Saturday, November 19, 2011

Willie Nelson

Country singer Willie Hugh Nelson in Sierra Blanca, Texas 11.26.10

Best Friends Animal Society has tossed its weight and great wealth into the battle in Ohio over the delisting of the pit bull as a vicious dog. Much effort went into choosing the poster child for this campaign and it the need to capture the essence of "pit nutter".

The Perfect Fit
Nelson's image is ideal to represent the pit bull counterculture. Who best represents criminality and personal irresponsibility inherent in the pit bull counterculture? Why an anti-government wacko with a criminal record of course! Willie's tax dodging and drug arrests makes him the obvious choice. Willie refuses to pay his fair share of taxes, and he wants to do whatever he wants. He is an anti-regulation anarchist. No surprise he wants to stop BSL....maybe he has some good old boy friends with yards? OR... maybe Willie thought he was ambassadoring a strain a marijuana known as "Pit Bull". Willie is well known among the Legalize Pot crowd, he even promotes the Teapot Party. His motto is "Tax it, regulate it and legalize it."

TAX it! LOL!!!

You can read more about Willie and his band and money, magic mushrooms, moonshine, marijuana and maulers at the links below.


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Willie's Teapot Party


april 29 said...

You have said it all here, an AMAZING choice for a spokesman. A Texas felon attempting to advise Ohio lawmakers, in support of a Utah based PAC, making millions of dollars a year from pit bull advocacy.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Stay classy Willie!

Jewel Jade said...

Another POS, yup piece of shit!!!!! Can't stand this idiot!