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Pit bull backyard breeding Illinois-style: Making Man Eaters in Ledyland

Connie and Scott Ijams were delivering phonebooks to homes in Bloomington IL last October when a pit bull pushed through a screen door and severely mauled Connie Ijams and bit Scott when he tried to save her.

The pit bull, Bo, tore up both Connie's arms requiring many hours of surgery, a 10 day hospital stay, $73,000 and four months later she still has no feeling in her arms except for annoying itching that can't be scratched.  Connie and Scott are having a benefit to help pay for her $73,000 and climbing hospital bills.

Here is a video of the idiot owner, SHANIE DOSS, crying about how horrible it was that people were yelling at her while her pit bull engaged in a protracted mauling of a woman.  Despite SHANIE DOSS' whining and crying, she is being charged with a class 4 felony and various ordinance violations.

Would it surprise anyone to know that SHANIE DOSS is a backyard breeder, previously allowed her pit bull to escape, get hit by a car and break both its legs, and has a previous felony conviction?
And her husband, well, he pled not guilty by reason of insanity to running a red light, causing an accident and leaving the scene, I kid you not.  Yeah, he was found guilty.  He also owes the City of Bloomington $725 for ordinance violations.

You can find all the details at this link.  You will have to enter the names SHANIE DOSS and MICHAEL COSTIN.
After watching that video and photos, you'd think Bloomington Illinois was some kind of crappy hillbilly haven.  But, it's not just a refuge for abominable redneck buffonery.  Bloomington Illinois has been a college town for 160 years as the home of Illinois Wesleyan University an exclusive little liberal arts college established in 1850 that can be found on many "best colleges" lists.
The city is lousy with historic mansions turned into B&Bs, museums, and upscale apartments.  Bloomington is host to one of the most respected Shakespearean festivals in North America. And they have at least one church that bills itself as progressive, open and affirming.
Bloomington's median income ($58,662) is above the national median and above the illinois' median and has lower poverty rates than the nation and Illinois.  The second largest employer for Bloomington residents is Illinois State University located in both Bloomington and its twin city, Normal.
The largest employer is State Farm Insurance, the current insurance darling of pit nutters.  After Farmers Insurance announced it will no longer be providing coverage for pit bulls and rottweilers in California, many nutters in other states proclaimed they will be switching to State Farm because they haven't banned dangerous breeds yet.  Well, look out State Farm, gird your loins, look what's coming to you right outside you corporate headquarters.
SHANIE DOSS' breeding practices illustrate beautifully how man eaters are bred.  Bo, the pit bull who viciously attacked Connie Ijams had already been bred twice to the another pit bull in SHAINE DOSS's house before his DNA kicked in.  Bo sired some or all of the eight puppies their female had in October 2010.  They evidently had two male pit bulls that they  allowedto have at their female.  The other pit bull got the RIP facebook tribute.  Who knows why.  They  sold all the puppies from the second litter of seven by June 2011.  So currently running around Bloomington Illinois are as many 15 two and three year old pit bulls who may have inherited papa's proclivity for random shows of extreme man eating aggression.
Some of them may wind up on the upscale, progressive, enlightened, open-minded, inclusive side of town where rescue angels buy home owners insurance.  I'd stay away from any black and white or brown and white marked pit bulls in the Bloomington area for next few years.  There's about 15 of them that are ready to express their genetic heritage.  Is this pit bull featured on the Bloomington farmer's market and Artists' Alley facebook page one of SHANIE DOSS' man eaters?

And what is with Bloomington and her sister city Normal?  They are home rule cities in Illinois, so they can enact breed specific legislation despite the statewide ban on BSL.  People have been calling for regulation for years as attacks have become progressively more horrific in Bloomington.  Are they waiting for someone to die, because that is looking like an increasingly sure bet.  Bloomington should look to Pawtucket, RI for some answers.  Pawtucket is very happy with their ban which has been effective and practicable for the less wealthy but similar sized city.


Anonymous said...

damn slimy hill-billies. when its not them ,its the upscale rescue dingbats. not sure which id rather see mauled by their own mutants .

orangedog said...

I believe that puppy in the upper left hand corner of the first pic is the same black and white dog - look at the spot in the middle of its head.

april 29 said...

The video of Doss's attempt to make herself the victim of unfair treatment is stomach turning. Absolute trash.

Miss Margo said...


Small Survivors said...

Snarky, I think the combination of stupid slimy hill-billies and "open minded" but slaves to fashion, upscale rescue dingbats is going to prove deadly. The one is providing the the other with time bombs.

orangedog: I KNOW, I saw the dot and couldnt' believe my eyes!

Margo: DELIVERING PHONE BOOKS!!! No kidding! But in comments one obviously related hillbilly said it was the manufacturer of the phone books' fault not the owners or the dogs because no one uses phone books anymore.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

bummer. that video won't play for me. i want to see SHANIE DOSS' performance of blubbering lies and self pity. i will have to try another browser.

"But in comments one obviously related hillbilly said it was the manufacturer of the phone books' fault not the owners or the dogs because no one uses phone books anymore"


sad, maddening, frustrating yet fantastic blog post snack.

vintage said...

A 7 year old boy was killed yesterday by a pit bull while playing at a friend's house in Galesburg, IL

Meanwhile the Golden Retriever community went 38 years between child DBRFs....The pit community can't even go 38 days!

Anonymous said...

I think this was a very important blog entry in that it shows the link between human trash (backyard fighting dog breeders and their ilk) and the supposedly educated middle class (rescue angels, pit bull lobbyists, Ira Glass arrogant pseudo-intellectuals, university and educational system pit shills, "show dog" AKC type breeders, veterinarian pit shills, the whole mess) that enables it, and this bizarre interaction and reinforcement that not only gets people hurt and killed, not only gets other animals hurt and killed, but also hurts the pit bulls themselves.

The middle class supposedly educated pit bull lobbyists just give nore power to the dog fighters, the back yard breeders, the puppy mills that prey on the pit bulls.

The numbers getting bred increase, the numbers abandoned increase, the numbers fought increase, and they just don't care.

Case in point where "educated" seems to be a meaningless term these days, because the sheer ignorance involved with all this pit bull lobbying, where they even hurt the thing they supposedly love, is shocking.

The breeders are easily explained. They explain it themselves and have for years. Pets are property in their words and they make money from the property. This is one hundred percent profit interest and protection for the breeding industry at large. People, dogs, don't matter. Only money matters, and that goes for the backyard puppy mill breeder to the AKC show and fancy world.

The veterinarians factor into that sector as well.

Then there are the farm lobby connected university shills that get involved in this because puppy mills are under the agriculture lobby to some degree.

The "rescue angels" that are actually dog dealers, selling dogs and making money for themselves, whether through sales or "donations" thought thier fraudulent charities fit in that group too.

As for the ostensibly NON breeder lobby, I think the middle class lobbying has more to do with bossy, arrogant, foolish people (Ira Glass types) who just use pit bulls as an opportunity to control people and be passive-aggressive (they hate other people, but don't have the guts to attack directly, or admit their hate, instead they choose dogs they know are damgerous to do harm, and then claim persecution and victim status even though they are the aggressor through the dogs.)

Then there are the middle class participants who just simply make money off the lobbying charade, the Van Kavage Best Friends types. This is just a business for them.

The human trash can't lobby against the general public to do harm to all involved. The supposedly educated trash can.

Which is why people keep getting attacked in places like Bloomington and nothing happens. The human trash can't stop progress in the sense of regulation to prevent and stop attacks. It's the Middle Class trash that keeps up the death and injury rate.

The Middle Class trash should be cracking down on the breeder trash, even if they don't care about human injury and death, or injury or death to non pits, but because they care that the breeder trash are hurting the pit bulls.

But it does just show you what an awful disease arrogance and control-mania is. They'll hurt their own.

Anonymous said...

Did Shanie Doss have a sale tax id number in Illinois?

That is puyblic information and she was required to get one fore her business.

Incopme from breeding and selling dogs is also considered regular income by most state tax departments and always by the federal government, and all income is to be reported.

Why am I thinking that Shanie Doss was/is a tax cheat?

Hurting people in her city and stealing from them.

More than likely she also needed a business license and there were possibly zoning and health variances required.

If she hasn't been reported, she should be now.

Reporting of things like this can always be done anonymously.

If people would just take the time to report these breeders, a lot of harm could be prevented.

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

It is interesting that IOWA news outlet is the first to report they contacted investigators who said the dog was a pit bull. Only one local Illinois outlet has reported and they have not mentioned what kind of dog did this.

When Tonia Parks was fatally mauled in 2011, AP Illinois never mentioned that the dogs had been confirmed as pit bulls.

When Johnny Wilson was killed by his daughter's pit bull in Chicago in 2010, the head of animal control tried to say the pit bulls were unidentifiable mixes even though the daughter was a BYBer and everyone knew they were pit bulls

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

bentonbergny, i think the arrogance you are talking about is the left wing political correctness. camp idiot who thinks that you can discriminate against a man made dog.

finally saw the crocodile tear video. SHANIE DOSS appears to live in a duplex. WTF are landlords thinking when they rent to criminal trash breeding their pit bulls on their property. maryland had the right idea. sue the owner, sue the idiot landlord.

SHANIE DOSS' criminal highlights. people like this should not be able to own dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


what losers.

Small Survivors said...

bentonbergny - That's what I wanted to show - this interaction and reinforcing each group does for the other.

Putting that black and white pit on the progressive, socially conscious farmers market page is reinforcing - advertising really - for the Shanie Doss & other bybers out there. And you're right, its the middle class that is making this running this engine - the shanie doss' of the world would not be able to have any kind of impact without them.

Anonymous said...

"Only one local Illinois outlet has reported and they have not mentioned what kind of dog did this.
When Tonia Parks was fatally mauled in 2011, AP Illinois never mentioned that the dogs had been confirmed as pit bulls"

AP is confirmed as linked to pit bull lobbyists.

They were publishing propaganda calling it news stories not too long ago

If people contact them and call them on it, that would be an important thing to do.

AP has low credibility rating these days. Special interests move their "news."

In Illinois, I am sure that Van Kavage as well as the breeder lobby is putting pressure on local animal control to be intentionally deceptive and hide the breed.

People should know that their animal control is all too often catering to lobbying interests that are interacting with them behind scnes. The public doesn't even know it is going on, but needs to start investigating their own animal control departments for their own protection.

The public can be their own media. Contact some people in the area and get the real news.

Anonymous said...

Yes dawn, I think we have two sides of the coin going on.

The right wing breeding sector and the left wing arrogance sector.

I think you did a great job here giving a concrete example of how the two are colluding to create death, I can't call it any way other than what it is. Working against public safety and interest.

Crapping on the poor and disenfranchised. Crapping on good people meaning most of the people in these cities.

Absolutely agree on the landlord issue, and these landlords have to get contacted and put on notice that they will be held accountable when something happens.

Some landlords don't know what is going on and should be notified in case they don't.

Some are getting government housing money for this vermin, and styate and federal government should be contacted if there is a suspicion of government benefit abuse. They are supposed to be reporting ALL income if they get any kind of benefits at all, Social security, welfare, food stamps, health care, ssi, disability, everything.

Anonymous said...

snacksized dog, congrats.

You disd what the media is supposed to be doing, but is actually hiding

Media collusion, another issuethat involves the two sectors

Anonymous said...

The blogger media has the right to do their own investigating, if you know what I mean, and also can solicit input from locals

Contacting locals that are quite willing to be honest about the dogs involved because they are at risk while the AP hides in their gated communities and insulates

Illinois Pitbull Attacks said...

I think you are exactly right, benton,

Here is another update on the story from another small outlet in the quad cities. An interview with the owners of the pit bull.

Also about the animal control in Galesburg. They're not even hiding their nuttiness.


Anonymous said...

Some of my comments seem to disappear

One comment, I asked about the issue of tax fraud.

Was the breeder reported to state and Federal authorities

Supposed to have sales tax id number

Income from breeding/seeling animals is regular income and needs to be reported to state and federal tax depts. They have to have sales tax id number too.

Anonymous said...

"BLOOMINGTON — When Scott Ijams first heard his wife, Connie, he looked up to find a pit bull jumping on her.

'She’s a pit bull lover, so I just thought she and the dog were enjoying playing or something,' he said."

I can't help but wonder if she still loves pit bulls.

Small Survivors said...

Bentonbergny - a lot of your comments were caught in spam. I've now published them.

I've looked into the tax issue before. If she's married and not working - which I think is the case, she can bring in $3,800 a year and not need to declare to the fed the income. She sold the last puppy for $100 bucks. And only had 7 or 8 puppies for each given year.

For Illinois state taxes its 1800.

Packhorse said...

New IL state song:

Wo-ah, here she comes!
Watch out, boys, she'll chew you up!
Wo-ah, here she comes!
She's a maneater!

Anonymous said...

snack sized, in the IRS guidelines they state that income from animal sales is considered regular income and there needs to be a filing.

Some veterinarians have been warning their breeder clients to file, and the IRS has actually been touring some of the breeders that have been misfiling or refusing to.

Also if her household gets any government assistance in any form such as social security, disability, food stamps, or anything at all, they are required to report all income to the government and social security departments.

If they are claiming disability and running a business, they are working, and that work itself needs to be reported.

The government welcomes reports of abuse.

The breeding business income also is not usually limited to the actual sales amount for these people (and I question the idea that they are only get 100 per puppy. These people often lie and their sales invite further examination) They also frequently charge for boarding, stud fees, training, and all kinds of other things wrapped around the breeding income.

Anonymous said...

The state tax people even tour the crafts shows and flea markets checking to see if people have their sales tax id numbers.

If she's selling dogs, she needs a sales tax id number.

Small Survivors said...

LOL Pack - Thanks for putting Hall n Oates in my head…

Benton, This is good info to know, and you are absolutely right that many BYBers have big operations.

I absolutely believe it is important to try to get these people and if it can be done by reporting them to the IRS, it is worth a try. I found a byber in my town that had a website and their operation was much more extensive that Doss' and I informed the mayor and city attorney of it. The only thing I got in response is that they'd look into it. The website was gone a couple months later.

I was speaking specifically about this instance and only know that she said on facebook that she had one puppy left for $100. I do know very well that many people get more than that per puppy.

It is good to know that the IRS is interested in these kinds of small operations because the info I'd found made me wonder if that was the case. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"I was speaking specifically about this instance and only know that she said on facebook that she had one puppy left for $100."

That was just markdown sale price to get rid of an aging or flawed pup.

She got much more than that for the others, you can bet.

There also were other related incomes too, more than likely.

The state and federal tax departments take complaints directly and anonymously. It is always good to include copies of advertisements, and any other details showing the business activity. That includes cell phone numbers. Breeders can't hide by just using cell phone contact, and emails as well.

Sales tax id numbers is public information I think that can be checked.

The tax departments are cracking down on a lot of this activity in many cases, but they don't know it's going on unless it gets reported.

The problem with reporting to the local politicians is that some of them may be related to or friends with the breeder and be willing to help provide cover.

Here's an example of an IRS bust of a horse breeder, very similar to dog breeder operations.

Dog breeders, one of many similar busts

Packhorse said...

In case you missed it--the latest edition of Animal People featured an entire section of commentary on pit bull issues in its editorial, "Pi, Dorothy, and the qualities of humane leadership."

"Wicked witches might be blamed for the subsequent explosion of pit bull impoundments and killing of impounded pit bulls, who have usually flunked behavioral screening. Reality is that the humane community itself largely created the pit bull problem by failing to acknowledge it as it developed; failing to recognize the behavioral differences bred into fighting dogs that make them uniquely likely to attack without warning or inhibition; and failing to appreciate that allowing pit bull proliferation to continue would fuel a resurgence of dogfighting. Almost extinct 35 years ago, dogfighting has become again as culturally prominent as when Queen Elizabeth I attended dogfights and bear-baiting events at the Tower of London."


Anonymous said...

I think what Animal People writes is valid.

But I think there's a bigger negative in all of this, and that's the segment of the "humane organizations" such as Best Friends Animal Society, that suddenly stopped being humane organizations at all.

Not that Best Friends ever did much anyway. They spent a lot of money on marketing to make up stories to tell primarily gullible females to give them money, when they they just weren't doing anything to help animals at all.

Michael Mountain was pretty much playing their female audience for fools.

Suddenly though they started to really become a business, what they describe as the business of "pit bull PROMOTION."

Not helping pit bulls, not making things better for pit bulls, not reducing dog fighting, not altering pit bulls.

The opposite. They did the opposite! They helped to create a fad out of pit bulls, encouraging every trash backyard breeder around to start producing mega litters, encouraging the proliferation of dog fighting and helping dog fighters breed and fight these dogs more easily. They helped get pit bulls into the hands of criminals and abusers. They misinformed people and told them pits were like golden retrievers, so people didn't know what special needs pits required, then got set up for attacks, their pit bulls killing people, and thousands of other pets are getting killed by pit bulls every year.

Best Friends Animal Society just became a promotion business engine, and stopped doing anything that could be called welfare.

They all pay themselves huge salaries, they get free houses, and more , from all their promoting (instead of helping.). They are sitting there like puppy mill promoters profiting while the pit bulls themselves suffer.

All they did for pit bulls was make life worse, and profit from pit bulls.

This is what they supposedly love and they are just feeding off the carcasses of these dogs.

Best Friends is now just a business. They don't do anything else.

That's an even more extreme direction this all has taken.

Then think about the Tia Torres type groups (okay, sure, with the white supremacist husband, selling pit bull gear, and doing nothing else but encouraging more breeding, more exploitation)

Or the older humane groups like Animal Rescue League of Boston that got taken over by AKC breeder Amy Marder and lab animal researcher Martha Smith, and does the same thing as Best Friends, exploits these dogs and encourages disaster and more breeding. Animal Rescue League doesn't do anything else but exploit pit bulls these days.

They closed down shelters they used to run in needy communities, but they enable pit bull breeders and dog fighters, and get people killed, and exploit the pit bulls themselves.

Just making money off the fad.

These places aren't even charitable organizations any more.

vintage said...


Y2K France;

20 year old homeless drunk, drug using pit owner somehow trains it to attack on command then sicks it on people who refuse to give him change.,299637&dq=dog+attack+victim+hospitalized&hl=en

*Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

orangedog said...

Check out how France is now protecting their people from pit bulls. We have to put up with daily attacks because of "Freedom!" or some shit.
There are a pair of new pits in my neighborhood. I had hoped they lived on the outskirts since that's where I saw them first, but yesterday I saw them being walked inside the neighborhood. I feel like I can't walk my dog until I find out where they live so I can try to avoid them. :(

orangedog said...

I sent this to Craven last night. Tell me again how this is just like any dog again:

"Around 9 weeks old around 4/10/11 (and all 9 pups still with me because SPBR was not actively discussing the Tenn Niners on FB, already fully embroiled in several new litters) the tide turned. I heard a horrific noise coming from the pen, and found all the pups embroiled in a full on attack on each other. The main pup being attacked was Finn. I had a vinegar & water spray bottle that I used but it did nothing. They were unfazed by that. My husband intervened and got injured trying to get them off of each other, and Finn. He required stitches and a tetanus shot. Finn was bloody from head to toe and I took him to my vet. The fights escalated in severity, to the point where mace, hosing, even powerwashing didn't separate them once "locked on". The fights were vicious and to the death, and my 5 year old daughter cried hysterically every time she witnessed one. Once they started fighting I could not let Sophia anywhere near them. I couldn't take that chance. Toward the end, I had them separated the best I could and some of them were living in my garage. It's heartbreaking to recall."

9 week old pits sent her husband to the hospital. These dogs have now been placed in pet homes across the country.

Miss Margo said...

Orangedog: shocking, isn't it...? I read many of the SPBR "Meet the Dogs" stories and was blown away by the horror stories.

I know that I am probably being too soft-hearted, because some of these nutters seem like well-intentioned people, but I have to ask: why would you inflict that trauma upon your daughter? I feel awful for her, and I wasn't even THERE. If there was something in my house that caused my kid to "cry hysterically EVERY TIME," I'd eliminate it.

orangedog said...

Crazy isn't it? I'm sure the daughter thinks this is what puppies do because her mother is deep in nutter denial.
The stories are so crazy - crate and rotate, fighting, bites, cat killers - they just hand wave it all away because these are "poor babies that just need love". The Josie one is the worst. SPBR shipped this dog with known human aggression out to another family with children. The new fur mommy is going to "try to make it work" because she feels sorry for the dog. So they will knowingly put their child at risk so they can feel good about rescuing a dangerous dog. I don't know what the hell is wrong with these people. So many good dogs get put down while they try to rehab these fighting dogs.

Small Survivors said...

That is exactly right, Margo, she was traumatizing her own daughter. And I don't think it is being unduly soft hearted to see it that way. A child's frame of reference is very small which is why individual incidents and experiences have a much a much greater impact on her world view.

And how insane is it that 9 week old puppies - they still have that puppy big belly and short, wobbly, uncoordinated legs at that point - are mauling each other. Alexandra Semyonova describes in her book how those sharp puppy teeth are so important to learning bite inhibition in normal dogs.

But pit bulls, being abnormal, maul each other as tiny puppies.

And the people who think this is ok. Who look at this and don't think something is seriously wrong - there's something wrong with them.

orangedog said...

Well, pits have killed another child barely two days after the last one. Cries of "It's the owner!" will be bouncing around the comments section soon. That appears to be the approved excuse du jour.
If it's the owner, where are all the abused dogs of other breeds? There should be dogs rising up against their oppressors all over the country and killing their bad owners - or just some unlucky person. I guess the nutters never think of that question as they storm the comments section to regurgitate the same tired lies over and over and over again.
But only pittie goes psycho like clockwork.

orangedog said...

If pit bulls are so normal, why are topics like this so prevalent on al nutters sites?

Fights: prevention and management:

Other ones are "catastrophic fights, bigotry, redirected aggression, Judge Judy doesn't like pibbles - wahhhhh! She needs to be educated!, ATTs bragging - Chihuahuas bite more!, dog aggression, even more dog aggression". And this whole page which lists nothing but pit bull attacks with the occassional bigotry story thrown in:
Well, you can peruse the idiocy for yourself. I only wish they could channel all that energy towards something good like protecting innocent people from fighting dogs.

tropical storms said...

Another PBRF, a 14 month old was killed in home by two apbts. Looking forward to the the new nutter denial, justification, excuse on this one. The fatalities are growing so rapidly they're going to tax the excuse mill.

orangedog said...

"It's the owner" seems to be the one they use most now judging by the comments section. If they used one brain cell to question that ridiculous excuse they might come to an epiphany.

Branwyne Finch said...

The women who "rescue" pit bulls and put their children at risk, are no better than the women who look the other way while their husband or boyfriend is molesting their child. I read the SPBR story of Josie, who posed an imediate and serious threat to children in TWO different families whose mothers were willing to sacrifice their kids to belong to the "group".

These women value the relationship with the abuser or social group (the pit bull rescue angels) over the safety/life of their children. It's a form of child abuse, and it seems to be very prevalent in the pit bull rescue community.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I am profoundly saddened, and angry, to read that another person has lost their life to a pit bull this week.

I have to admit I did a bit of "profiling" this morning when I watched one of the news reports on the killing of the baby in Wisconsin yesterday.

I do not doubt for a moment by looking at the friends of the father (tats, beer in hand as they are interviewed) that the parents believed the "its all how you raise em".
I am sure they thought it impossible that the dogs of the babysitter could never give in to their genetics because it had been loved out of them. They are of the right age group to have been fully indoctrinated with that crap.

What a horrific price to pay for believing the pro pit bull propaganda.

The description of the mutilation injuries of the little boy-Ryan- who died earlier this week- should be in big bold letters at the top of every pit bull site.
It should be repeated at the start of every conversation with a nutter.

Its no "accident" that these fatalities happen- how many more is it going to take before the general population believes it?

"After that, Ryan was in a room and Sarah and I went in there to lie with him. To be with him. Half of his face was gone. And all of his throat. They had a wash cloth over half his face and his throat covered up. This thing did that to him. This thing just took our heart. It just took our soul." - Tina Mead

Packhorse said...

How long before pit mommies start posting Nanny's little "oopsies" on ?

"I degloved a child's arm! Whoopsie! No treats tonight!"

Small Survivors said...

I once read a nutter describe her pibble killing yet another cat by saying "he had another oopsie today"

And others chimed in and shared their experiences and everyone agreed that cleaning up ripped apart and disemboweled cats was messy and gross...

I should have saved that one, but my jaw fell onto the keyboard...

Anonymous said...

The killing of baby Dax in Wisconsin is looking to be what snack sized dog has shown so well in this blog post as the guilt of the supposedly educated middle class in this ongoing death spree.

The babysitter's parents are supposedly educated middle class people. The father owns or runs some kind of health care company. The mother is a freelance writer that has worked for the Chicago Tribune, etc.

But they knew their daughter was performing child care in that apartment. They may even have been supporting her and paying the rent. They also knew she had two pit bulls.

Educated people would stop this before a death occurred.

There's been a whole lot of nothing in Genoa City Wisconsin

Now the question is, will the affluent parents work to prevent criminal charges and work to hush this up sweep it under the rug?

DubV said...

The nutter comments on this latest fatality have me convinced more than ever that a fair chunk of humans will literally believe or parrot anything to have their way and to avoid admitting they are in error.

Have I said yet today how much I hate pit nutters?

Small Survivors said...

Agreed DubV, the comments made me feel I was in a time warp to 2 years ago. There were a lot of local commenters.

A breath of fresh air is this article. Lots of rational comments and the up and down votes are going our way.

tropical storms said...

What caused it this time Dubv? Ladders, rain,lack of rain, pillows ... just curious.

orangedog said...

They all immediately started implying that the owner must have not trained Nanny to not kill children, i.e. the "it's the owner's fault" mantra. It's frustrating that they can't process that "nanny dog" and "trained to NOT kill" contradict each other.

vintage said...


March 2013, Waukesha, WI; Pit Bull owner Trish Williams who had to be rescued and lifeflighted after being mauled by her own pit bull two years ago chimes in with "Don't Blame the Breed".

Ms Williams was rescued by Chris Bartosz who received the Citizens Service Award from the City Council. Ms Williams kept the mother of the dog that mauled her...and now feels she can give canine safety advice!

*Disclaimer..I Have Seen it All Now!

Anonymous said...

glad that trish williams accepts the responsibility for her pitbull and its mauling of her. after all, nobody really needs to keep a dangerous dog and when the dog attacks someone it should come back to the owner . blood on the owner is so much better than blood on an innocent person or pet . however , of course its the breed when its a fighting dog . for people to be getting a pitbull , with its reputation for aggression and attacks , and then trying to deny the breeds nature and tendencies, just makes no sense at all. if you really wanted a sweet lovable dog , then there are so many other breed choices you could make . in my opinion , it just doesnt wash .

tropical storms said...

So true Snarky. With hundreds of breeds who do not eat their owners, children, adults from which to choose it's baffling. The only people with a reasonable excuse for keeping pit dogs area dogfighter and dog fighting investigators. Even the dogmen make more sense to me than rescue angels who's experience with the breed is limited to propaganda and their own up till the moment interactions. If they ever saw the true nature and results they would pass out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


“It’s how you raise your dog,” she said. “You could raise a little Chihuahua to be a mean little devil.”

and this

"I think he blacked out.”

are illogical.

her statements are untenable. these two explanations of dog aggression make no sense to me other than when OTHER pit nutters' mutants launch an attack, blame the owner. when MY mutant launches an attack, blame the weather, the seizure, the perfume, the loud stereo...

i wish her mutant was alive to finish her off. i can't believe her neighbor risked his life to help her.

any guesses on TRISHA WILLIAMS' IQ?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

The father of the baby who was killed on Wednesday has spoken out.

It seems like he already had concern about pit bulls prior to this incident.

I hope he is able to channel his grief to promote positive change and get pit bulls firmly on the road to extinction. Mandatory Spay and Neuter of all of them would be the place to start. Indeed you would have "one generation and out".

Here is the father of Dax had to say-

"In his Facebook post, the father wrote: "I will do everything in my power to make sure this breed is bred out of existence…these pit bulls were not abused, mistreated or harmed in any way. They are naturally wired to bite down on flesh and not let go."

He goes on to say, "I always thought my little chiuawawa [sic] would be murdered by a pit bull. I never thought it would be our baby boy."


Packhorse said...

I just saw a new one in my neighborhood today, being walked by a 20something man. We had a break from grippers for awhile after the constantly drunk and brawling family got rid of theirs. Sigh...I am tired about worrying about my dog's safety when he goes outside in my own yard!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my constantly drunk and brawling neighbors still have their mutant. so does the hard working hispanic family, the black preacher, the white yuppies, the redneck, the bat shit crazy woman, the other yuppies, the working dude, the single tattooed mom...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

from a nutter site:

Prosecutor Mary Knox said today that the dogs killed two other family pets in the same time period -- a parrot and an Akita, a large-breed dog who had poked its head into a room containing the dogs. The mauling suffered by the Akita was so severe that its head was bitten off, Knox said.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i thought they killed a chihuahua too.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Today in my neighborhood there were people walking a pit bull on the bridle trail.

They were not from the neighborhood where the bridle trail runs through but from down in town.

The mutant was sporting a short ear crop and was straining as its leash as they proceeded down the trail.

I will have to tell my riders to be on alert in case this becomes a constant visitor to the area.

tropical storms said...

In approximately 1980 I saw a video taped fight between a 38 pound bulldog and a 120 pound Rosa. The bulldog killed the Rosa in just under an hour. That was the beginning of massive importations of bulldogs to Japan. I'm not surprised they killed the Akita.

tropical storms said...

Browser thinks it knows better but that is Tosa, not Rosa, lol.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

tosas are more like sumo wrestlers. i am surprised the bulldog didn't kill it in 10 minutes.

tropical storms said...

Dawn as I remember the Tosa had sufficient reach to keep pulling the bulldog off for about 40 minutes before the damage took its toll and the bulldog could stay in hold and work.

april 29 said...


I have very short stretch of road to ride before I reach the trailhead. Some weeks back I was riding that tiny stretch of road and could see a woman and two off-lead pits pop out onto the road. They had been walking on the bridle trail. Immediate flashback. The ride was just not worth it and I sadly turned around and came back home to ride in the paddock. The world should not have to be on the alert for these creatures. Since the attack our Park Rangers have been VERY responsive to reports of pit bulls off-lead and/or on the bridle path.

Anonymous said...

Hearing about mutants killing normal dogs makes me ill. Sometimes you just have to look at Justice mule - or justice kangal - to put things back in perspective.

Justice Kangal

orangedog said...

Wow, is that a dog fighter site? The comments are "special".
At least they aren't lying about what these dogs do.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, now I have another breed of dog to hate. There might be fine guardian Kangals out there, but that one was just another pit fighter, all the way.

The mule was justice, that was just another example of human created suffering.

People. Sometimes ya gotta hate 'em.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

April 29-

I have to add that I ride in wilderness areas all the time and have for many decades. I am not afraid to encounter bears or mountain lions because I know they want to avoid me as much as I want to avoid them and chances are that they have indeed seen me more then I have seen them over all these years.

The thought of encountering a pit bull on the bridle trail with my horse is not something I want to do. It is not worth it to me to put my horse and myself at that kind of risk. Even when on a leash we all know that in most cases they "somehow" get loose....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

interesting disgusting blog. i never like to see humans orchestrating dog fights. these are almost as bad as the "oops, i didn't teach him to do that" fights that break out "accidentally" on the streets.
many flock guardians are fought against each other and pit bulls. many flock guardians can kill at least some pit bulls but this is not proof that any kangal kill any pit. flock guardians are dangerous, they were bred to fight off wolves afterall.

Anonymous said...


If you're going to hate any dogs that can successfully defend themselves against a pit bull, there are a few other breeds you'll have to add as well.

Livestock guardian dogs have been bred for and have reliably served, for hundreds of years, in the defense of herd animals against predators such as wolves, coyotes, and bears.

In recent times, they have had to defend flocks against loose pit bulls. I only wish the owner of he alpacas had employed a couple of livestock guardian dogs.

Anonymous said...


Those videos are from a Turkish site. In their dog fighting practices, they use other dogs besides pit bulls. Make no mistake about it, they are not nice people.

But it's instructive to watch and see the big differences between the pit bulls and the LSGs in these videos. The pit bulls are game and want the fight, but you can see the LSGs are in most cases just not that interested in the fight, and are responding to the charging pit bull. In some of the videos the LSG keeps letting the pit bull go, and the pit bull instead keeps attacking until it is so badly injured it can't continue.

Anonymous said...

To the one who hates kangals, here's some more fuel for your hate:

Livestock Guardian Dogs

DubV said...

" flock guardians are dangerous, they were bred to fight off wolves afterall."

And wolves are smart enough to avoid a fight with 1 or more dogs nearly as large as itself, while pit bulls have had self-preservation bred out of them.

This is why I'd classify them as the dumbest of all dogs, in that sense. I've known a few really dumb dogs that couldn't get out from behind the sofa by retracing their steps, but they at least knew to run from danger.

DubV said...

I'm betting the one thing LSGs don't do regularly is kill members of their own flock (e.g. toddlers in the home). I'd expect them to guard them instead.

Nutters, there really is no reason to own a fighting breed.

tropical storms said...

Flock guardian breeds are another example of purpose bred dogs. Their preferred means of dealing with a threat is by display but if that fails they fight until the adversary leaves. Those raised in home view everyone including other pets as the flock but they still need an actual job to do. In the right circumstances they are excellent working dogs who don't eat their family members.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

DubV and Tropical Storms,

Well said. That's the difference between true livestock guardian breeds and pit bulls.

Livestock guardian breeds can be dangerous, they do tend to display, but like normal dogs, they are also aware of self-preservation.

Pit bull owners love the fact that their pits were bred to fight to the death. Sometimes that behavior is directed towards the owner.

orangedog said...

I am seeing pits everywhere now. When I drive past the "poor" part of town, it's almost guaranteed that if I see a dog, it's a pit. Hyperbole: Eventually pits will kill off all the normal dogs and all we will have left are pits.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"And wolves are smart enough to avoid a fight with 1 or more dogs nearly as large as itself,"

not always. there is a very grainy b/w video of caucasian ovtarcka killing a wolf on youtube. sometimes when wolves are desperate, they will take on a flock guardian. you can only get so hungry before you steal that loaf of bread. plus wolves are also subject to the same diseases as dogs. so a wolf with rabies or distemper will act out of their natural character.

the people living off the grid out in the middle of nowhere who genuinely need flock guardians, do test their dogs but pitting them against another is not for fun and entertainment. it's not to the death. they have a legitimate need to game test. but the shit on this blog, that's just pure blood sport. fucking mutant dogs shouldn't even be in turkey.

Anonymous said...

What I saw in the video was a dog fully engaged in killing another dog in a style ala pit bull. Lock down, don't let go, and shake with your tail a-waggin'. Oh yeah, and not letting go until someone steps in with a break stick.

I also saw a bunch of folk, probably winning money on that fight, and a video probably used to promote Kangals as "pit killers".

Pretty darned sure that Kangal will be used on every fighting bitch in the village. Looked like that fight was the best entertainment they had around.

That's what I saw. You may have seen justice, I saw another generation of fighters being bred, another fighting dog strain being developed.

Maybe I'm just a misanthrope and a pessimist, but that's what I saw.

And please don't lecture me about LGDs, I ISDS trial my borders and I've known some very fine LGDs, thank you. All of which would only very reluctantly kill their own species.

Anonymous said...

"Eventually pits will kill off all the normal dogs and all we will have left are pits."

Kill off, or out breed, or some combination of both and all we're going to have left are dogs we have to "crate and rotate".

Now I'm really in a foul mood. :(

Jake said...

@70dd0968-b7d2-11e1-92d9-000bcdcb5194: "What I saw in the video was a dog fully engaged in killing another dog in a style ala pit bull. Lock down, don't let go, and shake with your tail a-waggin'. Oh yeah, and not letting go until someone steps in with a break stick."

What I saw was a pit bull attacking a kangal who was standing there watching him. The kangal then quickly went into "eliminate this lethal threat" mode, which was his only realistic option.

orangedog said...

I see red every time a nutter shrieks about how all dogs are dangerous. NO THEY AREN'T! They are trying to change are relationship with dogs into something violent, ugly, and to be feared so that we will see Pit behavior as "normal".

orangedog said...

*should be our not are

Anonymous said...

"I see red every time a nutter shrieks about how all dogs are dangerous"

That is not what I wrote. If that's what you read in what I wrote, I'm sorry. I actually came here yesterday to write about my trail riding experiences with running into pit bulls but was so pissed at those fucking dog fighters in the video that I had to say something. If you want to label me as a pitter because of my reaction, go for it, but fuckall, I don't know why you would.

I can list a dozen dog breeds heavily influenced by fighters and throw rotties in too, because I don't know it they're related and NONE of which you could say was a 'safe' dog. I for one would be seriously unhappy if the neighbors decided to start breeding cane corsos next door.

NOT saying "all dogs are dangerous" is not equal to saying "all dogs are safe".

BSL? Yes. Too many pit bull doing too much damage. Will that make all dogs safe? No, but it would take one lethal bloodline out of the mix.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

They are trying to change are relationship with dogs into something violent, ugly, and to be feared so that we will see Pit behavior as "normal".

maybe they just want to share their deranged joy with the rest of the world.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


if you are saying that flock guardians participate in these trials, which breeds have you seen? how do they test their ability to protect against predators?

orangedog said...

I wasn't talking to you anonymous person. I was talking about pit idiots in story comment sections.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no, LGDs don't participate in ISDS trials, but are often the guardians of the flocks used for such trials and on farms used for sheepdog training, so I've come across quite a few.

Of course, all of those have been owned by folks who also owned herding border collies, so they wouldn't have survived 5 minutes on the farm if they were overly dog aggressive*, so it's very possible that my perception of LGDs is skewed.

*That being said, I don't know anyone who'd try to herd sheep with a LGD on the field, except, perhaps, the LGD's owner.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, orangedog. Sometimes I forget it's not all about me.


Joanna in Las Vegas said...

Here's what the 4th Class Felony is and the max penalty

730 ILCS 5/5-8-1(a)(7) provides that the term of incarceration for a Class 4 felony is ordinarily between one and three years. 730 ILCS 5/5-9-1(a)(1) ordinarily provides for fines of up to $25,000 for felonies, except that corporations may normally be fined up to $50,000. Ashley and Humble (December 2005) indicate, "Only a small proportion of those convicted of a Class 4 felony are sentenced to prison" (pp. 1-2). This is presumably due to offenders receiving suspended prison sentences and avoiding actual prison sentences through completion of terms of probation.

Illinois General Assembly. (2008) Unified Code of Corrections. [Online] Available
Ashley, J. and Christopher Humble. (December 2005). Illinois Criminal Justice Authority Research Bulleti

Small Survivors said...

Yes, this will probably end up being a slap on the wrist. Shame on them if that is the case.