Tuesday, January 7, 2014

there's no such thing as "locking jaws"


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

maybe a dog expert would like to explain this video.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a dog expert, but I bet I can guess what the expert would say...

For the first vid, there was a thunderstorm earlier in the day.

For the second video, it was the cat's fault.

For the third video, the pit bull had just been neutered.

For the forth, there are too many examples to come up with excuses, I mean, reasons. So I'll just use the blanket statement, "Punish the deed, not the breed!"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

woops, i meant to say this FIRST video.

but i like your explanations.

Alexandra said...

The explanation for all these videos is that the 'humane' societies, the 'animal protection' societies, and the 'dog protection' charities have all decided that humaneness is to be reserved for gripper bulldogs, that only gripper bulldogs are animals, and that only gripper bulldogs are real dogs.

According to them, all other animals exist only to be sacrificed to the gripper bulldog. I will bet you the only video they find hard to watch is the first one, where the sacrifice is another gripper bulldog.

Anonymous said...

And that first one is the only one I can bear to watch. What's the slogan of many pit lover? If it ain't pit, it ain't shit. Well mine is If its pit, I don't give a shit. I no more care about two pits killing each other than I do two serial killers taking each other out. Good riddance.

Packhorse said...

I recently overheard the nutter coworker state that they couldn't stand gory movies or horror novels. I remember thinking that I certainly hope that your pets never turn on. I'm thinking this person would stand there like a deer in the headlights.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's almost funny. when i delve deeper into nutters i very often find people obsessed with tattoos, death, zombies, gore, horror movies, domestic abuse, S&M (legal domestic assault), heavy metal music like HATE BREED, etc etc etc. it seems to me that that these nutters can't get enough of violence and gore, so they get a pit bull.

Branwyne Finch said...

For an animal lover, those videos are devastating to watch. Just devastating. I couldn't finish watching the cat one. I did notice that the pit bull owner was kicking the cat, and not his dog, in an attempt to dislodge it from the dog's mouth.

A sociopath and a coward. Disgusting.

This is why I support mandatory micro-chipping, mandatory insurance coverage, and mandatory spay and neuter of pit bull dogs.

orangedog said...

"This is why I support mandatory micro-chipping, mandatory insurance coverage, and mandatory spay and neuter of pit bull dogs."

*And their owners


Rumpelstiltskin said...

Pit bulls doing what they were bred to do!

Dawn, "it seems to me that that these nutters can't get enough of violence and gore, so they get a pit bull."

Pit nutters enjoy the drama and violence pit bulls bring with them. Something they can casually chat about with other pit nutters. Spewing the stories of how their pit bull turned a public sidewalk into a bloody mess in a matter of minutes and how it was the victims fault. Then laugh like a cackling hen.

Packhorse said...

This is a different type of nutter.

The middle class person sucked into the vortex of lies.

Just like any other dog.
All in how you raise 'em.
Look at these snapshots of pits licking babies on Facebook.

You almost feel sorry for them, there is a huge lobby out there egging them on and they don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of pit nutters educating us that there's no such thing as locking jaws. Okay, but how do you explain what pits do? They don't let go. If us regular people want to describe it as locking jaws, don't argue the point. There are no keys involved. It's a loose term. When a jet fighter locks onto a target, do we say they're not actually locked on? It's not meant to be literal. DUH!

anon said...

So what are the tail wags for in these videos? Is it because the dogs are concentrating? Or because they like what they're doing?

There are many reasons I don't let my cat outside, and pit bulls are near the top of the list. I'm pretty sure that biologically, there's no such thing as locking jaws on any breed. However, once a pit bull bites, it sure doesn't want to let go. Also: "You gaiz these videos were taken from far away we don't even know theyre pitbulls jeez!"

staceyjw said...

I can't even watch them, other than the first one. Makes me sick and angry to think of poor innocents getting mauled. I don't think many of the owners of these dogs realize what a killing actually looks like. Some may take pride in their violent reputation without having seen an attack. It's abstract until you experience it.

The ones that have seen it and still keep the grippers ars sociopaths. They would have to be. If you can witness this stuff and do anything but kill the gripper stat, you are a sick person.

scorched earth said...

I may be wrong. but it appeared to me that in the first video a man in a blue shirt offered up a black cat to the grippers to separate them. I never saw the creature escape.

And pitters wonder why they are despised?

Packhorse said...

Here it is...the completed "Bloodlines"!


Everybody pit up
Everybody pit up
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

If you can't hear what I'm trying to say
If you can't read from my Facebook page
Maybe I'm losing breath
Maybe I'm close to death
Maybe I'm out of my mind
Everybody pit up!

OK this Cesar guy, tried to domesticate you
But you're a fighting dog, baby, it's in your nature
Just let me liberate you
Hey, hey, hey
You don't need ped papers
Hey, hey, hey
‘Cause God is not your maker

And that's why books say “I’m a good dog”
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You're a “good dog”
Can't let you get past me
Your leash is plastic
Talk about getting blasted!

Look at these bloodlines!
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you're a “good dog”
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me
Everybody pit up

What do they make chains for?
When pit dogs say “game on”
What do we need crates for?
You the gamest bitch in this place!
I feel so lucky
Hey, hey, hey
You wanna thrill me
Hey, hey, hey
What rhymes with thrill me?
Hey, hey, hey

OK this Cesar guy, tried to domesticate you
But you're a fighting dog, baby, it's in your nature
Just let me liberate you
Hey, hey, hey
You don't need ped papers
Hey, hey, hey
‘Cause God is not your maker

And that's why books say “I’m a good dog”
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You're a “good dog”
Can't let you get past me
Your leash is plastic
Talk about gettin’ blasted!
Look at these bloodlines!
I know you want it
Look at them lines
I know you want it
Look at them lines
I know you want it
But you're a “good dog”
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me

One thing I ask you
Let me be the one you feed your cats to
Yo, eat Maltipoos and Pekepoos
Yeah, had a bitch, but she ain't game as you
So hit me up when you passing through
I’ll sell you bulldogs big enough to tear your ass in two
Dine, dash, and walk away casual
I mean it's almost unbearable
That Honeybunch game bred pit line
With my hard bite bitch you pay me by
Nothing like your last dog, he too square for you
He don’t bite your ass and leave a tear like that
So I jail watch, and wait to release this brute
Just like Michael Vick
Not many women can refuse pit pimpin'
With a nice dog you don't get it confused

Shake your jaws, get down, get up
You like to hurt, like to hurt
But that's your type’s work

Lady, can you breathe?
She’s got you by your trachea
You'll have to look for me
On that site Dogsbite Decatur
No more pretending
Hey, hey, hey
Your genes are winning
Hey, hey, hey
The fight’s beginning

I always wanted a good dog
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You're a “good dog”
Can't let you get past me
Your leash is plastic
Talk about getting’ blasted!
Look at these bloodlines!
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you're a “good dog”
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me
Everybody pit up!
Everybody pit up!
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

DubV said...

Guy just walked up to me while I was shoveling snow. His exact words:

"Hi. Have you seen a brindle pit bull running around? His name is Charlie and is nice and doesn't bite. He jumped out of my backyard fence."

At least he was honest about it being a pit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"At least he was honest about it being a pit. "

possible explanations.
1) the pit hasn't bitten anyone, yet.

2) the pit has bitten but that is the nutter's dirty little secret that he will cling to until the moment the pit's biting history becomes public knowledge.

april 29 said...

Not long after our attack a woman drove up to my property and asked if I had seen a lost dog. She told a complicated story about her lost dog, boxer mix as I recall. She happened to get out of the house "by accident" and was wearing a muzzle. When I asked about the muzzle I was assured that the muzzle was to prevent barking, her dog did not bite. She pulled out a photo and handed it to me, a pit bull of course. Handed the photo back without remark. I checked with animal control a bit later and was told that the dog had a history and the muzzle was ordered if she wanted to keep the dog in town. Shocked, simply shocked that she lied. *eye roll *

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Lab mix, boxer mix, and bulldog are code words for pit bulls.

If someone uses the term bulldog to describe their pit bull, it usually means they have some dog fighting knowledge.

Alexandra said...

Packhorse, I disagree a little about the middle class nutters. I know a few. They're as full of holier-than-thou (ie, passive aggression) as any of the trashy lion tamer types. They're just as much into proving how special they are, just as happy to see how scared everyone is of their mauler so they can play wise and superior by contrast. When their pit bull attacks something, they're taken aback for a moment -- but they figure out why it was the victim's own fault just as breathtakingly quickly as any openly trashy nutter.

Even the ones that don't own a pit bull but just play superior wisdom if the subject comes up. If you contradict them, if you say 'nope, they're dangerous at all times and it's in the genes' -- you see this micro-emotion of anger flash across their face. Anger so ugly it's scary.

I don't think it's because they believe the lies. There are thousands of subjects we might believe a lie about, but not get so emotional, so ugly angry, if someone contradicts it. There's something else going on, some dark venomous side that's identical in all of them no matter the exterior of the nutter.

Just telling my own experience here.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

If you find yourself in DubV’s position, here are a few fun answers to the question: "Hi. Have you seen a brindle pit bull running around?"

Maybe. Was he about as big as the hole I'm digging?
Are you offering a reward? If so, does it have to be alive without a lot of dirt on it?
Yep, he was here. If you find him can you bring back my arrow and broadhead?
That sounds like the one, but can you come back after I finish an oil change and roll the wheel off him?
Oh, because I'm Korean you think I know where your pit bull is? (Cover your mouth and burp while staring into their eyes.)
What a coincidence; some neighbors were just here with baseball bats looking for the owner of a brindle pit bull.
Tell ya what... For whatever your skull and knees are worth in cash, maybe I won't tell the neighbors I might have seen you, might have gotten your picture on my security camera, and might know where you live. Capiche?
Make a megaphone with your hands and yell toward your house, "Honey, can you look out back and see if the pit bull we poisoned is dead yet?"
Did you say brindle? Did it have a patch of white above the nose and a brown collar? (They excitedly answer yes.) Nope, haven't seen one like that. (Go back to rinsing off your garden tools and hatchet.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"What a coincidence; some neighbors were just here with baseball bats looking for the owner of a brindle pit bull."


Small Survivors said...

"Are you offering a reward? If so, does it have to be alive without a lot of dirt on it?"


Anonymous said...

What makes you think I'VE seen your pit bull? This tutu HAPPENS to belong to me!

Packhorse said...

When I search "craven desires" on Google, a new article come up stating "Pit bull hate groups are a KKK for dogs." Wow. If they want to see some real terrorism against animals, they need to watch the videos above, or the hundred like them. And of course, horribly offensive that dog breeds are compared to human races. I'm guessing the article was written by a privileged white person.

Anyway, Sputnik--that is a good point. The fact that this person feels the need to defend their dogs in the way of owners of no other dogs, proves there's something else going on there.

april 29 said...

LOL Dude!!!!

Anonymous said...


I googled Craven, and saw what you were talking about. I'm not about to grace that site with my presence by clicking the link. I love how the little snippet that shows up on google states, "Aug 4, 2013 - The ol' grandmaw of pit bull hate groups is Craven Desires, a web blog that near gleefully awaits news of any pit bull looking dog attack to post."

Pit bull looking dog? How about straight up pit bulls. Why is it that any pit bull looking dog always leaves the same calling card?

And comparing Craven to the KKK. REALLY? Pit nutters really can't let the whole racist thing go. Even though dogs are not part of the human race, and can't possibly be discriminated against.

Miss Margo said...

Examiner is a whale turd at the bottom of the internet media ocean (and that is an insult to the noble whale). It makes HuffPo look like The Economist or Harper's.

Cindy Marabito is the lying fraudster (and very poor writer) who claimed Darla Napora died from falling off a ladder, rather than being eaten by her own pit bull.

I cannot believe that the Examiner.com kept her on after telling that whopper. I mean, what a whopper! That's not just shoddy fact-checking...that's making shit up. Out of thin air. Maybe Cindy Marabito missed her true calling. She should have been an alchemist and turned rocks into gold.

I was a journalist for my college's rinky-dink student newspaper. They would have terminated me on the spot for that stunt, and issued a public retraction in the next issue. Just goes to show you what sort of "periodical" publishes Maributo's stuff.

DubV said...

LOL, Dude.

That list of responses is classic and makes me miss your input here.

I looked at the KKK article. It's one by Cindy Marabito, 'nuff said.

She was the pusher of the ladder conspiracy around the Napora death.

Miss Margo said...

ohhhh, SadFalada, you got a shout-out in the photo credits!

YOU'RE FAMOUS! Wetting your pants with joy and excitement, I'm sure.

Seriously, though, how does this fucking hack even have a platform on a website that isn't her own or a pit nutter forum/blog? Doesn't Examiner know how offensive the KKK-comparison is?

It's conjecture on my part, but I bet you anything they don't pay her for her "work."

scorched earth said...

It is my understanding that Maribito has been fired from the Examiner.

She was not pleased. I was pleased though.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love all of their negative attention. racist, serial killer, kkk, sociopath, dog killer, pedophile, pimple on a mulatto crack whore's ass.... i love it all. and now i can add "the old grandmaw of pit bull hate groups". when i first started craven desires, i said my goal was to become more hated than colleen, kory, skeldon, goodwin and merritt combined. think i'm there yet?

Meals on Wheels said...


When speaking of pit bulls we all hear the quip,

How pit bulls in fact come with "jaws that can grip",

And though science may prove that there are dogs that are stronger,

And that "locking jaws" is a lie believed by the "fear monger".

What a mute point, when it's rare that those with more powerful jaws,

Are caught with babies or Spaniels in the grip of their maws.

The bite has enough power to suffice,

To swing with its body with the grip of its vice,

To put a ton of raging bull in it's place,

To break bones, and chain link, and tear up a face.

When the bored butchers who were from Hockey-Hole banned,

Decided "Animal Husbandry, Let me try my hand!"

To Bull-bitch who had the most powerful bite,

Was bred to the Terrier who did take a delight,

In the torture of rats. He was plucky, and daring, it seemed he carried a grudge,

His mind was locked on the task, from it would not budge,

He would willingly give his own life to the fray,

In delighting his owner, he would always obey,

But the "obey", was the key

To the LOCK D.N.A.

And when the two dogs united,
The result was this "spawn",

You can never be sure when the key opes to ON.

The breeders were thugs, not to be trusted,

Who delighted in bloodsport, in bloodshed they lusted,

And they continued to breed, Terriers to Bulls,

Do you trust that these men followed rules,

Of ethics, like breeding a son to his mother,


Bulldog and Terrier, alone each has their place,

But united, their spawn is of the demon race.

A uniting that opened a Pandora's Box,

And it seems we can not find the keys to those locks.

And today, there are locks all over the place,

Locking eyes, locking will:
You can't stop it with mace.

But the ones who would own them, you'd think they have the key,

But they're as locked on LIES of their advocacy.

Their minds are locked to keep things as they're going,

And until a key is found, the blood will be flowing.

Anonymous said...

Thrilling! Maybe I can start buying my wine in a bigger box!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent meals!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Seriously, though, how does this fucking hack even have a platform on a website that isn't her own or a pit nutter forum/blog? "

that's the $64,000 question

jdolangreen said...

This just effing makes me sick :(

Anonymous said...

Oops! Did she try the muzzle n' ladder routine at the wrong office party?

Jason said...

Pit bull continues to ‘hang on’ after death

ALTON, Ill. — An Alton police officer shot and killed a pit bull after the dog attacked another officer while they was arresting a suspect in a shooting.

Police had to pry the dead dog's jaws off officer Jonathan Lukowski's leg after the animal was killed.

Police say officers investigating a report of a shootout between two people at a home Tuesday returned to that residence Thursday to arrest a suspect.

Police were leaving the property when the pit bull bit into Lukowski's thigh before clamping down on one of his ankles. Another officer shot the dog four times, killing it.

Lukowski received 10 stitches to his thigh.

Source: Associated Press, March 12, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Super, Meals! Brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Always great stuff!

GetraerGirl said...

What a sick site this is! You are a bunch of scaremongering bigots! And there is no animal more dangerous or destructive than the human animal!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see the pit freaks have weighed in, with their usual insightful, thought-provoking analysis of the situation. (Nah, just kiddin')

Seriously though, where the fuck do these people come from? They see what these mutants do, and they start calling names - not at the people who are causing this nightmare, but at those of us who want to try and bring this horror show to an end...

Jake said...

Interestingly, Elidh Somerville @ 417 doesn't seem to realize that she's making our point for us.

Man is indeed a "dangerous and destructive animal" and created pit bulls as an extension of his cruelty and depravity.

Judging from your apparent level of intellect, you probably believe that pit bulls were originally "nanny dogs", but little do you know that bull dogs were created and bred for hundreds of years, not to baby sit, but to torture large, sentient, feeling mammals for the amusement of the dog men in the old UK. A pack of bull dogs would happily torture a de-clawed bear or a de-horned bull. When this barbaric practice was outlawed in 1835, the sadistic animal abusers needed a new thrill. So they let the mutants tear each other apart in the fighting pit, and as they continued to breed and select for gameness, insensitivity to pain, and an unwillingness to stop the torture regardless of what the victim did, they added a bit of terrier, to make a more compact torturer.

Thus was created the pit bull terrier, aka the staffordshire terrier. dog fighters brought the staffy to the new world and dubbed it the "american" staffordshire terrier. Today an AKC registered amstaff can be registered with the UKC as an apbt. Whatever you call them, they are descendants of the livestock torturers of the old UK, and their genetics continue to drive their behavior, as they attack, torture and kill innocent animals every day, as well as maiming or killing more Americans than all other breeds combined.

And then people like this spend their time promoting these torturers of the innocent, and persecuting their victims. SMH.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

bigoted |ˈbigətid|
having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

exactly jake. pit bulls are proof that humans are dangerous and destructive.

GetraerGirl said...

What a load of nonsense! A bigot is someone who is overly partial to their own views and the views of their peers. Is that not what you lot are? I might as well add hypocrites to the mix as well. I have looked through more than a few of the blogs on this site and some of the comments from Pit haters are beyond reproach. You are no better than the people and dogs you are condemning. What with the often foul language, the advocating of genocides and the fact that you are just full of hate. There are loads of Pit Bull advocates who would NEVER stoop that low! You also harp on about all those attacks being unprovoked. How do you know that they weren't? Are you psychics now? You completely disregard EVERYTHING that dog experts and owners say and call them idiots, morons or whatever 'clever' adjective springs to your hate filled little minds. You will also disregard the FACT that millions of American Pit Bull Terriers and other Pit Bull types go through their lives NEVER harming anyone! Here in Scotland there have been cases of people injecting their Staffordshire Bull Terriers with heroin to make them aggressive. If those dogs were such monsters to begin with then why would they need heroin to be aggressive? Why do the Pit Bull owners who fight their dogs or use them to intimidate others starve their dogs, keep them chained up and beat them up? Surely those dogs wouldn't need such treatment to be aggressive! Additionally, in the UK anyway, a dog does NOT have to be an APBT to be deemed a Pit Bull type. If a dog conforms to certain measurements, then the dog will be deemed an illegal type and will more than likely be seized and killed. These can be dogs such as a LabxBoxer or a LabxPointer or some other mix that would produce a medium/large sized chunky dog with a squarish head and barrelled chest. That's BSL for you! And don't you think that there are much safer breeds out there. In the UK, you are more likely to be bitten by a Lab than by a Stafford! More often than not I have seen more out-of-control Labs while walking my dogs (a Greyhound and Lurcher) than badly behaved Staffies. There are loads of Staffies around, but on my hundreds of walks I have never seen a fight or attack. In fact a stray/escaped-from-house Staffie followed my (then only) dog and I for about a couple of miles. That dog was one of the most respectful dogs I have come across. He gently sniffed my dog and hardly invaded the space of my dog or my own. He mostly kept a respectful distance from him and me. Once we had completed our walk, he turned around and went back the way we had came. He had plenty of time to 'turn nasty' and attack my dog and I, but he didn't! I have also slept with several Staffies and never had my throat ripped out or anything like that! As for Pit Bulls being 'man made'. Just about every breed of dog has been bred by man! If APBTs and dogs like them were wiped out, then what are the dog fighters and those that keep status dogs going to do next? They will turn to OTHER breeds and do the exact same to them! They will keep on doing that until they can only get their hands on the 'safer breeds' like your could-never-do-anything-wrong Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

GetraerGirl said...

Forgot to say that a dog doesn't even have to bite to land somebody in hospital. Years ago, while walking a friend's dog, my Gran was pulled over and smashed her face on the ground. One side of her face was bloodied and she had a huge gash that would not stop bleeding. She ended up being hospitalized. The same dog also bit her quite badly. She bore the scars from the fall and the bite until she passed away. The breed of the dog? A Jack Russell! In the UK there was a case of a Jack Russell killing a baby. Quite recently there was a another case of a West Highland White Terrier badly mauling a small girl. I can also remember reading about a woman who had to have multiple limb amputations following a Chihuahua bite!

Packhorse said...

Yes, the horrifying Chihuahua bite. If this story is indeed true, (links please?) the amputations would have to have resulted from sepsis infection, which would have been a very extreme and unusual reaction. Few if any breeds can amputate limbs with their mouths and muscles in the fashion of the pit bull type.

Anonymous said...

" and have never had my throat ripped out or anything like that!"

Thank you for giving my hate filled little mind a genuine good laugh! Your work here is done.


Anonymous said...

Heroin makes dogs aggressive? It just puts my Chihuahua into naptime. I still have all my limbs!

Anonymous said...

Eilidh Somerville,

Thank you so much for sharing your personal happy experiences with pit bulls. Gosh, you're so full of love. You, along with all of your other pit bull lovers, have nothing but nice things to say about the lovely breed in which you speak. They're just like regular dogs, right? RIGHT?! Thank you for pointing out that little dogs cause just as much damage as pit bulls. It makes me feel so much better! Comparing a bite to a full on mauling, it's the same exact thing! I'd much rather take on a pit bull, than a chihuahua. I could literally stomp on a pit bull, and those pesky chihuahuas can only be stopped with bullets. Here I thought I had a firm grasp on reality, hating on pit bulls, when it should really be various other harmless dogs. What was I thinking? Oh, I know, I wasn't. Thank you for showing me the light! I have been saved! I'll leave my pepper spray and knife at home from now on! I'll just let those lovable pit bulls do their thing, which is of course, licking me to death! I HEART PIT BULLS NOW THANK YOU EILIDH!

GetraerGirl said...

More snippy and sarcastic comments I see. How does that not surprise me? Oh and I make these comments as someone who has NEVER had an APBT or Staffie. Although I have had a lot of positive experiences with both breeds.

GetraerGirl said...

And at least I am using my real name. I don't like hiding behind an anonymous username! You really cannot accept the FACT that millions (no doubt) of those 'devil dogs' have gone through their lives never harming anyone, can you?

Packhorse said...

"No, there is no evidence that if pit bulls were unavailable, some other type of dog would be comparably exploited. Dogfighters have been trying to produce more dangerous dogs for centuries. No breed not closely resembling a pit bull and derived from essentially the same lineage has ever succeeded as a fighting dog."


DubV said...

Well, if you say so Eilidh!

You make a compelling case and do make me feel like a dog bigot.

I think you and your ilk deserve more credit for introducing the whole idea that humans can be racists towards dogs (I'm sure you meant racist when you wrote bigot). You've really revolutionized an entire area of philosophy and ethics with that one. Kudos.

DubV said...

"And at least I am using my real name."

The above is actually a type of passive-aggressive threat.

It's like a pit bull commenting to the sheltie about what a wimp he looks like behind that protective fence his owner has erected to keep the pit bull out.

DubV said...

Eilidh, we've heard and deconstructed before everything that you wrote in your wall of text.

In Scotland, do keyboards come with an Enter and/or Tab key?

What you think is our inability to address your points is just (at least in my case) a form of "battle fatigue" to these things that has come from addressing the same bad arguments many times.

I've never witnessed a pit advocate benefit intellectually from having their ass handed to them, so I doubt you'll be an exception.

I just want this to percolate in your mind and upset your confidence in your advocacy:

All the regulars here can see exactly what is wrong with how you are reasoning, but you can't see it. Why is that?

april 29 said...

Eiligh, You have freely admitted that you have no personal experience with bully breed dogs other than that you have not been savaged by one in public.

You preach tolerance to victims here. Our lives have been changed by pit bull attacks. Some of us arm ourselves with personal protection products just to go out in our communities and deal with the peaceful details of our personal lives. Some stay inside our homes to avoid menacing bully breed dogs. Does this sound like a good thing to you?

Your baseless personal opinion has no impact on our personal experiences. Preach somewhere else. Find a blog where victims of Yorkie attacks converse, or Poodle victims share their thoughts, or Irish Setter victims, those who have had a life changing experience with Pugs. It may be difficult to find these venues but given your fervor I think you can manage it.

Anonymous said...

How about this Eilidh, I'll accept that millions (no doubt) of the devil dogs didn't harm anyone in 2013, if you accept that 25 pit bulls killed innocent people, including children, babies, and senior citizens, in America, just last year alone. That's not including pit bull mixes or other dangerous breeds. That doesn't include people that were injured, nor companion animals that were hurt or killed.


P.S. It's always interesting to me that pit bull advocates can only relate to pit bulls being eradicated through BSL, as if it's some terrible witch hunt. When BSL is meant to grandfather in existing pit bulls, but with more stringent rules to protect everyone else. Furthermore, the rest of us have had to endure our pets being attacked and/or killed because a pit bull's DNA kicked in. But we don't get a say, because "we're haters."

DubV said...

1. Eilidh admits no experience with American Staffies or American Pit Bull Terriers.

2. She admits that she has never seen one attack.

Now, would you ask someone's opinion on attacks by a breed when they are mostly familiar with only a related breed and have not witnessed an attack?

Also, when it comes to safety of humans and non-human animals, I don't get why the opinion of those that only work with dogs should have such primacy. Don't you think a dog trainer might be a little biased towards dogs? Don't you think since they make their living attempting to adjust the nurture component that they might downplay how important genetics might be?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Here in Scotland there have been cases of people injecting their Staffordshire Bull Terriers with heroin to make them aggressive."

eilidh, if you truly believe that, you would be the absolute dumbest pit nutter ever. seriously, think about that statement. the only way that heroin could possibly make mutants aggressive is if the mutants became addicted to it and then the scottish psychopaths stopped injecting them and forced them into withdrawal. omg, this is even more ridiculous than "forced to eat gun powder to make them mean" myth. and you wonder why we resort to sarcasm. sometimes, it is the only suitable response to you idiots.

when i come across a website that i view with such horror and disdain, i do not spend two hours telling them what is wrong with their opinion. i collect the evidence and share it with everyone. my favorite example can be viewed HERE.

i am still waiting for some enterprising nutter to get their emotions under control, strap on their logical thinking cap and do that to me.

last night as i was collecting incriminating evidence on yet another lying pit nutter, i was once again reminded why they resort to the racist argument. pit nutters MUST elevate the debate to the level of lying to the nazis to save anne frank. it is the only way they justify the lies.

" Gosh, you're so full of love."


"You preach tolerance to victims here."

eiligh preaches tolerance while exercising intolerance.

"Some of us arm ourselves with personal protection products just to go out in our communities and deal with the peaceful details of our personal lives."

some of us (ME) must arm ourselves to use our own backyards.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i second DubV's comment about paragraph breaks. i made it to heroin and stopped. the crazy logic is hard enough on the brain, don't make it hard on the eyes too. makes me wonder if subconsciously nutters are engaging in this behavior because they know most sane people will give up and then the nutter can claim victory over the debate even if that victory only exists in their pea brains.

GetraerGirl said...

DubV: My reasoning? It is that I can actually acknowledge that ALL sizes of dogs can be dangerous! Small dogs are perfectly capable of doing serious damage to and killing young children! They can even pull fully grown adults over as evidenced by what happened to my Gran. They can even kill an adult if they happen to nick an artery and are also capable of leaving permanent scarring. Also evidenced by that Jack Russell biting my Gran. I am SICK of you people advocating genocides and your utterly preposterous belief that every person who has a Bull Terrier is an idiot. You are completely close minded and will not listen to ANYTHING coming from the other side. I can admit that in the wrong hands an APBT can be dangerous and so can a Labrador, a Dalmatian, a Spaniel or a Collie. There are also loads of reasons (yes they are real and not made up) as to why a dog can suddenly 'turn' or bite/attack after being a good natured dog for x-number of years. There are medical reasons, a change of circumstances in the home, rough handling/abuse from a child, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor socialisation, etc. Those things can also be applicable to humans and can explain changes of behaviour in them too. This site also sickens me in that it supports other sites/blogs that are anti-dog in general. There is one that actually makes light of dogs dying after being killed maliciously by humans or ones that die in accidents. Another doesn't see anything wrong with dogs being used in experiments and has an extremely long list of things that EVERY person who has a dog should do. These include debarking and declawing dogs and that dogs should be mindless robots that are always silent and that they mustn't ever be socialised with visitors. I am sorry, but it is beyond belief! And there is NO such thing as a dog with locking jaws. That myth has been scientifically debunked!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

again, no paragraph breaks. oh well. just further evidence of the nutter inability to learn.

keep on blathering edith. and i will keep on not reading.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

or maybe she continues to do this on purpose. evidence of her psychopathy.

GetraerGirl said...

Anonymous: 25 people have been killed by APBT's in America last year. How many THOUSANDS have been killed by other people? What about all the kids that get away with heinous crimes like murder and rape? They might not get away with those things in America, but they certainly do in the UK. And if you were to be attacked by somebody from Japan or Germany, then are you going to also hate every single German and Japanese person? That is applying the exact same logic! To whoever it was that said I don't have experience with Bull Terriers. That is garbage as I never said that. What I did say is that I have never had one, but have had plenty of experience with friends dogs and others in rescues. If you wish to lambast me, then at least spell my name properly. It is Eilidh - not eiligh!

GetraerGirl said...

I really am not surprised by your relies. You complain about my grammar, then go onto exercise appalling grammar yourselves. By that I mean not using capitals and then you can't be bothered to spell my name correctly. It's either that or you are mocking it. Now you are calling me a psychopath. Oh well, it just goes to show that you really are a narrow minded bunch of hypocrites and will NEVER listen to any sort of reason.

Packhorse said...

Uh, it should be instantly obvious that dogs are not comparable to human nationalities and ethnic groups. Dogs are carefully selected and inbred by human owners to produce desired traits--whether that's the smashed-in nose of the pug or the "dead game" fighting style of the pit bull.

Your comparison is both nonsensical and offensive.

Anonymous said...


Since you're not accepting that 25 people were killed by pit bulls last year, I will not accept that millions (no doubt) of the devil dogs did no harm.

You are coming across as hysterical about a breed of dog that's designed to kill. Killing is what it does, and killing is what we have a problem with. How are we hypocrites, when you're not acknowledging the death pit bulls inflicted last year? You want to change the subject to how many people were killed by other people. Good one! That is a valid argument! Let's deflect reality with a dose of "Look over there! Terrible things are happening, that makes what pit bulls do OKAY!"


april 29 said...

Eilidh, when you accuse those who comment on this blog of being anti dog you have made a fool of yourself. Of course you had that going for you prior to your most recent bout of blather.

We are not hypocrites we are public safety advocates. Please bother victims of some other breed with your hysteria.

Anonymous said...

The perniciousnes of pit bulls lies in their unpredictability, as well as the relentless havoc of their attack. I work in a dog-care field, have not been bitten many times, but bites are always a quick munch or two, and release. It's a communication, not an intention to destroy. Take a look at the Brazilian man (video) having his arm liesurely purverized by his fat, sleek pitbull. It goes on for minutes. The dog is not frenzied, it is workmanlike. The pavement is a lake of blood. There are other videos, worse, if possible.
Sure, talk to us about bites.We who have been witness or subject to pit bull bites. (Hey! Ouch!) Are psychologically mauled. Or permanently disfigured.
These dogs don't need provocation, and once started on their hideous path are incredibly difficult to stop, gnawing, flailing and tearing chunks from their living victims till life is gone.

Anonymous said...

Elidh - you completely miss the point when you make the claim that there are no problems or risk with any pit bulls, apart than the 27 or so that managed to torture someone to death.

Just because a pit bull hasn't tortured a human to death doesn't mean it hasn't caused great harm. There were over 570 disfiguring or fatal pit bull attacks on Americans last year, including a few cases where a well treated pit bull chewed its owners arms off. This is really disturbing news for any sane, compassionate person, but you sociopaths shrug it off, make excuses, blame the victims, and keep playing your games.

What's worse, your hypocritical insistence on spreading dangerous misinformation and promoting these torturer dogs has cased much suffering of innocent animals.

Last year, pit bulls tortured and killed some 30,000 innocent animals - far more than all other breeds combined. Chihuahuas killed zero, and yet you claim they are the deadly ones.

It takes either a special kind of stupid, or a special form of mental illness to play the game you're playing here.

Packhorse said...

You believe that pit bulls must be trained or abused to be vicious. All of the attack victims--do you honestly believe that these dogs were "trained" to attack the owners' children or even the owners themselves?

Watch one of the countless attack videos. In many cases, the owner is beating the dog, punching it in the face, even kicking it in the genitals to try and make it let go. Why isn't this "trained" dog obeying its owner?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

edith, just like gripping dogs, there is more to psychopathy than you realize.

packhorse, these poor misunderstood wiggle butts were merely trying to get their fix.

april 29 is so adept at the polite smack down. i wish i could be that civil.

scorched earth said...

Don't you just love pitters who get huffy about racism and use horrid racist comments to explain how they hate racism?

Note to Eilidh, dogs don't have races. Dogs are purpose bred. Pit bulls are bred for an activity that is so violent that it is a felony in all 50 American states and probably in your country too. The criteria for inclusion into the pit bull breed/type was the desire and ability to attack unprovoked and to continue that behavior until death occurs. This is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Eilidh, you come from the land of Border Collies, don't ya?

Don't a lot of Border Collies obsessively want to herd anything that moves?

If you don't know the answer to that, please find a BC breeder and ask them.

Also, since they've been breed for generations to work closely with shepherds, don't they also possess above average intelligence and "biddability" to allow them to learn their jobs?

Go ahead, as the BC breeder that too.

Bet you'll find out that the breeding of a Border Collie has a lot of influence on its temperament and behavior.

Now, can you extrapolate what you've learned about Border Collies to other breeds?

Go ahead, look up extrapolate. I'll wait.

Now, Border Collies live to herd, Jack Russells love to kill rats (and similar small things), Labradors fetch and immerse themselves in any puddle they can find and pit bulls... well, since they were bred pit fighting, often fighting to the death without provocation, they love to be nanny dogs, right?

Anonymous said...

In your country, Eilidh, a young man is caught on surveillance tape in a train station. He's accompanied by a pit bull who is taped attacking a guide dog who is in harness. The pit holds down the prostate, helpless victim with one leg like a well,practiced rapist as he assaults the kind and good hearted service dog, who crumples and endures. The prick finally gets his creature off and continues on his way as the wounded service dog staggers back to her person. Pit bull person never looks back. You must be as authoritarian about your UK fellows as you are about your native breed. Opinions? Excuses? Explanations? The provocation, perhaps? Please do tell.Pit lovers are equally loathesome no more matter their location. Why is that?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

A few years back I watched a pit bull dog fighting documentary and a good portion of the documentary was about a pit bull breeder in either Scotland or Ireland. Some of the things this pit bull breeder said while on hidden camera were rather revealing. It also shows how easy it was, at that time, for pit bull breeders to smuggle/export pit bulls into all of Europe and the USA.

Raging psychopath Eilidh, how can you make such statements as dog fighting seems to be prolific in your country?

Eilidh, you need to get off the "it's all in how you raise them" bandwagon. I read most of your rant and it's just babbling nonsense which contradicts science and genetics.

Pit bulls are fighting breed dogs and for that fact alone, makes them problematic at best. If you understood breeding and genetics, you'd shut your trap and put your pit dog down for the sake of your neighbors and their pets. If you were truly disgusted at the thought of dog fighting, you'd not be here promoting pit bull dogs.

You are attempting to sell your pit bull propaganda to people who know better. You're not fooling anyone but yourself.

DubV said...

"i second DubV's comment about paragraph breaks. i made it to heroin and stopped. the crazy logic is hard enough on the brain, don't make it hard on the eyes too. makes me wonder if subconsciously nutters are engaging in this behavior because they know most sane people will give up and then the nutter can claim victory over the debate even if that victory only exists in their pea brains."

My feeling is that paragraph breaks are usually used to break arguments and texts into subunits that are connected but somewhat distinct and leading to some point.

When you are just spouting off one thing after another with not apparent underlying strategy, then the idea to make paragraphs likely doesn't enter the mind.

Still, if they at least broke their posts into chunks of a few sentences each then they at least be easier to read through.

DubV said...

"Small dogs are perfectly capable of doing serious damage to and killing young children! They can even pull fully grown adults over as evidenced by what happened to my Gran."

And lighting a fart can conceivably light a christmas tree nearby on fire and kill everyone in the house.

You should realize the difference between "can" (is possible) versus statements of what are most likely.

Don't be too dismayed, even the AVMA uses this trick, and they should know better.

GetraerGirl said...

So my comments are now offensive, they are fuelled by hysteria, my name is still being mocked, only APBT owners fail to acknowledge their dogs attacking service dogs and there are more absurd things that I shall try to address. Since you are public safety servants, then do you also campaign to have dangerous kids and other humans removed from the streets? Do you campaign to ban all forms of motorizied transport? Heck, do you even campaign to have other things that might be dangerous eradicated? After all humans and vehicles are responsible for far more deaths and injuries than dogs! Kids are also at more risk from their own parents than by dogs. What next? Ban parenting? You ridicule me for going 'off topic', but I suppose you don't like me putting things into perspective do you? I guess you find find my comments offensive because I dare to equate dogs to humans. There is no evidence to prove that one species is more important than another by-the-way. And don't try to tell me that humans are more intelligent because intelligence and importance are NOT one and the same! We are all animals and are all a result of genetics. Some people are more predisposed to being violent and aggressive because of their genetic make-up and the same applies to dogs (from every breed). Of course there are other factors such as upbringing and medical issues. My 'hysteria' is coming from KNOWING that there is good and bad from all walks of life. To say that every single dog from a particular breed is bad just because some of them have attacked is absolutely preposterous. That is hysteria! And to Rumpelstiltskin: You are one rude entity what with telling me to 'shut my trap' and calling me a 'raging psychopath' then telling me to kill my Pit! Well I most certainly would NOT if I had one! You genocidal maniacs aren't exactly showing yourselves in a good light are you? And yes you are hypocrites. You are berating me for things that you are every bit as guilty of yourselves! DubV: I notice you are not criticisiing your buddies for their poor spelling and grammar. Funny that! As for those dog fighting documentaries. They are mostly made for the shock factor - that's what programme makers do. Nasty snarling dogs are going to get more ratings and sell more papers than a sweet Pit wanting a belly rub. Mind you if I were to present irrefutable proof that NOT every APBT is a vicious dog, you still wouldn't believe me. You are far too obsessed with your hate fuelled, vindictive, hypocritical, bigoted, hysterical, narrow minded, downright nasty in general ramblings.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Eilidh, your comments are offensive, but more importantly, your beliefs and the way you express them shows signs of manufactured outrage and psychopathy. But they'll just call you crazy or psycho. I'll just call you a raging psychopath.

If you watched the videos of pit bulls doing what they do best, what they were bred for, you should be outraged at that, not us.

Eilidh, “Do you campaign to ban all forms of motorizied transport?”

No Eilidh, we do not campaign to ban all forms of motorized transport. We campaign against the vehicle models which seem to drive fine, then after 30k miles, all of a sudden, the vehicle gets hot and locks onto another vehicle and never lets go causing severe or grave injury to other vehicles who were just minding their own business trying to get from point A to point B.

The pit bull model vehicle's driver gets out, throws his/her hands in the air and says, “Not my fault, it never did that before”, knowing full and well the behavior of the model he chose to own and drive is well known for locking onto other vehicles and not letting go.

Those are the models we campaign against.

And for the record, I said, “shut your trap and put your pit dog down for the sake of your neighbors and their pets.”

But if you want to put your pit dog down “pit bull style”, by all means. I only ask that you make a video of it and post it on Youtube so we can critique your “grip 'n rip” style.

I am concerned for your neighbors. Not only because you own a fighting breed dog, but you are completely ignorant about the breed specific behaviors and potential danger of the breed of dog (aka you pet) you wish to compare to a human being. It would be safer to live next to Michael Vic than your home. At least he knows what a pit bull is. You think your pit bull is your baby, IT IS NOT.

Eilidh, “You genocidal maniacs aren't exactly showing yourselves in a good light are you?”

Definition of GENOCIDE “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, esp. those of a particular ethnic group or nation.”

Throughout your psycho rage here, you continually compare dogs to humans. It bores me.

Eilidh, “As for those dog fighting documentaries. They are mostly made for the shock factor - that's what programme makers do.”

Well Eilidh, I could say the same about pit bull owners and the reason they own pit dogs! I really do think pit bull owners are drama queens and deep down inside, they can't wait for their pit bull to turn a dog park, side walk, or living room into a fighting pit.

And finally, Eilidh, I think you are the hater, not us.

GetraerGirl said...

Rumpelstiltskin, what a load of nonsense! You cannot possibly say that every single Pit and Pit owner is bad. You are beyond reproach for saying that! Next you'll be saying that Barack Obama is a dog fighter because he has spoken out against BSL. You will also be saying that Italian and Dutch authorities are nutters because they were smart enough to realise that BSL does NOT work and lifted their bans on the breed. You most definitely are a HATER! You are FULL of it towards every single Pit, Pit owner and Pit advocate. You cannot help yourself from making derogatory comments about anybody who has the gal to defend the breed. And for the record I do NOT have a Pit! Can you not read? Oh and genocide can only apply to humans? What arrogance!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

You're the one with all the nonsense. I have facts and science to back me up. You have some pathetic anecdotes and propaganda.

It's crazy of you to go on and on about what I am thinking. If you don't own a pit bull dog, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE RAGING AT PEOPLE?

You are crazy. LOL!

I poke fun at you because it's so easy. Yes, I'm guilty! I can't help myself.

I checked 3 sources for the term GENOCIDE and they all involve HUMANS.

Eilidh, YOU are the one changing the definition you stubborn harpy!

GetraerGirl said...

Are all kids like this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQj1S0lcP64





Well, are they? You after all like to post videos and stories of Pits behaving badly then try to tell people all Pits are like that.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Still comparing dogs to humans. You're an idiot.

You need to get educated about genetics and breed specific behavior.

Until you educate yourself and actually understand those concepts, you'll continue looking like the blabbering fool you are.

GetraerGirl said...

Rumpelstiltskin, there you go again with the name calling and your holier than thou attitude. Any impartial person reading this will be able to tell how you are readily proving my points! You might also want to wash your mouth out. After all you wouldn't want a kid to read your comments and think that such language is acceptable. I am furious at this site because most if its members are running a putridly vile hate campaign!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Eilidh, I usually don't throw insults at people, but you've earned it. LOL!

An impartial person reading your comments would agree with me, your elevator does not go to the top floor.

Anonymous said...


You hurl insults as well. You've proclaimed that we're narrow minded, hypocrites, bigoted, and I forget what else. Don't get upset when the insults get flung back at you.

Go find yourself a pro-pit bull site, where you will be accepted, and loved, and share your sick obsession. You will not find it here. We will continue to attack you and your words (much like your devil dogs no doubt), so the sooner you stop typing, and leave this hate filled site for the haters, the sooner you can find your bubble of happiness with your fellow pit bull nutters.


But then again, the fun will be over, so it's hard for me to bid you farewell. Please stay.

Packhorse said...

Are you a vegan? Or do your feelings about the rights of animals only extend to a single type of dog?

Anonymous said...

There is a video on this site in which a pit bull unprovokedly attacks a horse(/mule?) who reacts defensively, giving the relentlessly returning dog plenty of op to escape, then decisively grabs the thing, hurls it to the ground, and kneels to grind into pit paste. It's behaviour, I, an old horse fancier, have never seen. Remarkable courage and concentration. Have you seen the outcomes of similar
bovine/ sheep/ horse/ lama/dog/cat/ baby encounters? They don't need us to hate them, they weren't bred for love and nuturance. And sometimes we find an unexpected hero that goes beyond rude talk.
(Justice Mule)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

grinds them into paste!

STILL no paragraph breaks. what should we deduce from this edith? are you stupid or mean or maybe you just pretend to read our comments?

edith, some books for you:

Evil Genes by Barbara Oakley

The Science of Evil, on Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty by Simon Baron-Cohen

both of these books discuss the neuroscience and the anatomical differences of the brains (genetics) of psychopaths, narcissists and borderlines. spoiler alert! it's not just all how you raise them.

" I am furious at this site because most if its members are running a putridly vile hate campaign! "

i am furious at pit nutters for their naive gullible pit love mongering campaign that scoops up every lost and loose nut in its wake, hence your presence here.
think of this blog as my yin to your yang. thank you for playing and completing the circle.

"An impartial person reading your comments would agree with me, your elevator does not go to the top floor."

rumplestiltskin, you are on fire today but that... oh my!

"But then again, the fun will be over, so it's hard for me to bid you farewell. Please stay. "


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Budding psychopaths? Study hints traits may be seen in kids' brains

Anonymous said...

Gamebred pit bulls doing what they were bred to do:


(click blue button)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

normal people will have a hard time watching that video. i encourage you to do so anyway. it helps a little to turn off the sound.

after my purpose bred dog epiphany, i watched dog fighting videos. it's important to see exactly what you will be up against in the worst case scenario. it happens fast. and you might not be able to respond like you think you will. trying to kill a pit bull that is attacking your dog, horse, cat, friend, stranger will likely be more difficult than you realize.

GetraerGirl said...

I am a vegetarian. And to further all the scaremongering that it is only Bull Terriers who are capable of maiming/killing humans and other animals. Millions of innocent animals are slaughtered every single year for the human food chain. Countless slaughterhouses have been fined/shut down because of the cruel treatment of the animals. Thousands more innocent animals suffer horrendously and die in experimentation labs. Thousands more are tortured and killed by humans for 'fun'. Humans have wiped out countless species because of hunting and destroying their habitats. And what about all the livestock that are killed or chased by dogs other than Bull Terriers? And take a look at these:


http://chakorescue.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/labrador-and-cattle-dog-maul-three-year.html This article states how Pit Bulls saved a Chihuahua.





I suppose you'll not be interested in those. You are only interested in stories about Pit Bulls attacking and killing.

Oh and do you fancy requesting an audience with high profile Pit owners/advocates like Kevin Bacon, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres? Want to tell them what idiots they are?

scorched earth said...


Hon, you are not looking as good here as you think.

Logic should be your friend, give it a shot.

Also paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Edie, what part of 'statistics' don't you understand?

Oh yeah, numbers. Hard. Anecdotes. Easy.

Edie, the actuaries know what they're talking about. They make decisions on cold, hard facts, and they make their money by knowing which dogs are more likely to cause deaths and maulings and very, very high insurance payouts and increasing premiums or downright refusing to insure the ones with the highest risk.

You know labs and papillions (or whatever sensational story you're referencing) aren't at the top of their list, right?

Guess which ones are.

Go ahead.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Oh and do you fancy requesting an audience with high profile Pit owners/advocates like Kevin Bacon, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres? Want to tell them what idiots they are? "


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hubpages. lol!

you might as well post links to badrap or AFF.

but it is fascinating how nutters dredge the news for non pit fatalities. they typically must go back several years to equal the pit fatalities in the last 12 months. and pomeranian, west highland terrier, shiba inu... those are called FREAK ACCIDENTS.

Anonymous said...

Eyelid is back!

Newsflash for ya! Animals eat other animals. Are tigers supposed to become vegetarians? Sharks? Polar bears? It's natural to eat flesh. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PIT BULLS! Unless you want to read the recent stories of pit bulls eating people. Then I'd say, yes, it's horrid! Domesticated dogs eating humans. What kind of sick person would propose that they're a good type of dog? Oh, I know! Eilidh! EYELID! YES!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this scottish nutter suffers from an acute case of bellyfeel - blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Millions of innocent animals are slaughtered every single year for the human food chain."

i am also a vegetarian and i find it appalling that "my people" favor keeping these frankenmaulers alive at the expense of all of those cows, chickens, sheep, ducks, pigs and fish not to mention the dogs, cats, horses and wildlife.

Packhorse said...

I'm with Dawn. I am a vegetarian--almost vegan--who comes from an animal rights advocacy perspective. I used to believe everything that came from the pro-pit bull organizations like Best Friends and the ASPCA. I just didn't know any better.

Then I began reading the independent animal activist newspaper, Animal People. If you truly care about animals, I suggest you do the same. It prompted me to begin doing research on the subject, and I realized that the pit bull "advocacy" movement is hurting and killing innocent animals, people, and even, ironically, pit bulls themselves.

Dick Johnson said...

It's a prettyslimy deception to pretend that humane slaughter of animals for food is anything remotely resembling the horrific torture of thousands of innocent, helpless pit bull victims every year.

Good God, where do these fucktards come from?

Packhorse said...


I don't mean to get this conversation off track, but the factory farming and assembly-line slaughter of animals that exists in much of the developed world is anything but humane.

Do some research into the industry, and I think you'll come away surprised, and sobered.

Fighting dogs are just another facet of the incredible violence we inflict upon innocent creatures.

Dick Johnson said...

@Packhorse - I'm not so naive as to suppose that all of the slaughter of animals for food is done humanely. But as Dr Temple Grandin showed us, it certainly can and should be.

On the other hand, there is no chance and no hope that pit bulls will torture their victims humanely.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree Dick, animals can be raised, transported and slaughtered humanely (there are actually 3 stages of potential torture and suffering) but most people will be put off by the price. it's probably 2-3 times the cost of factory farmed meat/eggs/milk.

Packhorse said...

Sadly, it's usually not--the sheer speed of the slaughter lines ensures this. I strongly suggest reading the book EVERY TWELVE SECONDS by Timothy Pachirat.

And the moment of slaughter is only an instant in the animals' lives--it doesn't cover the months or even years when they are confined so tightly they can barely move.

Just like the pit bull issue, we as a society cannot pretend there's not a problem. We need to face up to the ugly facts--of both fighting dogs and factory farming--and make changes in both our personal lives and in that of our laws and regulations.

GetraerGirl said...

What a load of hooey coming from you lot! My friend's Border Collie was kicked in the head after he relentlessly chased one of her horses! He was unconscious for at least a minute following that! In fact, here is what a Border Collie is capable of doing:


I have also seen a German Shepard being kicked by a horse after he persisted in bothering the horse. On the subject of horses. What about all the horses that have killed and taken chunks out of people?

As for housing associations banning APBTs. Plenty housing associations/landlords don't allow dogs - period! There are also numerous insurance companies that refuse to cover dogs with certain medical conditions. Epic fail there! And it's only Bull Terriers that are capable of attacking and killing livestock? Good grief - get a flaming grip! There is one sentence I will agree with and that was "Domesticated dogs eating humans". ANY breed of dog is capable of that! What a sad pathetic bunch you are. Getting all het up about Pit Bulls while turning a blind eye to the fact that humans kill and injure millions more humans and other animals every year than Bull Terriers do. You stubbornly refuse to accept the fact that you are more likely to be bitten by a Labrador in the UK than you are by a Bull Terrier and that even smaller 'safer' dogs can and have inflicted serious damage or have killed! A Pomeranian is capable of killing a baby. There is a well known case of one doing just that! Greyhounds and Lurchers have been involved in many attacks on cats. Should they be banned too? Cougars are notorious for attacking and killing mustangs, people, livestock and pets. Should they be wiped out? Domestic/feral cats kill millions of birds every single year. Should they be exterminated? What about all the 'rescue' shelters that kill millions of innocent and healthy animals every year? Should the staff that carry out those killings suffer the same fate? Why are you not going after horse and Greyhound racing? There is a massive amount of cruelty in those 'sports'!

Here are some positive stories about Pit Bulls, but hey-ho, you'll not be interested.










Shame on those 'frankenmaulers' for not allowing those people and other animals to die or to be attacked. SHAME!

april 29 said...


You are unable to stay on topic. You go off on hysterical tangents about things that are dangerous and these examples have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Your "Pomeranian killed a baby story" goes back to 2000. Since that death in 2000 two hundred and twenty fie Americans have been killed by pit bulls. Does that give you any sort of perspective?

The numbers of humans attacked and killed by horses would have be be extraordinarily small. I'm a horse owner for well over 50 years and I have never heard of it. Bites? Sure. But killing maulings? Nope. Horsemen may die as the result of our sport but we freely participate in the sport. Our decision is our own responsibility.

You have given two examples of other breeds of dogs attacking horses. Both horses defended themselves with a simple kick. This does not work with pit bulls. Any equine without the opportunity to run that is attacked by pit bulls will die without immediate human intervention. My own horse, prime of his life, six years old, fit as he could be, 950 pounds, was attacked by a single pit bull in a public park. Neither one of us will ever be the same. The attack lasted 20 minutes and covered a mile. The horse had bites all over his body, both sides of his face, both sides of his neck, elbow ripped open, both sides of his belly, both hind legs, all over his body. Pit bulls are game, they don't quit. The horse was saved by direct police action. The dog? She sat pleasantly and wagged her tail at the park patrons, she had just had the best time a dog ever had. She was operating on pure DNA.

You are ranting and your rants have no particular topic or logic. You are a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Eilidh, you're not going to change our minds, much like we're not going to change yours. So why do you keep coming back?

I think the biggest point you're trying to make is, the world is a messed up place, and we shouldn't be focusing on a dog that randomly attacks people going about their lives. You don't have to focus on this issue, since you've had positive experiences with pit bulls, and cannot comprehend that that's not how it is for everyone. Because 1 pit bull out of 100,000 pit bulls has done something terrible, in your mind, means that the breed is okay. In my mind 1 pit bull attack is 1 too many.

Eilidh, please go save the world. We don't need saving.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Ahhh the Pomeranian story.

Since I think Eyelid is really just a nutter troll, I wonder if there is any point in sharing the photo of the "Pomeranian" that killed the baby.

Here is the article with photo-


Anonymous said...

Eidjit, this just proves my point:

My friend's Border Collie was kicked in the head after he relentlessly chased one of her horses!

Let's go back to statistics, Eidjit, folks making the money for the insurance industries know what breeds are more dangerous than others. You're just trying to blow anecdotes up people's asses.

OH yeah, I forget. Numbers, hard. Anecdotes, easy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

is there any point? probably not may as well try anyway.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh poor edith, she had to go all the way back to 2010 to find a comparable attack that the media never reports.

GetraerGirl said...

What about you lot? You simply will not listen to reason or acknowledge (in any way, shape or form) that NOT every APBT is a monster! My links to stories about Pit Bulls saving people and other animals have very conveniently been ignored. You don't know much about dogs or else you would know they do NOT always wag their tails out of happiness! As for me being a waste of time. What about people that continually make a mockery out of somebody else's name? The ones that are so blinded by hate that they cannot see beyond their own prejudices? At least I am open minded. I can admit that there are bad APBTs out there (just the same as there are also bad Labradors and Jack Russells). I can fully admit that my own species is more dangerous than any other.

Oh and there are more than a few cases of horses injuring and killing out of aggression or just being bad tempered. It doesn't take long to find lots of videos and stories. For the record, I am sorry about what happened to your horse, but have you seen pictures of horses after they have bolted and run into fences and traffic for reasons besides being attacked by a Pit Bull? I have and they are far from pleasant. As for me going 'off topic'. I have said before that you do not like it when I put things into perspective. Life is also FULL of dangers and risks. You get a rescue dog, the chances are you do not know its history. You have a horse, you do not when that horse might turn round and bite your face (that happened to Italian event rider Susanna Bordone when she needed several reconstructive surgeries after one of her horses bit her on the face). You go out and you never know if you are going to slip and break your neck. Going out for a drive could result in an accident. Eating a sandwich might result in you chocking to death. You are too damned right I am saying there are lots of other things to worry about.

As for one bad Pit Bull out of 100,000 being one too many. Are you not going to say the same about that Border Collie that mauled the child? That the breed should be wiped out because of that one attack?

GetraerGirl said...

I also meant to say that as well running a revolting hate campaign, you are also a bunch of nasty bullies.

Anonymous said...

What about you lot? You simply will not listen to reason or acknowledge (in any way, shape or form) that NOT every APBT is a monster!

No, actually most people here will concede the point that not every pit bull is a monster or that they -all- attack.

The problem is, you never know which one will. Ask the mother who lost her 2 year to the pit bull that lived peacefully in her house for 8 years and was a loved family pet.

If -all- pit bulls were monsters then there would be no problem since few people would be stupid enough to have one in their home. The problem is -all- pit bulls carry the genetic heritage for explosive and unpredictable aggression and for most normal people, this chance is not worth taking just to own this particular type of dog and believe it's horribly unfair to your neighbors to subject them to that risk.

Is that simple enough to understand?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anonymous, you stated that concisely and clearly and still, she will not grasp. hats off to you guys for trying.

Anonymous said...

It's just damned frustrating since it makes no sense. Even if you were to take away the obvious cons of pit bull types, you still have a ton of unwanted ones glutting the shelters and being euthanized by the truckload. Why aren't these bleeding hearts up in arms about that?

BSL is a humane solution to all of the problems pit types bring with them; the violence they create and the violence done to them. BSL in my state would mean the moron in my complex who seems to breed his bitch and dog every, year in spite of all the unwanted pits being euthed by ACC not five miles down the road would possibly stop pumping out litters.

Why is this a bad thing to these people?

But no, we can't talk about this issue like adults. They need to call us "haters" and anthropomorphize dogs to a ridiculous degree (newsflash, a dog doesn't give a shit if I dislike it.), it truly is pointless. They think about animals the same way children do.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

"Eilidh Somerville said...
I also meant to say that as well running a revolting hate campaign, you are also a bunch of nasty bullies."

Oh the "Bully" word.

I think most of us on this board are from generations where our parents taught us "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Not from the wussified version generation that exists now.

You have the power to walk away and not read the blog or the comments if you feel "bullied". You want a pat on the back and atta boys go to a pit bull propaganda site.

No hate campaigns here. Just the cold honest and brutal facts about pit bulls. Not the Fantasy Island crap that nutters like to spout.

As I have said for well over a decade, I would like to see pit bulls become extinct. It can be done in one generation if government would grow a set and get it done. Mandatory Spay/Neuter of all pit bulls.No exceptions.
Lawn Darts recalled after 3 or 4 deaths. Pit bulls 501 and counting.
The pit bull recall is long over due.

That being said,I still do not believe Eyelid is anything more then a troll (and Eyelid their Nom de Plum) that has nothing better to do.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Eilidh is simply asking us to ignore the pit bull problem and allow pit bulls to do what they were bred to do for over a century. She asks us in the most tedious and offensive way, but this is what she is asking for.

She denies the fact that a children are more likely to be mauled or killed by a pit bull dog than any other breeds. Fact is, pit bulls are the most dangerous breed of dog

Pit bulls killed at least 20 children last year. I don't think any other breed killed a child last year.

The pit bull dog fighter subsidized propaganda campaign is well organized and Eilidh seems to have studied it ad nauseum.

I don't understand her obsession with the pit bull propaganda, she doesn't even own a pit dog.

Anonymous said...

" I have also slept with several Staffies and never had my throat ripped out or anything like that!"

I think this might be why Eilidh is partial to pit bulls. Just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

Here are my favorite insults from Eilidh. She started with them in her second sentence addressed to this site.

"scaremongering bigots!


Pit haters

you are just full of hate

You are completely close minded

you really are a narrow minded bunch of hypocrites

You are far too obsessed with your hate fuelled, vindictive, hypocritical, bigoted, hysterical, narrow minded, downright nasty in general ramblings.

You most definitely are a HATER!

there you go again with the name calling and your holier than thou attitude.

I am furious at this site because most if its members are running a putridly vile hate campaign!

What a sad pathetic bunch you are

I also meant to say that as well running a revolting hate campaign, you are also a bunch of nasty bullies."

Anonymous said...

Oh Eilidh,
Again with the horses. Consider that horses are immensely strong, flighty, reactive, lightning fast creatures. Yet they will usually take care not to hurt humans. They will signal intentions if in a dire mood and often inhibit their hostile reactions-in contrast to pit bulls.
In addition, unskilled humans will often cause them severe pain through misuse of the bit or other equipment. They must work through exhaustion, pain, frustration and fear, and most do not refuse or retaliate. Those that do, do not usually resort to murder.
Pit bulls? Pampered, cosseted and loved though they may be, still cannot resist the occasional blood fest, frequently on their own admirers and family. Are there good stories about pit bulls? Sure. Are there good stories about ANY other breed of dog? Numberless. Do these other breeds rack up the carnage of the pit bull? If so, those remote occurances are freakish anomalies.
I don't know how the predictable, unavoidable risks in life pertains to pit bulls. You are assuming a known, and unnecessary danger when choosing a pit. And we ALL must then assume that hazard. You have yet to comment on the videos we've suggested. And believe me, our personal experience is often quite as vivid.


Anonymous said...

And she said all that WITHOUT her throat torn out or anything like that!
Imagine if she was getting even more air and less oxygen!

Anonymous said...

(Should border collies be wiped out because of that one attack?)

Please review the comparative usefulness of border collies as opposed to pit bulls. A don't forget that pit bulls also come with pit bull owners.

The commenters on this site are educated people. We are usually experienced, successful dog owners. There are advanced trainers, behaviorists, farmers, ranchers, scientists, journalists, college teachers, anatomists, writers. You have informed us that pit bull jaws do not lock (which we all certainly understood was a descriptive, not a literal mechanism) and that dog's tails don't always wag due to happiness. You make yourself look like a patronizing fool. We are observant, experienced people not prone to childish myth.Enjoy your delusions, they will bring you much comfort.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"A don't forget that pit bulls also come with pit bull owners."


Anonymous said...

Cranky! Did you miss your cold gruel this foggy morn?

Rhea L said...

If it were me id say "do you see a dead pitbull on my lawn? If not thats a sure sign I haven't seen a loose pitbull."

Rhea L said...

I dont care for the likes of the stupid Scottish pitbull nutter trolling the comments.
I have a brick in my purse because I am awaiting my conceal carry license. In the mean time I will bash a loose pitbull in the head with the brick if it approaches me. I have human children to worry about and dont give a hoot about dumbass devil dogs and dumbass devil dog worshipers like Edith or whatever her name is.
And I have gladly landed a pitbull in doggy jail with a death sentence after blinding it with wasp spray.
Do not think your incessant whiney pro pitbull rambling will appeal to my sense of compassion. I am neither a vegetarian nor a major animal lover so your appeals to my sense of compassion fod the world's ugliest and most vicious type of dog will not work. No stupid anecdote (which henceforth I will consider lies) will persuade me nor will calling me a racist or closed minded because honey I am a meat eating gun toting Catholic and everything you say I've heard so I dont give a crap what you think. I am not afraid of the pitbulls it is I they will have to worry about when they are loose and my truck makes contact with their bodies.
I will spare most other breeds by simply reporting them to the pound.
Because other breeds serve a genuine purpose.

You can lie and cry and use your half truths til you are blue in the face...
You've yet to grasp how stupid you sound.
So I dont want to waste time explaining things to you like that automobiles do not act on their own.
Dogs are not equal to humans in dignity or otherwise.
Dogs are animals. Inferior animals with no claim to civil rights or a classification of race. They have breeds. Not race not creed and not culture.

staceyjw said...

Injecting a dog w HEROIN? LOL. I couldn't even read past this total idiocy. Heroin would make a dog tired, even put the dog to SLEEP you idiot. Damn, at least make your lies PLAUSIBLE.

I am going to read this whole thread later when I need a laugh, because I am betting Miss Inject Pits w Heroin to fight has more nonsense for me to laugh at.

And YES, if thats is what you mean by BIGOTED, I guess I am bigoted about gravity. Since we generally believe its real and what it can do. God, you are so freaking stupid. Your definition make YOU as bigoted as anyone else that loves those grippers.

ANd NO I do not have to be nice to you, even if every every single pit advocate was a sweetheart. Which is BS to anyone that dares to mention they aren't in love with kiss faced sweetie pie pit bulls. Nope, most are like their dogs, sweet until they are not. They email death threats, threats of rape and torture, say how they want to release their (oh so sweet?) dogs on us, etc, for merely disagreeing that pits are dangerous. NICE PEOPLE EH?.

Pit natters can all go get mauled by their sweet pibbles for all I care. (And WTAF is a pebble?)

First comment- I hope they didn't give the dogs a cat, but I would not be surprised as other animals are just snacks for their mauling gripper pieces of shit. I couldn't even look at this page because of the mama cat video.)

staceyjw said...

I saw one comment that caught my eye- she said not all pit owners are bad people. NO SHIT. They may not be bad, but they are ALL IGNORANT. I know I was.

I was stupid and believed it was all how you raise them and all the other LIES you espouse. I was a total FOOL, up until my well bred, well loved, well trained gripper went "pit bull" and killed and tried to EAT dog in my home and nearly had me and my brother for lunch. I wised up after using lethal force on said gripper, but a dog paid the price for MY IGNORANCE>

And people like YOU spread it.

ANd GENOCIDE, IS only for PEOPLE. Pits are not people. I find this line of reasoning weird for the defenders of grippers that KILL AND MAIM animals all the time. Its so common, its a joke. SICK.

Rhea L said...

Haha I love the advice in the beginning of the last video.

Anonymous said...

Eilidh, Your harumphing and galumphing and scolding have put your wattles in a terrible twist. You sound like stock theatre caricature.
You came in here with peashooter locked and loaded, intending to insult us "lot" into submission. I hope we see more of you. My hate filled little mind has been cosmically expanded. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Eilidh, please look at this drawing:


It illustrates the size difference between a "Staffie" that you're seeing and an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Dawn! You're close to being Grandmaw Barker!

To Marabito: you sound a bit more addled than usual. Take a tumble offa ladder lately?
Your creative writing is spectacular. Dr Seuss would
be envious of the pairing of
"Avid and Rabid"...work in "gravid" and your genius will be irrefutable.