Wednesday, August 3, 2016

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, add a splash or two or three of vodka and start up a pit rescue


word has it that the little man's $500K gripper has succumbed to target practice.



Originally published on January 16, 2014


today RANDY JOE CORNWALL turns 47.


i'm so glad you asked.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL is the next up and coming celebrity pit grifter in columbia, mississippi. yep, he is developing quite a sweet little gig down there. he's got his very special pack o' grippers (lil pimpin, sassy and preshus, there was a fourth - bay bay - but without explanation she mysteriously dropped out of the picture. hmmm), rotating fosters and lots of adoring female fans. more importantly, RANDY JOE CORNWALL has TIME. lots and lots of time. well, at least until August 12, 2015.

what's so special about August 12, 2015?

i'm so glad you asked!

August 12, 2015 is when RANDY JOE CORNWALL completes his 2 year house arrest sentence.


i'm so glad you asked.

Felony DUI. i haven't been able to nail down the specifics, like was this his first, second, or third DUI or if he injured or killed anyone but two years of house arrest for a first time offender seems uncharacteristically excessive, unless of course there was an injured party.

but, but craven, of all of the callous, dishonest, shameless, immoral, misfits, failures and miscreant nutters, why focus on RANDY JOE CORNWALL?

i'm so glad you asked!

let's just say it was a PERFECT STORM.

remember Tanya Barnes? she was visiting a friend when her face was gripped by one of the friend's ugly dogs. the dog was SASSY and the "friend" was RANDY JOE CORNWALL. you've heard the tragic story of Tanya, think you are ready for the story of RANDY JOE the professional pit bull advocate?

RANDY JOE CORNWALL and SASSY the man biter

once upon a time, there was a putrid 5'6" 125# little man squatting on a piece of dirt in southern mississippi. he seemed to have trouble with relationships and willfully chose his mutants and backyard pit bull breeding operation over his wives, girlfriends and friends. one day a kind hearted friend was severely disfigured when she took pity on him and paid him a visit. a week later, the prosecutors elected not to press charges against the putrid little man because he did not "deliberately sic the pit on her". and one week later again, the man biter's life was spared. the putrid little man was elated because he got back the things that really mattered to him, his alter ego.

RANDY created a facebook page less than one month after the savage mauling of Tanya. it was slow going at first, pretty much just RANDY talking to himself. things began to pick up a bit with close friends and family. on a good day, he posted 1-2 comments and on a really good day, someone noticed. his comments typically consisted of peddling his backyard bred man biters, boasting about his mutant's fighting prowess, complaining of boredom, lusting for alcohol, trolling for white slavery, pontificating on his theory about how the pizza man coming to the door is proof that pit bulls are safe, whining about how difficult it is to sleep because of the pain and other mindless misspelled babble.  
just for kicks i'd like to chart RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S painful sleepless nights and compare them to Tanya's.


then something magical happened in august 2013 and RANDY JOE CORNWALL started to become popular.

he quickly became bored stuck at home with nothing to do but play with his man biters, feed his snakes, take reptilian selfies, and surf the internet. snakes only eat every few days and what is the fun of having pit bulls if you can not go out and terrorize the public. in need of beer money, bored and tired of looking at himself, because he admits that even he doesn't like himself, he decided he needed a hobby for the next two years. RANDY JOE CORNWALL discovered pit bull rescue.

it was fascinating reading his facebook page from its origin to today. having a ringside seat to the transmogrification of RANDY JOE was an experience that i'd do again in a heart beat, even though it was time consuming. his lingo shifted from pit bulls to pibbles and from backyard breeding to rescuing and adopting. by january 1st, the day i first visited his page, he was getting hammered with up to two dozen hits per day on his personal facebook page and countless hits on the pit bull propaganda pages he created.

can ya here me now?

RANDY JOE was no longer alone. the internet is seductive and always a willing 24/7 listener. there were countless damaged overemotional women at the ready to stroke his fragile ego and melt from his "kind sexy eyes".

when RANDY JOE is feeling down in the dumps and bad about himself, which i suspect is a reoccurring theme in his life, he changes his profile photo and makes self deprecating remarks to elicit pity and flattery. and predictably, his harem of hybristophiliacs come to the rescue, swooning over the reptilian stare.

laying the groundwork for the long con.

and testing the waters by dropping hints.

the walk of shame through the gallery of callousness.

this is not a dramatization. these are ACTUAL pit bull propaganda posters from RANDY JOE CORNWALL'S personal facebook page and every single one of them were posted almost 3 years AFTER his ugly mutant savaged Tanya Barne's face:



contrast RANDY JOE'S psychopathic fantasy world about his precious pit bulls and pibbles with HIS reality:

the argument "it's all how they are raised" doesn't fly in this instance. RANDY JOE CORNWALL loves his pit bulls in word and deed.

and it's true. you can see the love in the photos, not just his words. his pit bulls are loved and well cared for. they live inside the house as FAMILY members, they get plenty of exercise and plenty of food (maybe a little too much food) and STILL, one of them latched onto the face of a woman who did nothing more than sit on the sofa.

seriously RANDY, since you "have it all", including your face, how about you sign over that nice truck to your victim?

in RANDY JOE'S new role as pibble philanthropist, he would occasionally encounter criticism for ear cropping and tail docking from his new tribe. at one point, he had a temper tantrum which i captured below. funny but i don't think i saw one single rescue angel make a peep about not taking a knife to those testicles.

cuz ya know, RANDY JOE is all about spay & neuter. bwa-hahahaha. he sure has these over emotional women bamboozled and eating right out of his hand or should i say from those kind sexy reptilian eyes.

"everyone" is a bit of an exaggeration there little man. Tanya sure ain't smiling.

RANDY JOE projects an image of professionalism on linkedin but i dare ya to scratch the surface...

i believe you!

careful ladies, the last time a puppy squealed, there was hell to pay. eighteen months after SASSY rearranged Tanya's face and here is RANDY JOE minimizing the danger. i wonder if these two have a clue as to what happened to Tanya when she sat on that sofa? i wonder if they care? RANDY JOE CORNWALL doesn't seem to.

RANDY JOE CORNWALL i call this "vicious".

the RANDY JOE fan club has nary a clue about the dangers his mutants pose and i suspect they are clueless about his current home incarceration or his goal to turn pit bull advocacy into his personal income generator.

this is a screenshot from a video uploaded to RANDY JOE'S facebook page of a female throwing the ball for his unfenced pit bulls, one of which mauled Tanya Barnes. note RANDY JOE'S comment about his dogs will only "LICK LICK LICK" you. this comment was made 3 years and 4 months after the savage mauling of Tanya.

the $500,000 thirty second mauling of Tanya Barnes

No Dirt Nap for Ugly

No Criminal Charges for the Putrid Little Man

Randy Cornwall

Randy's Chip-in

Pit Bulls & Pibbles

I'm a Pit Bull Lover So Kiss My Ass

funny thing about this scathing blog post, his harem of damaged rescue angels will likely rally around poor misunderstood RANDY JOE and my "defamatory" manifesto will likely serve to only cement the sick bond between them further. did i just do RANDY a favor? lol!


Anonymous said...

Idk why anyone would like this man. His lick dog should be put down cor doing what she did and he should have to pay all this womans medical bills. What idiotic judge let this man go free?

april 29 said...

Another bold pit grifter. Like there was a shortage of bold pit grifters.

These people give the reputation of pit bulls yet another thwack. Why do women support this?

KaD said...

People like this make me want to vomit. I hope his ugly maulers lick him to death one of these days-soon. The court should shut down his money making pit-chine and use it to pay his victims bills.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Only $100 per pit puppy? Whatabargain!!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone link this on his youcaring page?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i posted the link and birthday greeting on pit bulls & pibbles. i will go do that right now. thanks.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

is it too early to start the "moron deleting and banning me in 3...2...1" dance?

Small Survivors said...

Yeah, I want to vomit too. I'm listening to Tanya - "it wasn't just bleeding, it was going up and coming down on my arm" She was spurting blood and she had to call 911 herself because Randy Joe was "in shock." What dickless lying fuckwad.

Hell yeah, sell your fucking truck you dickless piece of shit and give it to your VICTIM. And after you're done being legally confined to it, sell your property and give that to your VICTIM, too.

Whenever I read those assholes saying my pit bulls are perfectly behaved, I'm going to share this.

And if I ever find myself believing a nutter, I'm going to come back and read this.

And yes the transmongrification is fascinating and illustrates exactly why all these damaged, witless, amoral people get into pibble rescue - instant superficial community.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

when i look at randy cornwall and what he did to tanya and what he is still doing to tanya, i wish i was a psychopath. i've only felt this way a couple of times in my life. thomas o'halloran was one of those times. these two men exhibit some really serious depravity and should be removed from the gene pool.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i managed to get a hold of that interview transcript. if people would like for me to post it, i will.

Small Survivors said...

Geez, he's got 21,000 likes and 4,000 people are engaged with the pit bulls & pibbles page. uhgh these people are SO stupid.

Dayna said...


People like this make me want to vomit. I hope his ugly maulers lick him to death one of these days-soon. The court should shut down his money making pit-chine and use it to pay his victims bills. "

I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope some "friend" stops by to check on him and all that's left are a few bones. He is one sick f*ck.

Rhea L said...

Damn he has $450 for raising dumbass man maulers. Why Tanya didn't press charges is beyond me.

ITJ said...

In additional interviews Tanya Barnes has said that she did NOT sign anything that released the dogs back to Randy or release him from his obligations and responsibility. She did sign a paper saying she would not hold Columbia/Marion County responsible.

"Fact is: I was taking so many narcotics, as I had just been released from the hospital-and I was not in a state to be signing ANYTHING!"

She also said that she wanted the dog to be euthanized and was glad to know as a victim that there were responsible people who were paid/elected to help her and make those decisions. She was shocked to find out there was no one in the Columbia/Marion County system that would help her. No one cared, there were no laws in place to help.

Now she is left with medical bills, lingering medical needs and emotional and social scars to go along with her physical ones. This hypocrite and those who are his friends and co page admins go on PIT PUSHING ignoring the obvious signs that he is NOT AT ALL what he portrays himself to be.

What happened to punish the Deed not the Breed Randy? I love Pit Bulls so kiss my ass Page? Hello?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Blood sport dogs attract the worst type of people.

Anonymous said...

This man belongs in prison. wreckless endangerment of human beings so he has companionship and dogs to sell and internet nutjobs to send him money for his FAKE rescue. Sick

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

angela dawn?

latisha, prior to this blog post, did you know that randy's pit bull sassy did this tanya barnes face? prior to this blog post, did you know that he has been representing his dogs to others as never having bitten anyone? prior to this blog post, did you know that randy was breeding his personal dogs, while preaching to others to adopt/not buy and spay and neuter? prior to this blog post, did you know that randy was on house arrest?

latisha, can you VERIFY how much money randy paid towards this victim?

these questions require a simple yes or no answer.

an answer of no, means that you don't know randy as well as you thought.

and an answer of yes, means you are also psychopathic garbage.

choose your poison.

"you people have no idea what you are taking about anyone "

i let the pictures do the talking. that's why there are so many screenshots.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

how are you able to possess both of facts: RANDY'S mauled tanya's face for no reason. RANDY'S facebook page contains numerous posters proclaiming not only that pit bulls don't bite but HIS pit bulls bite?

doesn't that make your head spin, just a little?

feel free to share the truth with me. publicly shame me. so far i just see randy's hysterical spawn.

i see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. like the "world's coolest dad" you are also a pit breeder.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Please fill in the truth that has not been presented, since you're so knowledgeable. Make Mr. Cornwall look good. Go ahead.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
staceyjw said...

LOL Latisha, You must be a pit nutter too to defend this behavior. Even if this man is the sweetest guy on earth, he is doing a grave disservice keeping a (wo)man biter alive. And of course, not paying Tanyas bills is pretty damn low.

I LOVE how you think WE are twisted when YOU can see a man that has kept a dog that MAULED a FRIEND. Then goes on to tell everyone his dogs are safe, kind, and only lick? How is this OK? Don't you think that everyone that goes over there deserves to know that one dog has mauled a human?

Why can't he at least me a man and admit Sassy had mauled someone, even if he chose to overlook it and love her anyway? WHY LIE??? Lots of pit bull lovers want to keep their killer dogs, its not like his peers would care.


I personally think that he is a disgrace for lying and keeping his dog. He is a danger to the public- obviously in more ways than one or he would not be under house arrest..… (but maybe Latisha thinks drinking and driving is no big deal either?)

I sure hope that if anyone is to be harmed or killed by those dogs, it is HIM, and not that sweet, adorable little boy (on his FB) or his other grandkids, friends, or relatives. If anyone deserves a Darwin award it is this guy.

Tanya- if you are out there, how are you doing? I am sorry that your friend betrayed you in this way, and that you are dealing with the fallout of such a horrible event. I cannot imagine the terror. I stopped a pit bull (mine) attack w legal force after watching a dog get killed, and it was the scariest thing in my life. And I didn't even get bit.

I saw that you refuted signing those papers due to the delirium you were in. I see others defending him, and saying you are his buddy who helped get the dogs back. I think thats BS, but it is irrelevant. Even if you had forgiven him (which is your business, though I doubt you have), he would STILL be a POS for what he did after the attack, and for not paying your bills.

You need to sue him and take everything you can. He claims to have all types of material goods, and obviously has enough income to manage a 2yr house arrest, so TAKE WHATS YOURS. If you can. I know the system is set up against victims.

scorched earth said...

Looks like Latisha had second thoughts about her comments and removed almost all of them. Sometimes things take on a different look when you see them in print. I missed the whole thing.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have screenshots. will post later.

Anonymous said...

This guy is scary. Dawn James, Transcript of Interview available? That would be helpful for me, please. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

scorched earth,

The biggest thing I remember about Latisha is, she'd say your, when it was supposed to be you're. She didn't use periods, and I really wanted to ask her to either go back to school, or stay there, because she wasn't done learning how to effectively communicate. Especially online. Maybe she figured that out all on her own, and that's why she demolished her posts?

It's great that angela dawn screen shot what she wrote. I missed a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

- hippocrates?
- HIghly PROfessional CRATES?

ohhhh, hypocrites, as in:


guess there are some attempts that cause even spellcheck to just give up.

and then on the youcaring link.

- saving babies one at a time until there is none!
- medical care include check-ups...
(subject/verb agreements? optional in pit bull rescue)

preventive. recieved. administative. gracuously.
(there's a point when it stops being about not even trying and starts seeming purposeful)

run on sentences. compound sentences. tense-switching.

the most basic filter i use when judging the validity of online organizations is how carefully their information is structured. small overlooked errors notwithstanding, if the author can't string a coherent sentence of correctly spelled words together, with a reasonable degree of regularity, it's off my list, no matter how legitimate the service.

an A+, however, for bridging the gap -- through an awkward rescue org name --between people who dig a tough, intact, cropped ear dog and those who must save them from the world.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

finally got the screenshots up. this is what they look like behind the scenes in blogger. sorry, there are no paragraph breaks. it also only allows so many characters and then truncates the comment but none of hers were very long.

there will likely be a follow up blog. randy and i have been chatting it up in private message. he's full of fun.

"an A+, however, for bridging the gap -- through an awkward rescue org name --between people who dig a tough, intact, cropped ear dog and those who must save them from the world."

anon 9:53, lol. hysterical.

scorched earth said...

What is a "psychopathic garage" and why does answering a question make Latisha one?

I have a problem understanding pitter logic. I can see why she decided to delete this mess.

Packhorse said...

Eating lunch at a local restaurant and just overheard a nutter conversation. "All how you raise 'em." "Pit bulls are SOOO pretty." "So-and-so won't come into my yard because I have a pit bull! Tee hee hee!"

It was like Facebook in live action!

Anonymous said...

I looked at this asshole's facebook page and of course he has pictures of his fighting dogs posing with babies. That's despite the fact one of his dogs more or less tore the face off of a lady. What a piece of shit this guy is.

If I were in charge, he'd be imprisoned for 1) Letting his dog maul someone, nearly to death, 2) Not euthanizing said dog and showing no remorse, 3) Reckless child endangerment, 4) Drunk driving, 5) Being a general sociopath.


tropical storms said...

Loser flying his own special loser flag, how appropriate.

tropical storms said...

Loser flying his own special loser flag, how appropriate.

tropical storms said...

Loser flying his own special loser flag, how appropriate.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am receiving lots of feedback on this nutter and it is unanimous. randy just might exceed thomas o'halloran in the ultimate pit scum.

my favorites so far, "weaselly little pimp" and "oily little creep". omg too funny. randy deserves a sequel.

i could delete those accidental duplicates or i could follow your lead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am receiving lots of feedback on this nutter and it is unanimous. randy just might exceed thomas o'halloran in the ultimate pit scum.

my favorites so far, "weaselly little pimp" and "oily little creep". omg too funny. randy deserves a sequel.

i could delete those accidental duplicates or i could follow your lead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am receiving lots of feedback on this nutter and it is unanimous. randy just might exceed thomas o'halloran in the ultimate pit scum.

my favorites so far, "weaselly little pimp" and "oily little creep". omg too funny. randy deserves a sequel.

i could delete those accidental duplicates or i could follow your lead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

in fact, i think randy deserves a spot on woo's pigs.

i think randy will be the first nutter on woo's pigs.

Dayna said...

Typical, I go away for a day or two and miss all the fun!

Rhea L said...

How many more birthdays will this guy have? Any predictions?

Anonymous said...

Columbia/Marion County took advantage of a traumatized person not in possession of their faculties due to shock and medication to bully them into signing a waiver that is meaningless.

That is abuse.

They are part of the problem and they need to be dealt with in the courts or they will get someone murdered.

Who are the lawyers for this county? Who pulled this abusive stunt?

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again, Dawn, for this train wreck of a story. No one needs fiction when these truths are there for the telling. And you manage to tell it with a sneer and make the audience laugh while their insides turn to raging lava. (Well, I'm only speaking for myself.)

You nailed it on the damaged, overemotional women groupies and the lonely FB-er who learned to exploit them. What a complete waste of human life.

anon said...

"he sure has these over emotional women bamboozled and eating right out of his hand or should i say from those kind sexy reptilian eyes."

That was horribly funny, in both terms of the words.

This guy is a train wreck. You sure don't have to scratch the surface very long or hard to find out the type of person he is underneath. It was a little hard for me to see that photo of the rat--I love them and it's obvious he doesn't buy them frozen.

Ninja said...

Shocking, amusing, heart-breaking, scandalous, honest. SOME people absolutely require revelations like these, and Reptilian Randy is no exception. Excellent work, Craven.

Anonymous said...

All of you people should be ashamed of yourselves for talking trash about somebody that did not purposely make his dogs tear this lady's face off. Trash always talks trash you people make me sick. I am sorry to hear that she got bit. Nobody's perfect everybody makes mistakes and you want to talk about Randy like he purposely did something wrong.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

blah blah blah. listen up asshole, no one accused randy of siccing his mutants on tanya. what he did do is keep the ugly fucker alive, promise to pay and then not, present his ugly dogs to the internet as if it the half million mauling never occurred and then in a message to me, he denied his dog bit her at all. and now that he is a convicted felon on house arrest, he appears to be starting up a rescue. he's a putrid little man. defending him will reflect poorly on you so my advice is to make sure you keep defending him anonymously.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Well said Dawn!

That pit nutter comes here, reads the article on Randy then has a brain fart and decides to publicly defend this asshole.

We don't call 'em nutters fer nuttin'!

Randy seems to be working furiously on pit bull advocacy. He may show up on an episode of Pit bulls and PAROLEES.

There was a series on TV, I think it was called, "Hog dogs". You can guess the breed it's based on. I don't think that show made it past season 1. As we know, Youtube has some enlightening videos of pit bulls doing what they were bred to do. ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Randy seems to be working furiously on pit bull advocacy. He may show up on an episode of Pit bulls and PAROLEES."


Anonymous said...

do you think he's qualified to be snuggling up to tia ?

Anonymous said...

Here in Idaho you cannot own a bully of any kind when your on probation. So has anybody alerted his probation officer to the fact that this low life has this breed? Might be worth a try.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's a good question but we are talking about mississippi, which often resembles a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Until this post, I thought "pibble" was a word that anti-pit bull people made up to make fun of nutters. But, no. It is what nutters call their own stupid dogs.

In his many days on house arrest (when sober), Randy apparently found out what it is women who like "pibbles" want to hear. So, he put it on his page. And he found out that he could make money from "rescue", so he claimed to BE a rescuer. But, aren't these just the dogs he already had as well as their progeny?

I suppose he could claim he "rescued" Sassy even though he owned her already since he figured out a way to keep her from being killed for mauling a woman. He did this by manipulating the situation so a woman freshly hurt by HIS DOG (even though no one is claiming he made this happen on purpose, isn't the mantra of the pro-pit bull crowd that the dog's behavior is the responsibility of the OWNER?) signed a paper that limited her own rights to save a DOG. A DOG that bit her for no known reason. A DOG that might very well bite someone else one day for NO REASON. A DOG that Randy (a.k.a. the OWNER) clearly cannot control.

It is bad enough that Randy put the rights of Sassy, a mauling and disobedient dog, over his human friend Tanya). But, he also presents Sassy as being a FRIENDLY dog that would only "lick you to death" (interesting that the nutters always put "to death" in there). Maybe Sassy is friendly sometimes. I'm sure she licks people since pit bulls seem to do that a lot (gross). But, she is not SAFE. Whether she is safe for Randy to keep, IDK. But, she is not safe for visitors to his house to be around.

When someone, like Randy, puts a lot of stuff out of FB and/or solicits money from the public then members of the public WILL make judgments about that person. Since he is asking for people to pay vet bills for his dogs and buy him a tablet so he can save more dogs, then the public has the perfect right to share information about Randy and whether or not his rescue is legit.

Talking about him doesn't make us trash. HE PUT HIS BUSINESS ON THE STREET! When that happens, not everyone is going to approve. That's life.

Also, no one needs to be breeding pit bulls. There are too many of things already. Shelters are choked with them. The fact Randy AND HIS DAUGHTER breed pit bulls even as Randy preaches that other people should fix their own dogs is... well, I guess he and his daughter don't want any competition. But, it makes him a hypocrite.

I know he knows that word even if he can't spell it. But, does he know what it means? He tells people who criticize him to "look in the mirror" and calls us "hippocrates". Does he realize that not everyone who criticizes another person is automatically a hypocrite? Some people's words and actions do line up better than HIS words and actions. No one is perfect, but still.

Randy himself seems to be going nine miles out of his way to be a hypocrite. How hard is it to refrain from making "all pit bulls are safe" memes while owning a pit bull that has mauled a woman?

I feel sorry for the weak-minded woman who would "run to hug those babies" (meaning Randy's dogs) when "most people would run the other way". Yeah, well, silly us.

Anonymous said...

I agree, he should sign his truck over to his victim. Driving is bad for him anyway.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what a great comment anon. thank you for adding to this discussion and keeping randy cornwall's google presence in the fore front.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

That terrible bruise on Tanya's arm came from the pit bull that DIDN'T attack her.

I watched the video...

Tanya says the male pit bull stepped off the couch and accidentally stepped on a puppy.

Then, moving swiftly and silently, Sassy had Tanya's FACE IN HER MOUTH. Sassy's jaw was actually IN Tanya's mouth.

The male pit bull pushed Sassy away from Tanya. The bruise is from where he LEANED against her while he was doing that.

After the male dog pushed the female dog back, Randy reappears and yanks Sassy away from Tanya completely. Then he kept asking to see Tanya's face, but she was holding something against it and wouldn't move it.

I guess Randy was hoping Tanya wasn't hurt as badly as she was which is understandable. But, Randy does not need to portray that pit bulls will never bite because his dog Sassy did a number on Tanya.

Tanya said when she first got there that Randy showed her one of Sassy's puppies. Sassy growled. Tanya gently touched the puppy and told Randy to "give it back to mama".

So, Randy's new friends need to understand, if Sassy has puppies do not go anywhere near her or the pups.

Sassy had a typical humongous pit bull litter, but most of her puppies died of parvo. So, she only had two or three left. IDK how old they were when this happened.

I wonder if Randy had wondered if maybe Tanya would like to buy one (you know, before their mother clamped onto her face.. I guess even Randy realized after that happened she wasn't likely to become a fur mommy to his pibble). But, it seems like he has some younger dogs in one of his photos that might be the pups from that day all grown up.

Tanya says that she was grateful her son went to play X-box with a friend. She says if he'd been there he might have picked up a puppy and she feels he wouldn't have survived an experience similar to hers.

Now, who hasn't gone up and picked up a puppy? I've gone up to bitches that never saw me before that day and picked up their puppies to look at/pet them. Just like in this case, the owner was with me, so the dog knew I wasn't the puppy ax murderer. I've never been so much as growled at let along full on attacked.

Pit bulls are nothing like other dogs.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls DO lick a lot. It's disgusting.

Personally I think they're just having a little taste to see if they'd like to eat you later...


Anonymous said...

I've picked up still blind Labrador puppies and their mom never went for me, didn't even growl, just watched quietly. I was of course with the owner at the time who handled the pups a lot (there were too many so some had to be bottle fed).

We had other dogs and children around too that the momma dog didn't know and she didn't show any aggression to any of them.

Anonymous said...

I know him and have proof of his scams and have REPORTED IT ALL TO AUTHORITIES AGAIN THIS MAN IS SCAM SCAM SCAM AND SCUM BEYOND WORDS. I GOT ALL THE PROOF OF EVERY thing fundraisers and alL Imagine that not even a yr later hmmm

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hello anonymous 11:46, thank you for the update. how would you like to write it and send it to me so i can include in the blog post and republish? i am sure randy joe cornwall would benefit from the free publicity.

Anonymous said...

Hi I can write it any way u want. I met Randy thru his pg pitbulls n pibbles and became one of his so called best friends funny how certain things NEVER CAME TO LIGHT. First I fell in love with a dog he was fostering actually 1 of the liter of 11 mentioned earlier. Muffin as I got more involved as admin on his pgs and groups and the quote unquote adoption process in to which I was suppose to get muffin. After several fundraisers thru go fund me and paypal in which I have proof of stating they we're to cover transport fees to get muffin home. We'll for 6 months he swore no money came in blah blah after proof in blk and white came to light I immediately reported it with his groupies behind me 100% then muffin made it to me on Sat Jan 3 it was proven by the papers he sent he NEVER vaccinated the dog which means she crossed state lines illegally. Once he was notified his scams came to light and my vet noted the neglect of muffin he they said I broke contract and started threatening and hacking my fb having his miserable groupies attack and slander me on fb. But I GOT ALL THE PROOF HE'S A SCAM ARTIST AND HE KNOWS IT. THREATEN ME ALL U WANT NOT GOING ANYWHERE TIL I KNOW HIS SCAMS ARE OVER. NO we never had a relationship NOR WOULD I EVER I AM A HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN. I have reshared this and will continue to fight even if it's by myself I'm ok fighting a battle alone when I'm right and got proof. Birds of a feather flock together I'm a eagle I perfer to sore alone.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you made my say anonymous 11:40 :-)

write it up and email it to me

Anonymous said...

Please feel free to contact me also at or fb Christy Compton look forward to speaking to ya.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

haha. ^^ that should read "you made my DAY..."

let me know your favorite defamatory blog post and i will bump it to the top.

Anonymous said...

This was one of my all-time favorites, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

This is living proof of what these dumb women do everyday with their membership in pit bull advocacy


scorched earth said...

I always liked the post about Joe the dog fighter. Can't remember his last name. As I recall, the HSUS raided his place and seized his pits.

Anonymous said...

"Hi I can write it any way u want. I met Randy thru his pg pitbulls n pibbles and became one of his so called best friends funny how certain things NEVER CAME TO LIGHT"

The only way you and your friends can stop the very bad things going on with those dogs is to report like hell

Ask for help. Get the word out everywhere you can on every blog, page, website you can find

You need to report things to the IRS, the state, and report to facebook because he's using it to scam

I hope you understand there are amny more like them and you never give money to someone you only see through online pages or organizations that you only see online. You have to visit and see every part of the operation. They use online to tell people lies.

Anonymous said...

Person who was scammed by this, have you set up a facebook page about it so that other victims can come forward and share their stories?

Anonymous said...

I notice that Douglas Anthony Cooper has no problem with these kinds of people.

Cooper never so much as mentions them, although they are spreading all over the place, and are the ones truly responsible for the killing.

Cooper instead stalks women who expose them

And people think Cooper cares about pit bulls other than how much cash can come out of them?

Anonymous said...

This post was awesome. Other favorites involve Leah Purcell and Spindletop and anything to do with the Lexus Project is always good for a giggle. Pit grifting and spoliation. Good times.

Anonymous said...

There's a new Markwell in town. Has been for a while. Following the footsteps of not only Markwell but Purcell.

Jay Hellerich and Smiling Dog Farms of Wharton Texas

Hellerich made tours like Markwell threatening local authorities with smear if they didn't do what he wanted and release aggressive dogs to his "sanctuary" with money he got the locals to drum up for him, sanctuary unseen.

Here he is threatening the police a few years back while his friends were doing fundraising to send Bosco to Smiling Dogs Farms in Texas, Hellerich's place.
"Hellerich said Pelham police don't want to risk the "public-relations nightmare" that will ensue if they continue to push for killing Bosco rather than send him to the Texas shelter. (Smiling Dog Farm in Wharton Texas)
"It's not a threat, it's simply the truth: They are going to be hearing from animal activists from all over the country, and Pelham, N.H., will become the poster child for intolerance for dogs and take a horrible public-relations hit when this story gets out there," Hellerich said. "I personally guarantee the story will get out to the rest of the country."
"Similarly, Mark Cohan, an animal-shelter volunteer who befriended Bosco at the Pelham Dog Pound in the two weeks following Bosco's "arrest" last month, has posted a "Save Bosco" online petition drive on, and on Facebook. Cohan said his advocacy for Bosco caused Pelham police to ban him from the dog pound, and later to move the dog to an undisclosed shelter."I believe the police were afraid I was going to steal the dog," Cohan told The Sun yesterday.Like Hellerich, Cohan, a Lowell resident, argued that accepting a signed affidavit from Hellerich, a proven dangerous-dog shelter owner, to accept all responsibility for Bosco, would be the most "humane" way for Pelham to deal with Bosco, who Cohan described as surprisingly good-natured. "

Now here's the FREAKING HELL HOLE ON EARTH that Hellerich's place is. I wonder if Cohan had any idea he believed what he heard and wanted to send a dog to hell, like a gullible fool.

You can scroll through the pictures and see the remants of the corpses in the pens.

But Hellerich has some of the same supporters that supported Markwell and threatened on his behalf, including careerist Bridgette Boyle a familiar name, and her group.
Hellerich also has links to, who else, Nathan Winograd.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it took me a while to remember joe's last name. once i blog someone, i tend to move on and forget they exist. but it was JOE WOODALL.

he was fun but i feel a bit like dorothy in the wizard of oz in my journey of pit bull nuttery. i really do hate the non-dog fighting crowd more. and no one is more surprised by this realization than me.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey anon 6:17, if you would like to blog this latest con artist, shoot me an email. same goes for the randy cornwall sequel.

i will get leah set up to be next in line.

Anonymous said...

Did that Sharon Cook Jacques even have the slightest idea that she was being played by someone who would steal her kids lunch money?

What is it with these women? They are so desperate they'll chase after criminals who would use and abuse them, criminals that actually happen to be persecuting the dogs she says she loves

Did she ever think about maybe volunterring for a kids charity after her son died, instead of worshiping fighting dogs and getting jacked around by grifters?

Jaloney said...

After what his dog did to Tanya Edwards Barnes you would think this "man" would feel so guilty about what his dog did and be so aware first hand of how these dogs can ruin lives, that he would get the heck away from all of them. No, he is a deadbeat without a heart and wants to use them for income.. like so many other low lifes. It is so ridiculous that the government did not prohibit him from owning any dogs after Tanya's mauling. What is it about pitbull owners? They belong to the creepiest of the creeps on earth.

Anonymous said...

As a true animal advocate and former friend of Randy who knows what he really is, I used to periodically check around to see what he'd been up to. His name was mentioned to me earlier today along with the comment that he hadn't been heard from on FB in quite awhile. Not having checked in over a year, that piqued my curiosity. It didn't take long to find out that he's been incarcerated, serving a year for DUI. I'm sure once he gets out, the scamming will begin anew, but that just totally made my day so I thought I'd share

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

made my day too. thanks!

Meals on Wheels said...

After reading this, I need to go bathe.

Anonymous said...

alright, scurrilous, what target practice?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the police shot and killed randy's frankenmauler, apparently the same mutant that rearranged tanya's face. i am still trying to get specific details. i will keep everyone posted.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens. Or should I say, the crap continues?

It's kind of refreshing to find out that a drunkard gets another DUI, and a pit bull continues mauling. I never would have guessed that things stay the same.


Dayna said...

Thanks for the update! Always glad to hear when a mauler gets put down, one way or another.

Scrappy Doo said...

"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see"-Benjamin Franklin. I could not care any less about Randy, but I find it hilarious that half of your argument is about what he has said on his Facebook account vs.what really happened. They call it Fakebook for a reason...As most everyone on there is lying to themselves and others with their posts, portraying themselves how they want and not how they truly are. On the subject of money paid to his victim, is it not up to the courts to decide these things,or did I miss something?. AND to go off topic for a moment: with all these facts getting thrown around about pitbull attacks, I noticed the blogger has never added that a decent amount of "pitbull" attacks were never confirmed as actually being pit bulls that did the attacking. Alot of them were based on testimony of witnesses who weren't positive that it was truly a pitbull. I found this garbage blog by accident random searching on Bing,and it's amazing how many pit haters subscribe to it.I'm willing to bet most if not all of the supporters of this blog and the blogger himself are well into their 40's and 50's, considering how it seems that's the general demographic for pitbull haters these days. Seeing as how the breed isn't plastered all over the news(aside from Montreal) like it used to be for having a bad reputation. Call me a nutter/asshole/whatever. I do have a formerly abused pit that I rescued as a pet, so I'm automatically "the enemy" on here. Despite being abused she has never barked or growled or even tried to bite anyone in the 3 years I've had her. She even would guard my 2 year old son at night,laying with him overnight and not getting out of bed until my son did. Hate the breed all you want, but let go of most of the spoon fed bullshit you've heard over the years about them. All pit bulls are bad and will attack eventually is the same as saying all African Americans are criminals and will eventually steal from you..... I'm sure this post probably won't see the light of day since The Fuhrer of the blog seems to be a control freak. either way I'd trust any pitbull raised by decent people before I trusted any of you hatemongers.

Scrappy Doo said...

It seems the "basket of deplorables" Clinton was referring to all reside here,praising their dog hating blog god. Your fears have outgrown your ability to reason.

zigzzagz said...

Bulldogs are the greatest breed this planet has ever seen. God bless the pit bulldog and the dogmen who breed them.