Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where was "America's dog" at ground zero?

slide show

today marks the 10th anniversary of the 911 tragedy and we honor the fallen canine heroes.

Gus Apple, lab
06.09.92 - 08.12.07

Anna Atlas, GSD
12.17.97 - 08.02.02

Jake Balsam, GSD
02.01.95 - 12.05.06

Ellie Barker, GSD
03.24.96 - 11.26.03

Dylan Bobrosky, GSD
08.31.94 - 01.13.05

Emma Ciesla, GSD
01.28.98 - 02.15.06

Piper Cooper, malinois
08.16.96 - 09.29.06

Kita David, lab
06.23.97 - 05.12.08

Kinsey Deeds, lab
04.98 - 01.07.07

Lucy Engelbert, border collie
01.06.91 - 08.04.06
special tribute to Lucy

Jake Flood, lab
05.31.95 - 07.25.07

Ohlin Frank, lab
10.02.92 - 04.10.07

Pepe Gilliland, border collie
03.31.93 - 03.13.06

Dusty Grant, terv
07.08.88 - 01.28.04

Topper Grant, terv
11.30.91 - 08.09.06

Ivey Hachmeister, GSD
05.02.95 - 04.19.05

Sonnyboy Hammond, dobie
12.25.93 - 11.03.04

Sam Hanavan, golden
08.24.97 - 03.21.06

Scout Hanavan, golden
03.06.99 - 07.09.06

Geist Heldmann, GSD
02.16.94 - 12.08.05

Sheridan Holleyman, border collie
04.11.94 - 01.22.04

Mollee Jones, bloodhound
12.93 - 10.04

Coyote Koenig, GSD
04.0194 - 08.13.08

Socks Lavoie, GSD
04.28.91 - 12.29.02

Ronnie Lee, GSD
01.96 - 03.14.05

Rosco McCusker-Reuss, GSD
01.04.92 - 09.29.05

Lucas Palumbo, lab
01.04.95 - 07.20.07

Kali Peine, rottie
05.04.99 - 12.20.05

Griz Rebmann, GSD
08.20.96 - 09.07.07

Cholo Reitz, GSD
10.20.94 - 05.24.04

Louie Rising, golden
12.04.94 - 05.21.04

Riley Roemer, golden
12.14.96 - 06.17.05

Jolie Rossi, beauceron
08.28.94 - 08.11.07

Ditto Sawtell, dobie/aussie
04.05.91 - 09.03.05

Dakota Seibert, airedale
12.01.94 - 03.14.04

Glory Servais, aussie
12.01.94- 04.06.07

Thunder Sessions, lab
09.20.89 - 08.09.04

Nike Shane, golden
04.08.94 - 03.04.03

Sonne Wendlandt, hovawart
04.01.90 - 06.26.05

Jenner Wichmann, lab
09.22.92 - 06.08.04

Jason Wolff, GSD
01.18.92 - 06.10.04

Thor Zintsmaster, GSD
07.31.90 - 09.03.04

and those few who are still with us.











these surviving canine heroes are the subject of a soon to be released book by Charlotte Dumas. "Retrieved" will be available October 31.

easypeasy labs, goldens, GSDs, belgians, collies, beaucerons, airedales, hovawarts, bloodhounds, dobies and rotts. where's america's dog? why isn't the most athletic, most popular, people pleasing, loyal, most versatile breed represented here?

i looked, but the only pit bulls i could find in the 911 rubble were wrapped in old glory and posing next to lady liberty. convicted felon KRIS CRAWFORD carefully placed this image at the beginning of her shameless pit bull propaganda training film titled Heroes - A Tribute to SAR Dogs. thief/con artist KRIS CRAWFORD tries to manipulate people into thinking pit bulls were involved in the 911 rescue efforts and thus improve their image. KRIS CRAWFORD no doubt also hopes to personally profit from her misleading video by duping the gullible.

KRIS CRAWFORD has a history of stealing and lying and has a criminal record to prove it.
one of KRIS CRAWFORD'S victims and vocal critic writes: "Animal Farm Foundation has received several emails, and calls. Jane Berkey said this was, essentially, people just out to ruin Kris, and it did not matter what she did, it was more important what the pit bull community reaped from her (purported) activities."
DIANE JESSUP defends CRAWFORD, "I don't know Kris that well (I've met her once) but I admire very much the extensive, extremely positive PR she and her search and rescue dogs have given the pit bull breed."
in the words of TIA TORRES, "Kris will end up killing or hurting someone physically." (p 16)
and in the words of DONNA REYNOLDS, "Sad business. Many of us have known about Kris' problem for years, but kept it quiet because it didn't seem to be causing anyone any real harm. Unfortunately, people were getting hurt beyond losing a few dollars." (p 26)

it's sad business that so many in the pit bull community are not only willing to overlook CRAWFORD'S criminal activity but also aid and abet her because she is an advocate for the breed.


Charlotte Dumas: Retrieved

Dog Heroes of September 11th: A Tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs slide show


news10 investigation into KRIS CRAWFORD



KRIS CRAWFORD discussed on


Anonymous said...

The SAR Pitter has a felony conviction and can no longer "stunt pit". Somehow though, she still works her way into California public schools to provide Pit indoctrination to school children.

The Pit Nutters are so deperately looking for a hero that they are exploited very easily by the Pit Grifters.

DubV said...

Thanks for the pics, very touching.

And that should sting the nutters.

Related to what vintage said, nutters it seems don't think it is fair that not all breeds of dogs are created equal and/or that the one they chose is not the best in just about every way.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am not sure how i placed the wrong youtube video in here. i fixed it.

DubV said...

"A Queensland based trainer of a similar black Labrador explosive detection dog stated that it was probably due to the breed's excellent character that Sarbi had most likely been looked after by locals while missing, ensuring her survival."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who truly understands the history of pure bred dogs in America knows that the working history of MANY breeds was either greatly embellished, or totally fabricated, in order to appeal to the type of middle to upper class individual who would pay money for a pedigreed dog. Blogger Patrick Burns has written some great posts on the subject, here is just one

The truth is, the "history" of the APBT, as presented by the pit bull fanatics, is pure fabrication. The breed, in aggregate, is NOT a good choice for legitimate work. That's why they are so exceedingly rare in virtually all areas involving true working dogs....herding, as gun dogs, as SAR dogs, as REAL service dogs, as police canines, war dogs,etc. Friends who compete in agility and obedience tell me they never see pit bulls at the trials. This is not because these dogs are rare, they are a dime a dozen...its easy to explain why we don't see a lot of Xolos in obedience...its just that pit bulls, in aggregate, are extremely DA, and not particularly biddable.

I find it extremely offensive that pit bull advocates have attempted to use an appeal to "patriotism" in order to spread their lies. These dogs were NEVER used as "war dogs", and "Sgt. Stubby", a glorified mascot, was clearly a Boston Terrier. At a time when our country is at war, when so many have lost friends and family in armed conflict, its despicable for pit bull fanatics to try to tap into the public's emotions with cheap and cynical tricks to "rebrand" these dogs.

The dogs are, and always have been, produced by the crudest, vilest, low lives in our society, for malicious purposes. Whether it was the sadistic, degenerate gamblers of the past known as the "dogmen" breeding them to kill each other in a pit, or the violent, dangerous, gang members of today breeding them to guard their drug ops.....the primary stewardship of this breed has never changed. There never was a noble purpose in the creation of this breed, and to try and leverage our nation's collective respect for our military to recreate the pit bulls image is reprehensible.

There were no pit bulls at ground zero. Lets be thankful to those who created the labs, shepherds, Goldens, and other breeds who have become our devoted partners and companions, and who were there for us at our darkest hour.

Small Survivors said...

These dogs are a national treasure and those photographs of the surviving old timers are gorgeous. Look at the soul in those old dogs' faces. No reptilian stares there.

My guess is that Crawford, being an outstanding grifter, correctly assessed the "play" and decided that bringing her stunt SAR pits in close contact with literally hundreds of other SAR dogs at ground zero and the pentagon, while the whole world watched, might generate some negativity when her fighting dog killed a SAR lab.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you vintage for the link. it has been added to the blog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

branwyne, i share your disgust with kris crawford's smarmy appeal to patriotism. kris crawford is among the MOST wickedly vile of pit bull advocates. it is not surprising to see she is in cahoots with karen delise and jane berkey.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

righteo snack, no reptilian stares in those lovely faces. i think my next dog will be an easypeasy lab.

Small Survivors said...

I found an archived copy of Jessup's defense of Crawford - unbelievable. She just says pay no attention because she's doing great things FOR THE BREED. If you pay attention to her grifting, you're either an obsessed Crawford stalker or a HATER OF THE BREED!

There is no limit to how low they'll stoop.

Jake said...

This was a timely article, well done. It's no surprise that the rescue canines were mostly Labs or GSDs, but it was nice to see a Rottie representing as well. I know they are statistically the second deadliest type of dog (actually a distant 2nd to the pit bulls), but the Rotties I've met have been good natured.

DubV said...

keeping looking at that pic of pepe shaking the presidents hand. He wasn't my favorite president, but that has to be one of the coolest pics I've seen in a while.

Hate to be a downer, but looking at the dates it seems those dogs had a shorter than average life span. Perhaps working in that environment took its toil, like it did on many people who were in the area.

You've probably all seen this, but it seems timely as well.,0

It's a gallery if you scroll down to see the arrows, 2nd pic is particularly cool.

DubV said...

awesome...part 2

Anonymous said...

There's a reason we don't see Pits in real working dog positions....They rank mid pack at best in intelligence.

Jim said...

The best working dogs are very play driven. Meaning they are happy to do the work and excited by the process and the reward. They have steady and adaptable temperaments and love both people and other dogs.

Pit fighting breeds tend to not to have steady and adaptable temperaments. They also tend to be less biddable, not particularly people oriented, have a low play drive, and actively dislike other dogs. Dogs that are driven to be aggressive and to fight and are reactive to stimuli (go into fight mode when confronted with excitable circumstances) aren't what you'd call good candidates for SARS. SARS handlers would prefer not to be mauled, have to break up dog fights, or have their dogs kill the objects of the search ;)

I am so sickened by the woman grifting for pits on the tragedy of 9-11 that I lack words. She belongs behind bars and her supporters.....I certainly hope they are sterile..

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, its not just Crawford who has tried to excuse the criminal lack of breed stewardship by hiding behind the American flag....see how many times the term "America's Dog" has been used by every pit bull rescue and advocacy group out there.

To insist that America is best represented by a dog known for unpredictable, violent behavior, a dog typically bred by the worst members of our society, a dog that can't even be trusted not to kill its own packmates, both canine and's a travesty, and it needs to stop.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've seen the War Dog story before but thanks for including the link here DubV. i am especially fond of this photo.

even if dogs did nothing more than provide emotional comfort for soldiers, that would be good enough reason for me to justify their presence in the military.

there's a great 911 SAR dog slide show in the links. be sure to check it out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage and jim, the praise bestowed upon pit bulls for their trainability or biddable nature always leaves me scratching my head. i have read too many discussions on pit bull forums about how difficult it was to house train these dogs for me to believe that shit. i remember some nutter was jumping for joy that her dog hadn't had an "accident" in the house in a year. the pit was 7. some of my favorite discussions were around adult pit bulls that continued to shit ON THE BED. how dumb or deranged must that dog be.

branwyne, i agree with your comments about america's dog. i found myself going off on a tangent in this blog that i thought would better said in another. the fusing of personal ideologies with nationalism has been done with devastating consequences.

Anonymous said...

DubV, thank you for the link to the war dogs pictoral....amazing pictures.

And not one pit bull in the group.

Anonymous said...

Seeing all of these great breeds makes me fall in love with dogs again. The title, "Retrieved" is simply awesome. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much.

DubV said...

oops, forgot to paste in link for part 2 of war dogs,0

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


"I have two little girls also, I took a head shot"

Report a Pit Breeder today!

Anonymous said...


2003, Golden Gate Park San Francisco:

Anna Klafter's SPCA trained "Stunt Pit" goes beserk, attacking a police horse. The officer was put on disability with a back injury and the taxpayer's police horse had to be retired from service....

The pit bull mix that attacked a police horse in Golden Gate Park belonged to an SPCA volunteer who took the dog to senior centers to comfort the elderly and liked to let it run free in the park.

BTW...The SPCA volunteer was kicked in the face by the horse and the pit was shot...She later rationalized that "Polly had never seen a horse before"...

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...


Robert Weller's PTSD Stunt Pit receives humanitarian exemption from Denvers Pit Ban, then goes on to maul him...

I live in Denver and the city has a general ban on pit bulls. But I got Chummy back because my doctors said she was my service dog.

Chummy raced so fast for the ball she inevitably ended up doing a somersault as she flew over the ball too fast to grab it. Dog toys, even those branded as indestructible, barely lasted a day.

Chummy had bitten me several times but always let go. This night she didnt. I thought of grabbing a nearby Tuareg sword but I didnt know how to use it, and didnt want to. My six-foot-tall son pulled her hard enough for me to get my wrists loose. We had to call 911.

I was taken to the hospital where my blood pressure was over 200. Synthetic morphine was necessary...

Have to wonder how the leading mauler/killer helps one suffering from PTSD? Does it make the rest of the world seem Death Therapy in the movie "What about Bob"?!?

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...


February 1988, Bibb County, Alabama:

Log Homes of America security guard Will Smith is found mauled to death by a Pit Bull "Guard Dog".,32070&dq=will-smith+and+centreville&hl=en

The United Keennel Club(who originally profitted from regulating Dog Fighting in the US) emphatically states the Pit Bulls make lousy guard dogs. I have to agree with them, but add that they are lousy at everything except dog fighting.

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Jake said...

@vintage -

This survey you referenced at seems to be to be more about how biddable a breed is, rather than how intelligent per se. Great Pyrenees, for example, have to be intelligent to do what they do - to act independently and think on their feet as it were, making split second decisions, without human direction, about how to protect the animals in their charge.

I see other examples of breeds that I know are plenty intelligent, but not biddable, ranking quite low on that index.

I suppose there was something of a disclaimer, but I don't know how clear it is to everyone who looks at the rankings.