Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bravo Jeff, Bra-vo!

okay kids, drop everything and head over to Daxton's Father for the ULTIMATE smack down of the Dark Triad.

and tell him, creepy craven sent you ;-)

The Dark Triad. It could well be a cast of villains in an epic tale of fantasy.  All three of these dark powers are callous and exploitative, but each is also malignant in its own way. One is charming but remorseless. The second is known for its cynicism and deception. The third is grandiose and entitled, the ultimate egotist. You don’t want to cross this evil trio.




goon squad lieutenant


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

don't ya just love berkey's power pose?

Packhorse said...

I went to a dog event over the weekend. Between 30 - 40 dogs, many of them off-leash. About midway through an early-twenties, heavily tattooed couple show up with an adult pit bull.

It was wearing both a prong collar and an agitation collar. To the couple's credit they did keep it on a leash--however, it absolutely should not have been there.

I don't think I've ever seen so many freezes and hard stares in such a short period of time. Very aggressive body language--tail held stiff and high. The man yelled at it several times and jerked it backwards, which would break the stare until another dog passed by.

There were not only big dogs (mostly labs) running around, but also a fair share of toy breeds such as yorkies off leash. There were also kids of all ages, including toddlers and babies, which to me is irresponsible enough without throwing pits into the mix.

I came prepared with a bag containing a fire extinguisher, a knife, and mace.

Anonymous said...

I've only read up to "Karen Delise." All of the names are familiar to me, but I've never understood the connections, or the dealings. Jeff's blog is spelling it all out, and I feel like I can finally absorb what it all means.

This truly shows what we're all up against. I live in Illinois, and when Nick Foley was brutally mauled, we were directly told that BSL would not be considered. To me, that's the only solution. Why are pit bulls given more rights? Pit bulls are animals, and the last time I checked, they are property, not citizens. In my mind, I was wondering if breed specific legislation is too difficult to enforce, or if our Animal Control is lazy. Now, I get it. It's because some deranged people are offended by their particular breed is being discriminated against.

When we're finally allowed to have BSL in Illinois, and not have special interest groups writing laws in states they don't even live in, we will be safe from dangerous dogs.

Fight for your rights said...

It's because BSL has been ineffective and reversed almost everywhere it's been tried it's very expensive and dog bites are not decreased stronger laws holding owners responsible is what is needed.

Anonymous said...

Nice run on sentence nutter.

Explain how BSL is expensive. Is it because you'd need to have insurance to cover the damage your mauler inflicts?

Dog bites have been decreased in areas that have BSL. Especially the bites inflicted by pit bulls.

Stronger laws are BSL, so you just canceled out your argument.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just in case we have a comment and delete guest appearance, I'm going to post what I responded to.

"Fight for your rights said...
It's because BSL has been ineffective and reversed almost everywhere it's been tried it's very expensive and dog bites are not decreased stronger laws holding owners responsible is what is needed."

Anonymous said...


And Huffington Post is a major part of the problem! Way to go nutter!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I forgot to practice safe responding again.

"Anonymous said...
Stop the hate.

August 18, 2014 at 2:47 PM"

Anonymous said...

Are you mad at the fact that there are actually responsible owners out there?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Are you mad at the fact that there are actually responsible owners out there?

August 18, 2014 at 3:14 PM"

Oh yes, that's what makes me mad. Not that 4 people were killed by pit bulls from August 4th, 2014 to August 13th, 2014.

Responsible pit bull owners cancel out all the carnage. Thank you! I have seen the light!

Give me a break. Or should I say, a break stick?

Anonymous said...

The breed isnt going anywhere any time soon. Do you want ALL the owners to be irresponsible and there be MORE deaths? I am trying to understand what you all are wanting here - a reasonable, logical, sane outcome. You hate the responsible people, you hate the irresponsible people. There is no possible way to kill off the breed so what exactly is it you want?

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

@anon 3:24 -

Aw, you tell us the torturers aren't going away any time soon, as if you though that were some sort of glad tidings. As if someone were to dump a bowl of vomit in your stew and expect you to be pleased.

You say you're trying to understand what we want? What does any sane, compassionate person want?

We want an end to the torture and murder of helpless animals by your worthless maulers. The fact that such an obvious thing could be such an impenetrable mystery to you speaks volumes about your state of mind.

Your reading comprehension seems to be at a moronic level, given the completely bat shit crazy assertions you pull out of thin air: "you hate the responsible owners" - So in your feverish mind, what we hate is people who keep their maulers locked up so that they can't hurt anyone - not the obscene over-breeding of unpredictable torturers, or the dangerous propaganda that you folks peddle to an unsuspecting public: "a pit bull is no more dangerous than a poodle" - that's a screamer for sure, and who knows how many deaths that one's caused.

"no possible way to kill off the breed" you say. Are you so dull? Of course we can bring an end to this line of maulers which have caused so much pain and misery - all it takes it the will to wake up and address the problem.

But this is typical for you tools - you never have any answers - just baby talk, punctuated with threats and accusations.

At a minimum, there should be strict accountability for owners of pit bulls that attack.

Attacking pit bulls need to be put down, preferably at the scene of the crime.

If the authorities did find the will to protect their communities rather than kowtowing to the pit bull lobby, a bounty system could be set up to allow concerned citizens to let the authorities know about backyard pit bull breeders for a cash reward (to be paid from the fines levied against the pit bull breeder)

RICO charges could be brought against those deep pockets who have brought about the deaths and sufferings of so many with their propaganda and their corrupting influence on targeted politicians.

You see, there are so many things that could be done to protect the innocent.

But naturally, what you folks want is not protection of the innocent, but unfettered, unregulated and unlimited breeding and trafficking of maulers.

Anonymous said...

How is anyone supposed to have a mature conversation with you or agree with anything you have to say when your approach is more aggressive than the animals you are trying to extinguish? You are rude and volatile but you want people to understand and accept your views? You have so much hate in your soul, it would seem you lead a very sad life.

Anonymous said...

"At a minimum, there should be strict accountability for owners of pit bulls that attack.

Attacking pit bulls need to be put down, preferably at the scene of the crime."

No one is disagreeing with you. How about coming off rational and with a little respect for other people and you may be able to have an normal conversation with someone who may not have your exact same opinions as you.

Anonymous said...

If I were face to face with you, would you (or any of the other volatile people here) be speaking the same way you type on this blog?

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:59 -

volatile? You think it's "volatile" to react with anger to the ongoing torture and mauling of the helpless, and to the lies of those who perpetuate the slaughter?

Hank Rearden said...

@anon 3:56 -

You come here with condescension and contempt, spewing insults with a malicious smirk, acting the part of the wise one who deigns to dispense your jewels of wisdom to us poor misguided minions- and then demand a patient and courteous response to your worn out talking points?

There's only so many hours in a day, and frankly, I'm amazed at the patience and self control shown by the "haters" here.

Anonymous said...

"You come here with condescension and contempt, spewing insults with a malicious smirk, acting the part of the wise one who deigns to dispense your jewels of wisdom to us poor misguided minions- and then demand a patient and courteous response to your worn out talking points?

There's only so many hours in a day, and frankly, I'm amazed at the patience and self control shown by the "haters" here. "

Too bad that won't fit on a bumper sticker.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. You guys are beyond silly. Like I told Dawn, there are more supporters of the breed than haters so you already lose.
I guess you have to just wallow in your anger ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and like i said to you another blog post, you pit nutters are always playing the peer review card, so where is your peer reviewed proof of this so-called majority you keep talking about? if miami-dade is any indication of the level of support for your "breed", then you are out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

One county in the whole country isnt much of an indicator. A place where BSL is better off because of the types of communities Miami has. But Dade is still overran with pits.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
How is anyone supposed to have a mature conversation with you or agree with anything you have to say when your approach is more aggressive than the animals you are trying to extinguish? You are rude and volatile but you want people to understand and accept your views? You have so much hate in your soul, it would seem you lead a very sad life.

August 18, 2014 at 3:53 PM"

More aggressive than the animals I'm trying to extinguish? Really?

How can I be more aggressive than pit bulls, when pit bulls kill, maim and maul? I'm guessing you're still alive at the moment, and have all of your limbs? You're so persecuted and stuff!

From now on, I'm signing my posts with my new nickname. BAM!

BAM stands for ban all maulers.



P.S. Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson, extremely well written post!

Dagny Taggart said...

This is not hard to understand, anon 3:35 (or hopeful one, or dog education, or whatever your nom du jour):

It's as simple as this:

1. We hate the horrors inflicted on the innocent by the brutal.

2. We have little patience for those who defend or excuse the brutality.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

from the AFF propaganda link:
To say that no one wants “those” dogs, just isn’t true these days.

sadly that is true. there are far too many people who have been duped by the AFF politically correct bandwagon and far too many people who lack a basic understanding of artificial selection and far too many people who covet the dangerousness of dogs hand selected and purposely bred to grip and kill.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"One county in the whole country isnt much of an indicator. A place where BSL is better off because of the types of communities Miami has. But Dade is still overran with pits"

1) it is overrun with pits because AC is overrun with nutters who apologize, make excuses, cover-up and look the other way.

2) "one county in a whole country" is misleading. a better description would be one county of X number of counties who put the issue to a public vote. does anyone know the value of X? i'm not aware of this ever being put to a vote anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

From anon 3:53 >>> "it would seem you lead a very sad life."

Hahahahaha! So apparently you know these people who comment? You know what they do 24/7? Amazing. Good ad hominem riddled response there 3:53. Try harder.

What's sad and more or less despicable is how many pit bull people write off the thousands of humans and animals mauled each year, dozens of humans killed, and hundreds of other pets killed by pit bull from owners who claimed to be responsible. That is what's sad.

John Galt said...

@anon - you keep making the assertion that the pit freaks outnumber normal, sane, decent human beings. Regardless of whether there is any evidence for that, it's not something to boast about.

I'm certainly not convinced that it's true. But be that as it may, the fact of the matter is that pit bulls and their imbecilic, sociopathic owners are creating new enemies every single day.

Dayna said...

" Anonymous said...
Jeez. You guys are beyond silly. Like I told Dawn, there are more supporters of the breed than haters so you already lose.
I guess you have to just wallow in your anger ;)

August 18, 2014 at 4:23 PM"

You pit freaks and your game bred dogs create new haters every single day when pibble chomps down on someone's innocent pet, child, parent, grandparent...etc... Then when the typical owner either runs away or tries to blame the victim, well, let's just say you're not exactly making friends, but you ARE influencing lots of people to hate your ugly dogs and want them gone. You can keep on believing in the fairy tale of all the supporters out there, we will keep watching the well deserved euthanization of a million a year, and the passing and overturning of laws that favor innocent people over maulers.
Who knows, perhaps someday your personal pibble will turn you into a convert... You never know with pit bulls.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

Re: Who's "winning" -

The zealots at the top of the pit bull advocacy are an extremely small, if shrill and vocal minority.

But I would perhaps agree that the total bio-mass of those who haven't come to realize the horror of the pit bull problem may well be greater than those who do know about it.

I would classify myself among such formerly ignorant. I used to accept the propaganda that we are all bombarded with: pit bulls are misunderstood, bad men force these sweet dogs to fight, pit bulls are just like any other dogs, it's all in how you raise them, there are no bad dogs, only bad owners, etc, ad infinitum.

But when I actually took a look at the facts, looked at the reason for the development of these maulers, and looked at what pit bulls are doing to helpless animals every day, I was horrified and angered - as so many of us were.

Any of your casual pit bull supporters - as I once was - can easily be turned, once he learns the facts; but those of us who have seen the facts will not easily be turned.

The trend is clear, if you know what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

People often wonder how pit bull groups in places like New York can affect politics in states way far away.

The missing part of the puzzle with this cast of characters to answer that question may be Andrew Saul.

His sister Jane is connected to publishing and the media and seems to use Democrat and liberal avenues and connections to pursue her goals, .

I didn't realize Andrew Saul was in the middle of all this and intimately involved with the pit bull activity, on the board of her organization and giving his own money to his sister's organization.

Andrew Saul is heavily connected in neocon Republican party politics and lobbying (including campaign contribution activities thruout the country) although many conservatives that I can see seem to think it's a sham and that really is into helping his friends and is using the neocon label for other motives.

He's involved in a big way in the national Republican party politics, he worked in a federal job running the biggest government employee investment thrift plan even after he had to drop out of a New York state political race because of allegations of campaign financial impropriety. The political lobbying is in the family too and one of his daughters dropped off the New York state Republican committee leadership after that campaign impropriety allegation surfaced with her father.

Saul is really involved with financiers, I'm talking billionaires, who also fund political campaigns and pressure lawmakers to do what they they want

He was also one of Jack Abramoff's Pioneers club members before Abramoff was arrested and sent to prison for federal lobbying crimes.

Andrew Saul has spent a lot of his adult life lobbying for political candidates and government to support special interests.

He is connected to high ranking politicians across the country and through that state politics.
However I can see that a lot of his history that isn't the most flattering seems to have gotten expunged from a lot of public sources or harder to find anyway.

I find it absolutely bizarre that he would get involved in any way with pit bull pushery, but there's no way to deny the reality that is there in the filings for his sister's organization.

I can only guess that maybe this is because of neocon animal industry activity in the Republican party, like Big Ag, like that Republican Senator in the west, Sensenbrenner, who was lobbying for the dog fighters when the Senate was trying to pass dog fighting laws and was connected to Richard Berman who is a lobbyist for Big Ag among whom the dog breeders lobby.

Is Jeff Borchardt aware of Andrew's political lobbying and background? Influence.


Dear Nutter-
Since you seem to be utterly clueless, I am gonna spell this one out for you. This something I like to tell all nutters (IRL too!), especially ones that come here whining about how "mean" we are.



Got it?
Here is the part all the so called responsible owners never read-
***If you are soooo responsible, then this does not apply to you, because your gripper will not be running loose, anywhere, right? So why be offended? A loose pit is a threat to all, even other pits.

I am tired of you all terrorizing others, thinking that there will never be any consequences. Some of us won't stand by and let you harm others.

I hope this isn't too volatile for you, LOL.

DubV said...

Have I said yet today how much I hate these people?

RSM said...

Dear Anon-
First of all, I wouldn't get too smug about your ability to over turn/stop BSL. I recall a time, oh, maybe a decade ago, when anti gay marriage crusaders were SO smug and just as proud of themselves, too. They had passed laws all over the nation, banning gay marriage.

Now, ten years later, look around. How does the political landscape regarding gays rights look now? If you are anti gay, you have nothing left to be smug about. Those UGLY laws are being overturned all over the place. The public attitude has drastically shifted. Persistence has paid off for gay rights activists, as has being in the RIGHT.

Here is the biggest thing pro pit crusaders always discount- the effectiveness of angry parents of lost children, angry attack victims, angry people that lost loved ones. AND YOUR BREED MAKES MORE OF THEM EVERYDAY.

And please do not talk to me about responsible pit owners, if there even is such a thing. The mass slaughter pits have left in their wake has been ongoing, and the body count is only increasing. If responsible owners (the unicorn of the dog world) could do anything about it, why haven't they? You all won't even take basic measures to SAVE PITS, why would we trust that they will bother to save people and other animals?

As for people being volatile- there are tons of places that pro BSL people will talk to you in calm ways. Where we would like to share our facts and stats with you. The same pit lovers calling us angry foamershere, will send us death threats there, and will even try to get us (total strangers to them!) fired from our jobs for being pro BSL. But we are the volatile ones? HA

Of course, there was nothing actually volatile in the posts preceding that comment, but hey, never let reality intrude on your belies, amirite? The ACTUAL post that was linked too was not full of hate, it was full of FACTS.

And back to the actual topic- I cannot believe this post. Wow. I have to let it all sink in before I even try to make a coherent post about it. All I can say now is- what the hell is wrong with those people that makes them willing to kill so many just to have one breed of dog? What makes them think killer animals ought to have rights equal to, or greater (in practice) than humans?

Anonymous said...

That was such a good article Jeff wrote.

I cannot understand why pit bull advocates are so evil to him. Dax really was killed, that is not a joke. His parents will grieve his loss until the day they die. If Jeff's arguments are worthless as pit bull apologists claim, then no one will be persuaded by those arguments.

However, his arguments are far from worthless. I don't know Jeff, so IDK how he is IRL. But, that post is an excellent and well researched post.

RSM again said...

This morning I heard from a friend who lost their son to a neighbors loose pit. She was crying about the kids Dad, who is so devastated and traumatized it is unimaginable. He came out during the attack and shot the dog, but it was too late. He sat there holding his beloved child, all torn up, throat ripped out, begging him to hold on. His baby died in their own driveway.

Her surviving son is terrified to leave the house, as he was there and could not get the PIT off his little brother. He cannot sleep, the images of his brother being literally to ripped to pieces in front of him won't stop replaying in his mind.

In true nutter fashion, the owner of the killer dog, whom lives next door, went out and bought a new pit and purposely torments them with it. The story actually gets even worse, but I do not want to violate her privacy by sharing any more than what is related to publicly available details.

Then there is another man, who lost his nephew just last week. The small child was one of the FOUR killed by PITS the first 2 weeks of August this year. He is consumed with grief, and just got done living through the funereal. The family is torn apart, because these were well known and loved dogs belonging to a relative.

Oh, heres another one- a sweet 6yr old girl finally got to come home from the hospital, after a month and more surgeries than I can count up. 2 loose pits TORE HER FACE OFF, one from each side. She still has a feeding tube and will never talk again, as the pit ripped her tongue out, but she is still alive, and is a fighter!

Then there is the family that had their son nearly killed by another neighbors dogs, and was harassed by the owner so badly they had to move. That RESPONSIBLE OWNER went and got 2 pits, and bred them! Yeay! More deadly maulers, I feel for the new neighbors.

Pit advocates ignore the HUMAN toll their monsters leave in their wake. And all the dead pets, like the 3 killed when a pit broke through their doggy door and slaughtered them, well they do not even register to nutters.

And I hear this, and sadder stuff, everyday. There are 20 pit fatalities so far this year, and another 500+ that were attacked yet lived.

Or you are a sociopathic nutter.

RSM said...

And Jeff IS awesome, even more so IRL. He is a smart, caring, kind man. He only wants to save the lives of others, so no parent ever has to see their child dead, with their face torn off, literally chewed up. So no more people have to experience the brutal pain of an attack. So no one has to have their pet shredded.

Anyone saying bad things about him is just mad because he is exposing the TRUTH. If you can attack a person that had a child killed in such a fashion, I have nothing to say, its so sick.

(I swear Im done. Jeez, I am verbose when mad.)

Anonymous said...

This is the impression I got from "Daxton's Friends". When I went to the site and realized the people listed as friends had died just like little Dax... in the maw of some worthless dog... I started crying.

These people, of all ages, are worth more than the mean dogs that killed them. Good dogs do not act like those miserable mutants.

Good dogs are killed by maulers. Other types of pets are killed by maulers. Livestock..
which includes animals that are loved as much as pets.. are killed by maulers.

The day maulers stop getting free "somehow" and maiming and killing will be the day I stop complaining. And here I mean any type of murderous canine...
although a lot of them tend to be pit bulls and dogs that look just like pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

This post is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Even though we're "haterz," I just want to say that I love all of you on this side of the controversy. Standing up to nutters, doing what is right, learning the facts, understanding the problem, and fighting for our rights, is what makes this group outstanding! We might not have the money, or the twisted connections, but I have no doubt that we will prevail. The truth is on our side. The ugly reality that nutters don't want to accept, is on their side.

I'm going to assume that our lovely nutter friends didn't even bother to read Jeff's enlightened blog. They're so quick to defend their pit bulls, that they don't even realize they're basically saying that parents should lose their children to dogs bred for fighting. I'm a dog person myself, but I would NEVER chose an animal over my children. Or any member of my human family. Until the killing by pit bulls stop, I'll keep on hatin'!


S.K.Y. said...

Jeff did an incredible job on his post. It was great to have the entire pit-advocacy-money-trail on a single blog. This is one I'll be sure to link to many times in the future.

I know Jeff in RL, and he is an incredible person. He is fighting for victim rights in the face of incredible daily cruelty from the pit nutters. I've seen him (live) speak on TV news, and he is very well-spoken and well-dressed; he is doing an excellent job in presenting this important message. He and Susie also get about 10 gold stars each for having sat with me for 5 hours at a city council meeting to present speeches, and then be told that the pit bull topic was being postponed for a few months...

I'm just so sorry about how he got involved in victim rights. I wish he'd never had to go through what he did.

I'm looking forward to someday living in a world without pit bulls. I'd love to walk my dogs once again outside my 6' fenced back yard where we've been held hostage for years by pit nutters.

Fight for your rights said...

I,ve honestly never seen more people who are so ignorant about a subject but claim to be experts. Like I've said before , you ask any reputable authority on animals what the problem is and not a single one will agree with your point of view. And why does every body on this page either act like their on the third grade ? And why cant you explain why there's not millions of attacks every year when there are millions of Pitbulls ?

And why has BSL been reversed almost everywhere it was passed ?

And why when presented with the facts do you start name calling and throwing insults ?

And Why do you say that all Pitbull owners are drug dealers and nutters ?

And why does almost everybody in here sound as if they are reading a cue card off of ?

You know what it doesn't really matter because what you want is never going to happen anyway !

Anonymous said...

If I want to endanger my life to a canine type animal, then I will go out into the woods and try to make friends with a damned wolf. They're at least normal animals and they're cuter.

Anonymous said...

Fight for your rights

We do not claim to be experts.

Define "reputable authority".

We have tolerated quite a bit of abuse from people who come here to inform us that pit bulls make excellent nannies and other such gems of wisdom. Therefore, our patience is short.

There ARE more attacks than you realize. But, many of the attacks are on animals. And many attacks are successfully fought off.

This being said, every single pit bull ever does not turn out to be a menance to society. We never said they did.

I personally know someone who had a purebred, registered APBT back in the day and the dog was very well behaved. She never attacked anything. If all pit bulls were like that pit bulls, then very few people who have any problem with them. However, that dog has been dead for 20 years. So, some things have changed since then due to line breeding that is going on with the breed.

BSL has been reversed many places where it has passed due to lobbyists spending money in order to make it so. You should be able to figure that out since Jeff carefully explained all of that in his post.

What facts? They're nannies? It's all how they're raised? What facts?

I start name calling and throwing insults when someone accuses me of "spewing hate" and tells me they "feel so sorry for my miserable life" or says "I hope you never breed to pass on your vomitous hate" or speaks to me in a supercilious, condescending manner. I do not think that such a manner deserves a civil response. I do not think such a person could understand if I wrote a cogent post on the subject, therefore I cut to the chase and tell them what I think of them.

We do not say that all pit bull owners are drug dealers. That is insane. SOME ARE. But, some definitely are not.

We also do not say that everyone who owns a pit bull are nutters. However, the people who show up here to share their wisdom about how pit bulls were once upon a time beloved by everyone in America and other such nonsense, we do call nutters. Because they are. They assure us no one cares about our opinions and that we're losing and they're winning. If that is the case, then it is insane they are even here.

If you had a football team that had won every game EVER and some random person started a blog saying your team sucked.. would you care? NO, because you'd won every game ever. It wouldn't even occur to you to "debate" them over their OPINION. You'd just say to yourself, "hm, that's odd" and go on with your life.

Everyone here does not sound like we're reading off cue cards from dogs bite org. That is just your delusion because you want to blame everything on that site. I hardly ever go there, so I can't possibly sound like it.

What's never going to happen? And if it doesn't matter, why do you care?

Anonymous said...

"Fight for your rights said...
I,ve honestly never seen more people who are so ignorant about a subject but claim to be experts. Like I've said before , you ask any reputable authority on animals what the problem is and not a single one will agree with your point of view. And why does every body on this page either act like their on the third grade ? And why cant you explain why there's not millions of attacks every year when there are millions of Pitbulls ?

And why has BSL been reversed almost everywhere it was passed ?

And why when presented with the facts do you start name calling and throwing insults ?

And Why do you say that all Pitbull owners are drug dealers and nutters ?

And why does almost everybody in here sound as if they are reading a cue card off of ?

You know what it doesn't really matter because what you want is never going to happen anyway !

August 19, 2014 at 7:48 AM

Where did any of us claim that we're experts?

"And why does every body on this page either act like their on the third grade ?"

If you are going to insult our intelligence by saying that we act like third graders, PLEASE make sure you don't make yourself look like an idiot. The use of the word "their" is incorrect. As much as I hate it when people nitpick other's grammar, I'm doing it now because you are trying to degrade us. Which is what you're complaining about us doing. So why don't you take the high road, and not hurl insults, if it's so distasteful.

I think the real issue is, your side is getting closer to being exposed for the true evil it is. You're going around saying that BSL is being reversed everywhere, yet basically, we're supposed to be okay with dogs having more rights than us.

As far as, reality bites, eh? Colleen is getting more and more respect for her hard work, and is being quoted by more and more reputable sources. I know she is hated by nutters. They discredit her in any way they can. However, I'd rather side with Colleen, than any of your organizations, that spout dangerous lies that get people killed by pit bulls.

Speaking of which, how do you feel about all of the people killed by pit bulls this year? This month? I'd love to hear your view on this.


Richard M "Dick" Johnson said...


Thank you for showing your true colors. (I suspect you'll be back to delete all your posts)

BTW, regarding your "3rd grade" nonsense: I'd like to introduce you to punctuation. It's the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson,

I don't expect our nutter friend to comprehend the tremendous burn you inflicted, but I must say that I laughed pretty hard on that one. You rock!

I just got back from, and the Javon Dade update from yesterday, is so messed up! DCF knew about the pit bulls posing a threat to the children in the family.

Still waiting to hear from Fight for your (Pit Bulls') rights, on the deaths by pit bulls this month and year. Come on FFYR! Don't abandon the good fight now!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that 20-30 people are killed EACH YEAR.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

they most certainly are winning.
good post anon 11:20.

S.K.Y. said...

So, you think that dog experts will agree with you that "it's all how you raise them"? They don't. And I definitely don't.

I'm a dog expert. Here are my credentials:

I've been competing since 1977 in a dozen dog sports at the national and international level in the U.S., UK and other countries. My dogs have been #1 in the country for various sports and have been featured in ads for major brands like Purina and Coke.

I'm around a ton of dogs. I attend shows several times a month that have 300-3,000 dogs at them, meet the dogs and talk to their owners. For over 10 years, I took my dogs to dog parks every single day, rain or shine. (I wouldn't dream of going to a dog park now that pits are common.)

I have an M.S. in Zoology/Animal Behavior from a very reputable university, and have spent well over $20,000 attending animal behavior seminars with world renowned experts. I left grad school just before getting my Ph.D. so I could open a behavior consulting business.

I then worked with hundreds of biting dogs in their homes, and taught hundreds of non-biting dogs in group and private classes.

I now work in the biotech industry and have ZERO financial interest in dogs. I do not teach or do behavior consulting or breed. The reason I don't do any of this is so I can speak out against fighting dogs without having ANY FINANCIAL INTEREST either way. Pit nutters ALWAYS have a financial interest, even if it is making sure there are lots of homeless pit bulls to come into their shelter and thus pay their non-profit's salaries. Other nutters breed and sell pit puppies or have friends that do.

I have no interest in anything except protecting people and pets from mauling breeds.

Mark me down as one of MANY experts who knows the truth about pit bulls and knows they should be banned.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

DubV! long time no see! yes, thank you. it can not be said enough.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you sky for being so courageous and putting yourself out there for attacks and ridicule.

the truth is, there are many experts who agree with us "haters". i have personally been contacted by animal control officers, dog trainers, vet techs and even pit bull owners. they agree with me and thank me for my efforts to get the word out.

here is a list of many more experts on the subject of pit bulls.

Opalina said...

Jeff knocks it out of the part with this!!! Mind-boggling. Simply mind-boggling. Hopefully it is eye-opening to those on the fence, and maybe our friend FFYR, if they even read it.

And now, here's a little game I like to play called, "Answer like a nutter." I'll take "Venus De Milo was a Nutter" for 1 billion dollars in plastic surgery, Alex:

Question: What do you think about all of the people killed and maimed by pit bulls this year?

Answer(s): How do you know those were people? Did you do a DNA test?

Dogs never attack for no reason. They were provoked! Or abused! Or trained to fight! Or chained up! Or denied their tutus! The only dogs that attack for no reason are those vicious little ankle biters!

There are no bad dogs, only bad tutus! Responsible owners make sure their pibble has their favorite color tutu!

None of them died from a dog attack. They just happened to lose all of their blood, and a pibble came up to lick them clean. Circumstantial evidence!

No one can identify a pit bull. All experts will tell you that! Just ask any of the judges at the Westminster dog show, and .... question, please!

scorched earth said...

Folks, FFYR is a frequent flyer in the comments of this blog. He has been out of touch for quite some time now, was he incarcerated? Did he recently lose his job? Social life meltdown? Whatever, he will continue to make the same comments as long as anyone responds to him. Back away quietly.

Hi DubV! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Scorched, you're no fun!

I do want to mention that I checked FFYR's profile. I didn't realize his profile picture is of a pit bull laying upon an infant. I thought it was a pillow from the tiny version. The caption says "Unconditional love." Thanks buddy! Put your baby in jeopardy. If it's not your baby, promote that kind of insane behavior. It does not prove that pit bulls are safe. It only proves that you are willing to risk your child's life. Jazz clap for you.

Also, this is from his introduction.

"I am a father of two an avid motorcycle enthusiast I love the mountains and mother nature that's why I got involved in renewable energy. It was a way for me to help the environment by reducing the burning of fossil fuels from the use of oil & coal by promoting clean free energy that we can harness from the sun & wind you can save money and help the environment all at the same time.I also own two Pitbull Terriers and have owned the breed for close to 30 years The last couple of years I've been working with a couple of rescue groups and a local shelter fighting against BSL and helping to find these dogs homes. Its sad the stereo types that plague this breed but even sadder is the number of them who are abused or killed in shelters everyday.Since I was young I've always rooted for the underdog and stood up against bullies who picked on the weak or in this case kicked a dog while he's down. Don't believe everything you hear about Pitbulls, don't even believe me but before you pass judgement on an entire breed of dog go down to a shelter and see truth first hand."

I guess it's easy not to believe the brutal killings? Stereotype? Poor pit bulls!

Oh, and one of his links is to the Vick Dogs blog. Happy happy pit bull stories y'all! Group hugs and stuff!

Do we have any converts yet?

Oh, and S.K.Y. you are a phenomenal, worthy human being. I admire what you're doing. People like you don't get thanked enough, so THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Dropping by to see Dawn and her minions talking to themselves again..
Nice, tight knit groups of crazies ;)
Not even going to bother reading the comments. Enjoy losers!

S.K.Y. said...

Opalina, that was hysterical. I loved your "answering questions like a pit nutter would." Made my day!

And Anonymous BAM, thanks for the thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I bet you are all the types that grip your children and walk across the street with someone is out walking their 4 month old pit mix. HAHAHAHA. You people are a JOKE!
Yeah, an animal expert?! Did you graduate in elementary school?

Anonymous said...

*when someone

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows you and your buddy are one big joke. You keep the crappy blog going to chat amongst yourselves. You are the only ones that will listen to this babble.

Anonymous said...

Fine, and you keep pretending like the killings by pit bulls are a joke too. To us, they are not. But keep the delusions alive nutter.


Anonymous said...

nope, not a joke. nope, it isnt always in how they are raised - that goes for any breed. no one is going to reason with this crew if they keep up the antics. regardless of the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

It's not a joke, but it's what we talk about but you have a problem with our antics you make no sense.

Oh, that's because you're a nutter.

Anonymous said...

you guys are a bunch of ignorant, ass holes.

Anonymous said...

you guys are a bunch of ignorant, ass holes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one day a lab will bite a hole in your ass, since that is what you seem to constantly speak from.. Yeah, that will be funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

Damn and her raging minions! Hooray for people with no brains! Yay, I am on your level now! 0.o

Anonymous said...

Damn, but damn is pretty close too.. Damn STUPID! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Haha ok im done. Not having a brain felt good for those few minutes.
I guess retardation and ignorance really IS bliss!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nutter,

Get some help.



scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no bam, i want them to continue along their merry way. they are proving that josh liddy is either a) a liar b) an idiot or c) both.

me likes when nutters do my work for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay sock puppet. I am your minion, and I will obey. I shall rescind my request that the nutter get help.


Miss Margo said...

Jesus Christ, the nutters on this thread are dumb. I was going to flame, but I feel uninspired.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

for any newbies who might not be familiar with fight for your rights. yet another "responsible" owner who can't keep his pits contained, among other things.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess what Pit Freak... everyone's ass already has a hole in it. Or so I've been told.

Anonymous said...

"You are the only ones that will listen to this babble"

That's because you and your friends are too busy getting dragged around by the dog fighters making fools out of all of you.

They know how to work on the stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:31 "Not even going to bother reading the comments. Enjoy losers!"

I bet the anonymous pit nutter's lurking through the comments itching to respond.

Wonder what they'll do... Either their pride will bring them back to comment ooooor that same level of narcissism cause them to not come back in fear of looking like a bigger fool than they already do.

I bet they never even read Jeff's article. Who wants to bet?

\ Billy Buckaroo /

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven. Will your Truth blog be updated with anything soon?

\ Billy Buckaroo /

Anonymous said...

You know they didn't.

Anonymous said...


I had no idea that's who FFYR was! I thought nosing around on his profile was a huge find. I am lame, and I bow to your mad skills. No wonder you have nutters calling you names.

Why do I get the distinct feeling that I'm back on a playground? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. I know I am, but what are you? I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say, bounces off me and sticks on you!

As far as fighting for pit bull rights, I'd much rather fight to get rid of pit bulls, so no new attacks occur. Now, that's a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

Dammit! I forgot to sign BAM! to the last post 7:08.


Animal Uncontrol said...

To FFYR and the other Pit Bull lovers commenting on this article:

We have a dog bite epidemic not only in this country, but the world. These "Bites" (attacks), levered against humans and other animals, are increasing in number AND severity and there is no end in sight. A disproportionate amount of this carnage can be traced back to various "power" dog breeds such as Pit Bulls. This is a real problem that needs to be solved.

Now, BSL may not be a perfect solution. I have written extensively on my blog about the shortcomings, inconsistencies, and other issues these laws may raise.

With that said, at least the BSL crowd is coming to the table with a solution. An imperfect solution, perhaps, but the world is not a perfect place.

So, the question I posit to you Pit Bull, power dog, and even dog lovers in general is this - what policy proposal would you put forward to ameliorate this problem?

If you were smart, rather than slamming the BSL folks, you would posit an alternate solution that might reduce the number and severity of dog attacks. Do you have such a policy position?

Now, if I were you, I would posit the following: Rather than ban or severely restrict the breeds, I would put forth a policy where ANY dog that mauls and kills is summarily destroyed, and the owner jailed with the following minimum sentencing guidelines:

- Maim or permanently disfigure a human being, 10 year minimum prison sentence.

- Kill a human being, 20 year minimum sentence.

- Kill another domestic animal, one year in prison.

All sentences above to be served CONSECUTIVELY in the case of multiple attacks, i.e. if your dog kills 5 sheep then that is 5 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

However, I doubt you are going to promote or even tolerate a regime like that since many of your ilk not only defend the breed, you give overwhelming support to *individual animals* that maul and kill (i.e. "Mickey"). I almost never hear a call to jail the owner of one of these known maulers from your camp.

Therefore, if you are going to circle the wagons and defend the absolute worst among you as a *group*, then you will be treated as a *group*: If you keep standing as one, you will go down as one. Either throw the worst among you (human AND canine) under the bus or you will ALL burn together.


Anonymous said...

@ Animal Ucontrol

Despite the mentality of "it's all in how you raise them" and "punish the deed not the breed", which your suggestion does fit both their camps since you're only wanting actively dangerous dogs who commit atrocities killed and the owner punished, these nutters won't go for it. Why? They know the potential of their dogs and that they have a higher chance of their dog going berserk regardless of how they raise it.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you animal uncontrol. i always love your comments.

as to your comment:
"I almost never hear a call to jail the owner of one of these known maulers from your camp."

they only throw the hypothetical irresponsible nutter under the bus. like fightforyourrights tommy, they defend each other when they get caught being irresponsible because they all KNOW that these mutant dogs can not be safely contained.

after jacob bisbee was killed in sandy eggo a few years back, a radio talk show planned a show around the killing. donna reynolds was slated to be one of the guests, so i tuned in. she however backed out at the last minute. i was struck by the pit loving callers who said that jacob's grandfather should not be charged because it was an accident despite the fact that the dogs had a history of aggression and killed other animals in the home.

but isn't it funny that nutters want to jail or kill anyone who harms their ugly mutant grippers?

Anonymous said...

I do not have the time to read all this nonsense. But most of you would not even be able to identify a pit bull. The only pit bull is the APBT. Almost all dog attacks come from mixed breed dogs who are labeled as pit bulls. Why dont you all go educate yourselves instead of talking out of your ignorantly informed asses.

Anonymous said...

We have a dog biting epidemic in the world??? Lmao do u even know what an epedemic is? Also pits are not even in the top five % wise in bites in the world. Only dog that ever bit me was a collie and for just riding my bike past its house as a kid. Only other dog to try and bite me was collie mix. Let's ban them and forget it. Let's make it fair. Ban all dogs. We ll all own cats instead. Ps. 17yrs+ of owning pits and nvr one bite, snip, or agression twds another animal or human. Can't agrue that fact!

Anonymous said...

"I do not have the time to read all this nonsense."

Says the nutter who keeps coming back to read the nonsense. Keep going...

"But most of you would not even be able to identify a pit bull."

Your proof of this is where? You provide no examples from any of Craven's articles or commentary where she's not been able to ID a pit bull.

"The only pit bull is the APBT."
APBTs come from the Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire bull terrier is just a show line of the APBT. If you actually knew about pit bull history you'd know this very simple and well documented fact.
"Almost all dog attacks come from mixed breed dogs who are labeled as pit bulls."
Yet you provide no evidence nor discredit Jeff's article that shows evidence contrary to your claim. You know, the sham of DNA testing, etc.
"Why dont you all go educate yourselves instead of talking out of your ignorantly informed asses."
Educate us, nutter! Show us a plethora of scientifically noted articles that prove your point that aren't from the NCRC or Bad Rap. Go ahead. Do it.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for that one nutter to prove that other breeds outside of the molosser class which with most of the attacking dogs being pit bulls to prove that they're attacking and killing at the same level.

I'm still going to expect a regurgitation of the decade old jack russell and pomeranian fatalities. Yawn.

Hank Rearden said...

Careful there, anon 1:30 -

pugs are molossers... as are a number of large, good natured breeds. It ain't all pits and rotts in the molosser family tree.

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean and know that pugs are molossers. Only a dingus would use that however and claim that pugs which are unfunctional deformed toy dogs are just as dangerous as a functional molosser like a cane corso, boxer, or pit. Mostly the pit….

Hank Rearden said...

@anon 2:36 -

There are large, functional molossers such as the livestock guardian breeds, which, even though they can and do kill pit bulls in the line of duty, have an excellent record, with violence at an extremely low level.

Bottom line: the difference between the type of dog bred to protect weaker creatures and the type of dog bred to maul weaker creatures to death.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Some Anon said:

"I do not have the time to read all this nonsense"

Perhaps, but you apparently have time to write some!

Animal Uncontrol said...

Gout - Exactly. You'd think they'd be all over a proposal like that, particularly if it took BSL off the table.

They don't care for a "generic" dangerous animal law because they KNOW it would be devastating to their interests - those interests being the ability to terrorize their neighborhoods unfettered.

In spite of what a few folks seem to think, harsh punishment after the fact IS a deterrent, even in this specific case... if it isn't then why don't they (pit owners) agree to it??? They don't because they know such a policy puts them at HUGE risk. You'd have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hard core pit nutters in jail within a couple of years with a corresponding drop in maulings.

As you noted, one advantage such a policy gives us is that it DOES fit their propaganda. If its "all in how you raise them", then that must mean that every pit bull that mauls and kills must have been "Raised" to do so by their owner, thus demonstrating criminal intent. Moreover, we ARE punishing the perpetrators of the deed ONLY so that fits their propaganda as well.

Of course, they are all hypocrites who don't even believe a word out of their own mouths.

So, going back to my closing point above, if they won't agree to at least root out the worst among them (or let someone else do it), then screw them - burn them all.

Anonymous said...

Starting with Jeff's blog, and all of the comments from us haters, I have to say this is by far the most thought provoking, intelligent, discussion I've ever seen on this subject. The problem with nutters has been so eloquently spelled out.

I know it's above the heads of our nutter commentators, and that's okay. This isn't for them, it's for us. I know we're getting under their skin, and it feels GREAT!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is no such thing as a pit bull

Anonymous said...

You're right! There is no such thing as a pit bull. Just like there's no such thing as a responsible pit bull owner.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...


i agree with all of the above praise for jeff's blog post about the dark triad.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the people who have pit bulls that maim and kill are fucking morons. But, they ALL claim their mutant had never shown aggression. Even when they had specificly sought help in dealing with their aggressive animal right before it did that final horrible thing that got it put down.

Pit bull advocacy is unique in that they deny any and all pit bull aggression despite the breed's history. They say 'it's all how they're raised', then they rehome dogs confiscated from dog fighters. Dog fighters who have 1. kept the dog on chains and 2. FOUGHT the dogs. The fact some dogs confiscated from dog fighters prove to do all right as pets proves the 'all how they're raised' is BULLSHIT. It is really this... can the owner deal with a bull dog or not?

But, pit bull advocacy NEVER asks if the owner can deal with a pit bull. They LIE and say 'they're just like any other dog'. No, they aren't. For one thing, they are much more athletic than a lot of breeds. Part of that is having a lot of energy. Unless an owner can provide proper containment and exercise, then how well the dog does in the suburban neighborhood where it is sure to live, is pretty much up to the dog.

But, these days, people aren't happy with ONE pit bull. No. They want two or three or four or more. Why do they imagine that is a good idea? How do they feed that many dogs?

Anonymous said...

Chaining is Karen Delise's big excuse for pit bull aggression.

Anonymous said...

What about putting chains on pit bulls as collars. Is that okay, or does that make them mental too?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

chaining and cabin fever

Anonymous said...

Anon 722, it is difficult for me to put myself into the thought processes that allows Karen Delise to arrive at her conclusions. But, I'm guessing she'd think that was a banging fashion statement. So, that would be awesome. Unless the dog has cropped ears. Then, sorry, it must wear a tutu instead.

Anonymous said...

Reading Jeff's blog was an eye opener, and I've sent to many friends, etc. As Craven says "Follow the Money". I'd like to thank Craven and many others here for their tireless work in keeping the facts and endless stories about this growing epidemic, that is and will get worse. I'd like to hear from those here, on a situation in my neighborhood. A neighbor has 8 pit bulls, 4 they have up for adoption. They used to walk a few until neighbors complained and now they keep them inside everyday! Not that anyone is complaining, but to never see people and live each day on treadmills is eerie and strange to me. This has gone on for over a year. Thoughts??

RSM said...

Anon 8.33
8 pits in one home????
I would call the city, landlord, mortgage company, insurance, until they were removed. That is an insane number of pits. Unless you are in a very bad area where no one ares, or a rural area, I am sure there are rules about number of pets that she is flagrantly breaking. A group of that size could kill several people at a time. Horrific to think of, TBF.

Be HAPPY they no longer walk those monsters. While they can still escape, and are still a danger to those living or visiting the home, the less they are out the better.

Why? Socializing them only makes them MORE dangerous not less, because then they are friendly, which gives people a false sense of safety. Socializing and training offer zero protection from their violent attacks, as the propensity for unprovoked attack is genetically hardwired.

No matter what nutters may say, you cannot love or train this away. The proof are the legions of owners and owners families killed and mauled by pits that were part of the family, and always loved and trained.

I would be pretty surprised if she quit walking them just because of complaints. My bet is that one, or more, did something horrible (killed a cat, or charged a kid), and she realized she could not manage them out in public.

This is rare, as most nutters think they are flawless and their pits are the safest and most wonderful animals in existence. They are more likely to fight than respect neighbors. Maybe she is a newbie, that hasn't been thoroughly ruined by the sick culture of "pibble wescue"?

Hope she doesn't get killed or mauled, as so many fur mommy rescuers are.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

awe, thanks for that awesome video anonanutter! here's another peek at the very famous wallace the pit bull!

Anonymous said...

What a joke!
SKY if your such an expert why hide behind an avatar ? Afraid of what your peers may think ?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey nutter, did you click on my link?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

just in case you think i somehow photoshopped that public admission that wallace is aggressive, here is the link. enjoy :-)

Fight for your rights said...

@Animal Uncontrol

I agree with the direction but think some of the punishments might be a bit to harsh unless of course it was a case of attack on command.

But I did offer this as a starting point in another post...

Mandatory chipping , that will stop people from dumping even fighting dogs if they know the dogs can be traced back to them.

Unleashed dogs ,I think the fine is $35 move that fine up to $500.00 first offense double it for a second , I guarantee that will make people think about it.

Registering , Make it mandatory for your dog to be present when registering that way the dog can be evaluated on the spot then you can place restrictions as needed or require owners to take their dogs for training and then return for reevaluation this would stop people from making or allowing their dogs to become aggressive.

That's only a few things that could be done and the revenue from the fines would help off set the costs to put these things in place.

Aren't these better Ideas than promoting the killing of millions of dogs who do nothing wrong because of the failures of a couple hundred bad owners.

Instead of fighting each other work together because 99% of us want the same things.

With just these few things I bet we could cut 75 % of the bites today because most bites are from unleashed dogs who aren't neutered and have had no training.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the second offense should result in a seizure and dirt nap of the mutant gripper.

Fight for your rights said...

Where does it say anything about aggressive ? Craven are you that blind with hate ? That dog is around thousands of people and animals or he was ,I believe he died of cancer.

And as for the rest of you, this "aint a spelling B " Get over it !

@ S.K.Y your opinions have zero credibility with anyone as long as you remain anonymous . FFYR

Fight for your rights said...

Second offense off leash and the dog should be killed...? I guess the dog said no leash today Screw that law !
See what your doing ! Why does the dog get killed..there was no mention of aggression at all .

Anonymous said...


Why do you care if people are anonymous? Is it because you can't track them down and harass them IRL? I'm anonymous, exactly for that reason. There's no rule saying that anyone has to reveal who they are, because some nutter calls them out. This isn't some public forum where identity matters.

Apparently, you don't understand something else. Pit bulls are not normal dogs. Just because some pit bulls don't maul and kill, doesn't deem the breed safe. All pit bulls have the same potential to do serious damage, to anything in the vicinity. Your concept of siccing a pit bull is a joke! Pit bulls act out on their DNA on their own accord. It sounds like you want a rule like that so you can get some free maul passes for your pit bulls, and you get out of jail free. Nice guy.

You're too macho of a guy to have a poodle, but a much better choice for everyone around you. But you only think of yourself, and want to change rules to harm more people. Because, gosh, if pit bulls paid the ultimate price, well, that would just be horrible! Yet the body count rises, and you're talking about stupid shit, like micro chipping maulers. Like that kind of implant is going to stop a full on attack.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:33

It was really great to see an opening scene with a pit bull hanging from a Frisbee. I gagged when it got to the WEIGHT PULL CHAMPIONSHIP! Pit bull centric "sports" or whatever you call them, are not anything to write home about. Not impressed with Wallace at all, typical pit bull.

And Dawn, I love the whole "Wallace at the vet" link. I honestly think nutters don't know that the words that show up in blue, are links.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Anon said: "... and you're talking about stupid shit, like micro chipping maulers. Like that kind of implant is going to stop a full on attack."

If the implant were outfitted with an explosive device, they may be onto something there...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"If the implant were outfitted with an explosive device, they may be onto something there... "

lol! my monitor needed cleaning anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that stolid, inexpressive, dare I say brain-dead stare-- that porcine mug, that body like an overstuffed sack of cement--who couldn't love such an aberration? Thank you Jaysus, that the semi-literate FFYR is camheiningh to przerv yoo--and our rites!

Anonymous said...

SKY offers a full profile. ¿Your credentials? Or did you learn to type by pecking at corn kernels?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Animal Uncontrol said...
"If the implant were outfitted with an explosive device, they may be onto something there..."

Definitely the best thing I have read all day!

Anonymous said...

why do pit bull advocates always start ranting about "killing millions of innocent dogs" as if that is our aim/fault. The mutants that have been put down died, for the most part, because the creatures are over bred. WE are not breeding them, obviously.

This is what i cannot understand... people will rally to save some vicious dog that has seriously mauled a human, but even as they do that better dogs than that one (including pit bulls) as being pts due to shelter overcrowding.

IF the elusive 'responsible owner' would step up to the plate and contain/control their canines, then the type of events that create 'haters' would stop happening. Thus, there would automatically be less 'haters'. Because what we hate is the potential that someone's choice of pet will attack and kill a person or animal we care about. Maulers that are properly contained rarely do such things. But, they are very athletic dogs and need special handling. They can't be allowed to roam. a tiny fence will not contain them.. they can jump over it, tunnel under it, or knock it down. They can climb fences and trees. the bull dog in them means if they set their mind to something, they will continue working on it.

Being realistic about that is not being mean to the dog, it is taking care of the dog. But, not every person can do that. This is why pit bull advocates must stop overbreeding these animals as well as being honest about the needs of the animal. They could use some of their propaganda money to help educate owners of these dogs on appropriate exercise, containment, and sterilization. If the dog proves to be a perfect angel, then this has protected the dog. If the dog turns out to be a mauler, then this has protected the public and kept the dog from a dirt nap (as in what should occur after a serious attack with very, very few exceptions... and this does not only go for pit bulls).


Honestly, fight for your rights, IMO, if someone sees a roaming mauler, and they can, I SAY KILL IT.

I can hear you saying "but, but, but, my pibble wasn't acting aggressive, that is not fair!"

You know what, OUR pets, and OUR children, and OUR loved ones are innocent, and your "pets" and mauling them every single day! forget loose pits-YOUR maulers jump OUR fences, even invade OUR homes to kill and maim! And you owners "dine and dash", make excuses, even fight to rescue known child killers.

Because of this, I say its time to turn the tables on you pit worshippers. Maybe if YOUR sweet pibbley wibbley fur baby was in danger of being killed- like OUR beloved people/pets are- you all might just bother to keep it contained! After all, WE have to take the risk of our pets and loved ones getting killed or dismembered by YOUR "pets", why shouldn't YOU have a little fear for your beloved? Or is fear of attack only for curs and humans? It is only fair you get to feel the fear and suffer the losses we do.

Ending public threats? YEP.
Retaliation? YOU BETCHA.

Look, I am so very tired of pit owners terrorizing neighborhoods, unchecked. Letting their monsters roam, and when they inevitably KILL something, in the most vicious and brutal way, you all don't do a damn thing about it. Your presence in any neighborhood means normal people avoid doing daily activities, because YOUR PET IS A THREAT. This is so bullshit, and I am sick of it..

And fuck all your garbage about good owners. It is irrelevant if its owners or genetics- killings and maimings are only increasing. If there were enough responsible owners, we wouldn't be here. FYI- It's not "hundreds" of bad ones, FFS. A few thousand "responsible" owners let their pits maul and kill people, and tens of thousands let their pits kill other animals. That's enough to be a serious issue.

BTW, WE can't tell who can control their pit- and we shouldn't have too! We should NOT have to live with the threat of YOUR MAULER. It is pure insanity that we are held hostage by a DOG. Do you even realize how nuts that is? YOU get to choose a deadly dog, and We suffer? (but to be fair, you owners get killed too, as do your innocent babies.)

Fuck that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yeah, what s/he said. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nutters only understand their loss, when BSL threatens to take away their precious fur babies. In most cases, BSL would grandfather in pit bulls. Either way, nutters don't understand that what they fear, is happening to us, now. Not some perceived imaginary danger. A real one.

I think another thing is, nutters think they're special because they're fighting a good fight, in their minds. Fighting for dogs' rights is absurd. Dogs are not worthy of rights. Quit elevating animals to human status.


Hank Rearden said...

@anon 7:57 -

"Fighting for dogs' rights is absurd. Dogs are not worthy of rights."

There is a healthy diversity of opinion on this point. But let's assume dog's rights are worth fighting for. Doesn't a normal dog have the right not to be tortured to death in his own yard or his own home by a fucking pit bull?

Anonymous said...

To all pitbull hatters why don't you spend the day feeding the homeless or holding a crack baby. DO SOMETHING worth while I don't know where you live but in the Boston area I have not in my 60 years not one of my friends family,or coworkers have had a problem with pits. As a child I was bitten twice by poodles. Get off your fat asses and do something useful with your time there are many children in this country who need help. If you are so worried about children help them but you have to get off your ass and computer to do so. I will not waste my time commenting again I have much more worthwhile things to do. You sound like a bunch of backwoods low life hicks. I've never even seen a mule {like Justice} what have any of you done for the children you are trying to protect from pits.

Anonymous said...

You assume we're all fat hicks who never help anyone, ever because we don't share the same choice of pets as you do? You need to speak to a professional about your own issues.

When those poodles bit you, how long was your hospitalization and rehabilitation? Or were you just patched up with a bandage at home.

Commenting on those blog may have taken you quite some time. It has taken me a few seconds. So, I now have almost an entire day to do wonderful, helpful things.

And you're proud you've never seen a mule? O.K.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

most likely this nutter is commenting through some kind of speech recognition program because s/he lost her arms in the poodle mauling.

nutter is probably proud and thankful they have never seen a mule like justice turn pittie's light out. oh the horror...

"Doesn't a normal dog have the right not to be tortured to death in his own yard or his own home by a fucking pit bull?"
agreed hank. this oxymoronic argument is my number one complaint with fucking nutters. pit bulls are family members but the dogs they savage are just the unfortunate recipients of dogs being dogs.

Anonymous said...

LOL, or maybe typing this out with its nose.

Meanwhile, here in Fatass Hickville, I have mules milling around up and down the street guarding us all from those precious and adorable gripping dogs. I keep a mule by the couch just in case of emergency.

I wonder why nutters keep bleating about Justice in this thread. This thread is about Jeff's awesome smackdown post, not mules. Justice has his own post where nutters can comment on him daring to defend himself and his human friend.

One lady whose Chihuahua was slaughtered by piiiiiibble had to be hospitalized due to being 'heart broken' (it literally affected her heart). This probably happens much more than we hear about.

I love my pets as much as they love their fugly canines. I keep them inside with me. They SHOULD be safe here. That's all I want.

Fight for your rights said...

A couple more killers for ya !;_ylt=A0LEVzrNDAFUO3gABO5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTExOHVpbTQ0BHNlYwNzYy1ib3QEY29sbwNiZjEEdnRpZANTTUU2NDBfMQ--?p=pit+bull+hero&tnr=21&vid=5f82ed369b9bbe59a2bb463ed4b57c76&l=29&

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to look at your family photos, FFYR?

scorched earth said...

How do we know these are pit bulls FFYR? Nobody can identify a pit bull.

Six of your stories come from breed specific websites or "I love my dog" websites, not actual news sources. One of your stories comes from the Huffington Post, where pit bull advocacy runs rampant. One of your Denver stories is eight years old, the other is four years old. That leaves four stories. of various ages.

Please consider the logistics of the Lilly story, if she was pulling her drunken and passed out owner off the railroad tracks Lilly would have to be off the tracks herself and she was injured by the train so obviously she wasn't pulling anybody off the tracks. Picture it please.

Now how many Americans have been killed by pit bulls just since the first of the year? You have spent time in the Way Back Machine for no worthwhile purpose.

Anonymous said...

Holy Grotesquery! What is going on with Berkey's mug on the Jeff Daxton site? Is she perhaps enjoying a moment of passion with Mark Kumpf and a privileged pit bull or two?

Anonymous said...

PIT DISPATCHER, I AM WITH YOU! Nutters beware, there is more than one way to dispatch a mutant mauler! Take back the neighborhood, one ugly monster at a time.

Anonymous said...

To: Hank Rearden

I'm sorry I wasn't clear. When I said dog, I meant pit bull. Fighting for pit bulls' rights is absurd. The other thing is, if we are lucky enough to get BSL, everyone is safe from pit bulls, including regular dogs; and that is worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

"fact some dogs confiscated from dog fighters prove to do all right as pets "

They don't do all right as pets. It's just that people don't really hear the after story.

Not long after the fools are rooked into taking them, the dogs end up dumped in the road or at some already overloaded shelter.

Americans and their disposable natures dump plenty of great dogs that are no trouble for stupid reasons.

They have no ability to handle a game bred dog in their apartments, condos, and nice suburban homes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be more accurate to say they don't seem to do much worse than dogs that were not confiscated from dog fighters. But, I didn't mean the situation you described. I meant in the hands of someone who knew what they had and could contain it.

I do not think pit bulls should EVER be adopted out in open adoption like other dogs. MOST other breeds are mainly curs and don't want to fight. There might be an individual dog that is aggressive, but that is pretty rare. Thus, they can be given out a bit more willy nilly with just the reassurance that the family really wants a dog (so they'll care for it).

I've known people who had Rottweilers. They had those dogs behind high fences (this is multiple people with them, not one person with a bunch). They also didn't have young children.

I've known people with Dobermans, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Akitas. These dogs were all trained (just in obedience, usually). But, their owners understood they had a dog that COULD hurt someone, so were careful. Their dogs didn't get out.

Pit bull owners beat all I've ever seen. And they haven't ALWAYS been this way. Maybe some still aren't, but there are way too many of the other kind.

I've only had two dogs and they were small. One of them I wasn't even the primary person responsible for the dog (I was a child). They were sweet, and cute, and smart. IDK why someone wouldn't want a dog more like those.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

" IDK why someone wouldn't want a dog more like those."

they suffer from a psychological/emotional defect.

Anonymous said...

Nice reportage FF. You do realize companion dogs do selfless, heroic acts every day-without challenging and attempting to kill other creatures? Difficult concept, I'm sure, but surely within the comprehension of a pretentious ass defending the rights of the daughter of a long lineage of Coast Guard and Navy Chiefs and Officers.