Monday, February 5, 2018

Justice Mule

Justice Mule has competition. in reno, three ugly grippers escaped their property and attacked a horse. one of them sustained injuries severe enough to result in a dirt nap. well done horse!

in a perfect world, EVERY attacking ugly mutant frankenmauler would end up like this :)

doing his job
pulling his cart
justice the mule
he had a big heart

one day in a narrow road
out popped a shit bull from a commode

it went for his master
it went for his friend
justice the mule said
this shit has to end

so ran at the dog and dealt it some pain
justice mule said
this dog is insane

the first few kicks were just a warning
now that shit bulls owner will be in mourning



Jake said...

It does my heart good to finally see a horse defend itself against a pit bull attack, and give the mutant gripper a taste of his own medicine. I like that horse!

FormerOhioGirl said...

My that horse is TENACIOUS:-) Maybe the animal inherently knows that if it does not bite and tear the pit bull to death, the dog will just keep on coming...Am I watching this right in that the man tried to roll over the dog with wagon a few times?


Anonymous said...

Whoa. That's one hell of a horse. I think most horses would try to bolt (even if attached to something), which is just their instinct in a dangerous situation. That horse seemed to know that dog would not have given up and would have chased it. Smart horse.

I think in a perfect world the breeders of these fighting dogs would also end up getting mauled like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's apparently a mule. That makes sense. They're pretty smart and do not put up with any crap from anything.

Small Survivors said...

who specifically trained their pit bull to attack until dead?

The quality is bad, but I think that might be a mule. Big ears - dark stripe down spine.

If so, its genetics again because mules are much more aggressive that horses. I want a mule now. But my town won't allow mules, only pit bulls.

God, this was so much fun to watch. Thank you SO much craven!

Jake said...

Ah you're right, I think it is a mule, and that makes sense. I remember reading about another situation where a mule stomped and bit a mountain lion to death, so those critters definitely have some fighting ability.

scratch said...

Interesting to see an attacking pit bull killed in classic pit bull bite-and-shake-until-death style. The dog had multiple chances to back down but his DNA would not allow it. Thumbs up mule!!!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid shit of a dog! Why attack anything in the first place?

Oh that's right. Getting along with other animals is not in the pit bull's nature because some scummy humans decided to live out their tough guy and violent fantasies vicariously through their dogs!

Anonymous said...

Yep, great video. That was absolute destruction. The mule wanted to be very sure the thing was dead, or he was having a little fun at the end. Only animals selectively bred to fight huge things until they are killed would possibly do this. Even slugs are smart enough not to crawl out onto the sidewalk in the summer. The video comments on liveleak are great.

Anonymous said...

I hope the mule wasn't injured too badly. Mules don't spook as easily as horses and will defend themselves. It appears the mule actually tried at first just to get the dog to back off, but it kept coming, so the mule wanted to make good and sure that it wouldn't come back again.

Small Survivors said...

I don't think the mule was having fun at the end. Did you notice when he finally lets go, he scoots away fast and gives a kick and then turns to look at it. I think it was afraid the shit bull would get up again.

after all, the mule gave it some nasty kicks and stomps initially and the shit bull just came back.

I hope he wasn't hurt badly either. And I hope the owner gave him as much pampering as he could. That mule is a hero.

Anonymous said...

Straw poll: How long into the video before pit bull is dead?

My vote: about 1 minute

Jake said...

@ anon 9:24 -
That looks about right. I don't see any movement that would conclusively prove the pit was alive after that point, and the man who had been making clumsy attempts to hit the gripper with a pole didn't seem to be worrying about it any more.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that pole was way too long to be effective. I guess you work with what you have though. On the liveleaks comments there are people insisting it is not a pit bull. You really can't see extremely well. But it looks close enough and of the right size, plus I don't think any other breed would sustain the attack like that.

Anonymous said...

We'll make a deal with the nutters. We'll stop with the BSL, if they agree to buy every non-pit bull owner a mule.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see the pit bull being shaken like a rag doll for a change.

I bet this mule is a bigger celebrity than the rooster who killed the cock fighter last week.

Anonymous said...

That 1X Mule should be bred and off spring sold to farmers!

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Yep! An awesome display of stupidity by the dumbest breed on the planet! What other canine can be stomped, bashed, kicked, bitten and thrown, but will keep coming back until it is killed?

Oats and beer for the mule!

Anonymous said...

Go mule go! I hope he or she wasn't hurt too badly by the stupid frankenmauler.

I want a mule too, I always heard that they were pretty awesome.

- Anonymouse

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is the pit bull wearing a regular walking harness? If so, it was someones pet that either got out of the yard or escaped while being walked when it saw the mule. I couldn't tell if there was a leash attached or not, the film isn't that great.

And I don't think the mule was having fun at the end either. The way it kicked and ran, it appeared to think the dog might get up again. It didn't calm down until it saw the dog was indeed dead.

Anonymous said...

If you double click in the window, it will take you to the liveleaks version. The picture is slightly brighter and you might be able to see the harness. Plus, as I wrote before, the comments there are a hoot.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i included the LIVELEAK link at the bottom of the blog. sometimes clicking the window doesn't work.

i agree with what others have said, it is a mule. you can see those long mule ears pretty well in the part where the man is trying to beat the pit bull with the stick.

Anonymous said...

"What a stupid shit of a dog! Why attack anything in the first place? '

And that is the fatal flaw of the pit bull lobby.

Why do these dogs attack at all when there is no reason?

Other breeds of dog don't. They are companions, herders, they do not have a virtually uncontrollable prey drive like pit bulls who have that drive because they are bred intentionally to have that mindless, attack-anything drive

Pit bull (or bulldog, or whatever else these people want to call their fighting breeds) is a dog bred to be a liability, bred to kill for no reason other than to, UNPROVOKED, attack and attack to kill unless stopped.

"What other canine can be stomped, bashed, kicked, bitten and thrown, but will keep coming back until it is killed?"

Anonymous said...

Owning a pit bull is like owning a fully loaded assault weapon set on automatic, except this weapon is capable of pulling its own trigger and aiming itself. --Airhammer

That's my favorite quote from the comment thread on that. 100% yes.

Friends Administrator said...

Pits have nothing on this mule as far as grabbing and shaking. If you are raised around mules, you would know never to fuck with a mule, they are far meaner than any other barnyard animal including bulls.

Anonymous said...

Digger said...

It will be a glorious day when all attacking pit bulls drop dead for one reason or another. :) Hopefully this year will be met with less attacks. But by looking at the scorecard for humans, it's something that seems improbable... That is, unless the pit bull community picks up the slack and, I dunno... enforces some REAL rules instead of the generic "punish the dog after it's killed someone" laws.

Those really should be redone in my opinion.

Gill Bentry said...

Just when you think you have seen it all....

Pit Bull Fights Porcupine.

I don't endorse the comments in the article, but the picture says it all!

Jake said...

@Gill -

The head is so covered with quills that it's impossible to visually verify the breed but that behavior is classic pit bull. What other creature goes into the red zone, loses all situational awareness and blindly (no pun intended) presses the attack?

I agree the accompanying commentary consists chiefly of the same tired, nauseating lies we hear from pit nutters every time a pit bull makes the news.

I feel a pit bull blog entry coming on at 17 barks... I'm letting the ideas percolate for awhile...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that pit bull porcupine pic was excruciating.

1. only a pit bull would do this, any other dog would get a taste, yelp, and run

2. the owner is an idiot to even bring the dog to the vet, I love my dog too much to drive him there for something that will obviously destroy his quality of life if he survives, I would do what my dad's friend did when his puppy got out and ran under a riding lawn mower, shoot it at close range with a shotgun and then cry for 3 days (maybe the owner didn't have a weapon, but I put nothing past a pit nutter)

3. the last thing the vet should have done was pose for a picture while that dog was alive, a vet should not have treated that dog but nearly insisted it be put down immediately, if I were the vet I would not have even started an IV, I would have directly injected the massive dose of fast-acting barbiturates into the nearest vein

damn, i'm a little upset now

Anonymous said...

The dog with all the quills in her face is a Bull Terrier, I've seen this photo before.

This isn't where I originally saw Inca's photo & story, but here's another site with more dogs & porcupine encounters:

Anonymous said...

Huh, I just noticed that one site says Inca lived and the other says she was put down... I wonder which one was telling the truth?

deys du pits said...

in mexico a couple of things to watch for are loose pitbulls not to mention other fierce dogs but also donkeys that hate dogs(i wonder why) and will try to brain them with a kick. also i had this two legged jack ass try to drop a heavy plank on my beautifull shep/husky.big shit eating grin on his mean macho mug. my dad and his gentle dog were both injured by a loose unvacinated pit.ive been chased by loose pitbulls in mexico and up here and ive had shitheads let go of their pits on purpose to start a dogfight. roti owners too can be just the same. shitfactories

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the last thought in a pit's mind is "Watch this!"

Anonymous said...

After the tenth watch, I'm still amazed at how quickly the mule kicks with its back legs. It is faster than I've seen any boxer throw a punch, and those legs are way heavier and sharper than a fist. How in the world can a dog take even one blow like that? If I was kicked once in the chest by a mule, I'd probably die! Of course, the pit bull being lighter means that it absorbs less of the blow as its whole body moves as a unit, but still.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have seen some absolutely wicked kicks delivered by horses (on people) on youtube.

this dog is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

at around 0:50, is it just me or does it sound like the woman says "that's fucking awesome"?

Justice Ox said...

As the name implies. :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i wish the bovine would have been the messenger of justice but i read that the armed guard came a long and shot them.

Anonymous said...

spyderco knife company makes a mule model

Anonymous said...

Cravens desire, who are you and what is your name? If you have balls please reveal yourself so we know who you are and what you look like. You are a sick and disgusting person filled with hate and racism towards living creatures and probably humans too. Dogs, not just pit bulls have prey drive, they are natural predators though they have been domesticated. This is a very disturbing video and gruesome, and only a heartless and psychopath jerk like yourself would enjoy it. Your blog is nothing but propaganda, you are the hitler type who hides behind their computer and tries to spread hate. Your mission is to try to have pit bulls destroyed, why not invest your time into something worthwhile and noble? I hope you rot in hell, among other things. You're the sickest human being with a blog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting, i have tracked almost 1800 pit bulls attacking animals, included many grisly photos and videos. i have showed horrible photos of fighting dogs injured from fighting and starved by the fucktards who own them. i even linked to a video of a dog fight (condemning it by the way) and THIS video upsets you!
do you see the irony in that?
do you see the hypocrisy in anonymously demanding to know my name?

the gruesomeness of this mule killing your mutant pales in comparison to the videos at this link:

where is your cavalier attitude about animal aggression now? you know, how you minimize our dogs, cats and horse being mutilated by your ugly fucking mutants?

and you are totally fucking clueless about prey drive. no other dog will go back after being kicked and stomped like that. stop deluding yourself. that dog deserved to die. i was very happy that someone captured it on video.

you are the sickest dumbest nutter that ever left a comment on this blog.

Jake said...

@anon 5:56 -

In light of all of the cows, horses, mules, donkeys etc horribly killed by pit bulls in recent years, the one thing that upsets you is this mule successfully defending itself against a mutant attack?

Why? The mutant could have walked away, there were many chances to do so. Any other kind of dog would have retreated after being kicked or stomped like that.

Come to think of it, would any dog other than a pit bull attack a mule in the first place?

If the pit bull had brought down the mule, you'd have doubtless trivialized it as dogs just being dogs, and you would have reminded us that "all dogs can bite", cautioned us to "blame the deed not the breed" etc, ad nauseum, but when the tables are turned on the mutant it's suddenly a tragedy?

I really think pit nutters must live in some sort of reality distortion field.

Anonymous said...

I'll quote my neighbor after her pit got loose and attacked another pit that was roped in it's yard-
"Ainch y'all never seen a dawg fight afore?"

This was just another dog fight, anon pitter, except this time your dog lost. Big time. Get over it it. If the dog would've won, you would've had your hands down your pants, celebrating in your own sick way.

DubV said...

I can put up with a lot from you nutters. But I WILL NOT stand by while the reputation of Justic Mule is besmirched.

Anonymous said...

Justice Ox and Justice Mule: doing the world a favor by handing out ass whuppings to crazed pit bulls.

That's too bad that Justice Ox was shot though.

- Anonymouse

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sorry for the miscommunication.

justice ox wasn't shot, the pit bulls were.

DubV said...

An anonanutter calls on craven to release a name and photo, etc. This is a common tactic for many. They act in an intimidating way or ask for ID in an intimidating way. What is ironic here is that it is done anonymously. Actually, it is not ironic from a pit nutter at all, you come to expect that level of dumbness. The person asking for ID is trying to do a few things: 1. intimidate you into being quiet, 2. insinuate that you are a coward and so your words are suspect, and 3. make it seem like you really don't stand behind what you say since they don't know exactly who you are.

If an idea is correct it doesn't matter who says. The same goes for incorrect ideas as well.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i could be wrong but i think the nutter was besmirching ME, not the mule. and that's cool. it doesn't phase me and i have been known sometimes to thrive on it. i make no apologies for being fan of darwin awards. that pit bull is the all time winner.

DubV said...

Yep, it is the equivalent of the guy who won this year by ramming his electric wheelchair into an elevator shaft surviving and then doing it again 30 seconds later.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

I SAW THAT!! what an idiot!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you all are expert in identifying dogs yet you had a tough time at first telling the difference between a horse and a mule.

Just an observation.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

just another observation that you missed...

i never claimed to be an "expert" in dog breed identification, besides we all know that divine being doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

So not knowing a horse from a mule means you can't spot a shit bull?

Jake said...

@anon 2:20 -

First of all, nobody here has ever claimed to be "expert in identifying dogs".

The URL of the video on liveleak identifies it as a horse, a description which there was no reason to challenge.

However, some of the sharp-eyed readers of cravendesires were in fact the ones to question the horse designation, and notice that the victim of the pitbull attack in the video actually seems to be a mule.

In any case, pit bulls are rather distinctive in both appearance and behavior. Do you question that the attacker in the video is a pit bull?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love this video

fourshoes said...

Love this video! I've always liked mules better than horses, they are very smart and totally into self-preservation. And they've got good aim and good memories. Great site, though it depresses me to read of all the horrors committed by these so called "dogs".

Junie said...

Thank you, Justice Mule. Thank you for avenging my two old greyhounds, and my friend's greyhound, and other nice dogs belonging to friends, who have been attacked and seriously wounded and forever wounded and psychologically scarred by the trauma dished out by these mutant pit bull monsters. It did my heart good to see one get what it deserved. God bless you, Justice Mule.

SadFalada said...

I have been around horses my whole life, also a few mules-I took it to be a horse as the picture is rather dim and blurry, and the victor whinnied at the end, NOT a mule vocalization, though he may have been a Hinny, a stallion/jenny cross- horses unable to defend themselves? I've seen a mare with foal grab a big mix breed dog by the nape of the neck and hurl him out over the gate of her stall after he had pushed in-he was unhurt but had the sense to slink away. it difficult to identify pit bulls? Let's see...big blunt head, dented, lumpy and ugly as a jack-o-lantern, squat, menacing, cartoonishly thuggish body...tiny, empty, staring eyes...slack-jawed keeper on other end of leash that SOMEHOW always escapes their clutch...any refinements you'd like to add?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

nope, i think you covered all of the bases.

SadFalada said...

I'm the ghost of that dog,
yeah, me, you musta seen me
inna battle, a dustup Supremo
a contest of skill and noble bravado
It went down like this and I modestly say
I was seekin immorality that dark grungy day
an I was swaggerin round town like the gangsta I be
when I spied me a horse kinda curiosity
who looked nice and tender, all offered for me
a feast for da eyes and a treat for da teeth
and so I did wait till the challenge was met
and flew with my jaws like a toothed lunatic
and lost my grip to tease the hapless brute
and saw his eyes, who knew the truth
that I would win, in liesurly dispatch
and swagger away without even no rash
when next I knew, in his teeth was me
and flung like moldy old laundry
and then that brute on my ribs went a-joggin
and put many more dents in my big fearsome noggin
and swirled me round inna slithery puddles
his brain it weren't right, his thinking was muddled
cause where was the blood, the gore, and defeat
where was the pile of hair and torn meat?
i have pride in my work, I think it appalling
that a horsey-type thing on my body keeps falling
the creature played dirty, I'll teach it a lesson
finish what them start, then goes for my blessin'
it all a flesh wound, it barely a test
lemme up coward, I'll grip shut your last breath
but now the light's murky, the pavement seems soft
they will holler my praises, they'll send them aloft
they'll come to my shrine, a nice shiny hollow
where a hopeless horse-thing did steal my tomorrow
and left a fine dog-print in the bloody wet brick
a warning sign to lesser dogs
to best not lunge to bite so quick.

RSM said...

I never, ever, thought watching anything die would bring a smile, but seeing that nasty mauler attack totally unprovoked- and get stomped- made me grin. F*** that frankenmauler, you attack unprovoked, then fail to run when warned, you get what ya got coming.
JUSTICE indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

I only watched the very beginning. The dog has a chance to see, right away, that the mule will fight back. He could have run off at any time. Meanwhile, if the mule had been killed by the dog then the mule's owner's family might have lost their income. So, the mule saved itself, the owner, the owner's family, and everyone/everything else the dog might have chosen to attack for no reason. Justice Mule is an hero.

RSM said...

In the new one, the horse outright killed one, but injured the other 2 bad enough they had to be PTS!
Horse 3
Grippers 0

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sadly, no. not in the link here. if you have another link PLEASE SHARE!

"Because of its injuries, one of the dogs was euthanized.
The other two dogs were cared for at a local clinic and later returned to their owner."

Dayna said...

I never get tired of the Justice Mule video. I'm so glad the horse in the recent story was able to defend itself against 3 (!!!) pit bulls and kill one! That's pretty amazing for a horse. I hope the pit owners are charged and pay for the horse's vet bills.

Fuzzy Thurston said...

I've always admired justice mule - but now,a game-bred horse in Reno! May he sire many offspring!

Fight for your rights said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fight for your rights said...

You must be running out of stories to make up by dragging this one out what's it 5 or 10 years old ? And it look's to be shot in some third world country where I'm sure that dog was a well fed and cared for. Well at least with such a high quality video and of course your widely respected & unquestionable credentials there's absolutely no doubt that the white fuzzy thing thing in the video is 100% a Pitbull if you couldn't tell if it was a horse or a mule.
Anotherthing I love about this page is the snappy antidotes and clever dig's insults and new words that you and your mindless cult following come up with they rank up there with twerking & selfie! And what's the chances of me stopping by your page for the first time in around six months and there's my pic ! Craven are you sweet on me ? I have a spare kennel and a brown bag put a side just for you my friend !


Now let me get this straight ,the people in the three pictures up above work to help animals and we are labeled psychopath's. But you and your cult following are as happy as a group of child molester in a day care watching this dog get stomped repeatedly just killed in a brutal fashion & just because you believe it's a Pitbull it's ok That really is sick you know that don't you. And then you labeled one of us as a Narcissist ? Your the one who cannot accept the idea that your wrong even though your views and opinions are in direct contrast with almost every reputable Dog trainer ,Veterinary association , Animal behaviorist , Animal control , Dog Rescue, and not to mention the other seven or eight million Pitbull owners who live with and deal with these dogs everyday. But but you the person who has zero experience and zero education on dogs is right and everyone else is wrong ! You do realize you and your band of misfits are the minority not the majority right ! Your page does nothing to help anybody it does nothing to promote safety,the only thing it promotes is ignorance and hate. Answer this if every Pitbull was gone tomorrow don't you think the drug dealers and the dog fighters and the people who use these dogs to intimidate would just replace Pits with another breed...GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD... BSL WON"T FIX THE PROBLEM ! Tougher dog laws and enforce the laws already in place that's how you fix it. You people need to get a new hobby like cow tipping that might be a little slow for this crowd better make it clubbing seals for fur that might fill your blood lust.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for the paragraph breaks tommy. i did read the first section of your comment. feel free to resubmit the second part. paragraphs are your friend.

"Craven are you sweet on me ? "
oh gosh, am i that transparent? or are you just too smart for me tommy?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fyi, if you do resubmit with paragraph breaks, you *might* want to put it in the correct blog post. your comment *might* make more sense. just sayin'

Fight for your rights said...

No that's the whole post i had a couple typos is all and i started reading the next one down and just had enough of the nonsense and had to stop. I do think you want to try to help with the problems we face today but trying to put the blame a breed and pushing BSL does just the opposite. Because instead of working to enforce leash laws or following up on owners who have multiple offenses or who are not registering the Towns are wasting time and funding on BSL only to find there is no reduction in bites
and the new system is not cost effective. Can we agree that if Pitbulls were gone tomorrow Dogfighters punks and Drug dealers
will just move on th Rottweilers or Akitas or worse yet Presa Caniros or any of the Mastiff breeds that grow to be 120 lbs plus. Point is any dog over 45 lbs can inflict allot of damage& we end right back in the same spot. Because your only fooling yourself if you don't believe those dogs could kill you just as quick as any. Tougher Laws holding owners responsible is whats needed...not insults & poems and a cluster of soccer moms playing internet detective trying to connect every dog bite to a single breed. LOL what's the difference where I post it it's always the same list of characters in each post they can put 2 & 2 together. You put in allot of hours here wouldn't you like to make a real difference real change ?

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

LOl @ tommy -

"snappy antidotes" indeed!

BTW what we are cheering for is a victim that is able to fight back. What usually happens is that pit bull does this routine on a poor miniature poodle, yorkie, chihuahua, or a sweet, docile lab or golden.

It's a relief to see that this brave mule make sure this worthless pit bull will never again torture another living thing.

Oh, and as to the pit bull identity - what type of dog would you possible imagine torturing a mule like this?

Let's see, could it be a type of dog bred to point? no, that doesn't seem right.

How about a type of dog bred to retrieve? hmm, that doesn't fit either.

How about a livestock guardian breed? Oh, heavens no, this is a livestock torturer.

Let's put on our thinking caps, boys and girls. Now what breed do you suppose was created to happily torture animals, continuing relentlessly, regardless of injury suffered?

Only an tool or an imbecile would fail to see that this is a pit bull and could not possibly be anything else.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

More baby talk from tommy -

These dreamers always claim that if you get rid of the unpredictable torturers, that the "bad owners" will just use another breed, as if by a wave of a wand, some other breed will magically progress through the centuries of breeding and selection it took to produce a type of dog that will happily tear apart a weaker creature for no particular reason.

They've had 20 years of a pit bull ban in Denver, but Akitas and powerful breeds are still allowed there. When are they finally going to turn vicious? When are the "bad owners" finally going to turn them into pit bulls?

It ain't gonna happen, because pit bulls in the hands of thugs has never been the problem. The problem is pit bulls in the hands of naive rescuers who have fallen for the line that "it's all in how they're raised" and that "pit bulls are just like any other dog". They raise them with love, treat them well, the pit bulls seem well behaved, then BOOM! the pit bull turns on and does what it was bred to do. Usually that manifests itself in the act of happily torturing an innocent animal to death. But all too often, more often in fact than all other breeds combined, a pit bull launches a surprise attack on an owner, family member, visitor or neighbor, inflicting fatal or disfiguring injuries.

Fools like you don't want to end the problem, you want to make it everybody's problem, make everybody pay for the insanity of pit bull owners, and make all dogs pay for the risk of pit bull type dogs.

Bottom line: You can abuse a normal dog, you can twist his personality to make him mean, but he will never, ever be the relentless torturer that the pit bull was created to be.

FWIW - I expect that last paragraph to bounce off your forehead like a bb off an aircraft carrier. Nobody home, just a tape recording of pit bull propaganda on an endless loop.

Fight for your rights said...

Mandatory chipping , that will stop people from dumping even fighting dogs if the know the dogs can be traced back.

Unleashed dogs ,I think the fine is $35 move that fine up to $500.00 first offense double it for a second i guarantee that would make people think about it.

Registering , Make it mandatory for your dog to be present when registering that way the dog can be evaluated on the spot then you can place restrictions as needed or require owners to take their dogs for training and then return for reevaluation this would stop people from making or allowing their dogs to become aggressive.

That's only a few things that could be done and the revenue from the fines would help off set the costs to put these things in place.

Aren't these better Ideas than promoting the killing of millions of dogs who do nothing wrong because of the failures of a couple hundred owners.Instead of fighting each other work together because 99% of us want the same things. with just these few things I bet we could cut 75 % of the bites today because most are unleashed dogs who aren't neutered and have had no training.

What do you think.

Fight for your rights said...

@ Anonymous Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson
First off you obviously are clueless and have just jumped on the Pitbull fear band wagon for your information Akita s are fighting dogs who were used for fighting in Japan along with the Tosa Inu also there's the Fila which is a Brazilian breed they used to use Boston Terriers for fighting but the point is these dogs didn't decide to wake up and becoming fighting dogs people did it to them and since denver has put the ban in effect dog bite have gone up not down the only thing the Denver ban did was take dogs from good owners because they were the only ones to obey the law.
And yes it would happen over night because dog fighting is big business and so is drug dealing you don't really think either would slow down do you. And your just as bad as both of them if your cheering for any animal to be killed in that fashion. And also I've been working with dogs for thirty years and I could not tell you for sure what kind of dog that was and either could anyone else.
There's only one tool or imbecile in this conversation and thats you.

Fight for your rights said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fight for your rights said...

"because pit bulls in the hands of thugs has never been the problem. The problem is pit bulls in the hands of naive rescuers " LOL talk about things bouncing off heads and not registering ! LMAO OK you realize if they were born killers as you suggest we would have millions of attacks every year ! Seeing there's over six million in the country do yourself a favor and go back to snacking on lead paint because you absolutely have no business in this conversation.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Mandatory chipping , that will stop people from dumping even fighting dogs if the know the dogs can be traced back."
two problems
1) you are assuming that the unscrupulous people who fight dogs will microchip dogs.
2) microchips fail. it failed in my dog.

dog fighting, like every other violent behavior that has been criminalized, will continue to exist regardless of how tough LE gets. and even if pit bulls were magically eradicated tomorrow, they would re-emerge. form follows function. this is why i personally do not support JUST the banning of a specific breed. let's evolve as a society and get rid of purpose bred violent dogs (not just ugly pit bulls) AND have tougher laws for all dog bites. gotta make sure all of those people being airlifted for that chihuahua mauling has the exact same protection as the pit victim.

"Point is any dog over 45 lbs can inflict allot of damage& we end right back in the same spot."

what a relief to see that you do not buy into the chihuahua/dachshund nonsense. there is hope for you yet.

"Tougher Laws holding owners responsible is whats needed"

hey, why does it always have to be either or? why not all? aren't you as guilty of oversimplifying the problem as those who say it only breed? why not have breed specific laws to eventually phase out ugly violent grippers AND tougher laws across the board for all dog breeds AND tougher enforcement of laws. while we work to eradicate communicable diseases like TB or small pox, we also work on treatments and better containment of outbreaks. it doesn't make sense to just focus on treating TB or just containing TB and purposely allowing it to exist now does it?

i have addressed the importance of social reforms HERE. i think our approach to dangerous dogs should follow a similar path.

Dick "Slugger" Johnson said...

@fight 1:45

Thanks for responding.

I appreciate how you trotted out the specter of the "Akita" (which has accounted for what, all of 8 human casualties since 1982, most of those in guard dog situations?) - but I frankly don't see the relevance, because

#1) There is no Akita advocacy spreading dangerous misinformation about them, as is being done with pit bulls, and

#2 The number of human fatalities from Akita attack is down around the same level as Dobies and Chows.

#3 Unlike pit bulls, Akitas aren't being over-bred to the point that the shelters are stuffed with them, and a million a year are put down at taxpayer expense.

Your version of Akita history is rather an embarrassment, I'm afraid. At least it should be, if you've any pride. This primitive breed existed long before there was any concept of dog fighting or bull baiting. They were first used as hunters companions, and then guardians.

When we talk about Japanese fighting dogs, we want to talk about the Tosa, which was developed specifically for dog fighting. An Akita is not a Tosa. While there were some who used Akitas in dog fighting in Japan centuries ago, that period is long gone - and if your qualification for "fighting breed" is merely that someone has used them for dog fighting, then virtually every breed is a "fighting breed" and the term is meaningless. So let's stick to the facts, and look at what breeds were created, for what purpose.

In short, the Akita has a much longer, and very different history from the bull dog, which was created from mastiff lines specifically for the purpose of committing atrocities against helpless animals (for "sport") and the pit bull, which was an adaptation of the animal torturer dogs to the fighting pit, where they would try to tear each other apart, since "bull-baiting" was outlawed in 1835. A bit of terrier was added to make for a more compact torturer, but the gameness of the bull dog remained.

You mention the Fila, which is also a descendant of the torturer dogs of the old UK - you see, they come from the same root.

When you mention Boston Terriers, it's not clear to me, whether you really don't understand how the breed names keep shifting over the decades, or you really think today's "Boston Terrier" is a pit bull. It's not.

I dare say a bit of clear thinking might allow even someone such as yourself to connect the dots and see the straight line of cause and effect from a to b to c, but you are drunk on the kool-aid, and don't want to see anything.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson` said...

@fight 2:02 said:

"LOL talk about things bouncing off heads and not registering ! LMAO OK you realize if they were born killers as you suggest we would have millions of attacks every year ! Seeing there's over six million in the country do yourself a favor and go back to snacking on lead paint because you absolutely have no business in this conversation."

The fact that pit bulls torture and kill tens of thousands of animals a year should tell you that there is a problem; it would be clear to you if you were honest and objective.

The fact that the deaths of animals from all other types of (non pit bull type) dogs combined is a tiny fraction of that number should make it abundantly clear.

I'd to challenge your wide-eyed assertion of 6 million pit bulls. The actual number is more like 3 million, and about a million of those are in shelters at any given time.

Certainly even you realize that serial killers like Ted Bundy acted completely normal 99% of the time. But you're in effect defending Ted Bundy by saying "If he was as bad as you say, he'd be killing everybody every minute of every day".

But to say that pit bulls are safe, merely because any specific pit bull might not launch a sudden, random unexpected and relentless attack on a weaker creature is too weak a guarantee for me, and I think for any sane person. Pintos were recalled, over a much lower incidence of harm that what we're seeing with pit bulls.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this discussion with you.

DubV said...

Fight for your rights,

You are a total fuck face and a mental and moral midget.

~drops mic~

Fight for your rights said...

It's ok because as long as people like you keep trying to push a agenda that is impossible and continue to act like third graders in the process I have nothing to worry about. You people talk about how all Pitbull owners are degenerate's and low life's yet your the ones swearing and insulting and looking to turn it into a fight.
I don't need to argue with you because none of you matter . I have gone to hearings in my community and three surrounding communities and effectively stopped BSL from being passed.
What have any of you done ? I'll tell yo what you've done NOTHING because nobody will ever take anything said here seriously acting the way you do. you are your own worst enemy ! So keep up the hard work your doing a great Job.

Meals on Wheels said...

Alas, mules are almost always sterile, being a hybrid of horse and donkey, so Justice the Mule, and the horse in Reno, may be a very rare breed of equines that don't take it from pibbles.

Meals on Wheels said...

I wish there was a video of the Justice the Horse from Reno. I couldn't help but smile to think of the animal control officer, putting out a word to that damn media for pushing the pit bull stories.

"Staff received a call from the county Sheriff's Office at about 7:50 a.m. Wednesday about dogs attacking a neighbor's horse on Toll Road near the Virginia foothills, animal services field supervisor Bobby Smith said.

"The horse had kicked them pretty good a few times," Smith said Thursday afternoon.

"We always get calls on dog attacks that involve Chihuahuas, Labradors and Jack Russells, but pit bulls get the most publicity," he said"

Well, Mr. Smith, call 'em in!

Any one want to call the office and ask for the records about dog incidents in that Nevada county? I suspect Bobby isn't telling the truth.

Meals on Wheels said...

It's really ironic how pit bull advocates have been throwing tback the "cult" concept, when they worship fighting dogs and WE apparently worship concepts such as safety and justice. I would rather be a part of the later cult.

And so, in turn, I want to launch back the name "fear monger" right back to the pit bull advocacy. Here are their biggest fear mongering stances:

"Your breed next"...right

"All breeds can bite". Yep, they all can bite, but they don't even with horrible owners. Back in the day, say thirty years ago, most dogs went around amok, were not altered, likely lived most of their lives outside as "resident dogs", and yet there are fewer fatal incidents.

"Ban the pit bull and then the dog fighters will use any breed"....blah blah blah, yes, it would be easier for them to take to Chihuahuas or just match Siamese fighting fish. They will have to work hard to make a dog that is willing to fight despite pain, and overcome a strong desire not to fight.

Oh, and that BSL is just to expensive and hard to enforce. I think you pit bull apologists are just afraid of the recent reports that it's working, and is saving money and lives.

Fear mongers, that's what you are.

I urge all of you to face your fears...see if you can give a non-fighting breed a chance as your companion animal. Don't be afraid of Chihuahuas, their bark is worse than their bite!

Anonymous said...

"And it look's (sic)to be shot in some third world country where I'm sure that dog was well a well fed and cared for"

Hmm. So the dog was underfed, possibly enfeebled and untrained, and so decided to attack, repeatedly, an 850 lb animal. An animal who showed itself instantly capable of blurringly fast reflexes and lethal retaliation, yet the poor, hungry, weakened dog persisted in desperately trying to obtain food. Yes... quite reasonable. My "mindless cult" loyalties will have to be reconsidered.

"....better make it clubbing seals for fur that might fill your blood lust"
Actually, the gore-soaked pictures and videos of humans and animals suffering as a Pibble chews through them is what informs us of the loathesomeness of these dogs. That, and personal experience and observation.Odd that you would choose a breed/ type developed to satiate "blood-lust" while my cruel perversions have been satisfied by ordinary, happy, harmless companion dogs.

"The people in the three pictures above work to help animals "
Sure, laudable, like people laundering the image of rattlesnakes and brown recluse spiders so that they
too may live among humanity and our loved animals and children. It takes very special people to comprehend the sacredness
of these singular creatures engineered to bring agony and death--all innocently, of course.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Anonymous said...

FFYR, you assume too much. There is a way to speak to normal human beings. And there is a way to speak to someone who drapes a bulldog over a defenseless infant (or advocates the same).

Anonymous said...

More sense? Or any sense? Just keep Fighting For Your Rights, you embarrassing, irredeemable boob. At least I'm aware of what they are or least, should be. You don't need to exert your pretentious ass playing Batman. We here all recognize batshit.

Jonathan said...

Ah Justice Mule. Always brightens my day

Meals on Wheels said...

III. Schadenfreude

When feeling blue and sad,
Due to the news at the end of the day
Seems, justice scarce, and insanity rules
And one more victim has fallen as prey......

Then I head on over to Craven,
Find the Justice Mule Video, press play,
Like, magic....depression and blues
And frustration are all led away.

OK, so it's low and lacks class,
But some times, I need a little whoop ass!
I'm confessing, it's one of my sins.
'Cause for ONCE, the little guy WINS!

Take a look, hey he hasn't a chance,
He's a nag, not worth a second glance.
But he's plucky and tough,
In AWE, can't get enough.

I watch to the end,
And press play once again.

To watch the mule, after a day of service and toil
Hauling the soil
For some geraniums
Launched some blows to the cranium
Of that ugly pit bull.
Huzzah! Justice Mule!

Take THAT, and take THAT,
No, it's not tit for tat,
Mr. Justice the Mule,
Picks up ugly pit bull
And bites and shakes HIM instead,
Until he's quite dead!

There's the film that plays non-stop in my head,
One of the few things to stop it, play Justice Movie instead,
Is to head over to Craven, press play,
It chases my real movie away!

This time I'm raising a glass,
To toast that plucky and game little ass,
Isn't it cool,
That a scrawny little mule,
Went totally pit bull,
On that pit bull?
Hip Hurray! Justice Mule!

Justice Mule is so inspirational!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love this meals! why? because of this one line...

"Seems, justice scarce, and insanity rules"

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Meals!! Also a poem I'll return to again and again!!
- SF

This morning on The View, a show I'm forced to endure as companion to my ill, elderly mother, a parade of adoptable dogs was dragged around the stage. Soon a pit bull, described as having neurological problems, was heaved into place, where it stood staring into nothingness in totally normal pit bull fashion. Immediately, INSTANTLY, Whoopie Goldberg, unprompted, offered that pit bulls only behaved badly when taught to
behave badly. Nobody else in the BrainTrustBevy asked the logical question, "What do you mean by behave badly?" as they were all busy admiring themselves in the monitor. Or even why the instant reaction to the appearance of a pit bull is a blurted, rote recitation of protest. It has a strong funk of guilt and deviousness. Do their defenders ever wonder if that urgency is a bit suspicious, causing those formerly indifferent to the issue to do a bit of research?
A nice bit of irony.
Also, would like to take exception to pit advocacy's reflexive admonishment that those opposed to pit bulls " get educated"
Education is a progressive, continually more complex, assimilation of a subject's problems, orthodoxies, controversies, and the effort to discover and apply verifiable truth, discard the fallacies, expand the parameters, integrate related fields. I've observed that in the discussions opposing pit bulls, all of these necessary elements have appeared. Yet, we still hold an aversion toward them.
Pit advocacy chants the same few reiterations, thinking that repititon will be compelling. It neither expands, edits, scrutinizes, and rarely, retracts any claims. It never considers whether it is ever in error. As a child who grew up drowning (and not in the biblical sense) in a brew of Catholic catechism, which never explained or criticised our Loving Lord's incredible cruelty, arbitrariness, and weird, baffling demand for worship, (They're so loyal!) I'm pretty well positioned to understand the power of indoctrination. Master the ritual, do the call and response, never question, ignore all contradictions, and you're home safe.
Pit bull people, the appropriate word, then, is Indoctrinate. It has one more syllable than educate, which should please those aiming to impress; however I should probably congratulate.. um... or praise and reward you for declining
to tell us to "train ourselves" that much insight on your part? Improbable.

Thanks for a terrific poem, Meals, eager for many many more!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for that terrific comment anon 12:21, eager for many many more!

Anonymous said...

Out on a chain (a heavy duty chain, I ain't no pup)
eating Old Roy every day (it's cheap and fills you up)
waiting for that ride (get in the cage in back of the truck)
thinking about the pit (I'm fuck that next dog up)

I'm the ghost of the dog
and that was my life
til one day a woman comes by
she says, 'hey old man, you're
ayou're abusing that dog'
and so I live in her house,
take 3 baths a week and eat like a hog.

but I can't help but miss the old days (the old ways)
so I somehow get out (like I do every day)
and I go searching for prey (like I do every day)
but this time, I don't want the kill to me too quick
(oh, not too quick.. I'm like a vampire craving blood)

so, I pick a bigger target
one I shouldn't have tried to hit
i guess I was over confident
So, educate indoctrinate discrimate
propagate hyphenate
but just know
mule will ruin yoday and
and that's the truth from a dead bulldog to you

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"So, educate indoctrinate discrimate
propagate hyphenate"


Anonymous said...

My phone had a damn tantrum over that poem, but I really did mean to write hyphenate

i Finally watched most of justice's epic battle... nutters DO realize that the humans were going to kill the shit bull if Justice didn't?

Anonymous said...

Excelente poema! Brava!!

Anonymous said...

(curtsy) Thank you.

I made some typos, sadly. Example: 'i don't want the kill to me'.. 'me' should be 'be'.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS! Justice served!!!!

Anonymous said...

The "pit bull" that fought the porcupine is an English bull terrier not a pit. You can quite clearly see the deformed convex skull under the spines. Bull terriers are similar in temperament to pits but are not normally as "game" having been bred as pets for longer.

The "horse" is definitely a mule as others have said. Mules are known to kill attacking dogs. Some farmers use them as livestock guardian animals to prevent coyotes and wolves from attacking their sheep & cows. They have harder, sharper hooves than horses (more like a donkey's hooves) and are far more aggressive (as you can see in the video).

It would be nice if we could all have a pet mule to protect us from pit attacks :)

SadFalada said...

Did anyone else fall over with laughter at Anons line:
"If you have balls please reveal them....."

I'll turn 62 in a few months. When will I grow up?

Anonymous said...

I think we have the plot for the next Pixar movie!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

unfortunately, the pixar movie is likely to be in the form of Justice PitBull

Anonymous said...

Check out The Bronwen Dickey Pit Bull Truth Project on FaceBook :)

Dick "slugger" Johnson said...

It warms the cockles of me heart to see this. Deus Vult!

Anonymous said...

Lots of old white people on here...craven doesn’t like lower class people with pit bulls and dedicates his life to talking shit even tho he’s seen only three. I can’t wait until white women have been decimated by black semen and there’s none of you left

Anonymous said...

I seen this page Craven Desires posted on blast on a pit bull advocacy facebook page... you might want to report it Craven Desires... its called the Anti breedism alliance go to the about section...

Anonymous said...

Mules are brave and capable. They are not stupid. Of course its not
giving the shibble a second chance. Mules are said to be stubborn. What they are is sensible. They will not take a rider over unsafe terrain. So people, not being as wise as mules, think they are stubborn