Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Keep the Pit Bull Ban in Ft Thomas, KY


april 29 said...

Only pit bulls require the level of advocacy that would allow and encourage stalking of the peaceful public exercising their first amendment rights. Beagle owners have never been known to stalk. Poodle owners have better things to do. Irish Setter owners do not menace. Attempts at intimidation do not indicate a position of strength.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

Even owners of large powerful breeds don't do this. They will tell you flat out about the risks, and discourage you from owning one, because most people aren't responsible enough to maintain control over a large, powerful, strong willed animal. But pit bulls are offered to anyone and everyone, they do a hard sell and/or deliberate breed misidentification to victimize unwary dog adopters. These unpredictable torturers are hyped as "great with kids" in the face of the rivers of blood flowing daily from pit bull attacks.

You can't make this stuff up!

Packhorse said...

I have been watching the debate about pit bulls on the HSUS blog.

One commenter stated that she is taking down the names of everyone who made a negative comment about pit bulls and is publishing them on some kind of "enemies" FB page.

Why would people need this info if not to stalk and harass those who disagree with them? I'm sure I am not the only one who considers this a threat.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for this packhorse. i had to leave it after a nutter freak accused me of making up lies from a PRO pit bull forum. apparently if ccraven desires aka dawn james QUOTES DIANE JESSUP, it is still a lie. lol. but seriously, at some point you have to realize that anti-psychotic medication or lobotomies is the only viable course of action left some of these fucktards.

who is saying this? and i wonder why CEO PACELLE is not enforcing his comment policy

>We reserve the right to delete posts on our page containing any of the following elements:

- profanity
- misinformation
- spam
- off-topic / irrelevant
- personal attacks
- promoting violence
- promoting illegal or questionable activities
- rallying on behalf of people or organizations which support animal abuse
- circulation of photos which depict animal cruelty. Sharing these photos across the internet does more harm than good because it makes it harder to track down the originator. Often times this is a hoax and it’s just being done for attention. If you have information about a photo depicting animal cruelty, please submit it here.

Packhorse said...

L i s a B i s l e y · Top Commenter
I've posted all these peoples names who vilify Pitbulls on a page for those who are against the welfare of animals, interesting that some are already on there!
Reply · · Yesterday at 5:33am

Anonymous said...

I went to that debate yesterday. Could not tolerate the level of intelligence coming from the other side. We're haters because we don't like pit bulls. Well, gosh. Maybe I'm a hater because I'm sick of being threatened by people walking around with pit bulls? Knowing what I know about the breed, pit bulls should not be allowed in public.

I am so flipping angry about something else. Huff Poo just finished a week of pro pit bull propaganda. It's a huge pile of vomit, and I swear, every last one of the pit bull lovers should be held accountable for the upcoming attacks.


I had to get that off my chest. Thank you for letting me do that here.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the new blogger on keeping their community's Pit Bull ban.

And on to other news, another dog bite fatality in Ohio.

Way to go Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Aw, another FB love affair with a killer. Julie's handsome guard dog, complete with testicles.

Wonder how many litters it's sired?

RSM said...

Aw, that pittie just wanted to lick her to death!

Anonymous said...

It's all fun n games, until yo momma gets killed by your gangsta pit bull.

These pit bull owners know exactly what they're getting into. Look at the cropped ears, the huge chain, the dead stare, the testicles.

This dog could have easily killed her son as well. Why are pit bull owners willing to take that risk? Looking like a badass because you have a pit bull, is not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I guess these pit bull lovers never read, or really do somehow convince themselves that the friendly Labrador next door is just as likely to turn their owner into a bloody mess as a pit bull.

I cannot grasp their thinking. I would not want to own a type of dog known to attack children, old people, any people, and their own owners who feed them every day and treat them well. As far as traits go, this is not what most people are looking for. This is one reason there are so many in shelters. The other reason is that so many pit bull owners are low-life scum who refuse to spay and neuter their dogs and hope to make a little money on pups. But the lovers of "the breed" (there is no such thing as a Pit Bull breed yet they say "the breed")set out to propagandize potential rescue angels to take these time bombs into regular neighborhoods with sweet pets, older folks, and little kids.

Anonymous said...

>>I cannot grasp their thinking

Try to wrap your head around this one. The woman whose dog killed her Mom is now thinking about "saving" it.

Betcha she's got puppies due from it too, wasn't there another dog at the scene?

Meals on Wheels said...

I just blogged about "fear mongers" being called one countless times...and this little gem of good news came up! It should strike deep fear into the hearts of the advocates who scream "FEAR MONGER"...ironic isn't it when that's what they do daily...we'll post your name and shame you publicly, contact your employers and suggest you are a racist, s all bent out of shape while they walk their beasts on the end of retractable leashes outraged...why, this one is a certified therapy dog. I have PTSS.

How's this for inciting fear..people are making choices on behalf on public safety, well ALL BE!


Anonymous said...

"Try to wrap your head around this one. The woman whose dog killed her Mom is now thinking about 'saving' it."

How is this EVEN AN OPTION?!

When I had dogs, if they ever bit anyone, they'd be gone. They never did, so they got to live out their natural lives. If my dogs ever killed anyone... The thought never even crossed my mind.

Here Julie Whisman is having a hard time doing the right thing. Her mother was killed by her pit bull, and she wants to keep it? Is she trying to get someone else killed?

The fact that this was ruled as an accident, really? With 2 other deaths recently in Ohio, how can it be an accident?

Anonymous said...

"Meg Stephenson, executive director of Animal Friends Humane Society, said she does not support a ban of pit bulls in Butler County, but said there should be harsher penalties against owners of pit bulls if their dogs attack and harm other dogs or people."

Basically, what Meg Stephenson is saying, is that she supports pit bull attacks, and wants them to continue, and penalize pit bull owners more harshly after the fact, rather than PREVENTING pit bulls from attacking and killing people.

Thank you Meg! Stellar job! Keep protecting pit bulls, instead of people. Because we all know that pit bulls are more important than human beings.

Packhorse said...

I honestly think some people are unaware of the carnage these dogs inflict. Dog attacks are rarely reported outside of their immediate areas, and dog attacks upon other pets are rarely reported at all.

It is entirely possible for a pit bull fan to just stay in their little bubble of pibbly wibbly Facebook pages and message boards, and never even venture out of that to learn the other side of it all.

Anonymous said...


You are right. Pit bull enthusiasts also have the natural ability to overlook the carnage, deny it, and blame it away on other factors.

Mom in Eugene said...

No. Pit bull people DO KNOW. They LIE, DENY and JUSTIFY, but they are fully aware. The things they say when only other pit owners are there would make your blood run cold. this includes many types of pit owners too, not just the thug variety!

Back when I was young and stupid, I remember being in a room with 6 or so pit owners, and will never forget how casually-and proudly!- they all joked about their maulers being cat killers, dog maulers, etc., One guy even had his own finger bit off by his pit, and he thought it was normal because he got near the maulers food!

Getting a puppy from a dog known to be so vicious even its owner couldn't handle or even touch it was seen as a great thing, and that person was envied and admired! Having known killers in their dogs bloodlines was celebrated. Make no mistake about this.

So, No, they do know, and they are proud of this reputation! They revel in it, while whining in public about how we just don't understand how sweet their wittle wiggle butts are...

Then there are the "rescue angel" types, and guess what? THEY KNOW TOO..They try to minimize this, or make other dogs seem as bad. They attribute the carnage to bad owners and think they can "wuv" the killer out of the pit. Like someone with an abusive spouse, they think that if they just love it enough and do exactly the right things, they will be protected. Safe, and loved. It's SICK. These tend to be women.

The ones that are truly misled are those that have other breeds, and either no, or limited experience with pits. They love all dogs, and dont look to far into this stuff, because well, they are dogs.

You know them- the person that knew a friend(s) with a sweet mauler, someone that has had only good interactions with them, or that works with dogs all day (the infamous vet tech!) but in situations where pits rarely attack (they attack when confident, unlike other breeds that snap when scared. this is why vet office rampages are uncommon.)

THESE are the people that the propaganda is there for. The ordinary people with a heart for animals, especially abused ones. They have all pets on such a high pedestal, they refuse to admit that pits ought to go extinct. They know how they feel about their dogs, so they extend that to pit owners, who are generally psychopaths,narcissist, sociopaths drug abusers, criminals, liars, or just not quite right, etc.

Cardinal said...

That's quite a bit of information, Mom in Eugene. Doesn't surprise me either. And Packhorse, I think the majority of the country doesn't know the problem with pit bulls. It's something people don't really think about, and when they do, they figure it's based on how the pits are raised. The pet industry and the pit propaganda likes keeping people in a state of ignorance. Lucky for them the country is obsessed with dogs.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and most people do know the problem with pits but aren't getting involved. I've grown up surrounded by dog lovers, I even used to be a dog lover (I like them now) so it's possible I'm just hanging around people who really do think it's in how they're raised.

Dayna said...

Try to wrap your head around this one. The woman whose dog killed her Mom is now thinking about "saving" it.

If she is successful in saving it, I sincerely hope it attacks her next and not her child. How deranged can a person be to want to save the animal that killed your own mother?

I haven't commented in a while, we've been on the west coast, in Vancouver and Seattle. Both people I talked to where we stayed knew about pits and how bad their owners are too. People are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Good news! The pit bull that killed Cindy was put down.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

That is good news - but I suspect the mom will just go out and get a new mauler. lather, rinse, repeat.

Anonymous said...

WTF about Cindy Whisman's daughter trying to save her pit. If I had a pet that killed my adoptive mother I'd be suicidal.

The dog looked better than a lot of other pits, but its eyes were so creepy. And it killed, so it should have been marked for a dirtnap right away.

"Even owners of large powerful breeds don't do this. They will tell you flat out about the risks, and discourage you from owning one, because most people aren't responsible enough to maintain control over a large, powerful, strong willed animal."

There are three dog breeds prone to aggression that I like. I know someone who had a mix between two of them, and she told me about the one I liked more. I was like, "..........Okay, I'm not dealing with that." But so many pit bull owners insist it's all in how you raise them...irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Always the debate about nature vs nurture. yet: a stray white cat had her kittens n my garage. I took them in... all were white and seemingly identical, yet the 2 females, two males, began to display district, contrasting characters within 2 weeks. Fascinating. Also, due to my habit of walking remote rural back roads, I often attract dogs. 2 yellow labs would flank me at one point, barking furiously, just inches off my large tempting butt. My policy was to continue on undeterred, nerve-racking though it may be. One dog closed his teeth on my hand as he was finishing a bark, there was no impact. The other dog at the same moment pushed his node into my other hand and have it an exuberant lick. Stereo dogs! I found out much later that they were litter mates. One dog would put on a tough bluster, and had since puppyhood. The other would follow, but only wanted to make new friends. Character really is innate, none of us is born tabula rasa.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

Well said, anonymous 3:32 -

This whole "it's all in how you raise them" meme reminds me of a fool who thinks you can grow poison mushrooms and eat them with no problem - just so long as you raise them right and treat them right, and don't train them to be poison.

Allie said...

I am a long time Craven Desires reader, but I wanted to read all the posts before I commented (It took me about a year to read them all).
I would like to share my experience with pit bulls.
I read the Time magazine article about the Michael Vick pit bulls and I thought pit bulls were just like any other dog. Then I met three different people whose dogs had been attacked by pit bulls. The first was a lady I met who had two trained Search and Rescue dogs. After the dogs were attacked by a pit bull, they became afraid of all other dogs and could no long perform Search and Rescue. The second was a neighbor who was walking his small dog when a pit bull came out of its yard and grabbed it by the throat. The pit bull's owner was nearby and was able to get the pit bull off. Luckily the small dog survived, but with a serious neck wound. The third person had a dog that was killed when a pit bull entered his house and attacked the dog. The thing that really convinced me was my personal experience. I used to foster dogs for a dog rescue organization. I was given a dog called Bernie to foster that appeared to be some type of bull dog or pit bull mix. He was 8-10 years old, the tips of his ears were gone, and he weighed about 25 pounds. He got on fine with my own dog and mostly liked to lie around sleeping. Then one day I took him to the dog park. A little terrier mix was bothering him and he grabbed the terrier mix by the ear and just stood there. I had no idea what to do. I couldn't pry his jaws open. After a minute or two he let go. Luckily, the terrier was not hurt. I never took him to the dog park again. The next incident was when I was walking him with my dog. A big Lab came up to us and started barking and acting aggressive. Bernie slipped out of his collar and went to confront the Lab. I didn't want to get in the middle of a dog fight and I didn't want my dog to get hurt so I decided to take my dog back to my house, which was just around the corner, and get something I could use to break up the fight. When I came out of my house, both dogs were in my front yard. The Lab was lying on the ground and Bernie had him by the ear. I believe Bernie had grabbed him by the ear and brought him back to my house. Both dogs were unhurt. I had never seen behavior like this from a dog before and it convinced me that breeding influences behavior to a significant degree. After reading Craven Desires I now realize that this was classic bulldog behavior. I am ashamed to say that I never mentioned this behavior to the people who adopted Bernie. I wanted him to get a home and I didn't want to do anything to deter the adopters. I don't think he would have hurt anyone but I still feel bad about it. If I had had more knowledge about pit bulls I think I would have acted differently. Thank you Craven Desires for educating people about pit bills.