Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello from Wyoming Michigan!

a reader was driving down burt street in wyoming, michigan when he thought he spotted a gargoyle. so he circled back around and snapped a few photos for craven. i'm honored.

here comes dinner.

and there goes dinner. i think i'll wait for an easier target. the old guy across the street will be watering his petunias soon or that young woman with the beagle and the baby stroller should be along any minute or that brat on the bike. eeny meany miny moe....

hey you!

 yeah YOU! what are you looking at?

hmm... wyoming, michigan... wyoming, michigan....why does that sound familiar? oh, that's right... JOSEPH HONORABLE. let's hope animal control steps in and prevents another tragedy.


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

All I could think of when viewing the pictures was that after this dog mauls a person or pet we will here "it somehow got out".

The dog clearly looks like he is on the hunt.

I was able to educate some of my new clients today about pit bulls. The man gave me the "its the owner". He had just seen my very mellow/ low energy Collie attempting to herd me away from a horse that was running in the arena that I was chasing. I was able to point out to him that with at least 6 generations of show dogs with no herding titles in her pedigree that she had a herding instinct and no matter how hard I loved her I could not love or wish it away.

I think they got it.

Small Survivors said...

In 2010, 47% of bites requiring medical attention were inflicted by pits in Wyoming, MI. And they wouldn't pass BSL.

Well wishes to the reader who shared these photos.

Small Survivors said...

In Charge - GREAT use of the teachable moment! LOVE IT

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Thank you Snack Sized Dog.

They know my Collie well. She is nicknamed "The Rug"
(and has been even as a puppy) for her favorite past time of laying around and doing nothing. They were astounded to see her get up and go when her genetics kicked in to herd me- the weak one apparently- away from the "dangerous" horse.
This is something she always does when I am chasing a horse (I have them loose in an arena to run).

I really think it made an impression on them.

Anonymous said...

damn fine target for a skilled bow hunter that knows his dogs . dude or stinger ?.... shit-coloured gargoyle

Anonymous said...


Opalina said...

How frightening! It is as if that beast knows it is being observed. I think it does. Reminds me of an Eddie Murphy skit on SNL..."See the he bite? Kill that pit bull. Kill that pit bull."

Of course, in Eddie's version, it was "landlord."

Small Survivors said...


yes, I hope everyone notes that that asshole's dogs broke a man's arm when they came upon him taking his garbage to the curb.

Dis-honorable said they were just playing.

I said then and i say now, I agree with the fucktard. they were playing kill-a-man. they were probably happy as larks breaking the man's arm.

orangedog said...

That's creepy. It must be at least 6' up since that appears to be a standard privacy fence.
It's probably waiting for the handicapped person who lives in that house next door - easy pickins.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The owner of that shitty pit knows his pit can get out but he will claim ignorance if it attacks someone or kills someone's pet. He'll regurgitate all the usual pit nutter cliches.

Dayna said...

There's photographic evidence for when it decides it's time to go kill something. I hope the neighbors are well armed.

Alexandra said...

It's nice to see Dunbar's name in this list of idiots. Check out this interview -- scroll on down the the Q&A part, read those up to the photo.

"Dogs kill about twenty people in the USA every year; about twelve of those are children. Almost without exception, each incident is a case of amazing negligence directly attributable to the parents of those children. By comparison, two thousand kids were killed last year by their parents. Do we see much about that sad statistic in the media? No!"

then just a little further:

"Should I ever have kids in my family again, I would love a Rottweiler or Pit Bull, which would be among my first choices, because they are so accepting of children."

Semyonova left quite a hilarious comment there.

orangedog said...

Old Ian sold his soul to Pit Advocacy years ago. He's lost all credibility, but he knows where his bread is buttered. He's a flip flopper just like Trish King. Past: "Pit bulls are different!" Present: "It's all how you raise them!"

The comments on that interview give me hope. People aren't buying the bull shit these nutters are selling anymore.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this looks exactly like an advertisement for cool pit bulls

Rumpelstiltskin said...


I believe many of the comments were removed. The cover-up continues.

orangedog said...

I find myself laughing at these pictures and commentary every time I come here. Bravo to whoever took them.

Open Season on Pits said...

I know its a dead thread, but I had to add…..

I think that dog is standing still, and lined up just PERFECT for target practice!

I do not see any reason to wait for a tragedy to ensue, only to have the whirlwind of nutters come to try to save the mauler. The more proactive we are, the better. I would even take a cruelty charge if it meant ridding the neighborhood of a clear and present danger.

I have lost any care for the pits of people that are this negligent. Meaning, I wouldn't go after someones well contained pit, but loose, or nearly loose ones like this? FAIR GAME. They don't give a fuck about us, why should we concern ourselves with them?

The only question is- what gun do I want to use?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great comments are always welcome on old blog posts.

thanks for reading and adding to the discussion.