Saturday, June 29, 2013

dogman poetry hour

Sadfalada was inspired by richard's poetry. who can blame her?

The carpet burns
From embedded Doritos
And beer vomitus
It is crusted
With aerosolized blood
And unrestrained burps and curses
Grimed with tread of dog and felon, and trite curses spent as freely as counterfeit money
Where ugly dogs with dented skull
And pumpkin maw
Do taste of another's bounty,
To great excitement and dreams of bail money
And all are by Walmart apparelled,
And stiff middle finger ever erect, never fails
And all these things cause the carpet to burn
The Harvest Gold orlon, a rust-red to turn
When glory is over and other crime beckons
And dogs have gone home to sutures or death
The carpet remains, a soaked testimony
To boys having fun with their dogs, depravity at it's best.



orangedog said...

"Pumpkin maw"

Nailed it.

S.K.Y. said...

Love it!

Dayna said...

Wow! Vivid, very vivid!

Anonymous said...

i quess the harvest gold carpet wus in some crackers trailer and saw atrocities aplenty before its reincarnation in the dog pit .

Meals on Wheels said...

Harvest gold carpet is an atrocity even in pristine condition.

Anonymous said...

is walmart a good place to see cracker scum buying plastic trailer-wares and supersize clothing for mom and her piglets ? also stocks of cheetos , kraft dinner and generic pizza .

scorched earth said...

More poetry! Please!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sadfalada is quite poetic. she has been all over the craven archives the last couple of weeks. she just left this comment:

There was an old "Cops" episode in which the call was to the killing of a pet dog by a neighbor's pit bull--amid the chaos of the elderly owner's anguished wailing and cries to "kill it" (the pit bull was not present, having been corralled by the owner) there lay, alone, in the entrance to its own doorway, a little dog, pathetically still, heartrendingly sad under the welcoming porch light...soon, the hulking pit bull, tail tightly tucked between it's grotesque meaty thighs, was bundled into the AC wagon--cop asks AC person if dog will be destroyed, answered, "don't know", and all is tidied up except for a sobbing, devastated old lady. The cop offers this overview, before leaving "Seems like we get these calls every week--and it's nearly always pit bulls"
Imagine the scale, nationwide, of the unreported, almost routine, carnage, on these animals that we dearly love, but then are to believe that the media manipulates (to what purpose?) to make us believe in a threat that doesn't exist)
Also, this matter of how other breeds, especially poodles and chihuahuas, are more prone to bite --I have worked in boarding/grooming kennels and as a groomer, and of the thousands of dogs and many thousands of hours working in close contact with dogs of all breeds, I've been bitten 6 times, none seriously, and none by poodles-or chihuahuas-dogs are generally pretty polite about not using their teeth, and don't seem to get pleasure when they do--but there is a breed driven to do it - with pleasure.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i will dig up a few of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I saw one estimate that for every person that gets attacked by a pit bull one thousand pet animals get hurt or killed.

Anonymous said...

all i hear is how their pits were always sweet and harmless but thats not been my experience of shitbulls and their owners . somehow i dont think that pitdroolers would be opting for pitbulls if they really wanted a sweet , harmless dog. something just doesnt make sense about ugly violent people wanting sweet harmless wiggle -butts. lol

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I saw one estimate that for every person that gets attacked by a pit bull one thousand pet animals get hurt or killed. "

i can believe that. do you have a link?

Anonymous said...

but that would make for how many this year 20 -50 thousand ? that all ?

Anonymous said...

re the ugly brown shitbull with yellow eyes : there is no such thing as a pitbull , no breed and no proof at all . but they r amazing dogs with so many talents besides mindless aggression .

Anonymous said...


could it be a brown shitbull?

ohhhhh noooooo , thats sooooo ignorant .... to say it looks like a shitbull when it might be a boxer mixed with pot bellied pig from ohio .

Packhorse said...

There needs to be a website dedicated to cataloguing every pet killed by a pit bull.

Also, great poetry.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's a great idea in theory but EVERY includes the nutters' dogs, cats etc. and they almost never report it. in fact i've found instances where they go to great lengths to hide the identity of their frankenmauler even when they are on the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

nutters dont consider animal death and injury to be important , except when their noble mutants are to be killed. by definition almost nutters are immune to what they do .

Meals on Wheels said...

Do we need Sadfala's permission to repost on the Pit Bull Poet Laureate?