Saturday, May 11, 2013

comment from bradenton, florida

I live In bradenton,Florida and I adopted a Pitt Bull at Bradenton animal control which they claimed was a pointer (as are most of the dogs there....mislabeled). Got the dog home and for two weeks tried everything to make dog feel happy at home with my pack of 4. The dog constantly tried to bite me in the face. When I realized this dog was most likely trained to hurt people (which she did ) I tried to take her back to the shelter.....who told me to go to the other shelter......who told me to go back to the original shelter.....noone wanted to take the dog! I had her euthanized and buried her in my yard. Now this shelter has only Pit Bulls, people are getting bit left and right. It's a damned shame noone is accountable! The good dogs who are not Pitts are being euthanised ahead of the pit bulls. 

i had to see this for myself. surely the animal lovers at the shelter want to place dogs only once and would never endanger the public. surely this comment is from just another ignorant hater in need of a big heart and an education.

MIDNIGHT - ID#A055463 - black lab mix

MO JOE - ID#A057678 - red chow mix

OLIVIA - ID#A057193 - brown brindle and white boxer mix

REMMY - ID#A057744 - brown merle catahoula leopard

This DOG - ID#A057738 - pink and brown hound mix

CORONA - ID#A057784 - black mouth cur

BEAU - ID#A056006 - black lab mix

BECKY - ID#A056012 - black lab mix

DIAMOND - ID#A057504 - brown and gray lab mix

DOT - ID#A057470 - white hound mix

MISS PIGGY - ID#A057593 - brown pug mix

BAMBI - ID#A057527 - brown redbone coonhound mix

MAYVIN - ID#A057595 - brown hound

ZORA - ID#A057648 - black and white lab mix

PETER - ID#A055769 - tan lab and GSD mix

4 dogs not labeled as grippers had no pics. 
29 correctly labeled grippers and their mixes - three of them are in quarantine.
i counted 10 normal dogs. and there were no "adopt me vests" on any other dog, not even the shih tzu.

i guess i was wrong again. my apologies levin.

and in neighboring pinellas county...

the no kill freaks have a sale on GSDs this month. only $25 for a spay/neutered, chipped and wormed GSD mix. get yours today!


scorched earth said...

Simply outrageous. These people have no shame.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I guess they go by the motto, "if it ain't a pit, it ain't shit" and give the needle to anything non-pit.

Dayna said...

Gotta love the 'pink and brown mange mix' .

orangedog said...

LOL Dayna! I thought maybe it was a Naked Mole Rat Mix.

I guess this proves once again the only people who can't identify a Pit are Pit Nutters.
Actually it's too bad that they know all too well that these are Pits and are lying out their asses. It is the same where I live. Every spotted Pit is labeled a Pointer mix (seriously, how many Pointers have you EVER seen??) Every black Pit is a Lab mix. Every brown one is a Boxer mix. Etc, etc...

The "Pug mix" is hilarious though.

Packhorse said...

Watch the video -- a huge pack o pits and one very sad and scared looking yellow lab mix. But no BSL!!1!! There are never enough pitties in the world!!11!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

very sad. no one wants these dogs and who can blame them?

Anonymous said...

whereas we see BUTT UGLY MUTANT.... these pitt idiots see HANDSOME , GORGEOUS , CUTE even . i know what these people tend to look like themselves and it no wonder they like the look of these putrid canine wretches .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anonymous reader comments:

"had her euthanized and buried her in my yard"

i challenge anyone to suggest this dog owner didn't care about their pet. anyone committed to digging a hole deep and wide enough to bury a large dog so it is at rest on their own property is someone who tried to do right by their dog.

shame on the shelters who refused to take the dog back when the owner identified aggression issues.
shame on the shelters who didn't choose to euthanize a dangerous dog themselves once they learned of the dog's temperament in a home setting.

if this is what the no-kill movement is selling, i'll pass.

i salute the dog's owner, who made the decision that had to be made, in spite of all the obstacles the "animal welfare organizations" in their community unloaded on them.

i'm really hating animal advocacy these days.

Anne King said...

I stalk one of the local SPCA's and send them notes to fix up the descriptors of dogs,of course, I'm disregarded...they have no problem explaining the nipping behaviour of a border collie - it might nip kids on the ankles, it's bred into them to her, and that's how they do it the descriptor says...but heaven forbid an honest descriptor about a pit be written....something like "this type of dog is responsible for 12 of the 13 dog caused human fatalities this year, wanna take a chance, maybe you'll be next, maybe not???

orangedog said...

It's why I see more and more people turned off by adoption.
The shelters are flooded with mutants and they resort to lying to get rid of the blasted things. They need to be held accountable even though I almost feel sorry for them. They have the impossible task of trying to stay afloat with nothing but un-adoptable un-adore-a-bull Pits. So they lie and adopt out a "Pug Mix" to an unsuspecting dupe. Having had a bad experience, the person is less likely to try the shelter again.
So then people try to adopt from a rescue only to find out that many are run by hoarders who expect someone to be home all day with Poopsy McWigglebutt instead of you know, working, so they can feed their pet. And, of course, Pit rescues will lie too - Smilin' Eric.
I will cheer the day that a Pit rescue gets sued into oblivion for placing a fighting nanny dog into a home where it mauls someone.
Pit rescue has been a cash cow for far too long and it's obvious that they will stoop to anything to place aggressive dogs.

vintage said...


Collective US Pit-damage 130 days into 2013...

20 victim every 6.92 days.

12 DBRFS; one American killed by a pit bull every 10.83 Days.

34 Darwin attacks: Every 3.82 days a pit owner requests a 911 response when attacked by their own pit bull; (6 stab Offs, 2 taser, 1 tranquilizer dart, 9 shot by police/rescuers).

Scalpings: 5; One every 26 days

Conclusion: Pit Bulls Are not safe. Sleep with one eye open nutters!

*Disclaimer: This has been a public service announcement and you can't make this up!

Anonymous said...

" im really hating animal advocacy these days "

as haters i think its one of our duties to let these ass-holes know just how we feel about them and what they do . lets get a message of hate out to those freaks and idiots that think its ok to endanger us and our pets .

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that this is what we're all facing as the future. No more "good mutts" to chose from, the ones I grew up with and made good, uncomplicated family and farm dogs. Ten years from now there won't be any shelters with dogs other than the Pits and their derivities. You might be able to 'rescue' a pure bred from a breed specific shelter, but what mutts there are will all be high percentage pits and all kids will grow up knowing that dogs can maim and kill and likely know someone whose met that fate.

You know, if I believed that the average game dog 'fancier' had an IQ above pool water, I'd say they planned this as revenge.


DubV said...

Pool water temp. when measured using centigrade scale, don't give them undue credit.

DubV said...

Cazz sounds an important alarm bell. The only segment of the population so consistently not getting it are those breeding unregistered pits. Not only are they ego enhancements for various reasons, but many want a dog they can claim is purebred without having to spend over a few hundred bucks (little more than typical adoption fees). They think it is posh. Over time, pits will genetically crowd out the other breeds when it comes to mixes.

The problem with no-kill-nutters is that tomorrow never comes. The only way to seriously decrease the population of dogs (and euthanasia rates) and the incident of dog abuse is to make it more difficult to own a dog. However, that poses a serious problem for the dogs they currently need to unload. So, they fight to make it easier to own dogs, which only guarantees that they will have a fresh batch of unwanted animals coming in as the old is leaving. They are utopian in their view of society and human nature. They think that if they can only educate people that everything will work out, and they can have their cake and eat it too. They are utter fools, and I can't believe so many are behind their ideas.

In what other realm of thought would someone witness discarded items laying strewn across the environment and think the solution is to make it easier for everyone to own such items?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

cazz, i think you will enojoy this article written by branwyne last year.

tropical storms said...

The sad reality is that shelters must kill as failure to do so simply causes more animal suffering. Shelters do not exist to make staff feel better about themselves, that is not their job. Shelters are to provide a safe haven for domestic animals that are lost or homeless. Those who are most Adoptable are to be sterilized at the time of adoption, those who are not are to be given a humane and painless death. The charters for shelters mission statements for shelters should be reviewed. Those organizations failing in any of these responsibilities should be prohibited from accessing tax revenues as funding. They need to return to the old method of focusing on those animals most likely to have long term adoption success.

Meals on Wheels said...

I think the shelter is just trying to save print, if it says "mix" it's short hand for "pit bull", so they i.d.ed the nonpit part, since pit is a given. By the time my doggies pass away from old age, God willing as I traverse the streets of the hood with a hidden knife, I'm going to resign myself by being a crazy cat lady since my favorite breed, the lovely mongrel, will be extinct. I hope the pit bulls don't figure out how do do any cross species matings, I don't fancy an orange cat that's half pit bull.

Oh, the pink polka dot mix thing isn't a dog, that's a chupacabra!

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Instead of pushing the increased adoption of dogs, cats, whatever, I think shelters should be engaged in vigorous efforts to discourage pet ownership. Why? Because too many people are taking on pets without understanding the responsibility!

Suggested slogan: Pet Ownership: It's NOT for Everybody.

Branwyne Finch said...

Great discussion...I was thinking we could have a first ever "Craven Desires Contest". Ask readers to send in their most outrageous shelter ad for a "pit bull listed as another breed". One of my all-time favorites was an add for an "English Cocker Spaniel", that showed a big, short haired, blocky headed, back and white pit bull. I wonder how many different breeds we could find pits listed as?

What I see here in my area is more and more people turning away from shelters/rescues and, unfortunately, turning to bybers or internet puppy mills for a family pet. So many people are having bad experiences with rescued dogs, they are not considering rescue. I think that some good dogs, with normal owners, who need to rehome because of some major life change, are simply using social networking and doing it privately. In the past 20 years, I have never heard of, say, a healthy Golden Retriever with no behavior problems ending up in a shelter in New England. People with dogs like that, who have maybe fallen on hard times, simply reach out to family, friends and co-workers, and end up finding a home for the dog. In the past 20 years, I have never known anyone to have an accidental litter of puppies in my town, with one exception.....a pit bull owner!

I think dog rescue organizations are shooting themselves in the foot by adopting out dogs with horrible, sometimes dangerous, temperaments. If a shelter focused their efforts on adopting out only those dogs with friendly, social temperaments, word of mouth would spread and lots of families would decide that that shelter was the BEST place to look for a pet.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

good points branwyne. i won't even consider a shelter that adopts pits just on principle.

here's an amstaff/english cocker mix.

i'd like to see someone dedicate an entire blog to these cloaked pit bulls. it might shame the nutters into correctly labeling their dogs.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Wow! They really go into detail about how suitable CoCo is for a normal family multi-dog home. I'm thinking they're overcompensating for something sinister about CoCo the "Amstaff/Spaniel mix". To me, it looks a hell of a lot like a game bred pit. The game bred ones I've seen were a little bigger though and they were pretty much dog aggressive fighters by 6 months to 1 year.

"CoCo Puffs Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA" - Who paid for that?

"I am still pretty young" - Not mentally mature yet.

"I have been working very hard on sit, and keeping all 4 of my paws on the ground" - Uh oh! Sit should be an easy one. High drive game bred pit?

"wonderfully sweet little guy"

"manners is one of them, so I would need someone patient and kind who will show me what they want from me." - So when CoCo berserks the "rescue" will say, "You didn't train him properly"

"I have lived with 5 other dogs and 3 kids a 2year old a 5 year old and I think the oldest is 9." - When CoCo berzerks this will be repeated many times.

"The other dogs I live with are all quite a bit bigger than me, but we all get along fine." - Another setup from the rescue.

"pretty much non reactive to other dogs, likes to play" - For now.

"the perfect size for a family with kids" - But not a suitable breed.

"No aggression issues I can find" - For now or not stated.

This sounds like a huge setup. I feel sorry for the sucker family that adopts CoCo.

- Game bred pit
- Lots of word play with non-aggressive behavior.
- DNA tested. Why?

An inexperienced family might just get suckered into adopting this game bred pit bull dog.

orangedog said...

Any dog should be able to learn sit after a few tries. Coco is dumb as a box of rocks. Everyone nows that DNA tests for dogs are highly inaccurate, but that dog didn't need one. Even the dumbest Nutter knows that's a Pit.
When Coco goes cuckoo, the rescue should to be held accountable for misrepresentation.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I couldn't say for sure that CoCo is dumb. He could be sort of smart. I've never really noticed if a pit bull was smart or not. To me they all seemed really dull. Like zombies. I've been around "rehabbed" pits.

The "purpose bred dogs" video above this one, the pit bull puppies are sorta smart about fighting. Other breeds of dogs may not be so smart about how to kill another dog or maybe not so determined. Pit bulls excel in this sort of intelligence and THEY DON'T STOP.

So someone's dog may be really smart and attentive with commands, tricks, and all...until a game bred pit comes along and tears your smart doggie to shreds. Now who's the smart doggie?

Now CoCo is a hyper little gripper. He'll happily play with other dogs until he doesn't and when he doesn't there will be BLOOD EVERYWHERE. I could be wrong, but I'm probably not.

orangedog said...

That's just it though - they are only smart when it comes to one thing: killing. People can't even teach them to "sit", but were all supposed to swallow the idea that people train them to kill children and grandmothers.
I'm sure Coco will get euthed along with thousands of other Pits or we will hear about him in the news one day. Happy Gripping Day.

I was just reading Four Legged Friends and Enemies so I'm pissed off now.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yeah, I've been to that site. It seems like more than a full time job to track all the pit bull attacks.

I'm not surprised animal control agencies don't keep a list of dog attacks by breed with pictures and other data. You'd think with the technology today they could easily do this but that would incriminate pit bulls and pit nutter animal control babies would have a sad.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"but were all supposed to swallow the idea that people train them to kill children and grandmothers."

that's easier to swallow than the service dog training.

actually pit bulls are quick learners when it is something they want to learn, like stalking & mauling. pit bull owners (those that actually believe their DNA is rooted in combat) often say, "Never let a pit bill get into that first fight. They learn quickly and will do a better job of it the next time."

btw, coco's listing is over a year old. just sayin'.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

have you looked at the other dogs available at coco puff's nutter rescue?

staffy bull/dalmation



amstaff/dachshund (that's a lethal mix!)

ambull/norwich terrier

wire haired pointing griffon/boxer

amstaff/scottish deerhound

springer spaniel/bull terrier

boxer/jack russell

amstaff/great pyrenees

this is a PIT BULL rescue. WTF are they trying to pull?

Rumpelstiltskin said...


OMFG! For a pit rescue, they sure don't know what a pit bull looks like. None of those descriptions are accurate.

Here's my take on it.

staffy bull/dalmation - PITBULL (reminds me of BOOM! but I think his jaw is not as wide)
GSD/weimaraner - PITBULL
amstaff/briard - PITBULL
amstaff/dachshund - PITBULL
ambull/norwich terrier - PITBULL
wire haired pointing griffon/boxer - PITBULL w/Cane Corso or just a PIT
amstaff/scottish deerhound - FAT PITBULL
springer spaniel/bull terrier - PITBULL
boxer/jack russell - PITBULL
amstaff/great pyrenees - PITBULL

Here's a quote from their site:

"Alternatives to the Media Bias
Dog Breed DNA Videos show the stunning level of misidentification of "Pit Bulls", Click Here
Click here for some happy alternative, real life, pictures and videos of "Pit Bulls" in loving homes
Most dogs identified by the media as American Pit Bull Terriers are misidentified."

I'm thinking they are misidentifying pit bulls. LOL!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have a couple of theories. i think they write down breed names on little pieces of paper, fold them up, toss them in a hat and then randomly draw them and assign them at the time of intake. this is done in an effort to dilute the horror of adopting one of their mutants.

OR they are purposely trying to skew bite statistics. they know these little people pleasers are likely to go off and they can spread the blame around.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

"dilute the horror" ROFL!

Yes, absolutely pit rescues are skewing bite statistics and they've been doing it for a while I'm sure. They also skew the ATTS to their favor.

Pit nutters are such slimy people.

Branwyne Finch said...

Just an observation, looking at the pictures in this Craven post of the women rescue angels posing with these dogs....has anyone noticed that women involved in "pittie" rescue are CONSTANTLY photographed with the dogs licking their mouths/faces? Does anyone else find that really weird? I don't know of any other breed groups where female breed fanciers are posing making out, literally, with the dogs. This seems very unique to pit bull fanciers.

I don't know about you all, but I don't let dogs lick my mouth/face. I think it's gross, and since there are zoonotic diseases that dogs can carry, including roundworms, I am happy to find other ways to share affection with my dog. My dog isn't a licker anyway, so it's not an issue.

And I sure would not offer my mouth and face to a dog I didn't know, a rescue or shelter dog, like these women seem to do, anymore than I would offer to French kiss a stranger on the subway. I am not sure what is behind this behavior, it seems quite common for women pit owners, or those involved in pit rescue.....I don't know any normal adults who let dogs lick their faces/mouths, even friends who train and compete and spend lots of time with their dogs, who adore their dogs. I am not sure if this is indicative of the unhealthy emotional state of the women drawn to this breed, or an indication of some sort of deviant leaning, where these women are physically attracted to these dogs in an unhealthy way. But I can't count the number of pictures I have seen of women "kissing" pit bulls on the mouth, and it's really disturbing.

orangedog said...

It's that whole "lick you to death" thing they are trying to show. The problem is that constant licking is not affection - it's basically like marking and shouldn't be rewarded. We all know that bullies have trouble calming down once they get going. I think the constant licking is an energy release for them. I've seen where people try to push them away and the pit bull keeps on coming. It's not difficult to imagine this behavior escalating into a berserk. I believe this is what happened to the babysitter's dogs where she tried to stop them from jumping up and licking and it turned into a full on attack and Dax was killed.
So, yes - they can lick you to death.
None of my dogs lick. It's disgusting and not good behavior.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree, this crazed licking is disturbing. i also agree that it is done in attempt to promote their pithy platitude "they will only lick you to death".

Branwyne Finch said...

Apparently, pit rescues are now promoting "pit bull kissing booths", like this one...

One furious commenter pointed out that, when teaching dog safety to kids, we tell them NEVER to put your face up near a dogs face, especially a dog you don't know, and that this stunt sends a HORRIBLE message. Encouraging people to stick their face in the face of a strangers pit bull to ask for a kiss, is just too weird.

Ironically, the next kid who gets their face ripped off trying to kiss their mother's boyfriend's pit bull, will be blamed for putting their face in the dog's face by the very same people gushing over this photo.

orangedog said...

Exactly!! And when a Pit eats the face off a child, what is the first thing you read from the Nutters?! "Why was the child sticking her face in the dog's face??! The kid deserved it!"
They always claim they are such good owners yet they promote bending over, hugging, and putting your face up to a strange dog - even one from a dog fight bust!
/head desk

orangedog said...

Oh here, you'll love this comment. It was hard to pick from all the "Dear Penthouse, I once thought pitties were evil, but then..." posts, but I think this one is a winner:

"Hell yes I would and I do every weekend when my step-daughter brings hers over too play with our ROTTWEILER. Her Pit is 1 1/2 yrs old and our Rott is 2 2/12 they are BEST friends and we LOVE to them both to bits and KISS them both and they are not KILLERS!!!!!!!"

Just the right age for turning on.

Packhorse said...

I love shelters,
but never the pits that they're attached to

Why you wanna tangle with dogs with steel tongues?
Who rip up kids and drink other dogs' blood?
Craven D states the truth, you're too dumb!
If genetics come out, well then f*** it, it just comes.

KaD said...

Check out this teacup poodle mix:

KaD said...

check out this awesome breed mislabeling:

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