Thursday, March 13, 2014

So Called Service Maulers and Their Owners.

from a guest blogger...

Today was beautiful; sunny, clear, blue sky, 65 degrees and crisp. As one of the first great days in a region famous for half a year of chilly rain, everyone was out enjoying the day.

This is how I found out we have not one, not two, not three,  FOUR " Service Dogs" for "emotional support". Naturally, ALL are pit bulls.  There may be more, as there are 150 apartments, these are just the ones I saw outdoors TODAY.

There is huge white Am Bull in another building, and a (never leashed) boxer in the front. They probably have ADA excuses too as dogs this size are restricted, as are ALL dogs over #35, and under one yr old. ALL of these people moved in without their pit bull "service dogs". This way they cannot be denied upfront; once they have a lease, they get maulers.

Did I mention these are small apartments, in a densely populated area, with no yards, and no fences between buildings or around playgrounds? It's park-like, which used to be wonderful, now it's a liability.

As far as landlords go, these "pets w vests" are the same as a guide dog by state law, and they cannot discriminate by size or breed if they get a prescription. I was told lots of liberal docs will write one for anything, and we all know you can buy one online for about $65. Their hands are tied. I think this is a new law, because when I moved in, and until a few months ago, I never saw a big dog, certainly not a pit bull, living here. It was great, my small kids could play freely, like I did at that age, my cat could be outdoors unmolested by grippers. It was an oasis, now ruined by the selfish pit owners. I feel I can not be outdoors without hovering over my kids, fully armed. My only hope is that these people will move, turnover is very high here.

Management is just as frustrated and angry as me. I'm not the only person complaining for once, though most are apathetic, or think pits are great/no worry. Site Manager tells me what to document to get them evicted, and he hopes I do it. Corporate is involved now, and this is one of the biggest landlords in the area. They realize the liability is huge, which is why they restricted bigger dogs to begin with! They admitted it will likely take a tragedy to make changes to this law, if at all. (NOT TO ME, NOT TO MINE.)

Now on to the resident "Emotional Support Monsters"...

One apartment in my own building has a red nosed APBT puppy, already big at 7mo. These 2 owners are fit, young, clean cut, Mexican men in their late 20's/early 30's. They can at least control a large, strong dog, keep it leashed, and have appropriate harnesses, etc. They go to work all day leaving "service dog" home... They walk it a few times, otherwise I never see it.

*Their backdoor opens to the playground, and is 10' from it.*

The Second family, has TWO 4 mo old maulers. They are a young, low income, white trash couple w bad tats, stretched earlobes, plus their kids, and the young grandparents. Supposedly mutts, one dog is all pit, the other has a touch of lab, but are related.

One gripper belongs a 9yr old, to "emotionally support" her, so "she stops pulling her hair out". She can barely control a puppy, let alone a full size, raging mauler! The other mutt belongs to the entire family. Each tenant can have their very own service mauler, so I am lucky they have 2 of them not 6. I am unclear about the excuse they used.

*Their door also opens about 50' off the playground, and right to an area where 15+ small kids play, and ride bikes, daily.*

BOTH of these are within sight of one of my doors.

The FOURTH is the worst by far.

This is a mid 30's, white man, tatted up with job stoppers and huge stretched earrings. He lives with his 5yr old daughter, whom roams outside for hours unattended, playing on other peoples patios. Not sure who else lives there.

When asked how he was allowed to keep such a dog, he bragged to me that "there are ways to get around the rules". He did not care that people choose to live there because of the restrictions, to avoid such animals. (Typical pit nutter)

*His back door opens to another building where a lady has an after school kids club. 10+ kids play daily with other small animals. Same apartment is housing a stray and feral TNR and rescue.* The cat population may be out of control, but I don't want the well cared for, s/n cats, torn apart- especially in front of kids.  (The "slow kill" city refuses to PTS, or shelter, all ferals or strays. It's horrible. More on how slow kill is inhumane, and causes maulings later.)

Now, In the category of YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP....

Earlier, I was at the apartment above with my kids, and the club was in session, pets and are everywhere. Nutter comes over, and my friend asks him how he got to keep this dog, and tells him it makes me uncomfortable. He says it's a service dog, for emotional support. Of course. She asks what it is trained to do- she has one that retrieves medicine and other practical things, as she has severe spinal defects.
GET THIS- the dog "helped him through a rough break up, when he almost broke down."

That's it! GTFO. I ask him to keep his mauler away from my kids (which are there).

Then, he goes home, and brings the HUGE mauler out, barely able to control it, with all the kids there. I ask him again to stay the F away from my kids, point them out, He says he will.

**He said he just wanted me to meet the dog, so I would be reassured it's ok.**

I said NO THANKS, please get that thing outta here, if you were ripped up like I was, you wouldn't want them around either. He tells me he got his forehead and part of scalp tore off by a pit, but "it's not the breed! Its the owner" so it's OK!!! OMGF- uber nutter.

As I stare is disbelief, he repeats that he just wanted to reassure me, about 5x.

Then the ladies small legit service dog comes up to say hi to Mauler, the dogs have been friendly to each other for a while now.


Owner choke chains the dog quickly, and manages to get gripper off before he locks on. He drags it off while I shout "WOW! HOW VERY REASSURING! THANKS!" The small dog limps away, with a hurt leg, but ends up OK- LUCKY. Several kids were terrified, one so much she climbed the tree to escape (smart kid).



S.K.Y. said...

Wow, what a horror story. I couldn't imagine living in this type of situation or people forcing others to live in fear. That's par for the course that the "reassurance" ended in a fight. I've seen that happen too.

It's because of situations like this that I have chosen to live on Ramen noodles... so I can have my own house and a prison-like yard with barb-arms pointing off the top of my fence. My dogs only play out there under supervision, but the fencing should buy us 15 seconds or so to escape into the house in the case of a roaming mauler.

I hope the management finds a way to get rid of those people and their dogs. Once others see that it's possible to have pits there, I'm afraid it will attract more, and more, and more...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if there are photos of the ugly mutants violating the complex rules, management really has to evict or they could face legal action from the victimized tenants.

Anonymous said...

WTH? I have a rabbit. My rabbit provides emotional support. Maybe I should get him a vest. Oh wait. My rabbit can't leave the house because he's a rabbit! Also, I really don't think he'd wear a vest.

As far as all these fake service dogs. Almost any dog can provide "emotional support". Well, heck. Almost any pet can provide "emotional support". That is kind of the definition of "pet", isn't it? So, why is it that so many people need to get their "emotional support" from some gigantic dog when a little dog will do just as well?

I mean, if a person is blind and needs a guide dog, then it is understandable that they'd need a larger dog like a GSD. If they're just bummed out, then a little pet that would fit the apartment's weight guidelines should do just fine.

Anonymous said...

"...helped him through a rough break up, when he almost broke down."

How pathetic. Sheesh.

Guest Blogger said...

I figured this was already long enough, so I didn't add:

WHY must they come into a place where there are restrictions?
I checked listings as I wrote this, and I know there are plenty of of open rentals in this price range that not only tolerate large dogs, but welcome them! You can easily get another apartment, a duplex, or small home, that welcomes dogs. Many have a fenced yard, and are in a similar, average, neighborhoods.

I chose this place because they restricted big dogs, are strict on no barking, and don't allow visiting dogs either. I didnt want to be driven mad by barking, or endangers by roaming maulers.

But noooooooo, this will not do. They MUST force their maulers on everyone. Why not move into a restricted place, all you need is a sob story and a note. Makes me raging mad, TBH.

Thankfully, breaking the rules they have for all pets is considered a lease violation, and they are strict on this with everyone. Once the threshold of warnings is reached, they get 24 hours to remove Mr Gripper, and another 24 hours to GTFO.

I am documenting everything, and I AM hoping that this actual attack, that lots of people saw, will be enough to evict the one beast. It really is dangerous, and not just because of the breed- it is huge, barely controlled, and the guy has zero respect for rules.

Corporate (and all such landlords) needs to understand that an ADA lawsuit (from a provable faker!) will cost LESS than an attack. In money, reputation, and humanity. They MUST nip this in the bud before it gets worse.

**Any idea how to make this clear to them will be appreciated.**

I have been asked why we don't move. Its easy- the next place will likely have the same problem, it's an issue citywide. The move to "No Kill", aka SLOW KILL, made the pit bull and dangerous dog situation here worse (as well as causing much cruelty and suffering).

Until these idiots leave, I will have to better arm myself, and hope for the best. Anyone wanna donate to the get this Mom a nice 9mm? A newer Bowie knife? Bullets for the shotgun? if the nutters can fundraise to save a killer dog, why can't I collect for self defense against them? There ought to be a fund for that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What about a small, discreetly placed camera that observes the area around your doorway? Since you have children and have expressed a desire to be left alone by the so-called service dogs and their owners, then they should not be around your doorway without a good reason. Of course, if your place happens to be on the way to one of their apartments, this isn't a good... But, still. It might catch some things that are happening when you aren't there. You'd want to be able to hide the camera, of course.

Anonymous said...

Simple rules are so much easier to follow, but the nutters always find a way around them.

When I lived in a condo, we had a weight limit. I didn't want a small dog, so I didn't get one. I don't know how I survived? If only I was brilliant enough to slap a vest on my dog of choice, I could have forced my will upon those that try and force their will upon me. How dare they?


I LOVE THIS! Even though it fell on deaf ears.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Guest Blogger:

"WHY must they come into a place where there are restrictions?"

I would estimate there are a couple of reasons -

1) They may not appreciate pet nuisances generated by others (i.e. its OK for my dog to bark and chase people but I won't tolerate that from anyone else).

2) They love to project aggression, so what better victim would be someone who doesn't want to be around these animals in the first place? Siccing your pit on another pit lover just doesn't create the same level of terror, now does it?

guest blogger said...

Anon- My thought exactly. I am considering some digital cameras, but just to catch violations. My apartment may be near theirs, but I doubt they will come here, simply because it's not in anyones path. They also have sense enough to stay away, if nothing else.

Animal Uncontrol- LOVE your blog. I fought the very same fight with robobarkers belonging to the wife beating felon next door. I ended up selling that house, and have no regrets.

As for why they move here- a few are just ignorant. They are stunned when others don't wuv their pibbles (or any other dog, really), so they never considered the rules were there for other tenants. They figured the restrictions were a technicality made up by "the man", for no reason. They just did not want to pay the pet rent and deposit, and wanted to have the dog of their choice, and this was the easiest way to make it happen.

These ones at least try to keep the mauler away from me, they didn't mean harm, they are just used to being privileged. They are so dangerous because they often don't get the power of their beast, and cannot/don't try to control them.

The guy with the attacking mauler really didn't have anything to say when I told him people like me chose to live there to get away from big dogs. I said people that bring in big dogs are the rudest of assholes, but he did not care. He is simply selfish, and I am sure he both thinks his mauler is perfectly friendly, AND enjoys that he can terrorize others with it.

I described them physically because they are all such stereotypical pit owners. I would be willing to bet all but the Mexicans have no jobs and criminal records.

Anonymous said...

I think something notable is how many service pit bulls there are. I've never lived around an actual service dog. Not even in my neighborhood. I've seen them from time to time, but it's rare. Knowing that service dogs cannot be regulated, like only allowing one per apartment complex, gives the nutters the upper hand, once again.

Dayna said...

Ugh. This crap just makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

Guest Blogger, good luck with the cameras.

I actually looked into what the ADA says about service animals. My dreams of a service rabbit (hehe) are not to be. Only dogs and, in some cases, miniature horses are recognized.

Although, from what I read (which is just part of the ADA) any dog or mini horse that does nothing except provide emotional support isn't a service animal... it is a pet.

The service animal has to DO something such as your friend whose dog brings her medicine to her. That ability is specifically mentioned.

The only thing I saw mentioned that a pit bull type dog might be good at is pulling a wheelchair. That is another thing mentioned, but most of the dogs in your complex are too young to manage such a feat even if pit bulls are, from what I understand, good at pulling competitions. Also, none of these people have a wheelchair anyway.

Given some of these 'service dogs' in your complex are only puppies, I doubt very many people will believe they are able to do much of anything except be puppies.

Does California have add-on privileges to the ADA?

Animal Uncontrol said...

This post definitely raises some big issues. I think it is WAY past time to impose some real standards on service animals.

However, I've already seen the counter arguments and they follow one or more of the following narratives:

- I need a service dog NOW and don't have time to train him.


- I can't afford to have my service do properly trained so expecting me to do so is economically discriminatory.


- I don't have to prove or qualify for NUTTIN'!!! Get your government and its laws out of my face! How is the drug war and Obama Care working out for you??

Of course, the counter-counter arguments would be:

- Irrelevant

- Irrelevant

- Fine, lets get the government out of your face - no ADA protections for you, champ.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

animal uncontrol, you made my day.

(i took the time to link to the blog, now take the time to read it.)

orangedog said...

I have service fish. They all wear little vests and everything.

Anonymous said...

It's the same with parking spots for invalids, huge abuse of the privilege.

"WHY must they come into a place where there are restrictions?"
Because the owners are just like their dogs: pushy and in your face. They always like to force their dogs onto people who don't want them around.


Animal Uncontrol said...


Agreed. While a few of these folks may be ignorant "Kool Aide" drinkers, most are psychopaths.

One thing I keep saying over and over is this: pretty much the only legal way to project aggression is through a dog, and for that purpose what better dog than a Pit?

Note: "legal" might not be technically legal, but thanks to corrupt AC, cops and judges it is de-facto legal.

Sure, pit owners might act all innocent, and sh!t, but 95% of them KNOW their dogs scare the sh!t out of people. THAT is why they have them. Its as good as being able to point a gun at someone and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Animal Uncontrol, true. But, what they do not realize is they don't have a modern, reliable gun. They have an old timey gun that might shoot the person they've pointed at, random people off to the side, or just blow up in their hands.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Hey, for "save mickey" fans:

Animal Uncontrol said...

Anon @5:29


Anonymous said...

You can thank the Federal Government for this, colluding with their friends like Saul Berkey and her family and the pit bull pusher who works for Senator Menendez.

These people have friends and relatives in the Government, or work directly in it, and they get special favors, pals in government departments to write regulations to protect their financial interests and take away the civil rights of most people as well as put people in danger

This was a scam specially enabled by those that enforce and supervise the ADA and Fair Housing Act.

Of course it is lower income people who will suffer. If you can own a home, at least you can fence and barricade yourself in and not have fighting dogs crawling over you in your reesience or yard.

But if you have to rent or live in housing or a condo, you got your rights taken away from you. Your kid can die of asthma and allergies, die from a mauling, the Feds are helping Saul Berkey and company sell pit bulls and commit service dog fraud and you will suffer.

This is a class war, the rich whites like Jane Saul Berkey, who take away your rights and use the government to do it

Anonymous said...

Some states are supposedly passing laws to crack down on service dog fraud. Has anyone looked into those or know how successful they are?

Anonymous said...

Just started listening to the blogtalkradio show.

To paraphrase:

"I think the people are bunch of idiots..."

...and then two minutes later...

"...we want to hear from you, no matter what your opinion. Just keep it clean, no name calling..." etc.


This should be good.

Anonymous said...

The usual suspects are also involved in getting government hacks to pass these scam regulations enabling service dog fraud

A breeder (!) actually posted in comments on an article about service dog fraud which is escalating-

"It’s odd how many people claim need of a service dogs on a flight
to wherever the AKC championships are being held. Amazing, really."

Animal Uncontrol said...

Oh, the blogtalk chatroom is pure pit nut GOLD.

Gold, baby! GOLD!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"It’s odd how many people claim need of a service dogs on a flight to wherever the AKC championships are being held. Amazing, really."

oh yeah, i have been watching one of these people for about 8 months.

Anonymous said...

Have immune system deficiences? Autoimmune disorders? Aids? Cancers? Asthma?

Guess what? The Federal Government says your life doesn't matter. They want service dog frauds to put your life at risk, particularly if you live in a small apartment where you can't possibly avoid contamination by waste, saliva, dander, urine of these dogs.

HOWEVER the Federal Government will prevent children from having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in schools because one child has a peanut allergy. Make sense?

You gotta document and you gotta sue.

On another note, the pit pusher company run by Betsy Saul (who sold petfinder to Discovery networks for millions and is married to a doctor) and Michael Mountain of Best Friends fame, got JOCELYN ELDERS, the former surgeon general of the Federal government under Clinto, to be on their board as their promote pit bulls as nanny dogs.

Nice contact to have with affairs like service dog idiocy huh?

Especially considering that minorities will suffer the most and are already.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the description is really loaded to favor the mutant. i tried to listen but it is hard to understand with people talkign over each other.

"I think the people are bunch of idiots..."

...and then two minutes later...

"...we want to hear from you, no matter what your opinion. Just keep it clean, no name calling..." etc.

that looks a lot like like the private chat camuso tried to have with me. she starts out insulting and then she says she's available for a civil exchange of ideas but won't participate if i'm mean and insulting. trying to have an honest debate with nutters is like talking to someone in the throes of a psychotic episode who can't speak english.

Anonymous said...

Elderly person who will break a hip when one of these dogs bumps or jumps you in your narrow hallway or in the elevator of your tight, crowded housing or apartment building? Diabetic who will lose a leg when one of them scratches you or bites?

Prepare to die, because the Fedeaeral Government in collusion with the pit bull lobby in its many manifestations says that being able to sell pit bulls to frauds is more important than your life.

It's time to name names of the people who are writing these regulations and killing people.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

to be fair, the federal govt puts just about everything before the safety and well being of it's citizens. pit bulls are but a tiny problem in their eyes and another good distraction for the minions while congress and corp america collude..

Anonymous said...

One of the panelists at blogtalk actually compared filicide to death-by-dog, and wondered why the same folks clamoring for BSL aren't also clamoring for the banning of parents... I mean WTF?? Do these people not realize how FUCKING absurd of an argument that is? I'm sure on some level they must... and yet... he sounded deadly serious.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Jeezus,

I'm going to say that they are serious about banning parents. Okay, I don't normally think like a nutter, but I will try and decipher what they mean.

Nutters are fur mommies. When normal people speak of BSL, nutters think that their fur babies are going to be taken away from them, and most likely put to sleep. How horrible!

So, rather than allowing that to happen, they want to ban parents, so that BSL won't become a reality, and their fur babies will be safe.

It's more important that their fur babies don't die, but actual human babies are disposable. Human babies are destined to become parents anyway, so it's okay to ban them too.

I miss snarky. This is making me laugh the way snarky used to crack me up.

P.S. I realize that Anonymous Jeezus wasn't signing off as Jeezus, I just thought it would be funny to address him/her as such.

Jason said...

"Service dogs” are specially trained to perform a specific task for a disabled person, however, so-called "therapy dogs" are nothing more than glorified pets. I am a veteran and I’ve heard other vets bragging about getting their mutts designated "therapy dogs" and the scam is just as prevalent among non-vets. People who operate hotels, B&Bs, etc. are constantly encountering people who have ordered their mutt an official-looking vest on the internet and then try to pass off the fleabag as a “therapy dog.”

Landlords feel they aren’t allowed to question residents about their so-called “therapy dogs,” but this isn’t true. If a landlord feels the dog is a fake, he or she can ask the owner to produce paperwork confirming he requires the dog for a bona fide illness or condition. If the dog isn’t a total fake wearing a “service vest” the owner purchased online, a landlord can contact the doctor who “prescribed” the dog and when the doctor discovers he is facing being called to testify in court under oath that the person requires the dog, the doctor will back down because nobody needs a “therapy dog.” To back up his claims in court, landlords can place videocameras in locations where owners will be shown exiting and entering their apartments and if the owner leaves every morning and goes to work without his service/therapy dog, then he doesn't need the dog.

Additionally, the ADA provides that managers, etc. are allowed to ask the owner of a dog – even one purported to be a bona fide “service dog” – to leave the premises if the owner does not have control of the animal. The ADA also provides that owners of service dogs can be required to pay for any damages caused by their dogs. Accordingly, if the owners of the so-called “therapy dogs” in this apartment community break the rules, they can be required to correct the problem or face eviction, just like the owner of any other dog.

Landlords' hands are not "tied" when it comes to so-called "therapy dogs." If your landlord is serious about wanting to get rid of these therapy frankenmaulers, he should contact an attorney. When people leave a dog at home all day while they go to work, the animal is NOT a "service" or "therapy" dog and if the landlord would push it, he would probably find that none of the dogs on his property is a bona service or therapy dog.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:08,

I miss snarky too! :(

Also: great post Jason, as usual.

Alexandra said...

Anonymous 'Jeezus' @ 8:44 PM and Anonymous @ 9:08 PM,

Here's the real nutter reasoning when they say 'let's ban parents'. It's short and simple:

Part 1: "If we can't prevent all deaths by anything, then why bother to prevent predictable deaths by something?"

Part 2: "If we can't make the world perfect, then why bother to correct any imperfections at all?"

Part 3: "I was born with two brain cells and a personality disorder. Now I only have 1/2 a brain cell left, but I still have personality disorder."

Anonymous said...

actually , i would ban pitter parents in a heart beat but if we cant even ban their ugly mutants ......

Anonymous said...

maybe mandatory spay/neuter is a more realistic proposal for pitterine parents .

scorched earth said...

Welcome home Snarky!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i vote for:

"Part 3: "I was born with two brain cells and a personality disorder. Now I only have 1/2 a brain cell left, but I still have personality disorder."

welcome back snarky.

Guest blogger and frustrated tenant said...

I am thinking that there is a local breeder, or rescue, or even the shelter, is sending pit owners here and telling them what docs will give them prescriptions. They don't go online and spend their own cash for prescriptions- they use state funded insurance to go to a local doc, so they can violate my rights totally cost FREE. The scripts are legit, if utterly ridiculous.

GMAFB- This onslaught of pits has been so fast, and numerous, in a city with few pits, it cannot be due to random chance. 3 pit puppies in 2 mo? And a Am Bull? IDK if the 4th four yr old pit, 4yrs, has been here long or not; I just learned he has another mauler 5th one!) and it has snapped at his 4yr old.

I'm not in CA. Heres the problem: AFAIK, my state made it so landlords must take "emotional support" animals, with zero breed or age restrictions, and no extra costs, same as ADA guide dogs. Rentals can ban pets, restrict big dogs, for everyone else only! If landlords know before the owners move in, they can use another excuse to keep them out. If they get one of these "ES" animals after move in, the landlord is stuck.

Technically landlords only need to offer "reasonable accommodation", so there may be an argument there. Its NOT reasonable to allow big, fighting breeds, into small, dense, apartments that restrict them. Its not fair for other tenants, it's not safe, and it even sucks for an animal that needs a yard. This needs to be stopped, but, ODORS (obnoxious dog owners, IIRC) are above the law, as usual.

Mauler owners DO have to follow the pet rules, and we all know they won't. Im hopeful they will lose their maulers, or be evicted, for this.

I will let corporate know that this will only get worse if they let it go. I have a plan to bust the liars for fraud, and will give the evidence to the management. I think they have lawyers of their own. They just need to get to the point where they understand that they may not get to avoid a lawsuit, at they will become the go to place for pit owners. The risk and cost of a suit for a pit maiming, will be many orders of magnitude higher than losing an ADA case. Just fighting will stop the flow if maulers, they will move on to an easier target.

IDK what people with allergies are supposed to do. No one cares about anyone but dog owners these days. They could ban peanuts because no adults are inconvenienced, or bothered, by this, and there are no enomous groups organized to fight for peanut butter sanwiches. Maybe they can be allies.

THANKS for the comments, I feel less like an over reacting nut when others find this as awful as I do.

Anonymous said...

"I was born with two brain cells and a personality disorder. Now I only have 1/2 a brain cell left, but I still have personality disorder."

LOL thank you Sputnik!

And guest blogger, you are soooo not overreacting. Anyone who tells you that you are is either a psychopathic pit bull enthusiast, or hopelessly naïve.

Anonymous said...

Or has never lived in an apartment.

My apartment (one of them) was 'adults only' until parents pitched a fit and all apartments had to admit children. We had NO places for kids to play NONE. But, pretty soon, they were outside playing and screaming.

Then the 'under 25 pounds' pets ban started being violated left and right. Fortunately, not by pit bulls (then). But, it might be that way now.

So, I get it... living in an apartment is NOT like living other places and you can't let everything go on by.

People will not be logical. Such as some places were adults only for a good reason... no access to ANY place for kids, small units, everything built with the expectation that only adults would be in there. Just as everything was also built with the expectation of small dogs that would be content in that environment.

Some people probably originally got the prescriptions for smaller dogs meant to comfort maybe a child who was disabled or an older person. But, now, wherever state that is, they've let it go so out of hand that able bodied people are using it to put dogs that people are rightfully afraid of into situations that have got to be unpleasant for the dogs themselves.

Anonymous said...

Guest blogger, the breeders and the No Kill slow kill killers (containing high breeder influence) as well as the pit pumper dealers amnd pit advocate groups are telling people to break the law and commit fraud and how to do it.

They have rocks in their heads of course because the attacks will increase and there will be more demand for pit bull legislation.

Do a search for service dog fraud. There are news articles finally appearing.

May I suggest starting a blog where you detail your information starting with the great stuff you already have? Other people tracking the frauds or with their personal stories will share their stories and the proof can be shown to the world. Victims of this can have a voice too. Sort of a clearinghouse for the issue.

If you look at the dogsbite blog right now, in the entry about the elderly man, look at the pictures of the unaltered fake "service" dog running loose in elderly housing in the hallways, laundry room.

Fraud and they should be getting busted. But when the authorities are corrupt, only airing all this dirty laundry for all to see will get anything done about this.

Too late for some, who will be victims of a Federal Government too interested in protecting the old $$$$$$ for a very few and willing to sacrifice lives, health and rights of others to enable the fraud.

They are CREATING disabilities with service dog fraud.

Very few service dogs are real, a tiny percentage. Technological advances help the disabled, not dogs. It's also another business for some who breed and "train" them- so many levels of fraud. This is another big money industry using emotions and fake medical claims to cash in.

Anonymous said...

The doctors colluding with this fraud need to be exposed as well. They are getting people killed, injured and disabled.

Undercover investigation, hello!

Packhorse said...

Today I met a woman at a local park. She was walking her toy breed dog. My dog likes everyone, so he goes up to play with the little dog, and it bared its teeth fearfully and snapped. My dog backed off with a confused look. The dog owner told me that her dog is afraid of big dogs ever since a pit bull grabbed it by the neck and shook it.

I agreed with her that pit bulls are aggressive and are well-known for attacking. I told her that I do not allow my dog to play with pit bulls.

I am glad her dog is still alive and not permanently injured, but it is obviously emotionally scarred.

Anonymous said...

I don't think these are service dogs, but my fiance was telling me about two dogs that always go with their owners who are in wheelchairs. One is a beagle and one is a small terrier. The dogs are old, so are content on the owners' laps. Like I said, I think they're just pets. But, I imagine they do provide emotional support and might even be able to bring things to their owners. Both dogs are well liked by people various places... so there's no need to force them on people.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I don't think I've met a pit bull owner who didn't have something to prove. I've even had one claim "it's all in how their raised" and his game-bred trash was psycho dog aggressive. You think he'll ever claim he raised them to behave like that?

I heard part of the blogtalk radio pit nutter BS. If "the man-biters were culled" theory was true, it would mean the asshole pit owner trained it to be human aggressive and therefore is responsible for chaining his pit dog outside around humans. The "no BSL" biker dude on blog radio doesn't like small dogs. BOO HOO HOO! CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER. Sounds biased to me...discriminatory? Yes!

None of the crap pit nutters claims is true and this is what happens.

As for the fake pit bull service dogs, those people will ruin it for legitimate service dog owners and the entire group of service dogs, legitimate and fake, will suffer.

Does anyone here think it's a good idea to legitimately train a breed of dog who is banned in so many places as a service dog, a breed who is specifically bred for dog aggression and gameness, a breed of dog bred for blood sport? I DON'T THINK SO.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The blog talk radio article, who talks like this about their chosen breed of dog in this way? LOL! NOBODY ELSE!

Anonymous said...

"The "no BSL" biker dude on blog radio doesn't like small dogs."

He got on my nerves way more than either of the hosts did. One of the first things out of his mouth was how he "understands" what it's like to be judged based on appearances (because he looks like a stereotypical lowlife biker apparently)... he said the discrimination is painful for him, so he can only imagine how much more painful it must be for pit bulls (LOL)... so much cringe worthy BS in such a short amount of time.

At the beginning they had a woman who was talking more sense than the rest of them put together. Wish she'd have stayed on the whole show.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't know if biker dude came right out and *admitted* that his feelings were hurt when people judged him based on his appearance, but that was the implication.

tropical storms said...

Rumple, Dawn has quite a long list of famous man fighters who were bred extensively. Maybe you should get that info to the radio host. To my knowledge only one winning man fighter has ever been culled after making champion and being bred. Remember stupid people say stupid things and corrupt/criminal people lie.

Anonymous said...

The people who are sooo sure man biters were culled need to look no further than Zebo. He bit people, but he won for every owner he had.

I guess if Zebo was still alive, someone would try to slap a service vest on him and drag him into their apartment to be a pillow pet for their kids.

Nowadays, I think they are breeding these dogs willy nilly. So, the dogs have the basic genetics with a whole new layer of crazy on top of that.

With all of the dogs that exist in the world, this is such an amazingly bad choice for a service dog that I wouldn't believe it if there weren't so many reports of it happening.

And I am sick of them whining about their dogs' hurt feelings. The dogs have no idea these conversations are even happening. They're dogs. They can't read.

Also, they need to get over their thing about small dogs. Those dogs only hang out with their owners anyway.

Guest blogger and "hater" said...

I really hate when people (like anti BSL biker) purposely CHOOSE to dress, act, own things, or present themselves in ways that are outside of accepted norms, then whine about "discrimination".

In Typical sociopath fashion, these types enjoy the fearful looks they get, love flaunting their dangerous reputations, and enjoy owning animals and objects that are reflections of these vicious values. They love the way they look!
But when the way they look (on purpose) prevents them from getting something they want, all of a sudden it's "don't judge a book by it's cover", and WE are the bad guys!

What they really want is license to terrorize everyone, and ignore all of the social and legal norms the rest of us follow. They want to force US to put up with their deviant behaviors, with a smile, and not a single complaint.

They steal the language of social justice and civil rights, and apply it to themselves, inappropriately. This is why nutters and their ilk are always claiming racism about pit bulls, which makes no sense. They are so used to misusing those ideas, they even apply them to dogs!

How you dress, act, present yourself matters. don't wanna be seen as a low life, violent scum ball? don't dress like one. FFS already.

(Love the "fraud dog" blog idea.)

Rumpelstiltskin said...

TS, I know, it's ridiculous to claim "dog fighters culled the human aggressive pit bulls" when year after year pit bulls kill the most humans. They should be ashamed to even make that claim.

Anon @12:53PM, I agree. You can't have jailhouse tats and expect to land a job as an investment banker. Pit nutters would love to have you think someone with facial tats, a fake service pit, and a "don't give a shit" attitude to be a salesman at a Nissan dealership. It ain't gonna happen. It's common sense.

Anonymous said...

These people's shenanigans with their fighting dogs they can't control are going to make it where people who ARE disabled who have a little, small dog won't be able to take it places. Also, doing that needs to be limited... not everyone needs to drag a dog around with them 24/7. Maybe people should just drag their blankie around and be done with it. It'd be safer.

There are now and then people who just look big and imposing no matter what they wear. But, they do not complain. It is always someone who has chosen to present themselves in a ridiculous way that just screams out that they are antisocial. Well, fine. But, just know that makes people nervous and give them their space.

Some people are just nervous types anyway. They can tell themselves that if they want to insist looking like a big scary weirdo dragging a big scary dog around that they can't control.

I wonder what they will do when pibble acts up (this means their dog starts mauling a human or animal while they stand and stare) and someone dirt naps it right in front of their stupid faces. Will they realize that they caused the situation by not keeping their dog on their own property and under their control?

Anonymous said...

I once knew a guy who had what looked like wingding symbols tatooed where his eyebrows should have been, giant ear gauges, piercings all over his face, etc. And not surprisingly, no one wanted to hire him... he whined about it of course... lol. Haven't seen him in years but I'll bet I know what kind of dog he prefers.

Guest Blogger said...

The most dangerous of the maulers in vests is MOVING.

I don't know if the dog fight did him in, or the constant complaints to management, the calls to the cops, calls to AC, or maybe the constant push back he got to his face (most likely, I don't think anyone has ever said shit to his ugly face, People like him are cowards ). Who knows.

All I know is that yesterday I learned he was moving with his mauler (s). Maybe he just got another job and had to relocate (HAHAHAHAH)? The timing is awfully auspicious.

AND- The neighbor to the Mexican guys is setting up cameras to record all the violations to his smart phone, and 3 of the apartments in our building are ganging up to get that guy out. He is already letting mauler off his lead, and we have cats and kids, so thats a no go. They will not allow the off leash antics at all. He ought to be gone pretty soon, depending how quick we can get the cameras up.

I was thinking about how to get rid of the other 2, but I think that one will work itself out. There are too many people in that apartment already, and I can see those dogs being nuisances as soon as they leave "cute pupyville". Pretty soon, they will be taking up too much space, eating too much food, and requiring too much attention.

They cannot just leave them outside, and do not have a yard to chain them in. These are exactly the people that get these dogs cuz they are cool, and then dump them once they get bigger and harder to manage and feed. They are also the type that will probably move out, or not pay rent, in a few months anyway. I just hope it happens before anything bad happens, before mauler gets big.


Anonymous said...

That's great news!

Branwyne Finch said...

I'm coming in on this discussion late, but I am quite familiar with the types of people who would own a fake pit bull service dog. They are typically narcissists, grifters and social parasites that, despite the fact that they may only have a seventh grade education, are experts on fleecing the system and getting what they want. They know how to get fake disability benefits, they know how to get food stamps and subsidized housing, and they are very good at threatening landlords with legal action, then withholding rent so they can live free while the eviction process takes place. They have a jailhouse lawyer's understanding of their legal rights and what loopholes they can exploit. It was quite logical that they would quickly figure out the fake service dog scam, and equally logical that people like this, with no moral compass or sense of personal responsibility, would choose pit bulls.

My sister has worked in both commercial and residential property management for decades, and my advice to anyone facing this problem is to go right over the property managers head to corporate. Find out the owner of the complex, and contact them directly, and if you can find out who the lawyers are for corporate, even better. Jason above gave good advise, I think some landlords don't understand that they still have some rights, and they are just trying to avoid the expense of going to court.

I do believe that many of these fake pit service dog owners would back down if you offered to take them to court, where they may have to prove their dog is trained to do something, anything to help their owners "disability". Also, the owner would have to prove an actual disability. I think in many cases, if the landlord called their bluff, they would get rid of the dog.