And not accounting for how it was being spent, where it was going, reports to tax authorities, etc. $30,000 plus just to start for a cheap wire fence that cost a fraction of that, with volunteers putting it up. Where did the money go?

Tax fraud, misrepresentation, charitable laws fraud, consumer fraud, insurance fraud, internet fraud, they have to get reported to both state and federal authorities or they don't get shut down. There are many different authorities to report to for these scammers.

There are online ripoff report type websites to put reports on too, to at least alert the public.

But they MUST get reported to state and federal authorities. Most reports can be done anonymously.

Anonymous said...

And these pit grifters and thieves are all bad-mouthing the REAL animal welfare groups, because they want the idiots to send money to them, the pit grifters, instead!

Nathan Winograd even has that scam covered

Anonymous said...

It always kills me how the Nutters have money for the Grifters, but never for insurance or medical bills for mauling victims....

There was a similiar revelation about Kris Crawford of SAR Pits before the felony conviction and fraud judgements, but it was "kept under wraps" within the Pit Grifter donation community.

Anonymous said...

Good and bad journalism at the same time. I love the blase determination of the dog Survivor as a "bait dog", when anybody with two eyes and half a brain can see that dog was used for dog fighting. They don't typically use other pits for bait dogs. They steal other people's smaller pets for that loathsome activity. That dog is an attack waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Pit nutters have to be the most gullible creatures around.

The thieves have latched on to them but fast, because all the thieves and grifters have to do is make up a story and the pit nutters will send money to them and not even ask any questions.

Think about Don Chambers. He was telling his stories on the Best Friends website, and the nutters were sending him money, and he had already killed the pit bulls that Best Friends sent him with money!

The grifters even rip off Best Friends, never mind the individual lonely pit nutter at home on their computer.


Yeah, this is 4+ years old, but I wanna say, I LOVE this little scam.

Taking money from nutters and then turning around and euthanizing the maulers, instead of keeping them alive to kill another day? I would *pay* her to do this.

Less money for lunatics that take in actual aggressive dogs to rehome, the better. Every dollar that goes elsewhere is one less dollar to pull some deadly mauler out of a kill shelter.

But raking the cash in, and then killing the pits? WINNING!

While I would love to see an IRS sting of this con artist, I will say that she IS contributing to the economy in a positive way- look at that truck, house, etc. The money she took from nutters to dumb to deserve it, went back into businesses, instead of going to saving more maulers.
(Well, I guess the medical community/vets did lose out on the would be victims of the dirt napped maulers ..)

I would rather they bust a pit hoarder, this grifter is doing us all a favor by dirt napping pits.