Monday, May 6, 2013

The Story of Moose Part I: Disappeared

For several days, I have contemplated how to present this incredible story, which is simultaneously heartbreaking, outrageous, bizarre, and, ultimately, inspiring.  It is a drama with no element lacking: the crime was obscene, the victim was beloved and helpless, the good guys are heroes you can cheer for, and the villain turned out to be more malevolent and dangerous than I ever could have anticipated. 
  We’ll get to her in a minute.  Oh yes, we certainly shall…
   First, though, the story:
  On May 31, this beautiful chocolate lab named Moose escaped from his yard.  He jumped the fence and went for a stroll.
note collar and ID tag

       Moose’s family, Sissy and Rex Workman, noticed his absence almost immediately.  Within fifteen minutes, they were canvassing the neighborhood searching for him.  Moose was a well-known dog in the area.  He was also wearing a collar and ID tags (which you can see in the photo).  Within two hours, the Workmans and their friends put out an alarm call on Facebook asking for help to find Moose. 
      Moose, alas, was nowhere to be found. 

      Over the next six weeks, the Workmans—especially Sissy Workman—did everything humanly possible to get him back. According to the timeline at, they repeatedly posted and distributed lost dog flyers, contacted police departments in multiple towns to inquire  about his whereabouts, and visited at least 3 local animal shelters looking for Moose. They reached out to the media and the local community, and with the support of local businesses, sports teams, volunteer organizations, and individual donors, they established a “Reward Fund to Bring Moose Home.”
      The Workmans must be well-regarded people, because their friends and neighbors absolutely went to bat for them.  Everyone wanted to help the Workmans find their dog.  It was pretty touching, frankly.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone search for their missing pet with such dedication and energy.  It is a testament to how much Sissy loved and valued Moose.
     The hope, desperation, anguish, and worry in Sissy Workman’s writings at this timeis painful to read: 
     "I cannot tell you how much Rex and myself are touched by the support everyone has given us.  i am not going to give up hope that we can find him and bring him home.  I am having the hardest time with this because I am always the one who can find things.  If something is lost around the house or the yard I make it a mission to find it.  It is a personality trait that is killing me right now because I can't find him.  I thank John for this and hope it works.  Thank you everyone for the support.  When MOOSE comes home we will have a Meet and Greet so everyone can meet MOOSE!"

     A Meet and Greet.  If that doesn't break your fuckin heart, you have no heart to break (keep that in mind...).

    It seems to me that Moose had a pretty fantastic family.  Heck, when I die, I want to be reincarnated and come back as Sissy Workman’s dog!  Moose had a sweet deal!  Moose had a great life.
     Until he didn’t.
    Sissy Workman and all her friends and family searched tirelessly for Moose for six weeks.  They could not possibly have done more to bring their beloved family member home.  No proverbial stone was left unturned. 

            But they couldn’t find beautiful Moose. 

            Where could Moose possibly be…?  It was as if their dog had simply vanished into thin air.  

             Did he fall down a well or a hole in the earth...?  Did aliens beam him up to a fuckin spaceship...?

            Sissy Workman, no fool, posted this online on June 3:
         Oh yes…someone picked up Moose, all right. 
       And unfortunately, the person who “picked him up” did more than just kidnap and steal him.

Part II tomorrow!


DubV said...

Thank you, Miss Margo. Can't wait for the other parts.

Jake said...

What DubV said.

orangedog said...

I can't imagine how awful they must feel. I would probably end up in jail if I found out who had stolen and tortured my dog. And then to have to listen to a public defender explain how this thief isn't evil.
Poor Moose. :(

Anonymous said...

ditto orange dog . some peops dont deserve to walk among us .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is one of the more bizarre tales of animal cruelty. looking forward to the rest.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Dog rescuer + dead dog = pit nutter

I could be wrong, but I'm probably right.

Miss Margo said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments and your patience. I stalled on this story for a few days because I was beating my brains out like a yellowjacket in a jar trying to make sense of Lockard. She's a puzzle to me. So, how to write about her?

Eventually, I decided that she's like a Rubik's Cube: you can kill yourself trying to solve it, but what's the point? You know what you're going to get when you do.

I'll leave the analysis to her future state-mandated therapist. That's not my place, even though I still find myself asking WHY? WHY did she make the decisions she did?

And yes, there is pit nuttery (nutterdom?) forecoming. This is Craven Desires, after all.

Unknown said...

I wish your mother never created such a karma as you. You caused my community too much mental anguish. I truly wish we could have found Moose before you destroyed him. Any imbecile knows you don't leave a dog in a car on a hot summer day. Once my car stops on a hot day, I cannnot breathe.