Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spanaway Washington Pit Bull Rampage

a mutant has taken another life.

the following is the witness statement of the heroic man who came to the aid of the victim of the most recent fatal pit bull attack. he was also brutally attacked.

Ranger Rob 2 hours ago
Driving southbound on SR7 from the American Lake VA Hospital I saw a middle aged heavy set woman jumping and screaming for help on the other side and then I saw two dogs mauling something in the ditch. Assuming the worst, her child I veered to the center land, hit the hazards and jumping out bounding across two lanes of heavy traffic at 0900 on October 30th to find two pit bulls mauled a senior Asian woman. This woman was clearly severely injured and unable to defend herself as the two dog had her quartered and ripping arm and leg. Her clothes were already half ripped off and deep lacerations were clearly evident. I immediately start growing, yelling and punching the larger male pit bull in the nose as both dog turned their attack to me. Punching both dogs to lured them into oncoming traffic, I focused my attack on the alpha male and kicked at the female dog to insure both pursued me into traffic to use the passing vehicles as weapons since I was unarmed due to visiting the VA and passing through Joint Base Lewis McChord, Russian Roulette being better than certain death. Unfortunately a white sedan missed me and stopped short of hitting the larger male pit bull. I advanced on the animal taking control pounding its head into the road as the small female got my left upper thigh. Once that female dog locked on my thigh I tried to through the larger male pit bull into the next lane of traffic as a desperate act but the collar broke. I knew I had to stop traffic to get help. When that collar broke I turned my blows to the female's nose to break her locked jaw on my thigh. With success I immediate lunged on to the white sedan that was blocking one lane of traffic to catch my breath and access the situation. The male pit bull got my leather sneaker and was trying to pull me from the hood on the car. I saw cars stopping and a truck driving up the side walk to the woman location and the female dog was back at the old woman again as I kicked the male in the nose. I jumped and run to the ditch for the female dog to get it off the woman again as the male dog pursued me. I laid into the female dog punching and two men approached from different direction to the woman and the truck that came up the side walk. The three men were able to distract the male pit bull as I attacked the female pit again to get it off the victim. The female dog pursue me back into the street as I continued punching hoping the two men and truck driver would be able to keep the larger male dog off me. I shouted orders to the truck driver to run that dog down and kill it while the two men kept it off as I fought the female back into the street. One man was bit by the male dog while I was fighting the female in the middle of the street. Bystanders were approaching and some woman actually screamed at me to leave that dog alone!!!! I was slowing with exhaustion and the male pit bull left the man, truck and victim and came to the female pit bulls aide. In total exhaustion and was unable to counter the attack and the male dog locked onto my right forearm and latched cracking bones and ripping flesh. The cracking of bone was an instant shock and an eternity of hesitation. I punched it nose and pulled to prevent my arm from elbow or shoulder damage as I was taken down. The female bit my left punching fist so I used her head to hit the male dog and break it hold. Only with God's help it worked and I crawled to the hood of the white sedan again with female dog pulling at my feet. Unable to continue severely injured myself, I scrambled to the roof of the car. The pickup driver on the sidewalk in his truck next to the victim fired a personal sidearm as the male pit bull return to the two men and victim. I thank the off duty soldier and promised to bear witness. The inured male dog fled. With the knowledge of backup I scrambled to the victim to access and triage but the female dog returned to me and the victim. I gave orders of assessment to a new male bystander for the triage of the victim as I had to fight the female dog again. Due to shock, injury and exhaustion the female dog was able to easy lock onto my injured right forearm and able to crack bone again. With a punch to the nose I was able to return to the victim and make a visual of the injuries, Deep laceration to the all extremities with bicep hanging. I order the victim covered from the cold until professional help arrived. I scampered to my vehicle to call Brenda Roman to get the kids to school and come to my location and help me back to the hospital. As police approached I directed and order them to kill female pit bull as I limped back toward the animal that the men were keeping abbey from me and the victim. Three Sheriffs isolated the dog as I directed paramedics to the victim not me. Once the police finally shot the last dog and I was answering the medic’s questions I provided the police with ID and initial brief. Medics recommend I go with them, but I choose to return to my clinic where I knew everyone. Injured soldier that helped offered ride to nearby Madigan Army Hospital. Again I declined choosing to return to my Urgent Care at American Lake VA Hospital where I know everyone.

Ranger Rob
This write-up is my legal deposition as submitted to the police concerning this case.  I will speak and work with the DA and feel I must do more do this this recent loss. I will write a Bill, this is a issue worthy a champion, time for legislation concerning dangerous dog breed, large dog insurance and service working dog licensing clarification.  All input welcomed
Ranger Rob
A Veteran at the VA informed me today that he was attacked and severely injured by his own pit bull some years ago.

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pit bull owner: Santiago Quezada


S.K.Y. said...

What a terrifying account of the attack. I feel terrible for all the victims involved. I just wish one of the car drivers would have hit the damned dogs and gotten this over with a lot sooner.

vintage said...

Definitely Carnegie Medal worthy heroics and selflessness here!

The 30th Carnegie Lifesaving Medal for interceding during a Pit Bull attack was quietly awarded in September. The NJ man who "won" it will use the $5000 grant to help pay his medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about bravery! I have goose bumps just from reading this account.

Because of their selfless efforts this poor lady was able to be in the presence of her beloved husband when she lost consciousness, not alone with those vicious animals or surrounded by strangers. I'm sure all those who loved her will be forever grateful for that.

Miss Margo said...

The man is a hero and exactly the type of person needed in a crisis.

DubV said...

I'm truly sorry for the victim and her family, but it must be said: that man is a true bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Go back to the initial news reports and see what they say. They say this man "was also bit".

What kind of reporting is that? The man was under full assault for minutes that I'm sure felt like hours.

The fact that an incident like this is termed a "dog bite" is some kind of insanity.

The fact that an incident like this occurred less than 20 miles from my home is unnerving, but not unexpected.

Anonymous said...

OH! And the woman who yelled at him to leave the dog alone?!

There's some level of Hell set aside just for her, hopefully heavily populated with pitties who will shred her for all of eternity.

Anonymous said...

i once had to resort to running into traffic to save my dog from a pitbull deliberately released by its asshole owner . too bad the mutant wasnt run over and killed and too bad the owner was able to just walk away scot free . i know the shitbull is long gone by now , but i hope that owner is also dirtnapping safely somewhere he can no longer hurt anyone .

orangedog said...

Wow, this guy deserves a medal.

Anonymous said...

And now to watch the venomous comments pour in on Ranger Rob's posts.

Someone got the time/inclination to be "watcher"?

dabrigley said...

How terrifying, Ranger Rob! I hope you are well on your way to recovering from your injuries. I'm so glad that you want to do more to further "legislation concerning dangerous dog breed, large dog insurance and service working dog licensing clarification." You are looking for more input. How can others get in touch with you, so we too can help?

Anonymous said...

People whose dogs kill MUST GO TO JAIL and be BANNED for owning dogs.

Dayna said...

Wow! My adrenaline is going just from reading that account. Kudos to Rob. So sad the poor lady died from her injuries. Agreed with all that there must be jail time and a permanent ban of owners from having pets again. Plus, though I know it's a joke with most owners, they should be forced to pay medical expenses.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

medical expense reimbursement? watch the video. look at his property. if he and his entire family lived to be 100, they couldn't pay it back.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm glad you noticed
"Bystanders were approaching and some woman actually screamed at me to leave that dog alone!!!!"
i so wanted to underline, make it a different color, increase the font size to make sure people saw it.

Anonymous said...

"Bystanders were approaching and some woman actually screamed at me to leave that dog alone!!!!"

That part pissed me off too. Her warped brain concluded this guy was taking swipes at a lunging dog for no good reason... I hope she feels like shit now but if she's a nutter (probably), she's no doubt stupid enough to still feel sorry for the worthless mutant.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm having a problem here.

I forwarded this story to a friend, and her reaction (among others) was to think Rob would have been "criminally and morally liable" if any drivers/passengers had been injured because he took that fight into the highway.

Am I crazy to think she's crazy and the the "criminal and moral liability" lies solely with the dog owner, and, in fact, the drivers who did NOT stop to help are partially morally responsible for that poor woman's death?

I think I may just lose a friend over this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"but if she's a nutter (probably), she's no doubt stupid enough to still feel sorry for the worthless mutant. "

she is probably working on a justice random mutant mauler facebook page.

"Am I crazy to think she's crazy and the the "criminal and moral liability" lies solely with the dog owner, and, in fact, the drivers who did NOT stop to help are partially morally responsible for that poor woman's death?"

i don't know but i doubt that laws are written in such a way that they cover every aspect of every accident or crime. i suspect that is something that a judge/jury would have to determine. this kind of hypothetical situation doesn't seem worth losing a friend over. although i tend to agree with you. any fall out from these mutants getting loose should fall back on the owner and or caretaker.

Anonymous said...

Funny that that example appears right after our discussions about how
demented dog lovers are becoming.Middle-age women seem worst,
I hate to say--years ago I worked at a grooming-boarding kennel, and a lady brought her two Brittanys in to board. As we arrived at their kennel she decided it was the time to apprise me of all their medication and psychological needs. We paused in the corridor and the change in routine made our full house (holiday time) go batshit. The place sounded like Attica! I was unable to hear the Mission Impossible instructions, so I turned and yelled, once, "QUIET!"
Instant calm. I turned back to find a withered little smile of patronizing pity. "Well, dear", (and, oh man, do I hate when strangers call me "dear"
"I can see you are certainly NOT suited to working with dogs!" Then told my boss in front of me of the disgraceful lapse. (Who tried to look sympathetic while trying not to laugh) That woman told that story to anybody present whenever she came in!
The unhesitating valor of this man, his clarity of thought and action in the midst of desperation and agony, are stunning. I love animals, but I'd prefer that humans are equal or finer creatures, and in this instance he magnificently proved both. I hope he visits this site one day, so we can tell him in person.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it should destroy your friendship, it was my thought too, that, swerving cars could easily crash head-on. However, the thought that the lethality of a car was the surest solution, was in all of our minds. He needed to save the woman's life, his own, and there were bystanders at risk. It's difficult to believe that traffic would still be traveling at speed with that battle going on at full view. He's a good guy that, I think, made a calculated decision at a nightmare junction of time.

Packhorse said...

This is an absolutely terrifying story. I doubt even wild carnivores would be this relentless, especially with multiple humans fighting back.

For comparison, take a look at these African wild dogs' "attack" on an SUV.

DubV said...

I think what Ranger Rob did would be covered under good samaritan laws and/or no jury in the world would convict.

That person's statement to the contrary is as asinine as:

"oh yeah, well when you tossed the guy threatening kids with a knife out that 2nd story window, what if a lady woulda been walking by and gotten crushed by the impact?"

Anonymous said...

He's a very brave man for sure.

This whole story is just awful though. I can't imagine the terror of being so savagely attacked while just walking down the street.

The owner of these dogs needs to be charged with murder. Frankly, whoever bred these dogs needs to be tracked down and charged too. I'd like to see that - start jailing the people who are breeding these killer dogs, as well and the people who own them.


Anonymous said...

I think Ranger Rob did the absolute best he could in for a person in his situation. What an amazing man! How he even had the presence of mind to think that a car could kill the dog is amazing! It's too bad that it didn't work and he suffered further bites.

As the mother of a teenaged driver, however, I worry about what would have happened if my daughter came upon such a sight in the road. I'm sure that running the dog over to kill it would have been the last thing that crossed her mind. In all likelihood, she would have tried to avoid hitting Rob, the dog, and the bystanders. I'm sure Rob would have been devastated if his actions caused an accident or more injuries to others, and I'm sure he would never intend to cause further harm.

If my daughter or another driver were injured, I'd worry about Rob's statement where he says that he was trying to move the dog into the road. You know how a lawyer would spin that if he were trying to prove Rob was at fault for something. Fortunately, it sounds like no one else was injured in the road.

I can't imagine the terror of the woman who was killed. I, myself am petrified of dogs. I'd be lucky to have Rob in my corner if I were ever attacked by a dog. He is a true hero. Does anyone know the extent of Rob's injuries? I hope he was able to get patched up without suffering from too many long-term effects.

Oh, and don't lose your friend over this. She probably thinks the same way I do, especially if she is the mother of a young driver. That gave me a big sad :(

FalafalFever said...

The KOMO piece said the woman survived with a titanium plate in her arm. Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

She initially survived, but dies of a heart attack in the hospital. Poor woman. God rest her soul.

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

I missed this post this past week and I've just now read it. This is beyond incredible. Thank you for being here. Please stay here.

Jenny R. said...

Even though the poor woman didn't make it, Rob is a hero!!! I hope we find a way to contact him and let him know there are people in this world who honor what he tried to do, because, no doubt... the nutters will swarm and overwhelm this good Samaritan, if they are able.

My thoughts on the legality and liability aspect;

whether a driver could be held accountable for not stopping or not depends on the laws in the area. In some places, there is actually a "failure to assist/render aid" charge... but even so, without video evidence of some kind, I think that would be hard to enforce in this situation. Plus, considering the lethality of the scenario, these people had legitimate cause to fear for their lives and maintain their own safety.

As far as the accident speculation...
I remember the story of a man who was shot, and became paralyzed. He was in a wheelchair and died a few *years* later, from complications of his paralyzed state. However, charges against his assailant were upgraded to murder, on the basis that the shooter had put him in a condition that ultimately took his life, and were he not shot, he would've have otherwise been fine.

Thus;the owners of the pit bull would or should be the only guilty party if there had been an accident, because they are the reason that whole scenario occurred in the first place. Were it not for their negligence, Rob would not have had cause to go running into traffic. The owner orchestrated this cascade of events, and therefore is the guilty party... especially when you consider what sort of endocrine response happens in fight/flight situations.

Adrenaline and cortisol affect the brain, sometimes profoundly enough that it "short circuits" and a person has a "blackout" because the hormone-generated body chemistry temporarily alters the way the amygdala functions, thus impairing the brain's ability to modulate memory.
(I think that may be what happened to Susan Iwicki, when she couldn't remember the rest of the fatal attack; I know it happened to me in childbirth with my first, and this is the origin of "rage blackouts" as well)

The body surges on the primordial "hind brain" in these situations--higher thought from the prefrontal lobes hit the back burner. As such, no one could reasonably expect this man to have all his faculties when physiology obstructs that.

This tragedy is so disturbing to me, because the one person willing to intervene was on the dog's behalf... disgusting. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Fanatic about a raging and deadly dog, victimizing and vilifying a decent man and ignoring a helpless senior citizen... what in the hell is going on in these peoples' (nutters) minds??

PS. Sorry for the perhaps tangential physiology rambling... Y'all are intelligent enough to know this stuff already, but just in case someone happens by that doesn't... I'm studying neuroscience and I love to talk about it too much, I think. :D

Unknown said...

Holy Cow! That is an intense story. Ranger Rob is a hero. And the outrage I felt when he talked about a bystander shouting out to leave the dog alone. My immediate reaction was to envision throwing said person in a cage with two angry pitbulls while an angry mob scream at her not to hurt poor pibbles while they maul her to death. Is that wrong of me !

orangedog said...

If it were only possible to make screaming pibble lover change places with the innocent woman.

Anonymous said...

no , max gold , i often wish a good and proper mauling on pibble protectors .

Anonymous said...

This story scares me because I am literally next door to Spanaway. Ranger Rob is a hero.

Anonymous said...

I drove up Pacific Ave past the place this attack occurred, right after that poor woman died.

There was no sign anything happened. No memorial. Just cold wet pavement.

Anonymous said...

Ranger you are my hero.

Someone must have had something in their car to spray at these dogs. Thankfully someone showed up with a gun.

Lead the way to a pit bull free world and I will follow you.

Rhea L said...

We have all kind of lethal shit and a baseball bat in our car....and my husband loves to fuck up pitbulls.....
Hes broken pibbles back before. I've got a brick and roach poison in my purse. Let something like this happen In front of my mini van. Its gonna be some dead ass shitbulls.

Anonymous said...

So, we have in this story

TWO dogs (one unaltered male, one female)

And how many humans?

1. The victim. She surely fought as long as possible.
2. The woman who was trying to attract help.
3. Ranger Rob
4 & 5. Men who tried to lure the dogs away from the ditch.
6. Man with gun.

AT LEAST six humans! One of whom had extensive hand-to-hand combat training the medical knowledge (Ranger Rob), another of whom had a GUN.

These were the people chronicled as taking an active role in the battle with the dogs. There were other bystanders including the female moron who shouted "leave that dog alone!"

Then we have more humans! Three sheriffs corner and eventually shoot a dog. (Making the human total counting victim, but not counting the moron at least NINE PEOPLE most of whom were men!) And then we have more humans coming to help the victim.

But, the point is, it takes an overwhelming number of humans in order to completely wrest control of the situation away from the dogs. Ranger Rob repeatedly tried to assess the victim's injuries, but he kept being pulled away from her (literally) by the dogs!

Yet, this is a better able group of rescuers than might normally be expected to happen upon an attack and try to intervene. And people wonder why we think we need protection from these types of dogs?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

a beautiful synopsis of the breed specific problem.