Monday, November 7, 2011

WARNING: gripping dogs at play

"Unlike dogs who are nippers and rippers, her (DIANE JESSUP) pit bulls are typically "grippers" who bite down and hang on to their victim's flesh."



Friends Administrator said...

What can I say, this is something that nightmares are made of. But the fact that someone filmed it and didn't try to help that poor dog is even more sickening.

Jake said...

Ugh, good point. Who the hell filmed that? Huge animal cruelty charges right there.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm sorry that i couldn't help you with your baby steps jake.

it's hard to know what's behind this video. the dog had already lost it's leg when the video starting rolling (unless of course it was edited out).

Ro Martinet said...

what a fucking heartbreaker and a GROSSOUT--but, ethically, relevant & worthwhile to publish...

Imagine if that ripped-to-shreds dog was YOUR dog attacked by a pit bull(s) during your daily walk...and you witnessed something just like that and couldn't help your dog until it was too late!

If the Frankenmauler Roundups teach us anything (and they have taught this writer MANY things), it is that our friends and neighbors witness attacks on their dogs like this every day.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls: crimes against nature

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

O K folks, I am so stressed - i go out in my backyard and get lunged growled and barked at - pit bulls right next to my fence. Last week we take our 2 slow fat basset hounds walking and a dog that's usually kept chained down the street runs out on us and we have to scream and yell to get it away -it looked like a pit bull terrier -Last night we tried to walk and the damn thing came out on us full force -circling and making dives for my boy basset - i sprayed a can of wasp spray on it and it barely phased it - we can't even go walking now - I watch this video and I know we have got to find a safer place to live because the world has gone PIT BULL DOG CRAZY!!!!!!

Colleen Lynn said...

Anyone one have any clues to the country?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm working on it

Anonymous said...


The United Kennel Club was founded in 1898 and originally regulated dog fighting in the United States. The original registry requirement was three documented wins.

This is intentional.

The American Dog Breeder's Association(ADBA) was co-founded by John P. Colby in September 1909, just 7 months after Colby's nephew was killed in a yard accident. Colby sold more fighting dogs than any man in America.

This was never about loving dogs, it was about unemployable sociopaths making blood money.

Small Survivors said...

All dogs bite.

This is a clear demonstration of why that is completely NOT THE ISSUE.

Saying all dogs bite as an argument for why we should let these things be in our neighborhoods is as pointless an argument as:

all dogs chew
all dogs scratch
all dogs bark

And to preempt nutters - it doesn't matter the circumstances - what matters is when these mutants are presented with an opportunity - this is what they will do with utter joyous abandon.

The argument is: how lethal are the dogs when things DO go wrong and when they are presented with an opportunity.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snack sized dog, this is the most coherent description of the problem that has flashed across my monitor.

DubV said...

Dawn, please consider a stronger warning on the video. I know we are big boys and girls, but I'm not sure I would've watched that had I known that the dog was maimed/fatally wounded.

The grippers were behind a fence. Whoever filmed the act and the aftermath while doing nothing is bastard.

DubV said...

Decatur al,

I have heard that the "wasp spray is stronger than pepper spray" thing is a myth. I would get the strongest level of pepper spray Fox Labs makes and in the stream version for extra range (this is what many LEOs use). Also, get a rather large can so that you have more than a few seconds of spray. You can buy wipes that somewhat neutralize the spray at the same site and also a practice can so you know how far it sprays and can get your aim down. Also, carry a gun if you can but if not have a stout knife with you that has the longest blade you can carry in your area. If you have no blade length restrictions in AL, then a 4" blade is very serviceable and easily concealed. Next, get in the mindset where you can kill an animal if needed. You might already be there.


DubV said...

This stuff is several times hotter than the strongest pepper that grows on Earth.

DubV said...

Excellent post snack, as dawn already pointed out.

Sure, some members of other breeds are at the edge of their breed's temperament bell curve and may possible want to do something like this. However, it is so rare an event that I have not seen a video of it occurring.

DubV said...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Sorry DubV

Jim said...

I am sick to my stomach. The person filming this is obviously complicit.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that someone set up this mauling, through a fence, to demonstrate "gameness" while insulating themselves from prosecution because "the dog came up to the fence and they nabbed him, nothing we could do."

yeah.... nothing but hose away the blood as you ignore the suffering animal that is dying right next to you...


DubV said...

No problem, Dawn.

Anonymous said...


October 2011..After dog bites double in Calgary due to Pit Bulls, Bill Bruce admits defeat...

He is introducing new dogbite legislation to cope with the pit maulings. Calgary will now adopt the Dunbar six level dog bite severity scale to deal the the upsurge in attacks.

While I like this shows that normaldog laws don't work with pits. This is actually "After the fact BSL" since pitties lead in Level 5 (sustained, beserk maulings) and Level 6 (flesh eating, fatalities).

Good Luck Calgary residents!

**Disclaimer..,I am not making this up!

Anonymous said...

Pit N Proud is hosting a temper Tantrum March in Tucson where Michael Cook was just mauled to death.

Here are the special handling rules:

Dogs must be leashed and social. One dog per handler. No retractable leads and no nose-to-nose contact between dogs. All attendees are expected to be civil and abide by all laws.

You can't make this stuff up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Pit n’ Proud is hoping dog owners and lovers of all breeds will come out to show that ignorance will not be tolerated."

pit n proud is hoping to whip up a fear frenzy around the your breed will be next hype.

"All breeds of dogs welcome. You don’t have to have a dog to walk. "

ie please leave all young and not yet bullet proof unsedated dogs at home in their respective crates.

"Dogs must be leashed and social. One dog per handler. No retractable leads and no nose-to-nose contact between dogs. All attendees are expected to be civil and abide by all laws. "

ie, NO dog fighting among FIGHTING dogs!

Anonymous said...


Dr Randy "The Tourniquette" Lockwood emerged onto the scene in the late 80's with the HSUS and more recently with the ASPCA...He wrote the template for the laughable Pit Bull advocacy talking points and is responsible for many deaths and maulings. In this article he rallies against wolf-hybrids and describes his defeat in owning one...,2521549&dq=ripped+apart+by+dogs&hl=en

"The animal slept in my sleeping bag and appeared friendly but was eventually shot for hunting down and killing a sheep"

All his points about breeders and dangerousness apply to pits as well.

This Nutter has had a massive impact on animal control policy in this country...he has hurt alot of people and led to the DBRF rate tripling in the US.

Perhaps one day, HSUS and ASPCA will be making a payout to mauling victims, like the tobacco companies eventually did.

Disclaimer**I am not making this up!