Friday, September 12, 2014

by any means necessary

and a knife can be a pretty darn effective means.

C. U. Next Tuesday Marabito of the infamous "a ladder killed darla napora" theory has credited lil ole me with the "murder" of the mutant gripper in a georgia petsmart known as CLARA. if ONLY i had that kind of reach! seeing how i only have 3 readers, it seems highly unlikely that the man who courageously stepped up to the plate and saved his dog from the petsmart gripper would be one of them.

we all know that we are not dealing with the most intellectually or ethically gifted bunch when we swim in nutter waters. let's look at the ultimate violent act of murder, ie homicide. these acts are not all the same. anyone who views them as equal is either lying or stupid. homicide takes one of three forms: 1) a deliberate act committed with malice, 2) a negligent act, and of course my favorite 3) a JUSTIFIABLE act aka self-defense.

what these pit bull fanatics and no kill zealots do not want to admit is that people have a moral and legal right to defend themselves and their family against aggressors using lethal force if necessary. but as all three of the readers of this blog know, the nutter world view is not a reality based one. in their psychopathic world view, their purpose bred mutant gripping dogs should be freely allowed in society to instigate violence against OUR family members AND they expect us to stand back and passively watch the carnage. well, i say fuck that.

predictably, the cyber nutters have formed a flash mob and are trying to portray the georgia man as having committed the first type of murder. they claim he walked into a petsmart full of children (gasp!), began swearing at the idiot holding the leash of the mutant CLARA and then launched an attack on the poor misunderstand wiggle butt. yeah. right. what's that saying? i have a bridge to sell you.

the georgia man did not kill the mutant CLARA, nor is he responsible for her death (i'll cover that in the sequel). but for the sake of the argument let's say that he did or was. i know, i know. this is dangerous territory i am wading into given the limitations of the pit bull/no kill zealots ability to think critically. IF the georgia man was responsible for the death of CLARA, the act would clearly be considered of the third type, JUSTIFIABLE homicide. the man merely RESPONDED to the aggression initiated by the mutant gripper. his behavior should be viewed as an honorable act of the defense of a weaker being. instead, the nutter freaks are doing their best to portray him as a crazed killer.

i am vegetarian. i hold many views about animals that are consistent with the animal rights philosophy. i also have zero respect for pacifism. pacifism is not reality based. it is a naive philosophy for idiots. i consider myself a non-violent person, non-violent in the sense that you never see me as the aggressor, the instigator of violence. you will never see me encouraging people to take pre-emptive action against mutant grippers. threaten me or my dog, and i will not back down. canine or human, attack me or my dog and i will do my very best to fuck you up. and that is the advice i give people. i have no respect for able bodied adults who refuse to come to the defense of their dog when under attack by mutants, canine or human.

to the man in georgia, i say, well done sir. you had an obligation to provide for your dog and you took your obligation seriously. you rose to the occasion and courageously defended her at great personal risk to yourself. and now you are being harassed and threatened by the cult of crazy when you deserve only praise and respect.

and in other rise to the occasion pit bulldog stabbing news...










new york





british columbia





south carolina


new mexico

washington (video)

more stabbings at safety before pit bulldogs

pit bulldog attacks inside petsmart and petco

wise words from a dogman...
I didn’t used to see much danger in one that was vicious, I knew a Bulldog could hurt a man but I don’t think I realized how bad, I wasn’t afraid of one. Now I’m a lot more wary of a maneater, they really can hurt you, even kill you. I honestly don’t believe that a grown man could get a sixty-five pound Bulldog off without a weapon, if it decided to attack him. LESTER HUGHES, Old Mountain Man Kennels 

dog fighters recognize the danger. "haters" recognize the danger. it seems that the only people who do not recognize the unique danger that pit bulldogs present are pit bull owners and advocates.

Gandhi's thoughts on pacifism, violence, non-violence, self-defense. brace yourself, this will surprise you.

I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.

My creed of nonviolence is an extremely active force. It has no room for cowardice or even weakness. There is hope for a violent man to be some day non-violent, but there is none for a coward. I have, therefore, said more than once....that, if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women and our places of worship by the force of suffering, i.e., nonviolence, we must, if we are men, be at least able to defend all these by fighting.

I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.

Though violence is not lawful, when it is offered in self-defence or for the defence of the defenceless, it is an act of bravery far better than cowardly submission. The latter befits neither man nor woman. Under violence, there are many stages and varieties of bravery. Every man must judge this for himself. No other person can or has the right.

Not knowing the stuff of which nonviolence is made, many have honestly believed that running away from danger every time was a virtue compared to offering resistance, especially when it was fraught with danger to one's life. As a teacher of nonviolence I must, so far as it is possible for me, guard against such an unmanly belief. the only honourable course where there is unreadiness for self-immolation.


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I thought the very definition of murder was,

"the crime of deliberately killing a person"

Pit bulls are not people, the last time I checked. I know nutters like to talk about how haters are racist against pit bulls, but racism only applies to people too.

I did not get the memo that pit bulls have been elevated to human status. Is there such a memo, and where can I get my hands on it? I need to know why pit bulls, of all animals, are equal to humans. Would it be in the Constitution? The Gettysburg Address?

Count me as one of the three readers of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Well..I'm not a vegetarian. I sometimes look at my inordinately fat kitty and think he looks quite tasty. However that may be, I hate Pit bulls, their defenders, and the appalling stupidity of the pit groupies, who wallow unreservedley in the morass of hypocrisy and evil, enough to cover their hip waders, but not enough to send them down the sewer. Marabito, you are quite the godly figure to these goobers. Do you ever wonder how far you can push your insanity? Are you ever remorseful, reflective, insightful, embarrassed? Fall off a ladder sometime, and report back to us. I understand ladders can do some pretty miraculous things.

PS be sure to blame any future maulings-by-ladder on this site, you preposterous escapee. That should ensure your blot in the firmament.

Anonymous said...

I am number 4. I don't usually comment, but I am a reader of follower of your blog.

Dayna said...

I will never be ready for self-immolation by pit bull. Nor will I allow my family, pets, neighbors, or any innocents to be sacrificed to an ugly pit bull. I am ready and willing to permanently end any attacking shit bull from ever attacking again.

And I LOLed at your "I don't always stab a pit bull..." meme!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I am number 4. I don't usually comment, but I am a reader of follower of your blog."

Ooo! Our Sock Puppet has a lurker! Hi! And hello to all the other lurkers out there.

I was once a lurker, but I finally felt comfortable enough to speak my mind here. When I would argue with nutters online, I would always feel a little crazy. I'm much happier here stating my opinions, and bashing nutters with like-minded people.


Animal Uncontrol said...

I am a regular reader and count as 10 easily.

If egoism were art, I would be a Rembrandt hands down.

Animal Uncontrol said...

"Anonymous said...
Call me crazy"

If you insist - OK, you are crazy.

On behalf of all of us, welcome to the club. We enjoy having you here.

Dick "Grand Slam" Johnson said...

Thank you, Dawn, for keeping it real. After having had to endure such shrill condemnation of this hero by the pit freaks over the past week or so, it's nice to be reminded that not everybody has gone bat shit crazy.

Anonymous said...

I am five or eleven, depending on how we're counting.

Bulldogs do not belong in PetSmart and other stores. Nutters can never keep track of them, nutters always forget half of the stuff they need to contain said bulldog. and finally when the bulldog does whatever it does, nutters are always 'still running up'.

While it is commendable when someone protects themselves or their dog or another person/animal that is currently under gripper attack, it would be better for everyone if the nutters would keep the mutants in their care contained on their own property. This does not include the street or the neighbors' yard. It certainly doesn't include the neighbors' cars or houses. When the mutants are confined with someone who wuves them, then the rest of us can go on about our lives without worrying about stabbing, shooting, or choking an attacking wiggle butt.

Pibble said...

On virtually every comments section following an article about the stabbing of Clara, you'll see some variation on this: "That nasty little rat dog growled at the poor pit bull. Clara was only defending herself. What else was she supposed to do?"

How about nothing? How about walk away?

I have a rescued German shepherd. She wasn't "raised right," as the person who had her before me hit and neglected her. But when a dog growls at her -- especially a dog that fits inside a shoebox -- she calmly ignores it. For a dog to meet every threat with a full-blown retaliation is obviously maladaptive and clearly inconsistent with normal dog behavior. There is ample evidence that Clara's handlers knew she was aggressive toward animals, so that pit bull NEVER should have been taken to a pet store that allows customers to bring pets.

Anonymous said...

Plus, it sounds like Clara slipped her leash and charged straight for the Westie.

Dogs growl to warn each other, so it is possible the Westie growled. But, a growl is not an attack. It is a noise. Like you said, Clara could've walked away. The Westie WANTED her to walk away.

I've seen a little dog around big dogs (in a friendly situation, there were no pit bulls involved), little dogs do have to make sure big dogs respect their personal space. The big dogs do not seem bothered by this. Usually, they just wag their tail a couple of times and give the small dog a little more space. But, then these dogs were good, friendly, pet dogs not crazy wiggle butts.

Nonetheless, as you said, a growl does not require an attack in retailiation. Clara was 100% the aggressor. But, all signs point to evidence that this was known about her before the event with Lexie. It is the fault of the person who chose to bring Clara into a store full of dogs especially since that person didn't even have her harness.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"the crime of deliberately killing a person"'

agreed BAM. the nutters are the ones claiming CLARA was murdered. i am using nutter think to demonstrate just how crazy they are. if they want to apply one type of homicide to this situation, they open themselves up to the other two.

anon 2:20,

dayna, i'd like to take credit but a friend made that meme and sent it to me. it inspired this blog post.

AU, you certainly are rembrandt.

dick johnson, yeah i'm about ready to blow a lobe over the nutters attack on the VICTIM. more is coming.

RSM aka Mom in Eugene said...

And I thought I had a pretty good collection of pit attacks ended by knife! I am glad this man defended his dog, and I am glad the dog was PTS.

Thanks for those quotes. Its is very true non violence takes serious toughness and courage.

As for violence, I have never been the aggressor, but have had a few chances to use aggression in self defense. I do think there are occasions for preemptive strikes, to protect lives being directly threatened with grevious harm/death.

These situations are almost always an instance where legal entities have already fallen down on the job, or are unable/unwilling to help. A common denominator in many deaths is a pattern of past violence; think of all the prior attacks that come out of the woodwork after a fatality (Klonda, Deriah, Mr Smyrna).

Whether it's protection from deadly undogs, domestic violence, or child abuse (etc), waiting until a serious attack occurs to defend yourself/others can have fatal, long lasting, results. So, in those type of instances, I feel the best thing can be a preemptive strike. Why be a sitting duck?

Sadly, this may mean getting in legal trouble. But if the situation is serious enough to warrant a preemptive strike, getting in trouble is the least of your concerns (though a real consideration).

(I think am reader #11.)

RSM said...

That meme is awesome! LOL forever.

I think I need to finish up my post on self defense via knife. It seems appropriate.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I do think there are occasions for preemptive strikes, to protect lives being directly threatened with grevious harm/death"

i'm not saying that you have to wait until the pit has its teeth in you or your dog or your kid to take action.

Unknown said...

This blogspot is better than sex! Serve the head to the fucking morons that brought the killer to the store. Violent lethal defense can sometimes have a dominoe effect where once the threat is neutralized the defender in their state of mind could turn to the root cause of the attack which would be the humans that introduced the danger....funny these fucking idiots never look past their doomed agenda!!

Anonymous said...

From the article:

"I wish they would [file charges] because what this guy did was absolutely insane and unnecessary," said Wohler. "I understand he would want to protect his dog, but there are so many other ways to break up a dog fight than stabbing one in front of a bunch of kids and women in a pet store during an adoption day."

What bullshit. Often, the only way to make a gripping pitbull let go is to use a weapon of some sort.

At least this dog can't go on to try to hurt any other pets or people. The stabber did the world a favor.


"So the whole time that was going on, the guy is screaming 'effing pit bull this, 'effing pit bull that, 'I hate these dogs. I don't know why they are even allowed around anymore,'" said Wohler."

I see he understands pitbulls well. I'd be damn angry too if some idiot let their pitbull attack my dog.


Anonymous said...

Do my multiple personalities, all of whom detest pit bulls, up the constituency?

Anonymous said...

"a bunch of kids and women in a pet store"' More patronizing chauvinism from a non-experienced fantastist.What other methods do you advise? Have you seen an animal shriek, struggle, torn apart like a stuffed toy while, by the way, women and children watch, try to intervene, get bloodied, scream and sob.
I have and god, wish I hadn't. I have never seen such brutality from a creature now transmorgified into a household companion, its ugliness and grinning treachery celebrated, it's murdering, merciless heritage dismissed. Yeah, wring your saintly hands and pretend compassion for women and children. Continue defending pit bulls and likely someday you'll see a spectacle that will alter your life. I hope you have the spray bottle, fly swatter, and rolled Huffington Post in hand when you do.

Animal Uncontrol said...

This PetDumb incident (and the thousand or so like it) are giving me an idea... more to come.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ooh animal uncontrol, can't wait!

for garnet. enjoy!

well w smith, thank you. one of the best compliments i've had :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:51,

As long as all of you know how to take out a pit bull, y'all are good to go!

Every time I encounter a pit bull, I'm ready. I'm hyper aware. I've stared down pit bulls, and according to the nutters, I'm not supposed to do that. Fuck if I'm going to take their advice. I'm not going to let a pit bull launch an attack without me realizing it. They're freaking opportunists, and will jump on you from behind.

I'm sick of feeling this threat, every single time. I want to scream at the nutters, but I don't want to be "the trigger." My most recent encounter was while on a bike ride. It's in a state park, and all dogs are supposed to be leashed. Here come Mr. and Mrs. Asshole on their bicycles, with their loose pit bull running along side. Mr. Asshole was in the lead, and gave the pit bull no less than 3 commands to move over, so the pit bull would be next to him, instead of on the other side of me. It took everything in me to not say a word.

After the encounter, my mind raced with "what should I do?" That part of the trail branches off in several directions, and I couldn't call the state park and report the incident without telling them where Mr. and Mrs. Asshole went. I wished I had taken a picture as proof, but they came from around a corner, and by the time I got my phone out, they would have been long gone.

I hope there isn't a next time, but I will try and be ready to report them. There absolutely should not be a loose pit bull in a state park where there is wildlife, other people, and dogs.


P.S. I'm looking forward to the knife post RSM! If it was posted before this post, I stepped away from the computer in the middle of proofreading.

Anonymous said...

Look at Merritt's blog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what in particular do you want me to see?

Sputnik said...

Not to be read in a snarky tone: Animals 24-7 isn't a blog, it's a news service.

Maybe Anon 10:41 PM meant this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was talking about Tropical Storms.

Anonymous said...

RIP TROPICAL STORMS! I learned so much from you, and I learned even more today. I thought you were a man! You are beyond brave in my book, and I admire you for your legacy.

Anonymous said...

Crap! I forgot to sign off with BAM!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"You are beyond brave in my book, and I admire you for your legacy. "

oh yeah. you have no idea just how brave she was.

Dayna said...

NO! How could TS be dead?!? We need her and people like her. I have learned SO much from reading her comments.

May she rest in peace.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Anonymous said...

Mark Kumpf, Animal Farm Foundation operative and animal control director, and prosecutor Mat Heck Jr, of Dayton Montgomery County Ohio has now taught us all a valuable lesson.

They helped kill victim Klonda Richey with her neighbor's aggressive pit bulls.

Then they did nothing.

Everyone now knows that if a pit bull or any aggressive dog attacks, you must use a weapon and defend yourself, your child, or your pet against that aggressive dog because otherwise you or a loved one will die.

And after you or your family mrember or pet dies, then a crew of corrupt government clowns working for a lot of dog fighters will wander around aimlessly mumbling excuses and will look the other way.

Pit bulls kill. Don't let them.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that people like Marabito attack victims.

They want to deny the fact that pit bulls attack to kill. They want to help the pit bull breeders escape responsibility for the violent dogs they are intentionally breeding.

Criminals blame victims for their crimes because they want to escape responsibility.

Marabito is helping the pit bull breeders and hence the dog fighters.

Laying on a lot of emotional crap doesn't change that at all.

Anonymous said...

Their pathetic excuses in the face of the evidence in Klonda's death should outrage everyone. She documented the dogs freely running around her property. She documented her neighbor coming over to her property, bulldog in tow, to lurk around as her privacy fence was being built. She made numerous complaints about her neighbors, their treatment of their dogs, and the way they were using the dogs against her. The police, when they arrived, saw the dogs still with Klonda's body. The dogs charged the police. There are tests to prove that those specific dogs were responsible for the vicious bites that killed Klonda. Yet, somehow, they sit there and claim they can't do a thing because there's no eyewitnesses?!

It's kill or be killed, I guess.

Anonymous said...

My heart weighs a thousand pounds at learning of the death of Tropical Storms. What a gallant woman, plunging unafraid into danger, unhesitating as any bulldog. Generous and unsparing with her wit, vast stores of knowledge, and vivid, utterly compelling writing. Wherever you light down next, Storms, you will scramble the landscape and make things fascinating and often very funny.Fly Onward.

scorched earth said...

Don't know if this one is included in your list of pit bull stabbings. This turned up just today.

Pitter stabbed his own pit bull "service dog" after it bit him.

scorched earth said...

Here is another pit bull stabbing from today's news. In this episode two pits with a history of "disliking each other" met in public and began to fight. One pitter defended his dog with a knife. This is getting to be very trendy...

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to read of the death of Tropical Storm. Articulate, intelligent, informed, and brave are just a few of the many positive words I would use to describer her. Tragic that she was taken at 60.

Dick Johnson said...

The death of Tropical storms was a sobering reminder of the frailty of life. She was my age.

Anonymous said...

The murder of Klonda Richey is now probably the first murder directly linked to the activities of Animal Farm Foundation? Kumpf, while posing as an animal control supervisor in Dayton, actually was fouind to work for Animal Farm Foundation and do what they wanted.

Now the question is did Heck Jr. the prosecutor sneak Animal Farm Foundation criminals onto thart grand jury to help them protect Kumpf?

They knew if charges went out and this went to trial it would expose their involvement in this crime with their worker Kumpf.

Anonymous said...

scortched earth,

Two pit bulls disliking each other? It sounds like they were madly in love to me, and finally got to consummate that love.

LMAO! Reading the comments over there! Dawn, you're too funny! I love this one from Yotie,

"When two pit bulls fight you're supposed to lay money down and bet on a winner. Let them fight to the death, don't stab them!"


Anonymous said...

I am really upset about Tropical Storms. She was amazing. I wish I'd known while she was alive that she personally helped put an end to the reprehensible practice of using a real rabbit at greyhound races. I would have thanked her profusely. I love bunny rabbits. People are so mean to them, but they are the sweetest animals in the world.

And if a pit bull fanatic reads this, I am probably the one and only bunny hugger (meaning I have rabbits as pets) here. Though I hope everyone here is glad about how Tropical Storms improved the greyhound races.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

There are many people on this blog that I greatly admire.

Troppical Storms was one of them.

I really admired her. She had such courage to do what she did. Her knowledge about these dogs was supreme and she was so generous in what she shared.

I am so very very saddened to read of her passing. I shed some tears last night when I read about it.

RSM said...

The loss of Tropical Storms is huge. How very tragic. The world needs 100,000 more of her. I never believed in reincarnation, but I sure do hope she comes back.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the loss of tropical storms is devastating. i knew her pretty well and she never mentioned her involvement in greyhound racing. our conversations never went in that direction and so she felt no need to mention it. she just wasn't the braggart type.

i wish she would have shared more of her stories here. had i known that her time on earth was so short, i would have taken detailed notes during our conversations, maybe even asked permission to record them.

in the future, i will write about our conversation on women and dog fighting. don't expect that anytime soon. i find the prospect of telling her stories very intimidating.

tropical storms was one of a kind and her death will leave a big hole.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why she didn't mention it. But, I am glad to have finally found out about it. I am going to go check some official bunny hugging forums and see if they know about her. I am sure they will feel the same way I do. Not too many people think to help rabbits.

IIRC, there were also quite a few reforms to benefit the greyhounds themselves. I would imagine she was part of that as well.

This being said, she may have felt getting the word out about pit bulls took top priority. The insane pit bull advocacy movement is shoving them into society to the detriment of the dogs and society. She had a lot of valuable information straight from the dogmen themselves as well as from her own research. She saw dog fights... rolls and fights in the pits.

Of course, there are some people who would argue with John Colby himself, but Tropical Storms was able to tell us about things most of us would never have known. And they couldn't really call her a 'hater' and just dismiss her because she did more to TRY to actually help these dogs than just about anyone.

Packhorse said...

I saw my first city dog park today. It looked more like a prison yard -- just a dismal fenced expanse of dirt and gravel. And a pit hole, of course. No seperation of big and small dogs - full grown pits and a huge rottweiler running around with chihuahuas and a tiny pit

Packhorse said...

When I read the headline, I knew exactly what kind of puppy it would be...

Man Who Had Sex With His Puppy Will Go to Prison for Five Years

A Daytona Beach, Fla. man will go to prison for five years after his neighbors caught him in the act of raping and fondling his eight-month-old pit bull puppy named Coco.

Packhorse said...

Watch out, subway riders!

Gripper in a bag!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if theres a special place in heaven for pitbulls stabbed or killed while doing something only idiot pit-droolers would defend . a special rainbow just for pitbulls, to avoid any further trouble with nasty westies , pugs and pomeranians that may also be crossing over ?

Anonymous said...


Instead of "Rainbow" Bridge, it could be "Bloody Sidewalk." Gotta have something nutters and their pit bulls could relate to.


Packhorse said...

Another day, another nutter.

On FB local no-kill rescue posts a photograph of a cat they are raising funds for--she had been mauled by a dog. (Breed not specified.) Lots of "oh poor kitty," and so forth, but one person commented that they hoped the dog had been euthanized. This comment received zero "likes," and one person attacked the poster, calling them "ignorant."
The fanatics of the no-kill movement don't even care about pet animals, only aggressive dogs!

And I went to a dog event this weekend, and of course there was the prerequisite clueless redneck with his aggressive gripper. Imagine that classic gripper pose, reared up on hind legs, growling, barking, and snapping at everything that passed, held back only by the guy's hand on its collar. And he insisted on having this pit right in the melee of everything, little kids, toy breed dogs, etc. with just a big stupid grin on his face.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep. these are the same kind of freaks who troll for prison pen pals and bring violent men into their homes with their children.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Man Who Had Sex With His Puppy Will Go to Prison for Five Years"

five years for raping a dog and nothing for killing klonda richey