Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Story of Moose II: A Strange and Awful Fate

     It was Moose’s bad fortune to be captured by someone who was more than, say, a garden-variety impulsive nitwit who “found” a cool dog that she liked and coveted for herself.  Or a common schemer who thought she could hold the dog and return him for a cash “reward” (ransom).   Or an immature attention-seeker who thought she could hide him for a few days and then be an admired hero, lavished with praise, when she gave him back to his grateful family. 
   Moose fell into the hands of a far more malevolent and dangerous individual.  Moose fell into the hands of JACQUELINE LOCKARD.  There is a lot of say about Lockard, but first, let’s solve the mystery of Moose’s disappearance, and tell the story of the lost dog finally came home.
  Because after six long weeks of desperate searching, the Workmans found Moose.  They took him to the vet and then brought him back to his house.  They went to the back yard with him, where they had all spent so much happy time together as a family. Moose was finally home, and he was home for good.  He was never going to jump the fence again.  They were going to keep him close.  From now on, his owners would know where he was at all times.
      Moose would never leave the safety of his backyard because that is where his body is buried.  His family dug his grave with their own hands and put him in the ground.
     The Workmans had taken him to the vet before bringing him home because they wanted, naturally, to know the cause of death.  Because he was dead when he was finally “returned” to them. 
       The cause of death is Jacqueline Lockard, but I expect that is not what the vet recorded in the paperwork.

      Technically, Moose died because he was baked alive in Lockard’s car on a hot summer day. 

            This is what happened to Moose:  After he escaped from his yard, he ran over Jackie Lockard’s house , presumably to play with Lockard’s two dogs (one of which, incidentally, was a black Labrador). 

            Lockard snatched Moose and hid him in her house.   She must have done it fast, too, because the Workmans personally approached her minutes afterward as she sat on her porch with her dogs.  From a distance, they thought her Lab might be Moose.

            Lockard denied seeing Moose.  She lied.  Moose?  What Moose?  No Moose around here!

            The very next day, Lockard changed his name to “Cocoa” and sold him to a couple in Philadelphia for $100 on the condition that they pay her for her services as a “professional dog trainer.”

            Lockard made no effort to recover Moose, despite the fact that she knew his family was desperately searching for him and wanted him back.  She witnessed this shitshow of pain and drama first-hand and did nothing.  Well, wait, that’s not true—she lied.  She lied for hours.  She lied to Sissy Workman’s face, because Workman came over to question her about Moose on multiple occasions.  Workman “suspected (Lockard)from the beginning.”  

      On July 11, Lockard picked up Moose from the couple she’d sold him to.  Her reasons for doing this are still unclear.  According to this article Lockard told the police that she picked up Moose and brought him back to her house in order to give him the training lessons she’d been paid for.   

    But by July 10, local media reported that the “Fund to Bring Moose Home” reward was over $1000 and the sum was growing.
    On her blog, Lockard claims that she took Moose back in order to return him to his rightful owners, the Workmans…and the reward money had nothing to do with her decision. No, she was going to return Moose because that was the right thing to do! (But Lockard…didn’t you tell police that you brought Moose back for training lessons?)

            I think it is safe to say that IF Lockard did not ask for the reward money (and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did) it was BECAUSE SHE KILLED MOOSE AND “RETURNED” A FUCKING DEAD DOG, and even this stupid, evil bitch knew better than to say “Here’s your dead dog!  When do I get the reward?  Is it going to be cash or personal check?”
       (It is the personal opinion of the author that if she had not killed Moose through her own insensitivity and idiocy, she would have returned him and asked for the money.  She would also keep the money she took for the “training lessons” from the Philadelphia couple. As we will see, her professional reputation is not exactly sterling.   No award plaques from the local Small-Business Association are anticipated, if you get my drift. Her clients have many words to describe her business acumen and professional talents.  None of those words are complimentary.)
      In any event, Lockard brought Moose back home with her on July 11.  On July 13, Lockard called Sissy Workman on the telephone and told her that she had Moose.  At first, Workman was skeptical, as she had received cruel prank calls about Moose’s whereabouts before.  However, she agreed to meet Lockard either at Lockard’s house or someplace very close by (Sissy’s account, posted online, is unclear about that detail).
I am sure you can imagine how Sissy Workman felt when Lockman opened the trunk of her car to reveal Moose’s dead body.  Workman describes it thusly:

 “ Jess and I pull up and the person that gets out is the person we suspected from the beginning. Now mind you thats were she lives. the night he went missing she was on her porch with her two dogs and one was a lab. So when she opened the back of her car hatch I saw his hair-his shape-his color and I knew it was him...he looked like he just was asleep. Laying down asleep.”
      Lockman told Workman that she found Moose’s body while she was out jogging…his body was underneath an Army tank exhibit at the American Legion Memorial a few blocks away.  She just “found” him there.
         Even in her state of shock and grief, Workman knew that the story had to be bullshit.  You don’t have to be fuckin Matlock to figure it out, either.  As she notes in her account, the story simply didn’t make sense:

       “He did not die under the tank,  he was not outside at all. That is only 2 blocks from my house, he would have came home.  How do you jog…find a dead dog…go home change into jeans and work shoes go back get the dog, put him in your car and call me… And you were not sweating at all,,hair all down.  He did not have a collar on for awhile, his nails were not worn down, his pads were not worn as if he was walking. We took him to the Mt Laurel Animal Hosp to be checked out and the suspicion is he was left in the car in the heat.”

      Eventually, the Workmans would want justice for Moose.  But after they got his body back, they just wanted to bring him home.  Where he belonged.

     "His ears were soft and I got to say I was sorry for not finding him, for not protecting him from bad people. You would think if you were going to take a beautiful dog like MOOSE you would take care of him. At least that’s what I thought, what I tried to believe in my heart. In my heart I think she had something to do with his death......He is now burried in the yard with Spike our black lab and Milo our chocolate lab that both lived to the ripe old age of 13. RIP Love you always and I am so sorry.”
      You would think if you were going to take a beautiful dog like Moose, you would take care of him.
      Well, yes, Sissy Workman would think that.  I would think that, too.  Most of the people reading this probably think the same way.  You know...in our hearts.
         The person who caused all this pointless pain and suffering killed Moose because she, shall we say, lacks Sissy Workman’s perspective. Psychology is not my field, but I am sure the reader will agree that you do not need to be Dr. Sigmund Freud in order to deduct that something is very wrong with Jacqueline Lockard’s capacity for empathy.  With her heart, if you will. 
     The dogs that she tortured and killed (Moose was not her only canine victim) would not disagree.  It’s all speculation, of course, but if I was one of her victims, and knew her in that intimate, terrible way a victim knows the person upon whom their life—or death—depends, I would have a word to describe Jacqueline Lockard:


Let’s take a closer look at her—if you think you can bear it.  Sissy Workman certainly had to.  And so, unfortunately, did Moose.  


DubV said...

Hard to read due to the subject, but very compelling.

I tried to read Lockard's excuse blog but ended up skimming toward the end because it is all just total BS and lies.

I take heart in knowing this will haunt her for the rest of her life.

DubV said...

Haunt her in life, not in her "heart" that is.

Miss Margo said...

Thanks DubV.

I read every fuckin word of her blogs trying to figure her out. You're not missing out on much. The pontification of a delusional career pooper-scooper on all things canine, heavy on whine and judgement and laced with malice and childish defiance. I was fascinated nonetheless. Her decisions are, ahhh, impulsive and ill-advised (aka pretty fucking stupid), but her prose is not the borderline-illiterate writing I'd expect. So what gives?

I finally got around to leaving a comment on Part I, too.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

evil is a word that i do not use lightly. i don't want to minimize its meaning. i reserve its use for special occasions like richard speck, ted bundy, bernie madoff, oj simpson, craven ed faron, leah purcell, ledy vankavage and karen delise.

evil, jackie lockard wears it well.

scorched earth said...

There is a special place in hell for Jackie Lockhard.

orangedog said...

Her blog is full of "poor me" and the line about not taking the reward money jumped out at me too. What a sociopath.

Miss Margo said...

Yes, her April 25 blog article is full of linguistic gymnastics in order to avoid assuming responsibility for anything. The reward money...it never even occurred to me that she might have been motivated by the return money until she DENIED it (I thought she probably did it because she thought the law was closing in). She is the one who put the idea into my head. And as I read more about her...grifter, definitely a grifter, and quite conscious of how to make $$$ by ripping people off.

Miss Margo said...

I don't use the word "evil," either. It has a religious/spiritual meaning that is seldom useful or relevant in my daily life (I am not a believer).

The Dictionary claims that the word has at least ten different definitions. According to my research, Lockard meets every criteria.

Small Survivors said...

Moose's death is so grotesque because it is so pointless. The only motivation that I understand in this story is money and the promise of more money. I think the average asshole could have figured out how to scam the money without killing the dog and possibly not getting caught.

Moose's death is so pointless - and she is evil.

Of course there had to be more to the Jackie Lockhard story . waiting with dread for the rest of it.

tropical storms said...

Cogent, well presented and revolting. Animals really need to be more well represented in the legal system, they do have rights which need to be considered.

DubV said...

"The only motivation that I understand in this story is money and the promise of more money."

Oh, I'd say that ego gratification and control is worth more than cash for many.

Dayna said...

I have known, I think, one other person like Lockhard in my life. I sincerely hope this thing does not ever have children and after this incident has come to light, I hope that no one trusts their children to her care. Could you picture her doing something like this to a child? I could. It gives me the creeps to think about it.

Small Survivors said...

DubV, I understand there were very many sick and twisted motivations for what happened. I meant to say of all the motivations, the only one I understood was the one for money when she took the dog back to get the reward. I don't understand any of the rest of it. It is, as I said, so gruesomely pointless.

DubV said...

I know you do, Snack.

Lest we allow Jackie L. to bring us down....


DubV said...

One more for good measures...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and then there's china.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a friend of mine reads craven and occasionally emails a comment.

"he would have been a lot of dog to haul around once he was dead weight.

once a dog of this size is now dead in your vehicle, how in the hell do you get him out? i believe i read that the legitimate owner mentioned coming out to see him. does she mean OUT to the psychopath's car? if so, maybe psychopath didn't know what the hell else to do with him since he could no longer exit the vehicle of his own volition. (how's that for heaping insult upon injury? here's your DEAD dog. you have to remove him.)

this situation really disturbs me, among all of the disturbing situations collected on your blog. i don't believe money was this girl's only motivator, from reading the details thus far (but i do believe she was depraved enough to happily pocket her "adoption / training fee").

i personally feel this entire story stemmed from an outsized sense of her own importance. to my way of thinking, this self-aggrandizement would explain her justification for knowingly keeping a loose dog from its legitimate owner ("they permitted him to get loose, therefore they are not worthy of owning him; i will take control of his situation now"), finding him another home (brokering can create an enormously inflated sense of power), insisting she must be his trainer ("after all, it was ME who brought him to you; I was your angel; I will remain an important focus in your life with regard to your new dog") and finally forcing him to stay in a hot vehicle ("those hot car rules are for novice dog owners; i KNOW what i'm doing").

then the obvious happened -- he suffered and died a pointless, wretched death AT HER HANDS. it's horrible. it's depraved. but to her, it's a screaming reminder of her own impotence: she's got the carcass of a very large dog in her vehicle, impossible to ignore. his continued presence is a cutting reminder of her epic failure. so she spins another scenario which puts her back on top: sad savior. ("no, i wouldn't ever take the reward money...just trying to bring you closure. so sorry i had to find him this way").

and that's how she stays on top of her game.

the money is bonus. what's at stake is her perception of herself, to be preserved at all costs. moose was collateral damage. an unfortunate accident, she might say.

ugh. it's people like this "woman" who make me fear for my pets in public."

Small Survivors said...

Thank you DubV! Those videos were a breath of fresh air.

Miss Margo said...

Wow, epic comment, anonymous CD friend!

I think you're right on the money. If there is one thing Jackie does not lack, it is tremendous egotism. It would be comical if it hadn't also turned out to be deadly (on more than one occasion).

That point about the logistical challenges of getting Moose out of her car is one that I hadn't considered before. You're right--it would be very difficult for a single woman who was not exceptionally strong to move the body.

She is worse than just a narcissistic digbat, though. I plan to post Part III tonight when I get home from work and format the entry for blogger. But here's a taste:

--dogs she pet-sits or keeps in her own home for "training" go home skinnier. Like "Doggie Biggest Loser" skinnier. Like 15 lbs in 4 weeks on a dog that wasn't fat to begin with. Moose was a lot skinnier, as we'll see.
Starving dogs is controlling and cruel.

--(MY FAVORITE) Jackie charges couple big $$$ to train their dog for aggression problems. Jackie keeps the dog in her home. Jackie calls them the morning of their WEDDING DAY to say that their young dog "died in his sleep." Vet says dog was bleeding from mouth and nose. Couple never gets a cause of death. Jackie keeps all the training-lesson money.

More will be revealed. Unfortunately.

Small Survivors said...

Oh yes great comment! I didn't even see that! I still can't comprehend. And now that money doesn't seem to be a primary motivator - can't fathom anything.

Its just so pointless.

Ugh. and it looks like cruelty is up next. Ugh.

orangedog said...

That's what came to mind to me too. I've heard many a rescue dingbat wish they could steal a dog. She just took it a step farther and actually did it. After all, his owners weren't up to her standards.
I don't believe her story that his owners let him roam. If so, why did they immediately start searching when they noticed he was missing? Like the rest of her "woe is me" blog, it stinks.

Miss Margo said...

quick update: I was called back to work tonight. Might not get to post till late night, or tomorrow.

DubV said...

You're welcome, Snack ;)

Anonymous said...

i watched her boring vidoes of her walking FOREVER heeling her dogs. those dogs have all the hallmarks of being trained with the Sit Means Sit shock collar method with the
handler's arm extended over the dog's head.

one trick pony trainer.

She's done.

vintage said...


May 2013, Baltimore, MD; After a Labrador is gripped at a community dog park, a Petsmart Dog trainer pushes for a "No dog Toy" regulation so pit bulls aren't triggered.

The irony is that Pitsmart does not allow pit bulls in its doggie daycare over liability and safety concerns. However, if off Pitsmart-premises, its open mauling season baby!


*You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Yesterday my sister texted me about the recent pit bull fatality out near Lancaster,CA. She also then told me that she came home from running errands to find


Yep the neighbors huge 8 month old puppies had gotten through the fence. One had fallen in the pool but had gotten out. No doubt chasing her cats. Thank goodness all her pets were accounted for.

These puppies belong to the renters next door. The mother dog-who was locked up when anyone came over because of her aggression, disappeared when the puppies were sold(my sister thinks moved on to breed somewhere else).They kept the puppies for the kids 4 and 9.

I have a hard time with my sister who-in spite of all I send her from Craven and other sites, believes you can love em to be good. She kept describing them as "goofy puppies"- oh I bet they were quite happy having scattered her cats. She seemed to think the dogs are safer because she knows their names. I told her about the woman in Stockton who was screaming "Russia stop" as that dog killed her. I think yesterday got her attention. She is going to send a letter to the landlord to get the fence re-done. I can not get her to commit to being any more proactive.

When talking to the owner yesterday, she mentioned that the one dog is named "Spiderman" because it easily can scale the walls......

I was already terrified for her and her pets, yesterday has put me over the top.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i suspect GUNNER was one of the last words from darla's lips.

and i like your description of the "puppies" after scattering the cats. yep, i bet they were on an adrenaline high.

i have to find the story for you about a woman who escaped a local litter of "puppies" that she knew. she took refuge in her vehicle. i think it was in oklahoma.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Dawn I would appreciate you sending me that article.

My sister is really vacillating between its how you raise them and that yesterday was a warning from above.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here ya go

DubV said...


It sounds like she is thinking in absolutes, possibly because nutters benefit from having people think in this way.

It is often partially nature and partially nurture. In humans it is clearly both. Show her some studies about human twins separated at birth, and then have her think of this in terms of canine genetics. Perhaps have her watch the documentary on the russian fox farm experiment.

Might she be resisting this realization because she doesn't want to be afraid? She doesn't have to be afraid, only use proper precaution.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Thanks Dawn, I sent her the link.

Excellent observations!

I have tried to explain to her the "pointers point", "Collies herd" genetics, and she gets it at the time and then waffles back.

I sent her one of the links of the pit bull trying to eat its way into that persons yard from last week. She was surprised at how the dog was wagging its tail while trying to eat its way in to get to those dogs.

I love your idea about sending the link on the Russian Fox Farm experiment. I will definitely do that.

I think you are spot on about her resisting reality in not wanting to be afraid.

Anne King said...

this was a hard read, to say the very least...my in laws have a big ole chocolate, he's amazing, looks so much like Moose..about 6 years ago, they had to PTS their beloved very senior chocolate due to her suffering. What is wrong with some people? I have no words...

orangedog said...

All you gotta do is read those puppy stories at the Truth about Smilin' website to give yourself nightmares. 9 week old puppies trying to kill their own litter mates is all par for the course over in Nutterland.

DubV said...

So-called dog people so often lack common sense.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like this comment:
"What breed or type of dogs are they? I wouldn't go near the breeder."

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Oragnedog,I had completely forgotten about the Smilin pit bull puppy stories.

There were so many horrific stories on that site I think tried to bleach my brain after reading everything there.