Monday, October 13, 2014

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In memory of Joan Kappen

Brande and Emily Coy, Nutterines and worshippers of the Pit Bull Mastiff Mix named 'Patrone' that slaughtered Joan Kappen in 2013.

Allowing Patrone to roam and begin a devastating attack on innocent Joan, when Brande became aware of the horrible situation, as Joan lay scalped, naked, covered in blood and with over a HUNDRED maul injuries to her body, Brande grabbed that Mauler, secured it at home, and then proceeded to change her clothes, wash her hands of Joan's blood, re-do her hair. Then, approximately 30 MINUTES later, she phoned 911, waited for medics to arrive and deal with Joan. She did not sit with the dying woman, hold her hand, whisper words of comfort. SHE ATTENDED TO HER VANITY and SHE CLEANED THE DOG OF EVIDENCE.

Her daughter, Emily, had already suffered in the jaws of Patrone. She had been attacked earlier, and had gone to work with a large bandage on her arm. She told a work-mate that Patrone had attacked her, but shortly thereafter she changed her story. Protectionism of dear Patrone mattered more.

Joan's husband could only recognise his wife from her shoes and her spectacles. "There was not a drop of blood left in her", he said.

During the trial, the jury deliberated and reached a verdict. Both were found guilty. Brande Coy was found guilty of "misdemeanor" negligent homicide. She received 60 days in jail and one year probation.

Her daughter Emily Coy, Patrone's OWNER, who most thought would walk free, received a slightly stiffer sentence of 120 days in jail and one year probation. Both Coys will also have to pay $2,500 in fines.

Joan's husband, Hans, said that he was happy that they both got 'guilty' charges. He spoke of how they BOTH knew that Patrone was vicious. He spoke of his wife lovingly, saying "not only did I lose my wife, but my best friend. And also, Arkansas lost a woman that devoted her life to helping others."

How UNLIKE the Coys could the Kappens be? Good people, decent people, gentle people, yet fate brought them into the deviant and defiant world of the Coys and the dog they both worshipped, Patrone, litter-mate of the dog that killed little Ayden Evans in June of that same year.

Light sentences perhaps, but what a fall from grace. All the hand-washing in the world, perhaps until Hell freezes over, will not restore those women to a state of innocence and cleanliness from guilt. Wherever they go, they will remain what they are. People will shun them. People will KNOW them. And perhaps, they will know themselves. THAT is true punishment.


The Tale of Patrone the Pit Mastiff


Patrone was a dog, and a very fine boy
Of muscles and satiny coat, a real joy
to his doting fur-mommies he was just like a child
But Pat was a dog and they thought he was mild...

Those Mommies they pouted, they preened and they posed
Whilst the Bull doggy heart of poor Pat was confused.
They wanted a lap-dog, a lover, a mouse
So they loved on this Mastiff as one would a spouse
Pat slept in their beds as a good lover should but
Sometimes he bit them and tasted their blood.
Now blood to a Bull dog is honey and wine
To the palate of man when he sits down to dine
Patrone got a regular taste for the stuff
To the point where it seemed he could not get enough,
And he sent his fur-mommy to work cut and bruised
She said he had bit her, but then got confused
and said she was savaged by canine unknown
So Patrone the Pit Mastiff stayed cosy at home...

We cannot blame Pat in the heart of this story
Although his finale was bloody and gory
His fur-mommies loved him, their precious best boy
Of muscles and satiny coat, a real joy.
The people nearby locked their doors and their gates
The fur-mommies said they were just full of hate
For their Pat was a sweetheart who'd lick them to death
And not some foul beast who would steal their last breath...

This story must end as most fairytales do
When princesses frown and their crowns go askew
Reality beckoned one day for Patrone
When his resident Mommy did something so wrong
And opened the door for the Mastiff to roam
Not safe in a yard or watched from their home
Big Pat took a tour of the streets in deep joy
The pride of his fur-mommies and their bestest boy
Their licky-lick lover and gentle sweetheart
Took a shine to a stranger and tore her apart.
He took Bull dog kisses of cervical spine, and
he opened her throat to release the rich wine
He chewed on her legs and took flesh from the bone
Quite simply forgetting his Mommies at home,
Quite simply remembering all that he was,
Patrone, my dear friends, was a Pit fighting dog,
No lover, no daddy, no lap-dog was he
No bed-sharing, joy-giving, life homily
Patrone the Pit Mastiff with blood on his teeth
And his tail wagging hard in genetic release.

The moral contained in this tale is quite clear
If you look and you learn and you hold your life dear
You stand with your canine as mistress or master
You make him your child, you court a disaster
You choose your pet wisely and always avoid
Those dogs with the teeth, and the muscles, the maws,
The deep-chested, dead-eyed, goof-grinning jaws....
You'll look, really look, and you'll know what you see
Is purpose-designed with a dark history
Ignore it, deplore it, explain it away,
And call it a sweetheart for all and a day
And bed it, and love it, and praise it as mild
And smooch it, caress it, and call it your child
But that dog is a Fighting Pit Bull Dog, and thus
It is all that it seems, and it is as it looks.


Patrone was removed from the scene of his crime
And his fur-mommies wept at the thought of the time
That their poor boy would spend in the pound, all alone,
Pining and yearning for love, life and home,
But this does not end very well for Patrone...
The Pit Bull Dog Mastiff did not use his brain,
And could not exert normal canine restrain,
He bit his assessor, got labelled as crazy
And now, like most Pit Bulls, he's pushing up daisies.


Rest in Peace, Joan. You will not be forgotten.




Anonymous said...

I did not know she waited 30 minutes to call 911. Then it took 16 minutes for the ambulance. Meaning that for AT LEAST an hour dear Joan was on her own.

Anonymous said...

a victim dies a horrible death by some negligent people and their ugly dog and again it seems that justice is perverted . so much for this owner responsibility we hear so much about .

Anonymous said...

Poster girls of Responsible Ownership with their Family Pit Bull.

If Pit Bull owners are this responsible, we have to regulate them off of the planet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the punishment was nearly enough....they should have been sent to prison for much longer.

When they get out of prison, they will simply relocate and get another dangerous dog. It's a behavior pattern we see all the time.

What a horrifying account....the victim may have lived if the dog owner had just dialed 911 immediately. What a tragedy.


Dayna said...

As far as the self-centered mother/daughter duo, I agree with above Anon, they will serve their pitifully small amount of time, move to a new location and get another mauler. No one matters but them. *spits*

Anonymous said...

This piece of trash Brande knew she was going to have a mug shot taken.

She's a hair dresser.

She prettied herself up for that mug shot. Look at the full monte of makeup in that shot.

Why am I thinking she had mug shots taken before in her life?

She knew she had committed a crime. She knew it before she did it. She got off on putting her neighbors at risk and terrorizing them.

If only the neighbors had landed on these two pieces of crap the minute they had that dog and let it wander around loose even once.

If they just had faced the fact that their neighbors were not nice, good, middle class people, but hostile and evil people pretending.

This is another situation that shows the deviance in what passes itself off as middle class.

No one ever revealed that despite this deviant and evil behavior, and knowingly owning a dog that was violent and letting it wander loose, Brande's husband was a youth counselor with a local church.

So what did the pastor have to say about that? Excuses?

Brande's husband lived in that house and he knew about this dog and its history of aggression and that its littermate had killed. He knew that his wife was putting everyone in grave danger in that neighborhood and breaking the law by letting it wander loose. What about Love Thy Neighbor? What about respect for laws? Why didn't he deal with the evil in his house if he wasn't just going along with it too?

The neighbors should have been filing complaints the minute that dog showed up in that neighborhood. This was an aggressive dog that this piece of trash had no ability to handle and refused to even try.

She and her husband should have been legally notified that they would be held responsible if they continued this behavior and that they were putting people at risk.

Maybe the pastor might have helped deal with the evil in his church?

People needed to stop worrying about being nice and letting evil like this dominate them and put them at risk! What is so nice about letting bad people and criminals kill you and your neighbors?

These Coys aren't nice people and they aren't good people, no matter how clean they look or if they drive nice middle class cars or go through the motions of being middle class. They intentionally did this. They needed to be handled like the lawbreakers and criminals they wrere before they murdered someone.

The neighbors just let her get away with it. Maybe they were doing a favor for the husband?

If the neighbors had held this Coy crew accountable before the murder happened, then Joan might well still be alive today.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that Brande Coy had a husband (still).

I wonder how the dog acted in the neighborhood before that day? I have a feeling a lot of people tended to be at work and this is how Brande got away with just letting that beast of a dog out to roam.

I cannot imagine waiting 30 minutes to call 911 or even worrying about my own appearance. But, then I have never owned a pet capable of killing anyone.

I do not know if Joan could have lived or not, but she was alive when Brande found her. I can't imagine how heartless a person could be to leave a person is such condition.

Anonymous said...

This particular story is disturbing on so many levels. I cannot comprehend how idiot nutter fur mommies, can love something so evil. Then when the animal does what it is bred for, they just walk away from the carnage, as if a human being being slaughtered is a normal occurrence. What has to be wrong with your brain, for that to even happen?

The fact that this animal is a littermate to another killer mastiff/pit bull, is astounding. Has this ever happened before, and in such a short time? Why would Brande ever let Patrone out of her control? It comes across as premeditated to me. She wanted her dog to kill someone, how else can it be explained? I just wish it was her, or her daughter. Why do innocent people have to die? Oh, I know, we're not allowed to have BSL. Keep people like the Coys supplied with killer dogs. Got it.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this just might be the most extreme example of depraved indifference ever recorded. BRANDE COY even beats out THOMAS OHALLORAN.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:49

I'm betting near relatives of killer dogs kill way more often than we'll ever know. With so many pits and pit crosses being sold off of craigslist, in parking lots and adopted second hand out of shelters, etc. it's nearly impossible for folks to know what dog is related to what.

I've argued in the past that if the CDC is to skeered to track deaths and dismemberments by breed, they should at least start a database of DNA samples from maulers/killers to see if there are patterns of relationship/inheritance (not breed membership).

I, for one, would pay good money to get samples from those two dogs that killed the jogger recently so 'we' could track any violence done by their seven(?) "adoptable" offspring (and any others sold prior).

Anonymous said...

obviously, dog owners are not being held responsible when their known aggressive dogs attack and kill . let this be a warning to those who live and walk among these sociopathic dog owners,that when something does happen that the law will not be seeing a crime committed in the sense of something as serious as murder . know that your dead child, relative or pet will be treated as more accidental than deliberate criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

yes anon 9:17

brande coy was thinking ahead to appearances and strategy before her victim was even dead . this shows her evil self-serving level headedness and lack of concern and remorse for the victim that still lay living and breathing while she cleaned up and considered her best face to present to the police and public .

Anonymous said...

If I killed someone walking while talking on the phone and driving I would have had a much worse sentence. But let your aggressive dog out, go inside, hear screams, grab dog after it rips someone's scalp off, bring sweet loving Patrone back inside, work on hair (is there anything worse than a bad hair day for this woman?), leave someone dying on the street and get what as a sentence? This is so shameful. The laws must be changed. I hope the husband of Mrs. Kappen sues these people into the such poverty that they have to live in a landfill which is truly where they belong. CNYC

Nicki Minaj said...

So frkn sad the whole story and sick of the owners of this dog!! Karma will get them. These Judges that hand out these weak sentences are so the problem too. We need tp pay attentionto these Judges when voting for them!!

Anonymous said...

THe CDC has people who are dog breeders and connected to dog breeders on their staff. One of them even comes right from pit bull breeder heaven, Stone Moumntain Georgia. That's why the CDC decided to go into the dog protection business.

The CDC has not been ethical for many years, If you look for things like CDC scandal, etc you'll find that the CDC makes decsions based on how much money they and their friends make, for example people on the CDC making public health decisions that are based on letting them profit on their personal patents, and also connections to corporations they are involved with

CDC is looking out for business of the few, not the public health interests of the many.

The horrible performance of CDC President Thomas Frieden has been apparent lately because of the Ebola crisis. Did you see him throwing the nurse in Dallas under the bus and blaming the victim? Does that sound like a familiar tactic or what.

Frieden came to that CDC head position from Michael Bloomberg's administration in New York city. Bloomberg spent many years in political office doing favors for his political friends and they all got very rich because of it.
Guess who is friends with Bloomberg? Andrew Saul, Jane Berkey's brother and a member of the board of Animal Farm Foundation and a donor.

Frieden and Saul both worked for New York city government leadership jobs under Bloomberg. The favors beast strikes again.

The hypocrisy of Bloomberg getting Frieden to make a fuss over regulating sugary drinks in New York city while how many of their breeder friends are getting people killed and disabled is just one of the disgusting things about political cronyism

If you look at Frieden's history, political cronyism is what it is all about, and that is what the CDC is all about

I hope the victims and their families can confront the corrupt with this and get things changed

Anonymous said...

The nurse victims that are getting blamed by the CDC and Frieden have other nurses to help them fight back against the lies and special interests of the CDC, and they are going public with the truth. The nurses are organized. They have expensive legal representation.

Dog bite victims are varied and many and scattered across the country. No wealthy attorneys will organize victim groups for them in order to confront the CDC (or the AVMA or any one of the other crony business groups falsely ooperating as authorities) with its crimes.

But while Frieden caters to his dog breeder and pit bull business friends, things like this are going on, this one just happened in California. None of these dogs belonged to this couple. These pit bulls were even in their house attacking them.

"An elderly couple are in critical condition after being mauled by four pit bulls at their home in central California.

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson says deputies who arrived at the house in Modesto on Tuesday night found the four dogs attacking an elderly man in his front yard.

Deputies then found an elderly woman inside the house who was also critically injured from dog bites"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the elderly man in modesto has died

Anonymous said...

somehow i doubt those charming coy women will be treated too harshly in jail . i suspect they will be accepted as scumbag humans who have killed and earned a certain respect among other the other filth warehoused there .

Anonymous said...

Another example of police and animal control killing someone.

Neighbors in Modesto CA said the dogs had a history of violence toward other animals.

The cops and animal control KNEW those dogs were violent but they did nothing and they got that man killed and his mother may die too.

Now there are a lot of weasel words about looking into things. Will they throw their victims under the bus?

But because these are low income people and minorities, I am afraid that the interests of some rich deviants will protect this pit breeding operation

Want to bet that the Modesto mayor is getting some hotline phone calls from the deviants in New York and coaching on how to lie and blame the victim? Maybe Saul through Best Friends has California Governor Jerry Brown on this one, making sure an investigation will find it was all just an accident and letting the pit bull breeder start all over again and kill his new neighbors.

As for the peer reviewed journals, when the peers are corrupt and tell lies, they are worth the price of toilet paper. That is the state of it right now.

DubV said...

It took all of 2 days to discover the CDC was full of crap in regards to some things.

Rabies vaccination recommendations from them that are used to argue in court are based upon the CDC valuing each individual life at a bit less than $1 million (based upon lifetime earnings and so input to the economy) and assuming that the entity paying for the vaccine is the govt. and the entity receiving the benefit of the continued life is the govt. (or the aggregate "society").

It is literally the most dumb thing imaginable and that is why they hide these analysis "assumptions" in a single paragraph in the "master work" that is written by them and often cited by others.

Don't be like the CDC and think that society will save you. Get one of these.

DubV said...

Just to state the obvious:

The Coys both look like evil trash.

Just look at the "contrite" look on the mom's face. Yeah, more like the look of an evil bitch that has an "interesting" past.

Anonymous said...

The breeder industry lines up with the other corporate interests to get the CDC's attention and protection.

They don't have to try too hard. People at CDC are just outright stealing money too. They can't even account for it.

"In 2000, the agency essentially lied to Congress about how it spent up to $7.5 million earmarked each year since 1993 for research on the deadly hantavirus. “Instead, apparently without asking Congress, the CDC spent much of the money on other programs that the agency thought needed the funds more,” The Washington Post found. The diversions were impossible to trace because of shoddy CDC bookkeeping practices. The CDC also misspent $22.7 million appropriated for chronic fatigue syndrome and was investigated in 2001 for squandering $13 million on hepatitis C research.

The CDC has its own private funding pipeline in the form of “Friends of CDC,” an Atlanta-based group of deep-pocketed corporations, now including ATT, Costco, General Motors, Google, IBM and Microsoft. To date, the entity has raised some $400 million to support the CDC’s work." AND GET SPECIAL PROTECTIONS FOR THEIR FINANCIAL INTERESTS.

The CDC works for Business. It isn't a public health agency. It just pretends to be as it produces fraudulent garbage.

Guess who else are friends of CDC?

Anonymous said...

Just to state the obvious:

The Coys both look like evil trash.

Just look at the "contrite" look on the mom's face. Yeah, more like the look of an evil bitch that has an "interesting" past.

Oh DubV, I've missed your comments!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps with the Ebola mis-management, the CDC will finally get the publicity it deserves.

Anonymous said...

i dont see that look of brande coy as being contrite . its the brash look of i did nothing wrong and even if i did , the courts will have to prove it . typical hard-faced bitch .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, plus some piss-offedness that the cops even hauled her in and made her undergo book (please, please, please let them have thrown her in holding for some hours as they generally like to do... but her makeup looks kind of too good for that, SADLY). She is pissed they didn't buy whatever bullshit story she fed them when they rolled up on her blood soaked lawn.

Emily Coy looks kind of stunned, but that could just be stunned she's being booked for a crime rather than stunned at what happened.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I've changed my mind. Emily looks just like her mom... she's just too young to have the 'hard faced bitch' look completely downpat.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

emily looks to me like she may cry at any moment, for herself not joan kappen i should add.

brande coy looks annoyed, arrogant, defiant. i can almost hear her thinking "how dare you assholes interrupt my day. hurry the fuck up, i have important things to do!"

regarding the CDC, yeah that bastion of unbiased brilliance and integrity is not looking so high and mighty at the moment.

regarding peer review, i always laugh when nutters sing the praises of peer review. i'm not even sure most of them know what it is, they parrot karen delise and nutter party line. but thank you for these links, i will add them to my collection. one day i hope to do a blog post about it. i have posted links to the flawed peer review process before. here they are again.







scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ooh, that new york post article is excellent. i defy a rigid categorization to any political ideology, i am mix of pretty much all of them, although i am probably more liberal than conservative overall. i think one of the problems with the liberal agenda is the self righteous ultra political correctness and how it is used to not just quash the debate but it always feels like they are trying to quash independent thought. pit bulls are a perfect example. how the nutter agenda is able to persuade highly educated people to disregard genetics is a head scratcher of the highest order. nicholas dodman and patricia mcconnell immediately comes to mind.

thank you for this. i will add that book on my reading list.

Anonymous said...

Yes I enjoyed the Post article. I do not adhere to either party, am a mix. Sunday is the only day that I read the newspapers, and I read the NYTimes, Daily News and the Post. I enjoyed that Post article. I think the pit bull issue is a failure on both sides -- the liberals with the political correctness (the do not label crap) but also the conservative/libertarian idea of the government should not regulate what type of dog one owns, property rights, government out of my life and all. Why does one need government and legislation? I believe it is because one cannot trust people to do the right thing. The numerous cases and people like Brande and Emma Coy just prove that theory again and again. I am going to look at the links you sent. CNYC

Anonymous said...

The most liberal people I have ever know did not have dogs. They had cats. THIS is why they don't know about dog breeds. And most dog owners, unless they have a docile, good tempered, and/or well-trained dog, aren't going to expose their dog to a person who smells like cat if they have any doubts about their dog's behavior.

'It's all how they're raised' gets bought by people because we've all known the person with an unruly dog (in the annoying category rather than the vicious category) and been able to compare them to someone whose dog didn't cause problems. Pit bulls, unfortunately, are owned by people who will claim their dog is not aggressive even after it has done something heinous.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"...Pit bulls, unfortunately, are owned by people who will claim their dog is not aggressive even after it has done something heinous."

i don't think that is an issue of political ideology so much as individual pathology. regular craven commenter branwyn finch wrote an article for animals 24/7. i think you will like it

Parallels between the messages sent by advocates for aggressive dogs, and the messages internalized by victims of domestic violence

i think you'll find that it nicely addresses the quote i pulled from your comment.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunely liberal doesn't mean liberal any more.
People like Michael Bloomberg, Frieden, and all their friends use liberal to hide their corporatist agenda and also to use the government to take tax money for their personal profit. They use liberal or progressive as bluffs to fool the naive, just like the pit bull people use racism bluffs to hide their real interests.

With animals, it's like Nathan Winograd and Cooper trying to pretend they are liberal and using McCarthy references to attack their exposers, when all those two are up to is protecting profits for the most illiberal crud around, crud dog breeders and dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

So the Michigan animal control officer, Rachel Jensen, who attacked the art exhibit about dog attack victims with the pit bull thugs, seems to be on some kind of disappearance or vacation now.

Her friend Michelle Strang who sent fake cease and desist messages to people to try to shut them up about Rachel's activities is the communications director for Detroit Bully Corps, which is run by William R Bellottie and his wife.

Bellotie claims they work with police departments to bust dog fighters???? But that they run a no kill pit bull rescue??? WTF????

He is showing up online to try to distance himself from Strang, but it's too late, Strang outed their activity with Jensen.

Does anyone know anything more about Bellottie?

Detroit is the scene of that gruesome pit bull attack on the man by four pit bulls, where police are saying they aren't going to issue charges.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the political labels mean so little nowadays. The sad thing is that I have seen bipartisan support for repealing the BSL laws. Ohio law change was introduced by a Republican. And I nearly want to throw up every time someone says the its all how you raise them -- that is the general dumbing down of America, no idea of the concept of genetics, breeds and race (aie doggie racism is what I consider the liberal cry). No legislature seems to be taking this issue seriously despite the cost to society (medical, police ambulance, psychological etc). And as soon as a dog goes out and bites someone or is out roaming and gets shot the inevitable "Justice 4 my loving pitbull killah-Jeffey- Dahmer" page shows up and the crowd turns into a mob of foul mouthed threat spewing cretins. Because it is never the dog's fault or the owner's fault. CNYC

Miss Margo said...

Bitten more than 100 times.

Anonymous said...

Good point. I wonder what the max sentence would've been?

Anonymous said...

True, but I meant more that the liberal people might buy the lie because they just don't expect someone to lie about an animal being "sweet" (and they like to believe in animals). A conservative person might buy the lie because they want to believe the liar for some reason (maybe the lie teller is perceived as a respectable person or to be an authority).

As for the lie teller, their political ideology is team pit bull on this issue.

I've already read the article you linked to... it is a good point. When trust is abused, even by an animal that isn't setting out to "abuse trust" per se, it has repercussions. The severity of those depends on the individual. Some people will immediately end the relationship while others will continue to try long past when they should.

Anonymous said...

Here is how this stacks up politically

Conservative support for pit bulls- Farm lobby. The dog breeding industry is a part of the agriculture and farm lobby through the puppy mills and the AKC business with the puppy mills, and also with all the factory farmers, livestock people etc. with the hunting dog NRA people mixed in there. Puppy mill breeders for example have gotten agriculture subsidies from the taxpayer in the past and possibly present through the agriculture lobby. Also the agriculture industry's relentless opposition to any regulation whatsoever especially when it comes to animals. The Farm Bureau is one example of the agriculture lobby. The breeders play a role there in every Farm Bureau in every state opposing anticruelty laws and bsl and breeder licensing etc, and buying politicians. Their reaction to everything is no regulation and that is why these people hire expensive lobbyists to manipulate lawmakers to support- no regulation no matter what. Breeding is the only unregulated industry in America, and they want to keep it like that to avoid liability, be able to use cruel practices to raise dogs cheaply and enlarge their profit, and to avoid taxes. So they buy right wing politicians to do what they want.

Dog fighters lobby with the farm lobby, conservative side.

Liberal support for pit bulls- comes from the same lobby, the breeders (some of whom profess to be liberal and organize in states like CA, NY, TX), only with the liberal or leftist followers they use different lies and tricks and set up different leaders to lie to the naive. Things like the ludicrous racism complaint tricks, the no kill "save lives" fraud, the pit bulls are persecuted lie, the pit bulls make you special and cool counterculture fraud, etc But it is dog breeders that are still behind all the leftist audience advocacy, and that's who came up with all the lies to start with. Some left wing politicians are just suckers or fools, and they get manipulated through leftist front groups (like no kill groups) that hide the breeder affiliation. Some are personally connected to people who are breeders or they are themselves, some are connected to those involved in national politics like the New York pit bull mafia, but some left wing politicians are also in cahoots with the agriculture lobby and get money and support from them. It's just sold to the public in a different way.

There also has been an increase in the sideline parasites hooked in by both political sides- people making money from pit bull retail trinket and book marketing, and dog dealers making money by remarketing pit bulls from the breeders and dog fighters and pretending to be part of rescue or no kill. They are just breeder support, and make the problem worse, but their greed blinds them. They mostly claim to be liberal.

At the heart of all of it is business, industry, lots of money being made and trying to be protected from regulation that would expose a lot of crimes.

Most of the lower level nutters that you see raving are just the stuid followers, the foot soldiers, tricked by the breeder industry which sells it to them through media and online connections and local organizers.

Just like the tobacco industry used lobbyists, front groups, bought politicians, paid off experts, had a corrupted media work for them, hired doctors and health policy people to present propaganda to the public, created mountains of propaganda, so has the breeding industry operated, through both political sides

They both share a lobbyist, Rick Berman!

Berman represents the right wingfarm industry, AKC, the puppy mills, the dog fighters, and lately no kill through people like Nathan Winograd suckering the left wing fools.

But behind all of this, left or right wing, it is all about the money money.