Tuesday, April 30, 2013

life with pit bulls






DubV said...

One solution would be to wait until the pit bull is away and your dog is inside, then put an easily fixed weakness in your fortress. Allow the pit to enter your property and then shoot it.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Isn't there a law regarding enjoyment of your property in relative peace? I know my city has such laws. Never had to use it myself but I was close.

My ex pit bull owning neighbor's pits would do the same thing. After 2 conversations, he no longer left his pits out unattended and kept better control. The problem with him was that his pits were smarter than him and they got out constantly and he had to pay some fines. ;)

From the looks of that video, the GSD owner may have to shoot or stab the pit if it gets into his yard. I'd say a 7" blade would be safer while it tries to kill his GSD. I keep a gun and knife handy since the pit bull dog experience with my neighbor.

Just be prepared. One thing I know about dogs is that they have all day to figure out a way to get out. It's one reason why I keep mine indoors.

orangedog said...

I'd be pouring concrete down below that fence and stringing hot wire too. There's nothing keeping that mutant from digging under.
I wonder how many morons will tell her that pibble is just trying to play because he's wagging his tail?

orangedog said...

I see by the comments that she has bricks buried. I also see this nutter lie:
"Get your facts straight! Pits weren't bred to fight." (O rly?)
"They were actually livestock guarding and farm dogs. They got the pit name because people used to pit them with rats."(And of course...)
"Educate yourself!"

These people are fucking stupid. Educate yourself pit nutter. You sound like a complete fool. The dogmen are laughing their asses off at you do-gooder rescue angels and Nanny dog pushers..

This is the first time I have seen a "Pit Ratter" post. They don't even know the history behind their so-called beloved breed, yet they shriek "educate yourself" at every opportunity, and lie, lie, lie.
This is why a full out ban is needed. Nutters will never stop creating false histories and pushing these monsters out into our neighborhoods. The fact that they spew such hatred at a woman trying to protect her own yard is so typical nutter.
The woman in the video calls the mutants "gutter mutts" - it's so true. That makes pit owners "gutter nutters". :)

tropical storms said...

Actually there was a period of time in which bulldogs were used in rat killing and cat killing contests. This was in addition to pit dogfighting not instead of dog/dog matches. It cracks me up when these people screech "educate yourselves" when they so pointedly avoid learning their breed's history.

Miss Margo said...

I KNOW! EVERY HOMEOWNER needs to dig a 10-foot deep MOAT around their house, and when they drive up, gain access by lowering a drawbridge and driving across. Then raise the drawbridge back up, and voila! We could make the drawbridges electrical now, where we could open and close them via a remote garage-door clicker. Not like olden times.

Crocodiles and alligators in the moat water would be perfect, too, if these reptiles could survive your local climate. Check with your local Park Service authorities regarding laws, too.

Seriously, though...

Doesn't someone here recommend chicken wire to prevent dogs from digging under fences? Sounds like a more affordable option, if it works.

I can't recommend it to her BC I have no youtube account.

Nutters are such assholes. There was nothing remotely antagonistic or controversial about that vid (other than the pit bull).

orangedog said...

I'm guessing this nutter only took the "terrier" part of the breed name and ran with it. I'm sure there have been all manner of animals (including humans) to end up in the pit with a pit bull.
Nutters can never be "responsible pit bull owners" (oxymoron) because they won't even confront their breed's bloody history.
At least dogmen keep their fighting dogs away from the public and don't spread Nanny dog myths and other BS.

orangedog said...

Chicken wire will deter normal dogs, but a determined pit can eat right through it - like that yard "accident" at Best Friends only that was actual chain link.
I second the moat idea. I would fill it with electric eels. ;)

It sucks that people with pit bull neighbors have to build a fortress to keep Nanny from mauling them. And the nutters scream obscenities at anyone trying to keep their mutants from mauling. It's very telling. I know YouTube is a cesspool, but the comments she got are straight from the pit nutter manual.

orangedog said...

I noticed something else about the pit bull in that video. It's not often we get to see an extreme close up of a pit in attack mode. Look how dilated the eyes are.


Miss Margo said...

For the moat: sharks with lasers attached to their foreheads.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am horrified when i see a dog next to a fence with a mutant on the other side. i lived through it. it happens faster than you can imagine.

nothing personal, but it enrages me that the advice coming to this person always begins with "you should..." she should just be living her life without anticipating whether every fucking mutant within a 2 mile radius will SOMEHOW get out and pay her a visit. i am fed up with carrying the burden of OTHER people's dogs. i'm not a fan of the "it takes a village mentality".

rat baiting

this sport didn't really take hold in the US. who in their right mind wants to handle animal that is ground zero for the deaths of hundreds of millions?

just google "rat baiting new york kit burns"



Small Survivors said...

"After 2 conversations, he no longer left his pits out unattended and kept better control."

R, You have better nutter neighbors than me. After i talked to my neighbors they decided to just leave their back door open all summer so the pits go in and out at will. That fortress fence looks new, bet it coincided with a pit moving in. I had to have a similar fence built.

Just this morning from my upstairs window, I watched the two mutants bark and charge viciously at the chain link fence when the neighbor on the other side just wanted to use his driveway.

The issue raised with the chicken wire before was that a pit bull ate some and died. I shared that I might put more chicken wire down by the fence and cross my fingers. I already had chicken wire down in parts of my garden to keep MY dogs from digging. It isn't fatal to normal dogs who won't eat it. :) The cool thing is that it is a legitimately suggested method to keep dogs from digging found on tons of online gardening sources...

Sharks with lasers , Yeah Baby!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"One thing I know about dogs is that they have all day to figure out a way to get out. It's one reason why I keep mine indoors."

one thing i know about pits, they will figure out a way to flex their DNA. and they learn quickly. nutters always say "never let your pit get into that first fight." it is very rewarding to them and they quickly figure out how to do it better the next time.

i was reading about a famous man biting pit dog last night and how he figure out during THE MATCH a new fighting technique that led to his win.

Small Survivors said...

I'm sure this mutant learned how to become more lethal by mauling this king charles


orangedog said...

The nutter comments in that story are vicious and ugly - just like their stupid mutants.

Small Survivors said...

They do match their dogs OD

Unknown said...

You people are ridiculous, people like you are part of the problem no solutions just complaining spreading propaganda just makes responsible people not want to adopt pits and puts them in te hands of people who can't properly contain them or purposefully bring out there aggressiveness. Aggression could be breed out of pits down the road if they were properly trained and breed, all out bans only perpetuate the problem and as for genocide Cmon you wouldnt say that about a race that commits the majority of violent crime would you, get it together

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i would not say that about a race. why? because races of people are natural, ie races of PEOPLE are NOT man made. all dog breeds are artificially created by selecting for certain traits. in case you haven't noticed, we don't do that with humans. no one took the most violent dangerous man and bred him to the most violent dangerous woman, repeated that with their offspring for 200 years to come up with a new bloodline of violent dangerous psychopaths.

april 29 said...
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april 29 said...


Pit bulls make people not want to adopt pit bulls. The violence and death that surround these dogs is their unfortunate heritage.

The criteria for inclusion into the breed gene pool was the desire and ability to attack unprovoked and to continue that behavior until death occurs. Pit bulls were bred for an activity so violent that it is a felony in all 50 states.

The only people responsible for the suffering of the breed are pit bull advocates. Stop breeding dogs born to suffer. THAT is the solution and it is in your hands.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Well said Dawn and April29!

Lets all let our dogs run loose, don't spay or neuter, remove the terms breeding and pure breed dog from the English dictionary, let one dog screw any dog that tickles its fancy, and just let "dogs be dogs". Anything less than that would be "racism". LOL!!!!

Small Survivors said...

I love it when racists try to use this argument. They actually think that one race of people is inherently more prone to violence and crime than another and that we have to just endure that. And since we have to just endure an inherently violent race of people, we must also endure an inherently violent breed of dog.

orangedog said...

Oh yeah, we turn the "responsible" folks away from adopting a pit. I swear my eyes are about to roll out of my head. Who spreads propaganda better than pit nutters?! Who tells people they are normal dogs who don't need any special handling? Oh right - that would be pit nutters. Who lets their pibbles run loose at dog parks and when their mutants do what they were bred for and shred another dog, dine and dash away? That would be pit nutters. Who perpetuates the Nanny Dog myth that puts fighting dogs in homes with children? Pit nutters again!
A ban would stop the breeding of a million unwanted pit bulls a year. Dog fighters and backyard breeders breed most of those pit bulls. They have no interest in changing the temperament and why would they? With the help of pit advocates, they can now hide in plain site.
Your racism comment is just ridiculous. Is it racist to say that Pointers point, that Border Collies herd, or is it just a cross that pibble has to carry? Any way, the point is moot BECAUSE THEY'RE DOGS NOT PEOPLE.

orangedog said...

I like the lady in that video. We should invite her here. :)

Dayna said...

I'm not sure I could bear to wait until that dog dug or ate it's way into my yard. It will eventually get into the other yard. I hope that lady is a gun owner and doesn't have small children.

Miss Margo said...

I read the video poster's (1Lyf3) comments. She is a reformed pit bull owner who sounds like she knows EXACTLY what, and who, she is dealing with. Once bitten, twice shy.

I, too, am very impressed by her. She has twice the smarts and three times the wit of those trolls who are harassing her.

orangedog said...

That fence in the new video looks like it's about to fall down. It's no match for a Shitbull. Tails a waggin' though!